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tv   DW News  Deutsche Welle  October 16, 2020 9:00am-9:31am CEST

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this is news coming to you live from berlin the u.s. presidential candidates square off. for a televised debate are. very different views on the issues from the pandemic. also coming up the european commission she. protests coronavirus. as. across the.
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entire. government demonstrations pro-democracy protesters. good to have you with us u.s. president donald trump and his democratic challenger joe biden have been answering questions from voters at separate televised events held at the same time on different channels the t.v. town hall meetings as they're known replaced the 2nd presidential debate which was cancelled after trump was diagnosed with 19 and then refused to conduct the debate online as book port there you 2 rival show they have very different approaches in both style and substance. always confident at times defensive as
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the incumbent u.s. president donald trump now has a record to pick apart and he got a grilling starting out with the nation's biggest crisis a coronavirus. i knew it was a big threat at the same time i don't want to panic this country i don't want to go out and say everybody's going to die everybody's got married already you don't have this lady but you can you know there's not going to get and more contentious exchanges as trump made exaggerated claims about voter fraud and deflect the criticism over his tax returns and his position on white supremacy in the rush into it you've done this why is everybody seen like i do white supremacy times against a white supremacy. my position at the same time on a different channel a different tone thomas challenger joe biden offered a forceful rebuke of trump's pandemic response it was the president's responsibility to lead and he didn't do that he didn't talk about what needed to be
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done because he kept worrying in my view about the stock market we make up 4 percent of the world's population we have 20 percent of the world's deaths were in a situation where we have $210.00 plus 1000 people dead and what's he doing nothing he still would not worry mask and so on because at times that bite and he entered but he did deliver clear punch lines on a number of issues including foreign policy if they will in a before the election are open we've been most effective as a world leader in my humble opinion not just by the exercise of our power most powerful nation in the world but the power of our example that's what's led the rest of the world to follow us calling for after trading blows remotely the 2 candidates will again face off at the final election debate next week about making america a washington correspondent for solve it head while i on each of benton joins us now all of it what stood out for you in these parallel the parents of. well it was
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a lot more sophisticated terry than the 1st presidential debate and it seemed like this new format the town hall works better for joe biden so trump in turn he made a lot of false claims during this conversation. and the host there at the network that broadcast this town hall n.b.c. challenge president trump grilled him essentially over a variety of questions and topics and simply that he did not look good defending himself he did no good debating certain points he didn't want to remember or didn't know certain details so biden in turn had a rather solid appearance then come across a lot more presidential as someone who is really willing and able also to heal the nation that is very divided right now of course and he was able to deliver his points much better are that worked out during the 1st debate that ended in chaos
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now the original plan was for the 2 candidates to have another face to face debate how did things end this way. well 1st of all as you remember president trump tested positive on kovac 19 and then the pres commission on presidential debates that's usually in charge of organizing these debates then decided to hold a virtual debate so both candidates in different locations in order to avoid the risk or to reduce the risk of infection now president trump backed out saying he was not willing to participate at a virtual debate then the debate was canceled and then the biden campaign moved forward scheduling this town hall event it was just one day earlier so on wednesday that president trump and b.c. the network decided or announced they would hold a dual events just at the same time and of course both receiving lots of criticism
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for that move because again it left the voters here in limbo they had to decide if they either wanted to see president trump or joe biden offer thanks very much the w.'s all or some of it there in washington or smaller analysis was bring in tyson barker he's a fellow at the truman national security project and is based here in berlin good to see tyson so this election is special in many ways but typically in that we have a large number of early voters and a small number of undecided voters given that can these public appearances or debates make much of a difference. i think we can definitely make a difference i mean what we have seen is a surgeon early voting caused primarily by the pandemic and the president's statements questioning the integrity of elections by mail so many people are going to the polls early to make sure that they can avoid those lines given the social distancing. necessity but you know they're boca voting as they're going to
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take place that weekend and probably on that that tuesday so you know there are still people watching this is when people really tune in about 2 weeks out before the election so there's a whole swath of the voter poppy voting population that haven't really been watching. and we've got one more debate it must be said coming up next week well one of the key moments from trump's appearance was his refusal to disavow the q. and a on conspiracy theory can you tell us a bit more about the. well in well you basically said i don't know i don't know what it is i don't know what it's about i heard it's about pedophilia that's all i know so he basically tries to distance himself by pleading ignorance that is a tactic that he tried to use as well in 26 teams when he was indorsed by former ku klux klan grand was the day that duke david duke says that this is our guy. although trump was on the record in the eighty's having spoken about david duke
