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tv   Fokus Europa  Deutsche Welle  October 8, 2020 10:00pm-10:30pm CEST

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this is the dublin years line from germany's capital declared a coronavirus hotspot as the number of cases it passes a key threshold tougher restrictions are already being introduced also on the program the 2nd us presidential face is pushed back because donald trump rejects a virtual encounter and joe biden says he'll talk directly to voters. to surprise choice 5 asleep she callin me for this year's nobel prize in literature 77 year old american poet. all of
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a mistake of all political. i'm for welcome to the program berlin has been declared a coronavirus hotspot as the number of new cases passed critical threshold the german capital had already announced the introduction of tougher restrictions the country's disease control agency the robert carr institute is also warning that the spread of the corona virus nationwide could become uncontrollable if people fail to keep to hygiene and distancing rules german chancellor angela merkel says she doesn't want to repeat of what happened in spring when europe's largest economy went into lockdown. more than a foot has a new infections in the past day that's germany's highest rate since april when the kountry was today knocked down has many say yes ban warned of growing complacency
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in the population and called for responsible behavior than 6w8xw people cooperate the chances of the virus spreading will drop dramatically like that is the good that this pandemic is or so a character test for us as a society and we can only pass if we pull together. in recent days authorities have tightened restrictions in high risk areas such as the capital beilin from saturday on the way it's a curfew will be imposed on bars and restaurants as germany braces for soaring cases but according to the account trees leading vajrayana g.'s rest trick sions alone one suffice is not sufficient to impose rules that people don't understand them so the cooperation of the population especially in the coming weeks and months to. the over of autumn and winter. is probably one of the most important functions in the whole concept 2 to intervene. with spalls school
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holidays about to begin the government has called on citizens to avoid travel abroad most of germany's 16 states have though so agreed to a ban on overnight stays at hotels for visitors from high risk areas in a bid to curb the surge of new infections to get more political correspondent simon young welcome silence so what are german authorities doing to slow this surge in factions. well for the overall strategy remains the same to observe the hygiene and distancing rules and when infections do jump up then tougher measures and local law downs can be imposed and that's what's happened for instance in munich it's also happening now in berlin as you mentioned the german capital has now jumped up above that key marker of 50 new infections but 100000 people in 7 days is just above that so the berlin orthorexic is of
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imposed these sort of bans on bars operating through the night and other contact restrictions another development is that many of the german states have imposed a ban on even on germans domestic travelers from those hotspot areas using hotels so that's quite an extreme measure it shows there is concern about the development of corona here and chancellor merkel will be holding a meeting with the mayors of germany's largest 11 cities on friday to discuss what more can be done there i think this particular concern about the the process in the in the big cities so what lessons have been learned since the start of the outbreak . well i think everybody has learned a lot the way of dealing with the virus has been much better understood of course
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and for instance you know in hospitals the patients we coronas symptoms are separated from those without it's also been an awful lot of talk about ventilation in recent days i think there's a better understanding of the virus is also a development that now only a minority of those who are infected with corona and germany are returning travelers there respond more domestic generation so there's a new focus again on parties and gatherings particularly involving young people i think. simon d.w. has been speaking with an epidemiologist at both ends of shari to hospital told us that the city's a medical infrastructure is well prepared not even in spring time. hospital the passage here you know capacity it was it was even remotely used in germany we are well aware that in some cities in italy in spain in
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also france. also u.k. the of there was a shortage but in germany there has never been a shortage to give you a clearer idea occurred the about 3 percent of intensive care unit capacity is used for 19 patients in believe. so simon young it does look like germany is ready for a surge in coverage 19 cases if it comes. it really does phil i mean underlining those figures there are currently less than 500 patients in intensive care being treated for covert 19 we understand germany has 30000 intensive care beds available and could easily make another 12000 hospital beds available for intensive care corona patients so i think what
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a lot of hospital managers are saying is you know they don't want these warnings about a worsening situation to unsettle people and julie germany's health care system has proved itself pretty robust over recent months and what the health minister said again today was you know as long as everybody just shows common sense and a base the clear rules then there's a good chance of getting through the winter relatively unscathed i thank you for that political correspondent simon young how a new rapid antigen test is raising hopes for quick self diagnosis here in germany the test to check saliva for corona virus and promise as a result within 15 minutes without the need for a lab or indeed a doctor the government says it has secured a supply of 9000000 devices a month and wants to increase that number but critics say they are far from reliable under steve w. found out not widely available. as a journalist i mean quite
