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tv   Europe in Concert  Deutsche Welle  October 18, 2020 5:15am-6:01am CEST

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city's. watching t.v. news from berlin up next reporter the victors in the name of the law stay tuned for that most back with more news at the top of the hour until then you can always get the latest from e.w. dot com or follow us on twitter and instagram 50 w. news i will include croft thanks very much for watching. lead. why are people forced to hide in trucks. there are many reasons. there are many answers. a little. and there are many stories.
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make up your own minds are. playing. made for minds. parker is the bearer of bad tidings when a court issues a warrant he goes to people's homes and evicts them but more laws or not we have a court warrant. the tenants are led away by the police i haven't been paying the rent. for them where can i go with my children rents are high in barcelona there's a housing shortage thousands of people live in apartments as illegal occupants the pandemic has made the situation even worse bailiff's ago
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a busy weekend where. there are 8 evictions on parkas schedule today all in lost me tell it a suburb of. the family he's going to next has to leave their home it's been ages since they last paid the rent. regrettably. we have a court warrant on have to leave today go home even though why weren't we told about it. or if i'm here now you must have been given plenty of notice from another governess founders that i you know the owner of the apartment wants them out they owe him rent and the court has approved his possession claim. what should we do.
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we're open and i want the apartment back for my son so he can live here. really sure then go unpack your things get off the locks are changed right away the courts are cracking down on illegal occupancies especially with private claimants when apartments are owned by banks so companies decisions can take longer. i guess in this case the landlord has the final say so if he's willing to give them another 2 days then that's what happens if he wants the mounted a then they're out it's up to him we're going to talk to him were among. the landlord has lost patience with the tenants. i think it's unacceptable if the apartment around by a bank it would be one thing. but when the owner is someone who worked for decades to buy property it's different. and i have no sympathy for them. that. spain has a housing problem during the financial crisis that began in 2008 many people were
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unable to pay off their mortgages and many homes were repossessed by balance now the pen demick has ushered in the next crisis. people who were struggling before are now at rock bottom and. they had precarious work contracts and now they've lost their jobs. so they stop paying their rent. what's up with little girl . caylee. or have been sent by the court can you open the door. is on his way to an apartment with illegal occupants parker had given them 2 days notice but no different people seem to be living here. this is one of the how long have you been here since monday the more you sold the keys the risk of the money i guess we were talking we were
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here on monday and told the tenant he had to leave he's obviously taken off and sold the keys to this woman of us who had no idea she was being ripped off. parco cools the landlord's authorized representative. the apartment is occupied and a woman with 2 children what should we do we got them out of but they're not ready to leave we've been kicking them out onto the street. the woman is from the dominican republic she's living on the breadline. i get $268.00 euros a month it's not enough. some of the most if not the welfare office can take care of her. but even before the pandemic they were over burden one if this woman can't find somewhere else to live with family friends or people from her country then she and her 2 children are going to have a tough time there was a lot of landlords don't want children in the apartments you know. what i mean
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luckily the landlord agrees to grant her delay. all of. you know the home front and we'll go now and come back on the 5th of november and you need to have found somewhere to go by then. traveling people out of their homes is not a job that parker enjoys he's been doing it for 12 years now it's not easy always having to be the bad guy. best friend that. you can see how people are struggling single mothers it's the old people sick people and i have to kick them out it's often a horrible situation when i started doing this job it cost me a lot of effort. over time you develop a thick skin you become immune was removed fundal. was
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these protesters belong to a tenants association they here to support a tenant who's being evicted today he has no way to go. to. their normal street i don't know what to do no boy i get $600.00 euros a month and if i don't know i can't go to a hotel. the riot police are here to the protesters are angry and the situation could escalate palko talks to the unionists to try and find a provisional solution. for the police intervene we want to find a solution before but the tenant has to be willing to hand over the keys the apartment owner has the last word. on whether or not what if that every day don't end up on the unionist calls the ana and peace for understanding the housing situation is dire. in the world. cannot be done in less
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time let wages have gone up 6 percent in 3 years while rents have gone up. 34 percent the result is mass ejections there were $138.00 evictions in barcelona last week in the billions of dollars the now. finally a compromise is found. saying ok i can stay until the 18th of march but then he asked to hand over the keys. us. courts and let and indeed across pass alona overrun with eviction claims a sign of the times. is 52 this wasn't his dream career he studied computing but couldn't find a suitable job. and i thought i'd be
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a really good programmer but what happened to me i became a civil servant want to. be doing this until i retire. his next task effecting tenants who also have a dog. the building belongs to a bank and is being renovated parker calls the animal protection service and the police are out of my body i need police backup illegal occupants aren't opening the door in oregon. we've been threatened with. once someone turned on the gas to try and cause an explosion it can get dangerous that's when we call in the cops want to. know what i how are you. in the building squad and if you're what we heard a dog barking at the 3 people escaped through the back door.
