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tv   Ingenieure schrauben am Klima  Deutsche Welle  October 15, 2020 10:30pm-11:16pm CEST

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what new findings have researchers new. information and background into. the corona. of the 19 special. monday to friday on d w. r january 1st of next year the u.k. transition period for leaving the european union will end how will both sides do business with each other after bragg's it well that was supposed to be decided by today that all important u.k. e.u. trade deal is nowhere close to being a done deal well there even be a deal british prime minister boris johnson will reportedly measure the mood of european leaders this week and then he'll decide yes or no to more negotiations to stay at the table or to get up and walk away i'm burnt off in berlin this is the
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day. we want an agreement but we want also to protect the little plain truth and must be a fair and riemann from which both accounts can benefit. this group and the prospects for the other that puts the treaty and fair competition but we didn't choose briggs's britain did but ultimately it will work the same for israel to say pragmatism think flexibility on the side you know it's a key to this prime minister said their european union is united we have a kid position we want a good deal but not at any cost. also coming up as the 2nd wave of the coronavirus rolls over europe germany is tightening restrictions to slow the spread but. she's not convinced that that's enough.
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trodden that's if you're quite worries me it is the exponential rise and we have to stop it otherwise it would not end well kindness and. to our viewers watching on p.b.s. in the united states and to all of you around the world welcome 2021 could very well begin with chaos confusion and no deal for both the u.k. and the european union we're going to have more on that in just a moment we begin the day with an attempt to shield u.s. voters and the presidential election from mis information a move against fake news that is controversial problematic and over due to facebook and twitter have prevented users from sharing a story published in the new york post about hunter by the son of democratic presidential candidate and former u.s. vice president joe biden the new york post claims the story is based on e-mails from hunter biden's laptop but journalist outside of the post have called the. it's
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sources and it's alleged claims into question so much so that the social media giants took the unusual step of intervening in the dissemination of user content facebook and twitter are using stricter moderation rules that we know but today's moves go further than ever before and they are drawing fire from republicans who claim that social media companies are biased against conservatives today u.s. president trump accused big tech of colluding with the mainstream media to help the biden campaign take a listen. here family or drug it and they were caught they got caught now they're being protected by big fat and a big fat persists in coordination with the mainstream media we must strip them of this section 230 protect. we all believe in freedom of the press but don't forget the big tent got something
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years ago that let them become big that they got tired of protection they don't get so they don't get anything done to protect our rights social media and the us presidential election there's a lot to unpack with this story tonight to do that i'm joined by ethan porter he's assistant professor in the school of media and public affairs at george washington university ethan it's good to have you on the day let me ask you what would be or what would have been the reaction to facebook and twitter if they done nothing and just a well the post article to be shared and reach we did as much as people wanted. well this is a situation with no easy answers had twitter and facebook allowed this false information to circulate unchecked through their networks they would have been accused in my mind rightfully so of spreading in advancing the spread of misinformation at a critical time instead what they did is they intervened and that intervention is
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open to question but there is no rule or old in which facebook or twitter is actions here we're going to make that criticism and we know that the c.e.o. of twitter jack dorsey he was not happy with what was what happened he tweeted the music i can read that our communication around our article on the new york post was not great and blocking u.r.l. sharing via tweet or direct messaging with 0 contacts as to why we're blocking well that is a nick sceptical that's what he said of twitter and facebook they do have the 1st amendment on their side but they also have an extreme amount of power at the moment do you think they have too much power well i think leaders of large media companies have always had outsized power so think of it this way if if if someone wrote into a newspaper today it wanted
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a letter to the editor to be published it spread scurrilous rumors about a candidate the editor of that newspaper would likely not publish that letter today social media companies are playing the role of editor of really large platforms and people are criticizing him for it but in some ways it's not that different from what has happened in the past so what does that mean in terms of legislation do you think that congress needs to change the legislation that has basically exempted platforms from being responsible for the content that happens to be on the platform . i don't think a legislative response is the appropriate response here instead regulation is to be focused on mandating companies such as twitter and facebook to compel users to see corrections to fake names that's the fix that needs to happen in some ways the
