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tv   Auf den Punkt  Deutsche Welle  October 16, 2020 1:00am-1:46am CEST

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this is d.w. news live from berlin coronavirus weighs on a summit in brussels european commission chief ursula fund a line in isolation after learning a staff member had tested positive comes amid skyrocketing covert cases across the bloc. also. in thailand thousands of people rallied for change pro-democracy protesters defy a government ban on demonstrations pressing for reforms to the government and the monarchy. and it was supposed to be their 2nd head to head to bate instead donald
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trump and joe biden are holding dueling t.v. events trump backed out of the schedule debate for this corona virus infection forced it online. i'm wary of blue cross thanks for joining us france is just one of many european countries reeling from record spikes in corona virus cases authorities there confirmed more than 30000 new infections in the most recent 24 hour period that's levels not seen since the start of the pandemic now some of that is due to more testing than back then but it is a sign that the virus remains a serious threat even to the highest levels of european politics. leaders flew into brussels hoping for diplomatic wins on climate change and gregg's it. but the
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coronavirus pandemic is always the enemy of things going to plan. the chief on the line deciding to abandon torques just as they started. a member of her team tested positive for 9 tain and found a lion deciding to oscillate as a precaution. before leaving the summit she stressed the importance of cooperation in combating the virus situation is getting more and more worrisome and strong action is needed most of all it's important good corporation and discipline. to disrupted summit is symbolic of the story on the ground in member states coronavirus infection numbers are swelling and it's now the 5th largest cause of death in europe so my 1st message to member states today is one of. we are quickly running out of time. everyone needs to do what is
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necessary to avoid the devastating health social and economic effects of the generalized. in france infections a spike in health care workers say they are exhausted they are demanding more resources to ease the burden of their essential work. there's also. people who don't necessarily do this job for money but we must think of better working conditions with colleagues who work 12 hours a day 60 hours a week it's just not normal. that's just. it was it comes as president emanuel thrown announced a 9 pm curfew in 9 major cities including paris. it's a similar story in poland where close big numbers have hit record highs for the 2nd day in a row. the government has declared the most major cities red zones. situation
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is very serious i would say yesterday's in recent daily spikes are terrifying if you look at hospitals and the number of so-called coded beds yesterday almost all of them were occupied and i mean. it was agreed that in autumn spiking cases for europe was almost inevitable. protests for the continent's leaders will be to see if they've learnt any lessons from the 1st wave. brussels bureau chief alexander phenomena explains why e.u. leaders are still meeting in person just bite the resurgence of the pandemic across europe questions has been a question has been raised even though we have to say that it was pure coincidence that funded lion learned about the fact that one of her stuff for us tested positive during the meeting with the leaders. they say that it's important for them
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to meet in person it's important for them to talk directly to find solutions to problems and to agree on issues that are contentious and they point to one example to the summit in mid july were after intensive talks they were able to agree on a 1.8 trillion the budget and recovery front however we have to say that they are facing growing criticism because this summit is taking place only 2 weeks off to the last summit and of course people ordinary citizens are asking themselves why are why half their leaders to come together why while the people are facing more and more restrictions and a quick look at the latest coronavirus developments happening here in europe germany is warning against non-essential travel to france the netherlands malta and slovakia as infections in those countries explode israel is relaxing
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a new lockdown that's been in place for the past month daycare and preschools will open again from sunday as well natural parks and beaches and the head of the world health organization's europe office is urging governments to be quote uncompromising in controlling the virus he said most of the spread is happening because people are ignoring safety rules. and let's turn to some of the other stories making news around the world human rights watch says russian and syrian air strikes on syria's rebel held city of it lived last year may constitute crimes against humanity the global rights group has released a report that looks into dozens of what it said were unlawful strikes on civilian targets over a period of 12 months says the strikes were deliberate. israel's parliament the knesset has ratified the u.s. brokered agreement establishing relations with the your united arab emirates prime minister benjamin netanyahu said the deal moved israel closer to peace agreements
