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tv   Made in Germany  Deutsche Welle  August 27, 2020 5:02pm-5:31pm CEST

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but 15 veteran states have agreed to. issue a. minimum fine for infringements against requirements to wear a mask of 50 euros we've said that we want to put these fines in place for public transport and. long distance trains as well and we have asked the ministers of transport to look at how we can put this in place. i'm joined here in the studio by our political correspondent nina ha's are following 'd this very closely for us today good day to you nina. there will be no relaxation in corona regulations that's what we've gotten so far from the press conference what changes as of today 1st of all they've extended the issue that there are not going to be any. there's not going to be a live audience in sporting events until the end of october there's a commission that's going to look into whether that might be possible to again to
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open that up again and then they're going to stop the free tests for people returning from risk areas currently the german government is paying for those tests they are also looking into changing the rules for people returning from high risk areas so hopefully by the 1st of october they said they're going to have a system in place where if you travel to a high risk area and you know it's a high risk area and you come back you have to go into quarantine basically your loss you have to makes all the conclave in compensation from the state so is it more personal responsibility for your actions when you're travelling when you're returning and in terms of paying for the testing exactly what else there was also discussion about the mass public events what exactly is not going to be possible to go to if you're a concert goer theatre lover what's the story there was theatres are beginning to open again there are currently lots of tests conducted. by researches also testing
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big live events such as concepts to see what hygiene concepts need to be in place for those things to happen but if you talk about things where people roam around freely and say take a. trade for example there's just no way that they can guarantee that people don't get into close contact and that is considered too risky so that remains banned until the end of the woods knew as well as the johnson was talking about and electronic entry system what can you tell us about that electronic entry system will make it easier for the authorities to trace people that will have to be filled in if people return into germany from their journeys abroad because of course currently we have a system where people have to fill in a full handwritten form that will set applies to restaurants for example but nobody's going to stop you if you put in mickey mouse there's no people no person there who's going to make so that young already making us you know brown thomas and
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so of course when people come back from risk areas and there's very clearly that the recent figures have shown that a vast portion all of those infection clusters that we've seen lately comes from those people returning from abroad and so they need to be able to trace people and of course even if they arrive with a negative corona test that doesn't mean that they don't have the virus it just means that when the test was taken the virus didn't show ok so there's questions with the testing its viability in terms of determining where we are really with the rate of infection there's also the desire to keep a mobility open as much as possible that's what the jones was talking about but you also pointed out that there are still questions remaining about private parties private gatherings what are the rules there they say that one of the groups that are bringing the virus. into the country the making infix in numbers rise
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again is return knees from abroad but also here over the summer we've seen infection rates rise considerably with young people and you know people who went to a wedding or who sang with a choir it's a trend so the virus spreads in these private households and so there is a debate going on because of course some regional leaders have said but i can't limit the amount of people that allowed to gather in their own homes if i haven't seen infection rates go up in my area and so this debate i don't think it's over i missed something but they just said mikel said and i think that was sort of sums up what she had to say please people is it absolutely necessary please ask yourself do you really need to be in doles with more than you know a necessary amount of friends and if you do think it's absolutely necessary that makes sure that you have enough air in the room so what's news we have the final
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1st uro's we know that the current guidelines are going to continue big gatherings are going to be banned and that the discussions are going to continue in the months ahead yeah and we have those new rules for people coming back to germany from the quarantine rules and you know thanks very much for following all that is today and a lot of work for exciting out ok we're we're here in the city of bilin now with our next story and the city set of the berlin senate has banned an upcoming weekend protest against corona virus restrictions exactly what we've been talking about here now they're citing concerns about spreading the virus at the berlin city halls ortiz broke up a similar protests earlier this month when thousands of people did not observe physical distancing rules among the protesters you or individuals the government says are members of various right wing groups. no mass no social distancing demonstrators against regulations deliberately disobeyed guidelines earlier this
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month berlin's interior senator then banned further such gatherings. i hate freedom of assembly doesn't mean the freedom to knowingly break the law so this decision is not a decision against the freedom to assemble. but it decision that helps protect against infection. and fewer. guys who has demanded the police and force coronavirus regulations and says he won't let coronavirus and ayers and right wing extremists use berlin as a staging ground for a 2nd time. the event organizer put out a press release saying he fears that fundamental rights are being violated not just now but also for the long term. will appeal all the way to the federal constitutional court if necessary. different groups called on protesters to set up a camp in berlin the far right a.f.d. party also wanted to participate. in a demonstration cannot be banned because it might break the law law and justice
