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tv   Maybrit Illner  Deutsche Welle  October 2, 2020 7:30pm-8:30pm CEST

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i. just want to say as it seems. to understand the world. we need to take a closer. experience not. i . this is either the new september coming up on the part of france it's back to school in zimbabwe but there's a variable missing from the equation some teachers haven't reported for duty they're on strike demanding it's a payoff lost in education official how they plan to radio learned it is to write exams with teachers. to teach. the congolese man who's literally taking off for
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a situation into his own hands. and i'm to see one day it's good to have your company off to 6 months chef schools all slowly opening up again in some way but not without controversy eating teaching unions have called on their members to strike they're angry that the government is refusing to raise salaries the standoff has left students worries about the impact on the exam results i'll be talking to an official in the education ministry after this report. a fresh start after 6 months school closure at the queen elizabeth school for girls in harare morning assembly takes place like normal these times are anything but there is disinfectant on arrival and students have their temperatures taken before they can open a book the classrooms are missing one thing the teachers they've gone on strike
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over wages and hygiene concerns teachers it was. getting in terms of fossil search it's it's actually an insult to be a teacher it's a guest with us in pursuing a government is one has to address the problems so that we don't have people who are coming under percent every day into school get their physical absent develops into the schools the strike has hampered their return to school this week some obvious phasing in slowly starting with students who are about to graduate or like this class those who are busy studying for upcoming exams. trying our best who would hide we need and doing all the things we can do these power on left to my straight and full was the house yet it's too much although some students have had virtual classes most have had nor to touring for
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months the teachers strike is a threat to their futures it is something that is ready. to start school after 6 months of open to school and this for me i see it as a disadvantage because some of the teachers will now be games coming for lessons i don't know why just through come to decisions you make sure that you are right some you should sue detains with regions the unions meanwhile insist that wages of around $40.00 to $50.00 per month are too low especially given the risks teachers taken returning to work for 2 years dollars is an insult. in the u.s. government is the. sure that we were. some educators are back in the classroom well not all well unions in government bought some young people who are left in the middle. we've invited zimbabwe's famine and secretary of the ministry of primary and secondary education secretary to me
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sometime in a joins me from harare welcome to news africa secretariat's have been at school children in zimbabwe lost about half a year of learning why are you insisting on children taking crucial exams when they have not completed the syllabus yes currently they have not completed which is why we are going back to face to face lessons. during the time when they were not having face to face let's listen to what is during the lockdown we have other strategies alternative strategies where we are helping our lives to continue working on their work on the. field the college more jewels that we have given to this remote. who also do it. and the state but do the provisions that you are referring to cover all children do they cover for example children with disabilities children who are hard
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of hearing children who cannot see do they have a poor who often don't have access to resources that they need for online learning . it is not easy to cover everybody only once so what to do is we get back to 1st afford to be an assessment of where are we to school and as we've discovered the gaps with plans were made for him to visual groups of children or even the individual to try and make sure that we can weave them so as we go back there would be a lot to offer the mediation and look of can chop a little for the need to strive to do is to compliment be face to face ok sides the groups you are talking about the most marginalized the years will look after you have another challenge secretary and that is teachers are not in the classrooms they say they simply can't afford to show up to work how are you going to complete
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the syllabus without the teachers. i was biased of the issues around to survive being resolved once they are dissolved retells come back and good teachers are very quickly to as soon as they come back we have no issue they will get their work and their children prepared i've been speaking to a member of the union and i know you're confident teachers will be returning but that's not the impression that i caught because of where the negotiations are they express that it's really difficult on the salary they earn to be able to afford to carry out their work another condition they are in their day raising is the issue of whether enough provisions have been made in terms of the pandemic secretary has your government made the necessary provisions for teachers who effectively become front line workers when they return to their jobs will they be terrorists will they be for a moment says p p what about the schools that don't have running water at. all the
