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tv   Drahtseilakt in Dresden  Deutsche Welle  October 4, 2020 8:45am-9:31am CEST

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cation anthem authority of germans with ukraine. here beside me you can see a weigh in on berlin and he was born and became famous here the pedestrian traffic light meant in fact the east german 150 years ago the 1st east german traffic live man where instilled in west berlin and the old ones removed they were among the few things from the former east germany to live on in our everyday lives and nowadays you can see that on pedestrian trussing throughout the city. is a little choppy. as a pole this knows and always wears a hat the traffic lights from the former east germany known as the complementary. he's a bit of a cute childlike figure he's also a grown man with a hat who acts very responsibly when crossing the street as well as works for us
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day and night. i think it's the combination that makes him so popular the standing man is also something balanced and calm about it and a clear design which clears and other traffic like that. 30 years after reunification the i'm to mention is celebrated as an east german success story. the traffic light men were 1st introduced in east berlin in 1900. traffic psychologist carl piccolo wanted to design a pedestrian signal that caught people's attention. difficult to appeal to children and older people when using abstract pictograms. so i simply tried to translate their clarity into personified symbols. lifelike and likable in the 1st designs the figure even had fingers on a mouse and karl big losses wife helped when it came to the half. of the op the
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mention became recognizable symbols which in the 1980 s. were used to teach children about road safety on east german t.v. . and a friend who can help. after reunification in 1900. step by step the west german pictograms gradually began to replace the east german complementary. designer. had just moved to the newly rina 5 berlin and witnessed the i'm to mention being replaced. after reunification i spent a lot of time walking around the former east berlin i was actually standing here at this intersection when they were changing the lights over there. and i thought i'd ask the workers there if i could have the old glass lenses. good i'd be able to make something with them gradually i had the idea of turning them into lights. because i may have saved the opposition from extinction because lights caught people's attention in the former east people mourn the loss of their man. along
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with inventor called pick all the colors and successfully fought to keep the. 1970 author mentions were recognized in the road traffic regulations in 20051 of the 1st east german traffic like many west berlin was installed in the famous quarters for . 30 years after german reunification a little better more than just traffic suggests the southwest was on there's something special about them they don't get standardized they look as if there's something particular to the capital but if you give the very friendly and project a nice image of our city you don't have them in other cities. for good and it creates a nice atmosphere we've noticed the mood of the it brings bill culture and history to a place such an for guys tradition. the green walking man and the red standing band are now world famous and popular souvenirs for tourists.
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and internets and among our international customers it's the japanese who like the op mentioned most they love little figures among us the up and mention are a bit like that and they're crazy about that in japan the east german op ed mentioned are quite well known. traffic light minutes random massacres and speired other cities 2 years ago feedback and has some installed an elvis pedestrian light the american singer was one station 2 years a soldier. and karl marx's life now shines bright in his birthplace. some european cities now have traffic lights women. and same sex trafficked like couples. sometimes assuring there's a subtle way of spreading a message before no one really. traffic like that look like. just that they were green or red and resemble a man but no one paid any attention to the design of it now because the east german arpanet become so famous the awareness for traffic like men has changed worldwide
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on. most international pedestrians are still feature simplistic pictograms. but maybe other countries will eventually follow these men's lead. the sound of new united berlin was hot and electric in the air also saw the birth of techno the clubs emerged overnight in disused industrial halls and a bend and spaces such as the bull go where i'm standing now on the former border between east and west berlin today it is the museum of art collectors cabinet. but shortly after you need to see the former air raid shelter was the center of the techno scene d.j. and adrian from west berlin used to play here and experience firsthand how the city became a huge magnet for techno fans. now an alien is a techno i kind. of head of a record label born in west berlin german reunification was
