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tv   Der Tag  Deutsche Welle  October 5, 2020 3:00am-3:15am CEST

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this is the news live from. a brief appearance out of hospital u.s. president leads the medical center where he's fighting coast with one thing to greet supporters gathered outside his don't decide he's on steroids and could be discharged is it really as monday also coming up. the world of fashion loses one of its most famous design japan's cancer to cottage dies a. reporter about his legs. back
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from a real boss with the help of a robot. and helped me most certainly did. i'm anthony held welcome u.s. president donald trump has returned to hospital after briefly leaving in his motorcade to wife to supporters gathered outside a surprising move suggested that his health was improving after he was hospitalized . on friday earlier trump posted a video from his hospital room saying he now had a better understanding of the far. so it's been a very interesting journey i learned a lot about coven i learned it by really going to school this is the real school this isn't the let's read the book school and i get it and i understand it and it's a very interesting thing i'm going to be letting you know about it. doctors have
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said he's doing well but experiencing some ups and downs he's treatment has included both and steroids and his medical team says he could be discharged as early as monday but there's also speculation that doctors could be coming under pressure to play down the seriousness of mr trump's condition. president donald trump's medical team addressed the public for a 2nd day in a row on sunday. they stress the president's condition had continued to improve but they also revealed that on thursday trump was given a steroid called dexamethasone which is usually used in critical cases because of a brief drop one in trumps oxygen levels. we debated the reasons for this and whether we'd even intervene is a determination of the team based predominantly on the timeline from the initial diagnosis that we initiate dexa method then there was concern for possible rabbit progression of the illness i recommended the president we try some supplemental
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oxygen see how he responds the doctors said the president responded well and if he continued to do so he could be discharged as early as monday but when pressed by reporters the president's personal physician sean conley also tried to clarify confusion caused by earlier statements about president trump. i was trying to reflect the upbeat attitude that the team the president of course of illness has had. and didn't want to give any information that might steer the course of illness in another direction thank you very much dr statement has led to speculation that the medical team could be facing pressure from the white house to play down the president's condition. president trump has a history of both minimizing the threat and dangers of coronavirus but he's also emphasized how deadly it is. in
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a video message from inside the walter reed hospital president trump displayed some of that upbeat attitude. i came here wasn't feeling so well i feel much better now working hard to get me all the way back i have to be back. because we still have to make america great again we don't good job of that but we still have steps to go and we have to finish said you know and i'll be back i think i'll be back soon and i look forward to finishing up the campaign the way we started the president's keen to show his supporters he can beat this deadly virus but he might need more than optimism all prayers to get him quickly back out on the campaign trail. now let's turn to some of the other stories making news around the world. as a jon and a mania have accused each other of targeting civilians as military conflict between
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the 2 sides escalates as 2nd biggest city ganja has come under attack from a meaningful since the former soviet republics have been in dispute for decades of the region of nagorno karabakh. the death of a young woman in india has provoked protests victim most gang rights in the village facing criticism for mishandling the case 5 offices have been suspended ballots have in juba centuries of prejudice and to try and atrocities rather on the india's cost system. authorities in saudi arabia have reopened muslim holy sites to build up to $6000.00 the day and now allowed to enter the grand mosque in mecca the kingdom suspended the pope in early notch the year round journey of faith draws millions from across the globe police in bell aversive use water cannon to break up
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a rally demanding the release of political prisoners. tens of thousands of protesters have again marched through the capital. refusing to allow foreign journalists to cover mounting opposition to the regime of hardline alexander lukashenko. and a familiar scene in minsk these days a peaceful anti-government protest. but quickly put down by the wealth ortiz the difference today was that it was very feeling he's outlets that to cover it just days earlier bellary seen with ortiz withdrew the accreditation of all foreign journalists in the country this footage was pasted on social media. ordinary by the recent had also been warned by official text message that they could face criminal charges if they took part in unsanctioned rallies. but tens of thousands defied the warning turning out regardless this time to march towards
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a detention center in minsk on their way they called for the freeing of dozens of people who have been arrested since the protests began. rights group he has now says there are now 77 political prisoners in better reason including a number of key opposition figures on friday the u.s. and the european union gets better loose with sanctions for rigging the presidential vote in august and for the house and frequent crackdowns on protesters ever since the sanctions targeting t.s.a. officials are not a christian go himself minsk swiftly announced counter sanctions against the e.u. though it's not clear what form these would take all watch for who they would target. germany's foreign minister has denounced an attack on a student outside a synagogue in the northern city of hamburg. condemned the incident as anti semitic
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police say a man dressed in military style clothing hit the victim of the head with a shovel security forces overpowered the assailant revives memory of an assault on a synagogue in the eastern city of hama a year ago. we spoke to a political correspondent nina hasa she sent us this report. according to media reports the 29 year old german attacked the 26 year old victim when the man tried to enter the cynical premise is he hit the juror student on the head with a shovel and that caused severe head injuries that are not life threatening however the police the attacker was overpowered by security forces and those security forces are always present on jewish institutions grounds here in germany and the victim has been taken to hospital the police have yet to comment on the motive of this deed and the attack is now being investigated by german authorities a reliable german news agency d.p.a.