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with other countries in the middle east 80 lawmakers support of the measure 13 or against. the resignation of kyrgyzstan's president xi weeks after disputed elections has sparked celebrations in the capital bishkek prime minister. says he'll assume the presidency he was named prime minister on wednesday just days after supporters freed him from prison. every rains have drenched a camp housing almost 80000 refugees on the greek island of lesbos it's the 2nd time this month the tent city has been hit by flooding many of the people living in the camps came from overcrowded overcrowded maria a camp that was destroyed by fire last month. president donald trump and democratic challenger joe biden are set to hold live televised events tonight at the same time on different channels biden scheduled his town hall in place of the 2nd debate which was set for today but then canceled after trump refused to do
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it online the debate organizers made that change after trump was hospitalized for coronavirus now not to be outdone trump has planned his own event taking place at the same exact time as biden's so with just 3 weeks until election day polls show by that with a strong lead and millions of people have already voted early by may. let's get more on all of that with all of our solid in washington hey oliver so what can we expect from these competing events tonight. well william as you've laid it out it's a new form and something that we have never seen before sol joe biden taking questions from a presenter from a host and at the same time president trump taking his questions in a different t.v. show at a different network so it's not going to be this traditional televised debate where
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both answer to the same questions by the same holes we've seen how that turned out in the 1st round very chaotic lee there is lots of criticism right now for trump who just on wednesday so yesterday announced that he would be delivering a town hall event at the same time that joe biden delivers his town hall also the network n.b.c. you broadcast trump's version of tonight's event is taking a lot of the blame for choosing for choosing that same time slot for not doing it a day earlier or hours earlier or later and that leaves a lot of voters in limbo right now because they essentially have to decide for either one of the candidates and a lot of those voters have already voted or at least made up their minds so what exactly do trump and biden need to a cheat from these town halls tonight. well they do have the chance to make their points to show what they stand for politically what their visions are for the
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country to move forward and again this did not happen in the 1st t.v. debate that was perceived as a historic low point in fact in the history of presidential debates trump took a lot of blame here for constantly interrupting both sides insulting each other at some point so now all they have the chance to show what they stand for the big question with. tonight and especially because of the nature of this format that we're going to be looking at is who of the 2 candidates will have the better ratings and all trouble certainly look to capitalize on that should he have those better ratings so we have to watch his twitter channel for sure after the debate or after the event should say he's done right so the polls nationwide and in various important swing states are showing biden with pretty commanding leads how is that affecting the campaigns and what they are doing these last few weeks before the election well joe biden has gained momentum you're right especially in the
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last 2 weeks but we have to be careful here they are both of them of course are continuing to be on the complaint trail there were some bad news for the biden campaign because several members of the campaign especially is close to coming to her as the vice presidential candidate tested positive on the coronavirus she suspended her events joe biden continues to campaign but we have to be careful with that lead because as you know in 2016 hillary clinton lead by 2 digit points and in the end it all comes down to the electoral college so we have to be careful with the national polling here and there's still a lot that can happen in the last weeks until the election and you'll be with it for it all thanks very much oliver sally in washington. thousands of pro-democracy activists in thailand have defied a government ban on gatherings to again take their grievances to the streets of
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bangkok they say too much power is concentrated in the hands of the government and the usually untouchable monarchy but their calls for change are growing harder to ignore with every passing day. was in defiance of an emergency decree tens of thousands of demonstrators packed the streets of central bangkok there demand a democratic thailand complete with a new election and a new constitution but the government is focused on quelling protest banning groups of more than 5 so far that hasn't worked. out this is what sparked the ban in an unprecedented move on wednesday protesters crowded around the royal motorcade while raising the 3 finger gesture of defiance just a month ago this act would have been unthinkable in time and you can face up to 15 years in jail for insulting the monarchy. scuffles between protesters and police
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also broke out and from the prime minister's office prior to nocera took power doing a military coup now the people want him gone it took over the power over 6 years you know it's not really fair if we're talking about like the for the servant thing you know or you lections and it's not fair for the victims you know are for me it's about that i am we we need to show the power that we will not it's a not oh no we cannot take it anymore i don't want to live on my fears or not if i pull my fridge i want to live far i can operate me my country. not me i'm a pretty. but it's not just democracy they want many young thais also want to see reforms of the monarchy it is hoped that the student led rallies would bring new rights and freedoms to a generation desperate for change i and let's turn to some sports now byron munich made light work a 5th division side f.c.
