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tv   Made in Germany  Deutsche Welle  October 20, 2020 10:00pm-10:30pm CEST

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this is deja vu news is live from the berlin tonight a landmark small suit against the search engine giant the u.s. government is taking google to court the department of justice today announcing that it is suing google alleging the company abuses its dominance of the online search and advertising markets also coming up a curfew imposed in nigeria's commercial capital law goes to curve in time police protests but demonstrators unfazed gathering in defiance and curfews inclosures europe tries to slow the 2nd coronavirus wave that is gripping
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the continent by introducing new restrictions will take a closer look at new restrictions here in germany plus touch and go into outer space in a matter of hours a nasa spacecraft will attempt to snatch samples of walk from an asteroid we'll get the details of this daring mission a cosmic catch me if you can. i'm off to our viewers on p.b.s. in the united states and to all of you around the world welcome we begin with the u.s. government and google the government today filed a landmark antitrust lawsuit against the search engine giant and it alleges that the tech company has been abusing its dominance as an online search engine to fend
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. rivals google controls about 90 percent of global web searches the company has long denied claims of unfair competition the lawsuit also alleges that google uses billions of dollars to pay phone manufacturers to ensure it is the default search engine on browsers it's the government's the u.s. government's most significant act to protect competition since its groundbreaking case against microsoft more than 20 years ago all right for more now we're joined by our correspondent in washington d.c. oliver salat good evening to you. so you flesh this out for it what exactly is google being accused of here. well the allegation brant is that google is on fall unlawfully maintaining a monopoly and that it's cutting off its rivals essentially in the areas mentioned here are general search services search advertising and general text advertising so we're talking about the areas that google is known for of course and as you
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mentioned it's a very significant law case the biggest of its type in 20 years since the groundbreaking case against microsoft but we're also looking at one of the u.s. government's most significant acts to protect competition here really google has already responded they believe that this law case is deeply flawed and that people use it voluntarily because they choose to use google they stress there are other options other search ends and engines out on the market and that they're going to fight this you know the we understand the attorneys general who have signed on to this lawsuit are all republicans not a single democrat has signed on why news there. well that's right 1st of all 11 republican state attorneys general joined the department of justice as plaintiffs and if you look at the states then perhaps it's quite self-explanatory those states are are console florida georgia indiana
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kentucky yana and so on and so forth all republican led states so it does look like a partisan move in an effort to support the department the department of justice here in what about the timing of the verb why are we seeing this lawsuit announced now 2 weeks ahead of a presidential election the timing brant is particularly interesting because 1st of all we are 2 weeks as you said head of the election and donald trump promised this voters time and time again to punish big tech for allegedly having an anti republican bias and he is of course as you know behind in polls he's trying to keep his promises right now trying to gauge gain some voters support it could also be an opening salvo in this case against other antitrust and against other big tech companies and other antitrust actions like facebook and twitter for instance they've been under scrutiny for quite some time by the u.s. government because they are now moving against fake news misleading information
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against conspiracy theories like you and on and as we know donald trump benefits from that he was posting these kind of misleading information some self and critics make the case that this might also be an act of retaliation all right to do but you put who responded to all of the sound was on the story for us tonight in washington oliver thank you. here's some of the other stories that are making headlines around the world protesters in thailand spread out across the capital bangkok to seeing the national anthem and 6 o'clock in the evening while showing the 3 finger salute that has become the movement's symbol it was the latest action in defiance of bans on public gatherings protesters want the government to resign they want a new constitution and they want reforms to the monarchy. french authorities have ordered the closure of a mosque in paris saying it helped provoke last week's murder of a teacher at the mosque had shared a video railing against the teacher's use of cartoons of the muslim prophet
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muhammad in class its director insists sharing the clip was not a call to violence. the european union is pledging almost 44000000 euros in emergency funding to several countries in africa has sought help the region it's part of almost one and a half 1000000000 euros the u.n. says that it now hands for the region sawhill was plagued by increase increase and conflict weak governance and a lack of development. in nigeria thousands of protesters are defying a 24 hour curfew imposed by authorities in the commercial capital lagos' we're getting reports that police have fired shots into the air to disperse crowds and are making arrests the curfew was imposed after attacks on police stations in the city of been in almost 2000 prisoners escaped after a prison was assaulted. they
