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tv   Kulturzeit  Deutsche Welle  October 1, 2020 6:30am-7:01am CEST

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we are working tirelessly to keep you informed on platforms for all your industry been run together to make it through the we are going. to stay safe increase. i am. hello and welcome to focus on europe thanks for joining us today europe's last remaining strongman is clinging to his seat there are o.c. and alexander lukashenko is doing everything he can to remain in power although the e.u. doesn't recognize him as the legitimate leader of the country he was sworn in for
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a new term as president in the capital city minsk the ceremony was held and announced just before a number of children supporters on the streets thousands are calling for fresh elections without question. the women of belarus have become the face of the current protests their voices are growing louder enough is enough that's their message after 26 years they want a new leader for their country and a better future for their children women and sophia who go out to protest week after week these 2 courageous women refused to be intimidated by the authorities. the women's march had barely begun when the police started making their 1st arrests over the past weeks bellerose has ramped up its crackdown on protesters but despite it all these women come back each saturday to make sure their voices heard was everything was quiet then suddenly those henchmen showed up and dragged these young
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women into their bastards what did they ever do to them so we're not scared for our own safety i'm so worried about our children and grandchildren we want them to live in a normal country without this kind of. you know i know but boy would sit in my morning with the world. alone sophia are outraged and try reasoning with the police. this time they can't get any of the women released. more but alice says she and her friend sophia both retired school teachers do command a certain respect with the officers. the 2 women 1st met at a protest against look at. the authoritarianism of bringing the country up against a. little. more and more about the recipients who are expressing solidarity with these courageous women their bravery has aspired others to overcome their fears and join the opposition. or we're seeing women are leading the charge
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against because frankly. i. was. just i. was. i was. marcia's what they affectionately call the opposition figurehead mahdi a kalashnikov. she resisted forced deportation by tearing up her passport and was then detained by authorities. and opposition leaders are now either behind bars or in exile. tells us that lucas has been clinging to power with all his mind ever since the rigged election. when i voted for. i was sure that everything would stay the same that nothing would change. then after the election i heard people on the streets shouting long live below truth. that made me think we would win. look at shango has deeply offended by the
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routine of women with this sexism we've always had equal rights here before. you must have gotten. more and more openly defying look at his regime. he's a fraud. in my view we are so he'll you don't buy that whole thing with this secret inauguration they don't seem to feel the need to prove anything to the people in or . our president is a sexist we want to show him how strong we are. we want to show. respect for having been arrested. so it was. lucas franco is now taking the threat these women pose more seriously arrests were meant to be a deterrent but they're having the opposite effect alone sophia tell us that they'll
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be out on the streets of mit's flying the flag of the opposition as long as their legs will carry them even if it's just the 2 of. we've often brought you stories of migrants crossing the mediterranean from north africa to europe but they've also been crossing another dangerous waterway that doesn't get as much attention thousands of migrants have ventured across the british channel this year a record high crammed in rubber boats they make their way from france on to the u.k. and locals who don't want the u.k. to take in any more refugees often clash with those willing to help people like matt coker. it's 5 am in the port of dover normally skipper matt coker and his crew member tony would be heading out to go game fishing but these days they're too busy saving people's lives the mission the west of the place. it is ok there we go we're. over say thank you stormfront cheers tin has just passed over
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now that the seas are calmer conditions are ideal for crossing the english channel the ball as you see you know it's walking on a snow ball. all go by this course in the channel to dive because it's calm. it was 2 years ago that matt 1st spotted a rubber boat with migrants bound for britain these days he encounters desperate refugees almost daily there leaving no i often think there's overset going to be seen leaving the bases in the fall. and i want to get that 1st couple of miles in a wife show before he comes dialogues and i seem to be leaving in so it's very focused on and then i get sort of shipping lines and we go to some of the busiest shipping lines government down. it's near dawn when matt makes out a tiny vessel some 20 kilometers off the french coast. the english channel is the busiest waterway in the world. this season seafarers are
