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tv   Die Wilden in den Menschenzoos  Deutsche Welle  October 19, 2020 4:00am-4:45am CEST

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and. confrontational and steroid. 5 adventures. one goal. the preservation of our planet. it starts nov 6th on t. w. . this is deja vu news and these are our top stories demonstrations have been held across france to honor some well pati school teacher who was killed after showing cartoons of the muslim prophet mohammed and a class prime minister john cuz they was among the crowd in paris police shot dead the alleged perpetrator and have detained 11 others. voters in cyprus have elected a right wing nationalist as president of the breakaway northern turkish cypriot state s.
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in tar 151 percent of the vote in a runoff with the incumbent is backed by turkey and opposes reunify the turkish cypriot north with the greek cypriot south. czech police in prague have made numerous arrests after protesters attacked officers during a demonstration against coronavirus restrictions at least 20 people were injured the czech republic has closed bars and restaurants and banned sporting events to reign in a record surge in new infections currently has the highest rate in europe. this is g.w. news from berlin follow us on twitter and instagram at the w news or visit our website you doctor.
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water is vital to every living being on earth all life depends on this simple mix of hydrogen and oxygen where water disappears life can exist anymore but water scarcity is the reality for an increasing number of people around the world and it's even been bought a god was more than 70 percent of the earth suffers from today is that the saudi let's dig why this happens and how we can change it alone welcome to equal india i'm sunk that i can and the indian who malia's over 3000000 natural springs and this is the primary source of water for the people who live here but climate change air pollution and deforestation has dried up a large number of these strikes creating an imbalance in the region that could affect those who live in these mountains but also goals in countries sovaldi based
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mountains a community in kind of the foothills of the him obvious has found a way to the plumage the ground water. as you walk through the crumbling ruins of dumb guy one of the hundreds of ghost will it is the sound of silence it's your heart. every family that once lived here deserted their homes and migrating to towns and cities in search of a better life. these abandoned the structures of stone as grim reminder of the frightening reasons for the. one that may not seem obvious in.
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a post month. the groundwater table beneath dumb god has receded. a symptom of assyria climate crisis that's growing in thousands of families in villages like this. roughly down kilometers away willage was headed towards a similar fate a few years ago. the fun in a knowledge of natural springs but a meal source of water the focal goods residents had almost entirely dried. my lady then middleby. a bit when it you don't 90 percent of the population living in the himalayas are dependent on the strings we got abusive but you follow . just well enough possible indeed 25 years in line when
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a change has caused tremendous changes didn't follow the. same fall rains are not. yes they can reason is deforestation. then able to talk about other than those old. feel for the. land of. water from pipelines only reach going to go to the early. or the years the supply became erratic and unreliable and the knowledge that one served almost as a community is like flying was in a dire state at a time when the wrenching brought it back from the brink of extinction. of the woman from the village community. was one of the resolute leaders of the sponsible for its revival under her leadership the community set out to understand
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the underlying rock structures that made it possible for the spring to exist. in the 1st class but then. you see the dying man who gets men and women organize themselves into a just me i want to use a group again last knowledge of hydrogen gone with the aid of to run an organization working to recharge and rejuvenate the himalayas bring. to the. only that i have ever met underneath our spring there are 3 types of rocks found our date. i learned this in my training it was something i never knew before totally merely had and i used. the method that i learnt about courtside drugs if i like rocks and the nates rocks i had no see. us play our share in the local
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language is called dusty town and file it is called busselton water flows undertrained the rocks and that is how it comes out to the surface he did it most people don't necessarily need go ahead or. between 20132014 just to meet the injured rock designed a host of different matters to charge and manage their springs catchment area to prevent water runoff increasing the rate of infiltration thereby enhancing the spring discharge. 20 percent of the total cost was contributed by the water user group in the form of channel. 4 wanting to relive for months the man and women were hard at work building door crunches check dams and percolation box and planting hundreds of native saplings that would help augment ground water recharge and the story.
