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tv   Auf ein Wort  Deutsche Welle  October 10, 2020 1:00pm-1:46pm CEST

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this is due to what he means live from berlin ceasefire in central asia after fighting leaves hundreds dead mania and as a vision agreeing to hold the conflict out of the disputed region of nagorno-karabakh but each side is already accusing the other of breaking the armistice also coming up. germany tightens restrictions in big cities out for a surge in corona virus infections chancellor angela merkel warns tough action is
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needed to stop the pandemic spiralling out of control and. destroy any musician it carries draws on decades of creativity for a new show in copenhagen. i'm rebecca riches welcome to the program a safe 5 between armenia and azerbaijan appears to have been short lived the 2 former soviet republics agreed to hope they have decades long conflict over the disputed region of nagorno-karabakh after talks brokered by russia shortly after the ceasefire came into effect each side blames the other for breaking the armistice caught in the middle of thousands of displaced civilians. a new group. some of their own. child forced to take refuge in
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a school. just one of several azerbaijani families who fled here from nearby villages there are scaping heavy fighting near the border of not going to carry back that's torn that lives apart. in the mess we have cast in the ground as we have children we were forced to come here but we go back and forth even if they destroy our house we will go back. to give a guy that a fight. over the border in the disputed region of nagorno-karabakh this armenian father surveys the wreckage his 2 sons have been fighting to protect this breakaway territory he blames azerbaijan for the devastation. there from us every day 15 to 20 times
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a day we can't leave basements all shops are closed there's nothing to eat. golden rule. one of go on a camera back is officially in azerbaijan it's controlled by ethnic amini and forces the last 2 weeks have seen the worst fighting since a war over the disputed territory ended in 1994 russia has been mediating between these 2 former soviet states in the early hours of saturday morning a cease fire was announced. the republic of us about john and the republic of armenia are starting substantial negotiations with the game of achieving a peaceful settlement as soon as possible. now there has to be an exchange of prisoners and the repacked tree ation of bodies. but for families like these caught
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up in this conflict their biggest dream is for a lasting peace. all right let's bring in lawrence powers he's the caucuses program director at the london based peace building organization conciliation resources lawrence thanks for joining us it sounds as though the cease fire has been broken almost before it even started with both sides accusing the other of launching attacks does that mean we're back at square one well that's right if you fire a supposed to have been in place now for some 3 hours and there were already reports that fighting was continuing in the combat zone so i think this is a real test of russia's leverage we're 2 weeks into a major war and the last time there was a major escalation russia was able to broker a cease fire after just 4 days and that was a cease fire that held there was a real urgency to a humanitarian truce at least so that bodies can be exchanged and prisoners of war
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but the real problem is to get back to substantive talks that could take of the political process forward now the as a bizarrely president has said this would be our manias quote last chance to settle the conflict peacefully this has been going on for decades why is it proving so complicated to solve this dispute. well yes the azerbaijani president how many of has said that it's framed in terms of a demand for the withdrawal of armenian forces from the occupied territories this is one of several basic principles that have formed the basis for talks since 2007 the basic problem is though that both sides prioritize the same issue the status of the war the car a bus so the dial emma in a sense for the mediators is to move forward both on security strengthening the ceasefire monitoring infrastructure and moving forward on politics and this new
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round of fighting is all the more complicated through the entry of turkey and azerbaijan feels more confident and less vulnerable to russian pressure perhaps than it did before. this cease fire agreement was brokered by moscow russia and turkey have been heavily involved in the conflict what's at stake here for them well yes the entry of turkey into this conflict in a much more explicit way is a kind of geopolitical power play turkey is seeking to expand its influence to project a more assertive foreign policy and russia in a sense is trying to contain that this is a conflict in the former soviet union russia sees itself as the leader the informal leader of an international coalition to resolve the conflict but i think a key issue is how russia will now deal with turkey since turkey is giving increased capacity and capability to azerbaijan to resist
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a cease fire that it doesn't see as being in its interests so still still wide open a lot to play for in a sense unfortunately lawrence thank you very much for the analysis you're welcome thank you. let's turn now to some of the other stories making news around the world north korea is celebrating the 75th anniversary of its ruling party the capital pyongyang has been staging a massive parade showcasing its military hardware the secretive state's crippled economy has been further ravaged by the pandemic but all farty is have not officially reported any cases of covert 19 to. taiwan is also celebrating its national day president signing when has said tensions with china could be resolved if beijing changes the way it handles relations with the island china insist taiwan is part of its sovereign territory. here in berlin hundreds of left wing activists and i kist have protested over the eviction of residents from
