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tv   Auf den Punkt  Deutsche Welle  October 15, 2020 7:30pm-8:16pm CEST

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the preservation of our climate. is not just an issue of pardon trees and certain kinds of board. it's all good stuff and danger of survival was a. passion for trial starts november 6th going to double in. this same state every new year's africa coming up on the program per suing more power guinea's president alpha condé is seeking to extend his rule in what will be a tense and high stakes election on saturday. and g.w. visits kenya's rift valley we have rising water levels have flooded entire communities displacing thousands of inhabited.
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hello i'm christine one day it's good to have your company presidential elections in guinea all set for this coming sunday incumbent president alpha condé is going for a 3rd term the 82 year old became the country's 1st democratically elected leader in 2010 bringing hopes of progress soft ideas of dictatorship and ministry of rule he says he needs more time to finish big projects guinea's constitution has a 2 term limit for presidents but in a march referendum voters approved changes to the constitution that condé argues reset the clock on his presidency the opposition ses it's illegal for condé to run they also accuse him of using deadly force to crackdown on dissent. taking it to the street the opposition says president out of a calm day has been in power too long and shouldn't even be running. last
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year deadly clashes erupted when condé said he planned to run for a 3rd term dozens died in a government crackdown. but a referendum boycotted by the opposition approved an amended constitution earlier this year that created the legal framework for him to run again. condé is guinea's 1st democratically elected president and a former dissident himself he claims it's the opposition who represent oppressive policy. his rival salute in the yellow rose to prime minister under the previous authoritarian government. the 2 are backed by different ethnic groups and the ilo has accused the incumbent of exploiting ethnic tensions but condé says his political party is for everyone he's just a man of the people and denies he uses his authority against his opponents. we are proud of our independence and sovereignty and i do what the people of guinea
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want. this i told my activists i don't want violence i don't want you throwing stones insulting people don't block the roads. opposition leader diallo says that's just what happened he claims barriers were set up to block him and his supporters. unfortunately our folk on the day decided that i should not go strutting around in his strongholds and so all arrangements were made to her event me from accessing this great city. in the run up to the election the united nations said it was alarmed at an ethnically charged hate speech spreading across the country it's feared that could lead to further violence . we go over to london fred when you he's in our west africa bureau in lagos hi fred good to see you so algal condé once again that the term in office and there's
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been much opposition to that but just had a small about his 10 years in office. in the last 10 year prison. says he claims that he has changed things he has changed the corner of the country which he says that he's pretty says our son actually messed up with everything and then he now he says that for the last 10 years he has done incredible job in terms of economy and he has the kountry so. but then there will position on the other side the opposition says that this guy wants to stay in power something they don't want to see repeating itself tell us more about the opposition candidate what how much support does he have among gay males. he has. said that he has significant support because this is
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a guy who has been he's a former prime minister he has a q prior to several ministerial posts during us are not going to rule so he's an experienced politician but also he has a massive support from the old regime for the people who are against the incumbent president there or. expect each and every one actor to be behind him because they know him that he can deliver but also he has also another challenge there are people who see who see him as someone who challenged corruption because anything that happened during the rule of us on our country is actually in the room to this opposition politician ok fred as we heard in our report. president condé and mr taylor they are backed by rival ethnic groups
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how is this likely going to play into the election. i mean it's a big challenge now in guinea because. they're held from. any group and then. there's also the. opposition figure. comes from a part of. these people who are very they have been tough from which they have used hate language and actually the international community and some genius and actually if anything goes wrong if if if they rule any side if they groups they are afraid that actually there might erupt is serious violence in their country but the u.n. and international organization have already made statement calling on the candidates to be cautious on how they make statements so that they cannot fuel any virus so
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far they have been a couple of people dozens of people have been killed but then they have to be cautious in the way they talking to their supporters ok fred so is it is it all systems go for for for sunday's election and given we're also in the midst of a pandemic. i mean in this part of the region i mean when you look at the campaigns people. woods campaigning and. so the pandemic itself doesn't have so much of that people are not so clear that there are looking forward to go on and void from a dot com so we don't expect. charring the pandemic to be a challenge for them to vote for him but they are supporting coming this sunday no caveats fred move on you know west africa period thank you for it.