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gathered in defiance of the curfew. hundreds of young nigerians a nagel's pledge to remain on the streets despite of around the clock lockdown the . protests have been spiraling dramatically of the past 2 weeks but they were initially trickett by anger at police brutality especially at abuses carried out by a new tourist and she robbery squad called saas. rights groups have for years accused the police unit of extortion harassment and to check. out was made the wrong size has been the one that made me limp like this that was when i was in my house sleeping around 2 am in the middle of the night when they when they came scattered everywhere in my area and started shooting everywhere everywhere. the outpouring of anger fools the government to scrap the police unit a week ago but people hang around such as science. and the protests have become
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about much more than that thank you is use a calling for sweeping changes and an end to systematic corruption and widespread unemployment numbers of africa's biggest oil producers currently facing a recession as the fall in crude prices spot by the qur'an a crisis has boxset government finance says. up to 300 got in a nigeria got independence in 1960 right of tabitha's 960 since then we haven't achieve. if anything we have benefited from anything i don't mean everything if we have so many graduates this is my calling he's a graduate no job nothing no want president watching any more i don't know if i want to just ok this is how far do you graduate. but the government's new measures to make it harder for the voices of nigeria's used to be heard. on top of an indefinite lockdown in the economic capital as police chief
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also announced that riot police will be deployed across the country to quell the protests. or countries across europe are scrambling to contain a fresh wave of covert 19 cases in germany the southern state of bavaria has the most new cases it's now under a strict lockdown with about 100000 residents confined to their home. best to scout and their land in 5 area among 10 a city. now the number one car in the virus hotspot in germany the number of new cases there in the last week is 5 times above the trash old for high risk area as of tuesday locals are back in the uk down and only allowed to leave their homes has a valid reason the number of new daily cases in tammany is rising nationwide with the south and the west west hit more than 129 areas are now deemed high risk.
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to 2nd way paid spelling no require people to have mosques you know crowded places where social distancing isn't possible this includes out markets on the high streets and while queuing for now to public is largely remaining calm imagine i'm of course we afraid of a 2nd the waste but not in the sense that you think about it all the time but we're protecting ourselves just like before us but as you know for a minute i was still there with my parents. but i already felt a tad on time or on culture and this time to think it meant doesn't but it seemed i think we're better prepared days time around compared to the 1st time i see how people are behaving and it's much much better. but what it means for us i'm in berlin and for the 1st time in 10 months of course i'm a bit afraid. in political sphere is pressure is growing for more involvement of
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the parliament incur enough ira's decision making bundestag president of gun show you wrote m.p.'s on monday saying that parliament's role as low may care must be more distinct in the handling of the pandemic a polite reminder that in germany's democracy parliament makes the laws not the government. well here's a look at some of the other developments in the corona virus pandemic researchers in the u.k. are planning to deliberately and sex volunteers with the virus that causes covert 19 the controversial technique could speed up development of a back seat to help in the pandemic if it receives regulatory and ethics approval singapore plans to roll out rapid coronavirus chose for weddings and business conferences its health ministry saying that it will identify other events that will require rapid tests they are likely to be include sports events and live performances and india has recorded the daily amount of new corona virus cases in
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nearly 3 months the number of new infections continues to decline since peaking in september. another victim of the global pandemic has been press freedoms journalists have been harassed some arrested for reporting on the spread of the virus some governments have introduced laws punishing those who share information that does not support the official line of these attempts to muzzle the media they can also in danger public help. behind the mosque of corona virus censorship spreads journalists around the world have come under attack for reporting on the pandemic it started in china where citizen journalists dared to deviate from the official narrative. images of overstretched hospitals in which is right in front of me china's criminal prosecutors are behind me i'm not
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afraid of death do you think i'm afraid if you come in this party of china or. chang she should wear disappeared in february and was only seen again by friends in september. fung been another reporter remains missing he had released secret videos of corona virus victims. she. reporters without borders has documented coronavirus coverage restrictions and nearly half of all u.n. member states those who are jailed are at risk of infection. i'll just 0 journalist mohammad more near died in july from coronavirus after being arrested in egypt as did reporter. jailed for documenting corruption in saudi arabia the deliberate targeting of the press has worried the united nations human rights commission all across the world cup in 1000 is also being instrumental eyes to limit people's rights to speak to express opinion and to participate in making decisions that