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controversy today is a byproduct of the fact that these companies for too long have been too lax about this information they're now playing catch up and they're sloppiness is coming under criticism and you don't see what has happened with the new york post story you don't see it setting a troubling precedent. it's a worrisome precedent but i would argue that the decisions of companies proud of both companies prior to today were far more worrisome facebook in particular allowed misinformation to go unchecked and it's after all for years and in many respects still it's i'm so this is a case of too little too late. we've got less than 3 weeks to go until the election on t.v. and on social media there is a public information campaign underway and it's supposed to be educating voters about misinformation i want to take a look at one of the clips. deciding who to vote for is important they are people
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organisation thing the government's trying to trip with manipulate vote or keep us from voting altogether watch out for phrases they're frequently a company political decision for mason like make this gone viral or conspiratorial statements like the media won't cover this it's your vote not the voting the paines when you democracy depends on us. so even there's a clip there that people are seeing how effective do you think this type of campaign can be i mean we see the long lines of people waiting to cast their vote in early voting in some us states we know that interest in the election is very high what about knowledge and information that are needed to turn those citizens into responsible voters i love this campaign and i've heard about this campaign and i'm a big fan of it i like the optimism that is behind it recent research makes clear newsletters he campaigns can work research also makes clear that attempts to
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educate the public can be effective whether or not this campaign will be effective i don't know but it certainly would not surprise me were to be effective if enough people see it that's crucial. hopefully if if we wanted to be effective it's being seen by lots of people across the country that you know you talk about information diet the news diet that americans have is part of the problem the fact that news and information are treated like a commodity in the united states you know you have the commercialization of t.v. news for example in the states were shown on p.b.s. which is public t.v. but that's a very small part of the market if it were a broad part of the market do you think you would have more or better informed voters. absolutely i think that public support for p.b.s. in this country for public broadcasting has been too small for 2 all. the better
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funded public broadcasters the would do wonders for the quality of the american public's political knowledge to some extent we would not have the problems that we have in this country if we were to adopt a approach to broadcasting as you do in germany i've heard that said many many times especially since the 2016 presidential election we we know as you said the social media was used to meddle in the 2016 election and here we are 4 years later i want you to consider social media consider the voters are they as prepared and as equipped as they should be going into this election i do think that voters are better prepared i think we've all learned from our previous experiences research has shown that only a small fraction of social media users are actively sharing misinformation i think people have gotten better at distinguishing factor fiction social media the number
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of people who are sharing will still worrisome it is not overwhelmingly out alright even porter joining us tonight from washington d.c. and we appreciate your time your insights and let's hope that the optimism wins out thank you. british prime minister boris johnson says that he'll lay out his approach to breaks it on friday now this after britain's chief breaks it because she described demands made by the european union and summit talks in brussels as disappointing and surprising the e.u. issued a statement from those talks calling on britain to make the necessary moves to make an agreement possible brussels clearly believes that it's up to london to make concessions to avoid a chaotic exit from the e.u. free trade zone on january 1st next year. the bricks and saga
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continues after years of talks and the cut off date looming the most pressing question remaining is who will get up and leave the negotiating table 1st e.u. . 14 u.k. . meanwhile at the e.u. summit in brussels at a quarter of goldman leaves in pumpkin's serves as a reminder this year is coming to an end and with it the transition period without a plan on the future relationship between the u.k. and the bloc patience is in short supply here the sequel to shaun simple but if the right terms can't be found at the end of these discussions we're ready for a no deal for our future relations since the u.k. left the e.u. january 31st there has been little progress on key issues such as trade and fishing rights with the parties still oceans apart obviously the issues of consider concern remain a level playing field that's important for europe. the governance of a subsequent deal that will be arrived at between the united kingdom and europe
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clearly fisheries which is very important to us in our land that our coastal communities are protected in an overall deal. on breaks that true raises for a sensible and fair fisheries deal pressure is high on the german council presidency a deal could save hundreds of thousands of jobs in an e.u. economy hit hard by covert 90. $51.00 in an upcoming course we want an agreement but not it any price and it has to be a fair deal that would benefit the both sides but all the effort is worth it and he of course will support chief negotiator michel barnier commission president person of underline and commission and on the c. $13.00 he would just it's. but time for talks is running out for an agreement to come into force at the beginning of next year the deal would have to be done by the end of this month and concessions seem unlikely at this point when someone asked me so where are you able to give up or to give up. for the moment we don't have to