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the lakes of kenya's rift valley are rising inundating homes and businesses water levels have been swelling for years but are particularly high this year following heavy rains to make matters worse to lakes lake but it will and lake korea which you can see on the map here have grown so much that they run the risk of merging together but lake corey is a sale i make well lake but ingle is a freshwater lake providing drinking water to animals and people it would be an ecological disaster if the 2 lakes meet. oriya so swollen from rising water levels that the shoreline changes every day. we see this early on in our trip when the axis rude unexpectedly becomes part of the leak . nearby we find. who's just arrived to open her barn restaurant but there's been a dramatic change there's water this water just came in with
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a new one so it came slowly and slowly until it got to this level so without any notice you have to demolish within just a few seconds. china gets has already been forced to move her business once it's inevitable that she will have to move again and she's not the only one the structure we're looking at is an entry point that was erected by the kenya wildlife service after their original gates were submerged by what i saw you took 3 months before the lake eventually caught up with this one and we can clearly see that this water is unrelenting what we can't see but we can certainly smell is this similar rage that's also being brought to be this because obviously people here use trains and all their contents are now under water and the water is clearly unrelenting because all around us the ground a soggy and these little organs all over the place. the extent of the flooding can be seen clearly from neighboring requiring go the freshwater lake has expanded by
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60 percent in the last 7 years this year has been by far the worst. folks are to a guide grew up on the shores of this leak where has been scarce as most of the hotels are now underwater. he leads us to one of many flooded schools in the area just leaving a yearly seen all decaying buildings. but our last story is the most significant for folks i grew up here my foster until years of life are spent each year this was my playground it's quite sad to see it drop going through and i don't know what i'm going to tell my kids scientists are warning that freshwater lake baringo and salt water like bulgaria could merge the cross contamination would destroy the balance in the ecosystem. to understand what is happening to the lakes we head to the forest home to the rivers that feed the lakes in the rift valley mau forest is recovering from years of deforestation.
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david weston has been a conservationist for more than 50 years he says the destruction of the catchment areas is just one in a series of linked problems the pastoral people are settling down and staying in one place so what that means is every single day you have heavy grazing and that is really prominent around the baringo basin up in the hills on the side so all of that a rose is being washed off routinely so in 2018 we had rainfall which was the equivalent valid new in 1908 then followed last year by these extraordinary rains which have continued for a whole year so that means that predation huge amount of runoff and siltation and it's the combination of those 2 but have made these rift valley lakes and even other areas like amboseli just lift 10 sometimes 15 metres.
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back in bulgaria the storm brings. its shores over shifts. shanika is visibly worried and soon how worst fears are realized the what's in the will has gone up again this could be her last day on this land. it's the following day and construction has started on higher ground this is where china gets new home and business will be. it's a fresh on easy start no one can be sure the want to winterize this high because no one believes the water would ever get as far as it already has a good. program ends here today but be sure to check out the stories on the ford snatch africa were also on facebook and on twitter today will leave you with pitches off the lakes in kenya's rift fadi till next time ahead.
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why are people forced to hard in trucks. but. there aren't many answers. thanks us and there are many
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stories. make up your mind. made for mines. a priceless collection of ancient sculptures once shrouded in mystery and dust finally goes on this play in the italian capital the legendary toy lonia marbles coming up here on arts and culture and these sculptures can move well meet the meticulous swiss creator who makes the world's most complex atomic. also coming up world bread day our correspondent and bacon aficionados matis tells us how his recipes opened doors in the new capital cost. welcome to arts and
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culture for decades the world's biggest private collection of classical sculptures was kept hidden away and were stored and dirty for decades the italian government pleaded with the collections owners the wealthy no book total lonia family to exhibit the works then came a breakthrough the family agreed now after 4 years of restoration a number of the tour lonia marbles are finally on display in a row. the tonia marbles one of the most important private collections of classical art can now be seen in rome the history of the collection is as fascinating as the items on display. just some of the sandro bought many antiquities at the end of the 18th century and throughout the 19th century most of which came from older collections so it's a collection of collections in the literal sense and represents
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a cross-section of the collection of antiquities from 140-2800 of what the chair into all of the. the collection boasts an extensive a ray of ancient greek and roman marble sculptures more than $600.00 busts sarcophagus and frissons now restored after decades hidden in a basement 90 breathtaking masterpieces can be admired as visitors embark on a voyage through history. which is being the exhibition explains many things it tells us the history of imperial portraiture for example it also tells us the history of ancient collecting . your news won the gold. for now the marbles can be seen in the museum above rome's ancient forum. but organizers hope to lend the works to other museums once the covert 19 pandemic restrictions allow.
