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tv   DW News  Deutsche Welle  October 6, 2020 11:00am-11:15am CEST

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this is deja vu news live from berlin a political crisis in kyrgyzstan descends into violence protesters stormed the parliament building following a disputed parliamentary election some reports indicate the result has now been an old as the cure gives president insists he is still in control also on the show don't let it dominate you don't be afraid of it you can impede it u.s. president doll from back at the white house after a hospital treatment but he's still infected with cold it has are
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a growing number of his white house. and paris orders it's bars and cafes to close down as europe confronts an increasing number of new coronavirus infections. i'm brian thomas could have you with us today kyrgyzstan's a central election commission has an old the results of last weekend's parliamentary election the president is insisting at this hour that he is still in control of the country even though protesters earlier broke into government buildings and jailed freed rather his jailed predecessor now at least one person has been killed in the violent clashes that erupted overnight in the capital bishkek anger has also been growing over the results of the alike. that handed
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victory to 2 establishment parties an opposition politician has now declared himself the acting interior minister now despite the chaos president. cough maintains he's still in charge he also said he was not ruling out another election . peace in the country instability in society is more important than any politician's mandate i suggest that the central election committee found really investigate any violations during the election process and to know the results if necessary i also political leaders to come that ventures and also the not to take part in gathering. a following the story for us from moscow is yuri or shadow our bureau chief there let's go live here now yuri can you fill us in on this with some details and who's in charge in kyrgyzstan right now well yesterday in the capital bishkek support us of the parties that the last of the
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parliamentary elections came out rather which later escalated into riots special forces used tear gas rubber bullets and water cannons the protesters to respond with the molotov cocktails and to build barricades are both of them more than 100 people were injured in the clashes demonstrate a story into the parliament building where the president's office is located that they demanded a 2nd vote president of kurdistan john beck of called what is happening a coup attempt he is still in charge today the demonstrators as part of the building of the care of his government and refused to let employees into it and finally today just a few minutes ago the central election commission has an old the results of the vote so now oppose the opposition wants to see their candidate as prime minister ok you know what what's driving the protests we're seeing in bishkek is just these election results. well brian this is not the 1st time that there has been a violent political office throw this time 16 parties but dissipated in
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parliamentary elections only 4 managed to get sits in the parliament these parliamentary election took place 10 years after the country is switched to a postulate parliamentary system of government and the current president is known for his reserved political style but his popularity has declined most recently due to the pandemic in kurdistan he was accused of inaction some even have called for the president to be impeached the country had one of the highest death rates kostabi cobbett 19 in the world and currently and has lost count just on a 5th of its budget he and russia crimea will be watching what is going on in kyrgyzstan closely as kurdistan is an important ally and partner for russia not only in the fight against international terrorism but also economically the 2 countries have close economic ties for example there are a lot of caracas migrants working in russia and sending money to kyrgyzstan russia definitely still sees these posts all the contrary as part of its sale of influence
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your thanks very much for bringing us up to date on what's happening in bishkek at this hour and your stand your shadow for us there in moscow. let's turn now to some of the other stories making the news at this hour calls for armenia and azerbaijan to agree to a cease fire growing as the conflict between these 2 former soviet states continues to escalate scores of people been killed after the decade's old conflict over the disputed territory of nagorno-karabakh erupted about 10 days ago this region lies inside by zhang but it is under the control of ethnic armenian military forces of the russian opposition leader alexina vali has made his 1st video appearance since his poisoning with the banned nerve agent the kremlin critic told a russian blogger that he believes he was attacked because russian authorities view him as a threat ahead of parliamentary elections he said his recovery in germany could take 2 more months. to european court of justice has struck down hungary and
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regulations for higher education introduced in 2017 the court called the rules incompatible with e.u. law critics say they specifically targeted a budapest university funded by the us billionaire george soros a vocal critic of prime minister were bonds right wing government. lawmakers and activists in thailand and gathered to commemorate the thomas thought university massacre of 1976 when over 40 students were killed by security forces during protests the event has drawn renewed interest as a new protest movement gains momentum in thailand it's calling for new elections and the more democratic constitution. it's to the u.s. now where president donald trump is back at the white house after being hospitalized for kovac in an elaborately staged return he addressed the public in
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a video with defiant comments that have stoked criticism from medical experts meanwhile his physician says he'll receive further care over the coming days. it was a determined donald trump wearing a mask who emerged on to the steps of the hospital for days after he shocked the world by announcing he and 1st lady millennia had tested positive for covert 19 trump was back. after the short helicopter flight to washington the president crossed the white house lawn and strode up the staircase made a point of removing his mosque offering a salute to the departing ecru and there was encourage meant for the other 7 and a half 1000000 americans who've been infected by the virus. let it dominate you don't be afraid of it you're going to beat it we have the best medical equipment we
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have the best medicines all developed recently and you going to beat it i went i didn't feel so good and 2 days ago i could have left 2 days ago 2 days ago felt great like better than i have in a long time i said just recently better than 20 years ago don't let it dominate don't let it take over your lives. democratic challenger joe biden was asked on television where they he agreed the president had to pass some responsibility for contract the virus anybody who can track the virus for centuries say rostow social justice who doesn't matter. i think is is is responsible those words will not be enough to deter the president in one of his many tweets on a day of high drama trump pledge to be back on the campaign trail soon.
