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tv   Spatschicht  Deutsche Welle  October 21, 2020 7:30pm-8:16pm CEST

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and send us your story we are trying always to understand this new culture. or another very little or nothing yet you want to become a citizen. in for margaret's your platform for reliable information. this is d w news africa on the program today gunshots and danced in lagos peaceful demonstrators fired on in the heart of nigeria's commercial capital and their outrage has been heard around the world at. least our people please help the people are going to run they're shooting at them at the markets holding. up all 4 g.'s initially came to no one was killed in the protests but the davenant lagos was some but. this is events. with the tests i could use all the.
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assistance thank god i. welcome to the program protesters in nigeria's most populous city lagos are back on the streets to demonstrate against police brutality that's in spite of a government curfew imposed after protests turned violent on tuesday security forces opened fire rights group amnesty international said several people were killed and many others injured the incident has sparked global outrage and ignited fresh anger among a growing movement young nigerians. said they came out in defiance of a curfew and after dusk the trouble started the many green uniforms was seen
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setting up barriers surrounding the area and eyewitnesses saw c.c.t.v. cameras and street lighting being disabled the car then suddenly gunshots i would but i'm sure there are thank you rafael since your huge people were outside the tollgate started taking cover down sit down i think i wrote i. think a d w news crew who were on the scene were forced to take shelter next to their vehicle i the army has denied responsibility claiming reports of soldiers being involved were fake news but footage of the shooting quickly made its way on to social media. please tell people please tell people people are going to run they're shooting at them and the like it's ok. the day after the shooting and nigeria is in shock. has promised an
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investigation into what happened but protesters don't have too much trust in authorities at the moment. as we mentioned in that report and news team was caught up in last night's events and had to take cover when the shooting began funny for a child was there and she told us of their experiences everything started as usual for the past 2 weeks of this particular site here in victoria island very close to our studio peaceful protesters chanting that they want an end to police brutality they were chanting that they're going to defy the curfew that was just in place for 24 hours but what happened next the dynamic started to change that's when people dressed in camouflage gone the man all clear by the military or what kind of ledger and security forces and this side in this started to shoot the shooting continued
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so right some time my team and me found a way to hunker down and that's where we stood for that's where we were laying down for at least an hour and we could witness from that situation from that point of the size what was going on all around us and it was chaos that was panic it was a huge mass. so how did things all began at the start of this month when a video went viral on social media allegedly showing an officer from the police unit saw us all spatial and robbery squad in each of the killing a man in the southern delta state now the saws unit that has long faced accusations of brutality and the video treated as state that soon spread to the commercial capital lagos a protest as in lagos camped outside the city's government house overnight 2 days later approaches to was shot dead by police and all you'll state on the same day police violently dispersed protest is. in the capital. by now nigerians were
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protesting all over the country and at the rallying cry in saas the same hash tag trending on global twitter on october 11th president mohamed juba hari announced the disbanding off the police units size but that wasn't enough to call the outrage and people continue to protest. let's go over she did have views west africa correspondent freedom of when you he is in lagos hi fred these protests began over police brutality but it's about more than that now isn't it. yeah you're right christine there are protests as you mentioned they started when protesters were demanding this tit to disband this police unit and the government did just that and then they went ahead to demand they inform of the. whole port in general and the government
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promised that they're going to look into these but then a christian out there is a problem of a mistrust because the protesters are saying that we have been asking these changes for so many and the government didn't do and i think i've talked and that's why the protest was going to to be on the streets demanding more but also you know if you really want to look at nigeria the current. with this current is there is more problems than just these. days there is corruption in security agencies there is unemployment and. this this point of time young people. and they want to see things changing right so frank what have you heard from the protest as are going to continue demonstrating we know some were ousted a. interesting this is unlikely i mean forget
