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tv   Die Demokratie der Leichtglaubigen  Deutsche Welle  October 2, 2020 4:15pm-5:00pm CEST

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months at least we saw a certain recovery even if this recovery was or is slowing down in the recent weeks and just this weeks we heard from so many companies from walt disney from the airlines that tens of thousands are people like getting laid off or being sent in for a loss all but the volatility that we see her present is a high risk patient. very well known to that age isn't very important predicts the 4 adverse events and the worst cause in 98 in disease so at the moment i don't know of any other who will beat it is the president as acquainted over the last years he seems to be ill will oppose a little bit overweight that is another risk factor but if it doesn't have any other serious pulmonary disease or any other serious heart disease or diabetes age
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will be an independent predictor or serious cause but not the only so we have to look very close at the next $2.00 to $6.00 days to see if the virus will spread into the law and will effect the long i think this is the most critical point at this time dr there speaking to us a little while ago while european leaders have been reacting to president trump's an announcement that he and his wife have contract with the coronavirus. well from the u.k. prime minister boris johnson has tweeted his best wishes to the president and the 1st lady he wished them a speedy recovery meanwhile polish president under a dude out also wished the pair well saying both poland and the u.s. that would win their fight against covert 19. plus the time prime minister just to pick on day also took to twitter to send his best wishes to the couple saying that they too that he too rather wished both of them
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a quick recovery and of course president trump's covert infection has also been a hot topic on day 2 of a summit of european leaders in brussels german chancellor americal started her video news conference by relating her best wishes to the u.s. leader. i thought there was a video coming to show with the chancellor is that reaction listen to brussels to brussels of borough chief xander naaman alexander are you there yes i'm here can you all right she and i can't see you but we're we're going to have you invision in just a moment i'm told alexander americal of we didn't have the footage but will will air it later on she has sent her best wishes to the couple what are some of the other reactions that you've been hearing there at the european council where the summit is taking place. well there is actually
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a long list of leaders reaching out to president trump and wishing him and the 1st lady a full and speedy recovery the german chancellor was one of them among the r vers we're told is from mr khan to dutch prime minister a looter austria chancellor accords also european council president michel said that he was sending his best wishes to the white house and he also said that covered 19 is a battle that we continue to battle every day no matters were he'll leave where we live and it was also very interesting interesting that he was asked during a press conference whether he would have any medical advice for president trump and to he denied to comment on that it question was a clear reference to president trump and he's way of talking about the pandemic of giving advice to people who got ill and we really have to say that we know
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that many european leaders have been very critical of president trump and his way of downplaying the pandemic but today no one wants to talk about that however i think it's fair to say that that is what's on people's minds now is under president trump is not the 1st world leader to contract to go over 19 british prime minister boards johnson who also initially downplayed the threat of corbett got very very sick any lessons that have been learned from that. well i think that the stakes are always very high when they had of government or state gets ill because people wants to and wants to know how bad is it what's going on or what consequences they are going to see and who is really in charge and in case of boris johnson's we really have to say that initially there was there was a lot of rumors and selfish will deny denials and then later admissions initially
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number 10 was saying that he's doing fine showing just mild symptoms then out of the blue he was in the hospital and the official had officials had to admit that he needs oxygen support so the nation was sent on them emotional rollercoaster so i think when we talk about lessons learned it seems that it's important to show transparency so that people know what's going on alexander phenomena reporting for you from brussels thank you when we have to speak now with some of the other stories making news around the world. german chancellor merkel is set to meet the exiled above russian opposition leader said taken a swell guy up in berlin next week while merkel has praised women protesting against belarus is after a tarion a leader alexander lukashenko germany does not recognize his claim to have won the recent election. australia is set to allow new zealanders in without
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having to quarantine for the 1st time since both nations closed their borders when the global health emergency broke out arrivals from new zealand will be allowed quarantine free entry into 2 australian states provided they haven't come from a covert 1000 hotspot. the world health organization is calling on italy is calling italy rather an example of best practice in dealing with the coronavirus watchdogs are praising booth government policies and the discipline being shown by citizens you'd have to say went on a lot to find out how a nation hit hard at the start of the pandemic is now coping a whole lot better. she lifts through the spanish flu the 2 world wars and now she's the wife called $940.00 money greenie is 108 years old during the 1st wave of the coronavirus and it's a leap she watched many friends in her nursing home die well dear girl. i've been
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through so many things in my life and i'm still here it looks as if jesus christ doesn't want me. care homes were hard hits in the early stages of the pandemic when milan was at the epicenter of the outbreak more than half of the 33000 lives lost to cope with 19 in its elite were here in the city and the surrounding number the region. vanda got to be a volunteer with the white cross provided emergency support during the most acute stage of the crisis she captured some impressions of the chaos on her phone relieved. vary from arctic experience like a tsunami something that in the moment drives changes completely everything so from that moment that we change our r.b.a. we are our approach to the life. people are legally obliged to wear masks