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doron in the german cup on thursday the match was the 1st of 8 in 23 days for the reigning champions now munich's eric massa opened the scoring after 24 minutes thomas miller converted a penalty to make it to going into half time after the break saying found the back of the net again just 3 nil victory for byron. it least sports minister has said christiana well naldo tested positive for corona virus in portugal this week they have broken a talian health protocols the portuguese international travel to his home country even though his team event is was isolating after 2 staff members tested positive for coach at 19 events this president of the club that followed the rules or novel has since returned to italy on a private jet where his quarantining at home. and watching d.w. news from berlin stay tuned to do the news africa up next looking ahead to the presidential
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elections in guinea this sunday you always get the latest from from d.w. dot com and from twitter and instagram at u.w. news and wayne look crossed thanks for joining us. for spectacular pictures. it's their passion for nature. it's their complete devotion that makes them good just want to learn for tougher for others in the world. confrontational and story. 5 adventures. one goal.
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the preservation of our planet. it's not as an issue of heart and trees and certain kind is it important to. exhaust birds and danger for survival it's a. passion for china starts november 6th on g.w. . cut. this a state at the knees af. coming up on the program per suing more power guinea's president alpha condé is seeking to extend his rule in what will be a tense and high stakes election on sunday. and g.w. visits kenya's rift valley we have rising water levels have flooded entire communities displacing thousands of inhabited.
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hello i'm christine one day it's good to have your company presidential elections in guinea all set for this coming sunday incumbent president alpha condé is going for a 3rd term the 82 year old became the country's 1st democratically elected leader in 2010 bringing hopes of progress soft ideas of dictatorship and military rule he says he needs more time to finish big projects guinea's constitution has a 2 term limit for presidents but in a march referendum voters approved changes to the constitution that condé argues reset the clock on his presidency the opposition say's it's illegal for condé to run they also accuse him of using deadly force to crackdown on dissent. taking it to the street the opposition says president out for calm day has been in power too long and shouldn't even be running the last year the clashes
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erupted one condé said he planned to run for a 3rd term dozens died in a government crackdown. but a referendum boycotted by the opposition approved an amended constitution earlier this year that created the legal framework for him to run again. condé is guinea's 1st democratically elected president and a former dissident himself he claims it's the opposition who represent oppressive policy it's. his rival salute the yellow rose to prime minister under the previous authoritarian government the 2 are backed by different ethnic groups and the ilo has accused the incumbent of exploiting ethnic tensions but condé says his political party is for everyone he's just a man of the people and denies he uses his authority against his opponents. yet we are proud of our independence and sovereignty and i do what the people of
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guinea want. this i told my activists i don't want violence i don't want you throwing stones insulting people don't block the roads. but. opposition leader diallo says that's just what happened he claims barriers were set up to block him and his supporters. unfortunately our folk on the day decided that i should not go strutting around in his strongholds and so all arrangements were made to her event me from accessing that it's great city. in the run up to the election the united nations said it was alarmed at an ethnically charged hate speech spreading across the country it's feared that could lead to further violence. we go over to london freedom of when he's in our west africa bureau in a good to see you so i'll condé once
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a nother term in office and there's been much opposition to that but just had a small about his 10 years in office. and. prison. says he claims that he has changed things he has changed the economy of the country which he says that he is pretty son counting actually messed up with everything and then he now he says that for the last 10 years he has done incredible job in terms of economy and he has the kountry so. but then there were position on the other side the opposition says that this guy wants to stay in power something they don't want to see repeating itself tell us more about the opposition's candidate what how much support does he have among gay males . he has. said that he has significant support
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because this is a guy who has been he's a former prime minister he has a-q. prior to several ministerial posts during the not going to rule so he's an experienced politician but also he has a massive support from the old regime for the people who are against the incumbent president there or. expect each and every one actually to be behind him because they know him that he can deliver but also he has also another challenge there are people who see who see him as someone who challenged corruption because anything that happened during the rule of us on our country is action to this opposition politician ok fred as we heard in our report. president condé and mr taylor they are backed by rival ethnic groups how is this likely going
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to play into the election. i mean this it's a biggest challenge now in guinea because. the hells from. any group then. there's also the. opposition figure. comes from a part of. these people who are very they have been tough language they have used hate language and actually the international community and some genius. son that if anything goes wrong if they rule any side if they do so they're afraid that actually there might erupt is serious violence in the contrary but the u.n. and international organization have already made statement calling on the candidates to be cautious on how they make statements so that they cannot fuel any
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virus so far there have been a couple of people dozens of people have been killed but then they have to be cautious in the way they are talking to their supporters ok fred so is it is it all systems go for for for sunday's election and given we're also in the midst of a pandemic. i mean in this part of the region i mean when you look at the campaigns people. woods campaigning and. so the pandemic itself doesn't have so much so that people are not so scare but they're looking forward to go on and void from a dot com so we don't expect. charting the pandemic to be a challenge for them towards forum but they are supporting coming this sunday no caveats fred move on you know west africa period thank you for it.
