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tv   Uriges vom Bauernhof  Deutsche Welle  October 19, 2020 7:30pm-8:31pm CEST

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when for just one. hour for the really doubt. we still have time to work i'm going to. have subscribed like. i. this is news africa on the program today democracy in west africa voters in guinea kicked all the 1st off a string off elections in the region including in ghana the ivory coast and. they're all warnings democracy is deteriorating in these countries. and to say is you have to reinvent the wheel we'll need the businessmen creating youth employment opportunities in cape town with the simple but ingenious idea.
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hello i'm christine one day it's good to have your company there often is often electoral dispute in guinea a day off to a tense presidential election votes all still being counted but the opposition has already say it will publish its own results while the incumbent president alpha condé is seeking a 3rd term following months of protests against the move during which security forces killed dozens of people. and president alpha condé has called for a free fair and transparent election. he came to power in 2010 as an opposition candidate in guinea's 1st democratic election since independence from france in 1000 or 58 back then his win was seen as a break from decades of authoritarian rule but now critics are accusing condé of varying towards authoritarianism himself. this year the 86 year old
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president pushed through a controversial new constitution that allowed him to stand for us in office. oh. mass protests against the move left dozens of people dead in a security forces crackdown. on. kunduz campaign has focused on the achievements of his decade in power. i told you in 2011 the time inherited a nation state. by state is it ministration security forces and justice. but opponents say condé has failed to improve canadians lives most still live in poverty despite the country's vast mineral riches. for 10
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years we've been suffering under this old gentleman we are really tired the people of guinea a suffering a lot. and everybody. opposition leader. has taken to tapping his watch to signal that president fun day's time is up. this it didn't is over the last 10 years the empty promises have been matched by the deterioration in the living conditions of the population and the degradation of the country's infrastructure and environment. delo has criticized police repression corruption youth unemployment and poverty under the current president but he's a controversial figure to the 68 year old was formally a prime minister under the previous authoritarian regime. is the sad time jello is running against one day but this time the stakes are higher and unless one candidate games no. more than 50 percent the vote will go to
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a 2nd round next month. to talk more on the state of democracy in guinea and in west africa i'm not joined by dr barry from f a barometer his national partner for guinea welcome to devon is africa dr barry are gay and satisfied with the state of their democracy. we recently saw the in us in our story and we come to the proportional scene. only less than once 3rd of unions say. illegal immigrants he's fortunate in the county. are less than and reach into african continent did they trust the electoral institutions and what does this mean for the legitimacy of this vote be my duty and serve don't just you know. eric local. we found 56 percent of guinea and nonplussed
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the decision you recall the chief sunni. here in guinea to not only. indian our public is to see us people don't trust my decisions here we found. mock you know. who are the tribes and how he goes and community leaders and so on so let's see if you so not use these current drugs or not is to shows and public institutions ok dr berry guinea has had a long history of its elected leaders clinging on to power what do you foresee coming out of this current election. yeah you know he. you know what do you see i used to call the political use of its necessity. you know in gear we have some are dominant. it is hero it or their
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ethnic group here so we have let's say you know it's like floridians for big 8 years under the help in the course of the. people are really not here under in their middle or you have a fuller and no hope of you need you have money and you know what is part of who we don't. need some ethnic groups that are called here foresty so we are for your arms but i really want this coming election and since no it's not your servants then we have to your leaders. in common president are running for them. and. men open a leader but we saw a leader so we have a president luis who came from our were offered a job offer you have a village of my lengthy and you have the in your law or demento police or
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you know who is from you so we have these 2 minute internet groups so yeah he's come here a storm the results we'll maybe just would face to face 2 candidates kenny's election is the 1st off a string of elections in the region you've got got it coming up every coal speck in a fossil energy and. just at that there's a sort of deteriorating democracy in the region for example some people have noted the distinction between frame speaking countries and english speaking countries could you talk to us about that a little bit. yeah i think. in my open your in my point of view under foreign countries look like. have you more credit you know democratic institutions done from countries. under you know
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from africa we still don't have many you know are what you call in france after months so we used to have political leaders. and yes you know governor for instance we found that sometimes the number sometime soon so . please don't get rowdy we they are having more democratic elections than different before not countries we are we don't trust presidents in no french speaking countries you don't have a space and i think the 1st example zuniga on in guinea the 1st state on power little is danced the 2nd or so and we are our elected president and. you know in this institution ok that's stuck to a little barry from africa promises national part of a guinea thank you you're welcome.