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in all crowded places from 6 pm to 6 am and many also keep theirs on during the day another reason infection rates are rising slowly is the long term effect of italy's harsh lockdown which kept people confined to their homes for months on end. professor maria retouches mando says there's no magic formula for other countries to follow italy is not perfect and it certainly can't go it alone i think it is an important. to think out today european that you have this same of prosecute all therapy the same. exchange experiences are the same acquired counting not just that they look at localize it as the batter just mato you know european the strategy to face a divider says the professor also has high hopes for
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a rep its testing scheme the government plans to roll out in schools that's good news for material and his sister. they started class only 2 weeks ago and don't want to go back to home schooling. us and i hope we can soon take off the mosques and get a bit closer to each other without having to keep our distance all the time. that isn't that it only stands. that. this cemetery is a bitter reminder of milan's collective trauma the 128 people laid to rest here were brought here from overcrowded hospitals and morgues relatives who may not have been able to claim bodies because of the tough current team restrictions or because they were sick themselves can move their loved ones from here to other parts of the symmetry within
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a period of 2 years for sensory reasons. marchin april 2020 changed the north of italy for ever so public support for ongoing restriction remains high many now fear the approaching winter. and one might you know of our top story this hour president dull trump has. been infected by the corona virus just a month before the u.s. election trump confirmed on twitter that both heat and 1st lady malani on any clothes feed have tested positive for the white house says the president is experiencing mild symptoms. you're watching the dover news coming up next indeed every news asia. for workers from across asia suffer from the exploitative practices of the palm oil industry and in the nisha and militia. plus online operators are making gambling and even a harder habit to break in china we meet one man struggling with his addiction.
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coal india. and in some pavement. oh for the dog to screw up and to go was a proper fix but they sure are going to go has since become a symbol of sustainability and success thanks to a project at the edge of the himalayas to. mean 60 minutes on d w. how does a virus spread. why do we panic and when will all this and. just 3 of the top accident cover and how we could read your book is called spectrum if you would like any information on the chrono large risk or any other science topic you should really check out our podcast you can get it wherever you get your podcasts
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you can also find us at d.f.w. dot com look for it slash science fiction. every 2 seconds the person is forced to flee their home. the consequences of the disastrous our documentary series displaced. world. to kill people. brought but. coming up to say thanks.
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just as well as. welcome to. glad you could join us it is a product that is controversial but also impossible to avoid is found in a round house of the goods sold in supermarkets around the globe and in most brands environmental activists have been campaigning to have it banned for years because its cultivation. has led to the destruction of the rain forest and also many
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wildlife species what is perceived less attention however other conditions of the millions of employed in the industry a new investigation by the associated press news agency has many subjected to horrific abuses in forced labor. it's a job that's both difficult and dangerous harvesting the heavy poem all fruit requires both strength and stamina. work is often have to tend more than 100 trees in large expanses of jungle such as here in indonesia in extreme heat and harsh conditions but for many such challenges seem small when compared to the other problems they face as employees at the international palm oil industry. the industry has been built on a back barn of human trafficking it's being built on a back barn of modern slavery and it's being built on the back barn of these
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companies being out of violate human rights norms left right and center with no consequence. nearly 130 workers from 24 companies and 8 different countries were interviewed by the a.p. for their investigation into the industry. the results were disturbing almost all said they had been mistreated some said they had been threatened sexually harassed and forced to work for nothing even deprived of their freedom. of their work i was working as a slave at the palm oil farm a good working without getting a salary i started in the morning i worked until evening. others were afraid to show their face on camera fearing reprisals like those of the guy has got my money each month but my employer threatened to throw me over with a car coming the brute hours while i'm on a number. pomona is found in
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a vast array of products sold by well known companies it's used in the manufacture of food cosmetics paints pesticides animal feet and pills among other things it's a global business with billions of dollars it's mainly funded by asian banks western institutions including the likes of deutsche bank j.p. morgan chase and the vanguard group also invested in the industry when asked to respond to the allegations of mistreatment most rita made to the support for human rights. but as the demand for palm oil surges so too do the risks. many of whom of vulnerable and have no other option. let's get more on this from deputy director of human rights watch has issued a vision for robertson who joins me now from bangkok fairly how can fall more companies get away with this well it's an excellent question but these