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the lakes of kenya's rift valley are rising inundating homes and businesses water levels have been swimming for his but are particularly high this year following heavy rains to make matters worse 2 lakes lake but will and lake korea which you can see on the map here have grown so much that they run the risk of merging together but lake corey is a save one lake while lake but ingle is a freshwater lake providing drinking water to animals and people it would be an ecological disaster if the 2 lakes meet. so swollen from rising water levels that the shoreline changes every day. we see this early on in our trip when the axis rude unexpectedly becomes part of the leak . nearby we find. who's just arrived to open her barn restaurant but there's been a dramatic change. there's water this water just came in with
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a new one because it came slowly and slowly until it got to this level so without any notice you have to demolish within just a few seconds. chana gas has already been forced to move her business once it's inevitable that she will have to move again and she's not the only one the structure we're looking at is an entry point that was erected by the kenya wildlife service after their original gates was submerged by what i saw you took 3 months before the lake eventually caught up with this one and we can clearly see that this water is unrelenting what we can't see but we can certainly smell is the sewerage that's also being brought to be this because obviously people here use trains and all their contents are now under water and the water is clearly unrelenting because all around us the ground a soggy and these little of all over the place the extent of the flooding can be seen clearly from neighboring requiring go the freshwater lake has expanded by 60
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percent in the last 7 years this year has been by far the worst. folks are to a guide grew up on the shores of this leak work has been scarce as most of the hotels are now underwater it's he leads us to one of many flooded schools in the area just leaving a year you've seen all decaying buildings. but our last story is the most significant for folks i grew up here my foster until years of life i spent a year this was my playground it's quite sad to see it drop going through and i don't know what i'm going to tell my kids scientists are warning that freshwater lake baringo and salt water leak could manage the cross contamination would destroy the balance in the ecosystem. to understand what is happening to the lakes we head to the forest home to the rivers that feed the lakes in the rift valley mo forest
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is recovering from years of deforestation. david weston has been a conservationist for more than 50 years he says the destruction of the catchment areas is just one in a series of linked problems the pastoral people are settling down and staying in one place so what that means is every single day you have heavy grazing and that is really prominent around the baringo basin up in the hills on the side so all of that erosion has been washed off routinely so in 2018 we had rainfall which was the equivalent of el nino in 1908 then followed last year by these extraordinary rains which have continued for a whole year so that means that predation huge amount of runoff and siltation and it's the combination of those 2 that have made these rift valley lakes and even other areas like amber sally just lift 10 sometimes 15 metres thanks
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back in bulgaria a strong drink. that's short for the ocean. cienega is visibly worried and soon her worst fears are realized the water level has gone up again this could be her last day on this land. with the following day and construction has started on higher ground this is where china gets new home and business will be. it's a fresh an easy start no one can be sure the war to winterize this high because no one believes the water would ever get as far as it already has a good. program and headed a but be sure to check out the stories on the forward slash africa we're also on facebook and on twitter today will leave you with the lakes and kenya's rift valley till next time ahead.
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to the point. clear position on the international perspective. from our say that munich paris to prague coronavirus and sections are surging in europe big cities at the front of the waves 10 new restrictions bring the situation under control join us on to the point. to the point. in 60 minutes. that you don't need to keep the.