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a housing project the property was one of the last remaining squats in the german capital some protesters threw firecrackers and set cars on fire authorities mobilized some 1500 place. staying in germany in cologne has become the latest city to pass a k. threshold on coronavirus infections it joins berlijn and frankfurt in exceeding 50 new cases for every 100000 residents in awake on friday chants and under merkel and the mayors of the country's 11 biggest cities agreed new measures to slow the virus . from her office in berlin angela merkel's video conference with the mayors of key cities sent the message germany urgently needs to prevent corona spreading in urban centers the other spirity other things we are sense that the big cities they haven't areas and now the area now where we will see if we can keep the pandemic and control in germany as we have done for months so for if we lose control status
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precisely where we are right now it cannot be important than fear to contain the virus the mayor's agreed a tough new framework it could see experts from germany's armed forces and the national disease control body sent into cities if the 7 day infection rate rises above $35.00 per 100000 residents their job would be to focus on contact tracing cities where that infection number is above 50 will require people to wear masks in public spaces and there will also be limits on alcohol sales and socialising berlin and frankfurt have already reached that threshold experts are worried the situation could deteriorate as it has in some other countries the experience in other cities it's like. look into the future if we are not ready. to act on the problem now especially in cities and the element of this
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activity is to inform the general public to avoid misinformation and to rely on the corporation off of the general public including the younger people many young people in berlin's bars of not get change their behavior from saturday people in the capital will only be able to socialize in groups of 5 more if they are from only one or 2 households. it's global you know we have a rule which allows us to take action very quickly because we're saying very clearly these places must be closed from 11 pm it's easy to see if a bar is still open or not if it is an action can be taken quickly to get young people may find it hard to take a break from their social lives but as the chancellor appealed to them to observe the rules she also offered reassurance this photo of everything the return parties nights out fun without corona really matters now is something else i respect and
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solidarity. and if the rise in infections is not halted within 10 days the mayors have agreed to impose even stricter measures. here are some of the other latest developments in the pandemic confirmed coronavirus cases in india and nearing 7000000 there are hopes the right of new infections is slowing or is a warning that europe's 2nd wave of infections has struck well before the flu season has even started they point to widespread covert 19 for taig among populations and everywhere in poland it has now become compulsory for people to wear a mask outdoors infections have also hit a new record high there. some sports now a year after china's state broadcast of banned the north american national basketball association the sport is back on the air chinese state television which holds the t.v. rights for the league game 5 of the n.b.a. finals between the l.a. lakers and the miami hate the n.b.a. is china's most popular sports league was suspended after the manager of the
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houston rockets posted a pro hong kong democracy tweet last october. local businesses in iceland's capital reykjavik have clubbed together to rid their streets of a geek pestilence funding a pension his campaign to clear the sidewalks of discarded chewing gum the 17 year old says he enjoys the work and has already removed more than 15000 stuck logs now he just wishes people would stop and think before spitting out a gun on the streets and one brazilian business woman won't let the pandemic crush her enterprising spirit having lost her job in real estate she decided to turn her 969 volkswagen beetle into a flower shop the idea as a hit with the locals in rio's copacabana beach district in the 1st 3 days the florist has made enough to cover a good chunk of the cost of vintage car
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a rare example of a business booming during these uncertain times. now a strain musician nick cave has been bearing his soul on albums and in concerts for decades the singer songwriter has now turned to different art forms with an exhibition of video installations notebooks and personal artifacts in copenhagen. stranger than kindness the nick cave exhibition is in the basement of the danish royal library in the iconic brecht diamond building in copenhagen the pieces a new spin on. a 1000000 little history propelling souls away at a tremendous rate. welcome to the cave cave a sub to a new network of rooms that provide an insight into russia manic rock star and represent a new artwork reflecting on the nature of identity and creativity. part of the
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exhibition consists of painstaking reconstructions of caves former homes and workspaces the attention to detail is breathtaking. the idea for the exhibition originally came from koch you're a circus deneuve back. cave overcame some initial reluctance and worked closely on the project. the exhibition also includes a generous part of nick cave's own personal library. with the corona and joost restrictions on visitor numbers it does sometimes feel a little bit like having broken into nick cave's home. alongside the reconstructions the pieces include original artwork personal artifacts collected by the singer notes and literature.