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now some other stories making arts and culture news a 1st edition copy of shakespeare's compiled plays has sold at auction for $10000000.00 that makes it the highest price ever paid option for a work of literature the book printed in 1623 as one of 6 known copies it was bought by a private collector from the us. the label that manages the south korean boy band p.t.'s has made a killing on the soul stock exchange shares in big hit entertainment soared during debut trading the company is now valued at $8000000000.00 last week and over 100000000 fans watched the bt as concert live stream. even starker allowing the bands of the for military service because of their contribution to the economy. an annual ranking of the globe's most in demand
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contemporary artists is out here in germany 88 year old remains safely in 1st place where he's been for well over a decade on the list of stars of tomorrow nigerian artist autobahn in congo came out on top or work explores how we humans live with nature and how we exploit the planet for its resources. because friday is world bread day and no one knows that better than. our e.u. correspondent in brussels is also the network's premier baking nerd series baking bread manages to combine has to be clubs. day on baking bread we're making the tiger bread the german. club i get your best bread recipes. and i'm a european correspondent but and after
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a long day of reporting on the european union b.t.w. correspondent likes to unwind with some baking so he came up with the idea for a column every multi-media project baking bread that focuses on all of the e.u. member states and their bread baking traditions the series also features recipes and tutorials. spray with nature now step the dough several times. the dose will be tough and resistant type of the dough in the not it's a mixture of baking and politics honey and flour leavened with tales of corruption and culture. ok great philosopher once that showed me a nation's no and i will show you. this recipe starts with something we germans enough to do recycling. stretch
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out a bit of stove until you are left with a thin membrane if it looks so pate like luxemburg secret text truckers you have to keep needing. don't apply too much pressure just like with your he you partner us. so in the seat. i'm ready for you yeah i did it baking bread is a love letter to a universal staple food that we would satisfy this insubstantial i like lasagnes as well but after i close so i'll be within an hour. in 2019 the book was published to accompany the series. from danish right greg to italian for catching there are 28 recipes to try yourself. it's been so popular it's now in its 4th edition. there is nothing like homemade bread. and here is.