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p.p. is who have been given we have played all public schools p p e's and we are continuing to give them the. both. of the. liquids so. disinfectant released all the basic according to the words to the who. was the guidelines for those who have been provided for we do screening fest the before we talk of testing so that's why we have the infrared thermometer and according to these procedures but we have been given in layers and with the ministry of health 1st thing is to screen and then if we've discovered that we have need for that treatment will be fair to me the help the health plan they make is the health should not be an education district but what is an education issue going back to the main issue is the fact that your teachers are getting paid an average
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of $38.00 per month education. education product do you expect teachers to return to their job on a salary of averaging $38.00 a month secretary that is the way government is talking to them and includes the the. giving them a top up is because they realize they're simply a government that the needs to be assisted in but they are all right that zimbabwe's economy and i mean what are you with that at all and that isn't obvious to me and secretary for the ministry of primary and secondary education talking to us from thank you secretary. you might call him africa's robin hood angelis activist. has embarked on a campaign to return planted artworks from europe back to africa now in some cases literally had kerry in the works from museums and broadcasting live as he. is
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exploits have got him into trouble with the horrors. of the most art heist take place in the dead of night. i had no intention of slipping out quietly the congolese activist for struggle to remove the african funeral pull. eventually the 19th century art work in hand he makes way for the exit. not the opposition of people where he's met by security. they're going to see that you get out of the city of atlanta my outside of paris court this week issued his defense. but get it that it will be ownership title papers if we're going to contest the ownership title because in order for there to be theft the has to be the notion of appropriation i want to appropriate things that what everyone's property can someone really show with certainty that at least belongs to the bromley museum.
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last month his protest against colonial era plundering of african artwork to come to the netherlands where he got his hands on a congolese funeral statue. this time museum staff stood by as he walked out the door. you know the police were nearby and he now faces a court case there too his lawyer says the ensigns go deeper than just say. you're here because there are works of art that were pillaged stolen raided during colonial wars and they're being found in french museums that's why we're here today . was the stance of shone a light on the debate over the true should. look and give us back our art the shout a recent commission agrees that work should be returned the process though not fast enough for these campaigners. on its stories and gone away a singer known as people to hear not only her music but also her message.
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has special for climate action it's a topic which motivates her to get out on the streets to sensitize people. of playmates change on the environment she says the climate is under serious threats and require protection from everyone. keeping green and is is just full of positive but when you cut it down it's leads to pollution of air that enters directly to the soil what we drink we use the air we breathe. air pollution everywhere so i believe if we keep green i mean we are safe. here is a. company just started to become an accountant back in syria. but to most. primarily to work on hand music career she grew up in a world. experiences influenced her lyrics and the arts
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to her craft and so the producer was 1st the founder for the maids has high hopes for me and have prospects in the african music industry. as a whole new breeze. where it's going to be like you know. it lists the female. big as big guys that men are in this country and she's at the forefront she will contribute to a lot of you know young girls coming up to help the town in a free. phone and. i need to inspire other young people especially women to take up music and use the influence to advocate for change and get communities. she already has a lot of prominence at school soon she's sure to grab the rest of the waltz
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attention to it. and that's a program he has small music. hi james you know it's not. just money. kwanzaa. stories that people of the world offer d.-w. on facebook and twitter us up to date and in touch follow us. with them how to be good go suckers when the highest high you know if i had known to them about i would be that small i never would have gone on the trip of you know i would not support myself and my parents so you know i'm trying to part of the
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feeling that they're going to get a flavor with. uncle because that one of the ability to give them i have serious problems on a personal level and i was unable to live there but much i'm going to. want to know their story in full migrants terrified reliable information for margaret's . welcome to m culture where we conclude our series on the 9096 round breaking decade here off to germany was reunited also coming up today with. a brand new movie about legendary german filmmaker ryan of an affair spent at cinemas this weekend. but 1st it's 30 years since
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germany was reunited and we conclude our series on the $990.00 s. a defining decade which changed. after the fall of the wall after the initial jubilation of reunification and the freedom that came with it for $30000000.00 east germans how did the aussies and vesey themselves reunite we've dug deep in the extensive d.w. archive to find out more. about. german reunification altered the lives of millions of east germans for ever freedom to travel western culture western goods they suddenly had access to it all because of that great and for the joy all the happiness of everyone that was a huge amount of energy that was released. in a public link was 9 years old when the berlin wall fell and lived in the east