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must be enforced during protests. and right wing extremist groups are also mobilizing to take part in the demonstrations warn observers yet we are truly worried by this mobilization of foreign groups that are ready to commit violence across the country i suspect. online there are more and more calls to drive to berlin in protest despite the ban. briefed on some of the other stories making the news at this hour. kevin mayer is quitting the chinese own video app company take talked to former disney executive joining tick tock only back in june has been under pressure from washington it says take talks ties to china make it a national security threat microsoft and work or currently jostling to buy to. emergency workers in northern afghanistan are searching for the survivors of flash
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floods that have killed more than 120 people and injured hundreds of more authorities fear many victims remain trapped in the rubble of collapsed houses some 1500 welling's have been destroyed in the flood. police in belarus have detained dozens of protesters rallying in the capital in central minsk as part of a widening government crackdown on demonstrations in the aftermath of the country's disputed presidential election. polls all present with the shango winning a 6th term in office protesters say that result is great. it's to the us now where republicans have mounted a robust defense of law and order on the 3rd night of their republican national convention this comes as the nation faces new tensions all in the shooting of jacob blake a black man in wisconsin. vice president mike pence was the keynote speaker warning that only president trump could uphold orders he said americans did not need to
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choose between a law lawful society and standing up for african-americans. the president then joined him on stage making another surprise appearance will give his acceptance speech later today on the final night of the republican convention. let's listen in now to what vice president pence had to say the violence must stop. whether in minneapolis cortland or konoha too many heroes have died defending our freedom to see americans strike each other down we will have law and order on the streets of this country for every american of every race and creed and color. present tense there well before appearing out to convey the convention u.s. president trump pledged to send more national troops to the city of kenosha to assist local store authorities there after protests turned deadly the
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demonstrations began over the place shooting of a black man jacob blake 3 days ago the white police officer who allegedly pulled the trigger has been named is an officer with 70 years experience in the police force. the streets of can no shar once again tense as police in armored vehicles attempt to keep the peace for another night of protests against the shooting of jacob blake they're now getting back up from the national guard and federal agents this after term magic escalation videos taken tuesday showed demonstrators trying to disarm a man then he starts shooting hitting several people and wounding 2 of them fatally the alleged shooter then approaches police with his hands up but they do not arrest him and he was only captured a day later in illinois what happened yesterday night in can osha was despicable 2 people were shot and killed the 3rd person was shot and seriously injured the
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killings came on the 3rd night of protests that have rocked can osha since sunday then police shot blake in the back wounding him at the scene of an altercation authorities have now released more information about that incident. officers attempted to arrest jacob. 29. foresman deployed a taser to attempt to stop. mr blake but the teacher was not successful in stopping him mr blake walked around his vehicle opened the driver's side door and leaned forward while holding on to mr blake. officer rushed in just he fired his service weapon 7 times. blake is being treated in hospital and his family say he may never walk again the u.s. justice department says it is launching a civil rights investigation into the incident but for now the protests show no sign of relenting.
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the state of wisconsin is home to the national basketball association team the malki bucs boycotted their playoff game wednesday night to protest the shooting. now their protest against racial injustice and police brutality has had a domino effect on the country's sports scene was all other leagues following basketball's lead. the moonwalking box left officials confused when they didn't show up for the playoff game against the on nando magic in a statement the team made to explain what had driven them to boycott the game they demanding racial justice and accountability after the police shooting of jacob blake. we take the court records it with your expected high level bets that will ever go over into the ago we still to this day. you're ready to say. oh of course. we're calling for justice. and
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today the whole being able to. pay us across the weeks show to support the boycott prompt that the n.b.a. to postpone our playoff series games on wednesday and thursday the entire season could be called off now. the boycott had a ripple effect on u.s. sports major league baseball and soccer also canceled some of the games. even tennis star and i only osaka announced that she would not play in a semifinal match in the vest and southern open to protest quote the continued genocide of black people at the hands of the police. the only other time players boycotted an n.b.a. game was back in 1961. when pay a bill russell and some of his boston celtics teammates sat out again to protest against racial injustice. now almost 50 years later n.b.a. players are again taking a stand the latest protest in the nation summer of racial reckoning.
