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tv   DW News  Deutsche Welle  October 20, 2020 10:00am-10:31am CEST

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this is news coming to you live from berlin european states begin reimposing the toughest restrictions to fight the resurgence of code 19 authorities are calling the health situation in some european states worse than during the pandemic 1st wave this spring also coming up another victim of 'd the coronavirus reporting the truth journalists around the world are facing censorship and intimidation. and the champions league group stage gets underway tuesday evening but this legal leader's life sea coast turkish ship here the german side will be keen to make public the
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count against the club from istanbul. hello i'm terry martin good to have you with as the number of confirmed coronavirus cases worldwide has passed 48000000 with well over a 1000000 deaths the u.s. brazil and india are reporting the highest numbers europe is also facing a surge in coded 19 infections with record daily highs in many countries let me give you a quick overview of how the situation has developed on march 1st of this year health departments across europe registered 401 new cases keep in mind testing was not as widespread as now so actual numbers could have been much higher but you can see a clear trend of rising daily infections peaking at the end of april. getting it may
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at by by then most of europe was in lockdown and you can see the effect of that here with the new infections dropping to a low point in mid july but since then the numbers have been creeping up again with new cases rising steadily since august on friday more than 137000 daily cases were registered across europe well one of the european countries struggling to cope with the pandemic is belgium hospitals emissions of credible patients there have doubled in the past week and the government is warning the situation is worse than at the beginning of the pandemic in march. there were long queues in brussels on monday people lined up socially distanced to get tested for corona virus belgium has recorded more than 700 faction's per 100000 people over the past 14 days the 2nd highest rate in europe many have had their 1st brush with the virus and now
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they want to be sure that they're not infected. someone close to me tested positive so i want to get tested to be sure i don't have any symptoms but better to be safe than sorry with such a high rate of infection belgium authorities implemented a raft of new measures on monday people have been ordered to work from home were of a possible and social contacts outside of the home should be limited to one. alcohol sales the band after 8 pm and a curfew is being enforced from midnight until 5 am cafes bars and restaurants will be closed for a month and. many hospitality workers are frustrated with the return to some of the harsh measures experienced earlier in the year. we can do it for you but it's like the 1st time it's catastrophic we just have to try and survive we've had some
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stage and that something it's a bit of a nothing but we'll see. but belgian officials say the measures are absolutely necessary the country's health minister says the health system could soon be overwhelmed by infections and warned of a coming through nami of cases many doctors share his concerns. the sky is more or less blue but we can see a huge wave is about to arrive it's inevitable authorities hope the drastic set of measures will have a quick and packed they say they'll review the results in 2 weeks time. friends has reported a massive increase in the number of people hospitalized with covert 900 or 2000 are currently in intensive care that's the highest number since may and it's putting health services under considerable strain authorities have imposed a partial curfew in paris and 8 other cities as one of multiple measures aimed at
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stemming the virus the curfew affects some 28000000 people and is set to last at least 4 weeks authorities also made face masks compulsory outside the home. for more let's cross over to paris correspondent lisa lewis is there any indication that these new measures to curb infections are actually working. well i think it's a bit early for that the curfew in these cities came into force on saturday and you know when you look back at you know the past 24 hours there have indeed only been 331-3000 new infections compared to about 32000 just a few days back but that's basically down to labs being closed on sunday and if you look at intensive care units as you just said that's a new high since may and also cope with 19 related deaths have climbed to 146
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compared to just 80 or 9090 a few days ago within 24 hours here so it's getting more dire indeed how are people in france coping with these new restrictions. when it is difficult and there is quite a backlash specially by those that will be economically impacted by the new measures for example restaurant and bar owners those who manage theaetetus and cinemas they're saying the bulk of our business is taking place at night and we were reading news out governments putting another 1000000000 euros on the table to help those people but you know when it comes to restaurants hotels and buys for example i've been told that 30 per cent of all those established men's will actually enter bankruptcy proceedings already so tis very difficult for them they obviously saying you know we should the government should create exceptions for us
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letters for example people have eat have dinner at 8 o'clock so that they can go back had 10 and that will make any difference actually will only you know to the infection rate it will only make a difference to our business because it will mean that we will be able to survive this crisis. and acting on the measures is one thing and forcing them quite another how tough are authorities being when it comes to enforcement. well the police has already done about 20000 controls of a pos few day since saturday when the curfew came into force 3000 fines have been handed down about i think that is still a not that high a figure that the police has been told to be but lenient with people in the 1st few days and you know it will take some time to get used to these measures when i took the metro last night at half past 8 it was packed and it normally isn't packed at that time i think many people were struggling to get had my got home at 2053 but
