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tv   Die Anstalt  Deutsche Welle  October 1, 2020 2:00pm-3:01pm CEST

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allah gassed. managed by shrapnel. this is the dove you news live from berlin the e.u. takes britain to court over breaks its european commission president also life on the line says britain has breached its obligation of good faith this up to u.k. prime minister boris johnson proposes a draft bill that would violate the breaks its treaty agreements with even. as hong kong marks china's national day police arrest dozens of times the government
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protesters chief executive terry lamb house a return to stability crediting a strict new security law imposed by beijing. and the winners of what's often called the alternative nobel prize are not simply take a look at almost full activism by this year's white livelihood. and in soccer yet another trophy for buying munich this time dog month so when the german super cup. out his welcome to the program european commission president also on the line says the e.u. has begun legal action against the u.k. government of prime minister boris johnson for violations of the brig's it withdrawal agreements she made the announcement earlier in brussels let's hear what she had to say. this draft bill is by its very nature
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a breach of the obligation of good faith laid down in the withdrawal agreement moreover if adopted as it is it will be in full contradiction to the particle of ireland northern island. the deadline lapsed yesterday. problematic provisions have not been removed therefore this morning the commission has decided to send a letter of formal notice to the u.k. government this is the 1st step in an infringement procedure. when i joined our correspondence bob a visit in brussels and along the bigger let's start with you that's a bit of a bombshell isn't it how did the british government react. well the british government didn't have time to prepare for this because there was
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a deadline at the end of september and they knew that this was likely going to come and they are standing by for now the spokesman a spokesman for the british government has said that this is a legal safety net in order to create maintain stability in northern ireland and for the moment it seems that the british government does not really want to back down however we also know there's a huge e.u. summit coming up in just the middle of october and this u.k. and had a market which is what he was offended by also has some time to go through the house of commons and the house of lords so there is still some time to actually reach a solution with the european union. what does that mean for the ongoing briggs's negotiations. negotiations are going on. they are not going well from what we hear the distances between the 2 sides have not been bridge so far
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there is still a huge gap particularly was regard to aid for industry. that is to be paid to companies that need to be propped up that is something that the e.u. wants to see regulated and the u.k. side declines that there is still a get on fisheries and some other issues that are very important so no real progress so far from what we hear so for the e.u. that means they will continue to negotiate whatever happens because they have sworn to themselves we are not going to be the ones who will walk away from us negotiations because they're just waiting for the blame game from london and that case so negotiations go on but what is also clear on the other hand is that if the internal market bill is not somehow withdrawn or medic to wait till the end of the year it trade agreement even if it can still be struck between the 2 sides cannot
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come into force. because this internal market bill is all part of tactics from. well it may well be had of course we don't know but we know that the u.k. government somehow still negotiating with the european union and we know that recently they have come forward with a compromise on fisheries with which is one of the most contentious issues in the negotiation for a future free trade deal so there are actually many in the u.k. all still hoping for some sort of agreement with the european union because we're looking at what's happening here at the moment we're looking at the corona crisis and we know billions of billions already lost because of corona and then the industry is coming in and manufacturing car industry they're really begging the u.k. government to find a compromise with the european union so it will be very very hard for boys
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johnson's government to just basically walk out and take the blame for for this sort of clean break and for not having a deal with the european union still they will try and seek some form of compromise even if it's just a very very basic deal but there will still be hoping that something can be achieved. you said earlier the e.u. will not be the one to walk away from these talks but other a lot of the expectations in brussels will there be a deal at the end. expectations are really low because from the e.u. perspective britain has not been moving on these essential issues and this is particularly state aid this is the governance of the deal and this is something that has now gained even more importance governance of this deal means that if there is trouble if there are divergence is then who gets to decide how to solve the problem is there going to be some courts. want to force that is
