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but in this case they are running for 30 kilometers that means 200 kilometers a week they can afford much more. if you think that it is enough to go for a walk 10 minutes and after that taking such a stop all of. you are wrong there are many myths concerning the correct training method stretching before training really easy to use the risk of injury and so after muscle really burn calories cheerleaders miriam zara and max want to get to the bottom of some myths about training 1st off does stretching help prevent sore muscles and athletes don't think much of stretching before exercise on the scalp you always do is start off with a gentle aranda we don't sprint straight away with it is not to warm up the muscles instead of stretching. all 3 of them using to measure the length of their workout and calories burned a half hour later they are back they've worked up
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a good sweat and now they're ready to do some stretching and they drink some water to max as it helps them to loosen up afterwards i noticed there was some luck on another area but when they have testified he seemed stretching out of money and my muscles are less likely to be sore afterwards especially in my legs but. ok. is that true what few studies there are show that whether you have stretch before training makes little difference in terms of the risk of injury what about after training well it doesn't stop sore muscles but you will definitely be more supple. the more muscles you train the more energy use even at rest so how many calories does one cue of muscle burn. one kilogram more muscle if it's like say maybe $500.00 more calories it's hard to say. i think one kilo wouldn't make much difference i don't think i could really eat that much. i don't think i'll be 500
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calories i'd probably say something like 50 maybe 50 to 100. but. not quite one kilo of muscle only burns around 13 q look at the reason i have 500 yeah that was a rough estimate i guess diminish. so time to not only challenge the muscles but also to feed them protein is important but when should you eat. after strength training i make sure i eat some protein and fewer carbohydrates in the evening of my things no point in jogging you know my stuff up my protein shakes i can add some protein in half an hour after training. the body needs protein within 2 hours of training otherwise it'll start to use its own stores but recent studies have shown that it's less important when the proteins are then whether the athletes eat enough of them. it's best to have several serving
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spread out over the day for example a large portion of low fat cheese or an occasional piece of cheesecake. especially in the times of corona good immune system is very very important and any ways to boost the immune system responds you are surrounded with viruses bacteria and your immune system is reacting to them continuously if you do not exercise your immune system is not as fit as if you do because the muscle contraction results in the production of several growth. transmitters which improve and they are necessary for the ability of the immune system if you do not exercise they are not present your human ability produce just all about move moving or is it more about certain exercises it is the same if you walk or if you are in your room and you
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cannot meet your flat what you can do is just exercise means that you have for example you can repeat this 101520 times or you can just stand. back. and back or just lean against the wall. in the danger of overexerting you can over exercise for example if your daily for hours and you realize that your heart rate is increasing and you are sweating well that there is a risk of overdoing but if you just carry out an exercise program like this it's not going to harm yourself no way nothing works without protein next to carbohydrates and fats proteins are essential nutrients proteins function as building blocks for our bones cartilage our heart our brain or blood it all muscles that's why athletes need more protein exactly how much do we need and what kind
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animal or plant based we ask patrick he used to be the strongest man in germany. and strength is certainly out of the ordinary and his diet isn't exactly typical either. for me as a strong man only performance counts and i was able to improve my performance in all disciplines all the world records i broke i broke as a vegan. babu me and can shift 360 kilos of steel as muscle power supply and by an incredible amount of protein. the average person needs about 0.8 grams of protein pearcy more body weight every day for weight lifters it's about 2 grams at 70 kilos body weight that would be a total of 56 grams a day bohmian needs about 260. muscles of steel
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without a trace of animal protein. the notion that animal protein is superior to vegetable is mainly a cultural narrative and deployed on flights drilled into us as kids that you have to eat your meat or you won't grow up to be strong in the fitness industry funding later on it's mostly the fitness industry where the assumption range the. animal proteins are better leagues and. in his early bodybuilding days patrick bubble me and ate a lot of meat milk and eggs then in 2005 he went vegetarian and grew even stronger and that wasn't all. and that's why the end of the everything at the end of 2011 after winning the strongest man in germany title at the peak of my career that i got rid of all dairy products if you can and of course a lot of people in the field of sports back then said that's it he'll fall apart. so what's his secret so big and muscle man burns 20 says much as
