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tv   Quarks  Deutsche Welle  October 21, 2020 2:00pm-2:45pm CEST

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to c.w. news live from berlin security forces in nigeria allegedly opened fire on protesters in the country's biggest city. her. car the g.w. crew reports the sounds of shooting in the night time delay those witnesses say people were killed that's after a curfew was imposed on the city and made weeks of demonstrations against police brutality and corruption also coming up germany's and the southern region back into
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lockdown as the coded 19 2nd wave gathers pace more than 100000 people are affected more strictures on public life are tightening elsewhere 2 clubs touch and go in outer space and nasa spacecraft lands briefly on an asteroid where its matches a rock samples look at the details of the daring mission. i'm sorry kelly welcome to the program authorities in nigeria's biggest city lagos are vowing to investigate reports that security forces have opened fire on protesters rights groups are citing what they call credible reports that some demonstrators were killed now the army calls the reports fake news i jury and have been protesting for weeks against police brutality and corruption.
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protesters gathered in lekki a wealthy suburb of lagos to protest police brutality they came out in defiance of a round the clock curfew imposed by the state governor after previous protests had turned violent. tuesday's protest reportedly started out relatively peaceful until men in green uniforms were seen setting up barriers surrounding the area and eyewitnesses or c.c.t.v. cameras and nearby lighting being disabled. shortly afterwards just before 7 pm the shooting started chaos ensued people outside the toll gates started taking cover. on sit down sit down sit down. live rounds rang out thanks. to. a d w news crew who were on the scene were forced to take shelter next to their vehicle thank you. thank even after the sun
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went down the shooting continued so did the protest. was not enough they are still battling her doctorate in nigeria god love. me i'm not here that you let it go let me love the mother god forbid i got to do what i do not the army has denied responsibility claiming reports of soldiers being involved were fake news but footage of the shooting quickly made its way on to social media. please tell people please tell people people are going to run their shooting at them at the late itogi. the day after the shooting and nigeria is in shock the government has promised an investigation into what happened but protesters don't have too much trust in authorities at the moment. and let's cross live now to lagos nigeria where
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correspondent funny char is standing by funny you were there you witnessed this violence what happened. at 1st everything was actually quite peaceful just like doing the past 2 weeks here in this neighborhood very close to a studio you will see people listening to music chanting of course and to police brutality something that they were asking for for the past weeks not just this time around the 4 years back and so yes that was just a very normal beginning but then the dynamic started to change my cameraman and me witness that people gunmen on bikes and to the side and they just started to shoot at people we were lucky enough to find one way to to to hide or to hunker down a nearby parking lot from where we could witness what is going on at the demonstration site unfortunately couldn't exit this place with a demonstration to place and the scene was rather chaotic people were praying
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around us others we are singing the national anthem saying i'm ready to die for my nation and then also we witnessed people injured we carried to this area where some of the protesters actually stayed overnight so they brought tents around us as well staying overnight usually and that's where some of the injured people have been pool to so rather horrific scenes that we have witnessed last night funny who fired the gun shots. conflicting reports on that i can only tell you what we have seen what we have seen was people riding on bikes dressed up in come off lodge entering this place and try and starting to shoot but this is not just 2 gunshots these are massive gunshots hundreds and hundreds for at least 15 minutes with a small break and the restarting and obviously coming flush here means military know what we're hearing from amnesty international they are saying that they do have clear evidence that this was the nigerian security force that this that again the
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authorities here are saying that the forces who did this they are beyond their control so clearly they're not clarifying what actually caused this mess yesterday tell us more about that official line the official line from the authorities the official line from the government and perhaps you can also put it into the broader context for us because these protesters have these protests they have been happening for weeks out today. exactly well the old story is just like they have been trying to apologize when these protests started the day apologized that police brutality obviously is not a good thing and they are going to help everyone a culture bill who is randomly killing civilized people going about their daily lives and so there's a lot going on that comes to the original goal of these protests when it comes to what happened last night again the state's governor here is taking to twitter and he's expressing basically his his his shock about what happened but at the same time he's also saying that he did say people should stay at home peaceful protests