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a defining moment in her life. for me reunification was like an explosion. i got to experience what i'd always longed full mavic of the wall was gone and i could communicate and live with the people on the other side. of your live crowd. really and has performed all over from new york to hong kong for close to 3 decades she's been a berlin techno ambassador. as a teenager she was into hip hop but in the early ninety's she discovered techno. i like techno because it reminded me of berlin of how the wall fell and i walked around hearing the noise of the streets for me the sound of the city i was taken to . after the wall fell rivers took over empty buildings near the former border in clubs like trends or young people from the east and west celebrated techno as the
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new sound of freedom trees were open in 1009 $101.00 and launched the careers of deejays like paul fein diet from the former east germany. ellen alien soon began spinning records here too and other top clubs being a d.j. wasn't enough so she hosted a radio show in berlin and founded a music label i was right down trying to delegate the work i have my graphic artist and my booking agency i have someone helping take care of my label i delegate stuff to friends and people i can rely on. to. today berlin is a cosmopolitan city but while it was divided alien found the atmosphere oppressive that changed when the wall fell in 1989 and germany reunified a year later. fast we had to hit him with not impressed me very much emotionally was finding out how different east and west berlin is where. you know
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and also to live through the phase where we became one. and. for years clubs like they are kind and watergate have cemented berlin's reputation as. techno capital but when the coronavirus pandemic struck last march the party was suddenly over. it was a nightmare for d.j.'s like alien who make their living travelling around the world and bringing people together to dance this summer she spent a lot of time traveling on berlin's waterways trying to process the new normal. it was awful it was absolutely horrible because i was ready to go on to a full tour. so it was a big shock i must admit that i cried a lot. of go by him. but instead of sinking into depression she took action in june she released her 9th studio album an hour and began streaming live d.j.
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sets like here from berlin t.v. tower. berlin's techno scene isn't giving up either it's returning to its improvised roots after german reunification and like then finding empty buildings the club reveres it almost has opened on the grounds of a former brewery covers wear masks and socially distance cameras are not permitted so when i had to look for the festival opening up a club in the corona era in 2020 is very brave of dahl that the owner here. it gives us a huge energy. and gives us something to show off to the world in berlin a club is opening up in 2020. 5 homes like this i think. and of course ellen illian is performing here as well.
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but you don't have to go to a club to experience something new and exciting in the in the streets of beirut ings of the city council life during the birthday lights festival famous line box like the brand new book the gates are based in colorful lights and this was a year mix program dedicated to german unity and with these fantastic pictures from berlin it is time for me to say goodbye and if you want to see mall and visit our social media channels our check out our website there you will also fight all the details on our current views drop until we meet again goodbye stay safe a thanks for watching.
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after 3 decades of a unified germany. hard . to question. the odds are still to. come down 30 minutes on d w. conspiracy at the saudi consulate. a body that
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will never be found plush connected to the highest levels of government why did journalist jamal khashoggi have to die. was threatened by his work 2 years later and the reasons are still unclear the case of jamal khashoggi. in 75 minutes on d w. and you hear me now yes yes we can hear you and i last year's german sauce and i want to bring your uncle our mascot and you've never had to have a form of surprise yourself with what is possible. who is magical really what moves that all somebody who talks to people who follows her along the way i admire us and
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critics alike how is the world's most powerful woman shaping how they could join us from eccles last stop. every 2 seconds person is forced to flee their home. the consequences into sas trysts our documentary series displaced depicts traumatic humanitarian crises from. forgetting we don't have time to think i didn't go to university to kill people. people feel for their mothers and their future so they seek refuge abroad but what will become of course to stay behind it's a. battle my husband went to peru because of the crisis i wanted if he hadn't gone there we would have died of hunger one of them. just finished starts october 16th.
