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you. in the height of climate change. africa see. what's in store. for their future in the. coming we're going to go city hall to get inside clear answer. if you could have one wish nina what would it be. if you would face the fact that. justin didn't on his way to becoming formula one world champion in 1970. his
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dashing style and confidence on the track had while the motor sports world and the reigning champion at the time jackie stewart was no exception i'm more worried about the $100.00 think you are to and also one of my best drivers. to a slow start in formula one the young german born race ahead also won the grudging respect of his lotus teammate 2 time world champion graham hill just to you feel very good as a driver. winds down to its persona also captured the hearts of adoring fans across europe. on and off the track the young racing driver was acquiring the aura and style of a hollywood movie star. on
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september 5th 970 just a month and got into his car for a training session at the italian g.p. in muncie. he would not return. because it was on the track side back then in monza as a reporter and as a friend of your hundreds. he's still a true car enthusiast especially old sports cars. so i could follow the career of his fellow austrian from the outset 1st as a newspaper reporter and then for television. you know from what happened the engine died on fortunately. there was any kind to ship or soon he was a charismatic figure in the suit was for me he was like the james dean of motor racing. hollywood to kind of drive
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a hollywood might have dreamt up for his state. for his adopted country austria just immigrants was the 1st really big sports star. covering major sports events in the 1960 s. was a task that fell to lucky schmidt lightner a producer and director for austrian television. like him would speak to schmidt like no company at the rise of your commitment. he was witness to some of the ambitious young drivers early breakthrough. for. a local which is between milan and turin that work if that's where for males to test track was.
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your who used to you often only need is it 10 laps to destroy the track record or to. torture the child he often wants. this whether your. client was born in mines germany in 914 his mother and father were killed in an allied air raid and he was brought up by his grandparents in the austrian city of cards having inherited his father's spice factory and did not struggle financially his 1st car was a v.w. beetle which he drive in races with friends before he even had a driving license and racing was what he trained on. he competed for the 1st time in 961 in a sim come on t.v. then it was shaping up to be a hot shot with talent to spend when i have been surprised how long will you need to get close to someone like hill around or clark clark.
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if i do really well and have a lot of luck maybe in 2 years' time we need to get by have the right car on that i might never make it here there might come a point where i can't go any further legal than me and i think his 1st crash came in 1963 in a formula junior race on the new book ring he was not seriously injured but his confidence was badly shaken the obvious look if you had the heart in my took him down to the hospital and i don't know the name me a good leg and that is lying in his bed he said to me i'm not made for racing that was a warning shot today and i should quit of her. but for the end the thrill of speed was too much to resist. in 1964 he joined the formula one circus making his debut at the austrian grand prix in said freak behind the wheel of a brother.
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clint's forced his way up to 5th place before his steering broke but team director john cooper was mightily impressed by the rookie. and following a series of mistakes by the 61 world champion full hill who they decided to replace the american with your commitment. in m. formery is driving a formula one car much different from a lower racing class. you know before man scottish race just means more of the says formula one means racing to be world champions of which is the ultimate prize. it also meant risking one's life in pursuit of that prize clint was determined to become would chime in and started to work his way up the ranks. in the 960 s. formula one drivers still have to top up their incomes i try thing in other races from sports cars to formula to the intro to anything that had 4 wheels and pace
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sometimes competing in 3 races a day. and still have time for drifting with his own jack but in time. $965.00 is understood my vision has died down and the drama intensified at night as the pace barely slowed behind the wheel of one per hour in the often event that he used the night time to overtake one car after the next from 18th spot by dawn he was in 3rd and then the 2nd thing they done in done titusville and. the money in the car number 21 piloted by ryan 10 the american gregory took to the front. and here's the winning team lynx gregory on the left and orange on the right . there are more than a 1000000 photos in the archives of. the accomplished german measures sports
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photography had a special eye for you on the current in 1960 s. focus also 10 to a young woman nina a finnish model and you're thinking. you could have thought of a real head and not just for photography has a very attractive woman the modem model always nicely styled. 1967 the couple tied the knot in 1968 they do it in a tux that was built. by now just the inspiration for cars had grown beyond the race track. 960 find it set up his very own notes he shot. his happy marriage featuring plenty of big names then ted also seen the financial potential involved both for me that the people ask why i compete in races on it but i do it with 3 reasons as holby as a hobby a support and a business as whole be it for me it began as
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a hobby and supporting terms it means a serious physical challenge to be here and thank god you can also earn money with it. the 1st race and the dogs learn troll fair in formula 2 has been overshadowed by a tragic accident i ask you all now pleased to stand. james clark the 2 time world champion and winner of 25 all 3 has dosh. you've been most fridays and i often felt like a war reporter and every 2nd or 3rd race there was a fatality hudson into the funky keep. missing from the feeling racing is dangerous that's obvious and because it's dangerous we're all afraid naturally as there are different levels of jihad in from the spear that can