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a lot of people and some of them maybe corona positive so today i want to try out the new antigen test. for why they're really good and i would like you to buy an antigen do it for him a freight i can't show you the test as things stand it can only be given out to medical staff so you don't qualify you can't test yourself you simply have to go to the doctors because consciousness. after this initial setback i find a doctor who's willing to let me do the test myself not the standard procedure yet . this is the packet containing the antigen quick test i only got as a week ago so i had to read the instructions to and this is also a small sterile swab here. but if you can put your tongue down far enough you can use a stick to help a man with your if you can tell him in just a moment here. not that easy but for me definitely doable
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have you done both sides yes left and right afterwards the swab goes into a liquid which is then dripped on to the test. one line means negative 2 means positive. it's pretty clear the test is showing a negative result. sibylla katzenstein things everyone should have a test like this at home. it would be great for a moment for example whose child wakes up feeling sniffly but she isn't sure and is wondering whether she can take the child to school and go to work herself. if patients have access to a simple test they could do at home that will do use the pressure on doctors and laboratories and it would help a lot of people to decide what to do. but critics say the test is not sufficiently reliable here's how laboratory and tests compare.
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when a person gets infected with covered 19 the virus load in the body starts to flow increasing rapidly in the 1st days and then decreasing as time passes irregular lab test can detect the virus early on but very little virus load the entered in test can only detect the virus later and the load is higher so does that mean i could actually still be positive despite having a negative result i asked a lot of experts when he was asked if the viral load in the throat is not high enough to begin by the test that might result in a false negative and it's the same if this was not done properly. and is intense and fast way of testing. that the test is a sensitive to others and can completely. and to do tests can replace tests that they can be a great help in the fight will be going to. take
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a look now at some of the latest developments in this prime time nearly half of all of paris's intensive care beds are now occupied by covered 19 patients hospitals in the french capital moved into emergency mode on thursday canceling staff holiday time as. boding non essential operations it's really has the more than $4000.00 infections in a single day for the 1st time since mid april the number of deaths however is significantly lower than at the height of the pandemic and russian health authorities are recommending that people stay at home this weekend on thursday cases in the country shot up to levels close to the peak earlier this year we take a look at some here with. feeling some of the other stories making news around the world no clashes have broken out in indonesia in the indonesia's capital jakarta during the 3rd day of protests and strikes against new legislation the controversial jobs creation loan was approved monday demonstrators say it
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undermines workers' rights and weakens environmental protections. a high rise apartment block in south korea has been destroyed by fire forcing hundreds of people out of their homes the blaze in the city of sodom is believed to have started on the 12th floor and quickly in the building in flames. a media has accused neighboring niger by zhang of selling your historic cathedral in the disputed region of the corner kind of back more than 300 people have died since the conflict began the stop at the end of september the u.s. russia and front of call for peace talks and an end to the violence. and next week say u.s. presidential debate looks likely to be a spoke after president trump refused to take part in a proposed virtual debate mr trump describe such an event as a waste of time and said he'd hold a rally instead meanwhile vice president mike pence has been addressing trump supporters in the swing state of nevada he delivered
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a conservative stump speech telling supporters that the biden ticket would raise taxes and the point liberals to the supreme court. let's go to a d. w. correspondent stefan simone's in washington for more welcome stefan so with all this uncertainty around the president's health what role is my parents going to play in the final weeks of the campaign. he's going to play a significant role but here comes the but he's also dealing with a boss who is teaching to get back into the game meaning donald trump he wants to be back on the campaign trail he wants to be hilt he wants to be covert 19 free so that he can engage in the last few weeks in what is supposed to be crunch time for the trump campaign as well as for the biden campaign of course so yes the vice president as he did yesterday with the debate will engage in more stump speeches in
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more rallies of various form maybe not the big ones maybe a little toned down whatever you can whatever they can come up with still in the next few weeks to have mr biden or president as president biden do he will do having said that again there looms the shadow of president donald trump because again we all know the president does not allow anybody to steal the show for him so he will be back one way or another and there's a growing controversy on the line over an image of parent thinks not of the vice president celebrating after his debates against that camera. and what's going on. you know there was a picture taken after apparently after the debates last night here local time in the u.s. and it shows the vice president and scott walker former wisconsin governor of wisconsin and now wisconsin is a battle state that is important for this picture and for the presence of street