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your org this year it seems people have been baking more then ever what do you think it is about baking that makes it such a popular pandemic pastime. i think 2 aspects really are interesting here david and one is obviously time time being the key ingredient for a really nice loaf and time is something under lockdown but also in your home office that you have you can structure your day more efficiently and secondly baking takes a lot of attention you need to focus on the scent on the texture on the smell and that is if you want them an act of mindfulness and it reduces stress and i can tell that from my own experience but also other people have experienced that and that is something that comes in really handy in a pandemic it certainly is sensual as you correspondent part of your job of course is to get leaders in brussels to open up to you do you ever chat with them about bread. oh absolutely i mean you've in the report you've seen market of s.r.t. of the competition commissioner i've been chatting with luxembourg's prime minister
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on a flight back from an e.u. summit in egypt about raisin bread to the countries a loaf i've been exchanging my bread book with the drama not recall chill minister and got in return home wine book which is quite good and that's the nice thing about bret either you have a recipe to share or you have a great bread experience to share what's really taste better than golf doesn't it now can you tell us what's your favorite recipe in the book well look seeing that i talk to you from brussels you get a diplomatic answer also because an e.u. summit is going on and that is an honest answer as well i've been selecting only my favorite recipes for this book so i like them all but what i can tell you is that the bagels from poland is one of my favorites from from what friends tell me and also the good thing about this bagel is you can prepare them overnight and then 1st thing in the morning you just put them in the autumn and they're ready for breakfast bagels from poland are they from new york. well theoretically
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yes and there's quite a bit of a debate but historically one to has apparently happened is that jewish immigrants from poland brought the bagel with them and the op are shanika comeback of ski as they are called in polish still resemble the bagel only they're intertwined so they look a bit different in shape but the texture and the taste is very much the same thanks for that taste of course all of your recipes and videos are online i d w dot com slash baking bread and we're off to switzerland down to meet a man called the wizard of automation and venter an artist foss was you know grew up in a family of watchmakers today he and his 6 assistants create interactively automated sculptures. welcome to the wonderland of. sports admission maker is top of his game and has an international following he
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sees himself as part artist part mechanic a moving movement as life is intricate creations bring some poetry back into a world dominated by digital technology. thomas hands are made to bring happiness for film dreams and make magic from the creator not thomas into challenge people it's like a magic trick that 1st people don't understand how it can work. is automations are driven by a complex wind up making as much resembles that of an analog watch but it may pack trees or electricity and perform precise preprogramed movements one of france washington's current project is leonardo da vinci's he's been working on this 80 centimeter tall blind up android of the famous italian artist for a decade now. trevor mock you 1st absolutely want to do complex mechanical drawings . these words of a helicopter or
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a horse. that he could do in addition i want it as you can see here if you buy it in the laboratory in mirror image so you make it through all of. this most complex automation to date is most who pushed you know a tribute to a russian poet aleksandr pushkin the android consists of close to 3600 components which allow it to write some 1500 poems sign them and illustrate them making it unique among automating the pushkin android was commissioned by a silicon valley entrepreneur. sum up the. 7 years 7 years to complete it as with all of the trips to the us. we had lots of discussions about what tax we would use but the choice of in. words of drawings and other things all over the now he's been in the states for
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10 years or. more in a digital world that completely clashes with a mechanical android lloyd. the roots of android or humanoid robots can be traced back to ancient greece and egypt they hated in the 18th century the age of enlightenment the development of complex social makes the play music. teachers. friends want to know has brought this old craft back tonight. i'd like to preserve the knowledge i've gained making this rolling with an inviting intelligence for cool real well for all the research i've done here all to be able to share it with future generations edition ourself or to your friends was you know was one of a kind creation said no real function but these mechanics in motion miss neuritis with a complexity and truly expand our imagination. exactly
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80 years ago charlie chaplin released his satire of hitler called the great dictator it was the 1st major hollywood film to take a clear stance against the nazis you can read more about story and other culture news online at d w dot com slash culture thanks for watching parts and culture. to
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the point of strong opinions clear positions from international perspective such. from my state of munich paris to prague corona virus infections are surging in here at the big cities at the front of the waves 10 new restrictions bring the situation under control join us on to the point. to the point of. being anonymous on d w a hijacking the news. where i go from the news is being hijacked journalism itself has become a scripted reality show it's not just good versus evil us versus them white and white. in countries like russia china turkey people are told that it's that's not and if you're a journalist there and you try to get beyond that you are facing scare tactics intimidation. and i wonder is that where we're headed as well. my
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responsibility as a journalist is to give me all of the smoke and mirrors it's not just about being clear and balance or being neutral it's about being truthful. when he was part of golf and i want to be the. frank food. international gateway to the best connection self and road and rail. located in the heart of europe you are connected to the whole world. experience outstanding shopping and dining office and try our services. be our guest at frankfurt airport see managed by from paul.