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moreover the women. with a deep understanding of the geology of that was. no help drug created water groups from other will it is this is what i tell it they. got it in i really enjoy the process of exchanging knowledge because it is important for us to know how things are done and get important supporters and we get to learn a lot interacting with others. will escape it middle what i did you have got to tell it i didn't ever think i would be able to speak so confidently and interact with important people. but you maybe you can i will tell sometimes i even feel a lack of support from for them my community but i feel proud when i hear someone say that i'm an impoverished person. but there is a long road ahead in the revival of
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a 1000000 this brings the problem appears especially grim in otakon where in the more a region alone the number of functional springs has reduced to one 6th of its origin a number in the last 100 years. you need to be told be it is from these or smaller springs that the streams or did you neck and beauty streams come line to form major rivers the decline office links will have a crash beginning effect that will eventually dry up the ones you claim a lot will be left to claim that is why there is a need to know more than ever to understand this. springfield getting run over the words you want to gin it will soon that communities in and. out of london routinely get from any walk or rises in the future. but. goods budding hybrid jala just represent what this possible new for communities with the knowledge and do to manage their natural resources.
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we in the 21st century the false ones to what are you about and tackle the finite need to water or we'll build what sort of book in the world doing the city or in the deserts think about just what had hundreds of made water bodies and were bought of india or listerine water harvesting systems but with modernization been no longer the primary source of water for people a movement is now underway to recognise this and cultural about and restore. the crystal clear waters of a barry a traditional indian step while this one in the western city of job poor was 1st built almost 3 centuries ago currently rawnsley can often be found in these peaceful chambers the 75 year old irishman has been working to save this local
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heritage. these buildings were constructed for the behest of maharani of the other female companions of the. name being concerned always about water and the border security of the common population and fit is good only exists when water was harvested reliably and hygienic $300.00 bares quarter in $52.00 i would think is this more that with the gathering in the ground below us this is ground water short for lies in an average region with very little rainfall the step wells were once the city's main source of clean water but with the arrival of pumps to extract ground water the old well systems fell into disuse and filled up with dirt and trash.
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ruins lee helped clean out this bury a year ago restoring its to its former glory. by. work for these places because they are precious heritage truly precious they're not just a fancy building derelict they are a system of war to harvesting that is priceless as an example of how people in those sophisticated society is ancient red your stone wall. is now pumped into the city supply from the restored well. karen rawnsley inherited his love of india from his grandfather who was posted here as an engineer in colonial times he's traveled the world and lived in several countries. but the historic city of george poor and its ancient water wells that have given him a purpose in life. this is molly
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a bad job read the 1st well rawnsley cleaned during the heyday of the wells jobbers where the places female members of the royal family would congregate. here they could swim and entertain themselves. but it would have been a very. you know. they would have had to play with probably sitting around and they were made a very atmospheric very beautiful and local businessman is now paying for the upkeep of the bulbs and he's employed a permanent caretaker to manage them. he let it cool karen rawnsley also helps out with his expertise. but not everyone appreciates the importance of this historic site which is often strewn with plastic bags and of the trash. george bush has more than 500 historic bodies of water that the city could still be
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making new cells today. several awareness programs are held by some organizations at different levels. still we see cases where people try to damage the walls or pollute the water. we have to stop it now we're witnessing the water crisis in many parts of the world. because if these resources are not concerned we will face a water crisis here. george bush says he was founded in 1459 by roger tat the ruler of then mandela state since then the rank of force is the identity of the city. the trust which manages the food is also providing funds and other support to step restoration.
