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tv   Frag den Lesch  Deutsche Welle  August 29, 2020 4:45am-5:00am CEST

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europe relies on up. the coast guard receives funding and technical support from the european union especially italy. the libyan navy spokes person says the aim is to turn back migrants before they reach libya. we are not europe's police for the. government we see along the mediterranean to signal to migrants they have no chance of reaching europe. and then they won't even come to libya to begin with. the. migrants who were turned back to land a sent to prison many end up song to traffickers migrants from the mediterranean take enormous risks to avoid being intercepted by the libyan coast guard. the crew aboard some of them on european aid organizations come to help shipwrecked people who are rescue work becomes even more difficult when migrants see the foreign ships
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they do everything they can to reach them. and the people who have. one such encounter took place in november 27th in. a rubber boat carrying an estimated $140.00 people started sinking in international waters off the libyan coast the libyan coast guard and a vessel operated by the german n.g.o.s sea watch both arrived at the same. as the engineers rescue boats approached some migrants who could not swim was struggling to stay afloat the libyan crude made no move to help. the libyan coast guard signalled the see what crew to leave and bait migrants to prevent them from jumping off the patrol boat. some my friends risked their lives in hopes of reaching the german risky vessel. that. was.
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libyan boats at high speed while one person was still clinging to the side ladder. to see what activists were only able to bring about half of the migrants on board. 5 people including one child who drowned. sicily is the gateway to europe along the central mediterranean ridge in 201-712-0000 migrants and asylum seekers arrived here the following year 23000. the day after the encounter the aquarius risky vessel operated by the french n.g.o.s it was mediterranean and doctors without borders arrived in sicily bringing more bodies recovered from the waters off the libyan coast. the fact that these
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boats are being intercepted and turned back to libya and that people are making that desperate move of jumping into the water when i see a coast guard vessel approach that's a situation that's not acceptable the world can't stand by and watch that we need to do something when we can't allow this situation to continue. the italian emergency sea rescue coordination service has priority to the libyans which further exacerbates the situation. on our way to the rescue we were told that the libyan coast guard had assumed coordination of the rescue and we were asked to stand by and we had to witness to rubber boats being intercepted by the libyan coast guard the people were brought on board and they were taken back to libya this is against international humanitarian practices it's against the principle of reform or where people return to a place that does not offer them safety in 2018 italy decided to block the aquarius from the country's ports. by the end of the year when the engineer was forced to
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take the aquarius out of operation it had rescued an estimated $29500.00 mark ronson asylum seekers nearly a 3rd of them under the age of 18 in qatar and he had doctors without borders opened a clinic for people who need care for the physical and mental trauma they had suffered . but is good. enough by the fact that it. was it's. the scripture here. still. acts outs from the. campaign good enough. to watch this woman and her 2 young children were also one about in distress she survived. no i know but so is streamed into the boat the
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men try to scoop it out we didn't know where we where we had no phone nothing what everyone was praying with don't be the one side of the fence was already hanging in the water we climbed to the other side then the measure fell into the water to feel mixed with the water and scalded my legs duchamp my children were crying to high fees by everyone was screaming we couldn't get any air it was hopeless with this if we didn't know if we would drift on to land somewhere or if we would have to build the world for well what we're going to want to stick gotta move i gave my little son to a man so i could help my daughter i said when i turned around the man fell into the water with him you from one of our sports i saw my son in the water fighting for his life but i screamed i wanted to get into the water to save him but the others held me back. he drowned and so did at least 2 women my i watched my son
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struggling and then he was gone over to what is. i feel terrible guilt why did i make this journey with my children by doing that i killed my son so work to be true to. his son is buried here in the cemetery of katana alongside dozens of other migrants an asylum seekers whose names will never be known and whose families will never learn if their fate. not only of what they're going there but they're left with the left. to go straight . in sicily the arrival of migrants is often kept secret from the media but we
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learned that a ship is about to dock. but. where is the boat this is the boat. so it's a boat from the u.s. the italian navy telling navy. today it is different the vessel is not carrying hundreds of men women and children tonight there are only $26.00 people several libyan families rescued at sea the police customs officials the red cross and the u.n.h.c.r. a huge to receive them. yes it was an exception we saw them in quite good good conditions and we were positively shocked because in the last months we have seen people don't want ties and also very affected generally they were in the last 3 months there was a decrease in their rivals but the influx is never as never stopped. in the coastal city of syracuse a special police unit investigates each individual landing. down the how they were
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when meeting a police officer who's. name is this smuggler you don't. get that you should just sit there and let. the sun kind of her leni has been gathering information about the arrival of migrants feels. he and his task force question new arrivals about the sky feaster the man assigned by the traffic is to steer the boat at say. the cable car without it just what is your exam times we don't find him migrants might say he fell into the sea or someone threw him overboard who is rich and. risk a feast and may have hundreds of migrants on his bus thought and he is not gentle with them. he tries to keep them in chiang with a stick or a knife that was the use of the with their liver to suppress.