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paralyze you or fear that makes you aware how dangerous it is you just have to deal with it and that's how it is with racing drivers and therefore loads of people it's not only the drivers who have to find ways of coping with the fear and danger a formula one race is. nina rent is interviewed again and again about how it feels to be the wife of a formula one racing driver and what she's afraid of as hear on german television all concerned about fuel. thing an accident in the race and how do i feel. clark had died at the wheel of a lotus that team founded by cullen chapman now needed a new driver and the man they chose was your. to look you switched to lotus. i remember sitting in a bar in vienna and he said look at lotus i'll either become world champion or i'll
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die trying. on this isn't easy took that risk yes it was the part with the devil. you lead in that it's not about winning a grand prix becoming world champion. ok so i haven't won a grand prix yet but that shouldn't be a problem for. the 969 spanish conclave was a street circuits where the teams hughes tie real wings the high downforce was meant to produce extremely fast cornering but the technology was controversial then started from pole position and left the field until that 20 when his real wing collapsed leaving him unable to control his car. then tipped the barriers at the same spot as his team mates graeme hill who crashed 11 laps earlier. although hill emerged unscathed his car had remained on the side of the track didn't hit that
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wreckage at 200 kilometers per hour the austrian was fortunate to only sustain a broken nose and concussion. among us although because the car was so destroyed it was hard to believe anyone had survived that was also it was completely irresponsible to send the. drivers are trying to the truck with a set up but these are technical fish like a sushi is if you're using the about the wings or madness they shouldn't be allowed on racing cars about getting shot and to see any sense is impossible to do in their own making. the crash of both cars and identical fashion put the spotlight on lotus boss collin chapman and the tensions within the team. and which only expose my drivers to changes which they should have expected i blame time and rightly so he should have worked out that the wing would break which he did do later. in knocking egmont if you are much more complicated person to get along. both. to
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say very much different in character and jimmy was sort of shall we say potter more introverted and you can bet they're both wonderful drivers and wonderful people to get on with the running how would you describe colin chapman's character yeah. it's a very difficult character. i'm a horse he wants to win but sometimes there's a difference between how he and i want to win which is probably why we argue a lot. that's a formula one show has to go on relations between the fans and his boss remains frosty. johnson had the fastest car and was the best. he also started from pole and host of the best lap times with his spectacular driving style. but the technical problems with.
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the questions were always the same. as what happened actually the semi axle broke its a universal joint and it just now. when these things keep happening to you you may be pushing the car too much too much. maybe i'd say the semi actually goes half way down the street when there is the least force then it's got nothing to do with me. and the season finale in the us comprehend what's been splendid they were no such problems clint finally took the prize checkered flag and responded in typically droll fashion. york new york and then 1st grand prix when. i'm going to i didn't dare think i might win because something's bound to go wrong or run out of gas or lose a wheels whatever i'll leave today for the evening. but then could now dare to believe as the $970.00 season progressed the lotus remained stable and clinton was
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outstanding. the moniker concrete would be a tactical masterclass with former champion jack brabham and believes he didn't edge closer waiting to pounce on the slightest mistake. one player from fan or adam runs in the crash barriers leaving the way clear for your comment that's the 2nd grand prix win for the austrian who drove the race of his life today your family. just didn't was the best driver but it was at the wheel of a notice put together back home in chapman. may 1st this sort of user doesn't my biggest fear is something breaking. as i feel i'm good enough not to make any mistakes there can't be lots of luck you know but i'm not sure if i can control the car if something goes wrong with some of the shift. nino's into is constantly at trackside such as here in sanford on june 21st 970 the dutch copy just
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something was again the fastest man and led the field. then the ominous sight of black smoke another crash and the fia who wasn't. it. a young english carriage his car crashed and went up in flames. down causing the accident happened behind me i saw the car and claims on my next. entire area was on fire after a crash like that it's not easy to carry on concentrating see ensconced in them. but the race was completed regardless of the death of a friend and then came fast and had difficulty fighting back the teams. you feel the only stern fight i had just lost a friend was a huge shock. as i want to see racing be as safe as possible and that the
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organizers make the track safer. and they need to finally understand that this is essential for racing to continue to see have it. would you ask your wife that same question. if you could have one wish what would it be. race. that's when it was moving closer to history he went on to win the next 2 races as well. as head of the german companies the drivers threatened to boycott insisting that the new of the ring was too dangerous just and didn't as they ever did not mince his words as he and his colleagues demanded a change of venue. so that currently the new bickering was surprised by this agenda on the street just read but it's people organizers job to ensure the tracks are safe not ours and that's deranged you can see you soon will basically now like the