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that it gets broadly speaking we had 2 challenges. but 1st the lack of awareness among the people. the. second they were in so much tissues that they were full of silt and wastage of the. soft. they could only have been cleaned manually. cannot use machines there. but then the youths of the city and some organizations came together and they started to clean and conserve the step wells. karen runs the son and daughter live in the united kingdom but he says the wells of joy poor have also become like family to him. i haven't a mother in my heart and there's a good enough and these places hours of my mother so wherever i go. i will know for
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a connection that they are with my planet and with my ancestors. carried monthly is still. 18 if it was $75.00 and wants to spend many more years saving india's step wells. we are not directly that we can't exist without water but today our oceans rivers and lakes are more polluted then ever small groups of people around the world are trying to change this little by little we met one such group in indonesia who are the world's waltzed polluted river the shitter all take a look at the 1st part of our mini series about the civil. this entire room river connects the sis you've been doing with the megacity jakarta . traditionally it's been the source of life for the people of west java. at the markets next to the fruit and vegetables there are still fish that come from
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its waters. but for years residents have been urgently warned not to eat them around $280.00 tonnes of unfiltered chemical waste that come from the textile industry daily have gradually poisoned the rivers ecosystem. 60 percent of the creatures once found in the sitara river have disappeared in the last 30 years. the waste here comprises heavy matters and toxins like cadmium copper chrome mercury and lead after being eaten by fish these poisonous materials end up in the human food cycle yana him arena has lived his entire life in bondo he says things weren't always like this. when i was a kid the water of the sitara was clear so i could get fish for our food. in the afternoon so my parents asked me to get fish i just got naked and jumped into the river to catch the fish without any tools just my bare hands. the program sitar on
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her room has been active since february of 2018 it aims to return the river's water to drinking quality alongside the military several n.g.o.s are taking part. says they've been doing in part and we meet former television presenter who have a rot the founder of the award winning project sitar i'm kara started to clean the banks of the river a few years ago she also started a garden nearby that's watered with plant filtered water from the sitara river. started 5 years ago and before this is the mountain of garbage we have people littering to the river we have 2000 factories dumping out the poisonous water the waste water and most of them are not being treated just dump it into the water now you can see that there was
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a lot of active or had just in this area i planted like one kilometers to the right in one kilometers. to the left because it prevented roshan its present sedimentation and at the same time purifying the water. just 200 meters from the shore here my hoot of iraq planted a garden. it's become a refuge for unusual plants and insects indigenous to the region. the water for it comes from the sitara. before it can be used for watering because cooking or showering it's filtered in special times and also through this sweet grass that river all right this is the ever plant and we call it the miracle of grass we've planted 14 kilometers already my dream is to make
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269 kilometers. off to. 'd 'd the asian sweet grass is a highly at ductile plant. it can survive harsh conditions in toxic water is. after being planted on the banks it rapidly develops roots that can grow as much as 4 metres deep under stuff as it turns out steel. venture for also have a higher than average absorption rate of heavy metals and toxins that makes it an outstanding primary filter for plant based water treatment. or most most faithful companion is i.t. specialist julius robinson he regularly observes the project's progress his pride and joy is the source of the sitara references santy the entire bank is covered with better plants the collaboration between sitar and care in the military started
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here 2 years ago. julius is optimistic. if we can copy pastes the cleaning up of just on the and this is the this is the ticket holder what does ring a come out here and we still can mend in the clean up of this whole place in the shit out of me. i've been pretty much we can say if we were better. now regions that's a lofty goal will require stamina. but the only yielding vetiver grass also offers a good example of how to strive despite the challenges. we have to be what care food without water. we have to avoid pollution we have to clean up our water before be careful with our water but we also need careful what about and that means we have to clean water and bring it back into the cycle.
