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tv   Euromaxx  Deutsche Welle  October 17, 2020 10:00pm-10:30pm CEST

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this is a news live from berlin a stark warning from the german chancellor. please wherever possible stay at home in your place of residence. people in germany should do their bit to stop the spread of the infection as coronavirus cases of surged to their highest level since the pandemic began. in france students and colleagues pay tribute to the teachers slain in a suspected terrorist attack in a paris suburb as the education minister vows the country will never bow to
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extremism when defending its core principles. and in the bundesliga live 6 trying to get a grip on the top spot. in form outclassed by the league leaders with this early contender goal of the speech. welcome to the program german chancellor angela merkel has warned of difficult months ahead for the country with almost 8000 new corona virus infections recorded in the past 24 hours the highest figure since the start of the pandemic the chancellor is calling on germans to work together to stem the spread of the virus and tough measures have already been introduced in some parts of the country. marson social distancing tighter coronavirus restrictions have been in force in the
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southwestern german city of stuttgart since wednesday there are bans on drinking alcohol after 11 pm and master obligatory in public squares in the city center many of those rules will now be extended to the rest of bard in the bag on monday the state premier is going to raise the corona virus threat alert to the highest level. we're going to tighten restrictions there where this doesn't cause too much pain in the hope that we can spare kindergartens schools and workplaces from further measures as far as possible i also being considered once again curbing the number of people allowed into stores and making restaurant reservations obligatory and german chancellor angela merkel made an urgent appeal in her weekly online video calling on people to act now to contain the pandemic evans's a human bodies meet up with far fewer people with outside or at home refrain from
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any trips that are absolutely necessary any celebrations that aren't absolutely necessary please whenever possible stay at home in your place of residence. and. despite support from the armed forces to keep the test and trace system up and running this concern that germany's local health authorities are still struggling nonetheless 2000 people protested in stuttgart against the coronavirus measures they were not wearing masks. and joining us now in the studio to shed a little light on merkel's statement is kate brady or political reporter kate wise merkel making this appeal now well as you say the numbers have increased dramatically specially within the last week and stay we saw yet another record figure here in germany in the last 24 hours more than $7800.00 new cases so of course in comparison to neighboring countries to sri friends for example those numbers might be something that president manuel michel might only dream of right
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now getting the figures back down to around the 78000 mark every day but of course this is a big jump from what germany has been the biggest numbers we've seen yet since the beginning of the pandemic so this is reading a warning if anything to act now and throughout the crisis angela merkel your sign scientific person by trading has been very measured in what she's been saying careful putting the numbers forward get the feeling though i don't know if you did that this is almost a final warning very much so and it's very clear that what machall and the german government doesn't want to do is to impose strict to rules on the nation similar to what we had earlier in the good they were never quite the strict as in some other european neighboring countries to germany but even sorry people's freedoms was still much more limited compared to what now and the last thing that michael wants to do so what she's calling on people to do is use their common sense now and maybe don't go to that party that you were planning on going to or maybe cancel that
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birthday celebration you are planning for next week but do that of your on your own accord don't wait for that to be an actual new rule in place and what signs are there that the germans will actually heed this call well anecdotally speak in even just travelling arm bowl in the last couple of days coming up on the underground even to work today it's very clear that not everyone is following even the most basic of rules which have been in place now for months whether it's wearing masks on public transport or in in close shops still a lot of people not wearing the prop. les are tall people not necessarily keep in the distance where they could as well and so that's even with the my face ik roles so whether or not people will actually bilis an end to this call for medical that will be sharyn i believe in the coming days if we see a drop in the number of people being infected by current virus for now we're seeing consecutive big jumps in the number so that must be increasing the chance of a 2nd locked down right it certainly could and the question the government is going
