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tv   DW News  Deutsche Welle  September 2, 2020 11:00am-11:16am CEST

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you should really check out our podcast you can get it wherever you get your podcast you can also find us at. this is deja vu news live from berlin justice for those killed in the charley of doe terror attack more than 5 years on the trial begins of 14 people accused of aiding the attack on the french satirical magazine that islam also coming up. another of cambodia's camaro rouge leaders is dead the man known as comrade led the
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genocide in the killing fields in cambodia that's also a 1000000 people brutally murdered. venice film festival opening with less clutter less glamour with many stars in france thing at home have a preview of some of the top ups. i'm brian thomas good to have you with us today more than 5 years ago islamist attacked the paris offices of the satirical magazine shirley of doe they murdered 17 people before being shot dead by police but they had accomplices who escaped and their trial has now begun the magazine was targeted because it published cartoons that mocked mohammed we'll get an update from paris 1st you met the widow of one of those killed. maddie's wilensky is still traumatized
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5 years ago her husband george was killed in the islamist attack on shall you have door he was a cartoonist at the magazine and the love of her life. my life was turned upside down its absence the absence of his gaze that accompanied me for 47 years. this absence has caused me to fall ill with cancer and i have regular nightmares in some of them i become my husband and live through his last moments facing the kalashnikov back and i. marries is one of the plaintiffs in the court case she's hoping the hearings will provide her with some. more of our. best and honor their decision i need to understand as best as i can
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what was in the mind of his assassin surely squash she. says therefore any additional information could help me get closer to what my husband went through the moment he got killed or more men. in the attack put france on high alert the terrorists on the run for days millions of people then took part in a huge demonstration of unity in the face of this attack on press freedom the slogan. went global. but since the attack on shall you have those newsroom behind me here defending the freedom of the press in france has become more difficult especially with the rise of populist politics and an increasing distrust of the traditional media. challis adore has continued to operate from
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a secret location the magazine still regularly receives threats its editor in chief says the internet has made things worse. nowadays when people read critical comments on social media they immediately take them personally yet they often threaten us and in their even violent way also they said. that satire and press cartoons as supposed to upset people and before provoking that cartoon culture is increasingly getting lost. a link to your disarm. mary's will in ski is trying to maintain her husband's legacy in her own way. i am pursuing one of his projects a european house of satirical empress cartoons this is how i continue his fight for press freedom and. she will also keep publishing her husband's cartoons so that his
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spirit lives on let's go to the court room in paris now where our correspondent put that report together for us lisa is covering the trial for us today to you lisa this trial brings up some very painful memories in france for so many what are people saying about it. absolutely brian this is a very important trial for survivors of the attacks but also the for the families of the victims they're trying to better understand how this could happen why the attackers did this so that might help them actually to better live with the pain they have had to face since journey 2015 but the trial is also important for france as a country as one lawyer put it this morning this is the democratic answer to a barbaric act and many other acts were falling out after that several task cost a lives of more than $250.00 people here in france over the past few years now this
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is a historical trial for france and one of only a dozen in the french traditional history that will be recorded. lisa as part of that democratic answer the french president emanuel mccraw has has chimed in he's defended the freedom to blast beam charlie have those we heard still getting threats our writers artists journalists at risk if they criticize islam in today's france. well the people the members of the news room certainly feel that way they have been telling me that they feel that journalists are more and more censoring themselves they don't want to blast scene they don't want to attack to hurt anybody fearing obviously that there might be a backlash to this also one recent poll shows that more than half of the french actually think that you shouldn't just blast the more attack and your religion so
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there is certainly a feeling here in france that this right to blast is getting under attack more and more that shows just how fragmented french society is today along so very many lines in this trial to unite people in france to bring them together at least for a little while. well that's certainly what some people will be hoping here when you look at a look back at 2015 as i said in my report millions of people came together to show unity in face of this attack on in the face of this attack on press freedom now this trial will certainly remind them of that although there are no other fractures that gave through french society if you look back at the yellow vests protests that went on for more than a year that shape our fragmented french society is you know along the lines of you know people in the city and people in the countryside really these fractures remain even if other fractures like the one you know facing the freedom of expression here
