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tv   Kulturzeit  Deutsche Welle  August 28, 2020 2:00am-2:31am CEST

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it runs deep both. so many different walks of life. some are pumping and oddly. but all of them come straight from the hard disk or cd or even when there's no more delicious the mush to enjoy come. from their 1st glimpse of the law to their final resting place the russians d.w. documentary. this is news and these are all top stories. police in the bolivian capital minsk have arrested dozens of anti-government protesters and detained around 20 journalists this is russian president vladimir putin says the ruses alexander lukashenko has asked moscow to set up a russian reserve police force to deploy its ability if the situation quote got out
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of control. german chancellor angela merkel has announced a series of measures to stem a surge in coronavirus cases in the country a fine of 50 euros for failing to wear a face mask large public gatherings are to remain banned until the end of the year the government is also discouraging travel to risk areas with people returning from high risk jones facing a mandatory quarantine. one of the strongest hurricane to hit the u.s. is pushing inland after making landfall along the louisiana coast hurricane laura came ashore with winds of over 240 kilometers per hour causing extensive damage in low lying areas at least 4 deaths have been blamed on the storm hundreds of thousands are without power. this is news from berlin follow us on twitter and instagram at news of visit our website w dot com. how
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to stop coronavirus creep today germany extended a nationwide ban on major public events until next year this could mean a christmas was no christmas markets and for people caught in public not wearing a face mask there will now be far the number of new infections is surging blame it on carelessness complacency in summer vacations to high risk areas and this is the beginning germany has managed the virus better than most is it now becoming a victim of its own success. this is the day. overall we can say that so far we've managed just pandemic well time to meet with.
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done all 3 and yet in recent weeks we're seeing the number of cases rise. the rising number of cases is largely due to people returning from holiday. and the increasing carelessness in your responsibility of toxins. was cut the problem is the numbers are too high. also coming up he committed mass murder in new zealand the winds of which the country has never seen today he was sentenced an unprecedented punishment that will also go down in history this is being a crime in new zealand there is never the likes of which has never occurred before and now we're seeing a sentence the likes of which we've never seen before as well but yes it gave me relate. to know that that person will never see the light of day.
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but to our viewers on p.b.s. in the united states and all around the world welcome we begin the day with germany's new bitter sweet approach to managing the coronavirus pandemic germany has earned preserve around the world for keeping the number of infections and relatively low but the past is no guarantee for the future the number of new infections is surging now at levels not seen since april today german chancellor angela merkel announced a new tougher rules designed to bring those numbers down partly by hitting where it hurts most the pocketbook there will now be fines for people caught not wearing face masks in shops on buses and in trains and hopes have been dashed for a return this year to full stadiums for concerts and soccer games a ban on major public events extended now until 2021 merkel appealed to people not to travel to places considered high risk in for those who do there will be a mandatory quarantine for at least 5 days if germany wants to avoid
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a 2nd major lockdown dees tighter restrictions they may be a last chance. it took 5 and a half hours of virtual talk to reach an agreement the rules for travel to high risk countries will be tightened stricter quarantine and no more wage compensation for the time of crying teen. we heard all those returning from travel to comply with a quarantine obligations and those also meet their responsibility towards fellow citizens new years travel to designated risk areas is to be avoided whenever possible isn't in also gives new musical to beat the system is that germany has navigated the pandemic fairly well but the number of new daily cases has been rising since early july worrying with the prospect of the upcoming flu season. for the fact that we are facing a winter that cannot be calculated at least from
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a current point of view when we do not know what effects the flu and other illnesses will have the numbers are too early too high so our goal must be to bring down the numbers and to avoid a 2nd lockdown by. the political leaders agreed on a minimum fine for those who don't wear face masks people returning from low risk countries won't be offered free testing anymore but the testing capacities will be expanded you come to every infection that is detected early is again every infection that is not recognized as a problem and every infected person who gets a negative test result is downright a danger. and you can find that governments are also extending a ban on major events such as concerts or sports at least until the end of the year the premiers and the chancellor couldn't reach an agreement on a limit of people attending private festivities. if it were tonight let's cross