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a tricky issue because the u.k. says in the no circumstances will be except rulings of the european court of justice so some other body has to be found now there has been no movement on that because the 2 sides can't get together and the point here is that the internal market bill this bill dead means that britain is somehow nixing the it was draw agreement at least the parts was regard to trade in ireland and northern ireland. means that trust has been totally lost everybody here says now if they won't keep their word on that if they're ready to breach international law in this case what will keep them from breaking international law in future deals in the next case with regard to a trade agreement so that creates new problems and so the perspective looks rather somber from here for a trade deal in time till the end of the year. brussels big mass in london thank you both very much. time to have
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a look now at some of the other stories making headlines today e.u. leaders are convening in brussels for a summit on foreign affairs relations with turkey are said to top the agenda the country is in a standoff with greece and cyprus over exploratory drilling in the eastern mediterranean but today talks will also address and the internal clash that is holding up e.u. sanctions on bill routes and increasingly tense relations with china. belgium is back on the german government's list of high risk areas in the coronavirus pandemic cases there have surged and the overall death toll has surpassed $10000.00 germany also warned against travel to iceland and parts of the u.k. clued in wales and northern ireland. russian opposition leader. president vladimir putin of being behind his poisoning with a soviet era nerve agent yvonne has posted comments online as his recovery in germany progresses in his 1st interview nirvana's said i don't have any other
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versions of how the crime was committed. russia has offered to host talks to try an end to a still a season in the caucasus over the disputed region often a go in a car box but armenia and azerbaijan vowed to continue the fighting that's killed more than 100 people since sunday it's the most violent military engagement since the mid 1990 s. . police in hong kong say they have made at least 60 a recess people have defied a ban on protests as the city marked the 71st anniversary of the founding of the people's republic of china officials denied permission for a protest march citing security concerns and coronavirus restrictions but some activists staged small scale demonstrations at an official ceremony in chief executive kerry lam credited hong kong strict new security law posed by china with helping suppress massive pro-democracy protests that tested relations with beijing
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. and i'm joined by phebe calling in hong kong who is following this story for us t.v. how does it look on the on the ground what more can you tell us. i was going to turn off the coast has this not as high as a package i like what people really believe they found it very difficult to get there like many of them they with us they spent it out before they can actually form a bit to stop the march so the police tactic is mainly it's to stop and search the whole massive place where you have missions like i am in the reports say at least 60. people have been arrested already including 2. district council is now over also those among those arrested today so. the amnesty have on the ground if you can then police say really like layo that happening too late to deter people from thinking to speak and it may be
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a monster day off to protest this to call for the release of the child hopefully after this. now detained in mainland china and the rest of your legal for the wrong thing and also to continue through the month for political rights and other like the monks that they happen to cheat in last year. with such a heavy presence of the police on the streets that we can see there should be expected any further clashes between protesters and the police today. while the police force. down south may how to avoid as many as 6000 leaves offices and on the street and also standing by for footprints show class but we have searched on the ground today there hasn't been any valenzuela make arrests clashes between protesters and police because many of them would simply stop and even. taken away before they can come down and he actually could have actions.
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there still not much passion and even some peaceful protest including life happening so they were they actually let me have it lee wallace fine police like wanting them off the fish and wildlife tolerating the national security and also. people i really like pretty much like very difficult for them to communicate and kind of like opposition on. it's one year after the 1st protesters live bullets which was a turning point for the movement what does it mean for today's protest. but today is the chinese national day and this is also a tradition though day for a home coldness to protest annually but today this year the the activists all the protests all the nice kind of leading activist group it fansite police and so on but people today on the ground some of them they are come i'm writing off the
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gunshot like last year because that was really outstanding phone off. in their plans and they still call for the investigation into the i left for a play i left believe the policy and belief on that question remain on this awful many protesters. in hong kong thank you for the. organizers of the right livelihood award have announced this year's laureates 4 wins were chosen from a list of 182 nominees for the award also known as the alternative nobel prize nomination process is open to all individuals and organizations for contributions to sustainability equality and peace one of this year's awards is a joint offer the human rights center and its chairman. who campaigns for freedom and democracy in better reduce iranian human rights lawyer nazarene so
