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tv   A Journey through Hell  Deutsche Welle  August 27, 2020 11:15am-12:00pm CEST

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the planning to rally against restrictions but for now and to coronavirus mass gatherings have been banned by the authorities. that's now and news a journey through hell a documentary that looks at the ordeal of refugees trying to reach europe all that mark i'm sorry kelly in berlin thanks for watching because. of our mail. welcome back the 2nd season only. the planet on the brink of disaster we did long in-depth interviews with experts about one question how do we change our way of the only reason. for.
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this is neonate the capital of. the cities across roads for people desperate to make their way to europe no matter how dangerous the journey many come to the bus station at night to meet with the traffickers they gather here. we receive also showing g.o.d.'s will they know there are networks of smugglers and people traffickers upon station who will help them continue that journey bullshitters it up to what. they are under growing pressure because of the forced repacked relations of slavery issue a lot of food. so it's become more dangerous so yes it's riskier and more expensive now is sold for sure. we can't openly film here the police initially have launched a crackdown on migrants and traffic has and tensions are on the rise we meet a frightening young nigerian woman who also hopes to bring. cheer up. your brother
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the police put up the money but. how much you have to pay for that but is there a way to get that without a little dot com so that that. she seems quite worried that they're all afraid. or money's been stolen here everything it was the police they also took my cell phone if wallet like that it's even more dangerous north of me i may. this young man already tried once to make his way to europe and almost died along the way there with the israel. they kill you for no reason look at this video general you're going to do a lot. of it he shows us a video he took a month ago when shafiq is abandoned him in the middle of the desert. there it is a bomb shell suddenly they say get lost that's the path you're on your own. they
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gave the 2 of us one liter of water one bottle is. the place they hope to reach europe is more than 3300 kilometers away to reach sicily and have to cross the desert and the mediterranean ever since your began trying to stem the flow of migrants this has become the most dangerous and deadly is rooted. in. need share is one of the world's least developed countries population growth is soaring and poverty is rife despite the country's abundant natural resources many young migrants an asylum seekers hoping to reach italy pass through need for that adding to the strain to intercept a regular migrants before they reach libya in 2016 the european union convinced the share to monitor its borders more rigorously in. change the e.u.
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provides funding and expertise if. you do you can't certainly share one of the poorest countries in the world to stem the flow of refugees we need to hear a piano ambassador in the army. to cross the paths with you know in the european union's main concerns are to reduce the number of deaths in void humanitarian tragedies and dispel the myth of europe. the regular flow of migrants sars definitely been reduced i'm a bit in asia has mobilized its security forces in the north arrested traffickers and confiscated vehicles through the increased checks on the border with libya are bearing fruit imported if we. about 750 kilometers northeast of me are made is the 2nd major hub for african migrants initially the
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city has played a key role in east refugee to deter migration. positively go people who set out from here on the long journey through the desert put themselves in great danger in the hate filled it has lost. the city in the how to decide health region has long been considered west africa's gateway to the sahara. it's also home to catch the civilian capacity building mission in a share with pressure from the e.u. some he's a goni share passed a law against human trafficking but the crackdown has not brought business to an end. where these are water canisters for sale every micro dies when they try to. put the whole tree that the way as to live well so it takes 3 days and these are stakes they used to hold onto the floor of the truck and keep that balance still is a very liberal court that works it has to.
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it was there and these protect against the dust and it was one of. the covering of it this must have been a busy place where you didn't like that not anymore the harder you have. the shia am i used to work as a people smuggler illegally until 2016 he helped hundreds of migrants pass along this route into d.p.'s every week. this is where the desert begins. agadez is smugglers have now been displaced by new unscrupulous traffickers from abroad they easily slip past the checkpoints that have been set up in the city. the 1st now interviewer asks how many ways there are to get people out about it is countless ways we're told because of the risk the smuggler has given up his business but he knows what's going on. with the ladies at the
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traffickers in the desert are criminals real criminals that's even true here in our day that is open so they go to the transportation companies and intercept the arriving migrants dickie via they saying i want to go to libya come with me i have excellent contacts in a while and book which. way signal and then they just drop them off in the middle of the desert 3 or 4 up and only the migrants are being tricked by a broker they shouldn't have trusted partner connection when going to look when it's for. the shop because who are still in business hide their clients from the police in shelters on the outskirts of the city of a contact helps is gain access. to them. this is this area is called the ghetto migrants hide here waiting to leave libya after what i did.
