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tv   Der Tag  Deutsche Welle  October 8, 2020 9:00pm-9:31pm CEST

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this is the governor's line from germany's capital has declared a coronavirus hotspot the number of cases in the city passes a key threshold tougher restrictions are already being introduced also on the program the 2nd u.s. presidential debate could be pushed back as donald trump rejects a virtual encounter and joe biden says he'll talk directly to voters. i'm very surprised by the swedish academy for peace year's nobel prize in literature 77 year old american public school.
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of the program but it's been declared a coronavirus hotspot after rising above a critical threshold for new cases the german capital had already announced the introduction of tougher restrictions germany's disease control agency the robert cock institute is also warning that the spread of the corona virus nationwide could become uncontrollable if people fail to keep the hygiene and distancing rules german chancellor angela merkel says she doesn't want to repeat of what happened in the spring and europe's largest economy went into lockdown. more than a foot has a new infections in the past day that's germany's highest rate since april when the kountry was to knock down has many say yes span want of growing complacency in
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their population and called for responsible behavior the next 6w1c8xw people cooperate the chances are virus spreading will drop dramatically like that is the goal that this pandemic is also a character test for us as a society and we can only pass if we pull together. in recent days authorities have tightened restrictions in high risk areas such as a capital beilin from saturday on words a curfew will be imposed on bars and restaurants as germany braces for soaring cases but according to the account trees leading vajrayana g.'s rest trick sions alone one suffice it is not sufficient to impose rules that people don't understand until the cooperation of the population especially in the coming weeks and months to. the over of autumn and winter. is probably one of the
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most important functions in the whole concept to intervene. with spalls school holidays about to begin the government has called on citizens to avoid travel abroad most of germany's 16 states have also agreed to a ban on overnight stays at hotels for visitors from high risk areas in a bid to curb the surge of new infections. we get more from v.w. political correspondent simon young welcome simon so what are german authorities doing to slow this surge in factions. well phil the overall strategy remains the same to observe the hygiene and distancing rules and when infections do jump up then tougher measures and local law downs can be imposed and that's what's happened for instance in munich it's also happening now in berlin as you mentioned the german capital has now jumped up above that key marker of 50 new
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infections but 100000 people in 7 days is just above that so the berlin or thorax is of imposed these sort of but bans on bars operating through the night and other contact restrictions another development is that many of the german states have imposed a ban on even on germans domestic travelers from those hotspot areas using hotels so that's quite an extreme measure it shows there is concern about the development of corona here and chancellor merkel will be holding a meeting with the mayors of germany's largest 11 cities on friday to discuss what more can be done there i think this particular concern about the the process in the in the big cities so what lessons have been learned since the start of the outbreak . well i think everybody has learned a lot the way of dealing with the virus has been much better understood of course
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and for instance in hospitals the patients we can run the symptoms are separated from those without it's also been an awful lot of talk about ventilation in recent days so i think there's a better understanding of the virus is also a development that now only a minority of those who are infected with corona in germany are returning travel is there a spawn more domestic generation so there's a new focus again on parties and gatherings particularly involving young people i think. all this gloom simon d.w. has been speaking with an epi d.b. ologist and balances sherry tae hospital told us that the city's a medical infrastructure is well prepared not even in spring time. hospital a passage here and it is you know capacity it was even remotely used in
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germany we are obviously well aware that in some cities in italy in spain and also france. also u.k. the. of there was a shortage but in germany there has never been a shortage to give you a clearer idea occurred the about 3 percent of intensive care unit capacity is used for 19 patients. so simon young it does look like germany is ready for a surge in coverage 19 cases if it comes. it really does phil i mean underlining those figures there are currently less than 500 patients in intensive care being treated for cope with 19 we understand germany has 30000 intensive care beds available and could easily make another 12000 hospital beds available for
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intensive care corona patients so i think what a lot of hospital managers are saying is you know they don't want these warnings about a worsening situation to unsettle people and julie germany's health care system has proved itself pretty robust over recent months and what the health minister said again today was you know as long as everybody just shows common sense and a base that clear rules then there's a good chance of getting through the winter relatively unscathed i thank you for that political correspondent simon young well let's take a look at some of the latest developments in the pandemic nearly half of all of paris is intensive care beds are now occupied by covered 19 patients hospitals in the french capital moved into emergency mode on thursday a counseling staff holiday and perspiring nonessential operations italy has seen more than 4000 infections in a single day for the 1st time since mid april the number of deaths however is significantly lower than the height of the pandemic and russian health authorities
