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tv   Bares fur Rares  Deutsche Welle  October 19, 2020 1:00am-2:01am CEST

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this is the view newsline from berlin standing in solidarity with people across france honor of the well liked history teacher who was beheaded after discussing cartoons of the muslim prophet muhammad with his class prime minister's own caustic to join the crowd in paris. and polls close in bolivia where voters have been choosing a new president the vote could bring the return of socialism amid a deeply divided political landscape the winner will have to deal with a ranging pandemic and a struggling economy. and human rights groups in opposition politicians in turkey
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raise concerns over the country's volunteer police force known as bitchy we'll have more in a report later in the show. a 1000000 books welcome to the program people across france came out in droves on sunday to show their solidarity with the victim of a brutal knife attack on friday samuel pati was a school teacher who used cartoons of the muslim prophet mohammad to teach students about freedom of expression police have since detained 11 people in connection with the killing the suspect himself was shot dead by police soon after the attack. thousands of people came to the plaster little public in paris to show their solidarity with the slain teacher some your party. it was here where large groups
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also gathered following the 2015 charlie hebdo attacks. but today people wore signs saying just we are saying no or i'm a teacher. many came here to grieve but also to protest they felt compelled to speak out in support of the teacher and freedom of speech. the level before we are here to defend the republic liberty equality fraternity and secularism. but it was not just in paris communities came together right across the country to stand in defiance and remember the 47 year old history teacher. and yes if you do that we are in shock and now our focus is on the well being of our children for them it's especially horrifying if it is all because he was my teacher for 2 years he was very friendly one of the few teachers who would help us. this. year as a secular country we've been under attack and now our education system that's going
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too far for much of. the. party was on his way home from school when he was attacked. shortly after police surrounded the suspect and ordered him to drop his weapon authorities say they opened fire on the suspect after he attacked police. the french government has called the killing an attack on french values in europe but. it is no accident that it does a teacher who's being killed by a terrorist. because he wanted to kill the republic and the values that represents the enlightenment the possibility to make our children wherever they come from believe is believing whatever their religion to make them free citizens. francis said to hold the national tributes for the victim in the coming days. back here in berlin people have also been showing their solidarity with the victim of
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the attack in france a small crowd gathered outside the french embassy in the center of the german capital mourners paid their respects to victims. laying flowers and lighting candles let's turn now to some of the other stories making news around the world the united arab emirates minister of tolerance has been accused of sexually assaulting a british woman she told a newspaper that she had visited shaikh nigh on to discuss be hosting the hay literary festival for the 1st time the hay festival has since severed ties with the u.a.e. as a result of the alleged incident which the minister denies. tens of thousands of people have marched through the streets of the capital means despite officials threats to shoot demonstrators they were once again demanding the resignation of president alexander lukashenko he was sworn in for his 6th term after elections in
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august the european union called fraudulent more than 100 protesters have been reportedly arrested. check police in the capital prague have made numerous arrests after protesters attacked officers during a demonstration against coronavirus restrictions at least 20 people were injured. the czech republic has closed bars and restaurants and bam sporting events all in attempt to rein in record surge in new and new infections. let's take a look at some of the latest developments in the pandemic slovakia has also tie in the restrictions as its case load soars the government announced plans to use up to 8000 soldiers to support mass testing in saudi arabia they have allowed citizens and residents to perform prayers at the mosque in mecca for the 1st time in 7 months and palestinian chief negotiator saeb erekat is in intensive care in an
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israeli hospital after his condition worsened earlier this month he announced he was positive for the virus in turkey human rights groups and opposition politicians are worried about a volunteer police force the patrols are known as she they were introduced by president 4 years ago opposition leaders fear everyone is using them to build up local militias loyal only to him they're even drawing parallels with the violent brownshirts of nazi germany. this is no standard police check when the situation suddenly ask relates to a man in uniform pulls out a gun and shoots this kind of violence is becoming increasingly common in turkey and it's carried out by men and women who aren't actually police officers they're called. a voluntary community police force them mainly out in the evenings patrolling neighborhoods vehicles and residents on foot they're allowed to carry
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weapons after just 3 months of training we're worried about the huge power as these rather on educated and untrained forces are going to be given. the bakshi were reintroduced by turkish president rachel tayyip erdogan as a kind of auxiliary police force after an attempted coup 4 years ago the government says they've made many neighborhoods safe for the opposition however here's the aim is to create local militia members loyal to president. one politicians whose parallels with the violent essay brownshirts of nazi germany. members of the nazis political combat groups also wore brown uniforms. they had a bad reputation because of their cruelty and involvement in street brawls. forbid . doman has 1st hand experience of a check carried out by the fact sheet a few weeks ago he was walking through istanbul when the evening took