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also in the headlines they were saying in the united states where hurricane laura's barreling in low and across the southern u.s. after making landfall along the louisiana coast line storm came ashore as winds of over 240 kilometers per hour causing extensive damage especially in low lying areas no fatalities have been reported yet some $500000.00 people are now without power. these powerful trade commissioner phil hogan is resigning and that's allegations he breached coronavirus lockdown restrictions arlen a week ago hogan attended a golf dinner with some people sparking a national outcry government says his actions undermine public confidence in the guidelines. the greek coast guard says it has rescued $96.00
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migrants off the island of hala key in the eastern the g.n. they've been travelling in a yacht that was found partially sunk most of now been transported to the nearby island of rhodes. the man who carried out the murderous attacks on 2 new zealand mosques last year will remain in jail until he dies the high court in christian christ church sentenced britain terror to life in prison without the possibility of parole whites from assisted admitted killing 51 muslim worshippers. justice for the victims thursday's ruling making the immeasurable grief their relatives carry a tiny bit lighter survivors of the 200-1000 mosques shootings gathered outside the court with family and supporters at the loss' this is really big but again we are trying just to move on not moving forward i mean this this thing will make us move on and. we can go all the way and i languish if i'm getting that kind of god or if
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you think i'm going to get out of that. mental hey i'm the emo i'm one of the 2 mosques targeted that day called the country solidarity a model for the world weary of present love compassion muslim another muslim people to face and in the face that is os new zealanders and we are very proud that we are muslims in new zealand i will continue to serve this country and no punishment again is going to bring our loved ones back. 90 survivors and family members testified during the 4 day sentencing hearing in march brenton terrine a 29 year old white supremacist from australia pleaded guilty to $51.00 counts of murder 40 counts of attempted murder and one count of terrorism terence court
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appointed lawyer told the judge that the defendant did not oppose the maximum sentence the judge called tyrant a terrorist who deserved a life sentence without parole you can imagine the best. use loaded in the face of the. united wounded incredible many others. who are victims include the young and the all mean well being and shoulder. the sentence is the country's harshest since the death penalty was abolished in 1961 new zealand prime minister told reporters the punishment fits the crime this is being a crime in new zealand the likes of which has never occurred before and now we've seen a sentence the likes of which we've never seen before as well but yes that guide may relate. to know that that person will never see the light of day. the case closed new zealanders now look to heal deep wounds caused by the attack afflicting both the victims and society that's
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a primary. was. its to russia and for the 2nd summer a row forest fires have been burning out of control in the russian province of siberia an area bigger in greece is said to affected by the fires several regions of declared a state of emergency. sure one traveled to the small town of the guy you could see a region where forest fires in the surrounding countryside are occurring with greater regular. regular drills keep the fire brigade in but guy running like a well oiled machine they are the town's final line of defense against forest fires . and when the threat of a forest fire comes within 5 kilometers of a town then we react but even if the fire is 10 kilometers away if we get the order to go my guys are always ready at the present. to be out there.
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firefighters jumped into action in early july when this blaze threatened the town forest ranger is in charge of putting out the fire were overwhelmed. joined their effort as a local environmental inspector firefighting isn't part of his job description but increasingly hot and dry summers over the last few years have forced him to learn on the job some days he walks up to 20 kilometers through dense forest to map the spread of flames. the portion of this in that. this work is very difficult and it is a huge responsibility the fires don't have weekends or lunch breaks this year there were times when we couldn't sleep for 2 days straight because we had to locate the fire from burger to look at is a lot of the worth of work for. and of says it's often dry thunderstorms and lightning that start the blazes in the taiga forest authours were able to put this
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fire out which was burning until just a few weeks ago but every year in russia huge sections of the tiger burned and many of them are too remote to reach and put out. the huge territory of is largely uninhabited that makes putting out fires that smolder in this remote region difficult and expensive a law in russia allows off the words to ignore fires in about half of the country's forests but scientists warn that strategy could speed up global warming because the fires are also a danger to the permafrost under foot. this much of. the destruction of plants life means that the permafrost is not protected from the sun's heat we need the permafrost to remain intact so we shouldn't cut down forests we should put out fires so they aren't constantly burning and we shouldn't inhabit much of the area covered by permafrost so that it doesn't decay.
