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tv   Global 3000  Deutsche Welle  October 21, 2020 5:03pm-5:31pm CEST

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to look through but essentially the 2 elements are that homosexuals have a right to a family so this is specifically has to do with the family sirico it's not really just an assertion about rights or a question about legality but then the 2nd element is the one that has to do with civil rights essentially having the protections that are afforded by the law or to most couples or to most family units things that have to do with you know inheritance shared tenancy of. property etc etc i mean all of these rights are rights ought to be afforded to the 2 and sexual families is what the pope said and does are really just momentous statements and momentous statements before we have we flesh this out a little bit more tell us is this a departure for the pope i mean what have his views been on civil unions for gay couples before he became pontiff. i think it's you know most of us who have been observing sort of this is unfolding during the. have seen
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a very consistent. message of tolerance over usually dealing with in the environment of the church and especially having very very reactionary forces operating from the right a lot of them associated with daniel americans catholic churches the decision has been one of negotiating very difficult waters bed there has been repeated statements that clearly point in the erection of a bolt that things that most security is a it is essentially just one scene among many and that as a matter of fact almost sexual sorry children of god and almost sexual stuff to be afforded not just legal rights but essentially they still have to have access to the church and to you know the ministry of the church so i mean i think that that has been very consistent he spoke which starts in argentina really it's also in a sense very similar because he also belong to sort of a space in which political space in which westerns of rights of minorities among them. sexual minorities was actually
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a very nice shoe it's worth remembering that when he visited the u.s. the one private the only one private meeting he had was actually with one of his former students and he's hosp and a gay couple which itself was something that was there was no access to the media just the gesture itself was a very very strong message and of course the catholic community is humongous and it's very very some will see this as progress others will be well and rage so how do you think it will be received in the traditional parts of the church like in in africa or latin america. i mean i 1st see a very strong reaction i don't think that the main problems will be africa and latin america and those are very big churches the latin murray can cheer each sunday greece considerably more progressive than say the american catholic church or the or the or the african church and i think that it's places like plates in
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places like ball and places like the u.s. which have a very the catholic church here he's a segment of the catholic church that stands here to the right in the case of the u.s. essentially repeats many of the. themes of eventually some of them are going to venture legally some now i think the church is probably already spinning the wheels and we will hear over the next couple of hours through their mediocre ations are annoying to boyce's to complete displeasure with this because of western of gay rights as a question of abortion which might not be central to their the discussions in the catholic church are central to this church's theory that it will be the case of the polish church which already has a fairly and i'm going to stick relation with about to get in conclusion martin and is he testing the waters here is this a thumbs up from the pope or i endorse civil unions or and will this now become doctrine. no i think we're way past testing the waters but certainly we're not at
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the stage of the train the stage of the 20 something that requires all ecclesiastical machinery to be aligned in to be moving however the position of the pope is something and he said this here many times but we cannot measure it by you know the impressions of the gay community or some francies garber lane we have to look at these kind of statements in the context of gay rights in places like the philippines in you know. the excluded free songs in poland which they call entity free. sones but those are the places in which the recessions of these message will simply be tremendous because it shows basically the very head of the church taking a much more slowly darrius disposition to a community that in many places under siege well they're just affairs correspondent martin gak thank you you're welcome. protesters have taken to the streets of lagos in nigeria a day after
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a demonstration was violently broken up by gunfire human rights groups are siding with they call credible reports that some demonstrators were killed or the army calls the reports fake news nigerians have been protesting for weeks against police brutality and corruption. they came out in defiance of a curfew and after dusk the trouble started the many green uniforms were seen setting up barriers surrounding the area and eyewitnesses saw c.c.t.v. cameras and street lighting being disabled god * then suddenly gunshots i think i'm still there i feel since huge people outside the toll gate started taking cover now down sit down i wrote i. a d w news crew who were on the scene were forced to take shelter next to their vehicle
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i i think. the earth even after the sun went down the shooting continued so turn did the protest deep into the night the was here not enough they are still going on her got shot in nigeria out of the army has denied responsibility claiming reports of soldiers being involved were fake news but footage of the shooting quickly made its way on to social media. please tell people please tell people people are going to run their shooting at them at the lake he told. the day after the shooting and nigeria is in shock the government has promised an investigation into what happened but protesters don't have too much trust in authorities at the moment. and it is funny for sure was at the rally and witnessed the incident. everything started as usual
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for the past 2 weeks at this particular site here in victoria island very close to our studio peaceful protesters chanting that they want an end to police brutality they were chanting that they're going to defy the curfew that was just in place for 24 hours but what happened next the dynamic started to change that's when people dressed in camouflage gone the man all clear by the military or what kind of. security forces and this side and just started to shoot the shooting quote to you right on time my team and me found a way to hunker down and that's where we stood for that's where we were laying down for at least an hour and we could witness from that situation from that point of the size what was going on all around us and that was chaos that was panic it was a huge mass and fish are reporting from lagos for you let's bring up to speed now with some of the other stories making news around the world. the u.s.