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a dramatic turn. to be the sole of the initial 1st they grab someone and threw them on the ground of the someone attempts to help and they hit him to do this. 10 men stepped in and tried to mediate this caught the attention of the becky they took him to a police station. they wanted that they didn't inform the public prosecutor or stick out of regulation but he kept me at the station for 9 or 10 hours just for fun is equivocal book to try to get sick this. he has since reported the back before their actions but there are unlikely to face conviction. and what we tend to see happen is the authorities immediately jump to the defense of the police and the police themselves file counter charges against the person who's complained that despite concerns turkey already has more than 20000 back and the government says it's planning to recruit more. voting in bolivia is wrapping up today it's
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a redo following last year's an old election which led to widespread on rest and put pressure on the country's democratic standing bolivia struggles with the pandemic is why it is weighing on its economy and the landlocked state is already one of latin america's poorest former president abel morales is not on the ballot but in many ways this election is a referendum on his legacy. the front runner in bolivia's presidential race is luis things like he ally of former president abel maurice their left wing socialist party champions the cause of the impoverished indigenous people who make up 2 thirds of the population. we're going to give the libyan people what they need and . economic stability. political stability and social stability thanks
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a message that appeals to many after the turbulence of recent is able morrall its resigned almost a year ago in the wake of violent street protests which broke out after he tried to gain a 4th term in office not normally allowed under the constitution. but he remains popular amongst the indigenous population and has endorsed luis say as his successor many hope he can build on maraniss early successes in lifting millions out of poverty and helping grow the economy. the biggest challenge for the socialist is from centrist candidate parlance messenger who has dismissed say as a puppet of moralities he says the former president was provoked an authoritarian and now wants to govern through the back door. make no mistake we are the only ones who can definitely defeat evil morality and louis c. because actually is nothing more than miranda's without morals thank. you have
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a wins the election faces a huge challenge the landlocked mountainous nation is still one of the poorest in south america. the country's precarious public health system has struggled to cope with the coronavirus and bolivia is now facing its worst economic crisis in decades pose predicts the vote will go to a 2nd round runoff between the 3rd and things that could put more pressure on able runneth as his opponents would likely unite against him. let's get more now on the ground correspondent john mara here as is there in la paz your good day to you what more can you tell us about how voting has gone today. today we have had a very beautiful day here in bolivia democracy democracy. we
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have seen since the very very beginning of the day you have seen thousands of people in the streets voting standing in long lines even during the morning when it was raining here in the past people who were there is standing in waiting to vote that's a very good sign that for the people still believe i want to to to to give us a chance to see for democracy in this country this is not easy after especially after the huge crisis that we have last year so right now we are already there the electoral day is is finished we have seen over the counting the votes especially in these plays for example we saw some minutes ago people were counting the votes also they finished in one hour we should. have some the results some all exit and then we should wait some hours is still on to the chairman of the electoral court will announce the 1st results of this day. johan the election last year that was an old
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a lot of violence did come out of that unfortunately and while things are very peaceful now is there concern that back it happened again and what's being done to ensure that it doesn't. they're going to read now is. home but we can feel a little bit of tension as the results are going to be announced in a couple of hours maybe it was because both of the main candidates they have been very radical on one hand the have been saying that he is sure we will have a 2nd round in this election on the other hand at least out of the candidate of able morales party here saying they have been saying that he's going to win tonight and that he want a recognize and the other result but a victory for him so we think that as the result will be announced some of this counted as good call the people to go to get out of the streets some protests and it could bring some violence and some clashes we hope it won't that it won't be the case. johan ramirez in the past thanks for keeping us up to date
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shall because start to the bonus the gore campaign has been less than impressive with 3 defeats from their 1st 3 games coachmen obama was desperate for his side to pick up even a point against one young bellina on sunday and they did just that in a scrappy clash that ended one all. concern faces child to have only won one bundesliga match in 2020 and that was last season manuel bowman charge of only his 2nd game faced an uphill battle. after a goal is opening half it looked bleak for the home side when you're on berlin's marvin's feet making it one they'll with this perfect header in the 55th minute. but shell go ahead back substitute gonzalo pass ins here beating his markers to
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have the ball in. a sigh of relief for a side that was sitting bottom of the table going into this weekend's action. both sides held on to end the game in a one all draw shall have now gone 21 this league matches the side of victory. where i come from we have to fight for a free press and was born and raised in a military dictatorship with just one to his shadow and a few in his face 1st one official information as a journalist i have worked on the streets of many canvas and there are all those are all the same 14 social inequality a lack of the freedom of the press and corruption who can afford to stay silent
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when it comes to the fans of the humans and see them why do fools who have decided to put their trust in us. my name is jenny harrison i work. in. this week on the world stories. of the us why evangelicals vote for trump. belgium a grandson mourns his grandfather we begin in syria and the rebel stronghold of italy where there's been a ceasefire for more than 6 months despite this the assad regime is increasing its airstrikes on the region many civilians now fear a renewed escalation. even when he's making t.