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lots of them got some of those with me on the metro well so it certainly didn't get home by 9 o'clock and i understand the police isn't the 1st few days has been rather lenient if you get home at 10 past 15 past 9 so that people can still get used to that new measures and actually adapt that's get the you know to to it actually and be home by 9. into that pretty tough. lisa louis in paris thanks. well here's a look at some other developments in the coronavirus pandemic the world health organization has linked rising case numbers in the northern hemisphere to a failure to quarantine people exposed to the virus it's called for more consistency in enforcing self isolation measures india has posted its lowest number of daily cases in nearly 3 months infections have been decreasing since a peak in september and hundreds of fisherman who flew into new zealand to crew local vessels are isolating in the city of christ church after 11 and tested
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positive for the virus new zealand had gone 3 weeks with no community transmission of the illness. another victim of the global pandemic has been press freedom journalists have been harassed and arrested for reporting on the spread of the virus some governments have introduced laws punishing those who share information that doesn't support the official line muzzling the press can also endanger public health. behind the mosque of corona virus censorship spreads journalists around the world have come under attack for reporting on the pandemic it started in china where citizen journalists dared to deviate from the official narrative. images of overstretched hospitals in. viruses right in front of me china's criminal prosecutors are behind the i'm not afraid of death do you think i'm afraid if you come in this party of china or polish well. chang she should wear disappeared in
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february and was only seen again by friends in september fung been another reporter remains missing he had released secret videos of corona virus victims. she. reporters without borders has documented coronavirus coverage restrictions in nearly half of all u.n. member states those who are jailed are at risk of infection. al-jazeera journalist mohammad more near died in july from coronavirus after being arrested in egypt as did reporter. jailed for documenting corruption in saudi arabia the deliberate targeting of the press has worried the united nations human rights commission all across the world cup in 1000 is also being instrumental eyes to limit people's rights to speak to express opinion and to participate in making decisions that affect their lives in the russian federation china kosovo many other countries i know of reports of threats and intimidation against journalist brokers and civic
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activist but at the local level with the apparent aim of this courage in criticism of their focus responses to keep it 19. at a time when information can save lives press repression can fuel the pandemic. let's bring in se to make a reality here he's the east asia bureau head of reporters without borders and joins us from taipei thanks for being with us 1st of all journalists are being attacked by both governments and demonstrate as for reporting on the credit buyers has your organization ever documented anything like all this scale before absolutely and in the spirit of pandemic it has never been more lights or for the public to receive. no matter where they are in the. it's somehow the truth that's censorship is not only the problem of the countries
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in where it lies but it's a global problem that democracies have to tackle globally because it is a fact that if johnny's had been able to provide the allergy in china the virus probably would. have been addressed to europe would have left the chinese borders. what impact are these attacks on press freedom having on public awareness about the pandemic but in the case of china the government has been every very active at orange on that it's there have been not less than 18 journalists. room correspondents exposed of course to leave china since the beginning of the year there has also been a wave of arrests in china after a quick burst of free expression because the chinese public was so upset when they
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realised the authorities has had been lying and had been covering up the phenomenon that for a moment then. there was a lot of these preach like the free and free expression it was released online but there had been a lot of arrests and we counted at least 7 or 8 of this team detained in china today. so missed out beyond what do you think can be done about this how can it press freedom be defended in countries where it's being attacked so severely in this pandemic well. the. example of that had an exemplary management of the $1000.00 crazies without going against any principle of the rule of law. shows that. in order treatment of the bend the rich does not bring any positive effects
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actually it is even very dangerous you can not freedom that the virus is not there is going to come by and remind you there so it's extremely important that the public could access accurate information on the virus on its effects on the way to protect themselves or so because without this. my it's. some. inmates contents and might take the wrong decisions which could bring the benefits to an even worse level. sit like reporters without borders thank you very much if any. say look at some other news making headlines around the world today thousands of indigenous people have taken to the streets of colombia's capital bogota the protesters are demanding an end to the spiraling violence in their own regions in the southwest of the country they also opposed to government social and economic policy. the u.s.