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has filed a landmark antitrust lawsuit against google it alleges that the tech giant has been abusing its dominance as an online search engine to stifle competition and harm consumers is the u.s. government's most significant action to protect competition since a groundbreaking case against microsoft more than 20 years ago. at least 34 members of afghanistan's security forces have been killed in attacks by the taliban in the northern takar province according to of gone officials the taliban attacked the government soldiers while they were sleeping the rising violence comes despite ongoing peace talks between the afghan government and the taliban in the gulf state of qatar. australian police are investigating the alleged transfer of vatican funds to australia during the trial of former vatican treasurer george pell for child sex abuse this follows italian media reports that 700000 euros were sent by a vatican enemy of poles to aid in his prosecution fell was acquitted in april.
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now more than 100000 people in germany's southern state of the varia are largely confined to their homes after covert infections there skyrocketed in their barracks as gardeners land schools restaurants and daycare centers have been shut and most public gatherings are banned coronavirus cases are quickly rising across germany bash to skive no land in bavaria a mountainous isil on the austrian border now the number one coronavirus hot spot in germany the number of new cases that in the last week is 5 times about the threshold for a high risk area from midday on tuesday locals were back in lockdown and only allowed to leave their homes with a valid reason despite the harsh measures most people in the fascist gotten district appear to support the move. and i think it's
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a good thing of course for many hotels the pub owners for the hospitality industry it's really bad but the most important thing is to get the numbers down and we just don't know where the numbers are coming from. when if the numbers are correct then we have to do something about it it's probably a bit late we could have done something about it earlier in summer who knows what's happened with all the tourists that we've already sent home. the numbers are climbing and we can no longer trace the chain of infection for most so in my opinion it's the only way. the state's premier mark has stood the entire country is under threat not just varia. strewed face the danger that also here in germany the situation could soon get back to control many a warning that we are at 5 minutes before midnight so to say we need a lockdown or at least a partial lockdown. the number of new daily cases in germany is rising
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nationwide with the site and the west worst hit more than 129 areas and now deemed high risk as the 2nd wave hits but lynn authorities are urging people to wear masks in all crowded places where social distancing isn't possible mosques a compulsory at markets well queuing and on some shopping streets tonight the public is largely remaining calm. and political sphere as pressure is growing for more involvement of the parliament in coronavirus decision making bundestag president both can show wrote to m.p.'s on monday saying that parliament's role as lawmakers must be more distinct in the handling of the pandemic a polite reminder that in germany's democracy parliament makes the laws not the government. and various state premier and marcus are warning that the situation in germany could spiral out of control so just how bad is the situation we put that
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very question earlier to last our wheeler president of the robert carr institute germany central health disease control authority. well actually the numbers are rising all the examples you could have since july so we have heard graphs through tyrants who control this is why this is. called or so it is of utmost important. to the roots the. basic. systems. not. particularly close groups and if you will there is. and we have another breaking story for you now it has just been announced the german health minister yes sean has to supposedly for the coronavirus he's in quarantine at home and his only experiencing cold like symptoms that information coming to us from the german health ministry well they're saying that all the
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people he has recently come into contact with have been informed just to recount the german health minister assistive positive for corona virus and has placed himself in home quarantine. here's a look now at some of the other developments in the global pandemic or several more areas now in france so far to enter a red alert status in the coming days it means they will have to impose curfews similar to those in paris and other big cities the french government has proposed extending a state of emergency until mid february meanwhile russia is not planning to introduce any new measures to contain the virus well that's despite the country recording its highest daily death toll since the start of the pen demick and south africa faces a high risk of resurging coronavirus infections that may force the country back into a strict or long doubt all this according to the country's health department in comes after cases in western cape province rose by 42 percent in the last 2 weeks.
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now it's less than 2 weeks to go before americans elect their next president a 2nd term for donald trump or the switch to challenger joe biden or people around the world are closely following the campaigns especially if they have personal ties to the country they have easily gone over a nominee visit poland which has seen many of its people emigrate to the u.s. to find out who's the favorite there. sophia choros grandfather was the 1st to go hoping to make his american dream come true since then her family's relationship with the u.s. has been an enduring love story sophia corot spent 15 years there. i'd like to be or i just got to like america a lot but i was going back and forth for a while. but i couldn't settle back in poland to finish building her house but
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her 4 children and their children stayed in america for good it's nothing unusual in southern poland here in question the score in the foothills of the top from mountains roman krupa is the mayor he tells me almost every family here has relatives in the us. 'd we like america a lot because we are. most of the houses you can see here with money people able to make in the us that's not. the thais go back to the 19th century when the 1st people from the top from mountains left the region to escape poverty and seek a better life in america many followed up until today poland has always been able to rely on the u.s. says district administrator appeared bunk he's a fan of president and is rooting for his reelection bank believes trump will keep poland safe. the fact that the american troops are in poland
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and as our allies to deter potential enemies is important for us and one of the reasons why his reelection would be good for us to do. an assessment that it's in line with paul unselfish all foreign policy and never try victor we would be good news for the conservative polish government the current you asked administration sees warsaw as an essential. in a deeply trump critical europe and in return america supports poland in a number of important areas such as defense and energy security that might all change if joe biden gets elected. joe biden doesn't have many friends in the region says mayor krupa most people here are conservative and prefer trump's agenda and you know. you go like this rational business oriented approach.