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let's get more now law from washington but from san francisco we're joined by professor and m. de peter he's an infectious disease specialist has been assessing the president's condition and joins us from the university of california there thanks so much for joining us dr the president's physician is saying that trump is doing better but that he's quote not out of the woods yet what's your assessment of his condition right now. well brian thanks for having me on i think that the president may be in a honeymoon phase as i call it of course in 1000 disease in the 1st phase it's means of viral phase before the inflammatory phase sets and we look for a warning sign around a 7 o b 10 when people can actually do a lot worse require a lot more oxygen and you may get better or at that point may get a lot worse and that'll be around the weekend ok so that is
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a perspective for the president and somewhat hopeful of if he does get better but before he left the hospital tweeted to his audience that people should not be afraid of covert 19 is that the right message for a president to put out in the condition he's in right now. i'm worried about that message brian we've had more than 200000 deaths in this country a lot of this parties and brought them black folks and people who don't have as many opportunities to get to the. to get easy diagnostics that they have and i think it really sends the wrong message i mean i think it should be one of unity it should be one of respect for the virus you know i still continue to be humbled by the virus every day given by home the pre-n. manifestations of the disease i see and folks ok with that in mind the president has indicated he wants to return to the campaign trail for more live events like ones we've seen in the past do you do you think that's advisable with what we know
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right now about his condition. i would never tell a patient in this situation to go back to work immediately for several reasons 1st of all there's a need for a convalescence he needs to relax and recover and he's definitely have you pointed out not out of the woods yet the 2nd more important reason is that he's still potentially infectious you know the c.d.c. guidelines the united states for mild disease would not allow someone to be off of infection control for 10 days at least for a moderate or severe disease that's extended to 20 days so whatever criteria you look at the president is not ready to go out into the world unless there is a convincing test that his that he's not infectious anymore but that's not really a standard test because you need to do a culture of the virus dr thanks so much for that we're talking with the peterson
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home from university of california san francisco an infectious disease specialist thanks very much. thanks so much brian let's get you up to speed on some of the latest developments in the pandemic arlen said to impose stricter covert measures but the government has rejected calls from his own health experts for a 2nd block down instead endure dining will be banned and people have to stay in their county of residence india registered as lowest daily increase in new cases since august but despite the slowdown in the is on track to overtake the u.s. as the country with the biggest caseload and japan and south korea will resume short and long term business travel between the 2 countries lifting restrictions put in place to stop the spread of the virus and authorities in paris have shut down bars and cafes for 2 weeks to slow the spread of cove in the french capitals on that smaller with tighter rules and forcing distancing new infections and hospitalizations of highs not seen since may. tough times call
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for tougher measures with the french capital were experiencing a sharp spike in coronavirus cases authorities say they had no choice but to introduce stricter rules for businesses in the paris region and. the end they don't think is going too far we must cut it now before our health system is overwhelmed with the numbers make this clear and we must do this in particular to avoid shattering our country. the new measures put a ban on gatherings of more than 1000 people and main bars only serving alcohol will be forced to close. restaurants which abide by the regulations and put in place new hygiene protocols will be allowed to remain open officials say they're trying to strike a delicate balance there all too aware of the economic hardships of many business owners. increasing their health crisis has had extremely harsh consequences
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it's dramatic for many families and for economic activity in our country and in our capital. bar and restaurant owners say they will have to live with the new restrictions but many complain that closing their doors even for a short period of time could have long term effects on their businesses. when you're running a business if you don't open it's madness customers have they were teens if they see the shutters down once twice 3 times they don't come back. police say the tougher restrictions will be in place for at least 2 weeks the with the number of corona virus infections rising so rapidly all of europe it could be some time before the streets and shops of paris back to something approaching normal. this is news live from berlin coming up next our documentary film series takes a look at germany during the cold war don't forget you can always get the latest
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news and information. from our web site that's dot com you can also get the latest on our social media tweens like twitter and instagram i'm dr thomas for the entire news team thanks so much for joining us. and you hear me now i guess we're going to have you and i last year's gentlemen sonic's now when we bring you an angle a mouthful as you've never caught have the full surprise yourself with what is possible who is medical really what moves and want. to talk to people and follows her along the way maurice.


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