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affect their lives in the russian federation china kosovo many other countries i know it reports of threats and intimidation against journalists brokers and civic activist but at the local level with the apparent aim of this courage in criticism of their focus responses to cope 19. at a time when information can save lives press repression can fuel the pandemic. is what we want to get the view on press freedom in latin america were to talk to our correspondent oscar slink or he joins me from caracas good evening to you think . that is way low still experiencing a pretty frightening political crisis you know we've talked about that many times how has venezuela performed during the pandemic i mean have there been attempts to control the flow of information about the valuers. well venezuela tends to increase restrictions on the press when prices reach extreme levels and we have seen it happen with the pandemic as well in fact one of the journalists are awarded
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with d.w. freedom of speech prize was better than some girl has who was arrested for informing on social media about the rise in covert 1000 cases in caracas but adventists way that has many unresolved problems like the humanitarian crisis political conflict and gasoline shortages so there are cases of journalists detained for covering protests regarding these other issues as well as covert 19 however after the united nations accused nicholas motherhood of committing crimes against humanity last month and began a deeper investigation into how the rejean is acting there have been fewer cases as these human rights investigations are taking place we know that the next wave of health care system was already in tatters before this pandemic began has the public been able to get reliable information about the coronavirus well the official covert 1000 reports that the government puts out have been criticized for
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being inaccurate there have been independent efforts by the opposition that have gathered a group of how experts and monster website about covert 19 information bet that web page has been blocked by the government after this pandemic the nicholas motherhood administration has blown over 70 outlets including news websites and portals regarding covert 19 information that's a problem for people who have access to the interim because a recent investigation by the journalism and society institute found that at least 15 percent of venezuelans live in what they're calling news wastelands where there is little or no information available other than that of the official state media and also when you look beyond been assuaged have governments in central and south america have they used this pandemic to implement curbs on the media. we have we've seen the causes and effects of fake news and misinformation all around the world it is
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a trend for governments to use fake news as an excuse to live it or control information and so is the case in south america around this time last year we were surprised to see how violent social unrest was threatening what most of us thought were stable governments in ecuador they do not choose their colonia and even the us so the pandemic has been used by some countries to implement social control and that includes information if it's an authoritative government like the one in venezuela there is little to no public information available for journalists or it can be inaccurate so to get the whole story and get it right journalists have to put themselves at higher risks in south america to get the facts all right you are reporting tonight from caracas on the pandemic and press freedoms oscar thank you. here are some of the other stories now that are making more headlines around the world bolivia's print president elect luis arsen says that there will be no role in
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his government for former president evo morales morale is governed for almost 14 years before resigning under pressure last year and then fleeing the country morale as remains leader of the arses socialist party the u.s. supreme court has ruled that the state of pennsylvania can count some mail in ballots for up to 3 days after the november 3rd election even if those ballots don't have a clear postmark the ruling is a blow to republicans who had sold to notify such ballots and this could prove consequential with pennsylvania one of the most critical swing states in the election. firefighters in the u.s. state of colorado are battling the state's largest wildfires on record new blazes continue to erupt across the drought stricken state and have destroyed $26.00 homes authorities say that the fire is happening at an unusually late time of the year in
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a period where it should be snowing. in an historic mission a nasa spacecraft is ready to reach out and make contact with an asteroid more than 320 kilometers from earth the cyrus rex spacecraft is designed to collect samples of the asteroid named benue and then bring them back to earth in the year 2023 data and images are already being collected scientists hopes the mission will help them learn more about how planets formed and how wife began. all right for more on this let's go to washington d.c. i'm joined by keith cowing he's editor of the space news web site nasa watch dot com good to see you again keith the the spacecraft we understand will land soon it was launched 4 years ago but now we can finally get to work what could still go wrong now well the spacecraft is not actually going to land it's
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actually going to tap touch and go and it's going to come for it close to the surface for a moment blow some gas out have a little collector that grabs the fine green a journal name will back off and so this is been done once or twice before by the japanese and it's sort of a and intricate and worried you don't want to bump into anything on the on the asteroid itself and the asteroid they thought it would be kind of like this woman nice and smooth and they called it the seedy beach well it ends up as a little rocks in that sandy beach so they're going to be very careful as they can so what we're talking about is a space craft as you say that skit reaching into this asteroid trying to take a piece of the asteroid out without damaging itself exactly and that's been done once before you say well actually twice the japanese attempts that it failed once and they do it again with another spacecraft but this is sort
