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tv   Fokus Europa  Deutsche Welle  October 2, 2020 7:03pm-7:30pm CEST

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unprecedented questions to be washing correspondent stefan simmons is standing by in washington for you so we just heard the white house chief of staff saying president trump is doing well i mean has anyone been able to independently confirm that is there is he going to address the nation any time soon. short answer and no we don't know more than what mr meadows said what you just played for our viewers and that is already facing a hefty amount of criticism and morning about this and definitely the public the american public as well as the american press and probably also democrats and the political opposite of what the administration stands for right now wants more want more information i would expect and suppose this is going to happen at some point to hear from the doctors from. mr trump's doctor or the entire team of what is going on so there's definitely more information needed from the white house they have to up their game on the information giving information about the president's
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condition at 7 just 8 days ago his challenger vice president joe biden had an animated debate with the president there were concerns he could have possibly been exposed to covert 19. yeah of course there were concerns that biden's as they were as you said at the debate just on tuesday are infected but good news here that is just a tweet from joe biden the presidential candidate of the democrats and let me read this for you quotes joe biden i'm happy to report that jill and i have tested negative for cold it thank you everyone for your messages of concern i hope this serves as a reminder to wear a mask keep social distance and wash your hands they haven't the biden biden's are negative also negative tested kemal harris the vice presidential candidate of the biden or democratic campaign and that is of course something good for the biden's for the democratic campaign and for the efforts to bring in their bid for the
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presidency whole make should be in the next 4 weeks definitely a problem now for donald trump but also maybe a problem for the biden said because it terms covert diagnosis is the campaign i don't know if it's been suspended you tell me but how challenging will this development being for his challenger and joe biden. term campaign is not suspended as of now of course there's a few dates the president had to cancel not just in terms of campaigning for his reelection but also as as being the president now for biden this is also in the absolutely right for the democratic contender here it is a challenge to adjust to what is going to have was this going to happen here and as of now i can tell you this is not a one way street this is a 2 way street it's not just trump campaign the g.o.p. campaign republican pain has to adjust to this and they're in tears at the moment
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they really have this chaos and they need to figure out what to do and how to do this but the same is to some degree true for biden they have to find the right tone and the right approach how to deal with this how to deal with the situation that the president of the united states is now incurring tain has to go with 19 and you know there is something like tracing going on right now big time that means everybody who was in contact with the president has to be tested now and track down if there is another covert case somewhere so tricky situation for both campaigns definitely also for the biden campaign you know he's very very tricky situation very briefly if you can how is this staff i'm going to affect the day to day operations at the white house and how will the president be able to handle the duties of the office. good question we hear that he is fully capable of doing the day to day business and functioning as president of the united states that is of course a safeguard a process in place if that should change and that means that the vice president president vice president mike pence would step in if the president is not able to
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do to function as a president vice president biden vice president vice president pence tested negative so there would be precautions and a process in place for him to take over and do the day to day business of the presidency stephon seamless reporting for you from washington thank you. and german chancellor angela merkel has been meeting with fellow e.u. has of state in brussels she began a video news conference by sending her best wishes to the u.s. leader when adama tell me ladies and gentlemen we have just concluded very comprehensive discussions but before a brief you on that i'd like to take the opportunity to wish the u.s. resident donald trump and his wife melania all the best and their recovery from call that 19. but they can use a phone call between now and saying it is important to me to reiterate from this podium my wishes for their speedy recovery in these. chancellor angela merkel
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speaking in brussels summit and not surprisingly overshadowed by president trump's diagnosis but leaders also discussed growing tensions between greece and turkey over oil drilling in the mediterranean and they stopped short of taking action against grow but they did agree on a one major breakthrough imposing sanctions on prices had better worse or 40 members of the regime are being targeted but not hardline president alexander lukashenko. these are the people of the e.u. leaders may have had in mind when they're known as their break 3 brochures this industry just belarusan demonstrating against an election that many billy 1st rate does these are the fact that we were able to decide on these sanctions is an important signal because in my opinion is strengthened those who are working hard hold the freedom of speech the right to demonstrate and for transparency in bel-air
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ruse and. one of the smallest e.u. countries cyprus had a post sanctions against belarus because of a separate issue since all you member states have to agree when it comes to foreign policy sanctions were deadlocked so far cyprus said it would only agree if the e.u. also sanctions turkey because it's drilling for oil and gas in a part of the mediterranean sea that cyprus and greece consider the territory for now your leaders decided not to impose sanctions on cherokee but there seems to have convinced cyprus by issuing a warning if ankara continues to stick to sanctions are still on the table the greek prime minister is now hoping that long stalled political talks between greece and turkey can we soon love a. couple of push become a pm in greece is absolutely satisfied by the conclusions of the summit and we are looking forward to the resumption as soon as possible of the exploratory talks. to
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which both sides have committed to the view maybe i'm just not sure he's foreign ministry recheck to death threat of sanctions as unconstructive when it comes to turkey ear leaders fia further tensions could endanger the agreement a pact designed to curb illegal migration they have now agreed to reassess the situation by the end of the year at the latest. spain's government has ordered the capital madrid back into lockdown amid a surge in the number of corona virus infections where the country's health minister said thursday that new cases in the capital madrid region counted for almost 44 percent of new infections across the country in the previous 24 hours while the regional government had opposed initially the measures but now says it will comply and instead launch a legal challenge against the lockdown. this house and bustle
