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tv   Global 3000  Deutsche Welle  October 14, 2020 5:03pm-5:30pm CEST

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the laser industries schools will be shut for 3 weeks masks at trans stops asked officials conceded they may have relaxed route too quickly in the summer. where. i wasn't strong enough in the summer and i didn't insist on measures to protect us from the 2nd wave. meanwhile in france business owners in the capital threw a cocktail party protest to draw attention to their plight. barger in the middle of a 2 week closure that officials hope which stem the rising number of infections it hasn't and the public is bracing for new restrictions to be announced. your government needs to put in place strong and powerful measures in line with the economic tragedy that we're facing here and across france. across europe growing infection rates for measures and the inevitable health and
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economic hardship to follow as they head for which there are no easy fixes. well germany is a coronavirus caseload is also increasing rapidly 5000 new coronavirus cases have been recorded in a single day the highest number seen here since april but with growing confusion over different sets of rules across the country 16 states german chancellor angela merkel is meeting state leaders to find a more effective approach meanwhile her health minister has his own message for the public. germany's health minister on getting a flu shot setting an example as he called on the public to get vaccinated as called in 1000 cases right in the country the flu season is also beginning sponsored it's important to keep the flu so people say out of hospitals and the german health system isn't overwhelmed. a lot of people fill it with coven 19 and on top of that
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a lot of people get the flu especially since they are 2 respiratory diseases with similar symptoms then our health care system can reach its limits. the incidence of new coronavirus cases in germany keeps rising and every day new cities join the list of risk areas. some areas in germany have surpassed the key threshold of 50 infections per 100000 inhabitants over the last 7 days including major cities such as frankfurt berlin munich and cologne as infections climb germany is trying to figure out how to deal with the new upsurge one problem the solutions differ all over the country in berlin for example there are no limitations for travellers from inner german risk areas staying in hotels there is also no obligation to wear masks on the streets.
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another city another set of rules in munich travelers from designated risk areas can only stay at a hotel if they show a recent negative covert test and masks are mandatory in some outdoor areas of the city the different rules are making it hard for germans to understand what they can and cannot do in essence no one can really remember this seem to be pointless. for a long period of time because more and more cities are going beyond which is. social issues and use here so the policy becomes redundant in a couple of weeks anyway. but the end of that chaos might be near the leaders of germany's 16 federal states are meeting with chancellor angela merkel in berlin for the 1st non virtual meeting in months some state premiers have already announced they will cling to the accommodation ban well others want to see it dropped the
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question is will the chancellor's personal and in person or 30 be enough to unify the positions. let's take a look at this we have professor to be escorted he's an epidemiologist at a hospital he is also director of balance of public health institute welcome to d w what would you like to hear come out of this meeting between i'm going to macro. germany's state leaders. you know i think we're all hoping for a base rule of the measures so it's not as confusing as just stated in the report it's very difficult right now to really know what you have to do in your own city or if you travel or if you have to travel to another city if that's even still possible so i think in terms of the communication it will be very helpful to have a more unified measure and is there a danger given the there has to be an accommodation for 16 different leaders is there a danger but they will level down rather than up there's always of
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course a reason for discussion and the pandemic has affected regions differently so it makes total sense that some regions have different opinions than other regions and say it's a german system but i hope that they will find a solution and they see that the increasing number of cases are an important turning point right now where everyone has to act to act jointly. the interest increasing number of cases is of itself quite interesting we're seeing 5000 new infections registered over one day an increase of more than a 1000 compared to previous days what do you think is driving this increase well this increase was expected we have the flu season we have to cold weather coming in so to corona cases are rising as expected actually not as high as i personally would have expected it early on and still not in the numbers that we see in other
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countries that unfortunately have much higher number but we see this trend we see an increasing number and we have to act now to ease lowered infection rate and to keep things open schools restaurants other businesses as long as possible that would be very important you say you would expect this because this is the flu season. why does that matter. with 2 diseases the 2 conditions becoming conflated. well the virus spread in the color season more likely and we know it is from for many many data collected over many years and so it's not really a surprise to corona infections also increase now and of course we're doing a lot of testing we don't lot of tracing but nevertheless this was expected and i hope everyone understands that the pandemic is always decided on the population level and we all can help to reduce the number of infections by keeping a distance wearing a mask and following the hygiene measures that we that we have we're seeing this
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rise in infection around the world this is clearly not just a german problem when you look around the world where if you look and say we need to be more like van. is no i don't think you can you can make comparisons to other countries setting is so different to health care systems are different the way people test or countries are testing is very different so i think we should not look reffed a left or right we should focus on what we can do how our health care system is doing and other countries should do the same thing. so there's lots of talk about a 2nd wave of infection is that is that the right way to look at it or is this just the way that these diseases spread this is just the 1st what doing it doing what diseases do well again we would have expected an increase in the fall in the winter so some people call this a 2nd wave so this is actually expected and it will also hopefully go down very