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of like doing surgery from a couple $100000000.00 away it's you know hey you never get quite good at it and you practice more and what insights do scientists hope to gain a once these rock samples are brought back to earth. well this is a smaller asteroid it's actually well here's my little model here this is a wall not this is a giant skyscraper the spacecraft is about the size of a truck parked at the bottom of the space this building and this is mostly a rubble pile it isn't solid and this is an asteroid that could conceivably come very close to maybe threaten the earth so the idea is well what's it made up and when they went there they discovered that it's a pile of rocks and stuff from all over the place and this materials on the surface of this little body that imply that there may have been water on it which well it's a small rock you wouldn't know that so it's maybe pieces from a larger planet that was destroyed early in the solar system and on top of that
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there's chemicals on there that are related to where you get the origin of life so just a little pile of rocks is providing a lot of interesting information lot of things that we did not expect to find fascinating of this asteroid benu the name it you said it could become dangerous for the earth's winds that. well it just the way that it orbits the sun comes close to the earth's fold in or near earth asteroids and you kind of want to understand how it's put together because if it does hit the earth if it's a solid object you can you know when to cause a problem and if it's likely to be fragile it could just burn in so little pieces as it comes close to the earth so you'd like to actually get close to a no knock on it and see how it's put together which is exactly what the solutions don't let's you know hope that they have a successful mission and let's hope that this asteroid misses the earth keith cowing editor of the their news web site nasa watch dot com keith as always good
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talking with you we appreciate your insights. back here on earth berlin is famous for its nightlife especially the club scene that all came to a grinding halt earlier this year due to the coronavirus pandemic night clubs remain closed bars are operating under major restrictions we've been out in about to see what's happening to the party metropolis berlin. but i mean once you have nightlife capital has quietened down since the beginning of the pandemic there was a closed dunce rules empty clubbers and not the only ones affected owners face a whole winter without business many believe the city's cultural landscape will be the poorer. one script i said i'm to hear us there are 2 priorities during respond i make or the 1st safe people 2nd save club culture leave experience what it's like to dance together to amazing music to feel free and safe within the friendly crowd
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. you know people often function better in a poll about a mistake than in the mainstream society. then you realize that club culture is an expression of how society should be different and better because they're shocked i'm not. but it is known as a haven for artists and musicians in particular they've been especially hard hit professionally and in that every day lives. for. the worse. than majerus happy to damper on socialising in the capital and they're a big challenge for restaurant and bar owners that a fear limits on opening times and alcohol sales will threaten their livelihoods once again. let's get on top and there are some things that we as
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a hospitality branch find absolutely necessary up on social distancing wearing a mask those are really good measures and so is making sure the bars are not crowded but what we don't understand is why for months the gastronomy and nightlife sector has been saddled with all the blame you've been treated as culprits not and that's not the case here instead of at the sink in asia. a custom is to have had to adapt some though willing to make sacrifices find images of fixing i to think about what i was about to do more i don't think it changed the number of people i so and this sense side don't know with these measures so efficient it's now like that you're taking the inside your house if you're close friends like a change the laws so you get to know the people better and you get to this thing in a much more time with this people for safety sake most people have accepted the
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restrictions on their social nights with grace but many do wonder whether they mean to ever be the same again. that is the question all right here is a reminder of the top story that we're following for you at this hour the u.s. has filed a landmark antitrust lawsuit against the tech giant google it alleges that google abused its dominance as the world's leading online search engine to maintain its position ahead of its rivals and european states have begun to reimposing their toughest restrictions to fight the resurgence of covert 19 belgium orders cafes bars and restaurants to close for a month as authorities in the country deal situations worse than during the pandemic 1st wave. and then forget you can always get the w. news on the go just download our al from google play or from the out store that would give you access to all the latest news from around the world as well as push notifications for any breaking news and if you're part of
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a new store you can also use the d w app to send us photos and videos if you see news happening. you're watching d.w. news from the berlin after a short break i'll be back to take you through the day tonight a record turnout of early voters in the u.s. presidential election the numbers look good for joe biden but not so good that they . will drop we'll explain when we come back.
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issue of art and trees and saving pandas anymore. it's us it's dangerous survive and us right through to realize that there's a radically different way of it's for profit. starts november 6th on t.w. . in exactly 2 weeks the united states will hold an election the likes of which it has never seen a combination of early voting along with mail and an absentee ballots means 2 things there is more time to cast a ballot and it will take more time to count them all if early voting is an indicator joe biden will become the 46 president with a comfortable margin of victory how likely is a double.


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