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over to our chief political editor mckayla goodness she's been following the meeting for his good evening to you mchale the we knew going into this meeting today that the number of new infections is getting worse was the message after the meeting that there is still time to stop this from becoming bad. yes and most of all the message was that now is the time to not ignore the corona threat but to actually take action and quite clearly here we see a shift where the government's no longer wants to rely solely on the responsibility of individuals which it has done fairly successfully in the past it now once some checks in place to check on those people traveling back from high risk zones to actually take tests and to stay in quarantine until they have the all clear that already required to do that right now but clearly the government wants to clamp
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down and stop what is actually corona create as one can see you have to cycle back here into the office people out in the park much closer than the 1.5 meters is required distance we've been seeing that 1st quite some time now here in the german capital because for the 1st time fines will be slapped on people cold not wearing face masks in stores and on public transport is this because pleas for cooperation are now falling on deaf ears. well it's mostly because the fines whether they are fine so not really vary across the country in some states there were no fines or toward someone way above the now minimum 50 euro so if you were travelling on a train across several states depending on where you were at that particular moment in time that could varies so this is a simple across germany that you have to cover mouth and nose that that is
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a national requirement with the exception of saxony on health which refuses to follow suit and that highlights that we're back into a different phase here again where there is an active attempt to coordinate from by that. germany has been successful in managing just pandemic because most of the public has agreed with the government's policies but not everyone agrees so huge anti coronavirus restrictions planned for this coming weekend here in berlin their purchase has now been banned well that ban is that going to work we know. well i'm not so sure i mean the hash tag trending today was basically stolen by lynn so basically telling people to show up colleague of mine was at those very protests a couple of weeks ago where we saw people not wearing face masks and also getting quite aggressive towards done this and this was the big health and safety concern here and it's being hotly debated in germany whether that plays into the hands of
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conspiracy theorists who suspect the state behind what they see as a corona legend or whether that in fact is this wheel public health threat and that it needs to be avoided for the safety of everybody involved so a very hot debate here and just this. restrictions said to me do we know what's feeding it is it just is it. in the public. it could be a bit of that but probably and i'd say most likely that we haven't seen the kind of scenes that we saw and it's in the early on that the threat hasn't hit home with many people ironically because germany has been fairly successful voiding this becoming a full blown pandemic across the country and i want to go back to what you said about people traveling to high risk areas there used to be a 4 g.
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requirement for those returning that was replaced by mandatory virus tests at airports for example no ban is being scrapped and replaced with this. requirement again do we know why the back and forth while you was still required to stay at home until you have the all clear and the difference now is that people need to think hard about potentially being checked up upon there will now be produce checking whether people actually stay at home so there's not a massive change in the requirement but what the government is trying to do is get people to think hard and to pay for their own tests if thing travel into defined high risk areas against the advice of the government and almost all of the killer germany is still not closed to reimposing anything like you walk down again what is your impression how worried is chancellor merkel that germany is becoming a victim of its own success here. well in fact i would actually contest the state
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premier of the various who spoke of the threat of a 2nd lockdown germany has not seen the kind of lockdown we've seen in france we've seen in parts of spain and we've seen in britain and there was all always more freedom of movement here so it's also a clear indicator that we are dealing in perceptions as much as fact and the fight that the german government is fighting right now that corona continues to be perceived as the threat that it is our chief political editor because the good news on the story is tonight you're in berlin because i think you. well still ahead on the day hurricane laura becomes the strongest hurricane to come ashore in the state of louisiana in more than 150 years high winds and the storm surge that were forecast to be unsurvivable is that what happened or did the region dodged the bullet this time will last that's coming up next.