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today ms currently in prison herself she was jailed after defending women arrested for protesting against iran's compulsory head skull flaws another prize winner was lucky coming on rent a lawyer from the miskito indigenous group she defends the rights of indigenous people in the karada to their land and resources another laureate is brian stevens and leading us civil rights lawyer he has dedicated his life to the pursuit of racial equality and strives to challenge the legacy of institutional racism in the united states meanwhile the executive director of the right livelihood award foundation. said the prize winners were selected to champion democracy which he said is under threat this year selection of recipients highlights the increasing threats to democracy globally it is high time that all of us in favor of democracy around the world stand up and support each other. now we're getting
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a bit more the blues and laurie and others. since the mid 1980 s. he has led a nonviolent compassion for democratic freedoms in the country he founded the human rights center of yaz not to provide support for political prisoners and has complained for an ensign capital punishment his colleagues and fellow activist constantine's that i do it from the same organization joins me now from minsk concert in how did your call a colleague react to the news of being awarded the alternative nobel prize. hello of course he was very happy to hear this tremendous news. because it's really means a lot to us to our leader list and the team of yes knights. huge team of $100.00 activists across bellows. but it's also quite said because when human rights defenders are traced that means that something is broken
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in the country and. so the situation is so so bad that. of course we have to do here is good signals coming from europe from. the right livelihood. means a lot to us but as i said it's. quite sad because. it means that we still have a lot of things to do and that human rights are trees can. a lot of opposition members and demonstrators have been arrested and you of course working for them how is your work influenced by the current situation in belarus. well they have the it means that we have. our workload has doubled or tripled over the past 2 months and at times our offices in maine scan the bellows resemble
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railway stations there are so many people coming for help. and that there are over $250.00 criminal cases alone that were opened after the election and. 13 to 200 people were detained and there are over a 1000 victims of torture and police brutality and all of them need our assistance they come to our office is it means that we have to work 24 hours 77 days a week that it's quite hard you think this recognition this alternative nobel prize will give more weight to your demands. that they think is that their storage his have repeatedly ignored our demands and. the only thing they can do is pressure on the furthest it will lobby in interest in
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in europe so i think that this the winning of they know this price is very important because it comes from europe. from our european partners and colleagues so it's a sign of support but i don't not think that they thought it as well take it. as a signal for putting more pressure on human rights and as i hope. thank you very much on something subtle bits from the view as not human rights center in minutes. and some sports news now buy in munich beaten dog month in the german super cup to lift yet another trophy the game is normally held before the new season but it was delayed this year because of you guessed it. despite the lack of fans the teams produced a high tempo game was also a landmark match for the referee. dion munich came out for the super cup against dortmund looking for a thief trophy this year having won every competition they have been in it was also
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a special game for b.b. on a stein house the only female referee in the men's bonders league she announced before kick off she was retiring 6 years early for personal reasons. injury prone dawn captain marco royce started for the 1st time in 239 days and had the 1st big chance. but almost immediately host diane broke up the other end in a flash and common santoli so stalled at the 2nd attempt both sides at last in the bonus league or at the weekend but it took by an just 18 minutes to rally. it was soon to do with thomas miller hitting in. my butt naivety from behind the back like gere in the 41 loss at hoffenheim on sunday let don't want to pull one back out of the blue union blue and net it for
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a more experience don't line up one of late. half time and amid the empty stands because of the coronavirus stein house was having a quiet farewell game by as defense seemed to still be in the dressing room in the 2nd half as don't wind levelled through early. but this by and never gave up and usually kimmie has been the epitome of that the winner coming in special style on 82 minutes i don't. buy and chance of a 6 trophy out of 6 this year is set to be dashed by the postponement of the club world cup in december but it is still being a truly remarkable 2020 pounds each lakeside. well for more on by cup victory and are joined by john. it's by a fish trophy this year nobody to stop some statistic during
