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tv   Reporter - Vor Ort  Deutsche Welle  October 21, 2020 4:00pm-4:16pm CEST

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this is you know redos live from berlin global outrage after security forces in nigeria opened fire on protesters demonstrating against police violence in the country's most populous city. because of the out there and i do know you are a little hoarse sounds of shooting in the night time lagos witnesses say people were killed well that's after a curfew was imposed on the city i mean weeks of demonstrations against police brutality and corruption also coming up the drug sentence a southern region back into lockdown as
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a covert 902nd wave gathers pace more than 100000 people affected restrictions on public life are taking elsewhere as well gloves to berlin museums are on the old work to vandals attacked dozens of priceless artifacts on the city's world famous museum island and touch and go into outer space after a 4 year journey a nasa spacecraft briefly makes contact with an asteroid when it's such a rock and dust samples we'll get the details of this daring mission. to. let our thank you so much for your company everyone where we begin in west africa authorities in nigeria's biggest city lagos are vowing to investigate reports that security forces have. opened fire on protesters are rights groups are citing what
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they call credible reports that some demonstrators were killed or the army calls the reports fake news nigerians have been protesting meanwhile for weeks against police brutality and corruption. they came out in defiance of a curfew and after dusk the trouble started the many green uniforms was seen setting up barriers surrounding the area and eyewitnesses saw c.c.t.v. cameras and street lighting being disabled for god then suddenly gunshots. i truly am sure they're. ok all sincere huge people outside the toll gate started taking cover now down to down. the road i. think. a d w news crew who were on the scene were forced to take shelter next to their vehicle
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. i think. the earth even after the sun went down the shooting continued so did the protest deep into the night was here look how many of them are still down on her way out just in nigeria out of the army has denied responsibility claiming reports of soldiers being involved were fake news but footage of the shooting quickly made its way on to social media. please tell people please tell people people are going to run they're shooting at them and they're likely to ok cool the day after the shooting and nigeria is in shock the government has promised an investigation into what happened but protesters don't have too much trust in authorities at the moment . the. scenes of chaos and lagos and it obvious funny fish are was at the rally and witnessed the incident. everything started as usual for the past 2 weeks of
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this particular site here in the tory island very close to our studio peaceful protesters chanting that they want an end to police brutality they were chanting that they're going to defy the curfew that was just in place for 24 hours but what happened next the dynamic started to change that's when people dressed in camouflage gone the man on clear for the military or what kind of ledger and security forces and this side in this started to shoot the shooting close to your rights on time my team and me found a way to hunker down and that's where we stood for that's where we were laying down for at least an hour and we could witness from that situation from that point of the size what was going on all around us and it was chaos there was panic it was a huge mess for the fish are there reporting from illegal well more than 100000
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people here in germany's southern state of bavaria are largely confined to their homes after covert infections there skyrocketed in gardiner along schools restaurants and daycare centers have been shut and most public gatherings banned coronavirus cases are rising fast across germany. bash just gotten a lot and in bavaria and mountainous israel on the austrian border the number one coronavirus hot spot in germany the number of new cases that in the last week is 5 times about the threshold for a high risk area from midday on tuesday locals were back in lockdown and only allowed to leave their homes with a valid reason despite the hashmi edges most people in the fascist district appear to support the move. i think it's a good thing of course for many the hotels the pub owners for the hospitality industry it's really bad but the most important thing is to get the numbers down
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and we just don't know where the numbers are coming from. when if the numbers are correct then we have to do something about it it's probably a bit late we could have done something about it earlier in summer who knows what's happened with all the tourists that we've already sent home. the numbers are climbing and we can no longer trace the chain of infection for most so in my opinion it's the only way. the state's premier mark has stood the entire country is under threat not just by varia. it's through that is the danger that also here in germany the situation could soon get tired to control many a warning that we are at 5 minutes before midnight so to say we need a lockdown or at least a partial lockdown. the number of new daily cases in germany is rising nationwide with the south and the west worst hit more than 129 areas and
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deemed high risk as the 2nd wave hits but lynn authorities are urging people to wear masks in all crowded places where social distancing isn't possible mosques a compulsory at markets well queuing and on some shopping streets tonight the public is largely remaining calm. in political speeches pressure is growing for more involvement of the parliament in coronavirus decision making bundestag president both gun show wrote to m.p.'s on monday saying that parliament's role as lawmakers must be more distinct in the handling of the pandemic a polite reminder that in germany's democracy parliament makes the laws not the government. well are various states of premier marcus are there warning that the situation in germany could spiral out of control so how bad is the situation with that very question earlier to last hour wheeler president of the robert costa institute germany's central health disease control authority. well actually the numbers are rising over the weeks in particular since july so we have to be very
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proud of the earth and the tyrants who controlled us and why this is. that we all control ourselves behavior it is of utmost important but he also speaks to the roots. basically keeping a distance from other people not colored girl across particularly not a closed room and if you will there is who controls. well germany is of course far from alone in grappling with the resurgent pandemic governments across the continent are scrambling to contain a 2nd wave of coronavirus infections so what's the situation in some of the biggest hotspots where we asked our correspondents in spain belgium and poland. your experience once again very tense and what makes it even worse is that the pressure on the house system is repartee increasing i received a message from