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old for over much in home. force i'm from. the bottom of the family. has called. on. me you tells the u.k. it's your move leaders in brussels say it's up to the brits to verge on a post trade deal casey says that's no way to go about a negotiation also coming up. you know to the airline lose altitude after the carrier late bad a massive impact the coronavirus pandemic on its bottom line. and global pop icon beyond say has become an avid. take a look at what else is making fashion from senegal so popular. this is
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the real business our. welcome to the program the european union says it's up to the u.k. to budge if a post trade deal is to be reached among the e.u. leaders meeting in brussels there was an atmosphere of cautious optimism that an agreement could be reached in the coming weeks however the suggestion that the britain to give ground has irritated the fritz a chief negotiator david frost tweeted that he was disappointed by the use approach to the negotiations. or prime minister boris johnson has warned the european union that the u.k. would be willing to walk away from talks altogether as a prospect we put to maria de met sister director of the brussels based think tank bruegel. some of it might be political expediency posturing by the men at the end of the day if you are a prime minister you're looking after the best of the country you really do want
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a deal i don't think i can see a world in which you can do better otherwise as so i have you know the chaos might ensue if we don't get a deal but i think that all everything will be done on both sides to actually get something even if it's small and in fact it will have to be small in the sense that it will be the confines for something that we can build on in later years one u.k. sector desperately hoping for a dale is the automotive sector comic is and supplies in the u.k. are closely linked to their consummate continental european partners most companies are already expecting an increase in paperwork but additional tariffs could put companies out of business. this machinery has come to a standstill for now car parts supplier good fish has no use for it in the u.k. anymore chief executive greg mcdonald plans to send it all off to slovakia that's where he says his company's future so who are these are the machines i've got
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mothballed ready to go all the lorry off to central eastern europe into a factory but i haven't got yet but if i had it. good fish makes plastic components for the auto industry in britain and europe breck's it has shaken up its business model the company's u.k. production has already been scaled back if next year sees delays at the border with the e.u. it will be fatal for its just in time manufacturing operation. if one part is missing from a call all the calls have to come off the production line and it very quickly becomes an impossible process if the part of the rod to start runs down and then it runs out on the line stop. so. you don't need much to go wrong. british car makers are already suffering investments have dropped 80 percent in the last 3 years much of the u.k.
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car industry could die out without a free trade agreement with the e.u. besides delays at the borders there'd be high tariffs as well. i think the u.k. rules will see its kind of premium and luxury and continue in the future the kind of made in british element a rolls royce or bell is important but in terms of the mass industry you know if you think about nissan or toy or vauxhall which is owned by persia many of those plants actually export most of their production to the you know in the event of no deal and tariff barriers there's a question mark about whether that is viable so the mass scale industry could actually down the line disappear. good fish is planning to move its car parts production to eastern europe. jaguar land rover a major customer has already opened a large planted it slovakian subsidiary. and greg mcdonald has been there looking for factory space for his company. lose some equipment over there
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hard people are already been speaking to agencies of really got a team of people out there who would like to go. i'm aware of those they read about us by googling new came out of factory moving just lucky if. a free trade deal with the e.u. would make many jobs in britain more secure not just that good fish but throughout the auto industry. across the atlantic now and shares in united airlines began thursday trading with a steep drop is after the company laid bare the impact of the coronavirus pandemic on its finances revenues were down 78 percent year on year during the 3rd quarter says it was losing around $25000000.00 per day joining that period. let's cross to our financial correspondent in new york yes caught a young man's yet more astonishing numbers from a u.s. airline. definitely and if i just look ahead towards
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a new york there's still not that many planes in the skies above new york the airline industry is still highly challenge to just the revenue off a passenger planes actually drop by 84 percent in comparison to last year's quarter and you mentioned the cash burn rate the only good news is we saw in everett cash burn off $40000000.00 a day in the 2nd quarter so now that came down to $25000000.00 each a day at the stock of united continental lost about 3 percent in value united itself for saying well they actually might be the best off the big legacy airlines i'm not sure if best is the best or wording maybe the least bit might be more fitting back on the ground we've already had prime dave and now tesla appear to be
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the ones slashing their prices on their model s. at least there's a story behind this one please explain. well i mean there is this company called lucent motors run by a former tesla executive and they came out it was a price tag for the newest model just a little below $70000.00 and that cost a lot musk the head of tesla for the 2nd time this week to lower the price for the model s. to a $69000.42 musk was saying that loose it was throwing the gauntlet and now the prophecy will be fulfilled the stock of tesla by the way down by a bit says 3 percent and if you wonder about the numbers $60420.00 that's not a coincidence either a lot must last to tell you around was those the numbers 69 actually stands for a 6 position on 420 is internet slick for a week so that's obviously why i must came up was the price tag for the model
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s. . and maybe makes me a bit square but i did not know the significance of the numbers i thank you. now a brief look at some of the other business stories making the news but carry a ryanair says it's slashing a 3rd of its winter flights the airline blames european governments for mishandling travel during the pandemic brian asked says the cutback will result in more unpaid leave and job sharing sharing the winter and that if travel bans remain in place more jobs will be lost. the silver screen is making a cautious return in india after months of shutdown despite the country's virus cases surging past 7000000 bollywood is partially reopening some cinemas restrictions eased strict social distancing rules will apply the.
