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tv   Spielend reich  Deutsche Welle  October 1, 2020 1:03pm-1:46pm CEST

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procedure the letter invites the u.k. government to send its observations within a month and besides this the commission will continue to work hard towards a full and timely implementation of the withdrawal agreement we stand by our commitments thank you. and we are joined by our correspondents bob a visit in brussels and london let's start with you that's a bit of a bombshell isn't it how did the british government react. well the british government did have time to prepare for this because there was a deadline at the end of september and they knew that this was likely going to come and they are standing by for now the spokesman a spokesman for the british government has said that this is a legal safety net in order to create maintain stability in northern ireland and for the moment it seems that the british government does not really want to back
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down however we also know there's a e.u. summit coming up in just the middle of october and this u.k. and markets which is what he was offended by also has some time to go through the house of commons and the house of lords so there is still some time to actually reach a solution with the european union. barbara let's go to you what does that mean for the ongoing briggs's negotiations. negotiations are going on. they are not going well from what we hear the distances between the 2 sides have not been bridged so far there is still a huge gap particularly was regard to aid for industry. that is to be paid to companies that need to be propped up that is something that the e.u. wants to see regulated and the u.k. side declines that there is still
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a get on fisheries and some other issues that are very important so no real progress or far from what we hear so for the e.u. that means they will continue to negotiate whatever happens because they have sworn to themselves we are not going to be the ones who will walk away from these negotiations because they're just waiting for the blame game from london and that case so negotiations go on but what is also clear on the other hand is that if the internal market bill is not somehow was drawn to wait till the end of the year it trade agreement even if it can still be struck between the 2 sides cannot come into force. because this internal market bill is that all part of taxes from. well it may well be had of course we don't know but we know that the u.k. government somehow still negotiating with the european union and we know that
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recently they have come forward with a compromise on fisheries with which is one of the most contentious issues in the negotiation for a future free trade deal so there are actually many in the u.k. all still hoping for some sort of agreement with the european union because we're looking at what's happening here at the moment we're looking at the corona crisis and we know billions of billions already loves because of corona and then the industry is coming in and manufacturing car industry they're really bagging the u.k. government to find a compromise with the european union so it will be very very hard for us johnson's government to just basically walk out and take the blame for foot for this sort of clean break and for not having a deal with the european union so still they will try and seek some form of compromise even if it's just a very very basic deal but they will still be hoping that something can be achieved
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. you said earlier the e.u. will not be the one to walk away from these talks but other one of the expectations in brussels will be a deal at the end. expectations are really low because from the e.u. perspective britain has not been moving on these essential issues and this is particularly state aid this is governments off the deal and this is something that has now gained even more importance governance of this deal might means that if there is trouble if there are divergence is then who gets to decide how to solve the problem is there going to be some courts. want to force that is a tricky issue because the u.k. says under no circumstances will be except rulings of the european court of justice so some other body has to be found now there has been no movement on that because the 2 sides can't get together and the point here is that the internal market bill
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this bill that means that britain is somehow nixing it was draw agreement at least the parts was regards to trade in ireland and northern ireland. means that trust has been totally lost everybody here says now if they won't keep their word on that if they are ready to breach international law in this case what will keep them from breaking international law in future deals in the next case with regard to trade agreement so that creates new problems and so the perspective looks rather somber from here for a great deal in time till the end of the year. brussels bit mas in london thank you both very much. time to have a look at some of the other stories making headlines today russian opposition leader alexander valley has accused president vladimir putin of being behind his poisoning with a soviet era nerve agents not only has posted comments online as his recovery in germany progresses in his 1st interview involved is said i don't have any other