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these young women were purchased by the nigerian mafia in their home countries and sent to italy. instead of working as cleaners or child mind as they are trafficked into sex work. some of the women report they are subjected to black magic rituals to frighten them into submission they are tens of thousands of euros to the traffickers which they have to pay off. we don't know and are we that we have to do this kind of job i wish we know would dot com here to do this kind of job oh no it's not good with off choice to you know to do work to solve that most of us that this year we have found work to go to school that me l.f. fashion and design that my sister i have seen lend their dress and much they are sometimes they pay 10 year old for some of them if they are glued maybe they will give you less 15 you get in here be able one day to say ok now i stop this yes yes
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i want to. know when i want to do it i will stop it and that is fine because it's not good for young people the moment to get married we need to settle down into after don't need to plan good future for us or so we wanted to do this kind of florida is a far less you know we can do that if i have any country to go america. if we have the opportunity we can go to other countries yes we are the ones. that the women pay $10.00 to $15.00 euros per customer sometimes less. than. the men also face a desperate situation trying to find work consistently. these men travel many kilometers each day to earn a bit of money that. they survive the desert and the mediterranean only to be
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exploited here she says. just 20 euros hawr. aften harvesting onion there's not much work here you take what you get. 20 euros for 8 hours of work in the camps migrants asylum seekers receive a small daily allowance but not in cash. to euro's at $0.50 and cigarettes that's. all right says he doesn't see they're not going to 50 it's a joke sicily is no good. the man had to cut a deal mineo a former u.s. military base that was once europe's largest reception centers for migrants and asylum seekers at its height it held up to $4000.00 people kept under guard sometime after filming it was closed. he can't currently receive 29 years a day per resident a few years ago it was $45.00 euros we are said ministration how much of that the
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migrants an asylum seekers receive by or they get to 50 worth of cigarettes. that's the legally permitted amount of noncash benefit. it's dispersed of what they call the design of mini oh there's also a bag of toiletries and no charge i ask how many cigarettes are received the answer it depends on the current price right now or packers 5 euros the same as a cell phone card or cards if. we thought we would have a better life here not this disaster. just going. to say that this if you're disappointed totally disappointed. and that you made the journey again. she said if i had known all this why not. really want personally i would in hope of a better life for the few lucky ones will receive asylum. the
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rest temporary suspension of deportation within 3 years some 6 out of 10 residents of cartagena would have been sent home. this was a case of. it's an invisible friend that's been depicted in many ways the coronavirus this man knows exactly what it looks like thomas schmidt is a scientific illustrator. needed by extensive data he gives the virus a realistic face and helps scientists better understand it. tomorrow today. 30 minutes on d w. 3. 3
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prime examples for the power of critical. courageous perseverance transcending ball. an obstacle. they are now being honored for their in. 21. song t w. a meal i'm good looking for the 2nd season of only. it's the back environment soon about society it's still about a little planet on the brink we spoke to certain legal experts in the fish. hook up who stood the only real sense of. the play.
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play. play . this is the w. news live from berlin echoes of history as u.s. protesters renew calls for racial justice 57 years after martin luther king jr's i have a dream speech tens of thousands gather on the same spot as a rally follows another shooting of a black man by a white police officer. also on the show picking up the pieces after hurricanes.


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