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to be facing in the coming weeks is do we wait for the situation to get even worse or maybe next week if well by already $10000.00 new cases per day does the government say no now we take action and perhaps put even more stringent stricter measures on to the public before we end up with a situation like in firms like in the u.k. all right to diffuse political correspondent kate brady thanks for that insight it's time now to take a look at some of the other stories making news around the world the united nations secretary general antonio terrace has said the world has failed to rise to the challenge of fighting cope with 19 the un chiefs of the economic effects of the pandemic would be devastating and that concerted action was needed to prevent millions of people from being pushed into poverty and hunger. armenia and azerbaijan have agreed to a new humanitarian cease fire in their conflict over the disputed nagorno-karabakh
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region is judah come into force from midnight saturday local time a step has been welcomed by french president emmanuel. this comes a week after a russia brokered truce frayed immediately after its announcement. a coalition of mothers marched in protest against nigerian police brutality in the country's commercial capital on saturday a wave of demonstrations against the police is a robbery squad started last week crowds have grown despite the government's announcement that it was scrapping the unit of. terror prosecutor says the teacher beheaded in friday's attack have become the target of threats after showing of the muslim prophet muhammad in the classroom this is specter to tackle was an 18 year old from russia's chechnya region who had been granted refugee status in france he reportedly outside the school and asked for information
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about the victim's whereabouts. shocked children parents and neighbors come to pay their respects at the suburban pairs school where the murdered teacher taught. although the school had received one complaint after his classroom discussion surrounding caricature is of islams prophet muhammad the teacher didn't have a reputation for being provocative. i mean my oldest boy said he never behaved in a racist way. not at all. his lessons weren't intended to shock you know my son didn't think there was anything unusual about him. and his. friends as education minister vowed the country would never bow to tara intimidation when it came to defending its core principles. this teacher was murdered because of what he symbolized knowledge used for critical thinking. the development of citizens who are free and enlightened it's the heart of what we do
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in our schools. many in france support taking a tough line against extremists he said that for a long time our secular country has been under attack but this time it's on education and it's gone too far. it's the very values of the republican are being attacked here and we cannot allow that. we need to bang our fists on the table and say enough. stuff. the government recently said it was planning new measures to rein in radicalism. advocates will see the latest attack as proof that tougher action is needed. thousands have joined women's marches across the united states to protest against president donald trump supreme court nominee and to call for voting out the president in next month's election one of the biggest demonstration was in the capital washington d.c. protesters fear that trumps pick judge amy kone there will cement a conservative majority on the court that could roll back abortion rights and
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health care access the senate is due to vote on whether to confirm their next week's. news washington bureau chief u.s. paul was at today's rally in the nation's capital. was i'm here right from to have some friends who are going to washington some received today just a little smarts maybe focusing on protesting. what have you heard parents who want the election was a success was a freelance writer i don't know how many years until right before actually i was one who was to have special rights i was a man fighting for the right having arsenal and they are. giants very good friends in. this writer's group be taking their ways so far the protests are loud was. going past life was. turned to football now an r.v.
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leipsic kept their place the top of the bundesliga table with a 2 nil win it out for the host started the mashed in 2nd place but found themselves on the receiving end of an early contender for goal of the season. but coach you're not goals man appeared confidence before kickoff. but i were no pushover to talk to league leaders until the stroke of half time to score a spanish defender. doing the honors. after the break leipsic up the pace and substitute uses potions 1st to produce this advice. that star on 66 minutes sealed outskirts fate my life since day top of the bundesliga with their 2 male victory. say next turned their attention to their
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champions league clash against bashar action here on tuesday. my opinion is that. maybe one of the best goals of meds is for one tree then he gets the ball. through chip it over the defender and the ball lands perfectly in the ankle that i need to shoot on the 1st time and i have quite well. and in one of saturday's big games both dortmund beat hoffenheim for the 1st time in 6 meetings substitute holland and marco royce combined with 14 minutes to go sliding into the empty net a pair had rested and made their presence felt after coming on off and i'm struggled without their top score and a match in this the game after testing positive for corona virus and so one goal proved enough for dortmund who are up to 3rd in the table.