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the be. this is news live from berlin u.s. president donald trump speaks from the hospital where he's being treated for covert 19. i came here wasn't feeling so well i feel much better now we're working hard to get me all the way that they have to be back but he says he still faces a critical next few days in his fight against the coronavirus we'll get the latest from our correspondent in washington also coming up. germany celebrates 30 years of reunification president frank loesser steinmeyer hail to the last 3 decades as
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a triumph of democracy over oppression but he warns against populism and extremism . i'm michael okwu thanks for joining us u.s. president donald trump has spoken out for the 1st time from the hospital where he's being treated for covert 19 he would least a video message on twitter adding that the coming days will be the real test of his fight against the krona virus earlier the president stopped or also said he was doing well but followup question shifted to focus on the timing of trump's infection and diagnosis the world doing his best to reassure the united states i came here was in feeling so well i feel much better now working hard all the way back and i have to be back. because we still have to make america great again we've
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. but we still have steps to go. back i think i'll be back soon. finishing up the campaign the way we started we are things happening that look like we're miracles but admitted the coming days will be crucial so i just want to tell you they're starting to feel good. i don't know over the next few days i guess that's the real test so will be seeing what happens over the next couple of days. earlier on saturday the president's medical team had also given in update explaining their decision to transfer him to a military hospital and reported yesterday consultation with this group i recommended we bring the president up to walter reed the precautionary measure measure. to provide state of the art monitoring and any care that he may need. just 72 hours into the diagnosis now the 1st week in
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a particular day 7 to 10 of the most critical in determining the likely course of this illness but that clarification caused confusion 72 hours into the diagnosis would mean he was confirmed infected on wednesday. trump only announced that he and the 1st lady had contracted covert 19 early on friday the president's doctor sean conley later issued a statement correcting himself. following an event at the white house rose garden last week a number of prominent republicans have also tested positive. including 2 senators from the judiciary committee who are due to consider trump's new nomination for the supreme court. vote trump is reportedly on the mend his chief of staff says the next 2 days will be critical in the president's fight against covert 19. joining us now is our correspondent in washington greetings carolina we just heard
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the president say he's doing well did he also defend his decision to continue containing without a mask. well in this video of the 2nd one he released from the hospital his 70 trying to kill the room or as we heard yesterday saying that his health condition was quite serious we don't know though if this is going to change anything on his position towards the measures to stop the infections in the states like wearing a mask or keeping keeping a social distance we have to consider that the mask has almost become a political symbol in this country trump has treaties ice the mask and even made fun of joe biden for example during the presidential debate because he always wears a mask is he now going to change that position openly perhaps after having been hospitalized for several days due to his 1000 infection so we don't know
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as you know more people in the president's inner circle have tested positive in recent days how certain are we that that rose garden event was in fact a super spreader moment within the president's team. this is not being called here that ceremony last week in the white house was the place where several people got infected but we do know that at least 6 people including 2 public and senators with 10 at that event. are being tested have been tested positive for it and 19 so it is highly likely that this might have been the event where they contracted the infection also we have seen in the images that we got that they are not wearing a mask and they are not keeping social distancing so this could be the spreader event yes how are these infections affecting the trump campaign team
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a month now from the presidential election. the impact on the campaign is huge specially for republicans to cancel his campaign events for this week and in the video he published he says he thinks he is coming back very soon and that he wants to continue with his campaign to make america great again as for now he has stopped the campaign and all the events by this campaign by the way said the kind of a joe biden will get tested more frequently and will now continue in person campaign his results of the tests are going to be disclosed every day. carolyn a few more in washington force thank you so much carolina. since donald trump announced his diagnosis on twitter late on thursday misinformation has been
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spreading on social media about the president some are even questioning if trump is actually ill who can we trust when it comes to the president's health reporter. joins me now to talk more about this where do we begin to lay i mean to tell us about the theories that are spreading on line you know 1st of all there is of course no evidence that trump was lying about his diagnosis is now being treated in hospital for covert 19 and as with any conspiracy theory it would have taken a lot of people to be in on it if it were if if their theories with what truth it is fair to question a statement that comes from donald trump washington post at their latest how they said he had made 20000 false or misleading claims in 122-0000. might get to $25.00 by the end of by the end of october. and so when this news broke on wednesday social media really exploded with with theories on both extremes