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could soon become a thing of the past as madrid prepares for its 2nd lockdown. of all this is bad and it's exasperating not knowing what's going to happen tomorrow but i understand that given how cases are increasing in madrid a lock down is the only solution so will have to do it. with the hospitals that capacity and infection rates by rolling out of control the spanish government had little choice but to act conservative regional leaders fiercely opposed plans to lock down the capitol after weeks of political infighting they finally agreed on thursday. for now that agreed measures are mild compared to those spain enforced throughout the entire country in spring this time madeleine hughes will not be restricted to their homes but will still be able to venture outside to go to school or work or to go shopping crossing municipal borders for non-essential reasons will
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not be allowed but bars and restaurants will be permitted to operate at 50 percent of their capacity though they will have to close early. some fear this could be too little too late. the measures that the spanish government have proposed are in my opinion insufficient because there are minimal but they could contribute to preventing the collapse that we had in march with. the economic consequences the coming lockdown could have on those are already in dire straits are also a concern if we have a new lockdown in madrid sales will drop by 30 or 40 percent but health comes 1st without health we cannot work with about it to me and the measures seem fine to me if we can continue canonic activity inside the city as long as we can keep that up so people don't lose their jobs and the crisis doesn't become worse than there. the coming weeks will show whether this frail political compromise will suffice to turn
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the tide of madrid's rising infections. cousins forced news now for you and in racing japanese manufacturer honda or bowls engine partner will be leaving formula one at the end of the 2021 season honda says it's moving towards greener solutions and away from internal combustion engines the decision means red bull and also alpha tower we will need to find a new engine supplier ahead of the 2022 season of the sport will then only have 3 to pick from oh no mercedes and ferrari. now how do you and fix cares keep. fit during the off season or prevent damage many had to travel abroad but in australia freestyle skiers are now able to hit the slopes year round thanks to a new water ramp where the flying kangaroos are me getting a splash and brisk wind as they practice the aerial jumps with wet suits instead of
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ski suits after they can reach speeds of up to 70 kilometers an hour faster. talk about making a splash all right a reminder now of the top story that we're tracking for you this hour the white house says u.s. president donald trump is suffering from mild symptoms of covert nineteen's both trump and 1st lady's malani i have to surprise it and quarantining at the white house the president's chief of staff says trump is staying good spirits. don't forget you can always get you to reuse on the go just don't come from google place or from the app store will give you access to all the latest news from around the world as well as push notifications for any breaking news if you're part of a news story you can also use that you have the app to send us your photos and videos of us. don't go anywhere stick with us so our coverage 900 fresh
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order to zoom up next and in the meantime don't forget you can always stay up to date by visiting us online and u.w. dot com for now thanks for your. combating the corona pandemic. where does research stand. and what are scientists learning. background information. our corona update. on the 19th special next on d w. the . innovation and education.
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act but this is one game we can't afford to lose the world food program and helping people help themselves my goal is. fear anxiety and loneliness and then corona came along. he added isolation for those with dementia is damaging. so is forgetting to follow the new rules to avoid getting or transmitting the virus. it's also a challenge and danger for can give is. there's more evidence showing a person with dementia in
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a care home is actually at higher risk of catching covert 19. the risk of severe symptoms rises steeply with age 9 in 10 deaths have been people over 60. so how do you go about isolating someone who for whom isolation is the worst thing possible and explain to them what the coronavirus is and how to respond. well talk to a dimension nurse about that in a moment 1st this report on how families coping with the same situation in india. quarantine has been fun for the sooty. she has spend playing games attending online classes and coloring with her 9 year old granddaughter should be. and these activities have taken on an added bocas in managing provide these are. living with the disease for 9 years has led to memory loss and limited her speech but engaging
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with her granddaughter serves as crucial called knew just how to be. should be has drawn up understanding her grandmother is different. when she was younger she was at times frustrated that she was the one looking after. instead of the other way around. now she talks excitedly about the fun games she dreams up for her grandmother making lemonade together giving her a spa expedience her mother proudly calls her problem with these primary caregiver giving all commands and on demand. i still hear from real grandma. so that's a liberating good i think she is riding the busies and she is trying to get hold of us that. dr will change kind of thing worth noting. down. but probably have it be surrounded by loving family has been one of the more fortunate patients. care centers like this one called hope asha you were
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instrumental in providing patient care before the pandemic doctors say socialization helps immensely in managing the disease. but now things look different group sessions are no longer held and all the caregivers wear protective gear and maintain social distance the change was confusing and isolating for residential patients. to the caregivers sitting next to bear having you know giving them come forward. we were let's just what is this. and they were already calling them come here come here while the residents adjust to their new circumstances the end is also helping patients at home they have to look to schedule and activity kits with cognitive exercises which they've then held to be true we do. keeping patients in gauge hopes