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or should stay at home and abide by the curfew basically by that expressing that anyone who was outside yesterday was outside illegally i was protesting illegally we didn't hear anything yet from the nigerian president president hardaway columns to what some people here tagged as a massacre again others are using the hash tag. bloody to stay in nigeria so when it comes to the authorities there is no taking responsibility for this at this point what they're trying to do is is is is is rather trying to say we are making sure to protect the citizens so please abide by the curfew stay at home until this is over funny char and lagos thank you. more than 100000 people in germany's southern state of bavaria are largely confined to their homes after covert infections there have skyrocketed in one particular town schools restaurants and daycare centers have been shut and most public gatherings banned
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cases are on the rise in germany. besht has gotten the land in bavaria a mountainous on the austrian border now the number one coronavirus hot spot in germany the number of new cases that in the last week is 5 times above the threshold for a high risk area as of tuesday locals have back in lockdown and only allowed to leave their homes with a valid reason the number of new daily cases in germany is rising nationwide with the size and the west worst hit more than 129 areas and deemed high risk as the 2nd wave hits but lynn authorities are urging people to wear masks in all crowded places where social distancing isn't possible mosques a compulsory at markets well queuing and on some shopping streets for the public is largely remaining calm but. of course we're afraid but not in the sense that i
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think about it all the time it's good that we're protecting ourselves just like before but as you know when i still live with my parents i won't go to panic buying but i already found it bad the 1st time around and this time to. think it meant does what it that's it i think we're better prepared this time around compared to the 1st time. i see how people are behaving and it's much better. but what it means for us i'm in berlin for the 1st time in 10 months and of course i'm a bit afraid. that listen you know in political spheres pressure is growing for more involvement of the parliament in coronavirus decision making bundestag president both wrote to m.p.'s on monday saying that parliament's role as lawmakers must be more distinct in the handling of the pandemic a polite reminder that in germany's democracy parliament makes the laws not the government. joined from bash just gotten alarmed by yulia delhi yulia tell
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us why are instructions there so high. well on monday when the lockdown measures were announced mr president varia suggested that it all because the connected to a party that happened here in the area others have alleged that the close. area of austria which has been a hot spot and has been put into lockdown since last week could have also been a source of new infections but local authorities here are saying that there is no clear indication that one event triggered the spread of the virus it is a widespread event the virus is everywhere here and they can trace it back to one single event. so how are people there coping with the lockdown well people here are going about their business they are walking their dogs they're
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going to the bakery in shopping they're doing what they are allowed to do they say that they are ok with the new restrictions with the stay at home order if that helps bring the infection numbers down obviously they're not very excited of having to spend more time at home but what they say is that they're lucky that they live in a beautiful mountainous area and that they are still allowed to go out for a walk. tell us a little bit more about the local economy because it's highly dependent on tourism what does that mean for the lock down. the situation is troubling for people here many owned hotels have businesses restaurants or shops and what we have seen today is a lot of these. situations where they are closed we have seen hotels locked down restaurant closed and that is a big loss in income for the owners 2500 taurus were here and had to leave suddenly yesterday at 2 pm when the lockdown came into effect and people are worried that
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these 2 important weeks where a lot of people are on holiday it is a school fall holiday season that a lot of use. to money that was meant to come in won't and that they will have lost it thank you so much. reporting from best has gotten a lot and we appreciate it. well germany is of course far from alone in grappling with the resurgent pandemic governments across the continent are scrambling to contain a 2nd wave of corona virus infections so what's the situation in some of the biggest top spots. we go 1st to spain which is nearing 1000000 coated 19 infections standing by for us in severe. scholtz how is the country they are coping with the latest strike. there's a situation here in spain it's once again very tense and what makes it even worse is that the pressure on the health system is rep of increasing i received
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a message from a medical doctor who works in a local hospital in sydney are yesterday and what she wrote didn't sound like a cry for so. she writes i'm sending you this message because he opposes so we have to worry the numbers that skyrocket the skyrocketing emergency unit this will sort of thing to get even worse about alarmist realistic and she also says that she fears that in the coming days even going to get worse still i'm afraid. from state. and belgium is also one of the corona hot spots in europe with new restrictions in place since monday barbara vessel standing by in brussels how is the belgian government trying to get the outbreak under control that the government is desperately trying to stave off a 2nd real walked down so they've closed all the rest are and said they have put out to nightly curfew you're not supposed to go out at night at all anymore limit