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they really have a taste and based on that you'd say no they really can't turn it on especially in the big important games though to be honest they didn't look like their normal dominant selves in the match against dortmund they were bit tired but sloppy i guess it's not really that surprising that because they've had a lot of fixtures lately i mean a lot of people were saying why are we even having the super cup is not particularly important fixture because of the current virus it was delayed the british league season has already started you talk about no stopping by and i mean they did lose at the weekends a half and possibly actually did find a way of piecing them i think it would be praised for actually bounced back from that got back to winning. and one thing we can say about by munich they never give up and as we had in the piece that was kind of a piss in my eyes for your short commit she got a late winner for them is that is there any any solace for dortmund any anything good for the old one and that much i think they can take a few positive light by and they also lost at the weekend in really disappointing
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fashion so this was a better performance from them and on previous visits to munich the last 2 visits they lost 4 of 5 nil and you could consider 3 to defeat some kind of improvement one of the big criticisms don't want to face down the coach who's in father is about that mentality and how it lets them down often the key moments and maybe you are thinking to know that last night going into half time in some cases don't mean would have caved but they didn't they got themselves back into the game even had chances to make things even more difficult for by munich and they've always got hold and we keep talking about i mean credible striker he scored last night's is really dangerous in the box but he's also good at dropping back and helping his team create other chances so a few positives i think they can take let's talk about the referee. and holmes she was so special and that's what special about how i mean she really does come on a lot of respects and i think you know if we're talking about who's going to miss how plays and coaches but also misses she's i think really one of the most highly
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respected officials in germany she really doesn't take any nonsense from the pitch to help by the fact that she did train and work with the police officers that she knows how to bring about water on the pitch and also obviously she was a trailblazer in many ways we talk about how hard it is. to break into the men's game but to be honest i house did that as a referee which in many ways is even more difficult and there's also conflict with the play of course i mean that we all remember that incident maybe with from gruber in one of her they may have been have matched officiated in the top flight in men's football and they're from very poor places when he went down to take a freaky. it she kind of gave him a playful punt she made it quite clear that that kind of thing won't be tolerated in future and it never did happen again so a lot of respect i was saying referee of the 6 times in germany and she's also officiated think women's matches as well the olympic final the women's world cup final say women's champion league final kind of wonder look you know she's 41 why
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she retiring she's also you know since she beat the referee for 6 more years some reports in germany she might take a step back and work in the video assistant replay department. husband howard webb is in the united states maybe she's going to spend more time with him his game would be full of the author i think done thank you very much you're welcome. now social distancing has made it difficult for victoria's sports team to celebrate their successes during coronavirus but in the u.s. stanley cup winners the tampa bay lightning came up with a nautical solution they showed off the famous trophy for winning his title during a boat parade on the city's hillsborough river. fans who couldn't join in the celebrations on the water gathered along the riverside following social distancing guidelines of course and wearing face masks. iranian
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canoeist been boosted in his bid to represent a team of refugees at the top you're lympics next year. trains and competes in germany after fleeing his home 2015 now after rule changes he's one step closer to history. science is more motivated than ever the reigning refugee now has a clear way forward to next year's olympics in tokyo he's hoping to represent the refugee team 3 u.-turn from the international canoe federation. we've now decided it will support site competing for the i.o.c. as refugees. fled iran in 2015 after taking this selfie in front of milan cathedral at home that was viewed as him converting to christianity punishable by death germany gay for a place to train and compete he's since been working hard both out on the water and
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in a complicated process of severing ties with the iranian rowing team who wants him to avoid a conflict with iran the international community federation had insisted its rules meant it can grant him refugee status even though he has documents proving otherwise. this was a hard journey 5 years long i just cried. if i want to go to the olympics i have to give 100 percent to be there. now fazli needs to meet the sporting requirements the selection ultimately in the hands of the i.o.c. . to enter whoever has such a story behind them clearly deserves the support of international sporting bodies therefore we hope that common sense prevails. seek. after the setbacks for hopes the federation will keep to its what so he can concentrate fully
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on his sports. you're watching t.v. news here's a reminder of all top story european commission president also up on the line says the e.u. has begun legal action against the u.k. government of prime minister boris johnson o.b.l. ations off the break sits with polls group. that's it from me and the news team air berlin op ex jim sebastian's interview with paul garry as minister of labor a conflict zone tensions.