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the result is a tense and frightening journey into the mind of one of the most original voices in the wrong. you're watching date of a news coming up next a survivor of covert 9 tain confronts coronavirus skeptics in date of the report up to level headlines at the top of the hour until then you can stand today on our web site at stepney dot com i'm rebecca races for me in the untied states thanks for. small args who turn inspired to change the people making the most of all go africa sometimes sitting right. join them as they set out to save the environment learn from one another and work together for a better future for. many cars do you all for tuning it become tougher go.
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on d w. what secrets lie behind the wall. discover new adventures in 360 degree. and explore fascinating world heritage sites of the coup d. w. world heritage 363 get me up now. coming up chrysler is a german politician and a coded $1000.00 survivors. at this demonstration the free democrat ams to persuade corona skeptics that the virus is real and dangerous as priceless herself knows only too well. she's still suffering from long term effects. are
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a fluke of natural past don't fear any virus not a one on what they do thier lawyers but will priceless words fall on deaf ears. i mean. you survived it thank goodness and how was it. a tough battle you know do tell. i suffered from severe shortness of breath and wound up in hospital without suggest it was ok although even when i was no longer infectious it wasn't over it's affected my speech i'm standing here and want to talk to you i have children speech is so important to communicate in. the business of us then you will be asked. which and those neurological things bothered me it's a normal virus i os if you have
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a halfway healthy immune system it's no problem at all oh i will be printed or doing the measures being taken here all the disaster. oh yeah i hope you stay healthy and your grandkids to the folks time all from the measures them from corona well. yeah i owed it to you for a week but it was like the flu it's a mild flu there's sod off with a mosque because it's time goes on you don't need to make folks even more afraid they're doing just fine colleen of chrysler has traveled 900 kilometers from the north of germany to the south to constance on lake constance just for this demonstration. she's a politician who's active in state politics for her party the f.d.p. warning people about corona is her new mission. but i'm really worried without social distancing or masks people will simply get sick here for example there's
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great controversy about masks but i believe fewer people will fall ill if oaks wear masks to play this enormously speaking the nose expresses our desire for self actualization now we're. i think a piece of cloth over it and our spokes person with our mouths we can no longer practice self actualization we can no longer say what we want to for the simple fact that you know interesting approach but was a god i like to say i don't need to examine all aspects but i want to tell you that when i got ill i was contagious before i went to hospital i was right logically in quarantine with my children. during that time i wore a mask not one of these a medical mask these amazing things and i managed not to infect my children. by thinking of my husband had code that i had coded but we protected our kids with these masks and didn't like them should i mistake that i bought it they are you sure that's so. commonly in a price i mean it's
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a colorful mix of demonstrators including new agers conspiracy theorists hippies and covert deniers as well as those who are simply critical of the corona measures but they're all united by their deep mistrust of politicians that's another reason why priceless here to win back their trust the authorities stipulated that the protesters must social distance most are complying to chrysler's relief protests like this are currently taking place across germany and constanza the police say around $4000.00 demonstrators took part over the weekend the organizers had announced almost 8 times that many would attend on stage they speak of love people make hearts with their hands and then start spouting hate chanting lying press lying press this is part of. many of the speakers here see themselves as victims or oppressed people this evangelical pastor says masks are an instrument of bondage
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and claims they are being used to enslave people as african-americans once were in the us i know that that was slave drivers who enslaved the people. with a system must have outwardly chrysler keep. cool yet she knows that all right groups have used demonstrations like this to spread their propaganda. in august protestors in berlin away tykes plug in and imperial war flags considered to be symbols of neo nazi sentiment. they even carried them up the steps of the reichstag the german parliament a scene which outraged many. of the city of konstanz has banned the use of such blacks at the demonstration yet priceless still heard far right rhetoric being spouted there all the same. it's been here all day i can't believe that we just celebrated 30 years of german reunification we have a democracy to celebrate but also to defend here i'm constantly hearing that we
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live in a dictatorship and things are on the verge of collapse i can't believe it i can't believe how they treat people in the work of decades of peaceful democracy. 6 months earlier chrysler isolated in this hospital room was having trouble breathing . i'm being given oxygen and can use this nebulizer. she documented her experiences and put her corona diary up on twitter to this day she's not fully fit she finds it hard to stand for long periods get short of breath and has nosebleeds during the demonstrations she takes a rest break in her hotel room. last march she spent 6 days in the hospital fighting. my mother my husband and i said goodbye and weren't really sure if we'd ever see one another again. which meant we were also under pressure to settle our affairs and not only was i breathless and had this fear of suffocating we had to