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basically denouncing him he said in the 2016 election i don't know who he is i don't know what's happening and savannah guthrie the moderator basically interrupted him and said in real time what we all thought which is you can't be serious you know what this organization is you know what they're about. biden continues to lead in the polls how is that affecting the campaign strategies both of the republicans and the democrats. you know. it's still a little worrisome for everybody because we don't know how many say hidden. voters there are how many hidden biden voters there are what the role of voter turnout is going to play this election is taking place on the ground that neither candidate is really familiar with on the one hand you have a very energized electorate which usually means higher voter turnout but on the other hand there's this overlay of the pandemic so the polls especially the
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national polls which don't really say much because this is an election that takes place in 50 states simultaneously 4 electoral college votes for these points that they can win winner take all in each state. but it has been a pretty stable lead but at the same time some of these polls reflect the same kind of polling we're seeing in 2016 so it's still kind of an open race tyson tell you so much that was tyson barker from the truman national security project thank you. let's turn now to some of the other stories making headlines around the world today new zealand's prime minister just into a down has hit the streets for the last day of campaigning ahead of parliamentary elections this weekend our downs labor party has a comfortable lead and polls are conservative opponent judith cauldrons was also campaigning saying. her party is best placed to handle the post and economy. us social media platform twitter says it's investigating
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a global outage the company says it has no evidence of a security breach or a hack and is working to get the service up and running again. and israel's parliament knesset has ratified the u.s. brokered agreement establishing relations with united arab emirates. and now who said the deal moved israel closer to peace agreements with other countries in the middle east. lawmakers supported the measure with 13 against. europe is scrambling to bring a resurgence of the coronavirus under control as infections reach levels not seen since the beginning of the pandemic now some of that is due to more testing than back then but it's clear the virus remains a serious threat even at the highest levels of european politics where it disrupted the 1st day the e.u. leaders summit. we may never find out what prompted angela merkel to make this
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gesture when talking to french president in mind when michael masks make it impossible to eclipse but it's not only the modest that are a reminder that they're coronaviruses casting a shadow at this e.u. leaders meeting in brussels you commission chief funder line left the talks early one of her staffers tested positive for covert 19 and final line shows to self isolate a separate caution so she was no longer present when the leaders discussed how to better coordinate their pandemic response to the question of how we can get out of this pandemic is of course on all of our own minds most of the time the health of a great many people hinges on this question it will determine how many must die in our economic future it's an e.u. leaders also talked about the props climate goals for now they fail to agree on a more ambitious emission reduction targets when it comes to post relations with
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the u.k. your leaders speak with one voice for them it's clear that the e.u. and the u.k. must compromise we are determined to reach a 3rd of the through the u.k. . we will do everything we can. but not any price the u.k. says it's disappointed with the outcome so once more your leaders concluded a summit day without getting much closer to a trade deal. did. somebody in brussels. so still no progress on briggs this late stage does anybody there think the deal can still be salvaged. terry at least that is what both sides have been saying so far all eyes will be today on london because the deadline that boris johnson has set for a deal to be at least to be able to be seen on the horizon has passed at midnight
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and he has made very clear that if that deadline passes lund would be prepared to move on without a deal now yesterday a german chancellor angela merkel said there is light and there is a shadow what that exactly means from the european perspective michel been able to date to try to clarify it traveling to london meeting is kind of bought david frost the so the 2 chief negotiators will sit down in london today one thing is clear that us made clear yesterday that they are not the ones who want to walk away from negotiations europe is getting pounded by the coronavirus pandemic right now is anything substantial being done at e.u. level georg to deal with it or is it really just every country for itself. mark i'll read you this part of the council conclusion where it says they want to continue over all coordination efforts and that is directed mainly at travel
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restrictions that is a from where the e.u. so far has been making some progress they have developed a map that points out in different colors in green red and orange where there are areas that are free for that are exempt from travel restrictions so you can travel from the green area to a green area or what happens if you are in a red area or that a member states still need to clarify they also want to work on the mutual recognition of testing so there is some some progress happening here and all the eaters agree that they need progress on that front in order to stop the pandemic. now infection rates in europe are surging the e.u. commission president had to leave the summit early and go into quarantine are people there wondering out loud whether this summit holding the so many person was maybe a bad idea while the danish prime minister of the finnish prime minister they both came forward already at the beginning of the meeting and said look we're a bit skeptical whether we always have to meet in person on the other hand
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a number of leaders have said look those personal meetings a really crucial they were the only way to move things really forward and i think there's another aspect to it and that is the aspect of confidentiality because in a video conference obviously there's a lot of people sitting in on those video conferences with the different leaders now yesterday when they talk breaks it off to the conclusions we're already signed they took all the mobile phones all the tablets and moved them out of the room where they were eating so that the this could really be a confidential discussion and that of course you can only have one person. thanks so much that was correspondent garrick masses at the e.u. headquarters in brussels well the u.k. is also trying to calm a large rise in cases london is the latest major city to face tougher measures with a raft of social distancing rules due to come into force at midnight today.