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outside of berlin along with the joy she felt she also had a lot of questions. you know i was pretty confused when it all happened not because i didn't want it or i didn't even really understand it at 1st but because i saw confused people all around me you know everyone had to get used to the new situation including the children and suddenly everything familiar was gone including a political system that was restrictive but also provided for almost everything disillusionment soon set in the east german economy collapsed unemployment rose and entire regions became desolate young people in particular grew frustrated. because we were going to shop. as man of his big day was really hard for my generation to find its way what direction to go we are hot we had to learn everything about how things work in the west end of you. there were
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a lot of expectations and we couldn't fulfill them right away not because we didn't want to but because we were scared this guy just had a flu and got him on his voyage as an investment. but the end of east germany also made a lot of things possible in a poem the clink dreamed of becoming a singer she found a producer and in 1995 recorded her 1st song. only . in 1907 she launched her television career as a reporter at the edge of l.a. for the show polish blind date she brought together young people with opposing viewpoints i mean. this is my my you it's funny but if anything i didn't like take the federal money the feeling is because we have. enough 1st moved to berlin then to hamburg many of
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her east german contemporaries also left their hometowns and moved to mostly western germany not an easy step as 2 examples from our archive demonstrate. a car mechanic from saxony on hold found work near stock he tried and he drove back to his old home in his brand name or cd's. in the g.d.r. we need to go dancing you need also to the same table and we all understood each other's reason it's harder to make friends here and i'm lonely at times. for a marketing expert from southern germany moved to dresden for a management position and was surprised by her east german colleagues. to boncelles they were used to things like flexibility productivity and motivation promptness. but gradually these close encounters of an east west kind help to overcome prejudices and resulted in friendships. and traumatic relationships. i can't
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imagine that a millionaire could be happier than we are. in a polar klink was also able to take advantage of opportunities provided by german reunification some 3 decades later she presents her album sound in a brewery turned cultural center and a chic neighborhood of berlin this used to be east germany now it's hard to imagine it was once all in disrepair this is the it's simply part of the history that has shaped this country and we have to keep talking about it and we should keep celebrating it as part of our history because this country was divided and now that that's over i'm happy to meet lovely people no matter where they're from. the. former east former west for even a polyclinic that's irrelevant her life has been improved by reunification and for her the east west divide is firmly in the past but inside. this man is
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a. sad sad. is with me now. follows happy isn't she but the majority of east. well the german government's most recent reports on the progress of reunification indicated that 57 percent of. germans still feel they are 2nd class citizens much of this has to do with the resentment due to a continuing wage divide despite beast in germany having made major economic progress on the other hand over happiness is the pew research center survey shows that the proportion of eastern germans with the top happiness writing increased from 15 percent in 1991 to 59 percent in the most recent survey ok now on the cultural from some former east germans have done very well internationally indeed yes. first and foremost ramstein of course whose members all
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grew up in communist east germany patchi know that 3 members were in a band in east berlin in the eighty's but they reformed regrouped in the ninety's as ramstein and went on to conquer the world with provocative songs and incendiary live metal circus act the success even more extraordinary because they broke into the u.s. charts with songs in german yeah and what about in the art world i'm thinking of neo riot in the lights named after lights yeah like 6 there was a richard and they refer to artists from the formation german town in the times of communism but shortly thereafter after 1909 the new leipsic school took off this was people who studied in leipsic under the old east
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german masters and worked in styles that depended on this social realism of communism they shot to fame in particular as you said neo route whose paintings have sold for in excess of $1000000.00 and finally the the movies as well i'm thinking of bob stewart just outside that's right bubble's book has become a popular destination for global film productions over the last 20 years. steven spielberg's film bridge of spine is oscar winning production starring tom hanks is just one of numerous hollywood films made in germany with the studio as co-producer and the most ambitious german television series of all time patti la belle then made extensive use of studio metropolitan back last year in canada as always thank you very much for those insights have a group where you can you. we turn to
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a new film about the legendary german film director ryan of an a fast spend whose life was actually as exciting as his films he was incredibly prolific may have a 40 films to t.v. series and $26.00 there's a place in under 2 decades the candle at both ends famously using the quote i'll sleep when i'm dead which i fortunately happen to him from a lethal dose of drugs and 982 and he was just 37 years old. this new film aptly titled all fall to everybody comes i around europe. that makes him a lot this time not because they think and so forth and they get by the world the construction of a gold mine what i believe i. got . to say. is equal to the cost to me.