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reports that the attacker was wearing military clothing and that he was carrying a note with a swastika in his trouser pockets which is of course a clear indication that this might well have been an anti semitic attack and another hint for that theory is that they said tack happened on cicotte which is one of judaism is most important holidays. us political correspondent nina that. the world of fashion has been a sad farewell to one of its most famous designers japanese creative to his dog of coded 19 founder of the global consumer brand to carter was one of the 1st japanese designers to prominence in the highly competitive paris fashion scene in the not in seventy's died in hospital in paris aged 81. reported me here with more on the life of cancer very sad news paris fashion yes
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indeed i mean paris fashion week lots of events around the world it's kind of been turned on its head because of covert 19 and now this very sad news that the death of a much loved designer kenzer as you say who was the 1st japanese design it's really make it big in paris the global mecca of fashion he ended up creating not just a clothing empire but also very well known skin care and few brands as well he he was really known for his kind of colorful exuberant prints these mismatched colleges and flowers jungle prints embroidery all of this came together in a way that really made a splash on the scene in paris in the sixty's and seventy's very different from the understated kind of fashions of the time before he came along designers would kind of peak influences from east asia and apply it to their designs but what he did was he sort of updated the existing japanese designs and prints and made it in
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a way that was appealing to european tastes how exactly did he like the jumping from japan to 2 fronts in the 1st place well he had studied in tokyo and then was designing women's wear for a department store and then the block of flats that he was renting was demolished for the tokyo olympics in 1964 so he got some compensation. for that and use that money to to go to europe he only planned to stay for 6 months apparently ended up staying for more than 50 years and it was 50 years ago that he launched his 1st collection and this collection ended up on the cover of elle magazine and then he became a household name overnight and from there he launched a flagship store he launched a men's wear brand. all around the world really paving the way for the japanese design is he then sold his brand in 993 and then retired from fashion in 1909 and
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then sort of went on to do individual projects since then including interior design brand but he launched the c.e.o. he's done a lot of what will his legacy that he put japanese design on the map people are also saying he'll be remembered for his originality his creativity something like 8000 individual designs over his entire korea people have been paying tribute the mayor of paris said on twitter today a design of immense talent he had given. place in fashion paris is now morning one of its songs and incredible thank you. in the bundesliga by munich back in the windows column but only just trying to bounce back after the 1st loss in months the bavarians turned to rubble for goals against the polish well and truly provided. a cerebral robert
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leaven dusky urging his byron munich teammates to find a way to start a new win streak goalkeepers kept both sides at bay for 40 minutes then biron took the lead love and dusky forcing a big save but then getting the ball back on is what my surgeon operate with the assist. after the break young american chris richards help love and dusky to a 2nd goal and were up to nil but then it got crazy characters materials konya found a leaping john cordoba and it was game on in the 59th minute later cooney of found himself alone in front suddenly it was $22.00 hitter showing confidence in the 85th minute levon dusky completed the hat trick after the free kick came over right wrong a hair to free kick jessica and gun come headed home all tied at $33.00 but 11 dusky drew a fall on the box 2 minutes into injury time and he fired in his 4th goal of the night characters coach bruno lever dhea couldn't believe it biron victorious at the
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last $43.00 hoping it's the start of another long win streak. and so what does that mean for the bundesliga table after 3 rounds of play well. they can now on top followed by a couple of surprises in 2nd and frankfurt in 3rd then come the favorite spyin and door in the bottom half of my the leap. and shall still have exactly 0 points caramagna top story this hour. u.s. president donald trump has briefly left hospital in night not to try to wife to supporters gathered outside before returning earlier his medical team said he was improving and suggested he could be discharged as building this month. and to europe to vote up next on the film looks at germany during the cold war
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don't forget you can always go to news and information from around the clock on our web site that's to be found. i'm anthony how i'll be back with more headlines at the top of the hour on me and the rest of the team current events for now thanks for watching. and you hear me now on yes we're going to do and how the last 2 years gentlemen sunflowers we'll bring you i'm going to a man called and you never have a surprise yourself with what is possible medical really what moves around and want . to talk to people. the way my.


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