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give up anything because the solidarity is the principle that you know problems from your country can be other problems for another country and so the package should be really defending also do interest of the $27.00 not just the one or 2 countries and also not just of british interests it has been a decision from the u.k. and now we have to find a deal to get out of the situation. walking away doesn't appear to be an option for now and so this saga goes on. the 2nd wave of the coronavirus pandemic is rolling across europe on wednesday germany recorded a massive increase in corona virus cases with more than 6 and a half 1000 new infections over a 24 hour period that's the biggest since the pandemic began the thinkers were released just after just hours after german chancellor angela merkel met with the leaders of the country's 16 federal states they agreed to tighten restrictions
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across the country to slow the spread of the. one seen as a role model for europe germany now feels the pandemic is getting out of hand that a country has fed every day to the west so far with cases rapidly rising i'm going to america has issued a stern warning. zuma shrugged as if you ask what worries me it is the exponential rise and we have to stop it otherwise it will not end well. we can see death all over the place and i don't need to look at germany here i only need to look in the neighboring countries that's the point regional leaders have agreed to shut hospitality venue some 11 pm in areas today become virus hotspots a regulation already adopted by some cities like bellina and frankfurt contact restrictions will also be enforced in hotspots social gatherings will be limited to 10 people from a maximum of 2 households in
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a bid to curb the number of infections at the political level one bone of contention remains leaders can't agree on domestic travel rules that mean travelers from hotspots cannot stay in hotels without a recent negative test i'm putting this idea come a day sion ban is to contest it among the state is someone to keep it up at any cost to majority of states are skeptical because it's related inefficient to prevent infections but in the end it causes a lot of agitation anger and disruption but some under street say it's not more roads that are needed. the steve you're going to hear some good existing rules are not being followed and they're not being enforced all too often you see people beat out of moscow on festus and subways in a foreign us i believe the ruse should be better executive it's a fine line when you see all the weddings a kind of course i understand but on the other hand it's also a risk for others as well as the other these i think we all need to be reasonable
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for numbers like not to find. if the number of infections keep rising i'm going to america has warned that even tougher steps may be needed. when now i'm joined by emily schultz hi she is a fellow at the institute of current world affairs and she's a freelance journalist based here in berlin emily it's good to have you on the program but just by chance we wanted to talk with you about the pandemic in germany and i find out that you're here in berlin and that you're in quarantine why is that . i am so i returned yesterday evening from vienna i was there for a couple weeks for work and vienna has been since the middle of september again a risk area but in a country of germany so when i come back from a risk area and that means you have to be tested upon arrival or shortly after arrival you have to go into quarantine until you receive those results and that's
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where you found you know how and did everything go smoothly i mean were you were you surprised by how things went. it was it was an incredibly easy process i came in by trains arrived at berlin central station there are signs everywhere directing you to the tests locations i came in they asked for proof that i had just come from a risk area should my ticket and all and all between filling out paperwork waiting to be tested and then receiving the test they took i would say less than 20 minutes let the 20 minutes and you get the test results what within 5 days is the latest right. yet they say 3 to 4 days so i was given all the information i'm eagerly awaiting that that result in the corona app and hope that maybe it would come sooner but yes they said 3 to 4 days before out of here ok let me ask you about the meeting that took place between the german chancellor and the leaders of
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the federal states merkel wasn't really thrilled by the amount of agreements that i guess that she got from the regional leaders what she. she was not and you know that's something if you look back to the spring obviously these meetings were taking place on a weekly basis or so you know every time there were any sort of loosening of restrictions or deciding what to keep in place and what not to keep in place for a long time i think probably because this was so new there was much more agreement there was much more sort of. moving out. of the. oh it looks like we lost emily i think her phone ringing we lost the signal with her we certainly do apologize for that was a really short hike i was there speaking with us here in berlin. poland is our next
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story it is expected to announce new restrictions after registering a record of nearly $9000.00 new cases in the last 24 hours the country managed to keep the number of infections low at the start of the pandemic but as a used alexander phenomena reports the government is now facing criticism for failing to prepare the country for a 2nd wave. and the foothills of the top trombone popular tourist destination this winter however a pub ocean league has little hope of much business normally his family's guest house would welcome school classes and other organized groups but most of them have already cancelled. it's about the whole i'm sure of that if we didn't on this place and just rented it would have already given out. no matter what. 100 percent of. the guest house practically generates no income but