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of the political spectrum to be honest on the on the left you have the documentary filmmaker michael moore for example he suggests that trump was faking this to somehow has postponed the election this was saying that he was faking it to get out of more doing more television debates of the chaotic debate earlier in the week obvious again said it was a distraction from his tax scandal on the far right conspiracy theorists there suggest that this was part of his grand plan to take down the washington elite somehow the details of that are a bit murky we're not going to get into those details but there are plenty of theories so given the on line theories that are written raising up all over the place and the fact that throughout history administrations have been shall we say careful about disclosing all medical details about the president can we. i believe the information that's coming out of the white house well yes and no take the statement yesterday from his chief from his personal physician he did not on
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the question about oxygen and whether the president at any time had been on oxygen he didn't oncet those questions clearly the white house the white house has also not been forthcoming when it comes to the timeline you know that hope picks the aide who 1st had symptoms she had symptoms for 24 hours before the news broke and when the news of her positive test broke that did not come from the white house that came from bloomberg news we also know that the president went to a fundraising event in new jersey off he knew that hope pics had tested positive and as you said in the past this white house especially has not been very forthcoming when it comes to the disclosing medical records there was a incidents a few years back of a letter written by a chump's forma personal physician saying that he was that good health turned out that had been dictated by trump himself and there was also an unplanned hospital
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visit to the same hospital in november last year to which we still have no explanation was it so important that we get accurate information. the health of the u.s. president is very important it's the biggest his the leader of the biggest economy in the world the markets were rattled this this week when news of his coded broke if he is incapacitated say if he isn't oxygen if he is on a respirator that's a matter of national security especially if you imagine how some decision making process is happening in this white house sometimes the president will make decisions and his people below him might not even know about them so you you could see a breakdown of communication. it's also of course an issue for people's health it was a. this week saying that donald trump himself was the biggest the biggest source of misinformation about the corona virus in the us and
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a lot of people gets most if not all of the news from social media so we're dealing really here with differing realities differing versions of the story the physician yesterday said his. condition was improving the chief of staff said that his condition was very concerning and the president himself said we would see the severity of the illness in the next few days so who do you believe well whoever you believe i have a feeling that this discussion will continue long after donald trump gets out of the hospital. thank you so much for that let's turn now to some of the other stories making news around the world at this hour hundreds of demonstrators have taken to the streets of chile's capital santiago to protest against inequality and police brutality the demonstration was called in response to a video which appeared to show a police officer pushing
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a young demonstrator off a bridge during clashes on friday. a long awaited flood defenses jim has successfully protected venice from floodwaters for the 1st time raised walkways erected in low lying areas of the city as a precaution proved to be unnecessary the barrier system cost billions of euros in was delayed by corruption. well germany has been marking 30 years of national reunification the previously divided east and west were officially brought back together 3 decades ago german president. spoke at a commemoration in potsdam near berlin. a lay on market day out celebrating 30 years since of divided germany became one again the film studios in potsdam just outside berlin provided the stage for the official ceremony a toned down event due to the coronavirus pandemic only 230 guests were present
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about one 5th of the audience originally planned plans for a big street party had to be abandoned. in his keynote speech german president. said the pandemic couldn't blunt the country's pride in the achievement of reunification he paid tribute to the peaceful revolution in communist east germany that brought down the berlin wall in november 1989. and 2020 the german federal republic is a country that has been molded by east germans and west germans well rooted family in migrants it is a country that draws hope from the victory of the ideas of 989. many were the lessons learned from germany's the vision and reunification steinmeier said including the country's strong belief in international cooperation