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are recommending that people stay at home this weekend on thursday cases in the country shot up to levels of close to the peak earlier this year. well china however is sounding a more positive note its outbreak under control beijing says it has been the pandemic and that it could have a vaccine ready by the end of the year. in a crowded train station yet people here are not afraid of getting infected. there are currently just a couple of 100 active cases in china it has already celebrated its victory overcovered 19. now china wants to be the 1st country to develop a successful vaccine. for companies have vaccines in stage 3 testing some trials could be finished by the end of the year. but several 100 people have already been vaccinated since july and initially it was military
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and health personnel but now its teachers trying conductors and generalists. have completed preclinical and animal tests that fulfills the conditions required to approve the product. even though in fiction numbers are currently low in china experts say the country may experience a 2nd wave of infections in coming months after the good times of summer and autumn have faded. well take a look now at some of the other stories making news around the world armenia has accused neighboring azerbaijan of shelling there he's told it cathedral in the distribution of the golden. $1300.00 people have died since the conflict began at the end of september the united states russia and france of call for peace talks on them and the violence. the result of a northern cyprus has been reopened after being abandoned for more than 40 years
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the beach front was deserted after turkey invaded the region in 1974 and divided the mediterranean island move was proposed by the northern cypriot premier center and backed by ankara. a high rise apartment block in south korea's been destroyed by fire forcing hundreds of people out of their homes a place in the city of all salaries believed to have started on the 12th floor and quickly and go through the building in flames. thanks us presidential debate looks likely to be postponed after president trump it refused to take part in a proposed virtual debate mr trump describe such an event as a waste of time and said he would hold a rally instead democratic challenger joe biden's campaign said he'll take questions directly from voters next week as an alternative speaking earlier mr biden said he would willingly follow the new format. i think that they are going to
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follow the commission recommendation he goes off to have a rally i never know what's going to come out of my. back. so where does this back and forth between chomp and biden campaigns that leave the plan debates is d w correspondent my shweta in washington look it feels like every hour there's another contradictory announcement things are up in the air for the moment let's be honest and honestly after the 1st debate last week which was really an abysmal experience for everyone there's been a lot of calls it does not have the 2nd 2 debates let's remember that presidential debates are not enshrined in law they are tradition they are supposed to be a courtesy to let the voters know more about their candidates get to know them a little bit more see their personalities see them in actions but they don't have to happen now it would be unprecedented at least in modern history to cancel those
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next 2 debates but this is ben let's be honest for 8 years of some unprecedented events happening so it would not necessarily be that much of a surprise if it were to be canceled march weta american writer and poet louise gook has been awarded the 2020 nobel prize for literature the swedish cavalry said she had one for her unmistakable poetic voice she already a pulitzer prize winner and a professor of english literature yale university a windfall of several scandals linked to the world's preeminent miter award. here in europe you can spend a long time trying to find a book of poetry written by louise gloop on thursday afternoon only a single copy was available at one of stockholm's biggest libraries and in germany the author is currently not published at all yet the 77 year old is an established figure in the u.s. in 2016 she received the national humanities medal presented by then president barack obama clark is an adjunct professor who has taught at yale university since
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2001 but this year she wasn't considered a nobel prize favorite leaks we have discovered looks poetic fois is very characteristic mystique the 1st person narrator in her poems would like to be understood and is both passionate and uncompromising but there is also a great deal of humor and wit in her poetry and as. many literary experts believe the swedish academy made a good choice. you. can be is an important poet who has cultivated a devoted following his body is the one here in sweden as well. and although she is still an insider tip she is definitely a poet who deserves a larger audience. after last year's scandals concerning allegations of sexual misconduct and the choice of paper a hunk of for the literature award this year selection is less controversial if the
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chairman of the nobel committee said the group wanted to focus attention on literature again. a world championship surfer is counting his lucky stars after an extra close encounter with a shock on australia's east coast the close call was captured by a drone form probes wilkinson seen paddling on his surfboard when the shock briefly surfaces within striking distance then abruptly swims away wilkinson later said he heard a splash that realised until he was back on shore how narrowly escaped becoming the 20th shark attack victim in australia the shia. there is one top story this hour germany's capital has been designated as coronavirus. in the last 7 days brother recorded more than 50 cases all from this photo 100000 tougher restrictions are already being introduced.