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of. the police go in the head to scope out the property. they find a pit bull which they'll take to an animal shelter. or . one of the squatters is still there it looks as though he couldn't take off with the others because he's sick. i'm fed up with living like this i've got no father no mother i've lost everything. right off the last place you got to stick to the law people might not always like it or yes but we've got to abide by the law you know otherwise we'd have anarchy it would be a jungle out there.
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but in a. park or lives with his partner they don't have children life has taught him that you're either born on lucky or lucky like him but i know. my home since 1906 and we paid it off straight away my parents helped me and i consider myself very lucky in africa or india. but now he has to evict a young woman who gave birth just 2 weeks ago. when my mum not doing well where am i supposed to take my children.
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a group of activists here to support her. can do is try to get more time to think on the memories i don't know often you can't put a 2 week old baby on the streets. ok i suggest we come back at the end of the month then we'll see the activists try to reason with the landlord. you know the welfare system is broken right now the only way to get another apartment will be to barricade yourself in the mayor's office. the landlord agrees to let the woman stay another 6 weeks part of it is her to find a new home as fast as possible. try family friends move into another place illegally if necessary she has to leave this one and she can't live on the streets or. if this is reality.
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they're not going to throw out the space. chain myself to the apartment if i have to. you know. situations like these still upset paca. i mean a mother mother song. got there have been many occasions when i've had to go against my better judgment if it were up to me i'd cave in on humanitarian grounds . you know when you've been told you're being evicted 4 times and you haven't looked for a new home at some point you have to draw the line at the. reason
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superstar. he loved teaching wrists. first beyondblue. but he paid a high price. 50 years ago in winter was killed in a tragic accident read. next d.w. . if you could say getting older is 167 exercise and right diet. no pain no gain it's a safe does it really work. is enough we'll tell you some active lifestyle process of judging if not it's a. good shape. in 30 minutes on.
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the crime fighters are back to africa's most successful radio drama series continues through all of the zones are available online if course you can share and discuss. w. africa's facebook page and other social media platforms. to mean you know. if you could have one wish nina what would it be. it's the 1st. thank. you justin didn't on his way to becoming formula one champion in the 1970. his dashing style and confidence on the
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track had wowed the motor sports world and the reigning champion at the time jackie stewart was no exception but i'm more worried about. what i'm really thinking. to and also one of my best friends. after a slow start in formula one the young german born race ahead also won the grudging respect of his lotus teammate 2 time world champion graham hill just who used to get a good as a driver. down to its persona also captured the hearts of adoring fans across europe. on and off the track the young racing driver was acquiring the aura and style of a hollywood movie star. on
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september 5th 1970 just move and got into his car for a training session at the italian g.p. in months. he would not return. because it was on the track side back then in monza as a reporter and as a friend of your husband. is still a true car enthusiast especially old sports cars. followed the career of his fellow austrian from the outset 1st as a newspaper reporter and then for television. you know from what happened the engine died on fortunately. there was any kind to ship or soon he was a charismatic figure in the suit was for me he was like the james dean of motor racing. hollywood to kind of drive
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a hollywood might have dreamt of for his state. for his adopted country austria just sometimes was the 1st really big sports star. covering major sports events in the 1960 s. was a task that fell to lucky smith's life now a producer and director for austrian television. like him would speak schmidt like no company but the rise of yahoo lindt. he was witness to some of the ambitious young drivers early breakthrough. drugs to follow which is between milan and turin that work at that's where for males the test track was.