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might be forgotten for a few days during this trial lisa how long will this trial be going and do you think the press freedom and freedom to speak out will remain. in an issue as the trial was forward. all this travel will go on for over 2 months they really go into details of what happened who might have actually helped the the alleged help of the attackers that not are now on trial the 14 people that will be judged here and obviously people will be thinking about how this has affected press freedom and france and will be thinking off this attack and maybe that will indeed help them to remote help them to remember home port is to think to that freedom lisa lose thanks very much for coming in on this today we look forward to more from that trial as it moves forward. let's get your brief some of the other stories making the news at this hour the code 110 democrats plunge all straw into recession
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for the 1st time in about 3 decades new figures show the economy shrinking by 7 percent in the 2nd quarter it's the largest decline on record countries treasure said the road ahead would be long hard and bumpy. the korean peninsula is on high alert as typhoon mesa act produce its one of the most powerful storms in the years is forecast to make landfall soon it's already brought heavy rains and strong winds to southern japan disrupting travel leaving thousands of people without electricity . still cambodia now and the head of internal security for the genocidal camero rouge regime who oversaw the murder of large sections of cambodian society is dead comrade boy as he was known was admitted to hospital in calm and for breathing difficulties died early wednesday even at 77 he's been serving life in prison for war crimes and crimes against humanity. the maoist claire ruse seized power of
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course in 1975 and sought to transform cambodia into a classless peasant society was responsible for the deaths of an estimated 2000000 people through starvation and execution what became known as the killing fields let me be a math teacher turned mass murder a. during pol pot's genocidal regime in the 1970 s. the man known as calm raid was in charge of cambodia's most notorious prison s $21.00. the teacher turned jail oversaw torture cruelty as well as the murder of over 12000 men women and children crimes which he documented meticulously in 2010 he was tried by a un supervised court expressing remorse for his actions i. can something that i would like to acknowledge and my legal
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responsibility. can someone get taxed for all the crimes that happened as 21 that mean they saw him up the especially the torture and execution of people. somewhat like out at the. american here but while confessing his crimes also claimed he was merely following orders and late in the trial pushed for release claiming he was not guilty prosecutors handed him a 35 year sentence later extended to life imprisonment the crimes committed by the accused that is 21 are really matched in modern history in terms of their combined . scope curation premeditation and callousness. died after years of co health most of his victims never had the chance to reach old
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age. the horrors of everyday life under the comerica still weighs very heavily on cambodians here's what people out on the streets of pumpin had to say about the death of one of the regimes most brutal leaders. really created bad history for us but now it's the end of his life. i'm like yeah i will never forget the horrible past all the crimes that he committed he deserved to serve more prison terms but now he has died i can forgive him. outside his house and what my what i regret that he is dead now. if he had stayed alive the younger generation may have heard more history from him and now he is dead it's all over. their lives. we're going to venice now and the venice film festival is opening today the 1st major film event to roll out the red carpet since the pandemic started many stars will be missing because of problems for chins but there are some big names in
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attendance like keith blanchett australia's presence of this year's cherry told us witness arrived ahead of the opening ceremonies where. penny. as is rarely been seen with only a handful of tourists but the city's annual film festival opens today for its $77.00 sedition along with precautionary measures social these dancing mandatory mask wearing and temperature taking to global pandemic and international travel rest trick shows or so mean that fewer hollywood stars will be in attendance d.c. at a festival has done better in terms of gender parity with 8 out of 18 films in competition that erected by women to many reached the competition category with jeff on her answers and tomorrow the entire world a drama about political radicalization is born this little black dodge land based and democratic to show its roots ya'll are born the start. of
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a limp these are going to decide to have on the direction especially to be dashed and on as though it's must get in here. in. the room in the. white house another competition film to look out for will be wife of us pie from director kiyoshi chorus our a story of love in water in japan during the 1940 s. . out of competition nathan crossman's documentary about kermit activist creator turned bear who premiered thursday. in new york and was how. i felt like a normal life would. be. on its opening
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day the festival will honor actress tilda swinton is a lifetime achievement award the competition runs for 11 days on september 12th will find out who will take home these tears coveted golden lion. up next our documentary film looks at the epidemic of loneliness i'm brian thomas of the entire team thanks so much for being with us. of loneliness i'm brian thomas of the entire team thanks so much for being with us .
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to us there so that's what it people experience is when their heritage is taken from them countless cultural artifacts were stolen from africa by colonialists and carted off to europe. what should be done with the stolen art from africa.


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