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versions of how this crime was committed. belgium is back on the german government's list of high risk areas in the corona virus pandemic cases that have surged and the overall death toll has surpassed $10000.00 germany also warned against travel to iceland and parts of the u.k. including wales and northern ireland. russia's offer to host talks to try and ends hostilities in the caucasus over the disputed region often don't occur about armenia and azerbaijan vowed to continue the fighting that's killed more than a 100 people since sunday it's their most violent military engagement since the mid 1990 s. . police in hong kong say they have made at least 60 arrests as people defy the ban on protests as the city marked the 71st anniversary of the founding of the people's republic of china officials tonight permission for a protest march citing security concerns and coronavirus restrictions but some
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activists staged small scale demonstrations as an official ceremony chief executive terry lamb credited hong kong strict new security law imposed by china with helping quash massive pro-democracy protests that house tested relations with pages. joined by senior call in hong kong was following this story for us phoebe how does it look on the on the ground to a book more can you tell us. what actually today that kind of if not that i expected people are very like and they have by every few feet now with a fair test on russia right now many people are actually trying to rally but at the same mission in a way for at least more than 60 people have already been arrested over the past you out with a specific stuff like shortly including 3 opposition they say council as well also among those arrested today are caught or dissipating in an awful right assembly
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yesterday a rally if not i saw over ice not approved by police and passionately by objective by the authorities citing public helping to have public security from angry monster day is to call for the release of the file from home after this who were detained in mainland china and now i personally arrested for illegal border crossing. and this is my charge play i'm close by the mainland of 40 a small town of them actually trying to please if i want my phone number to face also especially they traditionally if it has a home every year don't really put this here is. it was damp but our back yard year ago the protesters was shocked by the crowd i mean appropriate life for that the wake up call for him and also on the protests that also stopped a large crowd. that's because of their story and based at the police brutality they complain about remainders all so let's take
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a look. at shots as a protester the 1st in hong kong government's demonstration and the city's history and the chinese through a life changing moment for the 18 year old student. he was shot in the chest during a protest on chinese national day last october a bullet shot by the police nearly took a slight last only a few centimeters from his heart. one door which showed. a wide sea many protesters including myself. well prepared to make sacrifices and even get wounded when we took to the street. because i was i thought of losing my life in this movement. highly but i was lucky enough to survive the gunshot. so you know it's only shown by the function. there is going to shot that trigger to
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school strikes now one year later so many struggling what is more the injuries but also 3 criminal charges by the hong kong government which has sent him behind bars for up to 7 years and other student protests to choke me face the same sentence he's also among those chopped with life around. these pills can barely use his basic i'm paying having his spine is fractured a kidney and part of his liver removed trauma looms over his everything life attempted robbery obstructing police and the state for the past 30 years to 22 year old child thing at court 3 months why why are we ok ok the police officer didn't warn me at all it's unreasonable for him to use the most lethal weapon immediately even though it was unarmed i've been so traumatized that i dare not pass by the shooting scene again and i often cried i can't stand for
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long periods of time and have to go to the hospital whenever the pain gets to one bearable. who is justified firing life for that as self-defense while killing the child caught it excessive force upon close call to prove to privates prosecution files by an opposition lawmaker over the officer who shot child but the justice minister took a rare move to intervene at the french request the case is that charges they're planning to pursue and ins are equally against the police earlier don't eat the same but they all thought he rejected his legal aid application. by claiming the gunshot missing the boat here or the south how to bring what they call riotous to justice what it has south and have been arrested and over before them were prosecuted have a thing time not a single police officer how in their best to prosecute the thought of nothing if despite numerous like. the scenes they would manifest the intolerance against
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dissidents what we protesters do is deemed to be wrong the authorities sleeplessness troublemakers i so want to protest or my right to speak up will be suppressed even more severely oddly. enough the stakes are even higher now as people can be jailed for their speech under the national security law . but i believe the movement isn't over yet one is just continuing in another form so i took. the students feel hopeless and just as the pro-democracy movement to find a way out in pursuance of justice they will try every means a stone as they used to free to do so. is still standing by in hong kong for us t.v. you said earlier that today is the traditional day of protest in hong kong can we expect further clashes between protesters and police.