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soon and it's also expected they get better in the spring time or hopefully we have a vaccination soon that the numbers of infections go down again so i don't think there's something there's something very special about about the corona virus and this increase was expected to talk to you thank you for joining us professor professor to be a squirt. situation in the u.k. is also becoming worse and northern ireland's regional government is re imposing a tough lock down restrictions as infections skyrocket there are britain's prime minister barak's johnson's under pressure to go further than the newly agreed 3 tier system of regional restrictions for england critics are calling for a u.k. wide lockdown this week the government scientific advisory committee came out in favor of a 2 week lock down mr johnson who is out he said that would be
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a disaster for the country the u.k. has suffered europe's worst pandemic death toll more than $43000.00. corresponded to get mass is in london welcome burkett so the prime minister has been in parliament defending these latest pandemic control figures for england how about go . we've seen a dramatic change in tact from the opposition so far the opposition has more or less supportive what the prime minister was planning in terms of lockdowns so all the way through the law the hard lock down early in the year the opposition that was supportive of that masha and also when. then was the you know the it was less hard and people were allowed to do go about their business in a more normal way however now we saw that the leader of the labor position is really accusing the government of not following the science anymore because you've
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explained it expert committee that's advising the government on coronado has actually argue that something more is needed so that these measures that the prime minister has just recently announced which is 3 tier system so 3 different sorts of measures in the regions is not enough and they say it's how could break is needed another national locked down possibly not very long but that this is needed and what it would do to just stop the virus spreading from now and save the opposition is criticising the prime minister of not going far enough so that's the situation in england in northern ireland very few employers imposed europe's strictest 2nd wave lockdown it does seem inevitable that the rest of the country will follow. well know that island is one of the hot spots in the u.k. where you've seen a dramatic rise and cases recently however there are other hot spots for example in
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the north of england it's been reported that in the novel and that some hospitals are already overwhelmed and that they had to stop elective procedure as sort of normal procedures non-code related and this is something that doctors also in other parts of england are fearing that one doctor said he's hearing that a tsunami of cases is going to come and that it will overwhelm the health system so this is the reason that northern ireland has gone for something much more streaks and scientists are saying you have to do this is pressure from government advising scientists to say do this for the whole country at least for a limited period of couple of time in order to avert more damage later on in the year and then you carry is about to suffer a sort of double economic show with the coronavirus finally leaving the european union how economic damage or are these pandemic control measures likely to be.
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if you take for example the automotive industry they have already just from corona suffered so much they've seen more than 10000 of jobs being lost if you also take the automotive suppliers say already quite devastating they say that if also breaks it with no deal with no trade agreement with the e.u. if that would follow at the end of the year and with all the disruption that will and tail fall the supply change that could more or less destroy this particular manufacturing industry and we have this c.b.i. the biggest business organization really warning that whole regions could more or less be wiped out so it is something that business leaders are really looking at and they're hoping that at least it will be some sort of trade deal with the use of the destruction by bricks of this minimized birgitte mass in london thank you so much. well turning now to some of the other stories making news around the world
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german think tanks are one of the country's economy is set to be hit harder by the pandemic than previously thought of an hour forecasting it will shrink by 5.4 percent to 2020. 1 percentage point more than previous projections. european union has agreed to sanction 6 russian security officials over the poisoning of a russian opposition leader alexei navalny asset freezes and travel bans are to be implemented within days russia's threaten to were hit back with a similar blacklist. heavy rain and flooding has killed at least 15 people in southern india these images are from the city of hyderabad where police say 25 centimeters of rain fell in one day both artists have been using boats or evacuate residents from the low lying parts of the city. a major anti-government rally in thailand has been met with counter demonstrations from supporters of the monarchy
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pro-democracy protesters are calling for reforms of the constitution and the moment in thailand criticism of the king's traditionally seen as taboo and punishable by law despite this the protests have been gaining momentum over the past few months. scaling bangkok's democracy monument a symbolic move for protesters demonstrating against what they view as a dictatorial regime thailand is led by a former military coup leader who became prime minister in an election widely seen as skewed in the military's favor demonstrators are calling for new elections reforms of the monarchy and a more democratic constitution. and of what he would we want the democracy monument to be a place of meaning again. for our fight and to show that democracy is what we all truly want. it's not a violent protest nor does it cause harm to anyone we've come here peacefully.