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so you feel as i got taj. hotel is that too expensive t.t.'s to. post this is the 1st shot. you. get so much that maybe even in a theater no one could expect gentle treatment from. spending he was always ruthlessly provocative with the aim of stirring things up i didn't. know that there . was. fraud all right sir but i was beat by far i was so awful to even though it is a fitting title for a film about the subversive often unpalatable suspend it shows the director as a nasty onset dictate how we shall take the game became i thought i was also going through not the biopics director perhaps exact. waiting
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a bit not at all fueled by alcohol drugs and a robust ego fassbinder himself often seemed like a monstrous stage character which is why his films his protagonist against theatre sets fast been the remain singular with no imitators or static successors. what remains is this great language faculty he had this great dramatic faculties that his film sound different from the people speak differently you have no. other promise embodies fassbender almost as if he were his twin brother a twin he's a bit afraid of. what i wanted to keep him away not let him in it all but also also recalls fassbender as manic creativity a cinema obsessed director made more than 40 films in just 12 years see what i believe is the shelf stuff and i'm going to do mention crime will be able to find a couple suspenders personal dreams also collapsed he longed for love and intimacy
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yet found them intolerable he gathered his clan of collaborators around him like a surrogate family he needed them he loved them and yet he's humiliated them and is given a good as a. good. as. is . the film is a fearless depiction of a driven man deformed by his own tremendous energy he was eventually devoured by it dying at the age of 37. captures the fascination fassbinder still exerts. a steady as she was minus the audition. finally the big music news this week was confirmation australia ac d.c. getting back together with over 200000000. i'm sold to date it's a real ac d.c.
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reunion with the return of singer brian johnson the bass is cliff williams and the drama filled rot is a taste of the new single shots in the dark. there's
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a long. grey crown cranes bring good fortune to the environment to. get in kenya their numbers are sinking dramatically. now volunteers are getting locals interested in protecting these majestic good luck charms. her for her. crime fighters are back africa's most successful radio drama series continues this season the stories focus on hate speech prevention and sustainable production . all of a sow's are available online and of course you can share and discuss on africa's facebook page and other social media. for. writers to know.
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every 2 seconds a person is forced to flee their homes nearly 71000000 people have been forcibly displaced the consequences of just stress we're documentary series displaced depicts dramatic humanitarian crises around the world you know. what a good thing we don't need and i didn't go to university to kill people. or to have my boss come to me and tell me to kill someone and he got mad if i don't they'll kill me. kiki feels for their lives and their future so they seek refuge abroad but what will become of crew stay behind and simply up a little my husband went to peru because of the crisis. that if he hadn't gone there we would have died of hunger going on down. the back to sleep starts
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october 16th. the but. this is a way to lose a life or ruin the white house lawn down the leader of the free world suffers for mild symptoms of 19 president donald trump and pour into an after testing positive for the corona virus just a month before the u.s. election the white house says it is a good spirit. that we have a president that is not always on the job will remain on the job and. i'm
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optimistic that you'll have a very quick and speedy recovery we'll get you the latest from our correspondent in washington. thanks for your company everyone where we begin in the u.s. with news that has sent shock waves around the world president donald trump in quarantine in the white house suffering from what his aides have described as mild symptoms of covert 90 and off the campaign trail just a month before the u.s. presidential election trump and 1st lady milan are tested positive shortly after one of his top aides was found to have been infected his democratic rival joe biden has tested negative despite sharing a platform with the president and a heated debate earlier in the week trump's chief of staff says he is in good
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spirits. for president trump it has been an extraordinary election campaign during an unpredictable year and that was before the president shocked the world by revealing he and his wife malani are the most powerful couple on earth had been infected by the corona virus he tweeted tonight the 1st lady and i tested positive for covert 19 we will begin our quarantine and recovery process immediately we will get through this together. the president does have mile symptoms as as we look to try to. make sure that not only his health and safety and welfare is good we continue to look at that for all of the american people he he continues to be not only in good spirits but very energetic. at the white house anxiety has been rising after the news that a trusted campaign aide was diagnosed with the virus. day. topix seen