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was the crowd if we have it was we hope what this happy person leaves office is played throughout the whole thing i was hoping to feel the way i having right here was at least part happy happy boy it was like the south was not that i was like that because that's it was likely was 30 people massively there people have their life like. for him they will be something special right and i thought that out of the stuff that i thought life when offensive stuff is happy to read even back then we also expect more arrests or like more. profound weather after. 2 what's next for people like cheek in the who just don't accept the
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status quo. the post has a family leave to take off that it's now way pretty high then that out of the. way he was caught like. like probably police have said also that he could be like mike and you know penn and national secrets and then finding out the way has come forth and said politics at the met wait that thing a little bit that you think of other ways to continue that's a bit off it could happen here right now and some like probably. international law being one of the way out for the at. the w.c. because in hong kong thank you very much. as the recipients of this year's rights livelihood award half just been announced for winners what chosen
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from 182 nominees for their contributions to sustainability equality and peace. sign for democracy in belarus. defending human rights in iran. protecting ancestral land in nicaragua. and combat in racism in the u.s. here are the winners of this year's right livelihood award. lotty cunningham rand is a lawyer from the mosquito indigenous group for decades she has secured land rights for indigenous peoples in nicaragua who face attacks by armed settlers rens pioneering legal methods have been adopted by other aboriginal groups around the world. bryan stevenson is a leading us civil rights lawyer and founder of the equal justice initiative the organization fights mass incarceration unfair sentencing and racial inequality
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$140.00 death row inmates have been released or had their sentences reversed thanks to their work and rini and human rights lawyer nasser ensuite today was sentenced to 38 years in prison and 140 lashes for defending women's rights and humans rights shortly before her arrest as she challenge the country's compulsory headscarf laws alice ski is an activist and bella ruse who campaigns for freedom and democracy his human rights center vs now supports political prisoners and documents abuses it has since become leaving ngo and belarus known as europe's last dictatorship the foundations executive director stressed the importance of their activism. this year selection of recipients highlights the increasing threats to democracy
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globally it is high time that all of us in favor of democracy around the world stand up and support each other. the winners will receive a cash prize of 1000000 kroner or 95000 euros to help them continue their work but more important is the awareness the award could bring to their causes. were getting a bit more the balloons and lorianne dollars. since the mid 1980 s. he has led a nonviolent compassion for democratic freedoms in the country he founded the human rights center of yaz not to provide support for political prisoners and has complained for an end to capital punishment his colleagues and fellow activist constantine's that i do with from the same organization joins me now from minsk concert in how did your call a colleague react to the news of being awarded the alternative nobel prize. hello of course he was very happy to hear of this tremendous news. because
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it's really means a lot to us to our leader list and the team of us knights. huge team of $100.00 activists across fellows. but it's also quite said because when human rights defenders are traced that means that something is broken in the country and. so the situation is so so bad that. of course we are happy to hear that is good signals coming from europe from. the right livelihood combination needs a lot to us but as i said it's. quite sad because. it means that we still have a lot of things to do and that human rights are trees can. a
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lot of opposition members and demonstrators have been arrested and you're of course working for them how is your work influenced by the current situation in belarus. well they have the it means that we have. our workload has doubled or tripled over the past 2 months and at times our offices and mains can there are bellows resemble railway stations there are so many people coming for help. and that there are over $250.00 criminal cases alone that were opened after the election and. 13 to 200 people were detained and there are over a 1000 victims of torture and police brutality and all of them need our assistance they come to our office is it means that we have to work 24 hours 77
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days a week that it's quite hard you think this recognition this alternative nobel prize will give more weight to your demands. that they think is that their storage his have repeatedly ignored our demands and. the only thing they can do is pressure on the furthest it will lobby in interest in in europe so i think that this the waiting of they know this price is very important because it comes from europe. from our european partners and colleagues so it's a sign of support but i do not think that they thought it as well take it. as a signal for putting more pressure on human rights and as i hope thank you very much constant in style are the words from the view as not human rights center amidst. sports news now bion munich. and the