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decide what to do. he brought the children into the room and they could only say good bye to me through the window and we thought. that was the last time they should at least have the chance to say goodbye. but it all turned out well her husband who also contracted cope at 19 stayed home and cared for their 3 children while social distancing so for median family communication that transcends old boundaries. there is our yellow line. and behind it is my i don't want to go this way we can talk. oh i don't know. in the hospital you know priceless really missed her husband and children. this is in a really long to see my family. this morning my daughter face time to me and we
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kissed and cuddled. she was so unhappy because her homework wasn't going so well and she cried. she could see even more but i could only hug and kiss her over the screen. but not really broke my heart shocking that. she wants to help others avoid such heartbreaking situations. but back at the demonstration she's met with nothing but skepticism. how much are they paying you to do this voluntary i got no money i'm a natural path i don't believe in co bit at all absolutely nothing and i believe that you are being paid to do what you don't need to worry about me not at all don't worry natural paths don't fear any virus not one but they fear liars natural paths are very afraid of paid lawyers. to get circle but you keep saying i'm being paid because i'm doing this as
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a volunteer that upsets me you've hurt my feelings because i couldn't believe it right from the start because we have our herbal tinctures in the cupboard and they help and then the fear of any virus vanishes in a flash. very hard to put your certainly earning well from this you certainly are. not getting any money i'm doing this in my free time i know you get some kind of perks i'm sure of it. might be sad that you think so poorly of others. chrysler remains patient she wants to give everyone a chance and not push them into the arms of the far right. there are also people here who want to bring down the government or assemble anti democratic forces. those who go onto the streets with. high citizens. i think that's the wrong way if we want to have a democracy we have to fight for every citizen. not to leave them to the extremists
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. counter-demonstrators have also come to constance but unlike heisler they just want their opponents to leave. by. here on. the counter protesters believe that for all just one place their trust in science as do most germans they split up into little groups and go all over town the police say some 2700 counter demonstrators were here over the weekend many of them feared that groups of krona skeptics are being infiltrated by the far right and neo nazis and they want to take a stand against that he didn't. vote on bags commissioner against anti semitism is also speaking at the gathering he's read colleen a priceless corona diary and wanted to meet her in person who. is going to think it's not enough of the. tells priceless that he's heard some clearly
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anti semitic remarks here. i just posted the jewish community in nam are it if the people have concerns over criticism you can talk about them but raising imperio move fired is insulting jews and wishing politicians would die it is not ok if the . same thing happens to me often during discussions of the day i'd say thanks for being so frank that pleases me and i'll give some thought to what you said and still time and again came another volley of insults the message never got through i could. late i made peace signals smoke signals there was no appeasing them it wasn't a constitution on basic norms of a defunct democracy with a most people want things to stay that way but these people need to scapegoat someone they comply and that's politicians like you and scientists like me. and i'm fortunate in that time and again i find some jewish communities after all in this together i think the stem just starts true i'm so happy we got to meet here.
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once again she returns to the corona skeptics rally. good but eventually even calling up heisler has had enough can you prove you had to have it in my shorthand . and i'm always all worked up at the end of a day like this but i think it's extremely important to engage people because politics begins at demonstrations like this so i listen closely and gather lots of info so then i sort myself out and feel better. we've made lots of mistakes in the past especially in our debate culture mention that i denigrate people as covidien from the start i can't conduct a dialogue with them at eye level so feel more dialogue and less hate that's calling up priceless call along with convincing people to take coronavirus seriously.
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literature in the age of cologne or. more than winning the whole set up. experimenting with an online book fair. and a female poet is a literatures highest honor. our shores. on w. . country at peace and yet on the frontline. germany during the cold war. on for decades this is way to faced off against. how do ordinary germans experience the conflict.
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germany and the cold war. 45 minutes on d w. w's crime fighters are back with africa's most successful radio drama series continues all of us odes are available online and of course you can share and discuss on w. africa's facebook page and other social media platforms crime fighters tune in you know. the stuff fact the frankfurt book fair is even taking place in sound a signal of hope and.