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we find dirt she runs without electricity or running water each one accommodating dozens of migrants the previous night 60 made their way towards libya this 12 year old boy from sierra leone was left behind he didn't have enough money. to call it. for the last finnish. court. if. you could but it's a. struggle for eat. because. for tomorrow. i'm from the ivory coast i'm 17 i lost both my parents there during the 2010 crisis and i had no one to help me so i left. once we were supposed to buy a notebook for school and the teacher said something that really struck me you know
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what a long break in my book school isn't for poor people when you're perfectly up off. if i knew he was right school isn't made for us but i couldn't afford school supplies i said that with money i could have continued my studies i told myself what good does a diploma do me if i can't find work i should leave i would rather suffer somewhere else here than in my home countries would i'm a poppy would you want to go to germany do you think you'll be treated well there. is a good lawyer of my respects human rights it'll be fine but many of us have skills but can't do anything at home where getting bit by because we have no money by the way. prosecute a car are a lot of hidden talents here. so what are yours. so if i don't cook usually
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football and make music with the musicality. i wonder if we see a lot on the way here we face difficult situations that we were wrong. like a rival to checkpoint. and i demand money from you be you but i will free if you don't pay they search you go and take everything they find out whether it's from a family i've been here for 7 months or so for 7 months this has been my life now and sends me mileage and i'm stuck but i trust in god how do you get food when my friends buy food they give me some they don't have to see your harsh because they don't have anything i don't eat if you're trapped here why don't you go higher. but i prefer it here better than living free at home you love it that i my heart can find peace there it's good you know what is waiting for you in libya and it's
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see through and there there are 3 good hard times and elisabeth nothing ventured nothing gained basically an idea well but you might be detained or tortured or drown in a way that fitted low salary that's life that human life is dangerous you have to take risks that if that's god's will i accept or not is no see you last year. the methods employed by the illegal traffic is a growing ever more brutal but it turns out to be fairly easy to make contact with a trafficker who operates here he's waiting for us in another part of the city poverty and wealth rub shoulders in that it is. behind these walls a trafficker is waiting to meet with us despite the ban he continues to bring migrants across the border is that except. you are not
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duties. we have our contacts on a well known smuggler so you know i have my network was when the police head west we go east south or north. or not with g.p.s. you can vary your routes there are thousands of ways now thousands may do thousands this is because of the 2015 law people die in the desert my colleagues abandon them in the desert if they run into the police or a military patrol i think it is a. pity me that they unload them and disappear. it's terrible so why not secure if they catch you go to prison. for 2015 laws to blame for all of those deaths because. i think that how many people do you do with when you go out that about 80 to 150
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a week pretty prices have gone up we used to ask for 180 euros but now it costs up to 450 euro while some business is good oh yes it is i make over 3000 euros sometimes 4500 a week just got through and do i mean not bad so yeah just that's true if my family's doing well. in the past when migration happened in the normal way everyone here was content to go to slaughter them and a thought. but now you can forget all that and see that this. to help traffickers leave the business clear enough is the financial assistance equivalent to about 2300 euros. that's less than this spent in a week. shimon rights activist rashid colo is concerned about the impact that the e.u.
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policy is a having on his city and on the safety of migrants. and yet. the government wants us to believe it has stopped migration did not install the bus but that's not the reality instead what has emerged is a new and even more criminal structure that country has said and what about the aid we're constantly promised where is it where you promised 2300 euros to people who give up human trafficking for good. and you're saying that when whenever people used to earning 1800 a month. or you propose him it's just a one off payment what. is the danger today. is that illegal traffickers secretly take people with them. and send them straight to their deaths door a lot more it happens nearly every week really every week. but it's shocks
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young people from sub-saharan africa who are simply left to their fate that's in the middle of the desert. faced saw. the journey has become more dangerous and more expensive too without money many migrants become stranded in other it is and many resort to sex work. arrive here panelists they have nothing at all. so they have to make money somehow. it's measure of their . these women offer their services to less than 10 euros hoping to eventually scrape together enough money to pay traffickers. these young migrants have bought water canisters and food in preparation for their journey. in the ghetto where the traffic a has given them accommodation while they wait they cook what will be their only meal of the day they have. got to. well there was what is that it.