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yes and employment is high in south africa and the corona virus pandemic is adding fields to the fire a young businessman from cape town is filling a gap in his community with a simple and genius business idea. young guys in blue overalls who's into the streets of long in recent weeks the residents of the cape town south have gotten used to decide. this is the man behind the bicycle iman is calling the founder of. clouded delivery system aim of colin's new found that business at delivery service on the 1st one in the township. call him starts every day with a team meeting a group discusses schools and customer service practices the idea for the business stems from his own experience. well find something and then something from.
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me and. so i think. someone you can call. the guys i had to call in doesn't have time to do deliveries anymore there's too much admin work to get done says a 22 year old started cloudy deliveries and generate 2020. 30 and the corner virus pandemic to start a business even more today the team has around 20 delivery drivers. before one of them on his shift 1000 year old into the cozy scene with buying groceries and a cell phone cover for a busy customer i'm working from home so it's convenient for me because i don't have time to actually go to the store and i have to hook up my kid and fall into posies he is heading to the supermarket the customers pay my run care delivery
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roughly the equivalent of $0.50. he took was easy to get the run pad delivery they're made in 6 round goes to the company youth unemployment in south africa is extremely high. has only made things worse and. just finished school he wants to continue his studies one day but for now he's happy to delivery driver . much of the words like i do it before i. help people around. me. at headquarters the calls are still coming in every cyclists $4.00 to $5.00 deliveries paddy but many people are forced to stay at home during lockdown service as fill in the huge gap in the township the secret to success he says is looking for services people meet and he encourages young south africans to do the same. no and stick it out you know we'll have
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challenges but you'll see more and and that's what i love about business and uncut and putting jelly on people you know 20. pollings next cool is to expand his fleet in behavior he says his says he hopes to soon collaborate with local clinics to deliver medicine to patients homes for this young entrepreneur only disguised as the limit. and that's it for now be sure to check out our other stories on dot com forward slash africa we're also on facebook and on twitter that today will leave you with pictures off the mains voting in sunday's polls out despite the divisions at least the election possible peacefully.
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the preservation of our planet. is not is an issue of heart and trees and saving the planet anymore. it's us that's survived it's a. passion for china starts nov 6th on t.w. . hello we'll be taking a look at the winners of germany's premier classical music awards classic which took place over the weekend also coming up. the ins world famous nightlife is struggling with the now bashing the city to find out if you can so 5. rounds of the definitional macthis though by 12 months which caused a scandal when it was written. the beautiful
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concept house hit him bolin played host on sunday night to the annual opus classic awards germany's most prestigious classical music prize is perhaps the best known window was the world famous tenor your nice color for his album a viennese classics earlier this year we caught up with him in vienna. swimming to morning. in the observer. he has the city at his feet and the opera star you want to ask how fun and his trip to austin is capital. of the world and asked readers to complete guess about the city of vienna and the many beautiful melodies this city has inspired especially in the past century if you followed the variety. of the mania almost that this form of composing took on in the 1920 s.