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are very rich influential companies they're connected very closely with the governments in the case of malaysia and indonesia and they are also exploiting some of the most vulnerable workers that you can imagine foreign workers who are coming in some cases from south asia or other places in southeast asia where. these people are you know facing real difficulties and are desperate to find paying jobs you spoke about connections with their governments in indonesia and malaysia does that mean that these governments don't have the put it to can will to actually improve conditions in the palm oil industry. well there they're saying that they want to because they're being threatened with sanctions we just had f.g.b. which is one of the largest palm oil exports are in malaysia barred from the u.s. market by the u.s. customs and border patrol agency because of forced labor on their plantations and
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that is a huge blow for malaysia it's a huge blow for the malaysian government because the malaysian government essentially is the majority's shareholder in that company so when you talk about some of these palm oil. companies and the plantations you're really talking about an industry that is connected at the highest levels in these countries and there's not a lot of interest in really sort of peaking behind the covers to see what sort of abuses are taking place expression when they're not happening in may cases to malaysians they're happening to foreigners and in a case of indonesia it's happening to poor indonesians so you know there's not a lot of political commitment to take on these issues and really a kind of have the systematic reforms that need to be done to end the abuses and speaking of the workers who are working on these or the plantations are they actually forced to walk do they have no other option because they have no other
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employment opportunities. well many of them come from a far you know and they don't know what they're necessarily getting themselves into you know any case in malaysia many of them are from burma or from bangladesh there they have no work there so they're promised jobs in malaysia and they end up paying huge brokerage fees often in their own country often under the table and they arrive in malaysia with thousands of dollars of debt to be worked off because they need to. earn money and send it back home and they have to work to survive and what they find is that they're not being paid what they're promised there are a lot of deductions their passports are seized they're in remote areas and these huge palm plantations where the local controller really has the power and can use violence to make people work and they have no other option they're trapped they're forced to labor it's a situation that we see all over these plantations and it's
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a very difficult one to get at because there is a community to abuse these workers really if i'm even there for the timing right thank you so much for joining us from robertson thank you can try next for the country is grappling with the growing problem of gambling addiction gambling is officially any good in the country is the only place where one can legally gamble but online gambling business is a supplement to good fishel checks to tap into the chinese market with watering results well it is a source just told us. well you know well. you know we saw 12 and how going to rid himself of his online gambling addiction to regain control of his life the vegetable wholesaler enrolled at this rehab center in shanghai his compulsion has cost him and his loved ones dearly. because the biggest impact of gambling is that my marriage broke down.
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and my family is in chaos. gambling debts forced him to sell his family's home his wife from whom he's stolen money has divorced him. no one feels at ease. and all are deeply hurt living a painful life and with tears on their faces he. gambling has been illegal in mainland china since the state's inception in 1949 but now online operators largely using servers in the philippines provide a wide array of gambling options aimed at chinese customers by one official estimate online bets totaling $145000000000.00 were made last year in china everything from baccarat to blackjack poker to mahjong and sports betting.
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people enroll at the center for a week of sessions with therapists and other addicts they discuss how gambling's fix to be a losing game they join in psychological treatment and devise strategies to keep their minds off their habit. and afterward writing summaries of their treatment with lessons learned. despite their divorce huang's ex-wife still supports him as he battles his demons. he's been depressive for a long time and people surrounding him are putting too much pressure on him so he doesn't have any outlet to release the pressure part of the his gambling addiction is not accidental it's inevitable if he weren't addicted to gambling he'd be addicted to something else. then the week is over time to face
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life on the outside but the couple has a plan will work toward clearing hong's debts in a year get remarried and make a fresh start together. in afghanistan any 18 year old teenager has made it her mission to climb mountains it's a sports not normally associated with women in the country who already face significant hurdles in their daily lives but that is of no consequence to far. fasten muscle timing is used to scaling new heights as 18 she's already climbed no shack peak afghanistan's highest mountain in some time he says it's one of the hardest climbs in the world she's the youngest woman ever to reach the mountain spectacular summit. when the one on its own with my mother goal is to show the world that afghan women are strong and can do the most challenging work that men do. that on women from foreign
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countries come here to conquer the high peaks of the mountains of afghanistan i thought why can't we afghan women also conquer these peaks. the hindu kush mountain range was a popular climbing destination in the past but nowadays the ongoing war in afghanistan makes doing sport here dangerous that's especially true for women with soltani well aware of the current political climate in the country. when i got into sports i knew that i would face some problems in the future. for example one of the issues is that the taliban may feel that supports for women up on the to raise the afghan flag i'm ready to face any challenges. without them. what's next for the afghan pioneer soltani is setting her sights even higher she's
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preparing for the world's highest peak mount everest. and that's it for today there's more on did up a dog gone forward slash asia leader now with images of what will be up against as she attempts to conquer everest we're back on monday or since you are about.
