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tv   Glaubenssachen  Deutsche Welle  October 4, 2020 7:03pm-7:31pm CEST

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i recommended the president we try some supplemental oxygen see how he'd respond he was fairly adamant that he didn't need it he was not short of breath he was tired had the fever and that was about it and after about a minute on only 2 leaders he said ration levels are back over 40 over 95 percent. stayed on that for a belt an hour maybe it was off and gone later that day by the time the team here was at the bedside president had been up out of bed moving about the residence with only mild symptoms despite this they want to grieve the best course of action was to move to walter reed for a more thorough evaluation monitoring. well for more i'm joined in the studio by stacey bivins from our u.s. election team hello to stacey so we just heard there from presidents trumps personal doctor 1st that his oxygen levels have dipped twice and that he's being given steroids which we know is normally used on severely ill patients and yet he
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also said that the president might be released from the hospitals early as tomorrow i mean do these things add up well i think that the doctor is there's 2 things happening here i think that the medical team wants to do as much as they can to help the president recover quickly and then another thing is that is this just more of the same where we get conflicting information along with incomplete information we know that at the president had a high fever on friday we don't know how high that if you are was we don't know anything about his lungs because this is a this is this test to do with the lungs we have no idea what his x. rays were and we have no idea if he's suffering from pneumonia or not so there are a lot of things that are still on answered but interestingly enough the doctor took time to comment on his sidestepping the supplement of oxygen and he said that he was just trying to project a positive image but that's not really his job he's a member of the medical team not of the p.r.
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team so that's highly an orthodox and a little bit unprofessional yeah he was very much trying to you know come across as very upbeat about president trump's condition now c.c. we also know of course that trump has been criticized a lot for not taking coronavirus seriously he's also been very resistant about wearing a mask and downplaying the importance of social distancing is his illness likely to change his attitude i mean so many people in america follow trump's example and rejecting masks do you think that'll change also among americans now the trump himself the sick well we have no indication that trump is willing to change his tune when it comes. to mask and social distancing and projecting how dangerous it can be and you're right there's tons of people who follow his example he had the opportunity to reach out to them and to reach out to the millions of people in the united states who are infected by this and to show the humanity and say i'm
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suffering from this this is what we need to do to protect ourselves this is what we need to do to protect our families now that came from him as a matter of fact the white house is not mandating a mask even now so there's just there's a disconnect between the reality of what's happening and what they wish were happening. and what about trump's opponent joe biden i mean what does that this situation now where does that leave him ok while he's still on the campaign trail he still healthy he's following the c.d.c. guidelines and he's been talking about what the importance of math and what this would be what it would be like if he were president here's what i'll do as president number one call on every single american to worry mask when they're around other people outside their households that includes iraq public transportation voices trains airplanes yes to transportation department
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stupidly in marve you rejected a petition to require just that where you mass where you're on public transportation if i can say something here this is not about freedom it's about patriotism you were my ass to protect the person next to you you were asked to protect the bus driver you were mad to protect the person you're sitting next to on the bus. rejected chance to do the easiest thing possible to save large i find it appalling i promise you my department will insist on all right that was the democratic presidential candidate joe biden urging people to wear masks now stacey we know that many other people in trump's inner circle who also do not wear masks are now ill at least one of the 10 people in his inner circle so what does that mean for trump's campaign a few things he was really hoping to get his base motivated and get them to the
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polls by forcing through his nominee for the supreme court now the scheduling for that is is an impression because 2 of the republican senate judiciary committee members have contracted the virus so we don't know how that's going to affect the schedule in addition we have to look at what's happening now with mike with vice president mike pence and only does he have to pick up more administrate of roles because trump is in the hospital but he also has to get on the campaign trail and fill in for him and be a sarah get while preparing for a very tough debater and kamel harris on wednesday and i should say that because of what happened with the president and his health everybody that's in the venue will have to wear a mask or they'll be asked to leave except for of course. harris and mike pence and the moderator interesting so we're seeing the repercussions and many areas already stacey difference from our u.s. election team thank you very much you're welcome. all right let's turn our
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attention now to some of the other stories making news this hour authorities in saudi arabia have reopened to the muslim holy sites to pilgrims a maximum of 6000 a day are now allowed to enter the grand mosque in mecca the kingdom suspended the early march that's the smaller your own pichler pilgrimage that draws millions of people from across the globe police in the bill are a sin capital minsk used water cannon to disperse a rally demanding the release of political prisoners numerous protesters were detained tens of thousands of people marched through the center of miss continuing weeks of protest against president alexander lukashenko ahead of the march authorities with drew the accreditation of all foreign journalists in belarus. pet owners in manila received blessings for their companions in a drive through ceremony the tradition of the feast of st francis the painter and state of animals also known as world animal day celebration with adjusted to social