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plane spotted zane's focuses on the job not to miss a single military plane taking off from the bases controlled by the assad regime. has the most we can listen into the pilots radio communications and find out his destination so we know where the bombs might fall of the look i do this work for civilians if we can warn them we can save lives in the name of going to poser. as soon as he spots anything they want to look at civilians hospital sent 1st responders using radio and other networks. he says the number of air raids on eclipse has risen significantly in recent weeks although the ceasefire agreement is still in effect. there's growing concern that assad and his forces are set to launch a new offensive also targeting hospitals and schools in
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a similar way to the beginning of the year when a text letting the small town of. many families have since returned home but holiday halid from the local council has no idea how they'll survive the coming winter water supplies hospitals electricity generators have all be destroyed and covered 19 infections are on the rise. and. we can't koren 1000 people to protect them from the coronavirus. so they've got to work to feed their families we would need support from relief agencies in our town but no one has shown up and even the me from. hundreds of thousands of people have sought refuge in the sprawling campus of northern euclid province here 2 conditions are palling but there's at least some support from relief organizations. promised mature man is among those who desperately need that support
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a year ago his house was destroyed in their rate one of his sons was killed achmet lost both legs he's grateful for the tent they were given but he's anxious about the winter that lies ahead. and i'm disabled i can't walk at all. we've got no income nothing at all. thomas says his wife left him because she could no longer bear the gloom and the misery in the tent since then his sister has been looking after him and her 3 children they've never known anything but war never been to school. so what does the future hold how can they possibly keep going what will they do for heating when winter sets in what about the koran of iris and where can they go next if assad's
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forces start a new offensive to many questions and no answers. the u.s. is in the final stages of its presidential elections president trump is counting on the support of a large group of voters conservative christians they believe that trump fights on their side against abortion rights. christine mending meets fellow activists they are all devoted to the cause christian found inspiration in the bible which she takes this really. they are on their way to an abortion clinic to try to persuade women to keep their pregnancies. and telescopes like her make up 25 percent of u.s. voters most of them share a central goal to ban abortion. we are kind of the the last
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stop before that abortion we want to reach them one more time and so that's why we're here it's my duty to do what i can do here to persuade as many people to not have abortions as possible but ultimately that's in god's hands and one day they will have to give an answer to god. she and her fellow activists believe donald trump is as committed as they are to banning abortion. abortion is such an important issue in our time and i cannot trust a president who believes that abortion is ok without the right to life we have nothing so if we're taking away innocent life no one has right the right to life is so important and i'm seeing that from him and that's why i will be voting for him politics professor laurel buson from the university of indianapolis has been analyzing trump's supporters the evangelical vote is critical to donald trump's reelection they've been essential part of his base since he began running in 2016
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and even though sometimes the president has wavered on policy issues the evangelicals have never wavered on their support for him there's no generation gap in terms of the evangelical bloc you see this with younger voters obviously with older voters in their support as well and you don't see a difference in terms of age christina studying to be a nurse or a spare time she's already trying to save lives one way talking with people about abortion another way she says is by voting for truong there's a lot about donald trump that i don't like that i don't agree with but in the areas that he does promote truth and justice i pray that god would bless his administration heavenly father we thank you that you were of offer of life prayer office crucial support for her and her friends they are also praying for donald trump that is reluctant to fight with them against abortion.