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walker and a few other. high ranking g.o.p. supporters and people in this picture now the key is all without a mask now i have to say according to c.d.c. guidelines the vice president shouldn't even have been at the debate with. remember they had the plexiglas glass and 12 feet apart or 12 feet and 3 inches there are particular about that apart from each other this was all because even then the vice president tested negative so far for covert 9 he was exposed to donald trump and 2 others who are positive so he shouldn't actually be anywhere and solve current sheening isolating for 14 days he didn't do this he came to the debate and of course as you see this vice president and this administration doesn't really care for themselves to wear masks not even after the president commander in chief president of the united states is covert 19 positive ok stephanie. washington thank
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you. to new york now west small business is a weathering tough economic conditions as a result of the pandemic cap used to be real estate brokers many new yorkers a feeling the pinch of some of blaming the current administration for the daya economic situation they're facing. 5th avenue a symbol of new york's prosperity looks abound and. big retail chains are considering giving up it's just not worth it. restaurants and small stores are struggling to survive there are more and more homeless people on the streets. on the job is no longer worthwhile for yellow cobs either only about a quarter of the taxis are still on the streets cathy victor is behind the wheel for the 1st time in 5 months even thought about quitting his yellow cab entirely. many of us and i work and right now most of us are not working i mean just so much
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coming back to. the usually i know for a 5 day working like the same like 1416 hours every day to make ends meet. jenny's toy store was closed for 2 and a half months sales have been drastically down since she reopened just 5 percent of what they were before that way too little to cover her horrendous rent like all new yorkers jenny has very care political opinions she's a big fan of vice presidential candidate camila harris and she blames mismanagement of the coronavirus epidemic by trump for the economic crisis but one of trump is reelected i don't know. it's a scary really a really scary thought this is so we'll have a revolution i think. i hope i hope he and. some of the office towers downtown have only 10 percent occupancy more and more
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companies are cutting back on office space right now. there are 26 percent more vacancies in the residential market than last year prices for bigger apartments especially are down 10 to 15 percent. even in prime locations like central park realtor kathy is doing great business she thinks it's a strong market for investors but $3000000.00 this apartment is a real bargain. and says. if you believe in the long term value of new york city yes it may be you know rough couple of years but if you can hold it for 510 years you're going to do very well. so business is good for the rich though it means disaster for people who already were having a hard time before the pandemic but new york wouldn't be new york if it could be beaten that easily and i think this virus is not going to just stop who you are of course i know your city will leave its glory again i'm a new yorker. you know. we don't give up. we don't you
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know come with those when you're tough. despite everything the spirit of new york the metropolis the coronavirus really went to town on seems i'm broken. now american writer and poet louise cloak has been awarded the 2020 nobel prize from the church of the swedish nobel academy appraise what they call her unmistakable poetic voice she's already appeared at surprise well under professor of english literature at yale university a windfall of several scandals links to the world's preeminent literary award. here in europe you can spend a long time trying to find a book of poetry written by louise glued on thursday afternoon only a single copy was available at one of stockholm's biggest libraries and in germany the author is currently not published at all yet the 77 year old is an established figure in the u.s. in 2016 she received the national humanities medal presented by then president
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barack obama clark is an adjunct professor who has taught at yale university since 2001 but this year she wasn't considered a nobel prize favorite leaks we have discovered looks poetic fois is very characteristic in mystique the 1st person narrator in her poems would like to be understood and is both passionate and uncompromising but there is also a great deal of humor and wit in her poetry and as we say many literary experts believe the swedish academy made a good choice. is an important poet who has cultivated a devoted following his body is one here in sweden as well with a few and although she is still an insider tip she is definitely a poet who just serves a larger audience. after last year's scandals concerning allegations of sexual misconduct and the choice of paper a hunka for the literature award this year's selection is less controversial if the
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chairman of the nobel committee said the group wanted to focus attention on literature again. taught us courts are american poets and writers she studied with nobody's look at boston university joins us from the rest remain you know welcome to. what went through your mind when you heard that louise book had won. surprise excitement and complete joy i've done so joyful all day and poets around the world are full of joy we're all celebrating right now we love this when a new day you mentioned surprise there is this does seem to have taken quite a number of people by surprise why do you think that is. well i don't have the answer to that because everybody i know was surprised but i think with poetry i mean that for literature we have a different word poets we have to be poets and writers if we're writing more than