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stunned at the 3 men have made it this far it's the 2 inches of freeboard in the hot fog exhausting so if your wife goes out of reducing. so. i will look out for that well then yeah because us margaret was so to the west of the last ship not just just tell the coast guard that there's another thing down to the west. and he said so if you could you could you keep a visual in both of them they're only allowed to take the man on board if the vessel is sinking this isn't the case so for now all they can do is stay alert oh you know what i'm going to find now. might you fly to england. but there's a lot of passengers on board. mostly that whole have not yet made some we just don't know. can't come out and make sure everybody is out of my sight. so far this year over $5000.00 migrants have crossed the english channel it's become
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a major transit route for refugees as long as weather conditions remain favorable many more will be risking the passage they want to reach the island before bragg's it is finalized these days dover harbor is full of the band and vessels some of the local pushback however is bewildering. blogs coming into the country that we don't know nothing about it concerns me because i could be anyone they could be ripe a smuggler as they could be criminals and we know nothing about them we put them up in hotels and given them houses. gross misconceptions like these against the new arrivals are common among many of them self declared british patriots many of these angry working class protesters fear britain is being overrun by foreigners. we've got hundreds of thousands of high risk we've got tens of thousands of
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homeless veterans on the streets and yet these are coming in on blood you know what a nice party 345 star right out cause enough to float while us already are left to die on the streets and we've got enough we have got you know. the protesters are directing their ire at lawmakers too they see prime minister boris johnson elected on the promise of curbing immigration has failed to deliver we try test i'm not giving up on just rhetoric i know yes we. 100 sites and signature opposition went and. we're going to government. 8 government and all you know the next step it is we have to bring it to the street some have even started taking the law into their own hands. well that's what. own for the guys that was a go was simple. let well you wouldn't pull
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a broom they. don't have the truck because you're tired of all. the self-proclaimed vigilante live streams the events on you tube yeah thermo. the resentment could be borne chiefly out of ignorance only some right wing noise about how they live in hotels at the taxpayers' expense is not true. 110 price $1.00 should claim for asylum is being processed you have $37.00 pounds a week to live on yeah as might be so to 5 year us i don't know he's not saying. that coker has only been at sea for a few hours and has already spotted the 3rd migrant boat today 9 individuals from afghanistan are trapped on their vessel unable to maneuver they are. just broken general innocent or not you know you know my case it's on
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a limited once again you can smell it. they want to board mats vessel we're not allowed to tell you anything to do you carry because. the force yeah i would i would. not allow would no doubt that you will vote or anything but we can stay with the i the how i but because i let me drive both matt my only report and stay with the boats he discovers otherwise he could be charged for trafficking should i post tell me how. to look for answers that truly thought you know someone. on this day alone the british coast guard rescued 319 refugees. meanwhile thousands are still waiting in france to risk crossing the channel. the guy crate i'm in russia is the largest permafrost crater in the world and
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although was located in one of the coldest regions on earth in siberia it's too is facing the effects of the climate crisis the ice is flowing increasing the craters size year by year and the rising temperatures are an alarming developments and they could affect the livelihood of people like we have here needs the colds to keep food supplies for his community. deep in the heart of the mountain is where. keeps a supply that's because it's cold here freezing cold even in summer some products can be stored here for up to 2 years without spoiling. here we store so flower all the time to me to pull data on chips to fruit grow it's practical and much cheaper in a climate controlled warehouse. even in summer the temperature in this ice cellar is normally 15 degrees celsius below 0 but cousin can tell that northern
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siberia is getting warmer and warmer even underground. operable things are naturally kept cold here in the permafrost now we've covered the cellar up with sheets to keep out the warmth of group growth this year the ice summer was one or 2 degrees warmer but that change isn't too bad it's ok to a bit more. but for how much longer in the village of guy there are many ice cellars like. the village depends on them for it supplies over land access is only possible when the river is frozen for 4 months a year it forms the road in and out. from about january to april we can use the winter it's to receive supplies. in the summer because you 3 stories get weaker. deliveries by airplane from the regional capital you could say it's expensive but necessary. with temperatures that can drop to minus 50
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degrees in winter life in about a guy is dictated by the cold permafrost still covers the area but it's starting to thaw. this is the but i got a crater just a few kilometers from the village it's the largest permafrost crater in the world one kilometer wide and 100 meters deep and it's growing. the crater was originally caused by deforestation as the frozen earth was no longer protected by trees today it's also exposed to the rising arctic temperatures the melting permafrost sets off a vicious cycle the organic substances in the ice decompose as it melts which releases more greenhouse gases which in turn speeds up global warming.