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conflicts you don't hear a lot about it in your feast days but for more than 2 months follow feria compounds financial corruption and see government demonstrations my guest this week from
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south korea to speak to us. such about finisterre and social policy why does she continue to struggle mistreating its most vulnerable people they should its human rights. conflicts. with horrible horrible horrible. early. hours of the morning. to be frozen of war and zuma. in the swollen swallow. in these loans her's
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knows. no food. no love no love for the wicked. doesn't her own real world gives me a burger. ugh can't sleep. couldn't sleep. the current form. when is the government going to get the message and resign we're getting a lot of different messages from the protests is your government afraid of the truth these seemingly being afraid of that look we understand that there are a lot of problems you don't hear a lot about it in europe these days but for more than 2 months fog area has been combust by anti corruption anti government demonstrations for 7 years in a row it's on the dubious distinction of being the most corrupt country in the e.u.
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my guest this week from south korea is there needs a softer of a minister of labor and social policy why does she continue to serve in a government that's mistreating its most vulnerable people in violation of its human rights of negations and why has it done so little to crack down on organized crime and the politicians who benefit from it. then it's a part of a welcome to the conflict zone we've seen more than 2 months of government protests sometimes violent when is the government going to get the message and resign we're getting a lot of different messages from the protests but we're also getting messages from those that are not on the protests. actually the protests started
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a month ago but they combine different messages some of the messages those messages that are for better judicial system or more justice and for fight against corruption is the messages that we hear and we do want to pursue in our politics whether from the opinion polls this is pretty clear 70 percent to distrust the government and the personal confidence rating of the prime minister has dropped to just 20 percent the lowest rate in years so the crowds are telling you they don't want you they don't want your new draft constitution they want immediate elections so why not give them to the crowd because there are not more than 6000 people on the streets and there are more than 1000000 people who have voted for this government and also the regular elections i just showed you what 6 months from today people don't want to wait for that they've seen enough corruption
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they've seen enough brutality on the streets now the violence has been condemned as widely excessive violence by the police including by your own president truman rather he accused your government of actually directing and triggering the violence didn't he at least on one occasion. i wouldn't agree with your strong words about violence because i can i can tell you that there are more than 80 people eastment that are actually now if those people and that kept the against them there's been a lot of violence on behalf of the public and what when we're talking about that all of the president it's really very interesting that actually it's the president that is the one that must be a king about unity and must be opening alak and that on the contrary is actually fueling the violence and he's giving spirit of hatred that's that's quite an accusation to level against your president but it's not shared by the council of europe in particular the. commissioner for human rights doña me out of it she
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talked about numerous reports of police violence against journalists covering the demonstrations several were reportedly beaten up and pepper sprayed when rock police clashed with demonstrators violence against journalist she said especially at the hands of state agents is contrary to state's duty to uphold press freedom and to protect the safety of journalists it's pretty sad when you have to be reminded of that isn't that it's pretty set but at the same moment you are a person that is your word for factual television and for factual journalism and i can tell you the fact i'm not actually supporting the strong statements as i told you all right now there were more than 80 police people that are in hospital and been out of that is serious violence there are also yellow also on the streets from the brought the sounds there were coffins that were being dealt and a number of other. access to it is that they have been we have been witnessing on
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the street so the council of america doesn't know what he's talking about and your own president doesn't know what he's talking about and you have a veto i. don't like to try minister so this is not into his head and isn't it you have a dead end here. it's not that then but the objective it is insist that we also see everything which is on the street not only what is what suits help recission well president rather has long accused your prime minister of corruption and links with organized crime he's called on him to resign the government government the current government he says is morally finished and it's of the utmost importance that it's formally finished as well he's right isn't it what kind of system is this where the prime minister is pictured asleep in his official residence a gun beside his bed and a draw in his bedside table stuffed full of 500 euro notes what kind of government is this what are your proofs that this this photograph that actually took what are
