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just this year but also because as this trial kind of hit greece at the height of its economic crisis at some point in the beginning they couldn't find a proper court house other times the resources were just so. they couldn't find a projector to project evidence damning evidence against this group and one circumstance when i was there they called off the hearing simply because there was no heating but eventually after so many years it has managed to render a decision and it is a decision that appears to be at least at the relief and support of many greeks here and what sort of implications does this decision have for the government now the government really it is in effect to because justice has done its has paid its role. and in fact the ruling conservative party the new democracy party played
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a very crucial row in prosecuting. golden dawn on it now falls upon its party leader. to see how he will distance himself from far right elements that have been absorbed by this to right party tell us a little bit more about the protests that we have seen outside of the courthouse. well you know there was a very very strong presence of about 15000 protesters who showed up from across the political spectrum from conservatives to far leftist anti fascist supporters who spilled out onto the streets to wait for this verdict in there was a huge round of a thundering applause when the verdicts started trickling out but some point i think venting their anger frustration many of the lastest vented their anger onto the authorities and eventually did too and
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many of the protesters were forced to flee inside streets or just at the sight of the protest altogether but of course these these protests unfortunately these protests have not spread but authorities 2000 police officers on the street alone remain on alert and on the streets just in case they see a flare up journalists and the chorus of a joining us from athens with more on this landmark verdict a court finding the leaders of the country's far right golden dawn guilty of running a criminal organization and thank you for your reporting. on now we're going to head to a case that is straining relations between berlin and moscow the 1st day of a trial into an alleged russian hitman has a joint here in the capital berlin the 55 year old is accused of shooting
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a former chechen commander in a berlin park last year on the orders of the kremlin it is a case that has grabbed the popular imagination in germany. welcome to the capital of spice the german spy museum in berlin recently added the so-called 2 guard murdered to its exits the man in the advertisement is still there to contract killer classic off. this case has all the ingredients of a political thriller in august of last year the russian citizens vote in crisis of travelled from moscow via paris and torso to berlin under false identity. alleged to have a polish his victim on the bicycle in a small park in berlin the victim was a chechen exile seeking asylum in germany he was killed with 3 gunshots from close range. chris because then allegedly threw his gun and bicycle into the kneebone
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river and tried to escape but was caught shortly afterwards he was arrested and has been silent ever since. but that's a special situation that in this case we have the suspect we have the person who is accused of murder so we have evidence we have the fingerprints we have pictures if you compare it was a screen. we didn't have any person that we can question so i think that's the sort of quite unique situation right now according to investigators state on crescent of smallville fun indicates that the crime was carefully planned they say they have found links to the russian veterans association of the domestic intelligence service if. which several investigative journalists believe is just a cover. up still long. we can see that that in classic off the killer started visiting at speed training centers as early as spring 2019
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security believes employees are prepared for special operations there. as the day of the murder approached he communicated more and more often with the f.s.b. employees. towards the end it was almost every day. the victim the same her hunger sheer had fought on the side of the rebels in the 2nd set or moscow had designated him a terrorist. this man was on our wanted list he's a fighter a cruel and bloodthirsty person. the kremlin denies any responsibility for their attack non of germany's 17 inquiries received a response it must to request full legal assistance were answered in there to quickly say the german authorities there in stone towards moscow is sharpening. the federal government reserves the right to take further measures in this case
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before. the german federal prosecutor may have brought charges against that in classical but politically just say that in reality the russian state is in the dark . let's go to the court where the trial has started today and a minute chase is standing by a manual of what more do we know about the prosecutor's case against the defendant . well this is no ordinary murder trial it's attracted a world wide attention because it's not really the case of determining who is guilty of the murder physically better who is behind and in fact all the indicates is a point to a russian ties we know that the suspect who traveled to germany weasel a false identity with russian passports we also know that he was assisted by russia and also we tease after that he's arrested that's what the prosecutor will try to
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determine during that's try of the session today was quite short it will resume tomorrow we had to cope plaintive bringing their testimonies. the trial of course coming at a time where relations between germany and russia are already strained so how is this trial impacting the state of affairs. well the relations are very strained indeed and not at least seen seán of on these poisoning late in august and i say no vonnie who was there and here taken in charge by the charity hospital here in berlin but say yeah the relations were already strained between germany and russia and if the russian response she believed she appears to be clear i have to diverge big that we expect here in january well if russia is proven to be responsive oh then of course germany might take measures against russia in the form for example of economy extensions how could germany react should the court
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roll that russia was behind the killing as it is it only those ships sanctions that are on the table or is there something more. well we can imagine sanctions i just mentioned the economy exemptions we so last december in light of these. what is now known as the tea gotten murder oh well germany had expelled 2 russian diplomats from ballina in moscow had retaliated by expanding into 2 german diplomats as well as so we can see an escalating tension between russia and germany are we kemo so i imagine some sanctions that's we'll affect. the guise of a pipeline project and those trained to do this we'll all probably on the fold we saw a verdict of that's got murder political correspondent emmanuelle a chase thank you. and let's turn to some other stories making news around the