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in europe the number of corona virus infections continues to soar including in germany concern is growing that the pandemic could spread even further that's why easily accessible testing facilities are in high demand. 12 meters long and growing. that's the length of today's line at a medical practice in berlin. people have come here to get tested for corona through the window i think it's a really nice option doesn't take so much time and it's it made the safer than going to a cost total and sitting in the close space where patients can be sick but here everything everyone is wearing masks and the just for the angle so i think it's really nice that the doctors ability cuts and runs the practice she's bracing herself for a harsh corona winter with many more patients to deal with it important to me about my i don't want to be a prophet of doom and gloom but the numbers are clearly going up we all want to
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prevent another lockdown so we don't want to have to close the schools again somehow we've got to get through this winter. to prepare for what's coming germany wants to set up more testing stations they would receive people running at a high temperature or with other corona symptoms additionally the public health office which tracks infected people was promised more personnel but that has yet to materialize the staff that isn't has and the politicians have pledged to bolster the health authorities over the next 5 years this requires the creation of 5000 new jobs but now as october and november approach the jobs don't yet exist in the health offices this is a problem that urgently needs to be addressed. but instead of relying solely on germany's health care and tracking system dr cuts and would rather make testing at home possible. you're missing the movie credit will have to
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be given the chance to do a test without a doctor to go to the pharmacy and buy a test although they do not guarantee 100 percent accuracy they provide an excellent indicator and are absolutely adequate from an epidemiological point of view because the swab test involves taking a sample between the nose and mouth it shows the result within 15 minutes without sending the sample to a laboratory in germany though only doctors and pharmacists are allowed to order them should infection start rising sharply in winter they might be an alternative to long lines in the cold. our last stop is belgium the pandemic has already claimed more than 10000 lives in this european country the story of 10 year old lorenzo who lost his grandfather to the virus reflects the tragedy of every single loss. the world has lost
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a 1000000 lives. one of them meant the world to 10 year old lorenzo grandpa was the best his grandpa luke picked him up from school each day and what he was to only nato merk and after that. we just played the couch and just didn't really want to deal. mostly i got snacks. but their hometown st truth was hit early and hard by the corona virus we had 53 people. who had to enter the hospital and we only had bets for 20 people but luke was already hospitalized failing fast he said if i don't make it please take good care of the children he didn't make it on march 23rd luke became seen truants 1st corona death jeanine and their daughters nell and lane and lorenzo didn't even get to see goodbye. i don't really hold.
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the truckers who hold. 6 months later same treatment has the infection rate under control with strict measures father room tonight and says now inhabitants need to heal it's important that we share. with each other what we feel what we want or are and the 2 but also or the. mayor here and decided to create a space for that a corner of a city park is now a memorial. for the memorial dedication september 13th lorenzo was asked to commemorate his beloved grandfather he told his mom he was too afraid to look at life there or the were i gonna laugh at me. but lorenzo changed his mind and wrote
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a letter even oh dear grandpa i miss you very much i am mad about corona mad about what happened you were divest and always are going to be the best. thing is i. that i was brave and that i was happy did i get it that i get for a what l. out. was happy. everyone was. you use to me grandpa. no one here will forget them.
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she loved. mists. beyond the law. but he paid a high price. 50 years ago young marine was killed in a tragic accident read. next on g.w. . there is this guy and their shows defy gravity. the slack line artist of. the french something struck the balance in your act between extreme sports and. your moment. 30 minutes on d w. what secrets lie behind the scenes while.
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discover newer ventures in 360 degree. and explore fascinating world heritage sites. w world heritage 316 get maps now. if you could have one wish nina what would it be. if you would face the fact that. justin didn't on his way to becoming formula one champion in 1970. his dashing
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style and confidence on the track had well to merge the sports world and the reigning champion at the time jackie stewart was no exception i'm more worried about. what i really think you're up to and also one of my best friend. after a slow start in formula one the young german born race ahead also won the grudging respect of his lotus teammate 2 time world champion graham hill. just so you feel very good as a driver. down to the persona also captured the hearts of adoring fans across europe. on and off the track the young racing driver was acquiring the aura and style of a hollywood movie star. on
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september 5th 970 and got into his car for a training session at the italian g.p. in months. he would not return. because it was on the track side back then in monza as a reporter and as a friend of john's and. he's still a true car enthusiast especially old sports cars. so i could follow the career of his fellow austrian from the outset 1st as a newspaper reporter and then for television. you know from what happened the engine died on fortunately. there was any kind to ship or soon he was a charismatic figure in the suit was for me he was like the james dean of motor racing. hollywood to kind of drive
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a hollywood might have dreamt of for his state. for his adopted country austria justin wins was the 1st really big sports star. covering major sports events in the 1960 s. was a task that fell to lucky schmidt lightner a producer and director for austrian television. like helmets because schmidt like no company the rise of your commitment. he was witness to some of the ambitious young drivers early breakthroughs. for the drones to follow which is between milan and turin that work at that's where all for males to test track was.