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still costs money an issue of the ducky with tourist numbers slowly rising again over the summer pablo she legal was hoping for a situation to improve but now the region has been declared a red zone due to a surge in culvert $1000.00 cases and that means additional restrictions including wearing a mask in public spaces and the ban on cultural events and pharmacy in the center of the compound of poland's most popular mountain resort my gender has been running it for 24 years so fuck you i'm a chance against. this has been going on for months now so people have slowly started getting used to it but the situation for us here is difficult. as a popular tourist destination we. are more at risk during the 1st wave of the pandemic in the spring poland's national conservative government
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reacted quickly by imposing a lockdown and closing that country its borders for foreign travelers but since then the 30s have been facing growing criticism for failing to prepare poland's health system for a 2nd we visit. at home her husband originally from we all cry in the u.k. contracted the virus in the spring fortunately without severe symptoms he praises poland's quick response to the pandemic but is worried about its hospitals the health system power and. is basically enormously lacking in funding. so if it's the country becomes overwhelmed then i think it's going to be a problem because of the number of hospital beds a number of respirators there are medical staff. also wore it in addition to his regular job he organized this weddings here in the mountains they have to be
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big but it's almost impossible to plan a wedding he and his business partner say if the authorities make ad hoc decisions all the time. that should have set limits from the beginning what difference does it make if we have 50 or $100.00 wedding guests in a group of 10 people we're in a small circle we know each other and we can react quickly if anything happens. what we need is a clear strategy to combat that pandemic says otherwise it will be increasingly difficult to convince people to comply with their restrictions. you know from the pandemic to climate change last month was the hottest september since records began 140 years ago it's no surprise because temperatures in the last $44.00 september's or higher than the september average for the entire 20th century
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well scientists from the national oceanic and atmospheric administration say that rising temperatures are contributing to what we're seeing outside disasters from forest fires to floods. from sunbathing on england's south coast to outdoor body building in berlin the september heat waves were a welcome surprise for many but the late summer sun brought devastation to change the meaning of the global temperature he need to be changes and extreme extreme weather last month bigger and stronger hurricanes pounded the u.s. gulf coast while wildfires burn through millions of kilometers of western states scientists are a little doubt manmade climate change is exacerbating matters. and so what we're seeing right now actually you expect heat waves more frequent more intense and we're racing on introns well the general that's areas that
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are dry drier and areas that are less well. just this week up paula explora return from the arctic with a year's worth of scientific data and a stark warning that the ice is dying. and yes all right i'm out if we go on like this the arctic will be ice free in the summer in a few decades and the world that i described will be gone exist. it's not just arctic ice melt planet earth is warming. and scientists say there is a good chance that 2020 will be one of the hottest years in history. i believe that it will the day is almost done but the conversation continues online before it is on twitter either at the news or you can follow me a great golf t.v. and remember whatever happens between now and then tomorrow is another day we'll see you then everybody.
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good luck. going.
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into the conflict zone jim sebastian the 53 divided america is heading for its election my guess this week or more should show news poll cuccinelli reaction number 2 is the department of homeland security which caused uproar all through the force of this agency use excessive force during recent protests because those dollars can use to. keep the peace complex. 90 minutes from w o
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a person does forced to flee their home nearly 71000000 people have been forcibly displaced the consequences of coming to satirise were took him into serious displaced depicts traumatic humanitarian crises from around the world you know. what a good thing we don't need and i didn't go to university to kill people. or to have my boss come to me and tell me to kill someone to get my and if i don't they'll kill me. people feel for their lives and their future so they seek refuge abroad but what will become followers who stay behind and simply handle my husband went to peru because of the crisis that i don't want and that if he hadn't gone there we would have died of hunger and on account of. the book displayed starts october 16th.
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this is d w news live from berlin the pandemics the 2nd wave in europe the coronavirus leaves its mark at a brussels summit european commission chief ursula from the lion had to leave a meeting of the e.u. leaders today to go into self isolation after learning a staff member has tested positive for the corona box it comes as europe's coded cases are why you see exponentially also coming out to flush out in syria deliberately target civilians as they tried to dislodge rebels from his lips the report by. human rights watch says they did accuse them of crimes against humanity
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plus i often up. in thailand thousands rally for change pro-democracy protesters define a government ban on demonstrations to call for reforms to the government and the monarchy. i bring golf it's good to have you with us tonight france is just one of many european countries really from record rises in corona virus cases more than 30000 new infections were confirmed by french authorities over a 24 hour period on thursday putting it right back up to the levels that it saw at the start of the pandemic surging numbers from france italy germany and the netherlands comes as the coronavirus made its mark on a summit of e.u.