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and let's take a look at all the results of this weekend's bonus the matches so far as we saw there were victories for leipsic and dortmund elsewhere champions byron thrashed promoted bielefeld stuttgart one of heritage berlin freiburg drew with bremen and edged mights gladbach wills birth are currently facing off on sunday cologne frankfurt and struggling play berlin italian old master caravaggio is renowned for his portraits featuring dramatic biblical imagery now one of his finest creations is on display in the german city of dresden the painting is at the focus of an exhibition that showcases caravaggio's influence on 16th and said 17th century art. john the baptist a popular saint portrayed here as a young man smiling for visitors to dresden is old master's gallery this care of masterpiece is on loan from rome. before the contract had already been signed
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before the coronavirus crisis began and it's a miracle it was possible despite the adverse circumstances to bring such a major work here the creator of the work. was born in italy and 871 even as a young man he was a popular painter whose works were commissioned by church leaders and aristocrats. he wants to make a biblical narrative approachable for many does this by portraying the figures as common people with tanned faces dirt under their fingernails and bodies partially burned in every day poses for. us the exhibitions title the human and the divine the focus is the central work john by care of himself the painting is flanked by about 50 pictures by his followers as an. exciting thing is to see how these artists the so-called care of its interpreted the ideas and intentions that
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care of head. care of audio and his followers can be seen until mid january interest and. you're watching news up next a documentary looking at the desperate situation facing civilians and syria on exposer let's watch. i'm not laughing at the germans well i guess sometimes i am but they said nothing with the damage to the budget i don't think deep into the german culture yet you don't see him taking his grandmother's day out ecos it's all out who know i'm right so join me for me to get funky help host. it was the 1st international tribunal in a string. of the nuremberg trials. 75 years ago high ranking
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officers of the nazi regime were indicted by the allied forces. they were the 1st war criminals to be held accountable for their crimes. our 2 part series the 1st in the talk starts november 12th on t.w. . this week on the world stories. the u.s. why evangelicals vote for trump. belgium a grandson mourns his grandfather we begin in syria and the rebel stronghold of it live where there's been a ceasefire for more than 6 months despite this the assad regime is increasing its airstrikes on the region many civilians now fear a renewed escalation. even when he's making t.
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plane spotted zane's focuses on the job not to miss a single military plane taking off from the basis can. trolled by the saturation. we can listen into the pilot's radio communications and find out his destination so we know where the bombs might fall of them like i do this work for civilians if we can warn them we can save lives. as soon as he spots anything they know warrants local civilians hospital sent 1st responders using radio and other networks. he says the number of air raids on eclipse has risen significantly in recent weeks although the ceasefire agreement is still in effect. there's growing concern that assad and his forces are set to launch a new offensive also targeting hospitals sense schools in
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a similar way to the beginning of the year when attacks let in the small town of. many families have since returned home but holiday halid from the local council has no idea how they'll survive the coming winter water supplies hospitals electricity generators have all be destroyed and covered 19 infections are on the rise. and. we can't koren 1000 people to protect them from the coronavirus. so they've got to work to feed their families we would need support from relief agencies in our town but no one has shown up and even the. hundreds of thousands of people have sought refuge in the sprawling campus of northern euclid province here 2 conditions are palling but there's at least some support from relief organizations. mature man is among those who desperately need that support
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a year ago his house was destroyed in an air raid one of his sons was killed met lost both legs he's grateful for the 10 they were given but he's anxious about. the winter that lies ahead. of. the right away and i'm disabled and i can't walk at all. the morning we've got no income nothing at all. thomas says his wife left him because she could no longer bear the gloom and the misery in the tent since then his sister has been looking after him and her 3 children they've never known anything but war never been to school. so what just the future holds how can they possibly keep going what will they do for heating when winter sets in what about the koran a virus and where can they go next if assad's forces start
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a new offensive to many questions and no answers. the u.s. is in the final stages of its presidential elections president trump is counting on the support of a large group of voters conservative christians they believe that trump fights on their side against abortion rights. christine mending meets fellow activists they are all devoted to the cause kristin found inspiration in the bible which she takes this really they are on their way to an abortion clinic to try to persuade women to keep their pregnancies. when telescopes like her make up 25 percent a few s. voters most of them share a central goal to ban abortion. we are kind of the the last
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stop before that abortion we want to reach them one more time and so that's why we're here it's my duty to do what i can do here to persuade as many people to not have abortions as possible but ultimately that's in god's hands and one day they will have to give an answer to god. she and her fellow activists believe donald trump is as committed as they are to bending abortion. abortion is such an important issue in our time and i cannot trust a president who believes that abortion is ok without the right to life we have nothing so if we're taking away innocent life no one has right the right to life is so important and i'm seeing that from him and that's why i will be voting for him politics professor laurel buson from the university of indianapolis has been analyzing trump's supporters the evangelical vote is critical to donald trump's reelection they've been essential part of his base since he began running in 2016
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and even though sometimes the president has wavered on policy issues the evangelicals have never wavered on their support for him there's no generation gap in terms of the evangelical bloc you see this with younger voters obviously with older voters in their support as well and you don't see a difference in terms of age christine is studying to be a nurse or a spare time she's already trying to save lives one way talking with people about abortion another way she says is by voting for truong there's a lot about donald trump that i don't like that i don't agree with but in the areas that he does promote truth and justice i pray that god would bless his administration heavenly father we thank you that you are the author of life prayer office crucial support for her and her friends they are also praying for donald trump that is relax its to fight with them against abortion.