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that's it you're up to date i'll have more world news of the talks on our up next here on the interview with a south conference 19th special don't forget to get all the latest news information around the clock on the website e.w. dot com good. combating the corona pandemic. where does research stand. what are scientists learning. background information and news. hour carona update. 19 special next on d w. how does a virus spread. why do we have it and when will all this. just 3 of the topics and weekly radio show is called spectrum if you would like and the
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information on the clone a virus or any other science topic you should really check out our podcast so you can get it wherever you get your podcasts you can also find us at. science. deaths from the coronavirus have devastated millions across the world. many couldn't say goodbye to their loved ones. funerals were restricted making. even difficult. but even in normal circumstances one in 10 affected typically develop prolonged grief disorder. cova deaths have been even more traumatic for the bereaved especially at a time when getting the support they need isn't always possible.
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and nice to have you along dealing with grief is hard enough but in the middle of a lockdown during the panic of a pandemic or surrounded by bulldozers filling mass graves that's not easy but it's important to deal with there are major health problems to think about and consequences for life. teri schultz reports on one belgian family's loss. the world has lost a 1000000 lives. one of them meant the world to 10 year old lorenzo my grandpa was the best his grampa luke picked him up from school each day and when. we made all merch and after that. any just played and couching just didn't really want to deal. mostly i got snacks.
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but their hometown st truth was hit early and hard by the coronavirus we had 53 people. who had to enter the hospital and we only had bets for 20 people but luke was already hospitalized failing fast if i don't make it release to a group of which he didn't make it on march 23rd luke became seem true to his 1st corona death jeanine and their daughters nell and lane and lorenzo didn't even get to see goodbye now that really hot. but struck was really all. mayor very hit and felt it personally her husband became critically ill but survived it was a terrible time for the families but also for us as a mayor and also all the people of my policemen and you know the people in the town
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who are working. 24 hours a day 6 months later same treatment has the infection rate under control with strict measures father room can and he says now inhabitants need to feel it's important that we share. with each other what we feel what we want or are and she and so are the 2 but also or the. mayor here and decided to create a space for that a corner of a city park is now a memorial the theme forget me not plenty of those flower. as have been planted by city landscaper d.d.'s summers with the tree of life and a plaque bearing a poem in the heart of. the flower so yeah even when it's sad. it will be a little bit. beautiful. for the memorials dedication september 13th lorenzo was asked to commemorate his beloved grandfather he told his mom nellie he
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was too afraid to look at life they were again to laugh at me. but lorenzo changed his mind and wrote a letter leave. your grandpa i miss you very much i am mad about corona mad about what happened you were dead best and always are going to be the best because you think. that i was brave and i was happy that i did it that i. throw it all out. please happy. everyone lies. to me grandpa. no one here will forget some. really powerful stuff there and
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a great message about dealing with grief well martin i suppose in assistant professor for the department of psychology at the university of corning in the netherlands how do you deal with not being able to say goodbye. so this is this is obviously a very very difficult situation. for about. able to be physically present or juror when the person dies and also the funerals can be quite limited in how they are arranged not so many people can be there the example we just saw and where there's a collective ritual to deal with these losses i think that's great i think you can also creates more private rituals with friends repeat close to the deceased. to to say goodbye to cease again when it wasn't what you were able to do that well for what is it about the pandemic what else is there that's making it so hard for
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people to cope with losses like bait. yes well there's a there's a couple of things to consider of course not being able to say goodbye or not being able to say good bye the way you want to is definitely one of these factors but there are also a little. many additional stressors that people are now experiencing for instance that might. feels more difficult to get social support socially isolated only at girls would be that they're. good they're afraid to become ill themselves restricted to house or or that they have certain other losses that they have to deal with such as financial moss' with loss of jobs and likely to be just a normal look sorry mum won't what are you going to say i was it was going to say that if you look at court 19 does this if it leigh it's a different story still because people are also dealing with the sudden loss. and