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leaders today. ladies flew into brussels typing for diplomatic wins on climate change and gregg's it but the coronavirus pandemic is always the enemy of things going to plan. b u chief slough on the y. and deciding to abandon talks just as they started. a member of her tame tested positive for quite a bit 9 tain and fund a lion deciding to oscillate as a precaution. before leaving the summit she stressed the importance of cooperation in combating the virus the situation is getting more and more worrisome and strong action is needed most of all it's important good cooperation and discipline. the disrupted summit is symbolic of the story on the ground in member states corona virus infection numbers are swelling and it's now the 5th largest cause of death in europe so my 1st message to member states today is one of.
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we are quickly running out of time. everyone needs to do what is necessary to avoid the devastating health social and economic effects of the generalized. in france infections a spiking health care workers say they are exhausted by demanding more resources to ease the burden of their essential work. there's also. people who don't necessarily do this job for money but we must think of better working conditions we have colleagues who work 12 hours a day 60 hours a week it's just not normal. but there's just. it will it comes as president emanuel not thrown announced a 9 pm curfew in 9 major cities including paris. it's a similar story in poland where quite
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a big numbers have hit record highs for the 2nd day in a row. the government has declared the most major cities red zones. situation is very serious i would say yesterday's in recent daily spikes a terrifying if you look at hospitals and the number of so-called covered beds yesterday almost all of them were occupied. it was agreed that an autumn spike in cases for europe was almost inevitable. protests for the continent's latest will be to see if they've learnt any lessons from the 1st wave. and for more on this e.u. summit i'm joined now by the brussels bureau chief alexander phenomenon she is in brussels tonight youth alexander's funded alliance self isolation started right at the beginning of this summit and it raises the question why is this summit being held in person to begin with with this pain demick currently raging like it is in
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your. well that's right questions has been a question has been raised here in brussels even though we have to say that it was pure coincidence that fundal lyon learned about the fact that one of us tougher tested positive during their meeting with the leaders they say that it's important for them to meet in person and some porton for them to talk directly to find solutions to problems and to agree on issues that are contentious and they point to one example to the summit in mid july were after intensive talks they were able to agree on a 1.8 trillion e.u. e.u. budget and recovery fund however we have to say that they are facing growing criticism because this summit is taking place only 2 weeks after that last summit and of course people ordinary citizens are asking themselves why are why have
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leaders to come together why while the people are facing more and more restrictions and we know the leaders have been talking mainly about bridge we're not talking about the pandemic on how does the your view your trade negotiations with the u.k. or go. well the leaders are not happy at all they said that they are very concerned about the lack of progress they said that now the u.k. has to make the necessary moves to make a deal possible so there are sending a clear message to london that they are determined and united to reach a deal but not at any cost however at the press conference tonight e.u. chief negotiator barney was more optimistic saying that he sees prospects of a deal and that he is ready to continue and intensify the talks there's not much
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time to do that is there i would mean we're talking about december 31st a tradition period for the u.k. will be old we're how close are we know to a new deal bridge scenario so i think that the european union today is sending a clear message to london we are ready to continue the talks we are not going away it's not up to you to decide however it was very telling that while the press conference here in brussels was still going on you came chief negotiator frost's was live tweeting his reaction saying that he's disappointed that he's surprised by this suggested by the suggestions that it's only the u.k. that has to make the necessary move so all eyes are now on boris johnson who is expected to tell us to morrow whether he is walking away or continuing the talks
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the latter is more likely we'll have to see if he is impressed or not by what is done tonight. all these are phenomenal disorder force in brussels alexander thank you. and here are some more coronavirus developments that are happening now here in europe germany has reported its highest 24 hour caseload since the start of the pandemic $6638.00 new infections meanwhile berlin is morning against non-essential travel to france the netherlands malta and slovakia amid unprecedented infection rates and the head of the world health organization's europe office is urging governments to be uncompromising in controlling the virus warning that more drastic steps could be taken if the pandemic does not receipt let's take a look now at some of the other stories that are making headlines around the world israel's parliament the knesset has ratified the u.s. for that agreement establishing relations with the united arab emirates prime