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the proofs of the president in this respect and is this what this stupidity of law just broadcast in picture is where the prime minister is not on one and the same picture with these. notes of hero and at the same time i think that if we if we're talking about democracy and if we're talking about superiority of law it's the court that must actually say whether it's true or not but we're coming to the courts in a minute but how helpful is it to the stability of bug area with the prime minister and the president at each other's throat both of them calling for the other one to resign the answer has to be that's not very good for the stability of your country is it. definitely this war between the institutions is not good for the stability but i want to again to to draw your attention to the facts and the facts are very clear 1st of all we have the country at the moment which has very low degrees of
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the g.d.p. due to the corporate crisis it's 8.2 in comparison with other countries when it's at double figures we also have we have the in top 5 the numbers of unemployment and i can also point to that the race of the g.d.p. in the last 5 years is nearly double this is not possible in a country which is that we and many corruption it's not possible to see such figures if everything is so rooted then corrupt if there's a human trying now the conversation well i'm not the only one saying that because you know both prague area and the government you serve in have become by words for corruption internationally corruption mafia capture democratic backsliding and a politically manipulated and almost dysfunctional justice system i wonder why you continue to serve in a government which is so mired in scandal. because this is the government which doubled the teacher's salary in the country this is the government which invested
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2500000000 in only in the education system this is the government which preserved almost 300000 just place in the court if that is this is the government which double the g.d.p. in the last in the last years and also is the government that boston increases the incomes of the people and i don't know like a mismatch about your how long the black and white you know your figures are extraordinary g.d.p. growth over the last 10 years has been around 50 percent in contrast to remain which joined on the same those you the european union has registered an increase of more than 200 percent can you explain that you have the lowest average salary in the you with less than $690.00 euro's a month less than bosnia montenegro which aren't even in the e.u. and the european council on foreign relations says it's a sign you've made very poor use of e.u. cohesion funds why is that mismanagement and corruption or is a both. this is this is not true because the ligament still in the country when we
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started in the country in the country was 250 levon now list expanded and then 11 and when we are talking about the influence of the e.u. france actually decrease of the sale is due to the investment of the eels nancies 8.2 percent for the period between $24020.00 points if it is also important that the g.d.p. has increased with 7.7 percent the european finance investment it is once again because i am a minister of lebanon social policy want to measure the level of unemployment which would mean that healthier and now is 7.2 percent and youth of the european union fancy investment is a lower i phone 6 percent minister last year the us state department said that while you laws provided penalties for corrupt officials the government did not implement that law effectively officials in all branches of government reportedly
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gauged in corrupt practices with impunity that means no consequences so the inescapable conclusion is that you allow this corruption because members of your government and criminals connected to it profiting by it day by day that's why the state department underlined multiple reports of government corruption and they included bribery conflict of interest elaborate embezzlement schemes procurement violations and influence trading this is full service corruption right across the spectrum of your government did you think the world would notice what was going on . i can tell you that in the last year or so the commission for fighting against corruption and confiscating of illegal aquatic property yes that dam the but it really mean the typical chance for all out of a 1000000000 lever and yes that means that more than $1000.00 different the checks and revisions of different officials on different levels including local and
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national government there were times when god government official not a single senior government official or major crime boss has been indicted on corruption charges wise that bet at the all court cases and then not finished yet but i can also point to that part of the felt this and i'm once again reminding but the protests after i'm beat by a person who is now trying to escape justice from bulgaria because the phone not bathe. in the country for more than 700000000 you know you keep telling me about what you've done on the subject of corruption but last year the center for the study of democracy in your own capital and sophia so the least 35 percent of public procurement contracts involve corrupt practices that's 35 percent more than a 3rd this is the kind of country that you've turned bug area into and you still think you should stay on in government transparency international regs your country as the most corrupt in the european union and has done for the last 7 years
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consecutively i don't recall then you don't but only that in this respect and the statistic which they have that they have announced that for example 58 percent of the respondents in the area say that in the everyday life they didn't met that option and that actually according to europe or with that our country yes with 3 percent lower production rate then in comparison to $1070.00 well i don't know which you're a barometer you're looking at but the one last year said that 80 percent according to it 80 percent. i think that there is widespread corruption 78 percent think that the only way to succeed in business is to have political connections these are statistics that would shame any developing nation around the world let alone a member of the european union exactly the same you don't permit the sense that 28 percent of the respondents say that they are actually seeing corruption in the everyday and 58 percent say that they have not been in our catch with that action