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the sale of alcohol everything we've already seen in france but they also it pealing to its citizens to sort of stick to the rules you're not supposed to meet more than one other personally outside of you direct family and so they're really playing for time but the figure is seem to be running away from them they've seen a 70 percent increase of new infections throughout the last 10 days and they also fear that by mid november all the emergency beds in the hospitals could be full so desperate holding measures and they don't know yet whether this is going to work and poland was praised for successfully controlling the virus in march and april olivia cortez is in warsaw what's the situation now. the situation at the moment is really alarming earlier this year in spring poland introduced one of the earliest and toughest lockdowns of all of europe and was hits
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less hard to tell ever right now the government is failing to curb the infection rates we hear more and more reports from hospitals that cannot take patients anymore and at the moment the government even turns the national stadium and more so into a field hospital to hear reports that similar emergency entities broke established in the rest of the country this is that is not breaking down yet but we expect it to reach its limits and a couple of weeks to us thank you so much. here's a look at some other developments in the coronavirus pandemic the czech republic has announced it is limiting movement to essential trips to work family shopping and medical consultations it comes after the country reported a new record level of 12000 confirmed cases in one day researchers in the u.k. are planning to deliberately infected volunteers with the virus that causes covert 19 the controversial technique could speed up development of
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a vaccine to help and the pandemic if it receives approval and the philippines has lifted a ban on non-essential foreign trips by filipino nationals the government has gradually eased restrictions to bolster the economy which slipped into recession earlier this year. on now to some other stories making news around the world at least 34 members of afghanistan's security forces have been killed in attacks by the taliban in the northern takar province according to afghan officials the taliban attacks the government soldiers while they were sleeping the rising violence comes despite ongoing peace talks between the afghan government and the taliban in qatar. australian police are investigating the alleged transfer of vatican funds to australia during the trial of former vatican treasurer george pell for child sex abuse this follows italian media reports that 700000 euros were sent by emphatic an enemy of pells to aid his prosecution was acquitted in april. the
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us has filed a landmark antitrust lawsuit against google it alleges that the tech giant has been abusing its dominance as an online search engine to stifle competition and harm consumers it's the u.s. government's most significant action to protect competition since a groundbreaking case against microsoft more than 20 years ago. while a nasa spacecraft has briefly lands on an asteroid called new over 320000000 kilometers from earth it collected rock and dust samples that scientists hope will allow them to learn more about how planets formed and life began down declared. the 2 words that nasa scientists have waited for since 2016 all right. when robotic spacecraft was cyrus rex started its journey to the asteroid. for the
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past 2 years of its mission osiris rex has been orbiting the asteroid looking for the perfect spot to land for only a brief encounter. a few seconds almost like a kiss on the surface was all the time osiris rex had to grab rock and dust samples from the asteroids the 2nd that have been here since in the making room. for. the future i don't want to arafat but i can tell you that everything went just exactly perfect which is kind of the hallmark of this team we have consistently beat expectations over and over again we did. overcome the amazing challenges that this asteroid has thrown at us and the spacecraft appears to have operated flawlessly it was the 1st time nasa has touched down on an asteroid but it could be a week before scientists know if and how much the spacecraft scrapped still the mission is already a success i mean i can't believe we're actually pull this off. as
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a sample collection was successful cyrus rex will begin its long journey home and return to earth in 2023. and we're joined now by david brown an astronomer at the university of warwick in the u.k. welcome to the program thank you for joining us why is this mission so important good morning this is a really important mission because it will teaches a lot about the early history of the solar system we think the venue is a primordial object so we think it hasn't changed very much since that time and so by studying material that we get back from the asteroids we can really investigate what the conditions were like when the planets formed we can compare them now to see how they've changed over time and how they all interact together and really learn how the solar system got to how it is now i don't know and we have to mention if this is a 4 year journey in order to search for those answers over over 300000000 kilometers
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the mission it's only halfway through so what do you see as the trickiest parts. thankfully i think the trickiest part is already done and i think that was the actual touchdown untag maneuver yesterday because of the distance to a venue that had to be done completely or to have to be done completely remotely it can be done in real time because of the time delay in sending signals because the surface of the asteroid was a lot more rubble strewn than the team were expecting when they 1st got there and the spacecraft had to maneuver through some quite tight spaces it seems have been successful so far so i think that was the trickiest bit and hopefully the rest of the mission should be relatively straightforward is it clear that they got what they were hoping to get from the asteroid. unfortunately not yet there were photographs taken of the maneuver as it took place and because the antenna of the spacecraft wasn't pointed towards the earth we haven't received those yet though