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this is d.w. news live from but european commission chief back in self isolation on the line leaves the e.u. summit in brussels after coming into contact with someone infected with corona virus a 2nd self-imposed quarantine this month also on the program. pro-democracy protesters in thailand to defy a government battling demonstrations i'm big police orders to discuss they're calling for a new constitution and before. the bus
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a flight in fact the hottest september on record is translating into an extra. m for welcome to the program. you leaders really give brussels is a very hard to get down to business without the commission president should have on the line he left with some tough times in the member of staff tested positive for corona virus is more apt to find a lie i'm seeing here arriving earlier said she tested negative but would self quarantine as a precaution the pandemic is just one of several pressing issues facing the new leaders. decide to phenomenon is d.w. so brussels the bureau chief welcome alexandra what else can you tell us. so i just got off the phone with funda lyon spokesperson and was told that she's
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doing all right she doesn't have any symptoms she tested negative this morning but of course we can imagine that it must have been very frustrating for her to learn during this meeting with the with leader is that one of 1st tough 1st tested positive this morning and it must have been frustrating for her to be forced to leave to have to leave for this meeting and to miss those important discussions going on right now why is this meeting being held in person while there's a pandemic raging around the continent. well that's of course a very legitimate question for the leaders as they say it's very important to have those meetings in person to have the chance to talk directly to each other to solve problems or to agree on issues that are contentious and that was actually their case or the way how they were able to agree on the 1.8 trillion the euro e.u.
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budget and recovery fund in midst july however there is growing criticism this time because of this meeting is coming just 2 weeks after the last summit and actually we don't expect any breaking news this time so there is growing criticism because of course people are asking themselves why are their leaders meeting while we are as ordinary people are seeing more and more restrictions and one of the items on their agenda is breakfast which seems to just go on and on and it's yet another roadblock. yes their leaders are still talking about the prospects of negotiations with the u.k. however there were able to agree on a statement and this statement reading that they now want to see the u.k. making necessary moves to make an agreement possible that they they acknowledge in
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this statement that not enough progress has been made in the talks but they also are saying that the chief negotiator me showed by a new path that he has they are supports to continue their talks or there are not thinking about going away from their negotiations right now alexandra phenomena in brussels thank you. back here in berlin germany has registered a massive increase in corona virus cases rolled in 6 and a half 1000 new infections over a 24 hour period so let's take a look at how quickly those new infections have surged over the last 7 days starting from last wednesday about say of october you can say that we started $2828.00 the curve goes up gently then there's a dip here this is over the weekend where lots of local health authorities don't
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report figures and then you see the shaw increase to this total here of 6638 newly registered covered 19 infections with the numbers more than doubling in one week it means the case numbers are growing exponentially the figures were released just hours after german chancellor angela merkel met with the leaders of the country's 16 federal states to agree new pandemic control measures. one seen as a role model for europe germany now fears the pandemic is getting out of hand that a country has fed every day to the west so far with cases rapidly rising i'm going to america has issued a stern warning. as michel martin does if you ask what worries me it is the exponential rise and we'll stop it otherwise it will not end well. we can see that all over the place and i don't need to look at germany here i only need to look in the neighboring countries that's the point of regional leaders have agreed
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to shut hospitality venue some 11 pm in area to day become buyers hotspots or regulation already adopted by some cities like bellina and frankfurt contact restrictions will also be enforced in hotspots social gatherings will be limited to 10 people from a maximum of 2 households in a bid to curb the number of infections at the political level one bone of contention remains leaders can't agree on domestic travel rules that mean travelers from hotspots cannot stay in hotels without a recent negative test i'm putting this idea come a day sion ban is to contest it among the states is someone to keep it up at any cost and to major retail states are skeptical because it's related be inefficient to prevent infections but in the end it causes a lot of agitation anger and disruption but some under street say it's not more roads that are needed. the steering the british and get existing rules are not