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german super cup to lift yet another trophy a game is normally held before the new season but it was delayed this year because of you've guessed it the corrupt despite the lack of fans the teams produced a high tempo game and it was also a landmark match for the referee. brian munich came out for the super cup against dortmund looking for a thief trophy this year having won every competition they have been in it was also a special game for b.b. on a stein house the only female referee in the men's bonders league she announced before kick up she was retiring 6 years early for personal reasons. injury prone dortmund captain marco royce started for the 1st time in 239 days and had the 1st big chance. it's almost immediately hosts dion broke at the other end in a flash and common time tally so stalled at the 2nd attempt both sides at last in
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the bond as leader at the weekend but it took by an just 18 minutes to rally. it was soon to know with thomas miller heading in. my. butt naivety from brian at the back like during the 41 loss at hoffenheim on sunday let dortmund pull one back out of the blue union blue and netted for a more experienced top and lineup than of late. half time and amid the empty stands because of the coronavirus stein house was having a quiet farewell game by as defense seemed to still be in the dressing room early in the 2nd half as don't wind levelled through early in car land. but this by and never give up and usually to me has been it pisses me off that the winner coming in special style on 82 minutes i don't. finds chance
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of a 6 trophy out of 6 this year is set to be dashed by the postponement of the club world cup in december but it is still being a truly remarkable 2024 hanzi flick side. now social distancing has made it difficult for victorious sports teams to celebrate their successes during. bought in the us stanley cup when the tampa bay lightning came up with a. solution that showed off the famous trophy for winning i spoke is an actual title during a boat parade on the city's hillsborough river fancy joining the celebrations on the water. along the riverside to follow social distancing guidelines of course. but it's just. you watching the news is a reminder of our top story the european commission president says the e.u. has begun legal action against the u.k. government of prime minister boris johnson for file ations of the briggs's
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withdrawal of the great. news from berlin up next focus on the euro. illusion women standing up to the regime of. more news from me at the top of the hour don't forget you can use the phrase rather. it's of course. thanks for joining.
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good thing to. me. that was generous my chosen correlatives and for democracy and then our us will not back down in the face of police violence propping up the authoritarian regime. they continue to demonstrate on to mom before socratic president step down them
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awesome audience women versus look at coke's comes from consumer of. d.w. . conflicts you don't hear a lot of bastard in your field days but for more than 2 months file sharing compulsed financial corruption and the government demonstrations my guest this week from sofia to speed so such a minister and social of a spider she contributes a sudden abducted mistreating its most vulnerable people should its human rights ok conflict the 5060 minutes. songbooks story stubborn rice farmer from time. these problems.
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has created no chemical. students or. training successful. starts october. hello and welcome to focus on europe thanks for joining us today europe's a last remaining strongman is clinging to his seat there are o.c.n. leader alexander lukashenko is doing everything he can to remain in power although
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the e.u. doesn't recognize him as the legitimate leader of the country he will sworn in for a new term as president in the capital city minsk the ceremony was held and announced just before a number of children supporters on the streets thousands are calling for fresh elections without. the women of belarus have become the face of the current protests their voices are growing louder enough is enough that's the message after 26 years they want a new leader for their country and a better future for their children women and sophia who go out to protests week after week these 2 courageous women refused to be intimidated by the authorities. the women's march had barely begun when the police started making their 1st arrests over the past weeks bellerose has ramped up its crackdown on protesters but despite it all these women come back each saturday to make sure their voices heard was
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everything was quiet then suddenly those henchmen showed up and dragged these young women into their bastards what did they ever do to that we're not scared for our own safety i'm so worried about our children and grandchildren we want them to live in a normal country without this kind of. yeah i know but boy would sit in my work with them. all and sophia are outraged and tried reasoning with the police. this time they can't get any of the women released. more but allah says she and her friend sophia both retired school teachers do command a certain respect with the officers. the 2 women 1st met at a protest against look at franco. the authoritarian has been bringing the country up against. more and more about the recipients were
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expressing solidarity with these courageous women their bravery has aspired others to overcome their fears and join the opposition. or we're seeing women are leading the charge against lucas franco. was. i. was. i. was. this was. what they affectionately call the opposition figurehead mahdi a kalashnikov. she resisted forced deportation by tearing up her passport and was then detained by authorities. and opposition leaders are now either behind bars or in exile. tells us that lucas has been clinging to power with all his might ever since the rigged election. when i voted for. i was sure that everything would stay the same that nothing would change.