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in their latin ditty well i don't know if you're using i wonder if you actually listen to the views of the people out on the streets or are you just interested in digging around in your heels and hanging on to your government salaries to listen to what actually people are saying on the streets about you yes we do not and as i don't know on the street there is no one united view and that is no one united group of people and indeed nation may be a council of them plenty but me but there are different people with different motives there those the young people the people that are actually looking for better judicial system and that one more vigorous i think that absent those voices we hear and we want to respond to them you have to join us according to the u.s. state department you're not doing anything about it you're providing opportunities for full scale full spectrum corruption within the government itself i wouldn't agree with that and i don't know that they're talking about either well some of the
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what they're talking about the rest of the what he's talking about the e.u. doesn't know what he's talking about nobody seems to understand you very well do they let very honest of that country. once again and i'm telling you that in a country where the incomes that being increased where the employment rate is lower and let the g.d.p. is being increased you cannot eat about the pandemic corruption because these figures cannot be achieved if there is such important that's enormous and any corruption so you say minister why is so there's so little respect in your government for the free press which is after all the bedrock of any democratic state the council of europe commission dunja many out of age noted last year the continued deterioration of media freedom in bulgaria she cited nontransparent media ownership heris mint of journalists including the use of defamation suits against them why do you allow this to go on more than 60 percent of the media coverage in
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the area is critical against the government they wouldn't say that this is this is like a freedom of press freedom house reported that when a pro-government journalist and politician and milk look of was appointed last year to head bulger in national t.v. all the critical voices were silenced same with the nova broadcasting group new owners came in investigative journalists were fired you clearly have no interest in a press that holds your politicians to account to you. i wouldn't agree with this as well because in one of the most popular shows sound of getting national television distracted for example was one of the main leaders of the opposition and one of the main leaders of the protests and actually every single day that are all based on the book get a national television and people can speak express what they think about the government and what they think about the media you know get in yes but don't investigate them don't hold them to account for corruption early this year reporters without borders accuse your government of trying to intimidate
2:46 pm
journalists it said they've been subjected to a series of verbal attacks and threats by very senior officials since the beginning of february they talked about the prosecutor general the speaker of the national assembly why this constant intimidation is your government afraid of the truth do you do you see me being afraid of the truth we do understand that there are a lot of problems and that we need to do a lot in the fight about that option and they sound very little about it and they've done very little about it in the time that this party has been in power very little 1000 that it isn't 1000 provisional the 1st senior government officials you say that this is a little and how many sentences and how many sentences are many people have been sentenced nobody you think that in the final legit cry and also no major government official has been said they think that in the fight in the fight against corruption we don't receive. such warrants that we see now at the moment if in the fight
2:47 pm
against corruption is not only something that in this is that a thing of the government lets you you belittle and insult journalists during a press conference in sofia on february 4th your prime minister likened reporters especially female reporters to turkeys and then he grotesquely tried to mock them by making sounds imitating the way turkeys gobble is that how you respect the free press in your country. our prime minister just isn't specifics in his language and he didn't meant still be able to do any of the journalists any disrespect i don't think that this is a serious accusation about that about lack of freedom of press well this is your country is ranked 100 and 11th in the world press freedom in that's the lowest ranking of any you member country and way lower than countries like kenya and angola you're not ashamed that you score so low on these key indicators for democracy like free press and very much
2:48 pm
a story for the fact that the getting continues to be with the negative coverage in a lot of foreign media but i do believe that if we really object if we are going to see that light again as i mentioned to you before is not so black and white 60 percent of the average in the area is negative about the government every journalist at least 3 supposed to talk about the government banned the use of social media in the countries really enormous including the consumption of internet media and internet media is that even though it's all about the minister what's of particular concern is your human rights record in bulgaria and the impression that fundamentally go safeguards for citizens appeared to be missing at the end of 2017 the un committee against torture reported that the or thirty's often failed to inform arrested people of their rights in criminal proceedings that actively
2:49 pm