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your who is do you often only need is it 10 laps to destroy the track record or to . torture the cherry on was. this whether your. client was born in mines germany in 914 his mother and father were killed in an allied air raid and he was brought up by his grandparents in the austrian city of. having inherited his father's spice factory and did not struggle financially. the car was a v.w. beetle which he drive in races with friends before he even had a driving license and racing was what he trained on. he competed for the 1st time in $961.00 in a sim come on t.v. . was shaping up to be a hot shot with talent to spend we don't have it in supply how long will you need to get close to someone like hill around or clark clark. the
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many if i do really well and have a lot of luck maybe in 2 years time i need to live by have the right car on that i might never make it here there might come a point where i can't go any further and leave them and i think his 1st crash came in 963 in a formula junior race on the new book ring he was not seriously injured but his confidence was badly shaken harvey took a few of my took him down to the hospital and i don't know in the media giggling and out is lying in his bed he said to me i'm not made for racing that was a warning shot today and i should quit of her. but for the end the thrill of speed was too much to resist. in 1964 he joined the formula one circus making his debut at the austrian grand prix and said freak behind the wheel of a breton. turned
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to force his way up to 50 place before his steering broke but team director john cooper was mightily impressed by the rookie. and following a series of mistakes by the 61 world champion full hill to put aside it to replace the american with york in the end. in m. formery is driving a formula one car much different from a lower racing class. you know before man's college race just means more and so this is formula one means racing to be world champions of which is the ultimate prize. it also meant risking one's life in pursuit of that prize clint was determined to become world champion and started to work his way up the ranks. in the 960 s. formula one drivers still had to top of their income by driving in other races from sports cars to formula 2 then drove anything that had 4 wheels and pace sometimes
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competing in 3 races a day. and still had time for drifting with his own jack working time. $965.00 understand the tissues die down the drama intensified at night as the pace barely slowed down and behind the wheel of one per hour in the often event that he used the night time to overtake one car after the next by 18 spot by dawn he was in 3rd and then 2nd thing they done in done tight there's a live. demo my own car number 21 piloted by ryan tell me american gregory took to the front. and here's the winning team thinks gregory on the left enter into on the right. there are more than a 1000000 photos in the archives of. the accomplished german measures sports
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photography had a special eye for york in the current in 1960 that focus also turned to a young woman nina lincoln a finnish model and. after all of a real head turner and not just for photographers very attractive woman the old model always nicely styled. in 1967 the couple tied the knot in 1968 they toss in a tussle with bill. i know just since passion for cons had grown beyond the race track. and 960 fine he'd set up his family out there to show. his popularity tree plenty of big names hints had also seen the financial potential in. both for me that the people ask why i compete in races on if i do it with 3 reasons as whole be as a hobby. and
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a business as whole be it for me it began as a hobby and supporting terms it means a serious physical challenge of the to muse and thank god you can also earn money with it. the 1st race in the dortch lunch and formula 2 has been overshadowed by a tragic accident i ask you all now pleased to stand. james clark the 2 time world champion and winner of $25.00 has dosh. he premier most fridays and i often felt like a reporter in every 2nd or 3rd race there was a fatality hudson into the far geeky in. this scene from the fairly grazing is dangerous that's obvious and because it's dangerous we're all afraid naturally as there are different levels of jihad in from fear that can paralyze you
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or fear that make sure where or how dangerous it is you just have to deal with it and that's how it is with racing drivers. therefore those it's not only the drivers who have to find ways of coping with the fear and danger of formula one races. nina rint is interviewed again and again about how it feels to be the wife of a formula one racing driver and what she's afraid of and i was here on german television. to back you. thing an accident in duration now that the. clarke had died at the wheel of a lotus that team founded by colin chapman now needed a new driver and the man they chose was your. to look you switched to lotus you know a name i remember sitting in a bar in vienna and he said. i'll either become world champion or i'll die trying.