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and it's once again are all really as early as the turn of the century is fascinating this justinian. with these songs the celebrated tenor has dipped his toes into a more lightweight genre was created. he previously specialized in difficult and demanding arias which he sings with a deceptive ease to degenerate of his global audience. a likeness to the door marked by a shock or more pitching a. cat . like most artists cow for man has been sidelined by the pandemic his 1st regular performances after the forced break have been here in vienna in their days don carlos has had covered 19 himself so he's aware of the risks but travel restrictions have changed the
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normally international audience at the start for. the much pressure homesick and suddenly the unease snapped up all the tickets which usually would have been sold to people abroad good luck but there are lots of people in the city who love opera enough to come to us and of course there are people who don't feel comfortable coming to the opera that is. but they travel in the subway and i think they should consider which is risky. this performance is not just his 1st in vienna after so many months it's also his 1st fully staged opera with the sex costumes and acting. once again your nascar fan has vienna to thank he's proud to have paid tribute to the city with his musical journey i live in peace everyone loves the city it's been serenaded with so many different areas and songs so i chose
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a few of them and that's now been honored with an award it's but that's of course really nice getting a german classical music award for and austrian album recorded with the vienna philharmonic by the way you know i don't think you can get any movie unease than that. made energy and a sense of fun you want to ask how far has revived an old genre playfully reawakening the upper may sound i. thank. those pictures they're obviously taken before at a concert before the corona pandemic began my colleague adrian kennedy is here to talk about other winners. the best instrumentalists also went to a very famous musician indeed our old friend virtual so violinist and sophie who
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won the prize she's actually been speaking out in support of musicians affected by the coronavirus lock down recently she said that it's countless that planes are flying around the waves 40 days while orchestras can only play to a handful of. people she says that she's considering going into the into politics to represent people in the arts sector our correspondent lisa actually spoke to her conducted an interview and we'll have a full interview a full report smart and another icon picked up very special problems that's why emotional high point of the evening was rudolph book been getting the opus classic for life time achievement he's been picking up prizes for 60 years beethoven specialist has the full 32 piano sonatas of the 60 times in cycles 40
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that is all over the world he's also the artistic director of the craft and a festival which took place because it's open records. also it's not just icons classic awards for young musicians as well yes the next generation one of my favorites member of the next generation the trumpet player who mourn her for was the youngest player person in 26 years old to win a prize the rising star won for his 4th album titles stand it's his 1st with a full 6 orchestra actually very good his new sites are very very good indeed a last note but don't list the icelandic cellist and composer huge here he's had a very good year because she already won an oscar for her work on the soundtrack for the film joker as you know she won an opus classic award for her
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work on the soundtrack to the t.v. series channel bill about the china bill nuclear power plant this all started in 1906. thank you very much. now this city berlin is famous for its nightlife especially the club scene here and always came to a grinding halt this year due to the corona pandemic the nightclubs are still closed now the local government has tried to impose an 11 pm closing time on all bars and restaurants some boss have complained and remain open for now we've been out and about to see what is happening to party metropolis. but when once you have nightlife capital has quietened down since the beginning of the pandemic doors a closed dunce rules empty clubbers and not the only ones affected owners face a whole winter without business many believe the city's cultural landscape be the
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poorer. one script as i hear us there are 2 priorities during respond emmet or the 1st safe people 2nd safe club culture leave experience what it's like to dance together to amazing music to feel free and safe within the friendly crowd. you know people often function better in a poem about a mistake than a mainstream society. you realize that club culture is an expression of how society should be different or better because a shaft i'm not a. good man is known as a haven for artists and musicians in particular they've been especially hard hit professionally and every day that i. turn to it. the worst. majerus have
