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tv   Euromaxx  Deutsche Welle  October 10, 2020 3:03pm-3:30pm CEST

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some us every day 15 to 20 times a day we can't leave basements all shops are closed there's nothing to eat. while on the go on a carriage back is officially in azerbaijan it's controlled by ethnic amini and forces the last 2 weeks have seen the worst fighting since a war over the disputed territory ended in 1994 russia has been mediating between these 2 former soviet states in the early hours of saturday morning a cease fire was announced. the republic of the republic of armenia are starting substantial negotiations with the aim of achieving a peaceful settlement as soon as possible. now there is to be an exchange of prisoners and the repatriation of bodies. but for families like these caught up in
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this conflict their biggest dream is for a last piece. of a more i'm joined by a doctor for a jeff if he is the chairman of the center of analysis and international relations based in as a vision in capital back doctors have if thanks for your time this conflict has been going on for years a lot longer than just this recent escalation why is it proving so difficult to solve. well you just said that the. commanders it's the disputed territory and it's actually quite internationally recognized as a part of their budget and in 1903 united nations security council adopted for demanding immediate withdrawal all applying forces from other barge up unfortunately the versatile lucian's are both implemented for 26 years negotiating the peaceful resolution and. their union side announced that
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the abandoning the documents which we kept for the last dozen of the years we discussed the principles and moreover we decided to change the form of the negotiation so we came to the point when the one side i mean your side the peace process and mean stuff for that means the fight to get out i think that's the legal reason that the main reason why we still i mean people from both sides of the conflict suffered today and both sides i claiming that the other one brought this a spire but the conflict has been further complicated by turkey's involvement as anchor his involvement emboldened the as a bit. you know turkey with all this present. historical and cultural relationship with turkey including also political military
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but i mean if you looked at the main player in usage and it was all this russia russia has minuter beach in armenia and stuff like that. with russia. so i know what to do is the western media. too much attention on turkey i would say is turkey's balancing our region right now. nevertheless in azerbaijan the media control of russia it was quite helpful in these days and to russia and one of the official media is that a free country is united states france and russia and i think. showed the meeting the neutrality but back to turkey i would say that we feel that the role of turkey's constructive as a balance of power in the region or where does this conflict stand now the
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ceasefire appears to be broken. yes we said we scientists fire consist of 4 points and one point about their warning tare introduced to exchange the bodies and prisoners of war etc up to our important points these 2 huge substantive negotiations because as i said in march 200-1000 abandoned the so-called the math the principles and the. important point is to preserve the form of the negotiations between our niña and azerbaijan because that was also there that then by armenian side to change the former if you will fall all these steps 4 steps which is in shrine in yes that is the. program we can come up with the peaceful diplomatic solutions but no we haven't by john is going to wait for another 26 years for useless negotiations or. chafee ever speaking to us
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from the as a vision of capital thank you thank you. well let's turn now to some of the other stories making news around the world north korea's leader kim jong un has apologized for his paypal's difficult lives came with speaking at a parade in the capital pyongyang to mark the 75th anniversary of the ruling party the economy has been ravaged by the pandemic or forty's have not officially reported any cases of covert 19. taiwan is also celebrating its national day president sign when has said tensions with china could be resolved if beijing changes the way it handles relations with the island china insists taiwan is part of its sovereign territory. here in berlin hundreds of left wing activists have protested over the eviction of residents from a house that had been occupied for 3 decades the property was one of the last
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remaining squats in the german capital some protesters threw firecrackers and set cars on fire or thora he's mobilized some 1500 riot police. are staying in germany and rapidly rising corona virus infections have prompted action from the authorities cologne has joined frank said anne boleyn on the list of cities where new cases have exceeded a key measure bars and restaurants have to close early there's some doubt about whether the new restrictions will be enough to stop the spike. 11 pm and its poor in with rain but that doesn't stop these young people here in berlin neither does the rise in corona virus infections in the past few weeks the police have had to clear public squares and parks people were ignoring hygiene and social distancing rules now the city is cracking down. and it is on my feet and that's it since the end of the summer holidays the focus
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has shifted to young people who got infected during leisure activities 5 especially in pubs people get in fact. because they don't keep their distance when it gets late that you can absent the speech of. the new rules are strict no more than 5 people can gather at 11 at night private parties will be limited to 10 instead of 25 guests bars restaurants and kiosks will also have to close between 11 pm and 6 am bartender jango is frustrated. time is crucial for us that's when the bar is running at full swing with lots of customers around and then to say you have to leave now we're not allowed to serve you anymore is it true that's the end for us. and what happens after young people have to leave the bars at 11 o'clock well they actually go home just because i was
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on the form but i'm not planning to go home until 11 i want to live my life and enjoy it as much as possible so it's. quite as long as the void those who want to drink will get their drinks beforehand they get out of all from the supermarket and drink it anyway until 5 am no matter whether the bars or clubs are open of the box of mom because of mom's that's right of course i want to go out for dinner in the evenings and sit together after 11 but personally i want to take people with a higher infection risk into consideration i can step back. the new restrictions are set to remain in force until the end of this month but if infections keep rising because it's could be extended. and are some of the other latest developments in the pandemic confirmed coronavirus cases in india and nearing 7000000 there are hopes the right of the infection is slowing off r.t. is a warning that europe's 2nd wave of infections has struck well before the flu season has even started they point to widespread covert 19 fatigue among populations and
