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tv   DW News  Deutsche Welle  October 20, 2020 8:00am-8:15am CEST

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this is news coming to you live from berlin european states reimpose their toughest restrictions to fight the resurgence of cope with 19 ireland's prime minister orders a 6 week long down for his country leaders in belgium impose similar curbs calling the health situation there worse than during the pandemic 1st one. also coming up another victim of the coronavirus reporting the truth journalists around the world are facing censorship and intimidation. and the champions league group stage gets
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underway she used. turkey's champions should hear the german side will be keen to make home advantage count against the clock. hello i'm terry martin good to have you with us with corona virus case loads now equalling or exceeding the peaks last seen in the spring countries in europe are imposing national lockdowns ireland has become the 1st announcing its reactivating its highest level of restrictions prime minister michel martin said all non-essential retailers must close for 6 weeks starting at midnight on wednesday schools be allowed to stay open but bars and restaurants will only be able to serve takeaways then people have been told to stay within 5 kilometers of their home for
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all but essential purposes. the prime minister appealed to the nation to respect the new measures. i understand and i feel very personally and profoundly the sense of disappointment the feelings of loneliness perhaps even this deep despair that this announcement will bring for many. the days are getting shorter and colder but i ask you to remember remember this even as the winter comes in there is hope and there is light if we pull together over the next 6 weeks we would have the opportunity to celebrate christmas in a meaningful way another european country struggling to cope with a pandemic is belgium hospital admissions of credible patients there have doubled in the past week and the government is warning the situation is worse than at the beginning of the pandemic in march. there were long queues in brussels on monday
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people lined up socially distanced to get tested for corona virus belgium has recorded more than 700 faction's per 100000 people over the past 14 days that 2nd highest rate in europe many have had their 1st brush with the virus and now they want to be sure that they're not infected. someone close to me tested positive so i want to get tested to be sure i don't have any symptoms but better to be safe than sorry. with such a high rate of infection belgium authorities implemented a raft of new measures on monday people have been ordered to work from home were of a possible and social contacts outside of the home should be limited to one. alcohol sales a band after 8 pm and a curfew is being enforced from midnight until 5 am cafes bars and restaurants will
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be closed for a month. many hospitality workers are frustrated with the return to some of the harsh measures experienced earlier in the year. you can do for me you know what it's like the 1st time it's catastrophic we just have to try and survive we've had some state aid and that something it's better than nothing but we'll see. but belgian officials say the measures are absolutely necessary the country's health minister says the health system could soon be overwhelmed by infections and warned of a coming through nami of cases many doctors share his concerns. the sky is more or less blue but we can see a huge wave is about to arrive it's inevitable authorities hope the drastic set of measures will have a quick and pact they say they'll review the results in 2 weeks time.
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or more let's bring in our very own. in brussels georg when we look at covert fatalities relative to population belgium has the 3rd highest death rate in the world why has it hit belgium so hard. well terry this is mainly to do with the way belgium is counting corona related to death so the broad criteria it has chosen to identify who they count as a corona death is the is the mainly the reason why the numbers also high yes belgium has been particularly hard hit it has a small population it was hard hit in the 1st away from of the pandemic but 50 percent off the. death rate they have given is people who are not they where the forty's are not certain if they really had a corona this is due to a lacking tests at the beginning of the pandemic so basically one said if
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a nursing home had 10 dead people to announce and only 5 were tested positive they presumed the other 5 wells of corona related death ok another hot spot is ireland it's going into lockdown is that a step that other e.u. countries are considering absolutely i mean to take bale belgium for a for example were at least looking at a partial lockdown so not as radical as island but quite similar there's a curfew now from midnight until 5 in the morning also restrooms and cafes here are closed and that is quite a concern for people in the country but if you look at the netherlands if you look at france but even italy which had lower rates so far they are also considering tougher steps what everybody seems to agree is that schools and can the gardens are not the place where the virus replicates and so they they are hoping to keep those
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open also because economically that is of course important to leave their parents the space to go to work. what impact is this pandemic having on fundamental freedoms in the e.u. and on solidarity movement of people for example. well quite a bit of coronation going on there last week member states agreed that the traffic light system should be the foundation for coordination so where you have green areas once they are identified as green areas that is when people are allowed to travel from one country to the other what happens if the areas like green and red like now is more tricky there is different standards to current time measures and tests that are required if you want to travel but what do you member states absolutely want to rule out is the chaotic situation we have that the beginning of the pandemic where travel was restricted and you have the european borders you get huge traffic jams so nobody wants to see that back. thank you very much that was