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your who is do you often only need is it 10 laps to destroy the track record or to . torture the child he often was. this whether your. current was born in mines germany in 914 his mother and father were killed in an allied air raid and he was brought up by his grandparents in the austrian city of cards having inherited his father's spice factory and did not struggle financially . the car was a v.w. beetle which he drive in races with friends before he even had a driving license and racing was what he trained on. he competed for the 1st time in $961.00 in a sim come monthly. was shaping up to be a hot shot with talent to spend we don't have it in supply how long will you need to get close to someone like hill around or clark clark.
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if i do really well and have a lot of luck maybe in 2 years' time we need to live by have the right car and that i might never make it here there might come a point where i can't go any further and leave them mitch hedberg on his 1st crash came in 1963 in a formula junior race on the new book ring he was not seriously injured but his confidence was badly shaken the obvious joke if you're not in my took him down to the hospital and i don't know is in the media giggling and that is lying in his bed he said to me i'm not made for racing that was a warning shot today and i should quit of her. but for the end the thrill of speed was too much to resist. in 1964 he joined the formula one circus making his debut at the austrian grand prix in said think behind the wheel of a breath and. force
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his way up to 50 place before his steering broke the team directive john cooper was mightily impressed by the rookie. and following a series of mistakes by the 61 world champion full hill to put aside to replace the american with your. informant is driving a formula one car much different from a lower racing class. now before man's college race just means more of the city's formula one means racing to be world champions of which is the ultimate prize. it also meant risking one's life in pursuit of that prize clint was determined to become world champion and started to work his way up the ranks. in the 960 s. formula one drivers still had to top up their income by driving in other races from sports cars to formula to the intro to anything that had 4 wheels and pace
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sometimes competing in 3 races a day. as still had time for drifting with his own jack what in time. the more $965.00 is on the stomach issues die down and the drama intensified at night as the pace barely slowed down and behind the wheel of 148 the often event that he used that i time to overtake one car after the next from a t.v. spot by dawn he was in 3rd and then 2nd thing done picked up 8 and done tight as they let. me get my my own car number 21 piloted by returning. american gregory took to the front. and here's the winning team since grade 3 on the left enter into on the right. there are more than a 1000000 photos in the archives of. the accomplished gem in most of sports
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photography had a special eye for you on the current in 1960 that focus also 10 to a young woman nina the finish model and your fiance. who got through out of a real head and not just for photographers very attractive woman the modem model always nicely styled. in 1967 the couple tied the knot in 1968 they do it in a tux that was built. by now justin since passion for cons had grown beyond the racetrack. and 960 fine he set up his very own though to show. his popularity drink plenty of big names then ted also seen the financial potential involved both from a lot of people ask why i compete in races if i do it with 3 reasons as holby has a hockey support and the business as whole before me it began as
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a hobby and supporting terms it means a serious physical challenge to be here and thank god you can also earn money with it you know. the 1st race in the door it's lunch roll fare and formula 2 has been overshadowed by a tragic accident i ask you all now pleased to stand. james clark the 2 time world champion and winner of 25 all 3 has started. he's been mia thomas for years and i often felt like a war reporter and every 2nd or 3rd race there was a fatality hudson into t.v. one frankly keeping. him from detailing racing is dangerous that's obvious and because it's dangerous we're all afraid naturally and there are different levels of jihad in from the fear that can paralyze you or fear that makes you aware how
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dangerous it is you just have to deal with it and that's how it is with racing drivers and so therefore those it's not only the drivers who have to find ways of coping with the fear and danger a formula one race is. yes nina rent is interviewed again and again about how it feels to be the wife of a formula one racing driver and what she's afraid of as here on german television concerns about q. thing an accident in the race and how do i feel. jim clark had died at the wheel of a lotus that team founded by collin chapman now needed a new driver and the man they chose was your. yeah so he switched to lotus. i remember sitting in a bar in vienna and he said. either become world champion or i'll die trying.