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was you were. going to a lot of the girls over there were it was in the courtyard a few young women gather around another woman a few years older than a are we soon realize what is happening the nigerian mafia has come to neighboring nation to recruit sex workers. altogether it. was gurd says. the young women don't realize that the older woman is a patron crucial she doesn't want to show her face and tells us her sister is waiting for the group in libya. what kind of job she took she told you you were going to do. like myself she is walking out as you want. to you know to stop that is the danger for girl that iraqi and sometimes the worst if you press to treat yourself well we know you are. but you know with
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a small gesture there are crucial ends the conversation. with. the transit camp run by the international organization for migration or i.o.m. helps tend to migrants who have been sent back from libya many a traumatised mentally and physically but despite the dangers of the journey many of the people here have attempted it several times. in and it is the i.o.m. office than food and shelter if they're prepared to return home for cute. i know. this whiteboard lists of the nationalities of everyone in the camp so take any for example 182 migrants or from there on the assad government. right now there are 399 people here in all but you know a man the number got out it was a couple it is enough just to see how many have you helped in 2017 and we. 5000
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people piers i do get to say 5000 men women and children who have survived a terrible journey the camps doctors try to help as best they can you see. they arrive here war now and with all kinds of illnesses sometimes they're totally hydrated but when they're crossing the desert just they drink just a few swallows of water to ease their thirst that's not nearly enough while you they need 3 to 5 liters a day please do. you mean if they don't get that they might die within as little as 48 hours without water you'll survive 3 days at most fortunate view but it looks he looks. what happened here let me tell you through. the time we can. see. you guys are supposed to and should be good to get to this because i get is.
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when i go to there's the to get to associate with them as just one for their courage to do what people could do you see many injuries teaches peace. more effectively i do you know can you. yes we get a lot of people with gunshot wounds to the olympics the wounds get infected and we often have to amputate the lens. there because you start to go see the following these gunshot wounds come from bandits demand that migrants hand over everything they possess you have to do she deform them so you don't see these as you see this if the migrants refuse you refuse to meet you they get shot at the force you see the buddy she put out but i actually don't know sometimes i migrants suffer gunshot wounds when the army shoots at the vehicles that they're in it but much else comes with. the local traffic is still live victims to libyan ones. these men from cameroon oh they're risky to a place between who are english is. so kind of you know i want to go home this is
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receiving terrible things migrants are beaten raped castrated because this happens to a lot of people. why do you need. yes people dying like flies . and. so often human it's hell on earth a woman arrived with her 15 year old daughter. they took away her daughter and sold her and the mother wants to intervene and i'm going to show him so they lock turn a dark hole after that i never saw her again as you know if i gave water to a man i couldn't understand he spoke english the next morning they killed him as if he were a cockroach that was the worst affected sight seeing. siller visit that iran of the desert at the mediterranean the abuse. i tell my brothers don't try this absolutely not i gave you i didn't want to believe it is in right
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and when i saw it for myself i almost went crazy. that's why i tell any migrant thinking of doing this don't take this route. as. the trip to sub out in the middle of the libyan desert takes at least 3 days and then it takes weeks if not months to reach the capital tripoli this stage of the journey through libya is even more perilous. in. tripoli is one of the most dangerous cities in the world the area around the city is under control of the u.n. backed government there are countless militias the country is awash in weapons. thousands of migrants in the city live crowded together under richard conditions there are about 50 official detention centers under the nominal control of
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authorities in addition there's a substantial number of apartments and factory buildings where criminals hold migrants under lock and key and demand ransom for them. this man is desperate if his girlfriend has been detained by traffic is in tripoli for 2 months he's finally been able to talk on the phone to her he tells me the traffickers want to sell her who get rid of. the day i ask him how much ransom the demand he says that recently they demanded 450 euros and his girlfriend told him the same amount. she called him again just a day ago and told him that she and the other women are not being fit. he says he is desperate to get her out of there somehow. to squeeze as much money out as possible from the families the kidnappers tell the prisoners to call them. the man recorded his girlfriend's phone call.