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should come through in the next couple of days and there are other tests that the spacecraft can do over the next week or so that will confirm whether it has collected material or not if it hasn't than there is an alternative site that the team can try and i will have a 2nd go at this if they need to so take us a little bit deeper through the timeline i mean like when can least start to hear for example about the results. well those photos will give us an initial idea and there's a lot you can learn about the surface of the asteroid from photographs so as i was coming through we can start to analyze on the surface data the actual material itself should return to earth in 2023 that's when the spacecraft to show you want to get back to earth so hopefully towards the end of the 2023 and into 2024 we can start to get some results and really analyze this material to see what we can learn david brown astronomer at the university of warwick thank you for less than 2 weeks
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to go before americans elect their next president a 2nd term for donald trump or a switch to challenger joe biden people around the world are following the campaigns especially if they have personal ties to the country he wus alexander phenomena reports from poland which has seen many of its people migrate to the u.s. to find out who is the favorite there for. sophia corrodes grandfather was the 1st to go hoping to make his american dream come true since then her family's relationship with the u.s. has been an enduring love story sophia corage spent 15 years there. no but who are here i'd like to be or i just got to like america a lot but i was going back and forth for a while. but. settled back in poland to finish building her house but her 4 children and their children stayed in america for good it's nothing unusual in southern poland here in question the school in the foothills of the top
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from mountains roman krupa is the mayor he tells me almost every family here has relatives in the us 'd 'd. we like america a lot because we are with them most of the houses you can see here were built with money peoples the able to make in the us. the to. i would go back to the 19th century when the 1st people from the top from mountains left the region to escape poverty and seek a better life in america many followed up until today poland has always been able to rely on the u.s.s. district administrator appeared bunk he's a fan of presidents and is rooting for his reelection bank believes trump will keep poland safe. the fact that the american troops are in poland as our allies to deter potential enemies is important for us and one of the reasons
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why his reelection would be good for us to do. an assessment that it's in line with paul unselfish and foreign policy and never try victor we would be good news for the conservative polish government the current you asked administration sees warsaw as an essential l.a. and a deeply trump critical europe and in return america supports poland in a number of important areas such as defense and energy security that might all change if joe biden gets elected. joe biden doesn't have many friends in the region says mayor krupa most people here are conservative and prefer trump's agenda and you know. you go like this rational business oriented approach. and i support his efforts to secure the border to make it more difficult for
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migrants to get. sophia quran says her family in the u.s. will certainly vote for trump and although she doesn't follow american politics closely there are things she likes about him. he seems to be very religious he prays for this and that. i had a good time in the us sophia court says and although she reckons it's easier these days to find her. working nearby germany or austria america will always be special to her. and champions league title holders fire in munich could face a difficult clash against against atletico madrid tonight despite their remarkable success last season byron coach hansie flick is staying cautious for the new european campaign byron's form has been patchy domestically and a key player is now rolled out with copa thank teen for. it is less than 2 months since by a munich were crowned champions league winners coronavirus disruptions mean they
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have had little time to past in the limelight before starting all over again. the defense of that bonus the good title has been opened down so far although they did impress in saturday's 41 win it bila felt was robert leaven dusky scoring yet again . i said it's good gnabry played in that game but just since tested positive for the coronavirus and is now in quarantine despite the setback the flick hopes to take the renewed on field positivity into the champions league group a opener at home to atletico madrid but he knows the spaniards are dangerous like so many other sides it is not us is not too sure we all know it's difficult because there are lots of good things out there especially in the champions league and that's why it's always about taking one game at a time yes we have the bigger picture in our minds but the next game is always decisive and simply in china's immodest. atletico not by an out in the
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2016 semifinals enough famously combative close they now boast the goals of luis suarez. suddenly champions league glory seems a long way away. coming up next as eco africa thanks for watching.