discouraged by manipulation threats and ill treatment from accessing those rights what's more in excess of 70 percent of detainees don't have access to a lawyer when those criminal trials begin and some don't even have a lawyer at any stage in those criminal proceedings to say any of that strike you as fair and what kind of state he running will you permit things like that to go on . ministry of justice in the area and also the other institutions that are supposed to be taught what about these problems they are working very hard on this as the minister of labor there's a minister of social policy i am in charge for people with disabilities people with mental get and also elderly people and for example in the public $1000.00 crisis. but yet a case many it still is that the life of most of the all of the people who have been now at the moment is not take us interest in centers or people with disability with people with dementia out of 60000 people who get in this and there's only for
2:50 pm
example 1054 where you are not on her own a thought my question was about the lack of legal representation for people in your justice system it's a pretty shocking what court 70 percent of detainees don't have access to a lawyer when those criminal trials begin i don't know about this figure us but i can tell you that this you don't you read the record at international report size your coming your latin exaggerated this either because that i'll ever get a lot of lawyers in the area that also is. this case is the committee against torture said the one in every 3 people detained in a police stations are subjected to abuse there which may be they say of such severity as to mount to torture a main clue beating handcuffing to immovable objects and the use of truncheons i thought all this stuff was supposed to end when the communists left it doesn't seem to have ended at all you seem to perpetuate this kind of treatment and i'm
2:51 pm
wondering war as i still think this is that it was actually exaggerated and it's not it was at its root you can also see that your it's all in your head is lying about you now the un doesn't know what they're talking about human rights council committee against torture they don't know what they're talking about they don't talk to people they don't do research they simply make all this up there and you do not believe the geopolitical interests sometimes when we're talking about the area and international image about the area the u.n. has no interest in making up stories about you. full stop and no interest whatsoever i'm sorry but you can always dull facts from certain cases and you can always say that this is the system but the system is not like this and i can tell you this as a person police already thought the 7 years in the yet you have ample that means 16 years old when the plumbing is spelled and i can tell you that there is tremendous improvement on 1998 until today well since you're in charge of
2:52 pm
social care and people with mental disabilities let me draw your attention to another report which came from the un committee against torture which is particularly shocking because it involves the excessive use of medication and chemical restraints on people on inmates and the forcible administering of intrusive and irreversible psychiatric treatment and therapies such as neuroleptic drugs without any attempt to gain consent from the people who are subjected to these treatment this is going on in your mental institution and frankly it's inhuman isn't it how do you permit that this report is particularly with this report i am not aware of it or its about it concerns free particular institutions these institutions will be closed and all the people in this institution will be displaced intell then yes then there is the close when will they be closed they will last until the end of this month we are working already on that and together with the prosecutor general we started that edition of all the institutions the
2:53 pm
mentalities of the temple people in if we see that either it's just like this all the other institutions will be well how do i know you know because there is no independent monitoring another fact brought up by the committee against torture you have no independent special monitoring mechanism for mental health institutions we are working very closely with the non-governmental organisations sense from the 1st of september we have established the mage's young quality of social services i would like to point out that due to. the europeans only that it isn't due to our politics at the moment about yet there are no institutions for children with mental disabilities and we're just at in the process of institutionalization where all the people with mental disability as well minister is pretty shocking you've been in the for 10 years and you still have these institutions which administer forcible forcibly administer intrusive and irreversible psychiatric treatment and therapies
2:54 pm
such as neuroleptic drugs another trick which the communist authorities used to do on people on dissidents and people who didn't agree with them this is been going on for 10 years and you tell me your only now getting round to doing something about it why why have you let this happen for so long we last 3 terms of you this prime minister and this party in power and nothing was done about it. when i asked her to to work in the midst of level a social policy was 25 years ago then we get more than 50000 children in institutions now we have no more than a 2500 children that are being i'm not talking about children i'm talking about every has and then look how long it took us to the process of the institution i was asian and to say today that we don't have any more institutions for children now is that the process for elderly people and for people with mental disabilities and i am confident that in between 5 to 7 years we are going to and this is between 5 and 7 years at the time of your country's accession you promised to respect and govern
2:55 pm
according to the values of the european union those included human dignity freedom democracy equality rule of law respect for human rights things that still do not pertain and are still not respected in your various institutions like prisons where people are being mistreated and like these mental institutions where you've acknowledged that the mistreatment is still continuing i wouldn't agree with you that we don't respect his values because i don't i don't see that this is a problem of the whole system yes that's the case in which we don't see these values respected and in this case this we act immediately and severely. all right their needs are thank you very much for being with us.
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