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teacher damper on socialising in the capital and they're a big challenge for restaurant and bar owners they fear limits on opening times and alcohol sales will threaten their livelihoods once again. escaped antigun there are some things that we as a hospitality branch find absolutely necessary up on social distancing wearing a mask those are really good measures and so is making sure the bars are not crowded as you probably don't understand is why for months the gastronomy and nightlife sector has been saddled with all the blame you've been treated as culprits not and that's not the case here the state of the situation. a lot of customers team have had to adapt some though willing to make sacrifices find images of fixing i to think about what i was about to do more but i don't think it changed the number of people i so in this sense side don't know with these measures why
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they're so efficient it's now like there's your i.q. inside your house if you're close friends like they change the laws so you get to know the people better and you get to this thing much more time with this people for safety sake most people have accepted the restrictions on their social lives with grace but many do wonder whether they mean to be the same again. indeed the book. the son of thomas mann is based on the true story of a prominent actor who basically sold his soul to the devil. so he could continue to be a star on stage during the thirty's and forty's but proved to be very controversial for my colleague david leavitt's the german actor good stuff was famous for one role in particular no one played mephistopheles the devil and good as faust as
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brilliantly as he did and it's no wonder he himself sold his soul i think. in the 1st author cloth month tells the story of cost of going kids his former friend and brother in law of course in the book he changes the details and the actor's name to make her skin her skin as a talented actor who rises to great wealth fame and power by getting into bed with . you guessed it the nazis under the nazi regime he quickly becomes the director of berlin's state theatre does all of this despite a warning from an older man that blind ambition and cynicism will ruin surely. the worst will happen think of me to children when that day comes i have 1st seen
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it and predicted it our age is corrupt it stinks think of me i smelled it out i am not deceived i sense the coming catastrophe it will be like nothing that has ever happened everything that exists will fall apart when it comes down it will bury us all. close minded wrote my fist oh in 1936 years before world war 2 and the holocaust both he and his father thomas mine were writing in exile by that. the actor going out lived close month by more than a decade when good kids died his adopted son went to court to have my sister banned for defamation of character and he won the book wasn't printed in west germany here's what's maybe even more amazing is that going to remained a powerful figure in west germany as theater scene even after world war 2.
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and you can find out more about all of the other books in 100 german must reads on all you chew channel d w books all those books available of course in english and that's it for this edition of culture stay safe and she said public.
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america goes election crisis. voters oppression electoral districts manipulation and childless donations. time to all hard and fast sinister tools in the fight for power. is there a way out of the election game. closer. to 90 minutes long t.w. . and you hear me know yes we're going to you and i last years german chancellor will bring your uncle our mascot as you've never tried to have a surprise yourself with what is possible who is medical really what mustafa want to call somebody who talks to people who follow along the way maurice and critics alike join us for michael's last on. the 2020 u.s. election on g.w. . here in atlanta georgia we're looking at an issue that voting rights groups say
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is the biggest problem voter suppression making it harder for some people to vote and with many georges already casting their ballots the stakes are high. we cannot story for you today and you know you see the. clock. frankford to help our international gateway to the best connection self. road and rail. located in the heart of europe are connected to the whole world. experienced outstanding shopping and dining off 1st try our services. biala gassed at frankfurt airport city managed by for bought.
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the be . this is it every news live from berlin a nother ceasefire shattered in the caucasus communities torn apart as our media and azerbaijan blame each other so more fighting over to the sphere to do just as nagorno-karabakh that we can truce meant to put an end to 3 weeks of escalating violence which has killed hundreds will get more from our correspondents on the ground also coming up on high alert surging infection rates of the for the virus in germany and persia call for a unified move to combat the virus as well as