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loss that occurs after some time in intensive care during which it's really uncertain what happened and i and we know from the from side to literature these are risk factors for more severe repercussions what will happen because 10 percent of bereaved individuals sits historically typically develop problems grief disorder house cova going to change that. yeah that is indeed the case stocks are up or not lost due to natural causes we recently conducted the 1st quantum that study into this topic were whites that you know with a loaded lots and what we found in a very large surveyed 1500 people is that people who experience loss to cope at 19 actually have stronger acute grief so those then people who experience natural losses are just losses due to long term unless. they're acute reveals or more or
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less similar to. that experience by people who 'd 'd have experienced a natural loss and then we're talking about accidents murder or suicide. so so these are very strong responses and be can expect that in the long run the prevalence of belong. if he's within this specific group will open will go up and i believe you also have new findings on people grieving those who've died from other causes than corona during this pandemic yes thanks for asking yes we are we just had the breaks up that on. on this topic and what was really striking is that we found that people who experience loss not due to too corona and too grown apart is actually also have elevated the grief levels if the loss occurs during the pandemic but on the forum so so that really shows us that also within this group. there is
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a people are experiencing more difficulties initiated with the loss just in general is the internet making it any easier for people to grieve. well what you do see is that more people are meeting online and this is not really a substitute but i think i think that can be a way to stay in touch if you kind of meet face to face but i think your you might be referred to 'd is that these treatments. and in that case i can say that internet based treatments are. available and in the netherlands there's also groups working on that so there's there's people from the university of corning and people focus at university developing our light cardio behavioral treatment for long pieces were specifically for people who experienced a lot to cope with 19 cases a very promising. modernised i thank you very much for coming on the show today.
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let's check in now with eric williams our science correspondent he's been looking into your questions on the coronavirus. will the developments in the creation of a vaccine for this corona virus help towards a vaccine against the corona viruses that cause the common cold. wouldn't it be great if something positive came out of this pandemic like other vaccines for other coronaviruses for example or even a universal coronavirus vaccine of some kind while that isn't impossible but it's pretty unlikely any time soon with all the resources that we're throwing at a covert 1000 vaccine we're learning more every day about sars cove 2 but we still have a long way to go in understanding the way that karuna viruses in general evolve and the ways that they're transmitted and we still don't know nearly enough about
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what's called cross reactivity which is when the weapons your immune system produces to fight one infectious pathogen also work for others that have similar characteristics there's some evidence that cross reactivity in some people might be playing a role in helping badly they get coded 19 or how easily they fight it off but it's all still very speculative one promising avenue of research for example that could help in the development of future coronavirus vaccines involves what's called the 2 domain on corona virus spikes those proteins that stick out that the viruses use to latch on to cells that they're trying to in fact researchers have discovered that these s 2 domains seem to be pretty well preserved across the range of corroded viruses that in fact humans there are quite similar regardless of which one you look at that's a great potential starting point for working on
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a broader coronavirus vaccine but but it's only that who knows though. maybe one day the work that we're doing to stop covert 19 might also finally help us stop it's much less deadly cousins. by finale xenix on. to the point strong opinions clear positions international perspectives. after days of uncertainty don't just say donald trump no longer has any covert 19 symptoms so what's behind the president's mysterious recovery and will the corona hyundai make decide the u.s. election find out on to the point shortly. to the point. next to the t w. every
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2 seconds a person is forced to flee their homes nearly 71000000 people have been forcibly displaced. the consequences have been disastrous our documentary series displaced depicts dramatic humanitarian crises around the world you know. forgetting when i didn't go to university to kill people that i want to have my boss come to me and tell me to kill someone having a minute and if i don't they'll kill me. people feel for their lives and their future so they seek refuge abroad is about the arena of that scares me the most about this state i seem to rise is that someday we won't even see the really sad. but what will become of those who stay behind it's
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a way my husband went to peru because of the crisis. if he hadn't gone there we would have died of a. ungar. that down and. just start over 60. after days of uncertainty doctors say u.s. president donald trump no longer has any covert 19 symptoms trump returned to the white house earlier in the week after hospital treatment saying he felt good and that fellow americans should not let covert 19 dominate their lives with a presidential election just weeks away trump is presenting himself as a corona superhero and sometimes appearing to show contempt for the more than 200000 americans who've lost their lives in the pandemic so on to the point we asked trump's mysterious.


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