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tv   Focus on Europe  Deutsche Welle  October 16, 2020 8:30am-9:01am CEST

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why do you ask is on its way to bring you more conservation. how do we big city scream how can we protect our habitats we can make a difference good morning to our mental series if you could use a v.w. golf cart. hello and welcome to the program show and it's nice to have you with us it was the 1st country to impose a nationwide lockdown and now italy him is bracing for a 2nd wave as 1000 cases in europe climb just months ago the northern city of bury gumbel was in full blown crisis mode as the virus swept through the region of the dead had to be transported away by the army italy's hospitals and health workers
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were completely overwhelmed by the high number of patients. the country remains on high alert strict measures were imposed in the north and were also adopted in other regions including a bear got more and milan it's a price most italians are willing to pay to prevent a repeat of the past for many like a greenie that trauma is still fresh. for them in the premier seemed a lot and 108 years she survived the spanish flu 2 world wars and now cope with no idea when the 1st wave of the pandemic hits and she lost many of her friends and the care home she lives in quotes because i lived through so much in my life and i'm still here. it looks like god is forgotten about me. fatima greeny feels lucky here in northern italy and wants to help others lombardi
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was badly hit by the pandemic in spring but the virus claimed thousands of lives care homes for the elderly in particular. 33000 died of covert 19 in italy and almost half of them here in the north hospitals were overwhelmed the situation was dramatic as vander gutty recalls. she's a volunteer with the italian white cross and something is she worked 12 hours straight i was there to give him her food but i ask of him to come with me along so this was one of the. strange experience very different from before because during the normal behavior that we take. their relative or a caregiver. or on their own balance to go to do that for many help came too late
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the company 7 section of the city cemetery houses the graves of 128 on claimed covert 19 victims buried in a hurry when the contagion risk was high either the relatives couldn't be found or couldn't organize funerals because they were ill according to me it may now be made a permanent monument commemorating the victims of covered 19 we leave the. very from arctic experience like a tsunami something that in the moment drives changed completely everything so from that moment that we change our beer we are our approach to the life now in autumn it's still mandatory to wear a mask inside of buildings and also from 6 in the evening until 6 in the morning on credit streets italy is doing everything it can to avoid a 2nd lockdown for weeks and spring people weren't allowed to leave their homes the
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strict approach explains why italy has managed to avert a 2nd wave says maria rita just mando she runs the covert 19 lab at the luigi sacco university hospital in milan italians learned valuable lessons from the high death rates in march and april just mondo would like to see more cross border cooperation . i think it's an important. thing to think out of the european isles that you have this same a protocol all therapy the same. exchange of experiences the same require counting not just that they look at localize it as the back to just you know european a strategy to face a divider just not believes that the key is rapid response the italian government has introduced covert 19 tests in schools to provide rapid results but in
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a sister victoria welcome such measures the last thing they want is another lock down and a return to home schooling. i hope that we consume take off our musk's. tough to keep our distance from one another all the time. that is embedded. from our vats not an option. for them and their greenie turns people they must wear masks. don't make the same mistakes. i wonder when this thing will end. you old and i will die soon. but i am deeply worried about everyone else. you need. in the meantime she prays and hopes for the best for them as determination under duress has made her
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a wrong model to many qualities needed now more than ever. while most of europe is concerned with containing a 2nd wave off the coronavirus others are focusing their energy in on expanding their power like viktor orban he is the strong man of hungary in his nationalist sense has put him at odds with many leaders and now carbon wants to bring cultural institutions in line with his conservative agenda new legislation has given the government increased power over theaters and universities honey sorty studies at the renowned university of here and film arts and would have us and she and her fellow students are fighting to keep our beds nationalist policies out of their institution. students have been demonstrating in front of the theater and film university in budapest for weeks now. they've blockaded the
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entrance in protest against the government which has imposed a new foundation and board of trustees on their establishment threatening its independence as well as that of other universities and cultural institutions. the resignation of the new management. people act against a repressive party together. and. he certainly is one of the protest leaders she's been acting as a go between for many of the academics who resigned in protest they are all under enormous pressure she says. the government has waged a real war against our fallen. professors and students are constantly being slanted over the end of. the drama tours allows low poor
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for instance he had been nominated director but the new board fired him like most of the lecturers at the university he. as in favor of the protests. elect for the shop for the most important aspect of the suppose it government reforms is that the senate which represents the students and economics will have no influence on the decisions of the politicians board of trustees. of the so that you and all people get out of. the populist authoritarian government has waged what it calls a culture war it is decided that young people should receive a patriotic education it is not interested in academic freedom. never others are patriotic education does not turn children into mere subjects. who just want them to understand what their ancestors created to be able to pass this on.