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fashion made in senegal is trending the company sisters of africa is a well known label thanks to stop beyond say but other designers are also feeling the potential of the african market. located along one of the busiest roads in senegal's capital dhaka this is the africa show room in an issue this in a brand was co-created by helen deborah in 20 katyn clean tel is discreet she says even if her designs burst with color the brand relies mostly on word of mouth and social media in 2018 beyond say even ordered one of her dresses i offered her she was the last one the floor of dress that she wore to a birthday party. it's a wrap around dress that was in 2018 but we always have it in stock it's been our best seller ever since. the floor address is now known as the beyond say dress to clients in the us well the black clothing smatter movement is driving customers to
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black owned businesses owners are reportedly worried it won't last but this is of african co-founder bill ses indorsement definitely helped but her clothes were already trending amongst the african just poor. financially we've always done well . not to say african americans but to the african diaspora who are really into the made in africa trend. some designers fear cultural appropriation unless the industry can organize itself on the continent and scale up to meet global demand 26 year old design fatima zoravar works with locally with a fabrics chip writes herself as a black owned business to 67000 instagram followers despite receiving little interest from the u.s. . over the past 5 to 6 years maybe a bit longer there's been real admiration for the made locally movement let's develop them on africans develop a shit is africa african fashion is riding
1:41 am
a wave of recognition for its creative output of 2 being ignored and copied for decades. producers worldwide have capitalized on african symbolism to sell everything from cars to fashion the difference today is that creativity isn't coming from western brands inspired by africa but from african designers making inroads into the western fashion scene. that's over me in the business teamhair in bell and if you do all from us check out our websites data we dot com slash business thanks for joining us to take.
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the finalists against the coronavirus pandemic. weird stand. and what new findings have researchers in the. information and background into. the corona. college 19 special. monday to friday on t.w. . what secrets lie behind.
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discover new adventures in 360 to. explore fascinating world heritage sites. w m world heritage 363 get me out now. in the army of climate change. we make our cities. look sense to people. what ideas do they have for their future. g.w. dot com for the major cities for the media. click. and then hold me push hold loves us right now in the world right now climate change is very hot the story. faces my friends they went home just one week.
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how much work can really get it. we still have time to ask i'm going to. be a success. at some scribe and morning is like. a priceless collection of ancient sculptures once shrouded in mystery and dust finally goes on display in the italian capital the legendary toy lonia marbles coming up here on arts and culture and these sculptures can move well meet the meticulous swiss creator who makes the world's most complex atomic. also coming up world bread day or correspondent and baking aficionados matis tells us how his recipes opened doors and the e.u. capital was. welcome to arts and culture for decades the
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world's biggest private collection of classical sculptures was kept hidden away and were stored and dirty for decades italian government pleaded with the collections owners the wealthy no book total lonia family to exhibit the works then came a breakthrough the family agreed now after 4 years of restoration a number of the tour lonia marbles are finally on display in a row. the toy lonia marbles one of the most important private collections of classical art can now be seen in rome the history of the collection is as fascinating as the items on display. do i need to jovani tolani i says son l a sandro but many antiquities at the end of the 18th century and throughout the 19th century most of which came from older collections so it's a collection of collections.


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