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minister benjamin netanyahu said the deal moved israel closer to peace accords with other countries in the middle east 80 lawmakers supported the measure 13 did not the resignation of kyrgyzstan's president 2 weeks after disputed elections has sparked celebrations in the capital bishkek prime minister saad says he'll assume the presidency now he was named prime minister just on wednesday just days after supporters freed him from prison. heavy rains have drenched a camp housing almost $8000.00 refugees on the greek island of less books it's the 2nd time this month the tent city has been hit by flooding and many of the people living in the camp came from the overcrowded maría camp that was destroyed by fire last month. yemen's warring sides are exchanging more than a 1000 prisoners captured during years of conflict the trade is part of the deal
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reached in switzerland in september yemen has been that worse since 2014 causing a humanitarian crisis and the deaths of more than 100000 people. the global rights group human rights watch says russian and syrian air strikes on the rebel held city of it live last year may constitute crimes against humanity the group has released a report that looks into dozens of what it says were unlawful strikes on civilian targets over a period of 12 months it says the strikes were deliberate meanwhile attacks in the region continue despite a cease fire. a classroom destroyed by an air raid numerous rockets struck the school in the south of elim province luckily no children were killed in the attack bombings or an almost daily event in this region despite a ceasefire being in place the lessons have resumed but attendance is low how the.
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few children have returned their parents are afraid they don't believe it's safe to send their kids to school because of the attacks. strikes on schools markets places of worship clinics go on for days or months and this year just like last year. this is the less credible hold region in syria during their offensive syrian and russian fighter jets are said to have targeted civilian facilities their goal is to demoralize the local population in order to make their advance easier according to human rights watch the organization said it reached this conclusion after analyzing some $550.00 satellite photos and videos and interviewing dozens of witnesses. and given the facts that we have gathered here clearly indicate that we are talking about war crimes and crimes against humanity. human rights watch is now demanding those responsible to be held to account and says it's time for the
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united nations to step in. a wave of protests by young pro-democracy activists in thailand is gathering momentum today thousands defied the government ban on gatherings of more than 4 people in the capital to again take their grievances to the streets of bangkok they say too much power is concentrated in the hands of the government and the usually untouchable time monarchy but there are calls for change are growing harder to ignore with every passing day. in defiance of an emergency decree tens of thousands of demonstrators packed the streets of central bangkok there demand a democratic thailand complete with a new election and a new constitution but the government is focused on quelling protest banning groups of more than 5 so far that hasn't worked. out this is what sparked the ban in an unprecedented move on wednesday protesters crowded around the royal
11:13 pm
motorcade while raising the 3 finger gesture of defiance just a month ago this act would have been unthinkable in thailand you can face up to 15 years in jail for insulting the monarchy. scuffles between protesters and police also broke out and phone the prime minister's office prior to nocera took power doing a military coup now the people want him gone they took over the power over 6 years you know it's not really fair if we're talking about like the for the servant thing you know you lecture was a it's not fair for the bickering there are really it's about that are we we need to show the power that we will not it's a not oh no we cannot take it anymore i want to my body my feet are now if i pull my fridge i want to fight bob i give up repeating my country. not me give up everything. but it's not just democracy they want many young thais also want to see
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reforms of the monarchy it is hoped that the student led rallies would bring new rights and freedoms to a generation desperate for change. wired munich made light work of this division so i see jordan in the german cup on the thursday the match was the 1st of 8 in 23 days for the rainy champions unix erik maxime souple mo taking opened the scoring after 24 minutes of hill n.c. from thomas made it to going into halftime after the break. on the back of the net again to seal a 3. 4 by. italy's sports minister has said that christiane there were naga who tested positive for the coronavirus in portugal this week may have broken italian health protocols the portuguese international travel to his home country even though his team you vent his was isolating after 2 staff members tested
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positive for cocaine 19 the president of events has said the club had followed the rules spring although his since returned to italy on a private jet where he's foreign sheening at home. watching t.v. from berlin spain to my colleague rob watts will be up next with the gilbert you've just missed you stick around. saying up to date don't miss our highlights. program on line d.w. dot com highlights. people looking for coverage. there are many answers. there are many reasons.


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