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here in the brown coat often travels with the president trump and his in a circle are tested regularly and now the race is on to trace and test the people who might have come into contact with the president and the pool of potential people is huge with an election to win trump has been on the road addressing voters and he hasn't always want to face mask or followed guidelines on social distancing . here he is 2 days before the positive coronavirus test result at a campaign rally in minnesota. but for now in person campaigning is on hold. still. in the key state of florida an empty venue trump's event planned for friday night is canceled if donald trump
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hopes to make america great again he's going to have to be the coronavirus 1st. when the president's prosser diagnosis is raising so many president and questions do we washing correspondent stephanie simmons is standing by stefan we've been hearing that the president has now canceled his last public event what does this tell us. now that was the last event on his calendar as a president that was a conference call with seniors who might be impacted or or likely to be impacted by covert 19 by the coronavirus pandemic this call will now be in the hands of vice president penn so he will do this call so event still on but without the president what does it tell us that the president has to cancel this not only his in his presidential functions and role but also in his campaign the campaign just released a statement also saying all events are off now in person events there's nobody coming any more to any events happen in the campaign in the trump event than they
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will be virtual now this doesn't impact only the dust not only impact the president it extends to the entire family to the entire quare of people surrounding the president in this campaign that means. his wife of course trump jared cushion or. his sons and so on so this is totally off the books and this is a major disaster for the trump campaign of course because they're in chaos now and in turmoil and have to reinvent the wheel how are they going to do this that's a big and a good question i have not the answer for now just days ago his challenger vice president joe biden had a very acrimonious very animated debate with the president there were concerns that he could have possibly been exposed to covert 19. yeah absolutely right there were concerns thank goodness this doesn't seem to be the case the vice president
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biden and democratic presidential contender just tweeted a little while ago and let me read to you and the viewers what he said joe biden i am happy to report that jill and i have tested negative for covert thank you to everyone for your messages of concern i hope this serves as a reminder where mass keep social distance and wash your hands there the vice president and presidential contender joe biden trying to find the right tone you're saying i'm ok my wife's or k. my campaign is ok at least for now you know there will be testing going on now for days because this has to be just because you're negative today that doesn't mean you're negative tomorrow there's an incubation time and all the people all the people who have been in proximity to the president or to the 1st lady have to be repeatedly tested now but however the biden campaign trying to find the right tone we're good we're wishing the president all the best and
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a speedy recovery however here we go this is the little gutsy moment should have worn a mask washed your hands and doing social distancing and not what the president did over a month downplaying covert 19 and not having a care about wearing a mask or social distancing in those many many really see how in the last few weeks stefan seaman's reporting from washington thank you. jim and has i'm american has been meeting with fellow e.u. has that state in brussels she began a video news conference by sending her best wishes to the u.s. leader. man adama tell ladies and gentlemen we have just concluded very comprehensive discussions but before a brief you on that i'd like to take the opportunity to wish the usa resident donald trump and his wife melania all the best in their recovery from call that 19 a list of the nation but they can use include
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a call to the unseen it is important to me to reiterate from this podium my wishes for their speedy recovery in these a. german chancellor angela merkel speaking in brussels earlier today well not surprisingly the e.u. summit was overshadowed by president trump's diagnosis but leaders also discuss a growing tensions between greece and turkey over oil drilling in the mediterranean sea they stopped short of taking action against ankara but they did agree on one breakthrough imposing sanctions on crisis had belarus 40 members of the regime are being targeted but not hardline president alexander lukashenko. these are the people of the e.u. leaders may have had in mind when they're known as their break 3 protesters under street of belarusan demonstrating against an election that many beliefs were strict does these are the fact that we were able to decide on these sanctions is an