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world fresh clashes have broken out in care the sounds capital bishkek following sunday's contested parliamentary elections officials and now a fire the results of the poll overnight and agreed to nominate a new prime minister opposition groups took control of most of the government apparatus on tuesday after storming key buildings. facebook has banned from its platforms all accounts that support the q. and conspiracy movement the social media company says that the move is part of its efforts to clamp down on mis information ahead of the u.s. election q and promote stories alleging that u.s. president donald trump is waging a secret war against an international pedophile. and white house senior adviser says even miller has tested positive for the coronavirus is the latest in u.s. president donald trump's inner circle to contract the virus it comes as trump again
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downplayed the illness on twitter he's been treated for code 19 at the white house after spending 3 nights in the hospital. a court in kenya has found 2 men guilty of involvement in the attack on a shopping mall in nairobi back in 2013 and the 67 people were killed in the mass shooting and subsequent days long siege at the upmarket westgate complex the court said that the 2 men helped launch the attack carried out by the somalia based militant group al-shabaab a 3rd defendant was acquitted. and from the court in nairobi i am joined now by east africa correspondent mary so tell us about this verdict and whether or not this was indeed expected. so the verdict actually was a big disappointment for the families because they actually expected a high
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a penalty before this verdict they spoke to local press saying so the families of the victims saying they even expect life sentence but the judge said no there's not enough evidence to prove these charges so that's everything that that was that left to do and a security analyst actually said you know there were no masterminds on this stop there were no not even the attack as in the stocks they are believed to have fled or kill it during the standoff with the police during this 2017 westgate mall attack and the trial it started back in 2014 why did it take so long to arrive at this verdict. so this trial is actually a landmark trial because it is the 1st high level complex terrorism case that's being tried in kenya so it takes a lot of time to collect this evidence and to actually to build a strong case for that for example you have to collect you know data you have to
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trace the money you have to trace phone calls you have to attribute those phone calls to the suspects they use alya says they use money meals meaning people who transport the money so you have to build a strong case and you have to build it meticulously otherwise you can't afford you know making any mistakes because otherwise public and the people in kenya they lose trust they lose trust into the judiciary system east africa correspondent mary thank you. in germany the number of delhi a new corona virus infections has risen to its highest since the end of april with officials for courting over 2800 cases on tuesday a surge in cases especially in the capital berlin has prompted the city to announce new curfews for bars and cafes as well as stricter rules for gathering in groups are until 10 went out onto the streets of berlin to find out how people have been
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reacting. welcome to germany's new flashpoint. after months of staving off the worst of the pandemic the german capital has become the frontline in the country's fight against the virus half of all of germany's high risk areas are located here in this city including the district of. gatherings with little sign of social distancing are a common sight here most of the new infections are among young people under the age of 30 they're more likely to shrug off the infection with the diseases spread is also picking up pace among the old forcing berlin city government to take action there introducing new restrictions from saturday compelling bars and stores to close at 11 and limiting alcohol sales as well as the size of private gatherings not everyone supports the changes. yes you can just say much it's a hard question i think it's actually. a long but you have to maintain social distancing and i think as long as people do that it shouldn't be a problem to sit in the bar until late at night. i think the same i think everyone
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can keep themselves in check regardless of how much alcohol they drink at least i can keep a grip on myself so i don't understand why others can't do that. but many support the new measures. you need to balance your own sensibilities against a virus that puts others' lives at risk you can feel the. case i think the measures are justified the. warning system is flashing red and that's forced the government to take action people we've spoken to say they support the restrictions but still hasn't stopped the spread of the virus here in the german capital. and let's get you up to speed on some of the latest developments in the corona virus pandemic the heads of the u.n. refugee agency says that he has tested positive for the virus for. day just led the
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1st 2 days of the organization's main annual meeting in person authorities in sri lanka have banned all public gatherings after a cluster of infections at a garment factory the outbreak emerged on monday and has seen more than 800 cases and in china soaring demand for flu shots has caused shortages residents are worried about the possibility of catching both the flu and coated 19 this winter. the film slumdog millionaire made it world famous we are talking about the authorities worried crowded conditions would make stopping the spread of covert 1000 there and possible but this area managed to flatten the curve through an intense public health campaign containing covert 19 it came with a price though shuttered businesses and lost jobs lurk as other danger to people already living on the edge. about
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a 1000000 people live in this province of tyro be known for its multicultural and entrepreneurial spirit. with its knowledge of migrant working class population he was expecting a massive 1000 outbreak of this. instead it effectively contained the spread of the widest join global attention. to control the forward situation here the authority of resorted to measures like aggressive death thing and cleaning all the nice things regular of and that can and quarantine thanks to defining containment and a hotly flagged down. the shutdown of back in march due to the nationwide lockdown hits the heart of the heart the cows in the small businesses and bookshops that had been trading there to a standstill. mommas up good has lived for 30 years working as an artist and doing thread work on fabrics. after