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a little. but it was a citizen of a place i'm at is unbearable if you are heading towards is really at the libyan coast guard quarter. since then i have been in this prison to even get raped tear and night arabs coming to take women with them to be sold to brothels in this i don't want that to happen to me. because some other is. only a few international organizations still maintain an office in tripoli one is the un refugee agency or u.n.h.c.r. which is holding a press conference here the un agency are tries to obtain the release of his many migrants is possible but it has to focus its efforts on people who would be entitled to apply for asylum more pairs were allowed to visit the official centers for we've carried out about a 1000 visitors this year and they've always managed to get out refugees almost one
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pounds 900 this year some have some civil place listen to this. yeah like somebody is at the us. so the guy they tie the women up to is it that they want to sleep with a woman and they tie up her arms and legs and hang her from the right for the not quoted out of the show. so cerebral that is horrible and painful to hear because what can be done to help her. so it sounds like one of the unofficial detention centers in the official ones conditions complete bad but not as terrible as hers if she's in the hands of traffickers now international aid organization can gain access to her. so that's heartbreaking yes it's a terrible situation and. it's impossible to locate the woman in tripoli but we are able to contact her by phone. like i have the number of the cell phone the
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traffic is gave her so that she can beg her family for the money that i need is a good idea always looks call her in italy. for sure hello. hello. on the 2nd attempt we managed to talk to her her family has already paid money but the kidnappers want even more. yes it's money and the problem is when you fall into the hands they do everything they can to make money off you know people they can't get a ransom for they sell for 750 year and that's what happened to several women hand that scares me. right now they're demanding to prevent of around $400.00 euros for my remarks. i can't get my hands on that much money i've already begged my family
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if i don't pay they'll sell me for women with babies and pregnant women they charge $1700.00 for the other women 1200 euros. is not safe many of the 600 us please i want out of here i can't take it here anymore thank you. i know. in tripoli people are being bought and sold and what is being called a modern slave trade. that these give me inside just been free for many be imprisoned by the un refugee agency under one condition they have to return home immediately that's a fire. that came out. of the bottle well it's not easy should we want to go home of the on station. a plane is
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being chartered for them until that happens they have to wait in the hangar at the airport. the side of the alley on and off we all wanted to go to europe and see if we would do better there but we didn't make it right is now in libya they're killing us all so we'd rather were time going to city we're going to bed because you have totally i'm a ca to doesn't my buy. and what people thought i was terribly cold all night get busy every i am glad to go back to my yes as glad as i would have been to make it to europe it was so terrible why did i ever leave so much blood to mobile budget shockey stated i was shot in the head that if you shut you he saw you seen the soldiers from the libyan army and where here if you do it again i was traveling with a boy and he does it they shot him in the foot and then i am guessing the desert is that if. it is my family was already in mourning up and they thought i was dead but i fell asleep in the hospital on the 7th day of ramadan and i didn't wake up again
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until the 24th day. she has said you should get home i called my mother and told her i'd been saved when i found she didn't believe me this it is if it was good my son died 3 weeks ago she said i said no it's really me and sent her a video so she could see me if i wanted to go back home ever since because my family wants to see me every single bit of what you're trying to go back many times but have been arrested and detained over and over again i want to see so often about me i was in prison for 3 months myself when i got out but hardly a week later i was back in prison again but even now i still dream of europe after all this the grief just it difficult to cage it yes even with all the difficulties i had to overcome if i can find a way to get to europe that's where i want to go that's my dream i guess i. feel i owe him and the u.n. refugee agency can only help
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a fraction of those in need the others are held in captivity until the traffickers finally decide to get rid of them often the migrants are packed on a rubber budge $100.00 or $150.00 at a time the boats a big scene would be the geese is how the migrants a supposed to cross the mediterranean it's the final stages of a chimney and a terrible ordeal. every year several 1000 people drown in the mediterranean. in 2017 at the libyan coast guard became an additional threat mission lifeline a german sea rescue charity recorded this footage during a mission the coast guard demanded they hand over the markings they had just rescued even issuing warning shots at the vessel. secondly every night the libyan coast guard sets out to intercept migrants who try to make the crossing but they have repeatedly been accused of colluding with the militias in traffickers but europe relies on. the coast guard receives funding and technical support from
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the european union especially italy. where the libyan navy spokes person says the aim is to turn back migrants before they reach libya. we are not europe's police for the. of the a matter to ronnie and to signal to migrants they have no chance of reaching europe . and then they won't even come to libya to begin with and. the. migrants who are turned back to land a sent to prison many end up song to traffickers migrants from the mediterranean take enormous risks to avoid being intercepted badly being coast guard. or in european aid organizations come to help shipwrecked people who are rescue work becomes even more difficult when migrants see the foreign ships they do