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queen elizabeth us public engagement since march a red joint appearance between the british monarch and her grandson prince william the duke of cambridge. the 2 are socially distanced but neither is wearing a face mask at this military research facility even though covert 19 is on the rise once again across the united kingdom detectors. london is the latest british city to be told it's about to face a local lockdown on saturday tougher restrictions will include a ban on more than one household meeting indoors. type thing it will think it's a wife's a toy it's affecting business ca's i think is kind of the right thing stipends the numbers are going up in all fairness to what's been out of this and actually shambles. earlier this week in liverpool became the 1st english city to be put into
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the highest risk category. pops and pas a closed and no one can meet outside their household. this pomp renaming itself in protest at the government's decision. manchester another city in northern england desperate not to be next it is wrong to play some of the poorest parts of england in a punishing lock down without proper support for the people and businesses affected all are older but in westminster ministers are defending their actions we make these decisions with a heavy heart with the soul of steering on nation through troubled waters things will get worse before they get better. meanwhile schools in northern ireland are to close temporarily as well as pubs and restaurants nothing much to cheer about here
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. and here are a few other developments in the corona virus pandemic a new study has found that rim does appear a drug now widely used to treat cope at 19 does not lower the mortality rate of patients new zealanders can now travel to australia without quarantining under a new one way travel bubble arrangement but for now anyone arriving in new zealand will still be required to quarantine israel meanwhile is relaxing a new lock down that's been in place for the past month take care and preschools will open again from sunday as will actual parks and beaches. the global rights group human rights watch says russian and syrian airstrikes on the rebel held city of live last year may continue may constitute crimes against humanity the group has released a report that looks into dozens of what it said were unlawful strikes on civilian
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targets over a period of 12 months says the strikes were deliberate meanwhile attacks in the region continue despite a cease fire. a classroom destroyed by an air raid numerous rockets struck the school in the south of provence luckily no children were killed in the attack bombings are an almost daily event in this region despite a ceasefire being in place. lessons have resumed but attendance is low hot the. few children have returned their parents are afraid they don't believe it's safe to send their kids to school because of the attacks. strikes on schools markets places of worship clinics go on for days or months and this year just like last year. this is the last rebel held region in syria during their offensive syrian and russian fighter jets are said to have targeted civilian facilities their goal is to demoralize the local population in order to make their advance easier according to
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human rights watch the organization said it reached this conclusion after analyzing some $550.00 satellite photos and videos and interviewing dozens of witnesses. and even the facts that we have gathered here clearly indicate that we are talking about war crimes and crimes against humanity. human rights watch is now demanding those responsible to be held to account and says it's time for the united nations to step in. shit watching the news still to come bollywood looks set to get back on its feet after being hobbled by the pandemic but for the thousands of extras and low paid workers in the industry as a future may not be so. the 1st thailand's prime minister priority says he will not resign just by calls from tens of thousands of pro-democracy activists for him to stand out the demonstrators defied
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a government ban on gatherings to take their grievances to the streets of bangkok on thursday they're expected to turn out again today to calling for changes to the constitution and an overhaul of the monarchy. i in defiance of an emergency decree tens of thousands of demonstrators packed the streets of central bangkok there demand a democratic thailand complete with a new election and a new constitution but the government is focused on quelling protest banning groups of more than 5 so far that hasn't worked. out this is what sparked the ban in an unprecedented move on wednesday protesters crowded around the royal motorcade while raising the 3 finger gesture of defiance just a month ago this act would have been unthinkable in thailand you can face up to 15 years in jail for insulting the monarchy. scuffles between protesters and police