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eco africa. for uganda is not in. the primates have taken advantage of the peace and quiet of the coronavirus lock down to produce a particularly large number of offspring residents in the neighboring villages are thrilled in the hope that these were animals most soon attract new tourists again and go for go. on w. . form.
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where the real power resides. i come from the loss of people in fact more than a 1000000000 if you could was not just democracy that's one reason why i'm passionate about people and the aspirations and bacon. and. the television reporters try checking the names onto the floor of the sun in the morning i remember thinking at the time if the bombing will conflict with anything can happen if people come together and unite for a full. when i do the news i often confronted difficult situations for conflicts between do something still i see despite my job to confront good speeches on policies and development to put the spotlight on issues that matter most. to
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security question marks a nice piece in. the north has been achieved but so much more needs to john and i feel people have to be an ox into shoes my name is on the track she's on and i work in t w. the . it's no secret that our planet's resources are dwindling and that's why when i am buying program we like to share ideas on how you can protect and support nature welcomes the cooperate. in lagos nigeria and a one welcome for me too so glad you could join us today i am sundra to nobody coming to you from kampala here is what is coming up shortly.
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keeping. pressure on. the. growing number of. mountain gorillas all the pride of a country here in uganda these wonderful and drum many visitors which helps the economy but the core of. the tourism industry hot so a women's initiative lent to the windy impenetrable national park where the. attraction has come up with other ways of on a good income and that is continuing even though the park is now once again open to visitors but the women aren't the only ones who read good use of their time doing
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this pandemic. for. sprains in the last 2 months the oldest. national park. members. are used to this site of humans so. the trades. so the new bones are in just a welcome addition. of joy for the people. we have. because. in our history. it's also good news for.
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profits from tours. a coronavirus lockdown march broached tourism to a standstill depriving many local women of the way to. these women have been home for 6 months with no walk almost 7 months and because uganda has. them to them it means they want to cut i mean an income right for a woman or for services such as bike she was around in national park some of the women. to ride a bike themselves but that tourism now in big demand rights for women was founded. by. it now employees of a $300.00 women from villages in the area. women but using the mountain base as we
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thought maybe torso calm and actually use the mountain base. the women and the benefits to providing to us help the women and other locals to recall the need to protect nature and wildlife many know watch out for america to prevent the apes from being exploited it's a human perspective that twat doesn't benefit you is useless and that's how most of the people who live in the. conservation. areas and if there is a benefit of them. then it seems like it's not good enough but that ended abruptly in march the 1 no more tourists mountain bikes visit workshops or by handicrafts. so instead the women started making face masks for companies and
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organizations in uganda as well as for exports abroad. and we have. so when we get it here we trade. there's a man and. we just got one and we started for that they must generate some income but. so even came up with another scheme to help this community of women with the help of donations they set up a farm where. he also helps keep the charity going plus people need to eat even when there's no money coming in. become self-sustaining so we get football in here take it to the women who are on the other side walking and then we still i am bringing their money out to actually come and pay the women walking in the fields. now that's
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at intersections are being lifted tourists are starting to. some of the women moved by bikes and with. of the silverberg and his family. have been born since the beginning of the to the day of conservationists these majestic primates that species most long ago there were only 800 mountain lived all of them. run the democratic republic of congo fortunately the projects of my dearest proved effective and their numbers have grown to over a 1000. did you know that some 1300000000 tons of food a west it every year one point in africa it is often down to a lot of infrastructure for preserving freshly rested food as
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a result on average $6.00 to $11.00 killers of food a west at. play here in developing countries what a waste of resources sondra but in industrial nations the level of waste is 10 times greater retailers and consumers often toss out food just because it's no longer fresh now one company has found a way of extending the shelf life of fruits and vegetables using a method that doesn't harm the environment. the fruit and vegetables rotting in fields or during transportation to consumers. according to the un food and agricultural organization or f a o some 14 percent of food is lost after harvesting and before it reaches the market or retailer. if you go to a particular country. you are likely to see varying levels of food losses and these