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in europe the number of corona virus infections continues to soar including in germany concern is growing that the pandemic could spread even further that's why easily accessible testing facilities are in high demand. 12 meters long and growing. that's the length of today's line at a medical practice in berlin. people have come here to get tested for corona through the window i think it's a really nice option doesn't take so much time and it's made the safer than going to a cost brutal and sitting in the close space where patients can be sick but here everything everyone is wearing masks and the just for the window so i think it's really nice that the doctors ability cuts and runs the practice she's bracing herself for a harsh corona winter with many more patients to deal with it in twice any time you want my advice i don't want to be a prophet of doom and gloom but the numbers are clearly going up we all want to
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prevent another lockdown so we don't want to have to close the schools again somehow we've got to get through this winter. to prepare for what's coming germany wants to set up more testing stations they would receive people running at a high temperature or with other corona symptoms additionally the public health office which tracks infected people was promised more personnel but that has yet to materialize. and the politicians have pledged to bolster the health authorities over the next 5 years this requires the creation of 5000 new jobs but now as october and november approach the jobs don't yet exist in the health offices this is a problem that urgently needs to be addressed. but instead of relying solely on germany's health care and tracking system doctor cuts down would rather make testing at home possible. you mustn't move to credit will have to be
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given the chance to do a test without a doctor to go to the pharmacy and buy a test although they do not guarantee 100 percent accuracy they provide an excellent indicator and are absolutely adequate from an epidemiological point of view because the swap test involves taking a sample between the nose and mouth it shows the result within 15 minutes without sending the sample to a laboratory in germany though only doctors and pharmacists are allowed to order them should infection start rising sharply in winter they might be an alternative to long lines in the cold. our last stop is belgium the pandemic has already claimed more than 10000 lives in this european country the story of 10 year old lorenzo who lost his grandfather to the virus reflects the tragedy of every single loss. the world has lost
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a 1000000 lives. one of them meant the world to 10 year old lorenzo my grandpa was the best his grandpa luke picked him up from school each day where. we made all merch and after that. we just played the couch and just did what we want to deal. mostly i got snacks in. but their hometown st truth was hit early and hard by the corona virus we had 53 people. who had to enter the hospital and we only had bets for 20 people but luke was already hospitalized failing fast he said if i don't make it please take good care of the child he didn't make it on march 23rd luke became seen truants 1st corona death janine their daughter's nella elaine and lorenzo didn't
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even get to see goodbye. now that really hot. it struck was really all. 6 months later same treatment has the infection rate under control with strict measures father room 10 and says now inhabitants need to heal it's important that we share. with each other what we feel what we want or are and she and charlotte too but also or the good things may or head and decided to create a space for that a corner of a city park is now a memorial. for the memorial dedication september 13th lorenzo was asked to commemorate his beloved grandfather he told his mom nellie he was too afraid to look at life they were again to laugh at me. but lorenzo changed his mind and wrote
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a letter. even. your grandpa i miss you very much i am mad about corona mad about what happened in your ward best and always are going to be the best because you think it is understood. that i was brave and i was happy that i did it that i. throw it all out. who is happy. everyone was. an issue my grandpa. no one here will forget them.
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overcome boundaries. changing the world with their. own words with quiet. but the body in. the john allen. our 20. first w. . eco africa. baby boomer uganda is not in. the primates have taken advantage of the peace and quiet of the current a virus lock down to produce a particularly large number of offspring to residents in the neighboring villages are thrilled to see hope that these were animals will soon attract many tourists again the eco effort goes to the 60 minutes on d w. a y c yes it is. this way to bring you more conservation.
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how do we make cities screen or how can we protect habitat so we can make a difference in the ideas for mental syriza came global $3000.00 on g.w. and online. you know. there's a shared space of inspiration and dialogue with someone and you're here left contrats prior. to transit i dance for the girl that's a fair language universal.


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