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about what you see there is that happened last night where security forces opened fire against protesters and several people injured and there are reports that others have been killed. they are not they're not willing to stand down there have been a couple of protests in the mainland of course where protesters there have been running battles between the security forces and protesters and this is happening at the time the government has imposed a curfew so they are not willing to stop protesting until the government meets their demand. ok and very quickly fred have we heard any reaction from regional bodies ecowas to a you on the developments. that's a good question there have been nothing nothing completely we have heard from international we have heard from human rights watch we have heard from either you
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commenting on the on these issues in nigeria we have even had the reaction from the un secretary-general but we haven't had anything from a you from ecowas and some people have been. more king the president of ghana who is the current chair of course saying that during the protests. after the killing of george freud the game president was one of the people that went out there to condemn the killing of george freud and also to create a martyr but this moment there's nothing from african board these condemning what is happening in nigeria ok ok that's great when in lagos thank you for it. and for even more on this story i'm joined by alan nathan john he is a nigerian all the welcome to the news africa and nathan what do you make of what
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we've been witnessing in your country over the last few weeks thank you over the last few weeks we've seen a trust deficit people going to an open confrontation with nigerian security forces and labeled by the prominence of lagos as the epicenter of this latest unleashing of violence by the nigerian military unfortunately this is straight out of the playbook of security forces we know that this is a pattern in 1909 they opened fire on dozens of people you know deep by all side they did the savings i could be on benghazi in 2014 they killed 33 shiites in zaria city and killed 347 between december 12 and 14 in 2015 and bury them in mosque raves now. we may have they must be shocked to see this kind of reaction because they did not expect that it would go this viral international
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right that's why they were emboldened to do what they did because they've done this not once not twice and you say this is a normal standard operation for the niger and security forces nathan this was initially about police reform and as our correspondent fred was saying there are more issues here beyond the police reform what kind of reform does your country need. trust the social contract if there ever was one is broken and this would be a great place to start treaty formulas elevate the none just to ship will parts of the nigerian constitution which specify the basic objectives of government and elevates the something beyond the mere suggestion which does not nigerians mustn't be also with the largest structural issues around trying to live and its limits should states for example have a state police is community policing better be able to kind of help provide more accountability around policing and all of that can the gov the government be pushed
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to invest more in education and can and the states take a greater role in educating providing qualitative education right way to citizens and very importantly can we begin to stem this this rampant corruption that allows. stealing of resources that should go to for example making our police have good salaries out nathan and that's interactive because i only have time for one mall but very quickly that this mass mobilization of young people it's a 1st for nigeria in modern history how powerful do you reckon this movement is. i think it's very powerful because as especially because this is happening in places like lagos and which usually is not the case we've had people mobilize for different reasons we had the occupy niger protests we had the protests that
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followed the cancellation of peaceful elections in like 92 but this is the 1st time in the commercial capital young people have. you know they're armed with resources phone and eyes ational skills and connections to the outside world and we can record all of these things as they are happening and we can have responses i think this is a beginning and i use have tasted what it means to be able to hold the government to account and if right if for nothing this concept atone for. holding government to account to account and pushing for greater and greater reform because it is possible it is possible to shine a light in this in this matter right that's all nathan john thank you for that. my pleasure. and that is it for now be sure to check out how other stories on dot com forward slash africa we're also on facebook and on twitter have today will leave you with images of the demonstrations in nigeria so brutally suppressed see you
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next time about. climate change. comes from mrs. d. is today how far future. dot com for. the making himself could turn.