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everything they can to reach them. at the foot of. one such encounter took place in november 27th in. a rubber boat carrying an estimated $140.00 people started sinking in international waters off the libyan coast leaving tro scarred and a vessel operated by the german enjoy. see watch both arrived at the same. as the n.g.o.s rescue boats approached some why those who could not swim was struggling to stay afloat the libyan crude made no move to help. thank. you thank you thank you. did he think he. the libyan coast guard signaled the say watch crew to leave and bait migrants to prevent them from jumping off the patrol boat. some my bones risk their lives in hopes of reaching the german risky vessel. that it. was.
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the libyan boat sit off at high speed while one person was still clinging to the side ladder. to see what activists were only able to bring about half of the migrants on board. 5 people including one child drowned. sicily is the gateway to europe along the central mediterranean route in 201-712-0000 migrants an asylum seeker arrived here the following year 23000. today after the encounter the aquarius risky vessel operated by the french n.g.o.s so as mediterranean and doctors without borders arrived in sicily bringing more bodies recovered from the waters off the libyan coast. the fact that these
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boats are being intercepted and turned back to libya and that people are making that desperate move of jumping into the water when they see a coast guard vessel approach that's a situation that's not acceptable the world can't stand by and watch that we need to do something when we can't allow this situation to continue. the italian emergency sea rescue coordination service has priority to the libyans which further exacerbates the situation. on our way to the rescue we were told that the libyan coast guard had assumed coordination of the rescue and we were asked to stand by and we had to witness 2 of the boats being intercepted by the libyan coast guard the people were brought on board and they were taken back to libya this is against international humanitarian practices it's against the principle of reform or where people return to a place that does not offer them safety. in 2018 italy decided to block the aquarius from the country's ports by the end of the year when the engineer was
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forced to take the aquarius out of operation it had rescued an estimated 29500 migrants and asylum seekers nearly a 3rd of them under the age of 18 in katanning had doctors without borders opened a clinic for people who need care for the physical and mental trauma they had suffered. but is it enough by the fact. that it was its. descriptor here. school. arts arts from the day. came from good enough for. this woman and her 2 young children were also one about in distress sheen survived . no i think not but so is streamed into the phone the men try to
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scoop it out on the phone we didn't know where we where we had no phone nothing what everyone was praying. at on one side of the fence was already hanging in the water which we climbed to the other side then the measure fell into the water a few mixed with the water and scalded my legs duchamp my children were crying cruelly morphy's by everyone was screaming we couldn't get any air it was hopeless with this if we didn't know if we would drift on to land somewhere or if we would have to build the world farewell so what went on when the stick got to move i gave my little son to a man so i could help my daughter i said when i turned around the man fell into the water with him your bomb went off our source i saw my son in the water fighting for his life but i screamed i wanted to get into the water to save him but the others held me back and. he drowned and so did at least 2 women my i watched my son
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struggling and then he was gone with. i feel terrible guilt why did i make this journey with my children by doing that i killed my son so work to be true to. his son is buried here in the cemetery of could turn into alongside dozens of other migrants and silent seekers whose names will never be known and whose families will never learn if their fate. but they're going there what they're left with the left. to go straight. in sicily the arrival of migrants it is often kept secret from the media that we
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learned that a ship is about to dock. but. there is the boat this is the boat. so it's a boat from the us the italian navy tell your navy. today it is different the vessel is not carrying hundreds of men women and children tonight there are only $26.00 people several libyan families rescued at sea the police customs officials the red cross and the u.n.h.c.r. i hated to receive them. yes it was an exception with all them in quite good good conditions and we were positively shocked because in the last months we have seen people don't want ties and also very affected generally they were in the last 3 months there was a decrease in their rivals but the influx as never as never stopped. in the coastal city of syracuse a special police unit investigates each individual landing. down the how they were
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when meeting a police officer whose nick. name is this smuggler john. but do you feel that you should just sit there and let them one of the sons caliper leni has been gathering information about the arrival of migrants feels good. he and his task force question new arrivals about the sky feaster the man assigned by the traffickers to steer the boat at sea. the cable can be done extra just for work or because you want to sometimes we don't find him migrants might say he fell into the sea or someone threw him overboard who is rich and poor who are risk a feast and may have hundreds of migrants all nice to see both on and he is not gentle with them. he tries to keep them in chiang with a stick or a knife by that was to go through with their liberation from us.