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combating the pandemic. where does research stand. what are scientists learning. background information and news. hour carona update. 19 special next on d w. every day counts for us and for our planet. ideas is on its way to bring you more conservation. to make 6 screens. how can we protect our tests. we can make a difference. blind to the environmental series of the 1000.
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fia anxiety and loneliness. and then corona came along. and for those with dementia is damaging. so is forgetting to follow the new rules to avoid getting or transmitting the virus. it's also a challenge and danger for can give is. there's more evidence showing a person with dementia in a care home is actually at higher risk of catching covert 19. the risk of severe symptoms rises steeply with age one in 10 deaths have been people over 60. so how do you go about isolating someone who for whom isolation is the worst thing possible and explain to them what the coronavirus is and how to respond when they keep forgetting we'll talk to a dimension nurse about that in a moment 1st this report on how families coping with the same situation in india.
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quarantine has been fun for. she has spent playing games attending online classes and coloring with her 9 year old granddaughter should be. and these activities have taken on an added bocas in managing these. living with the disease for 9 years has led to memory loss and limited her speech but engaging with her granddaughters serves as crucial cognitive therapy. should be has drawn up understanding her grandmother is different. when she was younger she was at times frustrated that she was the one looking after. instead of the other way around. now she talks excitedly about the fun games she dreams up for her grandmother making lemonade together giving her despite speech. her mother proudly calls her
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problem with these primary caregiver giving little commands and on demand. i still hear from real grandma i don't know that that's a liberal good i think she is fighting the disease and she is trying to get all of us that. dr will change trying again was during this down. but the surrounded by loving family has been one of the more fortunate patients. centers like this one called hope asha you were instrumental in providing patient care before the pandemic doctors say socialisation helps immensely in managing the disease. but now things look different group sessions are no longer held and all the caregivers wear protective gear and maintain social distance the change was confusing and isolating for residential patients. who.
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was sitting next to bear having you know giving them gum or. they were but let's what is this. and they were all really calling them come here come here while the residents adjust to their new circumstances the engine is also helping patients at home they have to look to schedule and activity kits with cognitive exercises which they then help the patient stacker through we do. gauge helps of what episodes of violence which can be aggravated by isolation. and become very aggressive in for not for 3 to 3 months or in the last 2 or. they were not even taken out into the park or even are playing and that their become very aggressive mark after following this routine that we gave them there's a lot of difference. this suit these have managed to keep any such episodes in
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check should be misses her friends at school but is enjoying the praise and affection she gets for looking after her grandmother. she certain the quietly enjoys the 2. she works with the family. how do you isolate suffers without. it's actually incredibly difficult to today read it because of course the person with dementia might not understand what you're asking them today on the rationale behind it or even understand the language that you're using some of the state life that we give to people is to think about how you explain the virus and explain more what's going on and you know rather than using less like one time a coworker really makes sense easing simpler was talking about things like
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flu like illness and trying to make it really straightforward people that. they understand that there's something out there that's tom fall in the does a risky to them and they need to stay isolated a. little but and then one of their the things i think is always really important when you're supposed to from a to mention is to think about engaging them in meaningful action. because then you can kind of destruction in a way from some of the way. when i was when i took my meaning for that said it is i mean to that is meaningful for the person themselves. maybe music that they like a food that they are equal to the table past hoping they may have hoped to comes in the past so you know you can talk about the reason we have today what you have today and i have to isolate because there is this. disease that's harmful to us but then try to create to save space with
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a cousin to engage in something that does meaningful and the right homo air in the cuts to the tiller of a neighboring what difference can relatives make by getting involved. relatives will make a huge difference from the majority of people to mention will be living in their own higher so they'll be cared for predominantly by the other and certainly in the . does result because as you know we've seen with. action in the concession kind of to play the ball in the business that might happen because of course covers a 2nd they're going to have themself at the national but families are having to in some cases takeover much most of the state having them then they may have. a levy less about that doesn't impact them corella time. in a room i kind of think but if you're living in your house if somebody would demand shock you might kind of decide to make how they bearable or possible or you don't get treated i kind of very different parts of the reading. you know i'm educated