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on disease or if you took that risk yes it was the part with the devil. you believed in the it's not about winning a grand prix becoming world champion. ok so i haven't won a grand prix yet but that shouldn't be a problem in. the 1969 spanish conclave was a street circuits where the teams use tie real wings the high downforce was meant to produce extremely fast cornering but the technology was controversial then started from pole position and left the field until that 20 when his real wing collapsed leaving him unable to control his car. then to hit the barriers at the same spot as his team mates graeme hill who crashed 11 laps. although hill emerged unscathed his car had remained on the side of the track didn't hit that
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wreckage at 200 kilometers per hour the austrian was fortunate to only sustain a broken nose and concussion. among us although because the car was so destroyed it was hard to believe anyone had survived that was also it was completely irresponsible to send the. drivers are trying to the truck with a set up the desire to actually go fish like a sushi does if you're using the bow the wings are madness they shouldn't be allowed on racing cars about getting shot and to see any sense it is impossible to do in their own making. the crash of both cars and identical fashion put the spotlight on lotus boss collin chapman and the tensions within the team. which really exposed my drivers to changes which they should have expected is a heavily my claim time and rightly so he should have worked out that the wing would break which it did do later. in now can i get mucked up if you're looking at a much more complicated person to get along. both. to say very much different in
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character. jimmy was sort of shall we say bottom more introverted in york and but they're both wonderful drivers and wonderful people to get on with the running how would you describe colin chapman's character in the background get me. to very difficult character. i'm a force he wants to win but sometimes there's a difference between how he and i want to weigh in which is probably why we argue a lot. of stuff the formula one show has to go on relations between things and his boss when they frosty. johnson had built the fastest cars and was the best. he also started from pole and host of the best lap times with his spectacular driving style. but the technical problems with.
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the questions were always the same. as what happened next is the semi actual broke it's a universal joint and it just now. in these things keep happening to you or you may be pushing the car too much too much to share. maybe hardbacks in the semi actual goes half way down the street when there is the least force then it's got nothing to do with me. as the season finale in the us gone clear and what spins len there were no such problems clint finally took the prize checkered flag and responded in typically droll fashion. you're going against 1st grand prix when there's a series i'm a girl i didn't dare think i might win because something's bound to go wrong or run out of gas or lose a wheel or whatever i would like to make a living. but could now dare to believe as the $970.00 season progressed the lotus remains stable and clint was outstanding. the moniker called clean would
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be a tactical muster class with former champion jack brabham and believes it's an edge closer waiting to pounce on the slightest mistake. montclair fanfare and robin runs into the crash barriers leaving the way clear for your current that's the 2nd grand prix win by the austrian the race of his life today your family. just to think twas the best driver but it was at the wheel of a notice put together by common chaplin. many vested so he said this is my biggest fear is something breaking. i feel i'm good enough not to make any mistakes. you know but i'm not sure if i can control the car if something goes wrong with some of the shift gears. nino's me into is constantly actually signed such as here in sanford on june 21st 970 the dutch copy just invent was again the fastest
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man and led the field. then the ominous signs of black smoke another crash and the fear who wasn't. it. as a young english driver carriage crashed and went up in flames. down causing the accident happened behind me i saw the car and claims on my next. entire area was on fire after a crash like that it's not easy to carry on concentrating since gone from there. but the race was completed regardless of the death of their friend and then came fast and had difficulty fighting back the ts. to throw the only stone but i had just lost a friend who was a huge shock. i want to see racing be as safe as possible and that the
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organizers make the track safer. and they need to finally understand that this is essential for racing to continue to see. would you ask your wife that same question . if you could have one wish nina what would it be. right. that's when twas moving closer to this dream he went on to win the next 2 races as well. as head of the german companies the drivers threatened to boycott insisting that they knew the ring was too dangerous. business as they ever did not mince his words as he and his colleagues demanded a change of venue. so that currently the new bickering was surprised by this agenda just read to its people organizers job to ensure the tracks are safe not ours to see you soon were basically now like the police having to help out no fear of the
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race was moved to the hockenheim right in front of 120000 spectators didn't jackie it's in the early stages they they got so many photos out a pulse a sings 3 way battle for victory 3 laps to go now jackie x.'s back in front of jackie x. person your kind of end in 2nd. are just the best move and was in here one of the best races i've ever seen klaver go the way he battled with jackie exum clay record so you believe kept changing that's why it was an amazing race and a good clue as to who had become world champion from up it up. it was races like this that's the main hit inspected taishan after 4 straight when he had a 20 point lead in the drive this down to me. going down the. young man your friend when was the german grand prix increasing his championship
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tally to 45 points. since may have been brash behind the wheel but as he was no playboy. away from the track they were no scandals. just nina and the young daughter natasha. but on the track questions about driver safety and the risk of a face well accident didn't come away. with you should remember there are rumors going around that you retire if you will champion this year is a true it's really better stick to facts not rumors. you know cut us off he really was thinking about stopping the series and all the risks you have. over $16970.00 the austrian complex the crowds were massive it seemed the whole country wanted to see this opposing hero didn't carry him mr rains were still
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america. does then another race of the earth device ring was the highlight of a can mania mania he had the entire country behind him and get to. the basement of a time convinced that if you beat the ferrari's in monza the crowd there will because you can pay for them i. don't know so let's hope so but 1st i have to wins that's the problem because we know that the next stop on his quest to take the formula one crown was months italy on september 5th 970. and then stood a good chance of stealing the show from the ferrari's on the whole time. he had seen to have fans here change due to his personal and trying style. right right dimitar right the acquisition has been underway here at monza since noon for sunday's 41st grand pre-meal italia raimi are.
