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tv   DW News  Deutsche Welle  October 21, 2020 11:00am-11:16am CEST

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beethoven 202250th anniversary on. this is news coming to you live from berlin security forces in nigeria allegedly opened fire on protesters in this country's biggest city. the record sounds of shooting in night time lagos witnesses say people were killed for a curfew was imposed on the city amid weeks of demonstrations against police brutality
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and corruption also coming up. a southern region back into law as the covers 19 2nd wave gathers pace more than a 100000 people are affected restrictions on public life are tightening elsewhere too. plus it's touch and go in outer space a nasa spacecraft lands briefly on an asteroid where it snatches rock and dust samples of the details of this daring mission. hello i'm terry to have you with us. they are launching an investigation into the shootings of several protesters at a demonstration against police brutality in the m c international says there's credible evidence that nigeria's security forces were behind fatal shootings of demonstrators the violence erupted after thousands of protesters defied
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a 24 hour curfew imposed on tuesday after attacks on police stations. news team was in lagos a. the scene and got caught up in the shooting. bullets cross live to lagos where our correspondent is standing by funny you and your team got caught up in the violence tell us what happened. at the beginning of these demonstrations terry yesterday everything started as usual for the past 2 weeks of this particular site here in victoria island very close to our studio peaceful protesters chanting that they want an end to police brutality they were chanting that they are going to defy the curfew that was just in place for 24 i was what happened next the dynamic started to change that's when people. dressed
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in camouflage gone the man unclear by the military or what kind of. security forces and this side and they started to shoot and shooting continued for quite some time my team and me found a way to hunker down and that's where we stood for that's where we were laying down for at least an hour and we could witness from that situation from that point of the size what was going all around us and that was chaos that was panic it was a huge mass harrowing situation indeed do you know yet who fired those gunshots. depends on who you ask when the you look at the latest statements by amnesty international they say that nigerian national security forces that they have clear evidence it was them what we were witnessing of people entering on by dressed up in common 1st thought was this is
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military when you look at the state official information here on the state governors side on twitter he's saying that these are they are forces beyond quote our control by that clearly making a statement that it has nothing to do with nigerian security forces or any authority even put this in place the incident is being investigated that's what the latest state governor is saying or is promising to do but in fact that's going to be quite difficult to do given the fact. that the lights were shut off and most of the cameras apparently that way i know many c.c.t.v. cameras have also been taken off and terry there's a lot of conflicting information conflicting information rather on call many people are injured or even killed so the authorities are saying that they're investigating this incident how confident are people there that the authorities will get to the truth and tell it. well then you look at the way these
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protests started 2 weeks ago with hashtag and sellers are standing for the tory police units here in nigeria these cracking down on people that are going about their daily lives you can sense that obviously people here are skeptical when it comes to authorities be to police before he comes to the government so no when you look at what's going on social media right now people are actually saying that this is a time for president hardy to resign this is the time for the latest state governor to resign because he couldn't protect the people then again we should also mention that just before the shooting a style to and it could if you came into place the latest state governor has tweeted that every peaceful protest should stay at home so basically in between in between the lines underlying everyone outside at this point is an illegal protest. bonnie thank you very much for your reporting there did you take care of yourself and your team. in lagos. while the 100000 people in
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germany's southern state above area are largely confined to their homes today after coated infections there skyrocketed. schools restaurants and daycare centers have been shot and most public gatherings banned coronavirus cases arising passed across germany. bash has got no land in this area and mountainous on the austrian border now the number one coronavirus hot spot in germany the number of new cases that in the last week is 5 times above the threshold for a high risk area as of choose day locals are back in lockdown and only allowed to leave their homes with a valid reason the number of new daily cases in germany is rising nationwide with the size and the west worst hit more than 129 areas and deemed high risk as the 2nd wave hits but lynn authorities are urging people to wear masks in all
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crowded places where social distancing isn't possible mosques a compulsory at markets well queuing and on some shopping streets tonight the public is largely remaining calm but. of course we're afraid but not in the sense that i think about it all the time it's good that we're protecting ourselves just like before us but as you know woman i still live with my parents so i won't go to panic buying but i already found it bad the 1st time around and this time to. think it meant doesn't it i think we're better prepared this time around compared to the 1st time. i see how people are behaving and it's much better. but what it means for us i'm in berlin for the 1st time in 10 months and of course i'm a bit afraid. in political spheres pressure is growing for more involvement of the parliament in coronavirus decision making but in this talk president both wrote to m.p.'s on monday saying that parliament's
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world as lawmakers must be more distinct in the handling of the pandemic a polite reminder that in germany's democracy parliament makes the laws not the government. julie is suddenly is back to scotland and joins us now does anyone know why infections are so high in back to scotland. on monday when walk down was announced a variant. suggested that a party could be the origin of the widespread virus here in this area and others have suggested that close in the vicinity to an austrian area we are right on the border here that has high cases and was put on lockdown last week might also be the cause but local authorities are saying the virus here is so widespread that specific incidents that caused the spread of the virus here cannot be pinpointed.