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a stark warning from the country for all the chips and a big win after a tumultuous year bolivia returns to the last exit polls indicating a landslide victory for socialist candidate who starts these expected to win the presidency without the need for a runoff vote. on little rock thank you so much for your company everyone. we begin this broadcast with the unraveling of a much anticipated truce new clashes erupted between armenia and azerbaijan despite a humanitarian ceasefire agreed late saturday in a disputed region of nagorno-karabakh both sides accusing the other of violating the agreements just hours after it came into force it was the 2nd attempt at an
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armistice in a week to understand died and thousands have been displaced since fighting flared there last month. far from the front line but not far enough a makeshift shrine in a residential district of ganja. a community torn apart. all emotional more as if they were my friends and close acquaintances you can't grasp just how much my heart is bleeding while. at least 13 people died here in azerbaijan 2nd biggest city on saturday baku accuses armenia of launching the attack death and despair in the corner carabaos to a ceasefire announced by the 2 sides off to saturday's deadly attack in ganja proof short lived and fighting resumed soon afterwards the disputed region has been controlled by separatist ethnic armenians since 1994 but it remains an
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internationally recognized part of azerbaijan. armenia denies any involvement in the ganja or attack and accuses back you of continuing to shell heavily populated areas and cite nagorno-karabakh. this man and schuster says these are a very rockets phyllis that we are respecting the ceasefire but are the as a by johnnie's respecting it where is the ceasefire don't look they're firing of all of these rockets this is prohibited ammunition. as tensions between azerbaijan and armenia escalate fears are growing that russia and turkey could be drawn into a regional war. well that's a teach you now to do or use or you who is in gunja right now the region that we just featured in our reports of 1st of all another stillborn
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a truce what went wrong well amenia and azerbaijan are blaming each other for breaching the latest cease fire agreement the fighting continues from what we understand there are free from so long the line of contact between the 2 countries right now the heaviest clashes are taking place east and south of or no car about i'm in gunja right now is a by john 2nd largest city dozens of kilometers away from new cool no but a missile struck an leveled several residential homes homes in this residential area on a saturday they what you can see there are behind me used to be 2 story buildings but as you can see they have been reduced to rubble at least 13 people were killed including children many wounded officials tell us here and this all comes while
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both ameena and azerbaijan dismiss deliberately targeting civilian areas but as we see residential areas like this one have come under increasing shelling in the past days and weeks and it's civilians here who are paying a very heavy price for this rule. this conflict has been going on for many decades and we saw the people there caught in the crossfire that you featured in your report how serious full are they that a full fledged war is about to happen anytime now. well people we talked to here in gun show who have lived in this area or who know people who were killed or are visibly still in shock there is a lot of pain and grief but there is also a lot of anger instead of fear rather i have to say many people here tell us that
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they blame the armenian military for deliberately targeting civilians and they expect their government to retaliate to take revenge i just met one young man who says he voluntarily signed up to the army to go to the front line and he's happy to go there to join the war when they ask him to do so now you have to take into consideration the history of this conflict decades of mutual distrust between the 2 countries and many people here in azerbaijan tell me that they think this piece of land and the surrounding areas are rightfully they as in this is the moment in history to retake this piece of land so it's rather determination and anger then fear that i can sense here when talking to people. liana reporting there earlier from god in azerbaijan well back here in germany the country's leading
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brawler just there warning for the spread of the corona virus in europe that could possibly get out of control if rates of infection pass a certain threshold or cases of covert 19 have been rising exponentially across europe spring many countries to introduce new measures to combat the virus has spread and germany would shut comparatively few cases of coronavirus earlier this year a debate is now taking place on how to deal with the 2nd ways. the ferry is bashed has gotten the land is known as one of germany's most picturesque locations but in 2020 it's making headlines as the latest district going into lockdown and that searching code at 19 cases. germany has been seeing record numbers of new infections in recent days more than 7000 a day the 2nd wave is well underway. the various premium office soda wants