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distancing rules world animal day aims to raise awareness for animal rights and welfare. by john has accused armenian forces of shelling its 2nd largest city of gunja killing at least one civilian and injuring others is the latest escalation between the 2 former soviet republics over the disputed. region which is officially part of us or by john but controlled by ethnic armenians armenia has denied the attack on but the leader of nagorno cut abbas says his forces hit the city's military airbase in retaliation. all that's left of these houses in this it to you get into. the by john these who lived here know they were lucky to escape this rookie's attack. and they're in no doubt whose. is responsible. manner that i mean instead it but we're not
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afraid we stand here we will not leave you know that legolas off the government of azerbaijan is already threatening retaliation and not only for this. in recent days the armenian armed forces have fired more than $10000.00 shells at various cities and settlements of azerbaijan treacherous cowardly rocket and artillery attacks but of that i feel. for a phone call that armenia denies the attacks going out of the front of the night artillery shells no missiles have been launched from the territory of armenia to the territory of azerbaijan yet. armenia accuses as a by john of continuing to shell the disputed region if not born a cad abashed including its capital. although officially part of massive by john the territory is run by ethnic armenians and its leader that has admitted
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his army destroyed a military airport in ganja. it's unclear how many have died since clashes erupted last weekend but this has been the heaviest fighting between armenian and azerbaijani forces since a ceasefire was agreed in 1994. both sides claim the other is targeting civilians and we turkey now wading in to condemn armenia no one knows how this will end. unrestricted capitalism and trickle down economic policies have failed people in the wake of the corona virus pandemic all that's the latest message from pope francis he addresses comments to a crowd gathered in st peter's square to hear the contents of his latest and cyclical that's the letter presenting the pontiff advise on a specific topic
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a document which was released today is called from delhi to t. which means brothers all it was inspired by the pope's namesake same francis of assisi whose feast day is celebrated by catholics this sunday. well for more our religious affairs correspondent martin gak is with me now via skype hello to you martin so the pope spoke about the failure of market capitalism in the pandemic what exactly did he mean by that. the. police the criticism of this pope and sort of free market models and particularly unfettered capitalism has been sort of sorrow going since that area early days at the top a c. and essentially i think that. this is not in his phone in the bum demick in their reaction to the pandemic in the situation of health care or independent make in poor countries particularly an eccentric moment to make the point which you know
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the common good east the concern of governments and the people and the concern of companies and private ownership is essentially it's 1st about to can seize essentially the bottom line and the bottom line in the public good sometimes a lie but more often than not they see it it's not a lining at all which goes to say that the concern of governments should really be the people of all over the concern of the bottom line and this is something that should take precedent over the concerns of the market which is obviously interested in other in other in other matters sort of in gain so does is something that has been actually going going on for 4 years with this policy what is happening now it's also that in the context of the fund they make it we think it sort of pus being has been functioning has actually come into a situation of crisis in which things that are not necessarily financially
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interesting for companies and for the market participants and actors actually falls through the wayside putting lives in danger these how these spotty can seize it. our religious affairs correspondent martin gang commit many thanks indeed for your insight. you're up to date now on news up next is the world stories american and seen from me and the entire news team in berlin thanks for watching. why are people forced to hide in trucks. lucky. there are many reasons for such luck there are many answers.
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mum. was and there are many stories. below make up your mind to. play lucky. made for minds. this week on world stories. reintegrating x. militants in nigeria. election campaigns on reservations in the us. but we begin in belarus despite the risk of being jailed the opposition continues to
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demonstrate against authoritarian leader alexander lukashenko prominent among the protesters or one of. the movement's march had barely begun when the police started making their 1st arrests over the past weeks bellows has ramped up its crackdown on. protesters but despite it all these women come back each saturday to make sure their voices heard was everything was quiet then suddenly those henchmen showed up and dragged these young women into their bastards what did they ever do to that we're not scared for our own safety we're worried about our children and grandchildren we want them to live in a normal country without this kind of. wild up point with the family home. alone sophia are outraged and tried reasoning with the police and so on this time they can't get any of the women released. you know more but alice says
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she and her friend sophia both retired school teachers do command a certain respect with the officers. the 2 women 1st met at a protest against look at shinnecock. the authoritarian has been bringing the country more and more about the recipients were expressing solidarity with these courageous women their bravery has aspired others to overcome their fears and join the opposition. or worse and women are leading the charge against lucas' wrinkle. because i. was asked was i. was it was. what they affectionately call the opposition figurehead mahdi a kalashnikov. she resisted forced deportation by tearing up her passport and was then detained by authorities. and opposition leaders are now either behind bars or in exile. tells us that lucas has been clinging to power with all his mind ever
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since the rigged election. more and more bella racine's are openly defying lucas franco and his regime to them he's a fraud. we know what we want we were so he merely. by that whole thing with this secret inauguration they don't seem to feel the need to prove anything to the people anywhere. is now taking the threat these women pose more seriously arrests were meant to be a deterrent but they're having the opposite effect. allan sophia tell us that they'll be out on the streets of mids flying the flag of the opposition as long as their legs will carry them even if it's just the 2 of them. with. the nigerian government supports the reintegration of former militants for the terrorist group boko haram. some of their victims however aren't happy with the