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for these children water is a basic right that here in the netherlands comes easily from the tap. ok. as it does for chip and eve to wash their hands. even so this family knows just how valuable water is. water is really important with no water you can't drink and you die. the washing machine is fed with the household waste water which has been purified by a machine called the hyperloop and app tells dad yon vinum schoolin and when there's enough recycled water to use. the only thing is that we do. this to get. our lifestyle as much possible for saving water with the machine. an average family of 4 in the netherlands uses
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up to 191000 liters of water per year. hydro loop says its clients use around 45 percent less. when we came to their fair and us having kids we were you thinking about ok how can we make this world better also for our kin for next to inherit the earth after us and this is when we thought ok we have to be smart and think head. water seems to be abundant in the netherlands around 60 percent of domestic water here comes from the ground the rest is surface water. once used in homes waste water is treated and then returned to the rivers and oceans but treatment takes a lot of energy and water is also lost along the way. to a full keys a design the hydro loop a decentralized water recycling system that means part of the process is done in
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your own home this system doesn't use filters instead using 6 steps to treat and clean the waste water to international standards. we collect the water from the shower and actually also from the washing machine and then we treat it we remove all soaps and hair and sentencing like that with this infected so it's safe and then you can reuse it again for your washing machine to flush the toilets and for your garden the water can only be recycled once and can't be used for drinking hydro low prices start at around $3300.00 euros it's already selling in countries across europe as well as the united states and south africa. they can be retrofitted into older buildings or built directly into new systems in the. folkies that aims to take the business further. the next stage is that we want to
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develop cooperation with companies in countries like india bangladesh with local production companies so that we can start producing our products together with them in those countries where it's. has less cost to produce it so it can also be introduced in these markets at a lower price globally water is becoming ever more scarce recycling waste water is $1.00 option. at the water campus in the city of lloyd managing director hein mullen compering companies like hydra loop universities and research institutes together to find more possibilities what we do here and what the compass is in fact helping companies celebrate developments go to the market and that is from onsite market demand but also what is the ideas within the companies themselves and at the end of the day she would bring their product to market.
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work at the water campus is funded in part by the companies developing the products along with the regional government and the european commission among others companies find the expertise to test and develop their ideas and products and international concerns and start ups it's a process that could normally take decades but here firms are helping to speed that up. the general picture is more from how can we help. being what the campus bringing new sustainable technologies to the market with help so sanity with solving the big issues in the world like how do we produce more food do we make sure that senator ration is healthy for the school and children water for now has slipped from their minds but that can easily change. with water becoming a scarce resource in many regions learning how to save water could be the key to making sure they and other children like them continue to have
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a future to look forward to. many experts believe that the walls of the future will be fought for what i hope to be sure has given me the inspiration. so that it doesn't come to that i'll see you again next week with many more stories from across india. and all that.
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the. more. you could say getting older if 167 with exercise and the right diet. no pain no gain it's a safe does it really work. is enough we'll tell you some advice i've tried all the judges it's not it's all. in good shape. next on the list. is growing in the scene.
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in the form of. the super foods that are also good for the good the primordial plants the futuristic resource and they can do even more awesome in from 2 continents presenting green fish. truth. wasn't. in 60 minutes on w. . it was the 1st international tribunal in history. the number of trials. 75 years ago a high ranking officers of the nazi regime of where you're judging by the allied forces. they were the 1st war criminals to be held accountable for their crime spree. a measure by our government. getting
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rid of pan good years for a sure. our 2 part series the 3rd reich the dog starts nov 12th on d w. it's 106-878-8899 extension 00 buck i'm good say. no pain no gain that's what they say. and i can surely feel the game sports an exercise performed regularly a healthy and this is my topic today sports make is sexy it gets you in good shape