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you pending on the situation would go up even to 50 percent if you're talking about let's say fruits and vegetables for example if they're from a does not find a market for that particular food product in a timely basis now this is huge amount of food and if you you convert it into monetary pointed this is a lot and if you wait it is well into the laws to the environment or the environmental impact that is also huge. when that happens water pesticides and resources used for transportation are all wasted some 7 percent of global greenhouse gas emissions can be traced back to food loss and waste the chief causes include problems with transportation and refrigeration. getting the produce from harvest to kitchen table is a race against time. a
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california based company appeals sciences might be able to help. founder james rodgers and his team have developed a liquid that could extend the shelf life of fruits and vegetables. appeal is a little exactly like it sounds peel it we apply to the surface of fresh produce you can't see it you can't taste it you can't feel it but it slows down the factors that cause the fruit to age. it helps even without refrigeration appeal is a liquid coating that dries into a kind of edible skin. the coating helps the produce last up to 4 times as long that buys time time to transport the produce to store it and eat it before it spoils. appeal is based on limits and other natural compounds found in fruits and vegetables. they were extracted and blended into
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a tailor made solution. by combining them in the right ratios when they dry they dry into an arrangement that allows us to control the factors that cause street to age which are basically water going out and oxygen going or so same materials we're just teaching a new trick by finding the right formula to apply to different kinds of produce in order to give them the same kind of protection that you have a lamb in on a cucumber or on a. dutch wholesaler nature's pride sells some 120000 tons of fruits and vegetables a year they import from 59 countries especially latin america in rotterdam. the imported produce continues to ripen before it's sorted packed and shipped to the retailer. spoilage and waste is a common problem in the industry but the company hopes to minimize these losses in
2:41 pm
the future. the consumer throws food away they actually brought it and they don't use it and that costs money so in the chain if we don't get way you don't spend that money wrongly with a view we can reduce food waste which is you said at the retail level. food that used to land in the trash can now be sold every day nature's pride treats 6 tons of avocados with appeal before sending them to supermarket shelves across europe. the main customers are in scandinavia germany and the netherlands. nature's pride is the 1st company in europe to use appeal. they're planning to start treating other kinds of fruits and vegetables soon. as there is coming by air by using a few we might give them the possibility go by boat and that is of course is they need the things are safe so there's lots of opportunities. so far the new
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technology is mainly being used by large companies smaller ones can't afford it but appeal says it's planning to change that with a new business model it foresees retail chains in supermarkets paying for the technology for small producers and farmers to install. in return the retailers receive longer lasting produce farmers in places that haven't had access to national and international markets could also benefit. and so the opportunity is to be able to use appeal to reduce the transport station cost increase the quality so it's not a it's a way 'd for a small producer to grow something it's intrinsically valuable to collect some of that value. and that's exactly what would help producers in african countries appeal is currently setting up a facility in south africa for example it's not just aimed at the export market but could also help reduce food waste in the country itself. but while extending the
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shelf life of produce will help it won't put an end to the waste problem. jobs for that transportation and refrigeration systems will also need to be improved and expanded. and consumers will need to stop throwing food away and start only buying what they'll actually eat. here you get a clue what's really going on. africa . being played out big picture. we introduce you to clever people and the latest solutions for the environment. simply amazing story. africa. let's move to egypt now many. in the north african country are so isolated.
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a problem for residents on the tourism industry solar power could provide a solution. as one of the world's largest solar plants it can't cover the needs of the country in the meantime a small supply of localized to fill the gap let's take a look. good man is a remote fishing village on the red sea and it's not on the national grid. until recently the only electricity here came from diesel generators now a solar powered local grid to provide the electricity of around the clock. enabling fishermen to store their catch safely. you know. when we caught fish we used to take them either 11 kilometers south to her mouth or
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more 16 kilometers north to busan. it was quite a long drive and the fish would sometimes go bad and start to smell. now that we have electricity around the clock we have a freezer people come to us to buy fish and we save on time and travel costs. 100 kilometers to the north there's marsa. it's a popular tourist destination the hotels here rely mostly on diesel generators for electricity. but that's not the case at the martha schachter a large where people come from all over the world to dive the owners here have invested in solar power but the system only provides electricity journal the day when it's.


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