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situation. what come to my degree this sign existed long before the city gates negative notoriety for being the birthplace of. in the past my degree was known as a major trading up a decade into the hardest insurgency more than 2000000 people have been displaced some of them find refuge in this camp like. he learns how to repair shoes during the 2 years he was with boko haram he learned something else. they wanted us to be part of their insurgency and become people who are willing to attack and kill. we went through a training to be able to kill and kill. the 45 year old claims boko haram considered him to all to be a move yet in the camp he still stigmatised he says he was forced to join the group
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. when we came to the camp a lot of people accused us of so many things but that doesn't bother us. we just want to live in peace. with we here refers to a dozen others who now live in the camp he's becoming a hairdresser and claims he repents his actions. those people i've killed whenever i think about it i have sleepless nights may allah forgive me i want. to get married go to school i want to be a very good person. i would do and are both every government funded training program to help reintegrate militants that sounds like mockery to the victims here who fled their homes lost their relatives and face an uncertain future. she may have to man you know tonight i don't know how my life and that of
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my children will look. why design it's better to train our children then there are so many people here agree on this if they trained our children it would have more impact or angry. victims and former militants living side by side preparing to gather for a entrance into society once theory speeds that's the goal but outside of the camp life is anything but stable. in the wake of new attacks it is difficult to convince people here to reintegrate forming sujan. so just how fair is it to rehabilitate these people without doing the same for their victims for. the answer seems simple . it is absolutely unfair. to the victims it also encourages dog who have never joined the insurgency towards
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'd i tempted because they are given my attention that they're in victims he says rehabilitation why violence is still ongoing it's counterproductive but as other observers put it amnesty to acts militants though a bitter pill to swallow may be the only way to achieve peace once the war on terror is over. almost $5000000.00 native americans in the us are voting age but only a fraction exercise that right now activists are canvassing on reservations for each and every vote. this is the heart of the south dakota badlands we're approaching the border of pine ridge reservation home to around $18000.00 members of the oglala lakota tribe we drive for nearly an hour across prairie land before reaching
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a town we want to know wife. people living here are less likely to vote than other and there. they feel like it's not a voice will be heard to them and having to scared to be around a lot of people. a lot of people we live in 3rd world conditions majority of our people don't even own vehicles so how are they supposed to get to a polling place when they live 10 miles out in the country off the reservation in rapid city we meet with chante heart and tell him returns from scout they're organizing voter registration booths on multiple reservations in south dakota they want to show fellow native people that all they need is a social security number to cast their ballot even though that's not clear on the registration cause you then that person we make decision 7 generations ahead of time and so i'm thinking about my great grandchildren and hald life is going to be for them and right now i think the best thing we can do is. just how i was raised
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their project is funded by a democratic party donor and while callinan chante aren't campaigning for the party they're sure most lakota voters are against donald trump. he stoking the flames of racism all the things that i think will work so hard to build relationships across all. and he's reversed that the state is soaked in the history of stolen land broken contracts and withheld payments to say nothing of those who paid with their lives. at the crazy horse memorial museum chante performs a traditional dance making an effort to connect with visitors. despite generations of betrayal she hasn't given up on dialogue.
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on december 31st to press a transition period will have to. at borough market in south london many small business owners are feeling anxious about the future. whether shops at barrow market in south london is looking for the best quality tasty treats from across europe. 2 dominate court sell scouted cheese from the netherlands. dairy cooperatives in france deliver conti and mopey in the summer this fetid cheese from the greek island of lesbos but breaks it poses a threat to its little cheese paradise. the massive world the i me and has been very since the referendum and already we're on our 3rd stockpiling plan. to make sure we've got enough stock and at the prices that we're currently paying and we don't have to incur any higher prices that might be introduced by
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high tariffs. court shows us his story and he's worried that the already price of cheese he sells will be slapped with high tariffs that's assuming it can even be delivered undamaged with new border checks goods could be held up for days. the transport logistics is going to be that much more complicated it's going to be expensive because it could be extra paperwork involved. and i can only imagine it's not going to be as free flowing as it is currently food experts warn that the supply chains of fresh products could be disrupted britain imports roughly 80 percent of its fruit alone merchants also have another worry if there is no trade deal with brussels the u.s. might fill the gap food products could even become cheaper but what about quality american health and environmental standards are lower for example when it comes to meat. i think the real worry is that if we get these influx of much cheaper food
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being imported to actually seek markets will stocks a chain restaurants may have to start phase and so outrageous here who only supply the best face a fair price means that the disparity between consumers off it is going to be much wider than it already is she's much and dominic court has had lots of discussions about bret's it including with max taka the fishmonger all believe england will always be able. always call me old fashioned a shiny. because we want to join a little oil and you know there's over countries that you will have us over in your code is preparing himself in his own way a friend of his mixed at a pinch maybe he'll end up selling this kind of cheese. place
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