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the man who carried out the deadliest mass shooting in new zealand's history is going to prison for the rest of his life last year britain terence went on a shooting spree in 2 mosques in christ church he killed 51 people today accord sentenced to life in prison without the possibility of parole that is the harshest prison sentence a court has ever ordered in new zealand. justice for the victims thursday's ruling making the immeasurable crieff their relatives carry a tiny bit lighter survivors of the 200-1000 mosque shootings gathered outside the court with family and supporters at the loss' is really big but again we are trying just to move on not moving towards this this thing will make us move on. we said all the way our language if i'm getting out thank god for everything i'm going to get that. man the haim the economic one of the 2 mosques targeted that
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day called the country solidarity a model for the world weary present love compassion muslim and non muslim people in the face and in the face that is us new zealanders and we are very proud that we muslims in new zealand i will continue to serve this country and no punishment again is going to bring our loved ones back. 90 survivors and family members testified during the 4 day sentencing hearing in march brenton terrine a 29 year old white supremacist from australia pleaded guilty to $51.00 counts of murder 40 counts of attempted murder and one count of terrorism terrance court appointed lawyer told the judge that the defendant did not oppose the maximum sentence the judge called terran a terrorist who deserved
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a life sentence without parole you can imagine yes and. he slowed it and the faces of the. uniting wounded incredible many others. who are victims included young and the all meaning woman and children. the sentence is the country's harshest since the death penalty was abolished in 1961 new zealand prime minister told reporters the punishment fits the crime this is being a crime in new zealand his need for the likes of which has never occurred before and now we've seen a sentence the likes of which we've never seen before as well but yes that god may relate. to know that that person will never see the light of day. the case closed new zealanders now look to heal deep wounds caused by the attack afflicting both the victims to answer that so that i'm mary. was. or earlier we spoke with journalist peter mackenzie in wellington about
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reaction to this unprecedented prison sentence about the days of the sentencing process is significant crowds gathered outside of the courthouse and upon hearing the sentence being passed down today those crowds broke out and she did songs and celebration many of the victims had called for a sentence of this nature that some went further and called for the reinstatement of the death penalty so it was a huge predication to those victims and survivors politicians and public figures around the country also the new prime minister to sit around turns it would be a relief to know that the issues are sorry it would never see the light and. there's a huge when it's all those. rescue efforts are underway in the u.s. state of louisiana after it was battered by the most powerful storm to come assured
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there in more than a century at least one person was killed in hurricane lore the storm hit louisiana in neighboring texas with sustained wind gusts as strong as severe tornados 240 kilometers per. hour akane lara made landfall as a category 4 storm ravaging through the southern states of the u.s. . 'd now thousands of homes in texas and louisiana are submerged in water. and many other areas are severely damaged. hundreds of thousands of people have been ordered to evacuate but some refused to leave planning instead to endure the storm and elevated homes. there are fears that people may be trapped
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under the wreckage. rescuers have to wait for winds to die down before searching for survivors. president trump says he's planning to visit the affected gulf coast though not immediately. going to texas is going to. maybe arkansas looks like arkansas just spoke to the governor it's going to be in pretty good shape but they'll need some help but now it turned out we got a little bit lucky it was very big it was very powerful but it passed quickly and so everything's on schedule will probably be going on saturday or sunday. i just would encourage. people to. keep people. in an emergency declaration as a tropical storm moves north keep them in your purse but also keep in mind organizations like red cross that are also on the ground that are providing
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assistance and support to all of the efforts for families. forecasters have warned of a continued risk to life as the storm moves inland deeper into louisiana. considerably weakened. by chemical fire in the lake charles area of louisiana has broken out emergency crews are tackling it and the governor has warned residents in the area to shelter. the federal emergency management agency says resources are in place to help restore services to affected area. in the weeks and months ahead. and for more on hurricane laura i'm joined tonight by frank billingsley he's the chief meteorologist at key p.r. c.t.v. in houston texas frank it's good to see you again hurricane laura was predicted to hit somewhere between houston and the war lanes and bring with it unsurvivable
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storm surges is that what happened how bad was it yeah. you know it was in houston really just a bullet it was just about 160 kilometers off the coast of houston and the high was and so it missed despite that much which is basically berlin does dresden so not not a very not a very close good call i think we got lucky and unfortunately for those folks in cameron louisiana that storm surge came in and brad it was more of a it was more of a wind issue than a water issue and so yes that unsurvivable storm surge was forecast and that was going to be 15 to 20 feet in reality it was $5.00 to $10.00 and it is the max i've been able to find 5 has been more common and i think the we're going to find out that in the end of the day is that the longer of a huge storm is over water the more water it can push toward the coast so when you get like an eye or a rita or a katrina or a sandy those storms are over water as hurricanes for 4 days before they actually