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supreme court has ruled that the state of pennsylvania can mail in ballots for up to 3 days after polling day even if they don't have a clear postmark the ruling is a blow to republicans who had sought to nullify such ballots and it could prove consequential with pennsylvania one of the most critical swing states in the election. and a 7.8 magnitude quake off the coast of alaska has triggered tsunami warnings authorities urged residents to move to higher ground the quake was widely felt in communities along the southern coast no casualties have been reported. police in france have searched dozens of homes belonging to suspected is almost militants the raids are linked to last week's killing of a teacher in a paris suburb some had used cartoons of the muslim prophet muhammad in a lesson about freedom of expression and where among the people who turned out to pay their respects outside the school were worked. frons how to minute
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silence for slain teaches the on monday 3 days after the islamist attack people continue to mourn crisis meetings went lights into the night in paris on sunday the result officials decided to authorize dozens of rides on properties beginning at 6 am on monday among them a proposal to aid organization i'm a charity investigators say at least 80 complaints against the spread of hatred on the internet have been filed since the teaches you. system we have a clear message there would not be a minute's respond for the enemies of the republic you do it be president that if you take the french interior ministry says it's currently investigating around $8000.00 active islamists men such as abdelhakim said a radical islamist who has long been known to police launched an online head campaign against the murdered teacher and it's now in police custody. you are his
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friend she moms expressed their sorrow on monday and clearly distanced themselves from the attack president to my new call received the family of the mode of teacher of the el is a presidential palace meanwhile the police investigation into the killing continues . thailand's government is seeking to block the messaging telegram in an attempt to prevent anti-government protestors from organizing authorities have also shut down media outlets that have reported on demonstrations calling for thailand's prime minister to resign protesters also want reform thailand's monarchy which is protected from criticism by strict laws. thousands of protesters will once again back on the streets of bangkok monday evening despite a ban on public gatherings of more than 4 people in the capital. he believes he can win but the government needs to leave it now was the 1st for them need to listen.
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people have shown their power and its massive everyone's out here with the same goal and determination. the crowds give the 3 thing good salute that has become the symbol of that movement they remain undetected despite the arrest of their leaders and warnings from the authorities now the government appears to be changing tack seeking to restrict media coverage police are threatening to shut down a number of time media outlets that have been covering the protests life. does. yes fulls the protestors create a sea of lights using their mobile phone flashlights the student led movement largely uses the messaging app telegram to organize rallies at short notice and recruit support now authorities are moving to have the app blocked. the protesters are calling for democratic reform and want their political leaders to resign especially prime minister prime. the former army chief seized power in
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a military coup in 2014 he's now agreed to a special session of parliament to discuss the protests. the government has been trying to compromise as much as we can we're just asking people not to do any wrong and not to destroy government or other people's property and especially to avoid all violence. added that his government must protect the monarchy referencing the pro-democracy movements demands for change when it comes to how the royal family operates that that's challenging a to be enticed society where the king has traditionally been revealed almost like a dainty criticizing the king can lead to hefty penalties the government but also many conservative tiny's oppose efforts to reform the monarchy. but the protesters have filed to continue their stand with more gatherings planned all over the country. and football for you in the champions league group stage
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starts on tuesday night among the matches germany's rb leipzig hosts a bunch here of istanbul leipsic reached the tournaments semifinals last season and despite losing their star striker in the summer they've started the current campaign with a bang. he has every reason to smile at the moments junia now goldman's like thickets top of the burnetts league are unbeaten and scoring goals like this. i fear state me star striker t.-mo van are off to his move to chelsea see misplaced so far. as my name is more than happy with the balance of his team. the young skin on the equipment and all the boys all get along with each other really well and so do the coaching staff has a good spirits among us and i hope the players notice that we all speak the same
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language and all have the same desire to win at the moment she demanded was given and dismissed the. light 6 run in last season's champions league was ended by paris and your man in the semifinals the french side along with bush action here in manchester united are in light seeks group tricky but doable according to the man between the posts. flies. it is clear our group this season will be a little bit tougher than last season. but it's we want to do as well as last season and get ounce of the group and the 1st step in doing that then down a marker against the sharks are here weakest team in the group. a jersey worn by the late n.b.a. great kobe bryant will be displayed at the smithsonian's national museum of african-american history and culture in washington d.c. the jersey donated by bryant himself in 2017 is from the season he won the most