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also broke out and phone the prime minister's office prior to nocera took power doing a military coup now the people want him gone it took over the power over 6 years you know it's not really fair if you're talking about like the for the servant thing you know where you lecture is it is not fair for the victims you know are for me it's about that i am we we need to show the power that we will not it's an hour well when i we cannot take it anymore i want to my body my freezer now if i put my fridge i want to 5 pot i can operate mean i could see. that we came up pretty. but it's not just democracy they want many young thais also want to see reforms of the monarchy it is hoped that the student led rallies will bring new rights and freedoms to a generation desperate for change. many movie theaters in india have begun reopening after being forced to close because of the pandemic the country's
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multi-million dollar bollywood film industry has welcomed the move as much income comes from local cinema screenings but as did over use manure a child dari reports for the many extras and day laborers the future is anything but bright. bomb glamorous elaborate song and dance routines. that's how most of the world knows. them. but behind the glitzy facade are thousands of d.v. each workers who form the backbone of the film industry. yet they remain anonymous and live at its margins. the unverse she is one of them. he lives in a wondrous flat and is the source breadwinner in his family of 4. for
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35 years under worked as a background in countless make movies thank you but his work completely dried up as a call with 1000 pounds of me forced the film industry to shut down route. before the lock down i used to get good walk i would get one or 2 songs. i managed to on about 18000 rupees every pound which used to take care of my family's expenses but for the past 6 months or so there's been nothing new to me in this meaning under is not finding it difficult to make ends meet and he's far from the only one people who have been hit the hardest are the daily beaches who work in various capacities in the industry including as makeup assistant in light of the spot boy group dances and to any artist most of them are now struggling to find work what is now just beginning to pick up a bit but only in fits and starts and under strict antivirus measures.
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budgets have been pared back as the indian film industry reels from the shutdown of movie theaters. it's biggest source of revenue even and then the shooting just starting now the actors especially are requesting for minimal crews so our crew sizes i think the rich of course means those people who would do us will end up being the biggest loser in this shit. no fun for is increasingly desperate for work and has been reaching out to others in the industry . but of mice not like we have the security of a pub and enjoy. it and walk otherwise we get nothing if i do have hope of finding walk again the world run someone who after all. having worked all his life in more leaves which allowed others to dream. i hope these stories would also have
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a happy note. some sports news now and buy in munich made light work of 50 vision side f.c. drilon in the german cup on thursday the match was the 1st of 8 in 23 days for the reigning champions munich's eric tang opened the scoring after 24 minutes thomas miller converted to penalty to make it to going in to have time after the break. the back of the net again to seal a 3 until victory for bio. italy's sports minister has said that christiana rinaldo who tested positive for corona virus in portugal this week may have broken italian protocol the portuguese international travel to his home country even though his team was isolating after 2 staff members tested positive for team events as president said the club had followed the rules. has since returned to
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italy on a private jet and is now. you're watching news from berlin coming up next coronavirus hall. europe's cities of control that's coming up into the euro. thanks for watching. the full.
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to the point of strong opinions clear positions from international perspective such . from my state of munich paris to prague coronavirus him sections are surging in europe with big cities at the front of the way it's 10 new restrictions bring the situation under control join us on to the point. to the point
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of. the next took on a d.w.i. . from owning up. to to strictly speaking none local has the oldest population in japan. but it's not going to die out and. the program is trying to attract the young people it's been so successful that the country's oldest village has now become a trendsetter. 1000. people 60 minutes d.w. . beethoven is for. is for. the children just for health.
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is for high. end beethoven is for. beethoven is for covering. beethoven 2022 the 50th anniversary here on d w 2. could look at a book that. covered 19 is surging once again worldwide and here in europe urban centers are at the forefront of that wave from us. say to munich paris to prague the continent's cities are rushing to impose new rules ranging from bishan zot and parties and closure of bars to curfews and travel bags restrictions on public life still fall short of last spring's lockdown for now as the world waits for a vaccine can the virus be stopped.


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