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it's not easy to convey the idea that it is a good thing to be a patriot. but people manage. the university's new foundation has not yet contacted pani sorty and the other protesting students. the conservative theater director to love it in young ski was appointed to head the board of trustees he recently told a t.v. station close to the ruling party that the protesters were being manipulated from abroad. i mean as these are shocking forces that. there's an army operating online he's a mentor national army should be received information from abroad and some of my view her colleagues have told me that the protests are being organized by certain circles. it's very painful. on him because he figures we're going to as we've heard all about these international ground forces before to supposedly
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a talking hungry but the i don't think they managed to get rid of human rights on sherry's with these conspiracy theories they always play the same cards talking about how biased but that. the government's cultural war is not only against universities many theatre troops that used to receive state funding have been forced to close down trough so an experimental theatre company in budapest is fighting for survival but the director is putting up resistance. that if you get these independent the true companies are a thorn in the side of those in power. they're trying to get rid of us but it's not easy for them this is the can work with very little money to survive. it won't be able to break the students so easily this is going to be a long conflict that's. more over the theaters and universities have support from
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the public thousands of budapest residents took part in a human chain that went from the university to parliament in september 4 in theatres are also showing support germany's renowned berliner ensemble recently cancelled its hungary tour in solidarity with. the far more sufferer. in greek mythology plutus is the god of wealth who when he was blind to gave riches out to everybody without judgment when his side was restored he could see who was more deserving and the next person in our story couldn't be more deserving of the help that has come her way recently i natalee is a single mother of 4 who was living on the streets of greece a country that is billions of dollars in debt and where unemployment and poverty are rampant but there is hope for anna now thanks to the generosity of not a god but a kind spirit. tameness artists left paris and some you
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all have been waiting and hoping so long for what's in the sparks the 2 oldest have both had to sleep on the living room sofa the children don't have a room of their own now of a c.l.s. from greece aid has brought them a bunk bed they can hardly wait to see it so they pitch in to help put it together i just couldn't believe the bed would ever come but now it's here i'm so happy this is so great. i tell mrs mother takes advantage of the kids to struction to concentrate on fixing. she's a widow her husband died 4 years ago of a heart attack you can self employed enough to death behind it wasn't long before she and her 4 children were out of the street. an older woman rented her this little house for $50.00 a month. the house had no heating it had mice and other vermin like
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cockroaches running around the houses down then water comes in. in conditions like these it's really hard to raise 4 children. has a job cleaning a doctor's office for now it's her only source of income. but she dreams of learning a profession not just for herself but to be able to provide better for her children . i often cry at night when i'm alone and nobody can see me and i don't want the children to see me even though they do understand everything they live in the same conditions i do but i have to be strong to get by there's no other way i'm a mother and have responsibility. but the. twins are left their 2 kids are $8.00 and $5.00. they've had to learn to shoulder some of the responsibility early on and help their mother where they can they've already got
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big plans for the future but i do our homework we have good grades and are learning a lot. about to become a doctor and helped topple. now aged 36 and a higher margins her life very differently. she gets child benefits from the greek state but no wealth or energy bills like this one can push through to the brink of the spare. evene schrumpf drops by unannounced is the austrian founder of the donor financed greece for 8 years now has been making sure the perced get what they need . everyone has long known that and is house was unfit to live in and that above all she wanted to work. now he's come up with good news. thank you very much for everything or nothing and something i think if you if
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it helps you everything is ok everyone has found a new house for the family greece or you will pay the 300 euros rent for it plus and has been accepted for training as a nurse you know now i am happy. because i'm. ready for the 1st time in such a long while i have the feeling someone's taking care of me. there's someone supporting me. i've got something i can lean on. i no longer feel so hopeless about everything in my life yet it's like a new beginning that my some of. you for soup and all human boy we try to give young people who are very capable were intelligent a chance at the future with scholarships and to be in it so they can get a job and eventually stand on their own 2 feet and then. under seize intervened it was her rescuer. together i think this is
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a store that subsidized but the local authority on her can do her shopping cheaper . hundreds of greeks come here because they can't afford to shop anywhere else. but part of what is working its very hard to buy things like clothes for myself and my children young men i gather but you. get one of those i come here to buy groceries just so i can scrape by. then i put on paper here to everyone is very welcome audie cornish leon the store manager appreciates his efforts we come every month we don't forget your. you know and congratulations for all the work that you do. because it's very important that there are people like you and they may need because they know their efforts that you made these. times it's really so hard to see people in europe going hungry
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and not knowing how they're going to make it through the crisis. and they don't know how they're going to get their children through it the key to it being intolerant and i can relax at last she can look forward to making a better life for her children with job prospects and rents paid by greasing everyone should have someone like her feet someone who helps when nothing else well . less work and fair pay sounds like an offer that's hard to refuse especially for truck drivers who are to lease and weeks away from their families transporting goods on tide deadlines it's an industry that employs around 60000 romanians they were to least 10 hours in traffic jams and weekends and parking lots the e.u. wants to put an end to these working conditions but as truck drivers likes to fund me and are finding out it's
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a road that's paved with many blind spots. on the road to day end day out stephan dami and from romania has been a truck driver for 6 years crisscrossing through france germany spain a long way from home it's well paid he says but not easy for the born on this beach is some after a year that they don't want to go back to or when you know. my daughter was only little. but now i realize that this is what jobs are supposed to correspond. with. stefan isn't attached north of bucharest getting ready for his next trip he's getting his 40 ton truck a once over he can't afford to break down in 3 days he's delivering an order to a client in france. his wife and daughter bring him clothes kitchen equipment and food for the journey. he's been doing this job for years but it's
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still hard to say goodbye. stefan's a little worried the e.u.'s new mobility package was recently rolled out across europe and he's not sure how it will affect him modify a lot of people who told me i thought i'm always been working nonstop. violence well it's to look. that's not how truck driving works. there are around 60000 romanian truck drivers working in western europe many spend their breaks in weekend sleeping in parking lots new legislation says the employer must pay for a hotel for drivers weekend breaks and there's supposed to go back home every 3 or 4 weeks the rules are intended to ensure fair competition within the single market and prevent exploitation of eastern european truck drivers in particular.