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more drastic measures including mandatory mosque wearing in more areas and he wants more power to be transferred to blend i don't usual position for a state crimea. bit on the road so i'm a firm believer in federalism the temp elite that we're beginning to see its limits we have to consider transferring more power currently held by the regions to the central government so that we have a uniform framework. this is where germany's anti corona measures have decided at chancery in regular summits between chancellor merkel and the 16 heads of the country's regions but many say this emergency format should be abolished the how did you get out to get the current situation is no longer acceptable the chancellor and the heads of regions decide to massively curb our freedoms and they negotiate behind closed doors the laws of our country say that this job is done by parliament in parliament for. a major robust debate over the next steps for germany mechelle used her weekly video podcast to urge germans to help flatten the curve. others
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we must do everything we can to stop the virus from spreading uncontrollably every day counts hark. the virus has also infected several german politicians president steinmeyer remains in quarantine after one of his bodyguards tested positive. and after an alleged by the corona tracing at the federal labor minister he has heil has decided to south korean teen and is nigh when he come home. and here are some of the other stories making news around the world. police in france have searched dozens of homes belonging to suspected islamic militants the raids are going to last weeks we had to have a teacher in paris he had used cartoons of the muslim prophet muhammad in a lesson about freedom of expression police shot dead the alleged perpetrator. they used words that negotiator michele bandying is says the block is ready to intensify
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negotiations on a trade deal with u.k. last week british prime minister boards johnson's the talks were effectively over the u.k. and the e.u. have been attempting to strike a deal before the end of the year and a comparable gives main opposition leader so we were the d.l. who has declared himself winner of the country's hotly contested presidential election claimed a 1st round victory over incumbent alfonse condé based on his own party's count but they're not provide any figures on day was seeking a controversial 3rd term in the election. and we'll have a lot more on his controversial presidential race in our africa show coming up later this hour next votes are still being counted in bolivia's presidential election but it was at polling suggests a leftist candidate luis are say has won well it was deeply divided ahead of the election that pitted arcee and his nearest political rival carlos may stop i say is
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a close ally of the former bolivian president evo morales to step down last year and slid into exile after claiming victory in the disputed election. that was then . all right and we can take you now to la paz bolivia disabuse your 100 i'm here as is standing by for you you know if the r.c.s. victory in this election does indeed get a rubber stamp what would it mean for the country. if victoria flues are saying this election would mean and the spectacular coming back off around this party to the bar where we have to remember just a year ago we were in the same city and there were the hundreds of thousands of people in the streets protesting against them or allison asking for a piece of resignation and one year later later he's his party is suddenly again into power so does is incredible and mr house already recognized the
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results so blatant just for a day off we shall announcement off the electronic court it's just a formality there are some supporters of our stay here in front of his headquarters . this is like a party for them and we just saw this r.c. coming in to his headquarters so the victorious is almost official actually a very a remarkable comeback by the left in bolivia you know what are the most urgent pressing issues facing the people of the libya. there are 2 main change challenges for the new president one of them is the economy because of the pandemic bolivia has been shaken to the roots and 30 percent of unemployment and the economy of this country has decreased 7 percent in this year so economy's going to be the big challenge for our say but also to reunite this
8:13 pm
country believe historically has been divided and during the 14 years. of what it is this division was rainforest so that is also a huge challenge for the new president and you had of course the question on everybody's mind thus does this victory potential victory work there were turn as mr abel morales. even more of this is very popular in this country but also very controversial so i don't know how close those are sad ones to govern with able morale is especially because right now he has many many investigations against him because of corruption for example or even like a softer the philia so that's a good question of how close he wants to to govern maybe he's going to have a little bit of distance especially at the beginning all right i've got 30 seconds left i mean what does this mean for the region.