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of what episodes of violence which can be aggravated by isolation. and become very aggressive in for not for 3 to 3 months when the last 2 are down they were not even taken out into the bar or even are playing and that and they're becoming very aggressive mark after following this routine that will be in the gave them there's a lot of difference. this suit these have managed to keep any such episodes in check should be mrs her friends at school but is enjoying the praise and affection she gets for looking after her grandmother. she's certain the quitely enjoys it too. if. she works with the family. how do you isolate suffers without. it's
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actually incredibly difficult today really because because the person with dementia might not understand what you're asking them on the rationale behind a lawyer you can understand the language that you're using some of the life that we give to people is to think about how you explain the virus and explain more what's going on and you know rather than using less like one time a coworker has a really make sense easing i'm simple i was talking about things like flu like illness and trying to make a really strict code people that. they understand that there's something out there that's tom fall in the does a risky to them and they need to stay isolated a. little but and then one of their the things i think is who's really important when you're supposed to from a to mention to think about engaging them in meaningful action. because then you
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can kind of destruction in a way from some of the way. when i was when i took my meaning for that to the tears i mean to that is meaningful for the person themselves. maybe music that they like or think that they are equal to the tos of past hope is they may have helped comes in the past so you know you can talk about the reason we have today what you have today and i have to isolate because there is this. disease that's harmful to us but then try to create a safe place with a cousin to engage in something that does meaningful and the right home over in the capsule to wherever they may bring what difference can relatives make by it by getting involved. relatives will make a huge difference from the majority of people to mention will be living in their own high rise so they'll be cared for predominantly by the other and certainly in the. result because as you know we've seen with the chin in the concession kind of
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us by the bull in the visits that might happen because of course covers a 2nd icon of themself of the question. but probably it's a hard thing to in some cases takeover much most of the bites by carrying them then they may have. a leaderless about that does have an impact in the corella time. you might kind of think about if you're living in your house or somebody with dementia you might tend to decide to make how they bearable of possible or you don't get treated i was kind of very different parts of the reading. you know i think i took it like to watch a film and living with people right here in the kitchen dispersal cable take a walk in the garden you know seek undesigned different things and almost timetable different things. throughout the day a compass a structure in place. what about when it comes to cast senses because some of them have been coronavirus incubators. of. certainly in
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the in the u.k. a lot of they kind of day care centers and services of the business they buy clothes play baseball and. something that hasn't happened you know people haven't been a risk because they've not gone to these places but there's there's always a risk with this because it's kind of a balance isn't a relation if you close the sun to prevent people from getting contaminated in whichever you know picking a virus as but actually if i knew you face an increased risk that people are socially isolated and stimulation that they need to carry the families have got to break that they might desperately need to. build them. kind of. going through what they mean there is a risk with the kind of. yes there's a risk people might go to that country there's a massive risk. if they don't get in. there you know they fail to be declining in
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their ability to get. from the time. every time it will we'll have to leave it there sorry we're running out of time it was protests like having you on the show thank you very much thank you for. and time to look at your questions about the corona virus he is our science guy there. i'm more confused than ever is the virus listen diddly than i once thought but more contagious these are actually 2 separate questions on going to split them up on whether source code 2 is less deadly than we once thought i'd say yes remembering back to the early days of the outbreak i recall estimates saying covert 19 might kill up to 5 percent of the people who contract it dead or even more since then testing programs around dopping were detecting many more asymptomatic or mild cases
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and we've also gotten a lot better at treating people who develop severe forms of the disease so although of course the overall death toll continues to rise as huge numbers of people are now infected every day and the percentage of those infections that end in death is actually much smaller than we once thought most experts now believe that if a 1000 people catch cove at 19 it will kill somewhere between $5.10 of them which is still pretty deadly much more so than think currently circulating strains of flu . second question is it more or less contagious than we once thought well contagiousness unfortunately can't be pinned down with any real accuracy because it isn't a fixed quantity it's affected by by a range of factors not just involving what the virus does in our bodies but also what we do to try to prevent the virus from getting into our bodies and factors
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like social distancing or wearing masks rising herd immunity also affects the metrics we use to judge things like this but but in most places that still far from making much of a difference the most you can really say i think is that when trying to compare sars hooved to use transmissibility at the start of the pandemic what we've learned over time it might look like it goes up or down but exactly how much those changes are due to the viruses in 8 contagiousness and how much is due to other factors like pandemic response nobody i read could provide that answer. to a quick look at his data from over 200 countries shows new cases have doubled in 23 nations and increased in another 80 countries they've stayed at the same level ie 9 countries 72 nations have seen
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a new positive cope with 19 cases fall some want another 17 hobbling and 8 countries have reported no new cases for 4 weeks in a row here's the graph stacked up against the statistics of the last weeks the battle is won when that whole chart is blue is the way to go. and i'll see you next week on our special.
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and on demand. language courses. video and audio. talk. w. media center. describe this as it seems. to.
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me to take a closer. this is the double effect of that coming up on the part of rand it's back to school in zimbabwe but there's a variables missing from the equation some teachers haven't reported for duty they're on strike demanding it's a payoff lost in education official how they plan to brady learned just to writing sadness with teachers. the congolese man who's lived.


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