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police having to help out no fear of the race was moved to the hockenheim rink in front of 120000 spectators his opponent jackie it's in the early stages clay they got so many photos out upon say things 3 way battle for victory 3 laps to go now jackie x.'s back in front jackie x. person your kind of end in 2nd. was in here one of the best races i've ever seen clearly got the way he battled with jackie exum clay record so no believe kept changing it was no mazing race and a good clue as to who'd become world champion from up it up. it was races like this that cemented to inspect the taishan out of straight whips you have a 20 point lead in the drive is down to me they're going under. your point range when was the german grand prix increasing his championship tally
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to 45 points. since may have been brash behind the wheel but as he was no playboy. away from the track they were no scandals. just nina and their young daughter in the tosh. but on the track questions about driver safety and the risk of a fatal accident didn't come our way. which is remembering there are rumors going around that you retire if you will champion this year is a true it's very very stick to facts not rumors. you know cut us off really was thinking about stopping this series and all the risks of. all this 16970 the austrian company the crowds were massive it seemed the whole country wanted to see this opposing hero didn't marry and mr raines were
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still america. because then another race of the us device ring was the highlight of a can mania mania he had the entire country behind him a good 3rd. of it's been about time convinced that if you beat the ferrari's in monza the crowd there will because you can pay for them i. don't know so and so so but 1st i have to wins that's the problem because we know that the next stop on his quest to take the formula one crown was month italy on september 5th 917. and then stood a good chance of stealing the show from the ferrari's on the home time. he had sent here fans hears him due to his personal and trying style. right dimitar like the iraqis has been underway here at monza since noon for sunday's 41st grand pre-meal italia raimi are entirely are.
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waiting in the pitch i'm actually just nina and she often. he was looking to say sick of that time and check what the truck was looking like while finding the time to report some austrian 10 official loans as being on the bonds is known as a very fast circuit using the slipstream is vital which is why most cars are driving without wings. it was just really loud because practicing had already started leaving them to be the turbine powered car is very promising that but i don't think it's ready for a world championship yet many made that. the of took too long i said it was all too loud except he said it doesn't matter i'll just do
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a couple of laps and then we'll try again. from one who had the lead let's go last person to talk to him. he sees it suddenly it all went quiet. and that's always a bad sign of something that happened most posi of these.
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i was running over to the scene of the accident with the camera. or we should be along the way i found it in enough and it was already crying. the show. pain the hooks. the swap might never come if there became clear. that he hadn't survived the start to. the beginning once we arrived we started shooting his foot had been practically charron off under the guardrail at fuso make police. take of the scene break out of the car had swerved left at a right angle. of
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. 70 for a 2 minute walk to to his injuries were fatal he went under the rail which tore his leg of. these are staring real rammed into his chest to a. close one others are. just innocent cast away at the munson medical center. his fellow drivers was shocked at what had happened and how. dennis hume was in the car directly behind the austrian. just went to the right 1000000 to live and turned out to be writing in when suddenly just when you very quickly left engine and make into a guardrail onto the grass and then into the garden or. the arms c.e.o. schneider we worked out pretty fast the his brake shaft just broke and he put off nice to see it but i'm surveyed it was a revolutionary technically feature that only lotus how did they best move the cars
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are that it was a risky construction console so on. one small of the lotus team had seen its best driver die on the track while cullen chapman left months in a hurry the italian authorities opened an investigation and then. trial 6 years later chapman was cleared of all criminal charges most of all i think young man was perhaps my greatest friend and much of raising. my to have to be able to stand up to this man when i do not. want any reason. to manipulate me. 6 days after the crash on the hood was buried in god's wall street. he was just 28 years old.
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no one but $970.00 season beats his points lead later that year his widow nino was presented the driver's trophy by jackie steele which judgment was will champion. for. the. family.
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was the 1st international tribunal in history. the nuremberg trials. 75 years ago high ranking officers of the nazi regime were indicted by the allied forces. they were the 1st war criminals to be held accountable for their crimes. our 2 part series the 1st strike in the dark starts nov 12th on t.w. . happiness is for everyone szymon penises are very different from primates you know we have a totally ridiculous romanticized view of nature either david and this is climate change or a good sex how feed us in free books you get smarter for free you know where you got on to.
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the morning. can. be personal or isn't. in the smaller mold. using low. moves. is no use known low. for a good. use. oh excuse. me.
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this is if you got your news live from berlin standing in solidarity. people across france honor the well liked history teacher who was beheaded after discussing cartoons of the muslim prophet muhammad this is clocks prime minister shall cast exploit the crowd in paris. bolivians cast their ballots for a new president on sunday facing a deeply divided political landscape the winner will have to deal with a coronavirus pandemic and the livest worst economic crisis in decades.


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