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tv   Kulturzeit  Deutsche Welle  October 9, 2020 6:30pm-7:00pm CEST

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make every did every special. not just next day but every day. thousands of children still waiting for their to their very sponsor talks today so together. they live the future is. this is deja news a show coming up today a meeting of friends against a common for. china is in focus as foreign ministers from the u.s. and 3 into pacific countries meet to cooperate against things should be giants but where does this cooperation headed and all these countries really united in purpose plus. india call system and focus indians are angry that young woman's milk cost may have been one of the factors in help brutal gang rape and murder.
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i've been welcomed to do you. know if you could join us i know this week 4 of ministers from the u.s. japan india and australia met in talk you know despite a raging pandemic aim to discuss their response to chinese influence in the region what us secretary of state might pompei or described as the chinese communist parties exploitation corruption and coercion the meeting between the 4 known as the quad comes at a time that each of these countries is facing increased pressure from china either militarily diplomatically or through trade i'll be asking an expert what these countries plan to do but 1st this report. foreign ministers from 4 of the asia pacific region is biggest powers coming together for face to face talks in
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tokyo. it's only the 2nd time that they've met in this format but quad members say they're keen to step up cooperation the fact that we are meeting today in person despite a global pandemic is a testimony to the importance of consultations have gained access to one major player is missing at that savings china the united states has made little secret of its desire to counter what it sees as beijing's destabilizing influence. when we met now last year the landscape was very different we could never imagine a pandemic that came from mohan. that crisis was made every worse by the chinese communist party as cover up beijing was quick to respond saying secretary pompei who has repeatedly fabricated lies about china and maliciously created political confrontation we once again urge the us to abandon its cold war mentality and
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ideological prejudice. japan says the quad aims to promote regional peace and prosperity and members say that includes upholding democracy and the international order recovery we believe in a region governed by roofs not pat we believe in the fundamental importance of individual rights and in a region in which in which disputes are resolved according to international law. analysts point out that quad numbers all have their own individual interests in their relations with china. but it's also possible the group could form the basis of a nato like alliance to contain a rival power let's get more of this from richard mcgregor he's a senior fellow at the australian think tank the lowy institute and author of the book shows reckoning china japan and the fate of us in the pacific century richard welcome is the quad alliance if i can call of that essentially an anti china
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alliance. well i think the quad ministers would be a little bit reluctant to call it an alliance which in technical terms is a very elevated form of relationship. is it any china will that's a very good question it's a response to china and out whether it's anti china or not that i think will become clearer as the years goes go goes on but it's been to killie interesting because in the statements by the various foreign ministers of the quad meeting in tokyo by pompei or us secretary of state was most but that was the one who talked about china the most the others didn't so much it's all about china whether it's anti china that's a highly pejorative way to put it what does that mean for the visa grouping of ministers and this group of countries then if my form for you is the only one that is talking about china the others aren't what is it that is binding them together and what is their strategy going forward well i mean china is obviously binding
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them together we wouldn't have got a meeting at this level and at this time at a time when mrs john generally travelling that much because of code that 19 without china said china is calling them to give up what is their strategy i think they all of the countries in different ways want to find a way to constrain time china not contain china but to constrain china to give themselves other options now the us is an empire unto itself the u.s. can handle china on its own india japan and australia maybe each other and frankly need america so it's an effort for some sort of unity in managing the rise of china but how effective are these grouping be given the true ties that each of these countries have with china. well if you look at the tried to times each of them
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has with has with china he would have thought this would never have happened they would have never got to give up because you know each of them individually they trade ties of violence fundamental their economies and as china grows probably fundamental to their futures but china's behavior in those countries judgment has been so as so aggressive so destabilizing that they have to look beyond trade they've got to look to geo strategic issues they've got to look to their political standing that look most of all of this security and that's what this is about because they feel that they want to send a message to china that the way that china is behaving right now is destabilizing but how do you think this is playing out to do you see for instance this alliance all of this grouping developing into some sort of security cooperation in months. well it's going slowly it's always going slowly you know the quote 1st came up
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about really you know 1314 years ago when most of a was prime minister of japan for the 1st time then it faded away it's come back again in the last 3 years china has ridiculed it and attacked it and left alone tells you something that if china is angry about it it must matter it's very difficult to predict the entire you know the course of how the quantum will evolve and indeed with the other countries south korea new zealand singapore at some stage might join it but the fact is it is evolving you know it's mechanisms are starting to solidify they are meeting more often and at a higher level constant consultations of themselves develop their own political momentum. you know we're not locating at a night of north asia or all east asia yet but it could of the time become something much more significant but its evolution in the short term accused
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will depend on who eventually occupies the white house next year. i think whoever occupies the white house will support the quad. if mr trump is reelected in my view perhaps in a chaotic fashion in other words. you know the other countries will find us a less reliable less pretty predictable less trustworthy how are i think if mr biden is elected that will solidify the quad a great deal and in fact the u.s. under mr biden he believes in alliances unlike mr trump might want to quote to do a lot more of the time so interesting space to watch thank you so much for joining us richard mcgregor. thank you very much.