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months of sitting idle their heads just assumed in his workshop. earlier i used to get orders from clients but now i have to go out and look for them. and i still don't get much work there's been a lot of lost. i have to pay the room rent and the electricity bill. hemmer live and i have been there. he says he has never seen a slowdown like this. 6 months on the economic activity limping back to life most people like up there are still struggling to own a living. example bhagavan of all work has been severely affected the economy was already in bad shape now because of coronavirus people have lost whatever savings they had moving. authorities in one way bracing themselves as charlie has begun to see infections rising again as restrictions are eased and migrant workers
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are down things like you know we have to do we're going to. know. where their member. gets what we want and see we. being them. their regular hustle bustle is returning to the street to the changing situation with children quite a major overhaul in the heart of the school nothing team in strategy. thank goodness will be pings we picked up a big one says craftsman back to their villages. but he is still expecting it to be hard to make a good living for quite some time to come. on now the winner of the precision nobel prize in chemistry has been announced in stockholm this year the price goes jointly to the french scientist emmanuel shop in t.j. and jennifer dowd now from the u.s. for the development of the method for chain mail editing while swedish academy of
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sciences about the technology is contributing to a new therapy is against cancer and inherited diseases the award comes with the shares prize money of around $1000000.00. i thank you for let's get more on that i am joined by. eric williams from d.w. side of here in the studio derek was the surprise it wasn't a surprise it's for one of the 1st times ever since i've been reporting on this it wasn't a surprise these these 2 researchers are kind of rock stars and in the science world because this discovery that they made really only 8 years ago has really changed completely changed the landscape in a in a huge range of fields ranging from from from what we understand about how genes work so basic fundamental research to the cancer research to genetically modifying plants it's had it's made all of those things possible and so it's not surprising
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in the least in fact i think they probably would have gotten it earlier if not for the fact that there's been an ongoing sort of patent apple and and patent battle and with another group where sort of famously said well you know we discovered tennis balls and they discovered green tennis balls and and actually i think that the nobel committee has sent a signal by only honoring the 2 of them to send a signal that that that's actually what they believe as well and it's really time and now that those issues have been largely resolved it's really time for them to get the prize so then let's break it down get into the details of what makes it so special well it's about genetic engineering and the problem is is basically the mechanics of it are a little too difficult you know a little too complicated to go into but basically they created what's called what everybody calls genetic scissors which which is this molecular tool that allows you to cut d.n.a. and not only cut it but cut it into very specific precise plates which is really
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everything when you're when you're editing genes you have to cut it very specific specific precise places because otherwise you get off target effects and and not only that but this molecular tool that they came up with is also relatively simple to use compared to older systems we've been able to do this for several decades but the older systems really really clunky. and and imprecise and this is extreme this is the opposite it's straightforward and precise and it's also it's also fairly fairly simple to use that which means that labs all over the world have been able to employ it without investing a lot of money and a lot of really expensive equipment so for all of those reasons and others they've done really well with the nobel prize is supposed to do which is the ridge the original nobel for the greatest benefit to humanity and this falls sort of squarely in that category absolutely fascinating graduations to them derek williams from thank you. note for you now the legendary rock
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a taurus and songwriter eddie van halen has died after a long battle with cancer together with his brother alex in 1972 he formed the band that later became van halen 10 years after their family emigrated from the netherlands to pasadena california and hal and became one of the world's top selling bands with songs like. 30000 hayden was born in amsterdam in 955 and he moved with his family to los angeles in the early 1960 s. he started life as a musician at the piano but later switched his ambitions to the guitar the rest is history and his older brother ehrlich's from hayden in the 1970 s. they had a distinctive style and it is that infamous guitar solos and from dave the votes flamboyant taken the wrong. they appeal to people from old age groups.
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younger fans don't even know we have 11 other records i saw with fire if we give a taste of each one which one they want to buy. so it's not for the money because every $1.00 of the money will go out by all the hard rock band released their 1st album in 1978 which shot into the top 20 on the american billboard charts making it one of the most successful debuts of the decade. eddie van halen is pioneering the choice of technique and him a place in iraq's hall of fame alongside the likes of jimi hendrix and eric clapton in 2000 every just poll in the popular us music magazine voted him the greatest guitar player of all time. you're watching d.w. news up next it is made in germany which is taking a look at ways to produce
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a greener energy for the future and don't forget you can always get the latest information around the cost our website at the t w dot com you can also follow us on social media attitude of your news to my handle is at farrah kelly thank you so much for joining us take care and same to.
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there's a mock up energy. there's enough of it available and there's a way to come. after it's. sealed is released. but green energy is the future and it's
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already. made in germany. on d w. eco africa. are symbols of long. grey crown cranes bring good fortune to the environment to. get in kenya their numbers are sinking dramatically. now volunteers are getting locals interested in protecting these majestic good luck charms. for. 16 asked doubloons. glad to be our fighters want to start families to become farmers or engineers every one of them has a plan for your children. so nothing is kiss on the children who have already been
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there all of you and those that will follow are part of a new process. they could be the future of collaboration and. granting opportunities global news that matters d. w. made from minds. you thought the coronavirus was big or climate change is an even bigger challenge facing the planet but the current health crisis has been a boon for green energy dramatically lower global demand for electricity during lockdown has allowed bridge new balls to flourish they also make more business sense they're increasingly cheaper than fossil fuels like coal.


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