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and approach now often being called into question around the world. we germans are committed to international cooperation even though it has become harder especially since it has become harder right. we want to stand up for a strong and fair international order together with our partners in europe ladies and gentlemen dear guests this too is a lesson in mission we've inherited from our history. a day of remembrance but also of celebration accompanied by performances appealing to the musical tastes of all age groups including the almost 13000000 germans who are 30 years old or younger who never experienced a divided germany. a country now united but were economic and sometimes cultural differences still exist recent polls show 2 thirds of germans don't think the process of reunification is complete a task that will be up to younger generations to accomplish in the years to come
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you're watching news from berlin up next world stories goes to nigeria to find out how former terrorists are being offered a way back into civilian life don't forget you can get all the latest news and information around the clock on our web site that's d w dot com i'm michael okuda don't go away there's more news in 45 minutes. where i come from we have to fight for a free press and was born and raised in a new time with the painter ship with just one to his shadow and a few in his face 1st with official information as a journalist i had worked off the streets of many can trust and that for all those are all was the same for doing the social inequality a lack of the freedom of the press and corruption work on the floor to stay silent when it comes to the sense of the human sense you know my little souls who have
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decided to put their trust in us. my name is johnny carson and i work a day w. . this week on world stories. reintegrating x. militants in nigeria. election campaigns on reservations in the u.s. . but we begin in belarus despite the risk of being jailed the opposition continues to demonstrate against authoritarian leader alexander lukashenko prominent among the protesters are women. and women's march have barely begun when the police
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started making their 1st arrests over the past weeks bellerose has ramped up its crackdown on protesters but despite all these women come back each saturday to make sure their voices heard. everything was quiet then suddenly those henchmen showed up and dragged these young women into their daughter's what did they ever do to that we're not scared for our own safety we're worried about our children and grandchildren we want them to. in a normal country without. you i knew someone would set them on a little. island sophia are outraged and try reasoning with the police. this time they can't get any of the women released. more but alice says she and her friend sophia both retired school teachers do command a certain respect with the officers. the 2 women 1st met at a protest against look at. the authoritarian has been bringing the country more and
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more about the recipients were expressing solidarity with these courageous women their bravery has aspired others to overcome their fears and join the opposition. and women are leading the charge against local shrink i. was. asked. was was was it was was it was. as what they affectionately call the opposition figurehead. she resisted forced deportation by tearing up her passport and was then detained by authorities. opposition leaders are now either behind bars or in exile. tells us that luka has been clinging to power with all his might ever since the rigged election. more and more bella receipts are openly defying look at schenkel and his regime to them
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he's a fraud. and you know what he was we were so he 1000000 by that whole thing with this secret inauguration they don't seem to feel the need to prove anything to the people anymore. is now taking the threat these women pose more seriously arrests were meant to be a deterrent but they're having the opposite effect. allan sophia tell us that they'll be out on the streets of minsk flying the flag of the opposition as long as their legs will carry them even if it's just the 2 of them. with. the nigerian government supports the reintegration of former militants for the terrorist group boko haram. some of their victims however aren't happy with the situation. what come to my degree this sign existed long before the city gates negative notoriety for being
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the birthplace of boko haram in the past my degree was known as a major trading up a decade into the hardest insurgency more than 2000000 people have been displaced some of them find refuge in this camp like. he learns how to repair shoes during the 2 years he was with boko haram he learned something else. they wanted us to be part of their insurgency and become people who are willing to attack and kill. we went through a training to be able to kill and kill. the 45 year old claims boko haram considered him to alter to be a mood iraq yet in the camp he still stigmatized he says he was forced to join the group. that is that when we came to the camp a lot of people accused us of so many things but that doesn't bother us. we just
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want to live in peace. if you did it. with we here refers to a dozen others who now live in the camp is becoming a hairdresser and claims he repents his actions. those people live killed whenever i think about it i have sleepless nights may allah forgive me i want to get married go to school i want to be a very good person. i will do and i are both born every government funded training program to help reintegrate militants that sounds like mockery to the victims here who fled their homes lost their relatives and face an uncertain future. she did it to 9 you know to 90 i don't know how my life and that of my children will look. what i design it's better to train our children than them so many people here agree on this if they trained our children it would