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these young women were purchased by the nigerian mafia in their home countries and sent to italy. instead of working as cleaners or child minders they are trafficked into sex work. some of the women report they are subjected to black magic rituals to frighten them into submission tens of thousands of euros to their traffickers which they have to pay off. we don't know that we have come here to do this kind of job i wish we no can here to do this kind of oh no it's not good with off choice to you no good you have to solve that most of us that we have found work to go to school that me i left fashion and design that my sister she lent their dress and much they pay and sometimes the pay 10 year old but some of them if they are good maybe they'll give you live 15 years you think you're being able one thing to say ok now i stop this yes yes i want to know when i want to do it i was
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tough on that is fine because it's not good for young people no more need to get married we need to settle down into after don't need to plan which future for us or so we wanted to do this kind of forward is a far less you know we can do that if i have any country america. where. if we have the opportunity which is good for other countries yes if we are going to . that that the women are paid $10.00 to $15.00 euros per customer sometimes less. than men also face a desperate situation trying to find work in sicily. these men travel many kilometers each day to earn a piece of money. if they survive the desert and the mediterranean only to be
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exploited here just. just 20 euros 3 more. often harvesting onion there's not much work here you take what you get. 20 euros for 8 hours of work in the camps migrants asylum seekers receive a small jail now it's but not in cash it was said to euro's about $0.50 in cigarettes that's. all right says he doesn't see they're not working through 50 it's a joke sicily is no good. the man had to cart a dominie you know a former u.s. military base that was once europe's largest reception centers for migrants and asylum seekers at its height it held up to 4000 people kept under guard sometime after filming it was closed. the camp carli receives 29 years to date her resident a few years ago it was 45 euros we are seed ministration how much is that the
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migrants in asylum see his receive fire they get to 50 worth of cigarettes. that's the legally permitted amount of non-cash benefits. it's dispersed of what they call the bazaar of many you know there's also a bag of toiletries at no charge i ask how many cigarettes are received the answer it depends on the current price right now pakis 5 euros the same as a cell phone card a captive of what we thought we would have a better life here not this disaster. said this if you're disappointed totally disappointed. and that you made the journey again. she said if i had known all this why not. really want personally i would in hope of a better life for the few lucky ones who will receive asylum. the
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rest only a temporary suspension of deportation within 3 years some 6 out of 10 residents of cartagena would have been sent home. this was a case of. 'd the sentence they gave. us the sulaiman family fled syria 5 years ago and came to germany. you caught up with them i mean. how are they doing today. was that hopeful promise fulfilled. focused on your meeting. 90 minutes w. how's your view of the world. where i come from that
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or that glitters just go it's just like with chinese food that's natural where i am it's always reminds me of come. after decades of living in germany china's food is one of the things i miss the most but that taking a step back i see things i need to look different to me now. many of ford's personally going asian that exists as a part of the war haven't been implemented in china that's new and not the chinese people wondering if they're going to take it but if people have a right to learn that it is this is their job just underflow my how i see it and why i love my job because i tried to do it exactly maybe an hour a day like they moved on into and i work at it up here 2.
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this is the. many strategies for curbing the corona pandemic failing the latest test a control system was only introduced a few weeks ago but the number of cases keeps rising so chancellor merkel seems ready to tighten the rules also coming up. a storm that could trigger i'm so viable surgeons.


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