1:41 am
on these is he took that risk yes it was the part with the devil dive for. your lead in that it's not about winning a grand prix becoming world champion. ok so i haven't won a grand prix yet but that shouldn't be a problem blame. the 969 spanish conclave was a street circuits where the teens use tie real wings the high downforce was meant to produce extremely fast cornering but the technology was controversial then started from pole position and. the field until that 20 when his real wing collapsed leaving him unable to control his car. when it hit the barriers at the same spots as his team mates graeme hill who crashed 11 last annie. although hill emerged unscathed his car had remained on the side of the track didn't hit that
1:42 am
wreckage at 200 kilometers his pal and the austrian was fortunate to only sustain a broken nose and concussion. among us although because there was so destroyed it was hard to believe anyone had survived that was also it was completely irresponsible to send the drivers out front of the truck with a set up the desire to actually go fish like a sushi is if we're using one of the wings or madness they shouldn't be allowed on racing cars about getting chatting to see any sense it is impossible to get in the shuttle is omega. the crash of both cars and identical fashion put the spotlight on lotus boss colin chapman and the tensions within the team. which only exposed my drivers to changes which they should never expect is eagerly my claim to him and rightly so he should have been worked out that the wing would break and was not there which it did do later was out now in knocking egmont up if you're looking at a much more complicated person to get along jimmie both. there to say very much
1:43 am
different in character. jimmy was sort of shall we say carter more introverted in york and but they're both wonderful drivers and one of the people to get on with the running how would you describe colin chapman's character you can't get my knowledge very essential a very difficult character. i'm a horse he wants to win but sometimes there's a difference between how he and i want to win every lesson which is probably why we argue a lot. say that's a formula one show has to go on vacations. between the pins and his thoughts remained frosty. johnson had built the fastest car and then was the best driver. he also started from pole and host of the best lap times with his spectacular driving style. but the technical problems remain.
1:44 am
and the questions were always the same. test what happened next is the semi actual growth it's a universal joint and it just now. when these things keep happening to you or you may be pushing the car too much. maybe high back to the semi actual goes halfway down the street when there's the least force then it's got nothing to do with me or let the season finale in the us on plea and what's been slow and there were no such problems couldn't finally took the prize checkered flag and responded in typically troll fashion. york new york and then 1st grand prix with the usual me going i didn't dare think i might win because something's bound to go wrong or run out of gas or lose a wheel or whatever i'll leave today for the evening. but then could now dead to believe as the 970 season progressed the lotus remained stable and things was
1:45 am
outstanding. the monaco concrete would be a tactical masterclass with former champion track brabham in the lead edged closer waiting to pounce on the slightest mistake. montclair fanfare and robin runs into the crash barriers leaving the way clear for york from the rent that's the 2nd grand prix win for the austrian who drove the race of his life today your family. just didn't was the best driver but it was at the wheel of a notice put together by calling chaplin. many 1st disorders and those are my biggest fear is something breaking. i feel i'm good enough not to make any mistakes there can't be lots of luck you know but i'm not sure if i can control the car if something goes wrong with some of the shift you. nina was constantly at trackside such as here in sanford on june 21st 970 the dutch called please your husband was
1:46 am
again the fastest man and led the field. then the ominous signs of black smoke another crash and the fear who was it is that bad. it was a young english driver piers courage whose car crashed and went up in flames. down closing the accident happened behind me i saw the car and claims on my next. entire area was on fire after a crash like that it's not easy to carry on concentrating seem to constantly. but the race was completed regardless of the death of a friend and colleague then came fast and had difficulty fighting back the ts. you go only to turn fire and i have just lost a friend who was a huge shock which means i want to see racing be
1:47 am
a safe as possible. and that the organizers make the track safer. and they need to finally understand that this is essential for racing to continue to see have it. would you ask your wife that same question. if you could have one wish what would it be. based. but since was moving closer to his dream he went on to win the next 2 races as well . as head of the german companies the dr has threatened to boycott insisting that the new that brings us to dangerous. business as ever did not mince his words as he and his colleagues demanded a change of venue. and said that currently the new bickering was surprised by this agenda just read to its people organize your job to ensure the tracks are safe not ours and that's deranged to consider soon we're basically now like the police
1:48 am