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made landfall and broady and 20 foot storm surges you had this storm that was over as a hurricane over water for 2 days because it moved pretty quickly because of that i think it was half the storm surge was more along 10 foot but the the idea that the winds which is what dr storm surge those were there 12013150 mile an hour winds so the winds were in place for the storm surge but i don't think it was over water long enough to create a 20 foot storm surge which is good believe me it will take wind over water any day which is a lot quicker and a lot easier to read to recover from but some of those wind gusts got to 130 miles an hour at lake charles louisiana which is 40 miles from the coast 40 miles inland 120 mile an hour wind gusts sustained for an hour this is quite a wind storm a man to sure for you and i spoke 3 years ago when hurricane harvey devastated so much of the coastal area there in texas where you are this year the situation seems
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to be extreme very early but what 3 hurricanes have already hit the u.s. and russia still in august. and that is a record that has happened since 1916 to have 3 hurricanes on the united states coast to actually hit by this date so that in itself is a record as you know you know with marco and lara we're already well into the off of work but what 1314 storms were are our peak of our season is september to get september 10th is the most. common day that you will have something some kind of tropical system in the atlantic basin so we consider september 10th the peak of the season and then it starts to go down toward november 30th june wanted of over 38 so we're not even out it we're not even to september yet let's let the peak of the season and there are 2 systems as you and i speak there are 2 says in the atlantic that having 30 and 20 percent chance of development over the next 5 days so just as
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we are pushing this one away we have 2 more that we have to watch i've got about one minute left frank i want to ask you we've talked about the difficulties of predicting storm paths before what about the difficulty in communicating that information to the public maybe you could talk me a little bit about the dangers of people misinterpreting the forecast and you know for example when we get predictions of storm pounds for shown a cone now that cone gets bigger the right there are a few good people would think that if they're not in that cone then there's no threat that's not true is it. that's not true at all it's a koan for forecast and it's only going to be in that cone that struggling to stay in a cone 2 thirds of the time a 3rd of the time it's wrong so i mean only 66 percent of the time will that cone even be accurate and that is only for the track that's only for the path that's not for the impacts so we're trying to say here's where it will go but you can feel the impacts hundreds of miles away you know we could trina went into the new orleans
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area they had a tornado outbreak south of atlanta that was deadly so you could have all kinds of impacts with tornadoes and wind especially hundreds of miles from the center of the storm and don't forget training effects of the rain you can get a strain of rain that just comes one after another it's coming right on into the united states so yes you're right it doesn't mean in fact it means track right frank billingsley joining us tonight from keep your c. in houston texas for it we appreciate your time tonight we're glad you guys dodged the bullet this time thank you. with the coronavirus walked down the hit in earnest back in march mexican conductor alondra came up with a plan to bring musicians together even from a distance she formed the impossible orchestra an ambitious project to gather from a far some of the world's best musicians to make music her goal is to raise funds for women and children in mexico affected by the by.
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i was that home. and i couldn't conduct so what could i do. i was imagining what would be an artist trying to have an artist to have the world's best seller list. called my friends 1st i called all the people that i had their phone numbers and had i had worked with. it's a corner project obviously it would have never happened if it wasn't for the situation . it's the impossible orchestra because in the normal situation if i had called them up they would've said that sounds great but they have this concert and that concert and we can plan it for 2024 and so on that would have not been possible without
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a doubt but suddenly everyone was free. well. i don't want to see home made. it had to look professional as if we could go to a concert hall or an opera stage 2. the impossible orchestra aims to raise awareness and grace funds to help from the sions in mexico help women and children in many aspects. had to be a mexican piece for this project chorus and peace that people would recognize in my country and that people around the world could be fascinated immediately by it it
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all as much as the author set up though as i said. there are a last layer to the markets well because it's an amazing piece of music that moves people so much and i have probably. i think that's probably the piece have conducted the most in my career so it's been my friends since i started my career. the day is almost done the conversation it continues online you'll find us on twitter either you know the news you can follow me of brant goff t.v. and remember whatever happens between now and then tomorrow is another day we'll see that a lot. to
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the point of strong opinions clear positions international perspectives. it's official the republican and democratic parties in the u.s. have nominated donald trump and joe biden as their candidate in this fall's election now the campaign for the presidency to kids in earnest will it be
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a dirty fight join us on to. the point. that convention up next the teetotally. how the coronavirus is changing the world. china. europe. the situation is serious take it seriously. africa above. the usa the virus sort of gets a little warmer and miraculously goes away if the pandemic spreads. in 45 minutes on d w. they've been robbed of their silly that's what a people experiences when they're taken from them. countless cultural rituals were
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brutally stolen from africa and carted off to europe by colonialists. each artifact has blood on it from the ones that have yet to heal. what should be done with the stone or from africa. this is being hotly debated on both continents the. stolen soul starts september 7th on g.w. . will he stay or will he go donald trump kicked off his party's convention by joking that he might stay not for but even 12 more years it came as no surprise that the convention nominated the president for a 2nd term warren expected was the dark mood at a meeting that had been billed as sending a message of hope and optimism instead trump sharply attacked his.


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