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as usual there's a long tail back at the border to hungary romania is not part of the shaman area so whenever he leaves home and heads back to western europe he has to wait hours if not days to cross the border. steffen dami and won't make it over to hungary tonight he prepares his bed for the night. he's concerned about the future and what will happen if he can only work for one month at a time. which. otherwise would if i were shorter hours i will obviously earn much less money. than what you probably have i'm still wondering whether all this makes sense within the given that if you don't cheat almost a function of money for your family. i can't see the purpose of this anymore but on
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the. romanian truck drivers have been able to earn 3 or 4 times the average salary in their home country but this will probably change. we need to increase the slope of the drivers we need to pass the cost of the or mandatory hold tolls to do the clients so he says that many transport companies will survive with the extra costs those which can afford it are already looking for alternatives abroad. we've already started to to do to move apart before where ration from rumania to the or western country his firm already has a branch in northern spain. stephan dami and crosses the border the next morning. a romanian official checks his papers while the hungary and officials pay a bit more attention to what he's transporting.
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finally he's back on the road again. and think such a life. i don't plan on leaving. just like just to the new rules and. perspective on this i hope that the situation will improve somehow and the strivers. benefit from the improvement of the federal law should govern what about. 24 hours and 900 kilometers later stephens stops to make sure he has a clear view for the next stage of the journey. next stop is the ana. and he's hoping that he'll be on the road for some time to come. friday's for future has grown from a one person strike to a movement of millions of young people around the world fight for action against
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the climate crisis but their progress has been curbed by the pandemic and for sure dispensing rules well that's not stopping a group of teenagers in the bill in germany's north they are digging deep to make sure their message is heard there's no vaccine against the climate crisis. it was another hot dry summer in germany. some places experienced water shortages young people living in the flat north east plains see the effects of climate change and are doing something about it. through planting trees in the finance of the heat and drought ridden one of them with now is the german state with the most lakes and when you've lived here for years and love these lakes more than anything it's sad to see them dry up that there's suddenly only
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a bit left over. 3 years in a row of below average rainfall means low water levels and rock hard soil. it's been i'm going to the 1st generation that will be really hard by climate change one of the young adults are now seeing but it's really starting to happen later affects . us on. lucy bruno and the others intend to keep climate change on the agenda even when everyone's talking about the coronavirus pandemic people in rural areas have been watching the environment change more and more and they're worried the climate changes here and it's bad but it means although not in the way that tell us it is. in that there is a researcher many. murders forests to do at the moment just look at our region i was forced to view have you both come out in the. fields and cropland are growing
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ever larger as hedges bush windell the wind sweeps across on hindered blowing away and drying out the soil this has to stop say the young conservationists the hope others will see their tree planting campaign on social media and follow their example they put videos of every turn of the shovel online with commentary and have a dozen of them that's why so many teenagers are inspired to join the project it's using their language and their channels to raise climate awareness but i do doing both kind luxuries and making videos. and they're appealing to a global audience. germany set a good example and get out there and achieve a lot maybe we'll be able to inspire people in other countries to do the same and often now 3 or 4 more loads then i think the trees will have enough another bomb dogs can look watering cans shovels and cameras that's all they need for the world
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to hear 3rd message. well that's it from ask the day thanks for watching and bye bye.
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to the point strong opinion clear position international perspective such. from our say that munich paris to prague corona virus infections are surging in europe with big cities at the front of the waves new restrictions bringing the situation under control joining us on to the point. to the point. the game on d w. can
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you hear me now oh yes we're going to need you and i last 2 years gentlemen sounds like i want to bring you an angle that madoff and you've never had have before surprised yourself what is possible who is medical really what and who sat and what also who took the people who follows her along the way maurice and critics alike join us for michael's last stops. grappling with some tricks. expressing feelings i am not very creative yet but i would love to be considered an artist mandate looking for new perspectives real doors and not to be replaced by a previous camera doing things differently. come to the place where we reflect on society constantly. come on.
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