having to help out no fear of the race was moved to the hockenheim right in front of 120000 spectators his jackie it's in the early stages they they got so many photos out apos a sings 3 way battle for victory 3 laps to go now jackie x.'s back in front jackie x. person your kind of end in 2nd. mr best move and was in here one of the best races i've ever seen cleo got the way he battled with jackie exemplary record so many believe kept changing it was an amazing race and a good clue as to who'd become world champion from a bit of a bust. it was races like this that cemented to inspect the taishan all to straight with he had a 20 point lead in the drive is down to me. going under. your plan round when was the german grand prix increasing his championship tally to 45
1:49 am
points. since may have been brash behind the wheel but as he was no playboy. away from the track they were no scandals. and they young daughter natasha. but on the track questions about driver safety and the risk of a fatal accident didn't come away. with the issue even when there are rumors going around that you retire if you will champion this year is a true it's really better stick to facts not rumors. you know cut us off really was thinking about stopping this series and all the risks of. all this 16970 the austrian complex the crowds were massive it seemed the whole country wanted to see this bruising hero didn't carry and mr rains were still
1:50 am
america. because then another race of the us device ring was the highlight of a can mania mania he had the entire country behind him and get through. everything about time convinced that if you beat the ferrari's in monza the crowd there will because you can pay for them out. of muscle and soap so but 1st i have to win that's the problem because we know that the next stop on his quest to take the formula one crown was month italy on september 13th $917.00. against it a good chance of stealing the show from the ferrari's only home time. he had plenty of fans here to do to his personal and trying style. right i committed life evacuation has been underway here at monza since noon for sunday's 41st grand prix meo italia raimi are entirely are.
1:51 am
waiting in the picture line acknowledges nina and she often. good news he was looking to say so good nap time and check what the track was looking like while finding the time to report on austrian 10 official months as being on the monitors known as a very fast circuit using the slipstream is vital which is why most cars are driving without wings even though bush it was just really loud because practice had already started leaving them to be the turbine powered car is very promising that but i don't think it's ready for a world championship yet made. the of took that to law i said it would have to live and he said it doesn't matter i'll just do
1:52 am
a couple of laps and then we'll try again. when you. were there late i was the last person to talk to him. he says brit suddenly it all went quiet. and that's always a bad sign that something that happened most posts here this.
1:53 am
week that i was running over to the scene of the accident with a cameraman. who should be along the way i found you haven't already crying. the show. you paint hope. on the swap i might have got it there became clear. that he hadn't survived restart. the building once we arrived we started shooting his foot had been practically torn off under the guardrail at fuso make the salute. stag seem bright for the car had swerved to the left at a right angle only. of
1:54 am
. the center for the regiment one 3rd to his injuries were fatal to a cue for he went under the rail which tore his leg of. jesus to ring real rammed into his chest to offer. to swear that was a. just the thing to cast away at the munson medical center and his fellow drivers was shocked at what had happened and how. dennis hume was in the car directly behind the austrian. just when to run into left and to down to the writing in when suddenly just when very quick the left engine and make into a guardrail onto the grass and then into the guard where. the arms see ocean we worked out pretty fast that his break shaft just broke and people often used is it but i'm surveyed by it was a revolutionary technically feature that only lotus how did they best move the
1:55 am
cause of that it was a risky construction on so young. one small the lotus team had seen its best driver die on the track while cullen chapman left months in a hurry the italian authorities opened an investigation and then. trial 6 years later chapman was cleared of all criminal charges. in the more i think you're going to was perhaps my greatest friend and much of raising. my perhaps if you want to sound out of this neighborhood and i do not. want any reason to think he would have been a main driver. 6 days after the crash your husband was buried in cots wall street. he was just 28 years old.
1:56 am
no one but 970 season beats his points lead later that year his widow nina was presented the driver's trophy by jackie stewart yahoo and was world champion. and. family income.
1:57 am
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powerful woman shaping her legacy joining us from echols last stops. there absentia for spectacular pictures. is. their passion for nature. it's their complete devotion. that makes them the best wildlife photographers in the world. fascinating. and poetically. confrontational and story. 5 adventures. one goal. the preservation of our planet. is not just an issue of fighting trees and saving pandas anymore. is us it's danger to survive or
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not thrive through realizing there's a radically different way of living it's rather. for china starts november 6th on g.w. . this is d w news and these are our top stories demonstrations have been held across france to honor some well pati school teacher who was killed after showing cartoons of the muslim prophet mohammad and a class prime minister john cassaday was among the crowd in paris police shot dead the alleged perpetrator and have detained 11 others. voters in cyprus have elected a right wing nationalist as president of the breakaway northern turkish cypriot.


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