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is the coming back of the left wing in latin america we have seen in the last few years we have been loose in many countries many governments in latin america and coming back. here in bolivia would mean a new life for governments like nicaragua or the regime of nicholas mother or even the swell of for example one of them us are reporting for you from the past bolivia thank you. now as the saying goes cats are said to have 9 lives but a rather special one in southern peru has been given a new lease on life after. archaeologists restore the image of this giant feline figure to its former glory it measures 37 years from head to tail but years of erosion had left its outline hidden from view all drawing such as this are known as geo glyphs they're considered archaeological in england because no one knows for
8:15 pm
sure why they were drawn on why they were so large. doesn't look at day over then to our next office kit ferguson it with your business headlines you're watching the news for growing our way along her rock on behalf of all of us thank you for spending part of you did with us. i'm still in the fire. that's hard and in the end this is a me you're not a locust a year and more we will send you back. are you familiar with this. with the smugglers with violence of the of the what's your story ready ready. i'm working on was women especially are victims of violence in. part and send us
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your story you are trying in all weathers to understand this new culture. for your another visit or another yet you want to become citizens. in full migrants your platform for reliable information. a further flow for a country are ready and an economic crisis in zimbabwe shortages caused by the pandemic are forcing people to cross into neighboring 5 africa in search of supplies. also coming up an economic outlier in china as nations quarterly figures suggest the country is on course for a strong recovery. this is d w business i've had very different luck into the show we began in zimbabwe where runaway inflation and medical shortages were ready causing hardship before the
8:17 pm
coronavirus struck now with a pandemic to contend with things are getting a whole lot worse as we'll see in our next report the situation has prompted foams and bob wayans to cross into neighboring south africa in the hope of picking up supplies. the border between zimbabwe and south africa. has been closed for months because of the coronavirus pandemic traffic is moving again many zimbabweans are coming to south africa to shop because there's nothing at home. where we. saw you would come near great shops and it's very cheap. but without the correct documents it's difficult to get into south africa some people are traveling into the country not only to get food for themselves but to
8:18 pm
make a profit reselling goods in zimbabwe others are even smuggling goods south african authorities say they're taking action. we're having to try to do a. good christians. first thing on a daily basis we've. got our power we can form of syndicates. organized by before. the word you have curves. firms. for many every day zimbabweans the ability to shop in a neighboring country is a great relief the economic situation in their home country is catastrophic with most necessary items on available and prices exploding experts fear inflation could reach up to 500 percent this year. let's talk more about this with each of you correspondent for a village most fun here each he joins us now from those in the end capital harare.
8:19 pm
we have privilege on the line there. ok privilege for me if you can hear me we got some idea just now of just how bad the situation is in zimbabwe right now tell us just how ordinary people are firing at the moment oh. from the time the pandemic starts and. a lot of. different economies got that includes production in the industries and also taking into consideration that a lot of people in zimbabwe are foremost 6 or so that's a huge you know queer little city so hence the struggle in little people right now are being consumed for this excess on the table because of their economic performance privilege hopes were really high after the ice or robert mugabe in
8:20 pm
2017 what has gone wrong since that very issue that is our theory with the current at this station that a lot of people do not have confidence in the courage at the 6 hands both locally and internationally so it's an issue of confidence and some of the roles and the behaviors that we used to see jury will gather stein who will prevail and that's the reason why. the cut is that he's this is a course he's struggling to turn around the economy because. even if i'm not familiar with this that i'm not surprised coincidence is a quantum physicist finally what do you think has to happen for the situation to improve. races that need
8:21 pm
to have been. restriction of concrete and can be. for holding consistency there is a problem with the current administration where you are to day. one with the next 6 so that has. erupted a lot of because of the recurrent restrictions show up for people to come and pour money into the economy we are looking at the look of the economy but in the political part the shorter privilege listen harry thank you so much for talking to us now while most of the world continues to struggle with the economic fallout of the coronavirus china as latest quarterly figures appear to show the country is on the rebind government figures
8:22 pm
show economic growth in the 3rd quarter was up 4.9 percent compared to the same period last year global demand for masks and other medical supplies boosted factory at 1st and retail spending is now back to pre virus levels with beijing saying it has the disease under control the recovery in the world's 2nd biggest economy a ready seems well underway. business here is booming the demand for building equipment has doubled in recent months china's economy is blazing thanks to demand for construction for now environmental protection is on the back burner. in more than 20000 project environment awards were simply dropped. but yan chin chin now earns 17 euro's a day which she urgently needs because what if there is no work. then i'll stay home they'll be hardly anything to eat and. as