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waiting in the pitch line actually noticed nina and she often clicked. he was looking to say sick of nap time and check what the track was looking like while finding the time to report on austrian television mongers be on the monitors known as a very fast circuit using the slipstream is vital which is why most cars are driving without wings even though a bush it was just really loud because practicing had already started leaving them to be the turbine powered car is very promising that but i don't think it's ready for a world championship yet made that. the of took too long i said it was up to lambert because he said it doesn't matter i'll just do a couple of laps and then we'll try again.
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who had the lead i was the last person to talk to and. missy spritz suddenly it all went quiet. and that's always a bad sign that something that happened most posts here this.
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week that i was running over to the scene of the accident with the cameraman. who should be along the way i found enough and it was already crying. the show. the swath. of dumb it down became clear. that he hadn't survive the start. even once we arrived we started shooting his foot had been practically charron off under the guardrail at fuso make the suit. take of the scene break out of the car had swerved left at a right angle only. of
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. the center for the late tim and one 3rd to his injuries were fatal to a q. for he went under the rail which tore his leg of. the existing rail rammed into his chest 2 of. us was a. governess and passed away at the monza medical center. his fellow drivers was shocked at what had happened and how. dennis hume was in the car directly behind the austrian. just went to iran. and you're down to riding in a suddenly just going very quick the left engine in the middle we got right onto the grass and then into the garden or. the arms c.e.o. schneider we worked out pretty fast the his break shot just broke and he put all these is it but i'm surveyed it was a revolutionary technically feature that only lotus how did they best move the
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locals are that it was a risky construction home so young. one small of the lotus team had seen its best driver die on the track while cullen chapman left months in a hurry the italian authorities opened an investigation and then a trial. 6 years later chapman was cleared of all criminal charges most of all i think you're going to was perhaps my greatest friend and more to raising. my perhaps you sound of you know this moment when i know you don't you really want to be with him again driver to. 6 days after the crash your homeland was buried in cots austria he was just 28 years old.
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no one that 970 season beast his points lead later that year his widow nino was presented the dr as trophy by jackie steele a. guy who hunts was will champion. if
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you could say getting older if i don't mean 67 exercise and the right diet. no pain no gain that's what they say does it really work i am in the now will tell you some of my style comes up at the thought of. in good shape. coming up on totally.
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today i'm going to take you on a trip along the sex and wine rooms from tasting to my son right why in the name celebrate. 60 fun filled kilometers just have to come to the 2nd one move it's a small a wine region but it's got a lot of history and culture cheers. chick. and you you know here's here's we're going to review in her last years german sausage i want to bring you an angle a man called as you've never have before surprise yourself with what is possible who is medical really what moves and want. to talk to people who follows her along the way admirers and critics alike how is the world's most powerful woman shaping
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huddling shifting diagnose the medical floss that. eats their absentia for spectacular pictures. it's their passion for nature. it's their complete devotion. that makes them the best wildlife photographers in the world. fascinating. and. confrontational and story. 5 adventures. one goal. the preservation of our planet. as goddess of issue a pardon truly isn't serving pandas anymore. because that's the danger of survivor
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and us or our struggle realizing there's a radically different way of living that this would rather play. starts november 6th on g.w. . this is deja vu news and these are our top stories german chancellor i'm going to america has warned of difficult months ahead for the country after corona virus infections spike to a record high she called on germans to work together to stem the spread of the virus almost 8000 new infections were recorded in the last 24 hour period many cities have introduced new restrictions to contain the virus. france's anti terror prosecutor says the teacher killed in friday's attack outside paris.


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