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in india the rape and murder of a 19 year old woman by for higher cost man has focused attention on india's infamous cost system activists claim the woman was especially well little because she was from the dull it cost formerly known as until untouchables they came adult explains the allegedly inept handling of her case by police didn't lose money to children reports from. this show anger and demands for accountability on the streets again there are. 7 demonstrations like this one have been taking place across different states to demand justice for young girls a victim of. about 3 hours a week from the national capital and 90 to 100 women without a degree gangrene and brutal life dr mark my words coming up because. she later died the day he. became a popular topic my outfit on the drug for the for the car park line that didn't
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exist but. the prank took place in the hottest district of. the country's most populous state and why this strong coffee divisions and conflict a particularly evident. for many the horrific crime has put the spotlight back on the discrimination and inequality that ballots formerly known as untouchables. a reality that makes them and but to kill only one of the. jokes not so dark and empty calls activist says the attack has underscored how severely oppressed belak women and other marginalized groups are in india. but we're not addressing the root cause of it which is the system and the brutalities that are stemming from as the effect of the system we see every day that these brutalities are manufactured and meted out on the bodies of the little women. people tranced people
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and even muslim women and muslim community as a whole juts not a dark horse the state the police and the indian society as a whole accountable for the crimes committed against the dalit community and women in particular. the 4 accused in the hearts russkies have been arrested but serious questions have been raised against the administration. the police have been accused of watching the case and of cremating the victim's body without the consent or presence of a family a former state police chief says the case was handled insensitively he says the woman's cast lead a major tool really reached through a police station or. risk long grover to really long for her 3rd for bigger brother in the 3rd these things and in this thing the girl had
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a family they were deceiving her brother the list the incident has once again shown a light on the shocking number of crimes against women particularly delicate women in india and demands to confront the issue of drawing ever louder. and that's if. all those stories on. facebook and twitter. and other. children up to those. of us.
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forced to hide in trucks. 6. weeks. there are many
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stories. to make up. the mess. made 4 minds. are european museums ready to give up on art looted from their former colonies some big developments there coming up on arts and culture and. australian musician nick cave displays decades of creativity in experience and exhibition. welcome to arts and culture lawmakers in france voted this week to return more than 2 dozen objects to the 4 countries former colonies i've been in and sent to go the
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pieces include a royal throne that was captured by the french army over a century ago the bill passed the lower chamber of french parliament unanimously and now it's headed to the senate. if approved by the french senate 26 artifacts will be returned to the republic of binning it's taken a while for french lawmakers to reach this stage 3 years ago president manuel mccall promised a quick return but for a long time nothing happened. so recently a congolese activist snatched from the music a brownlee what he believes he was entitle to take. in my initiated the fight for the dignity for the recovery of our heritage our works of art our looted stolen spoiled works of art which are today locked up in various western museums stopped by security he's now on trial on charges of attempted theft. but also
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destructively was the real thief in this story the thief who takes something fraudulently i am the legitimate heir i am the biological administrative and cultural of this heritage you don't you dare you to read this it but in one. it's estimated that some asian descent of africa's cultural heritage is currently located in europe taken through a conflict or forced pass or this dark chapter is one many would like to forget but demands for to be addressed are growing louder. this does not only concern france that many european countries they are now asked to deal with their colonial history and especially with their current relationship with africa which is still marked by slowly lism drop or marker. all of that is in the netherlands the cultural council has just laid down new guidelines on restitution london's been a museum is working on returning artifacts to ethiopia to researching their
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provenance for art historian benedix of boy such time consuming research is needless bureaucracy to get in the front always does we assure him that in most cases. consent was not given which is supported by many reports even when it came to scientific expeditions so we recommend that if demanded these objects should be restitution without major difficulties. it has to have. uncomplicated restitution is still not easy the situation has cast a shadow over the opening at the new home but foreign those in charge want to keep researching. colonel islam is one of the central themes of the entire program at the home book forum that is the university the city museum and the ethnological collections. so why then a $440.00 clearly stolen pieces from bin then being moved into the building for many believe the objects will be much safer in europe and that's in africa's best
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interest. a feeling of superiority and a subtle continuation of colonial mindset in berlin as elsewhere the pressure here is to find a different approach. in the netherlands this week promise to return possibly as many as 100000 works of art and artifacts to former dutch colonies that could include this 70 carat diamond that once belonged to a sultan and what's now part of indonesia the decision was based on recommendations in a report by the dot dutch cultural council a body that advises the dutch parliament on cultural policy and lillian gonsalves whole kanya author of that report she is a lawyer and human rights activist who have another one's advisory committee on colonial collections and this is going to solve it thanks for joining me. right now
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your report is your plan is over 100 pages long what are the key points. as he signs. that we asked why the minister of culture is up for honesty in the 1st place and to recognize that he will go to her object the way i think. will. and. in year 6 has to be rectified in the best possible way of rectify remedy. if it. so when it has. now major museums and another lens have signaled that they're willing to work with those guidelines any restitution still have to be approved by the dutch government
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if all this goes through what impact do you think these restitution is would have on dutch museums and do you think the dutch museums can still set an example for the rest of europe. but then you seem to interconnect and then. react in general is very positive on this and there i'm hungry. yes and they are. to do problems in the search and it has to be there when are the parliamentary aides in a way. s. there are so many also or if. there aren't that these precious people. naming stuff if it's still. going to vote what didn't. the returns and all that reason why accept an excise every.