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everywhere in poland is now because it's now become compulsory for people to wear masks outdoors infections have also hit a new record high there. well a year out to china china's state broadcaster and the american national basketball association the sport is back on the air chinese state television which holds the t.v. rights for the league a game 5 of the n.b.a. finals between the l.a. lakers and the miami heat the n.b.a. is china's most popular sports league bought was suspended after the manager of the houston rockets posted a pro hong kong democracy tweet last october. estradiol musician nick cave has been baring his soul on albums and concerts for decades the singer songwriter has now turned to different art forms with an exhibition of video installations notebooks and personal artifacts in copenhagen. stranger
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than kindness the nick cave exhibition is in the basement of the danish royal library in the iconic brecht diamond building in copenhagen the pieces of news. history is propelling souls away a tremendous rate. welcome to the cave cave a supper a new network of rooms that provide an insight into a manic rock star and represent a new artwork reflecting on the nature of identity and creativity. part of the exhibition consists of painstaking reconstructions of caves former homes and workspaces the attention to detail is breathtaking. the idea for the exhibition originally came from koch you're
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a circus deneuve back. cave overcame some initial reluctance and works closely on the project. the exhibition also includes a generous part of nick cave's own personal library. with the corona and joost restrictions on visitor numbers it does sometimes feel a little bit like having broken into nick cave's home. alongside the reconstructions the pieces include original artwork personal artifacts collected by the singer notes and literature. the result is a tense and frightening journey into the mind of one of the most original voices in rock. and his reminder of the top story we're following for you i mean aaron as vision of accusing each other of breaking a cease fire almost as soon as it came into effect the 2. former soviet republics
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previously a great hope that decades long conflict of the disputed region of nepal my car back . here watching state of new news up next wild stories the weekend reports will have more news headlines at the top of the hour i go on. that. every day counts for us and for our planet play. the ideas is on its way to bring you more conservation a place how do we make seduced greener how can we protect animals and their habitats what to do with the waste. we can make a difference by choosing reforestation over deforestation recycling over disposable
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smart solutions superstrings said you know what a suburban is truly unique and we know that their uniqueness is why the wows us to live and survive good why do you oppose the empire mental susu global 3000 on g.w. and on the lead. player this week on moral stores. it's of lessons from the container. turkey waiting for tourists but we begin in russia where at the beginning of october journalist irene a subpoena set yourself on fire and later died from her interests the russian federation is responsible for my death was the message she left the country spoke.
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of death that's. shock waves through the city and through russia in need of good had hundreds of mourners came out to remember the journalist. who lit herself on fire here last week. in us live in equals freedom of speech this sign reads. and at her public memorial service anyone who wanted could say a few words in the journalists. sorry that we didn't save you didn't keep you safe. you know worked with us live in up she remembers her colleague as being fiercely independent despite working in a country where media censorship is commonplace. it's hard to approach the authorities and ask questions now but irina always asked she asked uncomfortable questions you couldn't please her she upset p.r.
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officers because she didn't try to safeguard anyone's reputation she always collected the facts to reveal a full picture of the very corruption and human rights violations but. her supporters say slavin i was under near constant pressure by the authorities she had to pay several fines for her work at the independent media outlet she founded and just before her self-immolation security forces searched her home over a case against opposition activists. home was searched on the same day the opposition politician things the authorities wanted to silence indian us live in the. ability to i think she definitely meant her death to be a political act a final political act it was a final attempt to get through to people but she seems to have felt that the classical tools she had a media outlet her facebook. page that wasn't enough for her they didn't get her
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the reaction she wanted. the governor of the region has expressed his condolences for death and promised a full investigation into its circumstances. meanwhile the bench where she let herself on fire outside a police building has become an improvised memorial to the independent journalist. it was good for the worst it's countries at the beginning of the corona virus pandemic. while infections there are increasing and the government and citizens have learned hard lessons from the 2 logics to ation earlier fear. she lived through the spanish flu the 2 world wars and now she survived cope with 1940 money greeny is 108 years old during the 1st wave of the coronavirus in
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italy she watched many friends and her nursing home die well. you know we have been through so many things in my life and i'm still here it looks as if jesus christ doesn't want me. care homes were hard hits in the early stages of the pandemic when milan was at the epicenter of the outbreak more than half of the 33000 lives lost to cover it 19 in italy were here in the city and the surrounding lumberville region. vanda gutty a volunteer with the white cross provided emergency support during the most acute stage of the crisis she captured some impressions of the chaos on her phone relieved. a very traumatic experience like a tsunami something that in the moment drives change it completely everything's so from that moment that we change our end of year we are our
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approach to the life people are legally obliged to wear masks in all crowded places from 6 pm to 6 am and many also keep theirs on during the day another reason infection rates are rising slowly is the long term effect of italy's harsh lockdown which kept people confined to their homes for months on end. professor maria retouches mondo's says there's no magic formula for other countries to follow italy is not perfect and it certainly can't go it alone i think it is an important . thing to think out to the european to have this same of protocol all therapy the same. exchange of experiences the same require counting not just the localizer back to just the motto you
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know european the strategy to face. the professor also has high hopes for a rep it's testing scheme the government plans to roll out in schools that's good news for material and his sister the tortilla they started class only 2 weeks ago and don't want to go back to home schooling. us and i hope we can soon take off the mosques and get a bit closer to each other without having to keep our distance all the time. since the other is that it isn't that it only stands. that. this cemetery is a bitter reminder of milan's collective trauma the 128 people laid to rest here where brought here from overcrowded hospitals and morgues public support for ongoing restriction remains high many now fear the approaching winter.