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what modern processors were observing up about a guy crater are things we're seeing everywhere else just to a lesser extent. the ice under the ground melts the ground collapses but it happens everywhere. but they sure about a guy crater is the perfect example of why we shouldn't mess around with the permafrost. watching it sure. but the true severity of the situation has been slow to hit home even though the signs are clear neighboring brace a youngster is otherwise one of the coldest places in the world but this summer temperatures hit 38 degrees it's never been so hot because most houses in the region are pressed on stilts in the ice the record temperatures could widely destabilize the building foundations. houses here could collapse because of the melting permafrost with the most the most basic and supports of the ground just like all public water and gas and sewage systems. so. if they start shifting
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there could be accidents. global warming will cause a lot of problems here. so we should. continue with. the earth is also moving and test seems i sell are everywhere there are wide cracks like this one. of. 3 can seem plugs them up with water which then freezes and reinforces the walls with blocks of ice he says ice is always shifting and the cracks have nothing to do with global warming and even if they did he says people here would adapt. this group the courts will manage even without an i sell or book it's not that bad let's hope everything turns out ok. for cassim in his i sell or the effects of climate change still seem to be a long way off and many people here still don't know anything but called for most
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months of the year but that is starting to china's growth. this year's summer was a tough one for anyone working in the tourism industry lockdowns travel restrictions and strict hygiene measures have kept the masses away from tourist hot spots like barcelona and spain businesses there are struggling to survive with little to no income and many locals are worried about their future but in the midst of all this uncertainty they are using the reast from tourism to rediscover the beauty right at their front door. the so gratify me it is barcelona star attraction the perennial construction site the pacifica has been a work in progress for 138 years the cranes and scaffolding never stopped tourists from flocking here droves but covered 19. now the locals are reclaiming their church. the lines of tourists were always so long but now it's empty.
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seriously there is little money to be made on the some grad a familial lately. so for 4 hours every saturday and sunday locals are allowed and for free. for many it's the 1st visits ever for others their 1st in years. was this out i haven't been here since i was 8 that was ages ago but what's it like without to read his book and we end up. barcelona is ours again. we can stroll along with that i'm lost. and that. is a series of streets that make up barcelona's famous pedestrian boulevard. these images were shot 3 years ago. and this is how it looks now.
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the same place at the same time of year. you know you walk it off in the market in the i've been working here for over 25 years and even on rainy winter nights that's what i'm lost or livelier than this. nearby isabel korea barcelona's famous food market many of the pricey stands that cater to turrets have closed down. the remaining shops have been here for years like maria jose at the egg as a poultry business she took over from her mother. before the corona crisis locals would complain about the crowds. now that be plenty of room for them yet they're still staying away. the merchants come to understand why. so he set out that work i'd really like to know now we could really use them but they won't come it just goes to show that their complaints about tourists were
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exaggerated our old neighbors go to the supermarkets now and the few that are coming back to us hardly make the difference to get out and. garcelle known as once most attractive hot spots have become oddly quiet for example the trendy elbow in district in the city center. many of the small shops here lived off the foreign tourists who wanted to treat themselves to something special while on vacation. german designer lisa lampe makes and sells her own bags here but now she is giving up the shop. sales have slumped yet the rents remains as high as ever. her landlord refused to give her a break he thought it's noisy and looking for a new shop a smaller cheaper one it's a good thing the rents are falling we'll see what happens in my case but also some neighboring businesses managed to negotiate lower rents. but many are simply going
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out of business. it's estimated that 40 percent of the shops in melbourne won't survive the crisis some may move to cheaper districts like many former residents did after high rents force them out of the inner city. these images were also captured 3 years ago back then many buildings were being motivated and remodeled the walls were covered with graffiti telling terse to go home the city sees the crisis as a chance to right past wrongs and set a different course for the future. as those who were in those the castle seen as that's but we're taking a break now. but we mustn't forget that these problems did exist even that we need to address them before the tourists return and when the several $1000000000.00 now . barcelona want to belong entirely to the locals and definitely. puts maybe its councillors can shape the city's future little by little just as