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important signal because in my opinion it's strengthen those who are working hard called the freedom of speech the right to demonstrate and for transparency in bel-air ruse and the laws i think that one of the smallest e.u. countries cyprus had opposed sanctions against belarus because of a separate issue since all you member states have to agree when it comes to foreign policy sanctions were deadlocked so far cyprus said it would only agree if the e.u. also sanctions turkey because it's drilling for oil and gas in a part of the mediterranean sea that cyprus and greece consider it their territory for now your leaders decided not to impose sanctions on cherokee but there seems to have convinced cyprus by issuing a warning if ankara continues to stick to sanctions are still on the table the greek prime minister is now hoping that long stalled political talks between greece and turkey can we soon to love are. going to be many grays as
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absolutely satisfied by the conclusions of the summit and we are looking forward to the resumption as soon as possible of the exploratory talks to which both sides have committed to the viewer maybe in the. chair his foreign ministry rechecked to the threat of sanctions as an constructive when it comes to turkey leaders fear further tensions could endanger the chokey agreement a pact designed to curb illegal migration they have now agreed to reassess the situation by the end of the year at the latest. the world health organization is calling italy an example of best practice in dealing with the coronavirus watchdogs are praising both government policies and the discipline shown by citizens today we just went to milan to find out how a nation hit hard at the start of the pandemic is now coping a whole lot better. she lifts through the spanish flu the 2 world wars and
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now she survived cope with $940.00 money greeny is 108 years old during the 1st wave of the coronavirus and it's a leap she watched many friends in her nursing home die well think of all. i've been through so many things in my life and i'm still here it looks as if jesus christ doesn't want me. care homes were hard hits in the early stages of the pandemic when milan was at the epicenter of the outbreak more than half of the 33000 lives lost to covered 19 in italy were here in the city and the surrounding lumber the region. vanda got to be a volunteer with the white cross provided emergency support during the most acute stage of the crisis she captured some impressions of the chaos on her phone relieved. vary from arctic experience like
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a tsunami something that in the moment drives change it completely everything so from that moment that we change our out of the air we are our approach to the life people are legally obliged to wear masks in all crowded places from 6 pm to 6 am and many also keep theirs on during the day another reason infection rates are rising slowly is the long term effect of italy's harsh lockdown which kept people confined to their homes for months on end. professor maria retouches mando says there's no magic formula for other countries to follow italy is not perfect and it certainly can't go it alone i think is an important. think is that to think out today european that you have the same
8:13 pm
a protocol all therapy the same. exchange experiences serve the same acquired counting not just that they look at localize it as the back to just motto you know european a strategy to face a divided society the professor also has high hopes for a rep its testing scheme the government plans to roll out in schools that's good news for material and his sister the tortie they started class only 2 weeks ago and don't want to go back to home schooling. us and i hope we can soon take off the mosques and get a bit closer to each other without having to keep our distance all the time. and so there is that isn't it on me to stand. this cemetery is a bitter reminder of my last collective trauma the 128 people laid to rest here were
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brought here from overcrowded hospitals and morgues relatives who may not have been able to claim bodies because of the tough quarantine restrictions or because they were sick themselves can move their loved ones from here to other parts of the symmetry within a period of 2 years for sensory reasons. marchin april 2020 changed the north of italy for ever so public support for ongoing restriction remains high many now fear the approaching winter. and a run in our top story this hour the white house says. u.s. president donald trump has suffered from mild symptoms of covert 19 both trump and 1st lady madonna have tested positive and are quarantining at the white house the president's chief of staff says trump is in good spirits. stick around my colleague want to go jones will be hearing in just a moment with business news headlines from africa in the meantime to forget you can
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stay up to date by visiting us online d.w. tech com that does it for me on the rock n roll and don't forget to wear your mask wash your hands keep distance and hope to see you. out of the they will not succeed in dividing us about not succeed in taking the people off the streets because we're tired of the stick trying to show. taking a stand global lose that matters. made for mines.