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literature in the time of corona a shortlist of new prize where the novels a distinguished author and a digital book fair how is the literary weld coping with the pandemic 21 gets the views of some writers and then organizer. but 1st the. biggest awards of all the rebel prize in literature for 2020 is awarded to the american poet reis click for her politicos. few people were expecting her to win the 2020 nobel prize in literature the poet louise glick the committee praised the austere beauty of her writing her reaction was like on a charge of haitian. the journal of joy gratitude. blake
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has received numerous awards in the u.s. and she was the country's poet laureate. she was born in 1903 in new york city and her father signed she's descended from hungary and jews who emigrated to the u.s. glick suffered from anorexia and dropped out of college she spent years receiving psychiatric treatment she has always processed her own life experiences and her poetry her unique writing making them universally relatable her works often deal with grief and the fragility of life pain is her terrain in 1993 she won the pulitzer prize for poetry for the wild iris a collection of poems about the changes that take place in a garden in 2014 she won a national book award for poetry for faithful and virtuous knight a dreamlike journey through the night with its quiet tender language and cliques poetry depicts the greatness of human existence found in the small things in life
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she herself is soft spoken and modest i want to say that this is a very difficult it's very difficult to lose it many times and it also it turns out is very difficult so when it's not in my script in the run up to the u.s. presidential elections the nobel committee has chosen to honor a u.s. citizen whose work stands above the divisions currently rending the country or are characterized by striving for clarity childhood and family life. close relations to parents and siblings is the 3rd matic that has remained with. the nobel prize for a delicate. it's time for the rest of the world to get to know the poetry of the movie's click. every october the frankfurt book fair is a meeting point for the literature seen in normal years that is in 2019 more than
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300000 visitors and 7000 exhibitors thrown into the world's biggest trade show for books this year the halls are empty the exhibition had to be cancelled due to the coronavirus time demick a blow to all those authors publishers organizers and the reading public we met up with the director of the book fair to talk about the future of an institution. for a long time you stuck to your plans to hold a scaled down version of the frankfurt book they're now the event as we know it has been cancelled and replaced with a predominantly on line book. what can we expect in. for this when the exhibition halls we're familiar with won't exist with us so along with this decentralized affair we had to create a relatively large digital concept that would meet the needs of the book trade in the publishing rights trade while also putting the focus on books and the authors
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so we've created a book festival for an online book festival or hand set up a virtual broadcast center in frankfurt arena from which will broadcast to the entire world there will produce content interviews readings discussions and political events for the fair isn't just a place to do business or for the public it's about political discourse to put it is it will have a classical opening but many publishers have actually said no we'll send a team to our author to an interview with him or her and then submit it to us. will the book there ever be like it was before. it will be very similar we're trying to see what works digitally out of the business transactions function how does the interaction with the public work online whatever proves itself worthy will use again next year. in the wake of the frankfurt the fact
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traditionally kicks off with the awarding of the german but price to a full house but this year the pared down event is being streamed from the frankfurt city hall. we present the 6 you know many from the 2020 short list for the price. suite to treat and a product of slavery sensual pleasure capitalism and economics. as 3rd novel out of the sugar factory covers a lot of ground. sugar has always interested me as a material. for many i would say it's historically been seen as an indulgence something that you never give in to something you crave yet at the same time it was produced on sugar plantations under murderous conditions. explores the connection between covetousness and european colonialism she travels
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through time tracing biographies from karl marx to mystic. to the 1st swiss lotto millionaire. what. a hunger and the burning desire to transcend boundaries. this wanting this desire that i found in all of the characters in one way or another was something i wanted to question how does that develop. now how do we learn it. in her book everything is interrelated new connections are always being made yet there's no real plot and america says she can't and doesn't want to write novels that explain the world instead she aims to make its fissures and fault lines visible while. being a fine man because that comes much closer to my understanding of things. i don't
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expect writing to bring me clarity in comprehension but rather confusion and food for thought. the daughter keeps coming up with new questions instead of answering them her fragmentary text as it once enticing and sobering. in the next shortlisted novel the french resistance and the war in algeria. are no beaumanoir known as annette was she a terrorist responsible for attacks which resulted in numerous deaths for a saint who a supporter of the oppressed. she's now nearing 100 when unavailable 1st met an interview years ago she knew she had to write about this woman and her incredible life and she did so in the form of an epic poem i couldn't imagine writing