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valuable player award in 2008 as a founding donor the coby and vanessa bryant family foundation contributed at least a $1000000.00 to the musical bryant 5 time n.b.a. champion with the los angeles lakers was killed in a helicopter crash at the age of 41 last january along with his daughter and 7 others. berlin is famous for its nightlife especially the club scene here that all came to a grinding halt earlier this year due to the coronavirus pandemic nightclubs remain closed and now the city government has tried to impose an 11 pm closing time on all bars and restaurants some bar owners have gone to court and won so they're allowed to remain open for now we've been out and about to see what's happening to the party metropolis berlin. but i mean once you have nightlife capital
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has quietened down since the beginning of the pandemic there was a closed dance rules empty clubbers and not the only ones affected onus face on home winter without business many believe the city's cultural landscape will be the poorer. one script i said i'm to hear us there are 2 priorities during respond or the 1st safe people 2nd safe club culture leave experience what it's like to dance together to amazing music wrong to feel free and safe within a friendly crowd i know people often function better in a poll about honesty than in the mainstream society. you realise that club culture is an expression of how society should be day for the better because their shops are not. clearly and is known as a haven for artists and musicians in particular they clean especially hard hit professionally and in that every day that i.
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turn to it. the matches have to to damper on socialising in the capital and they're a big challenge for restaurant and bar owners they fear limits on opening times and alcohol sales will threaten their livelihoods once again. let's get on tight and there are some things that we as a hospitality branch find absolutely necessary up on social distancing wearing a mask those are really good measures and so is making sure the bars are not crowded but you probably don't understand is why for months the gastronomy and nightlife sector has been startled with all the blame you've been treated as culprits not and that's not the case in your state over the sink in asia. customize team have had to adapt some though willing to make sacrifices find images to fix
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and. i to think about what i was about to do more but i don't think it changed the number of people i so and this is the inside don't know with these measures why it's so efficient now like there's you have like you need inside your house if you're close friends like they change the laws so you get to know the people better and you get to this and much more time with this people for safety sake most people have accepted the restrictions on their social lives with grace but many do you wonder whether any of them believe the same and again. as the saying goes cats are said to have 9 lives but a rather special one in southern peru has been given a new lease on life after 2 millennia archeologists restore the image of this giant feline figure to its former glory it buzzers 37 meters from head to tail but years
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of erosion have left its line hidden from view drawings such as this are known as geo glyphs they're considered archaeological enigmas as no one knows for sure why they were drawn or why they were so large. just reminder the top story we're following for you here today on d.d.p. news european states have begun reimposing the toughest restrictions to apply the resurgence of kobe bowling team. says a new law to help will take effect on wednesday sorties in belgium call the situation there worse than during the pandemic 1st one. target you can always get to the news only go just download are up from google play or from the couple stork that will give you access to all the latest news from around the world just a little push notifications for any breaking to see if you're part of a news story yourself can always. send us photos and videos of what's
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happening right. place you're watching news from berlin coming up next it's close up a look at the upcoming presidential elections in the u.s. i'm terry martin thanks for. the full.
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america's alexion crisis. voters' oppression of electoral districts manipulation and childless denise in this. time took on hard fast sinister tools in the fight for power. is there a way out of the election. closer. next on t w. step closer to see people from around the world put
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on display. come closer marvel at our extraordinary collection of teens being. cried out to the wait in the suffering of people who are. different all to justify the long hours the 1st time story. in 45 minutes. it was the 1st international tribunal in history. the number of trials. 75 years ago a high ranking officers of the nazi regime avoided judging by the allied forces. they were the 1st criminals to be held accountable for their crimes for good.
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measure found them on. getting rid of a pair of new year's frazier. our 2 part series the 3rd right the dog starts nov 12th on d w. it's 2016 and karen wilson mccoy a geriatric nurse from north carolina wants to cast her vote in a midterm election the big. bad chris bridges to the citizens to bring hope to accomplish a sad event and not something look up because i got to reregister because i'm i'm no we're in a system they're not making.


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