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now just briefly why now. ok. well people take more and more or an inch fast in your class in history because knowing your class also hope in the haitian. people living in the former colony and in the netherlands and also abroad if this keening that this sign is now to be part of anything or were wrongdoings in the past ms gonzalez i think we're going to have to leave it there thank you so much for coming on arts and culture. thank you very much. some other culture news now of on guard rock musician nick cave has been baring his soul on albums and in concerts for decades well now the singer songwriter is
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exhibiting has visual art has notebooks and personal artifacts at an exhibition in copenhagen and our reporter adrian kennedy immersed himself in the experience. of strangers and kindness the nick cave exhibition is in the basement of the danish royal library in the iconic direct diamond building in copenhagen the pieces of music in the. middle of history's propelling souls away of the tremendous rate. welcome to the cave cave a supper a new network of rooms that provide an insight into a shower manic rock star and represent a new artwork reflecting on the nature of identity and creativity. part of the exhibition consists of painstaking reconstructions of caves former homes and
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workspaces the attention to detail is breathtaking. the idea for the exhibition originally came from koch you're a circus deneuve back. cave overcame some initial reluctance and worked closely on the project. the exhibition also includes the generous part of nick cave's own personal library. with the corona and joost restrictions on visitor numbers it does sometimes feel a little bit like having broken into nick cave's home. alongside the reconstructions the pieces include original artwork personal artifacts collected by the singer no. and. the result is a tense and frightening journey into the mind of one of the most original voices in
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rome. and adrian kennedy is here with me now adrianna how did this exhibit happen a major nick cave exhibition at a library in denmark well it was the royal danish library that approach nick cave's team nick cave pal it wasn't that infused about what could've been just an astounding trip down memory lane but fortunately for us he met with the team and he soon became infused by the ideas and. he saw it partly as an opportunity to share with fans artefacts notebooks and his beautifully crafted handmade books that he says give birth gave birth and norrish the official works the songs and the novels of cave i think it's pretty obvious that you're a big fan though i've heard some rumors but you're back in mid-air in west berlin rub shoulders with nick cave did you start those rumors adrian. just around the
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corner from him in your store so in west berlin 1980 s. i saw him in bars but i was far too timid to speak to him nonetheless it was very strange and it made me feel rather old to see a reconstruction of his burly bedroom there in the exhibition with the books piled high there's a photo. in this room included in the book stranger than kindness companies the expression which shows just how accurate these reconstructions are i'm sure your westborough important part of it just like ok i made you feel old would you still recommend that the exhibition absolutely i only got to spend a couple of hours there and it's a bit to say you could have spent a whole day down there but in this particular. you could spend a whole lifetime down on that and still not get bought this so much detail and also you have nick cave's 6 life reaction disposal what could be better what is
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a whole life basically now the singer in a cave i believe can be experienced in november in select cinemas around the world what can you tell us about that that's why he initially lifestream the film of his concert idiot nick cave in alexandra palace into design but this claimed film were now a cinema release on november 5th and be released as a let me album on to 25. soon. reactivation stranger been kindness thank you now london's royal ballet is finally back it's been 7 months off the stage for britain's biggest ballet company here they are keeping in shape at home for their big comeback at the royal opera house opera is using the company's return
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performance as a test to see how it can get back to having live audiences i'll leave you now with the royal ballet thanks for watching arts and culture.
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how's your view of the world. where i come from but all of that glitters just go just like this chinese food doesn't matter where i am it's always reminds me of home after decades of living in germany chinese food is one of the things i miss the most but that takes me a step back i see things i need to differentiate knowledge benefits a person to go nations that exist as a part of the horse haven't been implemented in china that's new for a lot of chinese people wondering if their foot isn't safe to move but if you have a ride to learn how to do that is this is the job a job that or from how i see it add up to why i love my job because i tried to do it exactly this hour a day by name of the uninsured and i work at it up you. 2
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are an. the morning. i cannot sleep because room for. him though swallow smaller. to me is low the rules. there's no use in the lolo for which. runs a. constant . stream. in a small.
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this is t.v. news ally from berlin germany marks one year since a neo nazi terror attack that left 2 people dead. at this ceremony german president frank salter steinmeier says all citizens have a responsibility to stand against hatred.


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