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the deadliest gale glottis in brussels. another victim of the global pandemic has been press freedom journalists have been harassed and arrested for reporting on the spread of the virus some governments have introduced laws punishing those who share information that doesn't support the official line muzzling the press can also in danger public health. behind the mosque of corona virus censorship spreads journalists around the world have come under attack for reporting on the pandemic it started in china where citizen journalists dared to deviate from the official narrative. images of overstretched hospitals in which there have been viruses right in front of me china's criminal prosecutors are behind me and i'm not afraid of death do you think i'm afraid of you communist party of china or well. chang she should wear disappeared in february and was only seen again by friends in september. fung been another reporter remains missing
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he had released secret videos of corona virus victims. she. reporters without borders has documented coronavirus coverage restrictions in nearly half of all u.n. member states those who are jailed are at risk of infection. al jazeera journalist mohammad more near died in july from coronavirus after being arrested in egypt as the reporter. jailed for documenting corruption in saudi arabia. in germany journalists have been attacked by protesters while covering coronavirus deny all rallies the deliberate targeting of the press has worried the united nations human rights commission. across the world called in 1000 it's also been instrumental lies to limit people's rights to speak to express opinion and to participate in making decisions that affect their lives in the russian federation
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china kosovo many other countries i know of reports of threats and intimidation against journalist brokers and civic activist particularly at the local level with the aim of this courage and criticism of the author of this response is to call it 19. at a time when information can save lives press repression can fuel the pandemic. here's more on the latest developments in a crowded biased pandemic the world health organization has praised the response of countries in asia to the pandemic the director general lauded the continent's perseverance with anti coronavirus measures. preliminary results from a late stage clinical trial in brazil show that an experimental vaccine developed by chinese company cinna back appears to be safe the trials 13000 participants will now to 10 you to be monitored. and media in new zealand say hundreds of fisherman from russia and ukraine are isolating in the city of christchurch after 11 tested
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positive for the virus new zealand had gone 3 weeks with no community transmission of the illness. catch up on some of the other stories making headlines around the world say thousands of indigenous people have taken to the streets of colombia's capital bogota the protesters are demanding an end to the spiraling violence in their home regions in the southwest of the country they also oppose the government's social and economic policies. the u.s. supreme court has ruled that state of pennsylvania can count some mail in ballots for up to 3 days after polling day even if they don't have a clear postmark ruling is a blow to republicans who had sought to nullify such ballots and it could prove consequential with pennsylvania one of the most critical swing states in the election. 7.5 magnitude quake off the coast of alaska has triggered tsunami warning so urged residents to move to higher ground the quake was widely
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felt in communities along the southern coast no casualties have been reported. football down the champions league group stage starts on tuesday night among the matches germany's rb leipsic host bus here of istanbul life sake reached the tournaments semifinals last season and despite losing their star striker in the summer they've started the current campaign with a bang for he has every reason to smile at the moments junia now governments like think it's top of the goodness league on unbeaten and scoring goals like these. i. hate my star striker team or van are off to his move to chelsea see mispriced. now goes my knees more than happy with the balance of his team. the young skinny. the boys all get along with each other really well and so do the
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coaching staff has a good spirits among us and i hope the players know to see that we speak the same language. and all have the same desire to win at the moment she. was given. 6 run in last season's champions league was ended by paris and your man in the semifinal of the french side along with bush action here in manchester united are in light seeks group tricky but doable according to the man between the posts. flies. it is clear our group this season will be a little bit tougher than last season. but it's we want to do as well as last season and get ounce of the group. the 1st step in doing that then down a maka against bush actually here we case team in the group. now as the saying goes cats are said to have 9 lives but
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a rather special one in southern peru has been given a new lease on life after 2 millenia archeologists restored the image of this giant feline figure to its former glory it measures 37 meters from head to tail but years of erosion has left its hidden from view drawings such as this are known as geo glyphs they're considered archaeological enigmas no one knows for sure why they were drawn or why they were so large. looks like my cat. well just a reminder the top story we're following for you here today on the news ireland has become the 1st e.u. country to return to an almost full nationwide lockdown bottle surge in coronavirus case since starting wednesday all non-essential retailers must close for 6 weeks bars and restaurants will only be able to serve takeaway.
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you're watching news from berlin monica is up next with all the latest business news should be looking at the latest in the breaks it trade negotiations i'm terry martin thanks for watching. it was the 1st international tribunal in history. the nurnberg trials. 75 years ago.


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