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a cigarette a familiar has for the last 138 years. that might help reconcile barcelona with their home. if you're a catholic then you must be familiar with the practice of confession traditionally this requires sitting in a small dark confession box and telling your priests your sins but if the people in bad austria want to get something off their chest they don't even have to step foot in a church they can talk to the local priest to stand in the world's 1st and only confessional cable car. the faithful flock to father cliff john there's masses at the parish church in the austrian spa town of. the priests still feels it's his duty to carry the lord's message out to the people these assaults and even jesus didn't hide away in a temple or synagogue he went out and preached and healed the neemo and that's my understanding of what pastoral care should be today. so every other friday father
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their heads off on a special mission right across town. here in a stall chik gondola line ferries visitors up and down mt copley it's a longstanding tradition but the idea of creating a confessional cable car is new and came about after a few beers at the summit guesthouse. first we have dismissed it as a joke. but then a got stuck in our minds and 4 years later we finally realized the project and now as the cable car operator i'm really happy to have the world's 1st gondola compassionate. father earlier takes matters into his own hands and helps get the gondola going here he welcomes everyone even those who have little time for the church like this artist from. like many people don't dare go to church that might be because they've had bad childhood memories or because it's so big
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a fear of respect it's much easier. you're to talk here out in nature so a gondola like this is optimal if it. isn't religious but he's impressed by father who he calls his favorite priest so why not take the opportunity to talk to him in the god of. the trip to the top takes 15 minutes and takes them almost a 1000 meters closer to the sky. he said became the like of these people experience a certain levity ascending the mounting of. in the bible the mountain is a place where one is closer to god but there are many examples from the holy scriptures and clearly people feel that way too. nearer my god to. what people tell him is protected by the seal of confession father says in the
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confession cable car he's heard just about everything because the mother said. i had someone who wanted to send his wife up with me so she could finally confess all her sins so to speak and rid herself of that lofty heights as if there. was a lot of discussion about existential questions which can be tough to make a few jokes about it but it is an issue with this team at least. the artist said it was a real experience maybe because they're talking nothing to do with religion or the church the conversation just flow a bit like the healing waters of. the ride was how long about 15 minutes and it's not like one minute i mean i could ride with him all day if i really had to confess all my sins i'd probably have to ride with him for a whole week. but it instead he has a drink with friends meanwhile the gondola confessional continues on its way
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between earth and the heaven. and that's it for this week's focus on europe i hope you can join us again next week thanks for watching take care.
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armstrong marley walk on the moon. isn't the earth really flat half dollar. does the government use planes to please and us. conspiracy theories shred like wildfire on the internet innocent conspiracy theories can provide comfort in times like reality create another. democracy of the gullible. 15 minutes of monty w. . oh.
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this is some dope story a stubborn rice farmer from thailand. his problem pasts. his credo no chemical. the students who are. training successful. starts october 1st to. the fight against the corona virus pandemic. science. what the new findings have researchers. information
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backgrounding. the corona up to. 19 special. monday to friday on. like. oh. my god says love was food for the russians so. steep. so many different walks of life. some are. oddly tried but all of them come straight from the heart to its former c.e.o. it was in the morning delusion a marsh walk in trucks come up. from the floor of the law to their final resting place the russians. documentary.
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faces d.w. news live from berlin donald trump unrepentant after tuesday's debate and claiming victory over just by the. liberal media and circus it is good i just applied to write about exposed is really dangerous agenda but the us president is being lambasted for failing to denounce white supremacists and calls his performance a national embarrassment also coming up. the death toll climbs in the breakaway nagorno-karabakh range and i mean in and out of the latest sad.


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