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a friend to man. the proteins in any meat can easily be replaced by those found in pulses and nuts kalispell can even contain less protein then so in milk and the right proportions pulses and grains also supply enough of the essential amino acids clearly enough to make me and successful. my my all time best about a year ago after i went to read him and followed a vegan diet for 4 years came in at 360 kilos 3 repetitions that means a good 20 percent increase. contract but believe me him and his world records show that animal protein is not necessary to build up muscle. looks person is very important for athletes but sometimes it takes on extreme forms sports programs with balding muscles so protein shakes and vitamin supplements on
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the net for the perfect body but how healthy is it really and do athletes needed at all. social media is full of muscle bound men and women influencers who pump iron to impress their armies or followers but in addition to passing on training tips many of them also sell nutritional supplements for building up muscle mass. and now wait for it the deal of the day way in all varieties only for the next 24 hours. away products are particularly popular this dairy extract is packed with protein to help grow on both of those muscle. specialist stores offering huge choices one of these tops is about a month's supply in addition to protein shakes powders there's the full range of nutrition supplements promptly. magnesium and listen when you think i only got 3
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pounds pre-work had fewster highly concentrated supplements for that extra kick while buffing up. we've come to the german sports university in cologne now for students here sports both in theory and practice is a full time occupation so do they all use nutrition supplements. is there if you don't use as protein powder for the novels are going to. shake after weight training in the us are shipped off of these students is quit all that has changed his diet is instead just on the cement are they slim and agreed that when you look into it she says you discover that you can achieve a lot through your normal diet and he must but it's. not all of the students resort to supplements. sports scientist hunts brown has specialized in nutrition. he works with plates from germany olympic team. does he think your average sports enthusiast needs protein supplements. legal 5 put in fights or pints for amateur
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athletes with 2 or 3 workout sessions a week there are hardly any experts who believe nutritional supplements are necessary. in the middle order and yours are not necessary but can also be harmful . i knew putting solidifies to send to seal one of the gentle risk is overdosing that may be overdosing on an individual substance or when people take 234 or 5 different substances certain combinations of nutrients can have a cumulative effect where they can become toxic and cause damage to some talks in effect country to go and have. so why not just be found here protein intake naturally by eating me some dairy products. pretty much the setting is a fascination with fish most people who work full time just just out of office and arms know how to tailor make breakfast of launch evening meals monaco's as this is much easier at least with interesting but it's just the right dose and composition
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and i can drink it on the way home job on cans of time for. so the idea is to put your time and energy into training rather than cooking. but at the end of the day the safest option is clearly not true one with adjusting your diet to meet your needs rather than reaching for a supplement. well a lot of my patients are little bit out of shape a little bit so are there any exercises i can tell them to do yes many people want to reduce their bellies and they thing there are some special exercise bad belly related to the total amount of fat in your body that means that if you want to reduce your belly up to reduce your body fat and for that there is an excellent exercise it is easy you can do it anytime you want often as you want to. stay while you sit and for example if you see bowl of ice cream or
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a piece of chocolate cake or a pizza you just repeat this exercise. as often as you can if you repeat this exercise often enough and fast enough you're going to realize that you lose weight and your belly will grow smaller ok so yeah that's what we were all doing so it's not about the equipment and not about the protein shakes it's more about the habit and just doing it yes it is that you know when you have everything that you want now do you want to go for a run oh sure yeah well let's go so just get up off your couch and do some exercises bring some active lifestyle. let's you all let's go and see you next week until then let's all try to stay in good shape.
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today i'm going to take you on a trip along the sex line route from place to myself right. in the center. 60 fun filled kilometers you just have to come to the section one movie it's a small a wind region but it's got
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a lot of history and culture. tricky. stuff . living on an island. are many endangered animals. the rapidly growing population isn't home she wanted to. visit and irresolvable conflicts the value of biodiversity. on 60 minutes on a dollar. it was the 1st international tribunal in history. the nurnberg trials. 75 years ago
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a high ranking officers of the nazi regime of morning judging by the allied forces . were the 1st war criminals to be held accountable for their crimes for. out their mind. going rudolf hess early years writer. our 2 part series the 3rd reich dog starts nov 12th on g.w. . and. force him in his great pov a style that's why these check him special is all about why.


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