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every journey begins with the 1st step and every language the 1st word of the physical coaxing germinate. why not burn with telling her. to stuff its simple mind on your mobile and free. t.w. zingy learning course. german made easy. donald trump's positive coronavirus tests and investors running to safety. take a dive within moments of the u.s. president's tweet meanwhile stock markets around the world also registered a shock we go to new york for the latest also coming up kenya's safira com sets its sights beyond kenya as it hopes its payment platform will spur growth across east
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africa and as germany marks 30 years since really think patient we take a look at how an east german lens to make has prevailed despite the ongoing economic divisions between east and west. welcome to do business i want to go giants of berlin go to have you with us the pandemic has caught up with the leader of the free world donald trump on his wife melania have both tested positive for grown up iris they're both in quarantine now news comes just a month before november's u.s. presidential election and it's docked a selloff in european stocks before they regain some of their losses while the safe havens again and the dollar rose on the news also storing up the markets movements i was of the latest report on u.s. jobs growth and the ongoing on certainty about a new stimulus package to help the u.s. economy get through the coronavirus crisis so lots of talk about let's cross over to our financial markets correspondent in new york and markets reacted quite
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strongly to the news at 1st why is trump testing positive a topic for investors. the big question is what does it mean for the behavior of u.s. consumers that the 1st lady and the u.s. president and have been tested positive might it mean that people might travel less might go out dining less might even consider not going to shops as much as he has done in the recent past that if you look at the stock market especially those stocks or the hotel chains that the airlines and the cruise ship are being among the biggest losers and then clearly that test and the whole situation is so quite dramatic and adds to the overall uncertainty and uncertainty is always something that does not go over well with some stock markets for me personally it's surprising that we're not even dropping further as we do right now at the moment
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blue chips are down by not even one percent. this is interesting so obviously testing positive means that a lot of people are taking the buy was mysteriously now but how will this whole thing impact the possibility of a bipartisan deal on a much needed new stimulus package is it easier now or difficult. well maybe that might be the reason why we see this mild reaction on wall street that we did hear from and then see all c n n obviously q 10 her credit saying that who knows maybe the whole situation changes the dynamics when it comes to evolve the negotiations for a new aid package sure the democrats have put a plan on the table in the amount of $2.00 trillion dollars that will probably not to get the thumbs up. of the senate which is dominated by republicans but maybe negotiations continue and who knows so maybe the dynamics might change likely
8:20 pm
that is said stuff for me to tell but actually there could be one reasons why the markets recovered after dropping quite strongly when trading started to you on wall street because it is a dynamic situation will catch up with you later again thank you so much from new york. to africa now the east african mobile phone provider safari com wants to become a financial service provider for companies now this was announced by c.e.o. peter and they're in nairobi safari called miss one of the largest corporations in kenya and partly owned by britain's vodafone. the payment service in pay sound is a must in kenya anyone who wants to send money pay bills or shop with their so phone uses it the payment service was introduced in 2007 and now has 40000000 customers most of them in kenya it's the driving force behind mobile provider
8:21 pm
safari com. in march c.e.o. peter in daegu reported a profit of almost $1000000000.00 u.s. dollars in the past business year and now he wants to drive growth further. we want to move away from being telecom business into. technology company that would mean that we use technology to create change in other eco systems in the same way that we've done. in the financial services area what he means by other ecosystems can be seen on safari comes home page ditch a farm a mobile platform that gives farmers access to loans and insurance but also to agricultural markets and products. in daegu is planning something similar in the areas of health and education and he wants to expand. more globally we are looking at partnering with other us so that impacts our becomes the partner of choice for us and creating visa and pay pal
8:22 pm
we've signed many partnerships across the world. already has 15000000 customers in other african countries and plans to enter the ethiopian market soon. and for more let's bring in there herman singh c.e.o. of future advisory in johannesburg good to have you with us now you and your company i understand specialize in cutting edge technology supporting companies and startups in the process in your view is safari called the kind of business that would appeal to you. it's an excellent company i think it's a great 3 very high market share in kenya the challenge with safari well i think if they dominate their local market and they have little exposure outside of kenya however in piers that it's a world beater done very well in kenya and i think the challenge they have is outside of kin you're they have a lot of competitors empty and mobile money has 18000000 customers and there are
8:23 pm