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poetry so i think we get used to this niche so when we are included in the world of prose literature prose i don't know the answer we're just really really excited and surprised ok so for those of us who aren't familiar with the ways coax work. talk to us about it woah what what what what describe the style to us describe what she talks about. yeah so 1st of all louise is the only poet i can think of louise glick who can use sentimental language without being sentimental her poetry has this quiet fierce precipitation and it sensitivity really covers the whole spectrum of human experience. she has quite a range i mean she's a poet poet what does that mean to the poets part she's a poet whose work many poets admire like this is not a controversy all i heard a moment ago decision everybody's excited. and you knew her personally you were
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there what was that like. it was incredible her whole life is dedicated to poetry and to the teaching of poetry and i worked for instance i have a 6 line paul and i worked on for several months just trying to figure out the order of the line breaks not even changing the words to get it dish will really just write she's incredibly patient and she wants every post she looks at every student she has she puts her all into it. she wants every poem to be the best form it can be and at it's rare game to have that kind of dedication from your professor as a student we thank you for joining us and sharing your thoughts for tara score to thank you thank you. all the sports and friday is a big day for formula to stop the drive and make sure america in the run up to this sunday's forming a wall to grow in prayer western germany should matter will be given by practice
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drive that could help land him a seat in an f one car next season is of course tracing the footsteps of his father racing legend michael. the elder schumacher won the 7 world titles but was injured severely in a skiing accident in 2030 and he's still recovering. if racing and racing skill is in the blood mick schumacher could be well on his way to becoming one of f one formula one's greats. i want to. big be as pets was. being prepared has been a long and arduous process on race courses small and big in the same way it was for a mixed father 7 time champion michael schumacher. the carts lead to formula for for mick. his father before him had taken a similar but more winding path. to success has built upon success for the younger
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schumacher in the lower tiers. just as decades earlier the successes built up for his dad who quickly became one of the best known athletes around. at age 22 michael schumacher drove his 1st season of formula one. when mick turns 22 next year many predict he will drive his 1st season in f one. being compared to my father was never a problem for me as it's pretty simple for me being compared to the best driver in f one history is the go. rise toward formula one has been bolstered by the academy of the ferrari racing team the same team for which his father won 5 of his 7 world titles. the 1st impressions i had from were so hard opening welcoming me in a family which was always part of my family as his fans want him to move his
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career forward quickly the younger schumacher though a bit unlike his father before him is inclined to take it slow even while moving in the fastest of the world's vastly. a world championship suffered is counting his lucky stars after an extra close. encounter with a shock on a straight is east coast a close call was captured by a drone former pro surfer wilkinson you see him paddling on his surfboard when the shock briefly surfaces within striking distance and then abruptly swims away. and later said he heard a splash but didn't realize until it was back on show how narrowly escaped becoming the 20th shark attack victim in australia they see a. this reminder about top stories out this hour germany's capital has not been desecrated by coronavirus hot spot in the last 7 days but lead has recorded more than 50 cases of coronavirus per 100000 people to have
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restrictions already being introduced. by the u.s. president donald trump has rejected problems 5 virtual 2nd debate with rivals joe biden say the postal is not acceptable items campaign so if you need to take questions directly from folks with instead of a cold for the debates to beat me shift. gears now from the other end bob all the day's news today in just a moment more world news at the top of the lid on the.
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geminids deafening at any time i've come to any place easy names medium as i don't like the crowd. to sing along to see this to come from super. for. interactive exercises. everything is online.
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interactive then german 5050 w. . the funny seconds the coronavirus pandemic. where does science stand. what new findings have researchers any. information and background into. the corona up to. 19 special. monday to friday on d w. this is some top story a stubborn rice farmer from thailand. his problem tests. his credo no chemical. plant is true and. step. 3.
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students are. training successful. starts october 1st 2 w. . vice presidential candidates mike pence one couple harris have now battled it out in a debate that restored some dignity to the us election process it's a contrast to last week's a bruising or fad which would not donald trump and joe biden but did they shift the needle of public opinion in the guy's favor. and this is the day.


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