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have more impact or angry. victims and former militants living side by side preparing to gather for a entrance into society wants to respond that's the goal but outside of the camp life is anything but stable. in the wake of new attacks it is difficult to convince people here to reintegrate forming sujan. suggest how fair is it to rehabilitate these people without doing the same for their victims for. the answer seems simple . it is absolutely unfair. to get them it also encourages god to have joined the insurgency towards i tempted because they are given my attention that they're real victims he says rehabilitation while violence is still ongoing it's counterproductive but as other
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observers put it amnesty to acts militants though a bitter pill to swallow may be the only way to achieve peace once the war on terror is over. almost $5000000.00 native americans in the u.s. are voting age but only a fraction exercise that right now activists are canvassing on reservations for each and every vote. this is the heart of the south dakota badlands we're approaching the border of pine ridge reservation home to around 18000 members of the oglala lakota tribe. we drive for nearly an hour across prairie land before reaching a town we want to know why people living here are less likely to vote than other and there. they feel like it's not a voice will be heard to. give it to you scared to be around
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a lot of people. a lot of people we live in 3rd world conditions majority of our people don't even own vehicles so how are they supposed to get to a polling place when they live 10 miles in a country off the reservation in rapid city we meet with chante heart and tell him returns from scout they're organizing voter registration booths on multiple reservations in south dakota they want to show fellow native people that all they need is a social security number to cast their ballot even though that's not clear on the registration for you then. we make decision 7 generations ahead of time and so i'm thinking about my great grandchildren and hald life is going to be for them and right now i think the best thing we can do is. just how i was raised their project is funded by a democratic party donor and while callan and shante aren't campaigning for the
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party they're sure most lakota voters are against donald trump. he stoking the flames of racism all the things that i think we work so hard to build relationships across all walks of life and he's reversed that the state is soaked in the history of stolen land broken contracts and withheld payments to say nothing of those who paid with their lives. at the crazy horse memorial museum chante performs a traditional dance making an effort to connect with visitors. despite generations of betrayal she hasn't given up on dialogue. on december 31st the press a transition period what happened. at brown market in south london many small business owners are feeling anxious about the future. whether shops
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at barrow market in south london is looking for the best quality tasty treats from across europe 2. dominic caught sell scouted cheese from the netherlands dairy cooperatives in france deliver conti and mopey in the summer this fetid cheese from the greek island of lesbos but briggs' it poses a threat to its little sheens paradise. the massive world the i me and has been very since the referendum and already we're on our 3rd stockpiling plan here. to make sure we've got enough stock at the prices that we're currently paying and we don't have to incur any higher prices that might be introduced by high tariffs. court shows us his story and he's worried that the already pricey cheese he sells will be slapped with high tariffs that's assuming it can even be
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delivered undamaged with new board objects goods could be held up for days. the transporter just 6 is going to be that much more complicated it's going to be expensive does it could be extra paperwork involved. and i can only imagine it's not going to be as free flowing as it is currently few experts warn that the supply chains of fresh products could be disrupted britain imports roughly 80 percent of its fruit alone much and also have another worry if there is no trade deal with brussels the u.s. might fill the gap food products could even become cheaper but what about quality american health and environmental standards are lower for example when it comes to meet. i think the real worry is that if we get these influx of much cheaper food being imported that actually supermarkets will opt to stop say chain restaurants they have to start phase and so are traders here who only supply the best fish
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a fair price means that the disparity between consumers off it is going to be much wider than it already is she's much and on many court has had lots of discussions about bret's it including with max tucker the fishmonger all believe england will always be. always call me old fashioned the shiny out because we won world war z. is joining little island you know they use other countries that you would pass over in your coat is preparing himself in his own way a friend of his mixed up at a pinch maybe he'll end up selling this kind of cheese.
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what does home mean after 3 decades of a unified germany. 5 are the. answers to the question. marks. on d w. conspiracy the saudi consulate. a body that will never be found a plot connected to the highest levels of government why did journalist jamal khashoggi have to die. threatened finest work 2 years later and the reasons are still unclear the case of jamal khashoggi. in 45 minutes on d w. what secrets lie behind these walls. discover
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new adventures in 360 degree. and explore fascinating world heritage sites. p.w. world heritage 360 getting up now. i might is is landscape it's also an inner landscape do not trust that feeling the same which is contained in the idea of home. can be something quite wonderful it can be custom dialect idiosyncrasies.


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