orange money also has about $40000000.00 customers so it's very much a contested market right now right and it seems to be extremely attractive as well even the current pandemic restrictions aside obviously they will play a role but what's in store for the telecommunications sector in africa is now the time to invest. so the telecom sector i think has had to consolidate it's going through a massive causality asian face it's hugely capital intensive the challenge you have is is it's difficult to invest in 4 g. and 5 g. except for. areas and it's a huge continent so so rural customers are under serviced so you need more capital to give companies are spinning out assets trying to generate cash and all of them up of getting towards mobile financial services and trying to implement super super apps so i think you're going to find a fundamental transformation happening in telecoms in africa and these companies are all going to turn into digital lifestyle service providers rather than purely
8:24 pm
being in communication companies in the future of course if they all go for the same service then at some point they'll just be too many of them so they have to diversify which african markets you mentioned this is huge continent which one is the most promising to invest and. so i think they're full markets that are released that stand out for me the 1st is nigeria because you know one in every $41.00 in every 5 nigerians africans is a nigerian so it's a huge market you're talking about a population the size of brazil basically it's it's it's a it's got scale on its side it's a mature market in the sense that you've got a great penetration of telecom cell phone filtration is sitting at 78 percent the margins in the market tract of the average revenue per user is relatively high so if you go to start in nigeria egypt i think comes a very close 2nd and you know the 2 wild horses for me are basically ethiopian angola as you heard just now if you're about to issue a new license they privatized thing that the telco sector great time to enter and
8:25 pm
go to i think in the future it's anderson just it's huge it's got phenomenal wealth in the country and in the future going to be a great market to actually play it at home and saying see healthy to advice and we thank you so much for your advice and for your time thank you thank you. and now a brief look at some other business stories making news elitist have agreed to levy sanctions against government officials in belarus however the country's leader alex on the new question is not among them the around 40 officials will be subject to travel bans and have their assets frozen follows a violent crackdown on protesters following ogust election which the e.u. has described as rigged. tesla has cleared all the major hurdles needed to get approval for its new factory near berlin according to the regional state premier it follows nearly 2 weeks of public hearings environmentalists and some locust raised concerns about issues including deforestation water usage and noise pollution
8:26 pm
well this weekend germany is marking 30 years since east and west became one the fall of the berlin wall was the beginning of the end for many east german companies who couldn't compete with their western equivalents however some of the skills and expertise they had built up where simply too precious to loose optics were one of communist east germany's biggest exports but when germany were unified 30 years ago few thought the steep one card sized plant here in garo had much of a chance against tough western competition 3 optical engineers took a chance and bought the company shares to keep the optical traditional alive. the unit seem to be stacked against the 3 who had never run a business before and had little idea about the market economy. munford shoe box was one of them. whom interlocutors i know just as we had to be able
8:27 pm
to recoup the money we were spending has been. to name and as we also had to build relationships with banks on and develop other ties it's you to create a broad network is. to shuffle. the lack of relationships with banks in particular broke the backs of many startups in eastern germany they needed the banks money for investment but they had no experience dealing with banks at all . this is not an issue it's an irony of fate that just after the crisis these companies were not trusted as much as the old established ones that had existed for 3540 or 50 years. from an icicle to from it's a young woman in the top of their strong point was their technical knowledge their company known as p o g or perception optics giva was full of optics experts even so uncertainty about
8:28 pm
its future meant many sleepless nights for the founders but that was something they kept to themselves. your current position we couldn't tell the newly hired employees that we all tried to make it work they could have gone to work for other companies but we wanted to keep this team together and. the team step by the owners and out of 50 employees they soon grew to 180 the road to get there was an arduous one but in the end the company clearly made the cut. and that's a business update here in new delhi you have this hour for me and the tin and thanks for giving us company under seal in just a few hours ago. there's
8:29 pm
a. great crown cranes bring good fortune to the environment to my. good in kenya their numbers are sinking dramatically. now volunteers are getting locals interested in protecting these majestic good luck charms. for the
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last 60 odd dollars. what secrets lie behind. discover new adventures in 360 degree. to explore fascinating world heritage sites of the. world heritage 360 getting up now. the good. this is the santa coming up on the program it's. just fill in zimbabwe but there's a variable missing from the equation some teachers haven't reported for duty there on strike demanding it's a pay i lost an education official how they plan to raid he learned it is to write a sampras without speeches. and the congolese man.


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