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a medical doctor who works in the local hospital in sydney are yesterday and what she wrote didn't sound like a cry for so let me just quote. she writes i'm sending you this message because he opposes so we have some numbers that skyrockets of. emergency going to school it's horrible and it would get even worse not alarmist but realistic and she also says that she fears that in the coming days even going to get worse still i'm afraid. from state they've closed all the restaurants said they have put out to nightly curfew you're not supposed to go out at night at all anymore limit the sale of alcohol everything we've already seen in france but they also appealing to its citizens to sort of stick to the rules you're not supposed to meet more than one other person outside of you direct family and so they're really playing for
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time but the figure seem to be running away from them they've seen a 70 percent increase of new infections throughout the last 10 days and they also fear that by mid november all the emergency beds in the hospitals could be full so desperate holding measures and they don't know yet whether this is going to work earlier this year in spring poland introduced one of the earliest and toughest lockdowns of all of europe and was hit less hard to tell ever right now the government is failing to curb the infection rates we hear more and more reports from hospitals that cannot take patients anymore and at the moment the government even turns the national stadium and or so into a few to hospital he reports that similar emergency entities from his top list and the rest of the country the system is not breaking down yet but we expect it to reach its limits and a couple of weeks. the views from the european hotspots were meanwhile getting back
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to berlin the police are investigating what is reported to be the biggest act of vandalism committed against works of art in antiquity in post-war germany over 60 art works how on berlin's museum island were sprayed with what's been described as a colorless oily substance where the collection on the island includes items from antiquity such as the program bontempo. some of the damage is clearly visible like on these egyptian side coffer guy on the 3rd of october a total of $63.00 artworks and artifacts in 4 museums were vandalized with an oily liquid investigations are still ongoing and the extent of the damage remains far from clear police only said the liquid was transparent and not corrosive authorities say they're at a loss as to how when by whom and why the crimes were committed the museums do have security cameras but. if somebody doesn't say fire
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a water pistol and you see it but instead they smear something in a concealed way then you might not see on the camera that there's liquid on the floor or in the object the thought of his cut off the board would all be. police informed the public more than 2 weeks after the incident and only after media reports broke on tuesday as part of their search for witnesses they've now written e-mails to more than $600.00 ticket holders but at least 3000 people visited museum island on that day and there is no confession note speculation quickly focused on a group supporting germany's most notorious conspiracy theorist a man who has previously set calls for attacks on the museum's because of what he calls satanist artifacts there the museums distance themselves this summer with corresponding flags still flying. we don't want to participate in such speculation we're investigating in every regard all directions. billings museum island is considered one of the most precious art collections in europe the directors say the
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security concept is currently being reviewed. and with me here now on the set is karen help from to give us arts and culture this is of course shrouded in mystery police are investigating what do we know well you know they're very very tight with information so far as we heard in the report and it's but of course not clear if there was just one perpetrator or if there were several it's very hard to believe of course that no one noticed this happening but obviously the museum staff are very preoccupied with so with monitoring social distancing so germany's minister for culture has condemned this act very strongly as an attack on our cultural heritage and our democratic values and she says there's some hope that some of this damage can be repaired. but she's demanded a report and also said obviously that the state museums have a lot of questions to answer and need to really do a strong review of their security concept now regarding the speculation there too that certain conspiracy theorist. to a headline is
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a former celebrity chef and he's coronavirus deniers and likes to spread to conspiracy theories he held a number of demonstrations on museum island in the summer already and some of the museums already distanced themselves from him very strongly back in july so that that all is still to be confirmed it's just conjecture and yeah exactly we don't know that. let's talk about the timeline because that's another thing that the museums have to answer for it because so this or the security. detail because this happened october 3rd as we hear is that it now amazingly very interesting that that was german unity day and that this year that date actually marked 30 years since the end of the cold war there's absolutely no clue so far as to whether that date was chosen deliberately or whether that was just a coincidence the police of course didn't announce anything immediately because they didn't want to jeopardize their ongoing investigations. they launched
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a probe pretty much immediately but they are still actively looking for witnesses and of course they were contacting spending all their time contacting all the people that had booked and this ever happened before and why would the museum island be such a target well obviously there's a lot of and credibly precious stuff there we've seen some pretty spectacular art theft in recent years right on the museum island in fact at the border museum back in 2017 the big maple leaf that's 100 kilogram gold coin that with minted in canada that was stolen right out of a glass display case there was also theft just last year in the green vaults in saxony in dresden but that is theft you know and this was really more like a deliberate act of vandalism obviously of defacement and something like that really reeks of hatred and.


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