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and it's fun and it makes you live longer. isn't exercise fun but perhaps not that much initially for those of us who aren't used to it these sporting rookies are being put through their paces by experts from the german school university. in their searches have decades of experience in examining the effect of physical activity on our bodies. i can genuinely say that the deeper we delve the more fascinating things become practically no biological system does not positively impacted by sports or physical activity. that to the interaction between different parts of the body active muscles need more oxygen so the condi vascular system has to pump a lot more blood keeping our hearts fit and blood vessels elastic. prevent
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heart attacks and the brain also benefits regular exercise massively reduces the risk of strokes. a little to 0 able to measure how movement influences our entire metabolism as the muscles develop more strength this affects the energy providers for muscle cells mitochondria they grow in size and number and burn glucose and fatty acids more effectively which also helps ward off metabolic disorders like type 2 diabetes and improve all stamina after just a few weeks of beginning regular exercise the test subjects absorb and consume the oxygen from their lungs more effectively so it takes longer for them to get out of breath. oxygen intake rises accordingly. many studies show that starting regular exercise causes a general improvement in fitness levels. after a few weeks of regular activity improvements of 20 or even 40 percent are not
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uncommon. to run a great indoor option is working out on an. tickle trainer long time exercise regimes also help to strengthen our boat. the sports scientists have now found out exactly how bones responds to constant movement their structure increases in density giving the bones greatest ability this helps to prevent osteoporosis a condition that makes bones more brittle and which is especially prevalent among older women. exercise evidently has a positive impact on the entire body a crucial factor here are the $400.00 also biochemical messages created by the muscles themselves they use the bloodstream to do that work all over the body including the brain the experts in cologne suspect this also has a positive effect on our cognitive abilities didn't go for new brain cells are created they communicate with each other more affectionately. it's probably due to
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the stimulation of the brain derived. physical exercise is the shown to lower risks of cardiovascular disease diabetes and even code on cancer while increasing life expectancy is really about because someone aged 30 or 40 who makes an effort to exercise regularly over the next few years and decades can extend their life by 3 or 4 years if not more. for their. 150 minutes of exercise a week are enough to experience these benefits making you fit to healthier and more likely to live longer and what's more you can even have fun in the precious. book to. be a medical doctor spots physician also an extremely good. doctor
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the near 0. thanks for having me today are you you're very welcome thank you i'm fine great so what are you training for what i am doing is integrating exercise in my daily activities i could see it on a conflict here but with the time i would realize that my muscles are weaker on my call the nation is not the best but instead of that i am sitting on this ball and move myself i have to pay attention to my position and i am activating my muscles with the time i am improving my physical performance instead of losing it ok so you don't own a chair have a couple of chairs about this one is more effective and nicer and. funnier so safe i would want to start with exercise and sports and training so what kind of training program would you recommend for a beginner the verse that you can do is just start moving just start walking one step in front of the next because that is the easiest form of activity and it will
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bring you a lot if you will burn more calories you will improve your cardiovascular ability and it is the easiest that you can do when you are really without when you are able to walk for 3040 minutes and you like it you can include other exercise for example for your belly or for your back and also coordination and more mobility exercises and are there any more specific exercises for me from the muscles for instance if there was simple exercise the only thing that you need is the floor and you have floor everywhere just go to the floor to your elbows and stay this way for a couple of seconds maybe 1015 seconds and then rise one leg. down and then the other leg and down with this simple exercise you've got your back muscles your leg muscles you are improving your coordination and it's going to work. candy bars
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. love handles and bulging bellies and not and then you have to deal with the problem of how to get rid of them a balanced diet and sports and exercise are a good combination 100 grams of this delicious candy bar amount to $500.00 calories so the whole long we have to run to burn it 10 minutes try to minutes 30 minutes. after you run a from the sports institute of the university of freiburg are looking at how the body uses energy how much to be taking in how much to be burning. the basic metabolic rate refers to the amount of energy your body needs to stay functional over a given period of time. it's often measured in kilojoules or kilos calories. then use up around 1740 calories a day. for women it's around $1340.00.