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a classical novel in which i'd put some words in my protagonists mouth for instance or invent some dialogue. soon i recalled that there was an ancient form in which great exploits and daring deeds were told. bob woodward and that's the heroic at the end with me it became a heroine's epic. and i hadn't thought about. the woman whose life unavailable recount says a novel in verse was born in a fishing village in brittany she was the only child of staunch communists who wanted to create a better world and there was determined to fight for that too in 1940 when the germans occupied france she joined the french resistance risking her life more than once. after the war and it plunged into a new battle fighting for algerian independence from france unavailable writes how
1:40 pm
annette in exile realized her around syrian comrades were just as brutal as their french occupiers but does that make her a heroine of the soul and out of love it is a kind of on the edge of that it's not a had the. this isn't always questioning for instance when one is it permissible to kill people to achieve a certain goal i'm going to see you. while reading the novel a nobleman one says she didn't even recognise herself the heroine of an of a bizarre pick is a literary figure as unique as the woman who inspired her. the next entry reaches further back in the world of the imagination. christine vaughan a girl likes historical locations and figures her most recent work whose translated title is the lady with the painted hand transports the reader to 18th century india . the german mathematician cast a newborn is stranded on
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a small island with the astronomer most hoary from j. pore a center of astronomy at the time here are some ideas a bit of anyone who sees these pictures of the buildings in jaipur or has to want to know what life was like at the time. so it's not easy to. research well there's a lot about astronomy and science but not so much about all the surrounding stories . that's why i've decided to write her own story about a muslim astronomer and a christian mathematician whose paths crossed by chance. under a foreign sky their world views and religions collide and confront each other. but then under the stars it doesn't matter who cares whether they can pray together so long as they can gaze at the stars together. but they even disagree on the stars whereas the german can make out the beautiful queen that is casio piaa
1:42 pm
interprets the constellation as a woman's hand painted with henna. celebrates these differences between western and eastern views with irony and empathy. i'm glad that people who read it are often amused because they understand the certain tragic nature of my writing that i suffer to. christine has written a tragicomic novel about the adventure that is science. with a challenge to hobnob with prize winners and celebrities the friend has always relied on direct personal contact. 2020 the festival is decentralized and digital the pandemic has changed so much. the fun for coming in when you gauge what's been lost with the actual frankfurt book fair. since online offerings are so goal oriented some of the creativity is
1:43 pm
lost some chance encounters a lost opportunity to see what the doing that's what's nice about the physical affair i can look over people's shoulders and see what's happening 10 meters away i can do that online so all those moments that are so in. into our industry to being creative is completely fallen by the wayside and we all missed that. we all have this great desire to meet one another again. there had already changed in recent years even before the coronavirus became more open to other sectors what does the future hold. 20 years ago we opened up to film because film material is really material and in recent years we've seen that development continue with electronic books with e-books and then in the last 2 or 3 years came a massive influx of audio books now we have folks like netflix who originally needing content that books are always the main focus but the circle of those
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meeting up in frankfurt has expanded. frank search since 949 the central german city has been the venue of the world's biggest book fair and it's the setting of. course sky one of 2 autobiographical novels nominated for gemini but price. a trip home where nothing has changed in all the intervening years the industrial park looms over the residential areas those who live here don't even notice its dominance anymore they simply live with it their chances of getting away are slim and most don't even want to leave. translated as is about a young woman who did leave it's the literary of denny's who explores her own life in the form of a novel. the narrator who has no name is the daughter of a turkish migrant mother and
1:45 pm
a german father who works at the local chemical plant when she returns to her childhood home she is overcome by a flood of memories of school for instance the time of humiliation nobody ever believed in her as i was i didn't want to read a pamphlet against school or against toxic family relations. so i wanted to depict how these relations and the situation in which the narrator found herself affected her in her life in that. that situation is a society which talks about equality but does not offer any opportunities to a working class girl. her parents are no help either and would prefer their daughter to stay where she came from pretty close to the bottom the narrator follows a lonely path but there is no anger quietly resolutely she manages to graduate from university but her novel is not about criticizing the education system or giving instructions on how to improve it have
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a lot of libya's socialist understanding of literature where the reader expects some kind of utopia or the possibility of a future.


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