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then after the election i heard people on the streets shouting long live. that made me think we would win. look i shan't go has deeply offended by the routine of women with the sexism we've always had equal rights here. in the us about. more and more openly defying look at his regime. he's a fraud. if you want we were so he'll yeah that whole thing with the secret inauguration they don't seem to feel the need to prove anything to the people in england. or president is a sexist we want to show him how strong we are. we want to show more. respect for having been arrested.
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is now taking the threat these women pose more seriously arrests were meant to be a deterrent but they're having the opposite effect. and sophia tell us that they'll be out on the streets of flying the flag of the opposition as long as their legs will carry them even if it's just the 2 of. you we've often brought you stories of migrants crossing the mediterranean from north africa to europe but they've also been crossing another dangerous waterway that doesn't get as much attention thousands of migrants have ventured across the british channel this year a record high crammed in rubber boats they make their way from france on to the u.k. and locals who don't want the u.k. to take in any more refugees often clash with those willing to help people like matt coker. it's 5 am in the port of dover normally skipper matt coker and his crew member tony would be heading out to go game fishing but these days
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they're too busy saving people's lives or missions for west of the place. there were. over say thank you storm front kiersten has just passed over now that the seas are calmer conditions are ideal for crossing the english channel vollies you see you know it's one of it's not all. all go by the course in the channel to dive because it's calm. it was 2 years ago that matt 1st spotted a rubber boat with migrants bound for britain these days he encounters desperate refugees almost daily there leaving no i think there's also said going to be seen leaving the beaches in the fall. and i want to get that 1st couple of miles a wife show before it becomes dialogue so they seem to be leaving and so it's very full going on and then they get to the shipping lines and we go through the busiest shipping lines government down. it's near dawn when matt makes out a tiny vessel some 20 kilometers off the french coast.
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the english channel is the busiest waterway in the world. this season seafarers are stunned at the 3 men have made it this far this of 2 inches a free board in the hall of fog exhausting if a wife goes out of sync but so. will look out for that well then yeah margaret was so to the west of the large ship not just the coast guard there's another thing down to the west. and he said so if you could you could you keep a visual in both of them they're only allowed to take the man on board if the vessel is sinking this isn't the case so for now all they can do is stay alert them i'm going to run now my. the flight to england. but there's a lot of. mochi that you know when i've gone i need some help with your stuff
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i can't come out and make sure everybody is out of my sight. so far this year over $5000.00 migrants have crossed the english channel it's become a major transit route for refugees as long as weather conditions remain favorable many more will be risking the passage they want to reach the island before bragg's it is finalized these days dover harbor is full of the band and vessels some of the local pushback however is the will during. blogs coming into the country that we don't know nothing about it concerns me to be honest with you because i could be anyone they could be right place murderous they could be criminals and we know nothing about them we put them up in hotels and then given him houses. that gross misconceptions like these against the new arrivals are common among many of them self declared british patriots many of these angry working class protesters fear britain is being overrun by foreigners.