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and i support his efforts to secure the border to make it more difficult for migrants to get. sophia quran says her family in the u.s. will certainly vote for trump and although she doesn't follow american politics closely there are things she likes about him. he seems to be very religious he prays for this and that. i had a good time in the us sophia court says and although she reckons it's easier these days to find work in nearby germany or austria america will always be special to her. from these here in berlin are investigating what is reported to be the biggest act of vandalism committed against works of art and antiquity in post-war germany over 60 artworks housed on berlin's museum island or strayed where it would spend described as a colorless oily substance of the year collection on the island includes items from
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antiquity such as the program on temple. some of the damage is clearly visible like on these egyptian side coffer guy on the 3rd of october a total of $63.00 artworks and artifacts in 4 museums were vandalized with an oily liquid investigations are still ongoing and the extent of the damage remains far from clear police only said the liquid was transparent and not corrosive authorities say they're at a loss as to how when by whom and why the crimes were committed the museums do have security cameras but. if somebody doesn't say fire a water pistol and you see it but instead they smear something in a concealed way then you might not see on the camera that there's liquid on the floor or in the object. of who's got off the boat would often not be. police informed the public more than 2 weeks after the incident and only after media reports broke on tuesday as part of their search for witnesses they have now
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written e-mails to more than $600.00 ticket holders but at least 3000 people visited museum island on that day and there's no confession note speculation quickly focused on a group supporting germany's most notorious conspiracy theorist a man the man has previously said calls for attacks on the museum's because of what he calls satanist artifacts there the museums distance themselves this summer with corresponding flags still flying. we don't want to participate in such speculation we're investigating in every regard all directions. bolen's museum island is considered one of the most precious art collections in europe that direct to say the security concept is currently being reviewed. a nasa spacecraft has briefly current's a physical contact with an asteroid called the new over 320000000 kilometers from earth while the oestrus rex pro collected rock and dust samples that scientists
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hope will allow them to learn more about how planets formed and life began. don't declare. 2 the 2 words that nasa scientists have waited for since 2016 all right. when robotic spacecraft osiris rex started its journey to the asteroid. for the past 2 years of its mission osiris rex has been orbiting the asteroid looking for the perfect spot to land for only a brief encounter. a few seconds almost like a kiss on the surface was all the time osiris rex had to grab rock and dust samples from the asteroid seconds that have been here just in the making room and. you're going to. get it i can tell you that everything went well just exactly perfect which is kind of the hallmark of this team we have consistently beating
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expectations over and over again we have overcome the amazing challenges that this asteroid has thrown at us and the spacecraft appears to have operated flawlessly it was the 1st time nasa has touched down an asteroid but it could be a week before scientists know if and how much the spacecraft craft still the mission is already a success i mean like ever we're actually pull this off. if the sample collection is successful cyrus rex will begin its long journey home and return to earth in 2023. football and the champions league title holders by munich face to cover drip tonight but forwards cannot bury is ruled out what corner virus on the other by a players have been tested again and at the moment the game is on coach hands the flick is expecting a difficult encounter. it is less than 2 months since by a munich were crowned champions league winners coronavirus disruptions mean they
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have had little time to bask in the limelight before starting all over. the defense of that bullishly good title has been opened down so far although they did impress in saturday's 41 win it bealefeld was robert lennon dusky scoring yet again. such good gnabry played in that game but has since tested positive for the coronavirus and is now in quarantine despite the setback the flick hopes to take the renewed on field positivity into the champions league group a opener at home to atletico madrid but he knows the spaniards are dangerous like so many other sides which is not understood by the not too sure we all know it's difficult because there are lots of good teams out there especially in the champions league and that's why it's always about taking one game at a time yes we have the bigger picture in our minds but the next game is always decisive. and china's immodest to snakes. let it go not by and out in the
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2016 semi finals and our famously combative close they now boast the goals of luis suarez. suddenly champions league glory seems a long way away. x. x. and germany player mr churchill has criticised arsenal for a lack of loyalty after being left out of their finalised squad for the premier league reports say there is no burns over 350000 years a week but he has been frozen out at the london side of his long silence in a statement saying his allegiance to arsenal had not been reciprocated he still hopes to play again for the club will put the german team in 2018 after out over a meeting with turkish president richard to have won. and they were right out of the top stories that we're following for you this hour pope francis has expressed his support for civil unions for same sex couples is the 1st time francis
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has done so since he became head of the catholic church. lagos in nigeria remains tense following the violent break up of the protests there and there are reports now of more anti-government demonstrations in the commercial capital i'm sure you have seen weeks of protests against police brutality and corruption. in your washington over news or from abroad and coming up next our business program made in germany on my heart and i went thank you for your company.
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