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that's similar to the energy consumption of a bright old generation like bald. gentle exercise increases the metabolic rate to between $22600.00 calories a day it's affected by range of factors which is why it differs from person to person. dieting over a period of weeks does cause the body to lose weight but also to switch gear. the metabolic rate drops but it also stays low when you go back to eating more that's why you gain weight more quickly after a diet the so-called yo yo effect. but how can you lose weight over the long term sports physician daniel koenig researches in this area. we know that maintaining weight loss in the long term only works if you do exercise alongside it exercise increases muscle mass it raises the metabolic rate and of course it also burns calories all of this is very good when it comes to our daily
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energy use. every movement burns calories that said a lot of people overestimate the effect how many calories with half an hour of gentle jogging or cops take their pulse and run at their own speed at low intensity. is going to go ok the half hours of let me have a look at your watches that works in terms of intensity you ran at a relaxed pace for 30 minutes you cut your weight 250 calories and for you it's about $350.00 that's about one a pretzel for cutting a pretzel with a butter for renee or a small or somewhat larger handful of french fries. one of 12 measures burns a single calorie so it does take some amount of effort. exercise is always worth
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it but you shouldn't overestimate the effect of a single session but instead you should exercise regularly. male amateur athletes will burn about $350.00 more calories a day than a regular person. female 200. 1 of the most effective ways of turning fashion to muscle is to do high intensity interval training for his for short. by high intensity interval training involves short periods of really intense exercise followed by short breaks which are immediately followed by another burst of high intensity exercise however there are no longer covering periods so as the name suggests it's very intense. and there's a lot of calorie burning. after an intense workout the body continues to burn more energy for a few hours even when it rest just huge muscle regeneration and the nature of planet energy stores. and that's key because to lose weight long term you need to
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burn more calories than you take in. their love of most concerning sports and exercise perhaps you could shed some light i'm sure i'm going to do that myth no pain no gain is it true that more intensively you train the more you gain it is true but just until a certain point because in order to improve your physical performance you have to leave your comfort zone and that is necessary but if you exaggerate the intensity of exercise you can injure yourself that is the 1st problem the 2nd problem is that exercise of more than an 80 percent of your ability is not going to improve your performance it can also be crease your performance therefore in order to improve your physical performance you have to do more than you usually do but if you exaggerate in one direction you do too much you are not going to get better with
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magnesium prevents cramps is this correct some people have problems with muscle cramps and they are not related to physical activity in these cases they can reduce the symptoms if they take some supplements but other people indeed most of them have problems because they exercise to march or they stand for a long time in this case is not an islamist not going to help them miss exercising outside is always healthier than inside true. well it depends you know that people exercising in the sound for example in california or in australia they have they are more prone to skin problems like skin cancer on the other side people working out in the basement it is where they need to scald they do not get enough oxygen well. it's not the best thing that they can do therefore the best to do is to find the middle position where you exercise enough outside that the weather does not always exercise or uphold myth the more you exercise the more you can eat without
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gaining weight correct or not correct that is true because when you exercise your more calories and maybe you know the examples for marathon runners they eat daily 400-5000 calories that this about 2 or 3 times what you usually eat but in this case they are running for 30 kilometers daily that means 200 kilometers a week they can afford to eat much more than you hence if you think that it is enough to go for a walk 10 minutes and after that taking such a stop all of. you are wrong there are many myths concerning the correct training method stretching before training really easy to use the risk of injury and 13 miles or really burn calories cheerleaders miriam zara and max want to get to the bottom of some myths about training 1st off stretching help prevent sore muscles and athletes don't think much of stretching before exercise on the stump you always
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do is start off with a gentle iran we don't sprint straight away with it is not to warm up the muscles instead of stretching out a stop to. all 3 of them using up to measure the length of their workout and calories burned a half hour later they are back they've worked up a good sweat and now they're ready to do some stretching and they drink some water to max as it helps them to loosen up afterwards i know it's been some luck on another and been there to try d.c. stretching out of money and my muscles are less likely to be sore afterwards especially in my legs but. ok. is that true what few studies there are show that whether you have. stretch before training makes little difference in terms of the risk of injury what about after training well it doesn't stop sore muscles but you will definitely be more supple. the more muscles you train the more
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energy you use even that rest so how many calories does one cue of muscle burn. one kilogram more muscle if it's like say maybe $500.00 more calories it's hard to say. i think one kilo wouldn't make much difference i don't think i could really eat that much and. i don't think it would be 500 calories i'd probably say something like 50 maybe 50 to 100. but. not quite one kilo of muscle only burns around 13 kilo calories a day 500 yeah that was a rough estimate as it gets to miss. people. so time to not only challenge the muscles but also to feed them protein is important but when she .


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