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you know. what. but for now many fires are simply ignored farmers from the region say clear days are few and far between. fires burn every year there's smoke everywhere there's smoke over there too. we can't lie around just because there smoke we have to work on the fields cut the hay there's smoke everywhere you can't hide from it. people here have accepted forest fires as a fact of life but if they're ignored they threaten to change the landscape and ecosystem in russia's arctic beyond recognition. now it's to nollywood the film industry in nigeria where
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a controversy all new movie is being released online to evade the country's censors it's all about a love affair between 2 women nigeria's a deeply religious country made up of christians and muslims. outside of a lego's courthouse a lineup of alleged lawbreakers gay men heading for their day in court $47.00 charged with public displays of affection in a country that criminalizes same sex relationships elsewhere in that same city filmmakers prepare for an intimate scene between same sex lovers discussing relationships she took. on the gods of course. the film's director the actors all face prosecution if censors decide their work if they promotes homosexuality in the past nollywood has depicted queer characters as mentally ill or deeply troubled but the crew of the movie see their work perpetrating normal life for a sizable percentage of nigeria i feel like for
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a very long time we've been told one sided story and the story is not complete if it does not represent all the groups in a society so what i want it to us until the full story by representing l.g.b. 3 people in one to. the face trailer was released online last month it advertises a film that touches on a shared theme in some nigerian families being forced to choose between family and happiness. i understand where they're coming from in that in nigeria it's not accepted and so doing something like that puts you where you feel like it's not it's not the norm but but but i don't feel that it's bold i feel that it's ordinary i feel that it's my day to day life just being shown on screen but it's been beautiful beyond family and stigma same sex relationships in nigeria are in theory punishable by up to 14 years in prison and depicting such relationships on the
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silver screen or on you tube or netflix may be considered just as unlawful. now just when you thought you may have come to terms with the mask wearing here comes a new innovation out of japan the handheld basque diners and kyoto gave them a test run this week holding the masks they're free covering their mouths and taking a bite the idea comes from kyoto saga university of arts and the prototypes are made of paper fabric that handles students will use in pa input from the test runs are doing right now to further refine these new types of masks. good reminder of our top stories this hour german chancellor as al stuffer measures to control rising numbers of coronavirus systems travelers returning from high risk areas will have to quarantine for 14 days and people failing to wear a face in public areas like transportation are facing
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a 50 year old find. a new zealand mosque attack to attack or britain terror will spend the rest of his life in prison is the 1st person there ever be denied parole with a life sentence in the country outside the court the victims' relatives welcomed the verdict. this is deja vu news live from berlin for the entire team thanks so much.
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sentence they gave hope. to something that mr lamb and family fled syria 5 years ago and came to germany. caught up with them. how are they doing today. was that hopeful
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promise fulfilled. focus on europe. on d w 3. equal india. how can a country's economy broken harmony with its people and the environment when there are do worse or look at the bigger picture india a country that faces many challenges and those people are striving to create a sustainable future clever projects from europe and india to keep. on t.w. . they've been robbed of their soul and that's what a people experiences when their heritage is taken from them. countless cultural
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riches were brutally stolen from africa and carted off to europe by colonialists. each artifact has blood on it from ones that have yet to feel. what should be done with the stone or from africa. this is being hotly debated on both continents. stolen soul starts september 7th on d w. hello and a very warm welcome indeed to focus on europe with me peter craven and we would like to take you back 5 years to 2015 when europe faced its biggest migration crisis since world war 2 now the momentous late summer of that year hundreds of thousands
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of people were on the move fleeing conflict and economic hardship.


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