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in turkey like and other countries the coronavirus pandemic has greatly hindered freedom of movement i'm traveling to countries tourism industry is suffering as a result which includes istanbul. at 1st glance the stumble looks as lively as it did before the coronavirus crisis. is. but if you talk to shopkeepers in the touristy areas you'll only he complains there are still hardly any foreign visitors and the frustration is growing by the day. we hear from morning till evening but we sell very little sometimes just one souvenir a day for. all of us have debts we aren't selling anything we can't pay our rent so it's a lost season utterly lost because even luxury hotels like the parapet alice
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are in crisis mode because of the pandemic and. the building is one of the stumbles landmarks and manager john carroll proudly shows me how beautiful it is the hotel was billed 130 years ago for the passengers of the legendary orient express today guests are staying in rooms once graced by emperor as presidents and movie stars. or agatha christie who wrote crime novels here. at the moment so most of the $115.00 rooms of farley disinfected and abandoned. $21000.00 was a very successful year for. it was the changing the person to a 95 per cent at the start of 2000 the. pandemic. first. person.
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0 the situation has been particularly dramatic on the tank usual riviera and tell us the long beach is deserted for months most hotels closed. since early august holiday makers have been returning mainly from russia because the government there is allowing flights to techie again. some. action has returned to intel yes pools and to towel owners now hope they can extend the summer season far into autumn. at the para palace they also hope for better times the hotel survived 2 world wars it might also survive within demick. but everyone here knows it will take time before tourists come back in large numbers and marvel at the sunset over the eastern ball from the terrace of the para palace.
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children really for creation took place 30 years ago afterward many people left eastern many to find work in the wealthier western harsh of the country but their new gradually returning to more remote areas. a small town in an idyllic lakeside setting pen kuhn in the far north east is marking the 30th anniversary of the end of communist east germany or not term of the 3rd a public holiday either before and it's something to celebrate i'm glad i experienced it then and that i can live like i do today things are much better now ph. d. w. last reported from paying khun 13 years ago at that time young women were leading the d. population of the region leaving the older men behind the women always wanted to move west. go hamburg somewhere like that. definitely going yes
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i'm out of here. it's rubbish here. paying khun and the whole of the northeast seemed then to be in terminal decline. today it appears at 1st that most of the residents are still men but in fact there are young women with children living here as well the men as says there's no more talk of the town dying on its feet which is it and as always yeah more things have changed young families are moving here from berlin and the stettin area. some of polish families bringing a breath of fresh air to our town or. life in pen can began to improve in 2007 when the border opened between poland and germany paying khun is not far from the polish city of state teen a lot has changed since then the school was on the verge of closing but is now
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thriving thanks to its polish pupils. new homes are being built and more are planned people can also grow old here young people are moving to paying khun to work as carers in this retirement home not everything in pink is perfect ironically a building called unity house is an i saw it will soon be converted into a medical center other buildings are empty the last 2 shops in the market square have closed and you won't find anything to eat and drink but paying coon is not on its last legs there are just as many women as men again here and their numbers are growing.
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what's the secret to a perfectly fried potato the food you have some notional dishes there a distinctive character. that. europe's favorite dishes with their small and big secrets you know series of feet secrets. the. next w. . camping in brandenburg is popular the scope of 19 summer. lukash de gallo takes a break from a city in germany zuko mark region it's just the perfect boston for all those looking for peace and quiet not many people and lots of nature either way it's an adventure. and you take your own accommodation with you. to give. him 60 minutes long t.w. . to. be there i'm seated and this is
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a climate change sex. happiness increase books. this is the book for you to. get smarter or free to go where you go on you tube. i really love or join another edition of your own x. i'm your host meghan lee now there is a good reason why i am literally hanging here in the balance on a portable ledge more about that.


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