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we've got hundreds of thousands of high risk we've got tens of thousands of homeless veterans on the streets and yet these are coming in on blood you know what a nice point for the 345 story out cause enough to float follow lost already are left to die on the streets and we've got enough we have got you know. the protesters are directing their ire at lawmakers to they see prime minister boris johnson elected on the promise of curbing immigration has failed to deliver we try to test i'm not going to start i know years we've been 100 nights in signature petition went and. we're going to start government. 8 government for your labor so the next step it is we have to bring it to the street some have even started taking the law into their own hands. well that's really an.
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opal in the guys it was a go was simple. well we wouldn't follow it wrong they. just . don't have the traffic is to turn all. of the self-proclaimed vigilante live streams the events on you tube yeah thermo the resentment could be borne chiefly out of ignorance all these right wing lies about how they live in high towers of the touch payers expense is not true. $11.00 to approach one should claim for asylum is being processed you have $37.00 pounds a week to live on yeah as might be so to 5 year us i don't know he speaks nothing. matt coker has only been at sea for a few hours and has already spotted the 3rd migrant boat today 9 individuals from afghanistan are trapped on their vessel unable to maneuver and you are.
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just broken general innocent or not you know you know what is no marking it's on a limited chain you can smell it. they want to board mats vessel we're not allowed to tell you anything to do you because. i would. know that would no doubt check your boat or anything but we could stay with the i the house i but because i like it we drive old matt my only report and stay with the boats he discovers otherwise he could be charged for trafficking that i post tell me now. for 2 years through it all and you know someone. on this day alone the british coast guard rescued 319 refugees. meanwhile thousands are still waiting in france to risk crossing the channel.
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the guy crate i'm in russia is the largest permafrost crater in the world and all but was located in one of the coldest regions on earth in siberia it's 2 is facing the effects of the climate crisis the ice is slowing increasing the craters size year by year and the rising temperatures are an alarming developments and they could affect the livelihood of people like we have here needs the colds to keep food supplies for his community. deep in the heart of the mountain is where. keeps a supply that's because it's cold here freezing cold even in summer some products can be stored here for up to 2 years without spoiling. here we store so flour all the time to meet all the data chips to fruit grow it's practical and much
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cheaper than a climate controlled warehouse. or even in summer the temperature in this ice cellar is normally 15 degrees celsius below 0 but cousin can tell that northern siberia is getting warmer and warmer even underground. operable things are naturally kept cold here in the permafrost now we've covered the cellar up with sheets to keep out the warmth of group growth this year the ice summer was one or 2 degrees warmer with that change isn't too bad it's ok for a bit more. but for how much longer in the villages but the guy there are many ice sellers like. the village depends on them for it supplies over land access is only possible when the river is frozen for 4 months a year it forms the road in and out. from the generator april we can use the winter months to receive supplies. in the summer because these 3 stories
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get weaker. deliveries by airplane from the regional capital yes it's expensive but necessary. with temperatures that can drop to minus 50 degrees in winter life in butter guy is dictated by the cold permafrost still covers the area but it's starting to thaw. this is the but i got a crater just a few kilometers from the village it's the largest permafrost crater in the world one kilometer wide and 100 meters deep and it's growing. the crater was originally caused by deforestation as the frozen earth was no longer protected by trees today it's also exposed to the rising arctic temperatures the melting permafrost sets off a vicious cycle the organic substances in the ice decompose as it melts which
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releases more greenhouse gases which in turn speeds up global warming. what modern processes were observing at the bottom like a crater are things we're seeing everywhere else just to a lesser extent the ice under the ground melts on the ground collapses but it happens everywhere. but the glacial about a guy crater is the perfect example of why we shouldn't mess around with the permafrost still. watching it sure. but the true severity of the situation has been slow to hit home even though the signs are clear neighboring dress a young ski is otherwise one of the coldest places in the world but this summer temperatures hit 38 degrees it's never been so hot because most houses in the region rest on stilts in the ice the record temperatures could widely destabilize the building foundations. houses here could collapse because of the melting
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permafrost but will. they sit on supports in the ground just.


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