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tv   Tagesschau in 100 Sekunden  Deutsche Welle  September 12, 2020 3:00pm-3:04pm CEST

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we celebrated the 30th anniversary of. october 3rd on d. w. . o. . this is d. w. news a live up from berlin is here gas and tension on the greek islands of lesbos thousands of displaced people are demanding a freedom from the choice we overcrowded refugee camps after a massive fire burned down more at local residents and authorities are also calling for international support as the frustration level rises. and
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a could at their finally be a chance for peace after decades of war in afghanistan. between the afghan government and the taliban to begin incautious with cautious optimism left out forward. and claridge's and welcome to the show police on the greek islands of lesbos have fired tear gas at migrants holding a protest to demand more permanent housing off the island the protesters are angry after spending a 4th night without shelter following a massive fire that destroyed the overcrowded morea camp the blazes have left more than 12000 people homeless the great army has begun a rebuilding a replacement town but many of the migrants are opposed to it they say it's just another trap leading to dire conditions. it is near the site
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of the wire refugee camp on at last i center where hearing reports of police using tear gas on protesters is the situation escalating and what exactly can you tell us about what's happening now. people with spoke with are very angry and frustrated and upset about the use of tear gas by the riot police here according to 3 witnesses we talked to. police used tear gas after they tried to detain 3 leaders of the afghan community here and we saw them using tear gas again when we arrived here on the scene we also saw a scuffle between the afghan family and the afghan family and the police so it was a very tense situation and actually it's so easy it can as collate further. into help minds at ease what our local authorities are doing and to provide food and shelter for these refugees. who spoke with the governor of the islands
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today and he told us that help is on the way that it can take longer to provide people here with what they need by i have to say that i really cannot say that the local authorities are putting a lot of effort into providing the refugees with water and with food that the conditions here are really grim just a few minutes ago we saw trucks with water arriving here on the scene and people were desperate to get in front of the hours they ran to to get at least one bottle of water this one person was injured man broke his arm doing those celtic and very dramatic scene and people are getting increasingly frustrated with this situation we spoke with many refugees here let's take a listen to what they had to say. maybe a minute well is just 3 weeks.


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