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the people they're coping with along. well we've seen people going about their business here this morning it is not full of people but people are going to the bakery taking out their dog they say they are ok with the lock down if it does manage to bring down the high number of coronavirus cases here what they are not looking forward to is spending so much time at home for the next 2 weeks some think it will eventually be longer than 2 weeks something they have already done in the spring and they are not really looking forward to that so i can imagine. is also a prime tourist destination the local economy is highly dependent on tourism so what does the law mean for that. it is an especially hard time for this lockdown to hit this area it is the height of the fall school vacations right now and there were many tourists present here 2500 people were staying here in hotels and
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guesthouses and they had to leave immediately once the lockdown came into place and people here are worried many work in tourism hotels have bookings canceled for the next few weeks and hotel association in bavaria said this is a punch a hard punch against the hotel business they would have rather have seen not a lockdown but tourists staying in hotels and being administered coronavirus tests so people here are quite worried truly thank you very much for bringing us up that there was julie a cell deli in back just got no love for it and there was a spacecraft just briefly landed astroid cold benu over 320000000 kilometers from earth the osiris bricks collected rock and dust samples that scientists hope will allow them to learn more about how planets formed and life began. down declared. 2 words that nasa scientists have waited for since 2016 when robotic spacecraft
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cyrus rex started its journey to the asteroid for the past 2 years of its mission osiris rex has been orbiting the asteroid looking for the perfect spot to land for only a brief encounter a few seconds almost like a kiss on the surface was all the time osiris rex had to grab rock and dust samples from the asteroid seconds that have been here in the making room i can tell you that everything went well just exactly perfect which is kind of the hallmark of this team we have consistently beaten expectations over and over again we have overcome the amazing challenges that this asteroid has thrown at us and the spacecraft appears to have operated flawlessly it was the 1st time nasa has touched down on an asteroid but it could be a week before scientists know if and how much the spacecraft craft still the mission is already a success i mean like ever we actually pull this off. as the sample collection was
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successful cyrus rex will begin its long journey home and return to earth in 2023. for more let's bring in david brown he's an astronomer at the university of warwick thanks for being with us dr brown 1st of all tell us why is this mission so important what we hope to learn good morning well this is a primordial asteroid we think it hasn't changed very much since the beginning of the solar system since the start the song on the planets will formed so by studying it we hope to learn a little bit more about those early stages of the solar system and how. involved are ruined forms and how the different planets and different parts of the solar system have interacted with each other through time. ok this mission we're talking about a 4 year journey just getting there 300000000 kilometers away and the mission is
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only halfway through what's the trickiest part of all this. well thankfully the toughest part the trickiest part was the one that was completed last night was the touch and grab maneuver this had to be done completely remotely because of the time to lie and in receiving signals from the athlete to the spacecraft. and because of the surface of the asteroid being a lot more. older covered the night expected when they 1st got there and that the spacecraft had to maneuver through some quite tight spaces but i think the hardest part has successfully been completed now it's hard to imagine communicating with something over 300000000 kilometers away is it clear that the spacecraft actually collected what it was hoping to get from that asteroid. not yet unfortunately and there were some photographs taken by the spacecraft during the touchin grap but because the radio dish wasn't pointing at the athens time we haven't yet downloaded
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diaries images and that should happen over the next couple of days and that should tell us give us some idea of whether it's been successful there are also some other tests that the spacecraft will perform over the next week or so just to double check and if it turns out that it wasn't successful in this 1st attempt they do have another chance and another potential landing site to try again ok so you should know soon whether you actually got the dusts and rock that it was set out to get when the scientists actually be able to start allies in the results of this mission completely. so the images as a says should come through in the next few days there are other images that will get over slightly longer time scale so in terms of photograph analysis. and i guess that can start fairly soon actually analyzing the material we get back should be a few years the spacecraft is due to return in 2023 and that's really when we'll
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get our hands on this this material and start digging into the mystery of this asteroid dr brown perhaps we'll get a chance to talk again in 2023 david brown from the university of warwick thank you very much. you're watching news from berlin coming up next we've got a documentary for you the wonderful world of singapore i'm terry martin thanks for watching. and you hear me now here's me going to you and how it all stands gentlemen so it's now we bring you i'm going to back off as you've never had to have surprise yourself with what is possible who is mad cool really what moves back and also about 2 thirds of people who follow along the way maurice and critics alike join us
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