8:23 pm
a result everyone here says they're happy about their jobs. it's all good we can build new roads we can have work we can have food. steel and cement of the main climate culprits here but they are also a big ingredient in china's monthly growth figures but many economists say that china is building in excess of demand half of their g.d.p. is going to what he's politely called investment but. much of which really. capital spending just. g.d.p. china is even counting on coal fired power plants to help boost the economy at least 25 new plants are in the works this construction has been officially declared a poverty reduction project filming the plants is less than desired coal power plants are not part of the image that china is trying to project but right now it's
8:24 pm
the economy that matters even at the expense of clean air and water. while china may be on the road to recovery here in europe the post i make is proving extremely expensive with countries taking on huge debt to deal with the fallout of lockdowns in 2019 the 19 countries that use the euro currency has a fiscal deficit of almost 77000000000 euros the latest draft budget plans from the european commission suggest that figure will rise to 970 s. fixed 1000000000 euros this year that's well over 10 times higher the debt explosion has been made possible after rules designed to rein in spending were loosened to deal with the economic impact of the pandemic. germany has an ambitious goal to become climate neutral by 2050 but plans to revise its renewable energy law mean that subsidies for bio gas power plants could be
8:25 pm
coming to an end for many smaller scale operations this could mean they'll go i have a business. silent scorn and horse manure. those are very near to months most valuable raw materials the farmer fills them into his bio gas plant near the western german city of munster to generate electricity for the past 16 years he's been feeding electric power into the grid and receiving compensation of up to $0.24 per kilowatt hour but now the subsidies are set to be cut. because parts farnsworth want to get now is around $20.00 to $0.24 and i'm supposed to produce for $0.18 that means i have to cut my costs but at the moment i can't see any potential for savings i need capital to keep the plant viable in the future. there's an important source of income that this energy farmer wishes he had that's the heat from the bio gas plant in principle he could sell it to people for heating
8:26 pm
their homes if only his farm or in so remote. determined cultivates a rather small field too small to enable him to operate a bio gas facility with his own corn instead he has to buy corn from a neighbor it's the result of poor planning years ago elmer booking a researcher months or university of applied sciences has evaluated $200.00 bio gas plants in terms of cost effectiveness he predicts that the planned cuts to subsidies will leave 30 to 40 percent of them bankrupt be avoided for vic funding for c n n a we want to transition from fossil fuels so we can't keep doing u. turns every 10 years we've developed the technology it's now technically ready and we should stick with it. biased or you miss not going to bio gas is a fundamental component of a renewable energy system and it's badly needed it won't bring it if all i wish for
8:27 pm
not die tomorrow is looking for ways to make up for the losses he faces one possibility would be feeding the bio gas he produces into existing natural gas grids but for that he'd have to update his technology which would cost him a $6.00 figure sum the 52 year old wonders what bank would give him a loan like that to upgrade a plant that's nearly 2 decades old. as of a month long distance that maybe there was too much support at the beginning and now they're suddenly cutting off the money supply that's tough for us or that we assume things will pick up but at the moment everyone's anxious about the future because it started in the middle of the bio gas sector has to learn to support itself and do without guaranteed government subsidies and in the process many of the older plants may fall by the wayside. and finally nakia has been tossed by knopf the to build a mobile network on the moon the network forms part of
8:28 pm
a plan to return astronauts to the moon by 2024 hours now seeks to build a long term human settlement there the $14000000.00 contract will ensure future lunar inhabitants will be able to receive a 4 g. signal. not fall for me in the business scene here in berlin from where you can check out our website at t w dot com plus it now for me it's goodbye and take. a
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mirror goes alexion crisis. voters oppression electoral districts manipulate. and countless donation. time to hard and fast sinister tools in the fight for power. is there a way out of the election. close. in 60 minutes doubling. every journey begins with the 1st step and every language with
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the 1st word courage to. recoat is in germany to learn german why not come with him simple online on your mobile and free shop d w z e learning course nikos free german for me to see. this is the that is africa on the program today democracy in west africa voters in guinea kicked off the 1st off a string off elections in the region including in ghana the ivory coast and. they're all warnings democracy is deteriorating in these countries. and to say is you have to reinvent the wheel we'll meet the businessmen creating employment opportunities in cape town with a simple but ingenious idea.


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