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being followed and they're not being enforced all too often you see people beat out of moscow investors and subways to announce i believe the rules should be better executive it's a fine line when you see all the weddings a kind of course i understand but on the other hand it's also a risk for others as well as the abilities i think we all need to be reasonable for numbers right now is different. if the number of infections keep rising i'm going to america has warned that even tougher steps may be needed. well here's a more coronavirus development here in europe france has reported another huge jump in the number of confirmed cases 130600 infections reported over 24 hours and that compares to just under 23000 on wednesday we will germany will classify the whole of mainland france and the netherlands as coronavirus risk areas from saturday that's according to the german center for disease control and the head of the world
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health organizations europe office urged governments to be uncompromising in controlling the virus warning that more drastic steps could be taken if the pandemic doesn't recede. well let's turn now to some of the other stories making news around the world the resignation of kurdistan's president 2 weeks after disputed elections to spark celebrations in the capital bishkek the prime minister sat here for off says he will assume the presidency he was named prime minister on wednesday just days after supporters freed him from prison. heavy rains and drenched the tape a camp that houses almost 80000 refugees on the greek island of last frost it's the 2nd time this month a tent city has been hit by flooding many of the people living at kalak temporary came from the overcrowded madea camp that was destroyed by fire last month. yemen's warring sides are exchanging more than a 1000 prisoners captured during the years of conflict in the trade as part of
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a of a deal reached is set in switzerland in september 11th has been at war since 2014 causing a humanitarian crisis and the deaths of more than 100000 people. media publisher jimmy la is one of several pro-democracy activists appearing in court in hong kong facing charges of illegal assembly campaign as were arrested under hong kong's new national security law imposed by beijing hours before his court appearance police launched another raid on his private offices and confiscated documents. well tens of thousands of pro-democracy protesters have ended a huge demonstration in the center of the thai capital bangkok but they found but they vowed to return on friday protesters gather despite the arrests of activists overnight and in defiance of an emergency decree banning gatherings of more than 4 people police trying to disperse the crowds found themselves pushed back protesters
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are demanding the resignation of the government a new constitution and reform of the monkey. straight to bangkok where we join a sooner pasok who's a senior researcher for the asia division of human rights watch welcome to g.w. the protests have been going on for months so why is the government only now declaring a state of emergency. the man seemed to be you incident in which the kid of the queen was. ok a. pretext to do laps what they've been longing to do. that the. 2 accused at the protest. to national security because the. institution in the country so. fall for an excuse by the
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government to enforce. area. now literally head on has returned to an authoritarian rule and a prime minister for your. authority anyone with. the media and it free speech. is prohibited from having political discussion. let's talk about the. because it was always a given the. discussion now we see a crowd on the streets calling for this institution to bring me full and so what has changed in. the issues about. growing and chick growing and the. old couple us being in the. now we
8:12 pm
have to do it. they have. to you it's activists have to speak out and that somehow. break that barrier break who and encourage. you so it is no longer. out in the open in no man is speaking. on. a constitution and when i. make sure that. everyone in the country that is. seeking to share from constitutional monarchy to out of form suggests they have through we probably got
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something else they simply want to be a constitutional monarchy. from human rights watch thank you thank you to the last. $100.00 and for. in fact the last 44 september's will all warm up in the average. atmospheric administration. of contributed. to. from sunbathing on england's south coast to outdoor bodybuilding in berlin the september heat waves were a welcome surprise for many but the late summer sun brought devastation to a smart change mean of a global temperature. changes and extreme extreme weather last month bigger and stronger hurricanes pounding the u.s.
8:14 pm
gulf coast while wildfires burn through millions of kilometers of western states scientists are little doubt manmade climate change is exacerbating matters. and so what we're seeing right now is actually. heat waves more frequent more intense and we're racing on introns well the general areas there are dr drier and areas that are. just this week up whole explore a return from the arctic with a year's worth of scientific data and a stark warning that the ice is dying. and yes a writer might if we go on like this the arctic will be ice free in the summer in a few decades and the world that i described will be gone. it's not just arctic ice melt planet earth is warming. and scientists say there is a good chance that 2020 will be one of the hottest years in history.
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that's it you're up to date coverage special is next brad your next update at the top of the. every 2 seconds person is forced to flee their home. quinces to sastra as our documentary series displaced depicts dramatic humanitarian crises around the world. but good thing we don't have time to think i didn't go to university to kill people and i fully expect that pain. people feel for their lives and their future so they seek refuge abroad but one.


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