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and like to watch a film living really simple right here in the kitchen dispersals a table take a walk in the garden you know seek undesigned different things and almost time title different things. throughout the day a 2nd person structure in place. what about when it comes to cast senses because some of the. being coronavirus incubators. of. suddenly and in the u.k. a little they kind of take centers and services of the prisoner they buy clothes played by sculpt and. something that hasn't happened yet people have a risk because they've not come to these places but there's there's always a risk with this because it's kind of a balance isn't a relation if you close the sun to prevent people from getting contaminated each other you know picking a virus is but actually by need you face an increased risk that people are socially
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isolated. and stimulation that they need to carry the families have got to break that they might desperately need to. them to kind of stock up on the right result and do what they need that there is is a risk with some of the kind of a catalyst has. yes there's a risk people like iron and cuts coverage but there's a massive risk and. they don't get. very very do they fail to be declining in their ability to get. on time. every time it will we'll have to leave it there sorry we're running out of time it was protested having you on the show thank you very much thank you for. and time to look at your questions about the corona virus he is our science guy there. are more confused than ever is the virus list didley than we once thought but more contagious. these are
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actually 2 separate questions on going to split them up on whether source code 2 is less deadly than we once thought i'd say yes remembering back to the early days of the outbreak i recall estimates saying covert 19 might kill up to 5 percent of the people who contract it dead or even more since then testing programs that ramped up and we're detecting many more asymptomatic or mild cases and we've also gotten a lot better at treating people who develop severe forms of the disease so although of course the overall death toll continues to rise as huge numbers of people who are now infected every day the percentage of those infections that end in death is actually much smaller than we once thought most experts now believe that if a 1000 people catch covert 19 it will kill somewhere between $5.10 of them which is
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still pretty deadly much more so than think currently circulating strains of flu. second question is it more or less contagious than we once thought well contagiousness unfortunately can't be pinned down with any real accuracy because it isn't a fixed quantity it's affected by by a range of factors not just involving what the virus does in our bodies but also what we do to try to prevent the virus from getting into our bodies and factors like social distancing or wearing masks rising herd immunity also affects the metrics we use to judge things like this but but in most places that still far from making much of a difference the most you can really say i think is that when trying to compare sars hooved to use transmissibility at the start of the pandemic what we've learned over time it might look like it goes up or down but exactly how much those changes
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are due to the viruses in 8 contagiousness and how much is due to other factors like pandemic response nobody i read could provide that answer. and a quick look at his data from over 200 countries shows new cases have doubled in 23 nations and increased in another 80 countries stayed at the same level ie 9 countries 72 nations have seen their new positive cope 1000 cases fall some want another 17 humming and 8 countries have reported no new cases for 4 weeks in a row here's the graph stacked up against the statistics of the last weeks the battle is won when that whole chart is blue is the way to go. and i'll see you next week on our coverage special.
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co india. it's a payment done. for the dog to screw up and because it was a problem of exploitation indigo has since become a symbol of sustainability and success times to a project at the edge of the himalayas. and 30 minutes on d w. belonging to an official estimates more than 1200000 venezuelans live in colombia legally and illegally. already at all why we're trying to pass while a. to visit friends i don't think i'd ever go back there to live you know what i
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live there again i don't know so i'm not sure. bearing witness global news that matters. made for mines. we know that this is a scary time for the coronavirus is changing the world changing lives so please take care of yourself keep your distance wash your hands if you can stay at how we deal with you here for you we are working tirelessly to keep you informed on all of our platforms we are all in this to get on together to make it to. stay safe everybody. stay safe stay safe please stay safe. this is some hope story a stubborn rice farmer from thailand. his problems past. his
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credo no chemical. industry. step. straight. a students are on the path to understanding. training successful. budget. starts october 16th g.w. . this is you know redos live from berlin a white house lawn down the corner virus reaches the door of the world's most
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powerful leader president ultron porn to use after testing positive for colbert 90 just a month before the u.s. election the white house says the president is showing mild symptoms the 1st lady and a close aide also infected german chancellor angela merkel among world leaders wishing them a speedy recovery.


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