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earlier scuffles broke out between protesters and supporters of the monarchy thailand's royal family is backed by the military and still enjoys support from many but the king is less popular than his father who died in 2016. on tuesday during commemorations of the death of the former monarch the king's motorcade was met with chants and the 3 fingers salute the gesture has become a pro-democracy symbol borrowed from the hunger games film series about a dystopian totalitarian regime. demanding a reform of the monarchy would have been unheard of just a few years ago but many now question the king's extravagant lifestyle he has been absent for most of the coronavirus crisis spending months in a german alpine retreat with an entourage of 20 women criticizing the royals has been off limits in thailand due to harsh defamation laws now
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a new generation of young protesters breaking down to boot. or concerns are growing over the failure of a ceasefire to stop the fighting between the armenian and his very forces in the disputed own place of the gono karabakh russia is urging both sides to observe the truce and end the long running conflict through diplomacy the 2 former soviet republics blame each other for breaking an armistice that came into force at the weekend. the cathedral of stepan accurate a place of worship no longer its roof ripped open and its interior in ruins the church has fallen victim to a conflict that has cost hundreds of lives since it erupted last month the congregation and i praise in a makeshift shelter. but they cannot escape the war. or cease fire was supposed to come into effect last sunday but the shelling continues
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. destruction and death a constant companions empty streets after thousands fled step on a carrot the capital of a self-proclaimed republic within azerbaijan's formal borders. 30 get a 3rd of its very elderly in wheelchairs who have stayed. it's scary and you can even imagine that whenever the shelf lives we don't know who it's going to hit him but we tremble in a basement what if it hits here again every day we live with this fear. from if it was you. on the other side of the frontlines artillery fire is also raining down in the town of tatar residents have sought safety in their cellars. oh. what can you do we have no choice the armenian guns and cannons made us come here we run we fall down we stand up again we get injured and now we're here hiding
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we fall down again and then we hate again what can we do i got injured here here here. i mean as prime minister nicola blames azerbaijan's ally turkey for the field cease fire he says ankara is looking to expand its influence in the region home was of out there. i'm convinced that for as long as tuckey's position remains unchanged as a by john will not stop fighting rule. will fall. tuckey for its part has called on armenia to withdraw from as a beige territory it currently holds so far the international community has been unable to broker peace talks. with the 2 sides refusing to come to the table peace remains a distant prospect for the people here. so more of the day's top stories now and a landmark ruling a great court says $100.00 long prison sentences for the leaders of neo nazi group
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golden door the group's leader nichols mcculloch here because costs and several other members were sentenced for running a criminal gang the former political party has been linked to a number of violent hate crimes. to russians and an american have successfully reached the international space station the fast track flight took just 3 hours that's half the usual time it's nasa's last mission on a russian spacecraft the u.s. now has its own access with iran musk's space x. corporation. and activists from congo has been fined 2000 euros by a french court for trying to steal an african artifact from a museum in paris was zulu dia bands a live stream his attempt to remove a 19th century relic he accuses france and other european countries of plundering the places they colonized and says they should return the objects they took. many would call this theft by this activists he's only getting back what was taken away
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from his people i came to reclaim goods that were stolen from africa during colonization of this video of us live streamed on facebook back in june or west. and for other activists were trying to steal a funerary post from carol lima see him in paris he failed but managed to draw attention to a topic that has recently triggered a heated debate should african art looted during colonialism be returned and if so how and when the congolese baron activists action is needed now. if you never ask a thief for permission to get back what is still from you and that's what we did we have the right to defend ourselves because we were robbed the fact that our works are on display here means to theft continues to be. also caused a stir when he tried to steal a piece of art from a dutch museum as well as in the french city of must say some say these acts have
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to be considered as performances not as theft. it's a different way of saying things that have already been said to many farmers for a long time since african countries gained independence on a diplomatic level in a dialogue between museums and international corporation events you know one of them in a report commissioned by french president emmanuel and that cross the art historian so was looted art has to be given back and that up to 90 percent of african art works are located outside of the continent the caper lima c.m. alone has more than 60000 objects taken from africa but according to this lawyer an art lover not all of them are looted he recently published a book on the topic. some. objects have obviously been taken away european states have to give back what was taken and worse but there are also other aspects
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of africans themselves all are to european physical. fardy advance and his fellow activists it's not only about bringing heritage spec home as he calls it he also wants european societies to face the realities of their colonial past think one of the it is our goal to reach the biggest possible audience on the one hand. people in africa but also people in europe go yeah dad says says he does not fear possible fines not even prison sentences in his eyes this is about a lot more than just his own destiny. and winning a nobel prize is usually cause for celebration but this year's joint went out of the economics prize for milgram was fast asleep when he was contacted by the ball swedish academy of sciences fellow rather a fellow winner robert wilson who lives just up the road to run down ring his
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doorbell why i came up to deliver the news. paul. and it is far worse than a.o. . you won the nobel you were the nobel prize and so they're trying to reach through but they can't go up they don't seem to have a number for you we gave them your cell phone number yeah well. yeah ok. well yeah well you answer your phone. you know we get the w. news on the go just down the road from google play a homie up still about to give you access to all the latest news from around the world as well as push notifications for any breaking into a major part of a news story you can also use it to satisfy tourism videos of what's coming.
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up next here on d.w.i. business magazine made in germany today to discuss in china rival opata i'll be back at the top off the top of the.
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germany's business in the middle kingdom it's going well. for how much longer. china. as a trading partner it is becoming been. free market access is becoming more difficult intellectual property theft humans rights violations. how can a business continue. made in germany.
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in mexico many push. ups rodolph right now climb a tree to fend off the story. faces much less the way for just one week. how much work can really get. we still have time to and i'm going. to subscribe and more news like this. was the 1st international tribunal in history. the nuremberg trials. 75 years ago a high ranking officers of the nazi regime good morning judging by the allied forces. were the 1st war criminals to be held accountable for their crimes.
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come on. garry trudeau 10 years frasier. our 2 part series the 3rd reich the dog starts nov 12th on d w. step aside usa soon to take over as the world's biggest economy china is no longer just an emerging giant it's already clearly stealing the top spot of the.


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