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what secrets lie behind the small. discover new adventures in 360 degree. and explore fascinating world heritage site. w world heritage 316 get me out now. the b. . welcome to news from the world of culture over 60 priceless artworks and ancient artifacts of being damaged here in berlin and a number of museums more all my story in just a minute also coming up today. a german short film the beauty is. this year's international student animation. and in meet the germans today rachael stood tells us about some surprising things that i'm
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not allowed here in germany. but we begin with the extraordinary news that nearly 3 weeks ago on october the. german unification public holiday a large number of artworks were deliberately damaged in museums. however this was kept secret until a national newspaper got wind of it on tuesday we've been down to the city's museum island to investigate. some of the damage is clearly visible like on these egyptian site coffer guy on the 3rd of october a total of $63.00 artworks and artifacts in 4 museums were vandalized with an oily liquid investigations are still ongoing and the extent of the damage remains far from clear police only said the liquid was transparent and not corrosive authorities say they're at a loss as to how when by whom and why the crimes were committed the museums do have
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security cameras but. if somebody doesn't say fire a water pistol and you see it but instead they smear something in a concealed way then you might not see on the camera that there's liquid on the floor or in the object. of the. police informed the public more than 2 weeks after the incident and only after media reports broke on tuesday as part of their search for witnesses they have now written e-mails to more than $600.00 ticket holders but at least 3000 people visited museum island on that day and there is no confession note speculation quickly focused on a group supporting germany's most notorious conspiracy theorist a man who has previously said calls for attacks on the museums because of what he calls satanist artifacts there the museums distance themselves this summer with corresponding flags still flying. we don't want to participate in such speculation we're investigating in every regard all directions. billings museum island is
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considered one of the most presses art collections in europe that directors say the security concept is currently being reviewed. for more on that story my colleague adrian kennedy is here now what do we know agent about the extent of this damage well as we heard over 60 exhibit free museums have been named the outearned that's now calorie the noir museum the pergamon museum these are all on balance famous museum island will which is a world heritage site just how serious the damage is is not 100 percent clear the damage is visible and of course a 200 year old painting is very sensitive indeed. this all happened on or so the 3rd a very important day here in germany is german unity day but it has come out through the press there was no statement by the police 3 weeks ago or nearly 3
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weeks so that's why the police say they kept it under wraps in order not to jeopardize the investigation the national newspaper broke the story it seems that they probably got wind of the story when investigators started trying to contact people who had been at the museum on the day in question now as we heard in the reports the press have started to link the attack to this guy attila his man he's a well known controversial figure here in germany but tell us a bit more about him yes he is very controversial this is a huge man a celebrity chef and offer a vacant cookbook so it's been a prominent 1990 and it has organized demonstrations against covert restrictions some of these protests took place on the steps of the outer museum just around the corner prompting the foundation to distance itself from. one with
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a statement against and he semitism one of the many wild conspiracy theories hilda math is that this pergamon museum is the center of a satanist cult he's also recently posted a rants on the telegram messenger service where he has $100000.00 followers making a bizarre claim about the german chancellor and schumann sacrifices that were taking place at one off the closing time completely unfounded completely untrue and as you say extremely bizarre but he's not yet been named as a suspect no actually no this is just press speculation the police have only said that they are investigating all possibilities they say they haven't mentioned motive because most attacks like this are carried out by people with psychological problems or by criminals demanding a ransom political actions are usually accompanied by
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a claim of responsibility that wasn't the case here but of course this all races very serious questions about security at early in museums at museums in germany after multi $1000000.00 fare in dressed in green votes last year and in $27.00 saying at the botha museum right the only island in $27.00 st ok adrian find you for that round up are over 60 artworks vandalized smeared with some sort of oil in 3 major museums are on german you see date will keep you up to date with this is obviously. going to find out a lot more about that right the most significant prizes for young filmmakers around the world the student oscars have just been awarded in los angeles in of course a virtual ceremony the international student oscar for animation has been won by
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director pascal she believed from the. barden verdun back film academy not the school's 1st oscar indeed it is considered a real talent factory for special effects the short film the beauty is certainly very topical. to beauty takes us on a journey into the depths of the ocean to get a bit more chimichanga. and you realize it's no documentary but a parable fees for about pollution. good sides to starring characters made of plastic waste than just. the basic concept was to tell the story poetically and with irony. all the videos you see featuring distressed whales and turtles are so shocking and somebody i have the feeling we've become emotionally immune. filming and post production took
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a year and a half. the characters like the pufferfish made a bubble wrap. all the school official made of flip flops were digitally animated and later integrated into night action underwater footage. i think the concept only works if it looks realistic if it makes you believe that that's what really a moon rail made of a car tire that just swam by. shelby's photo realistic and what a fantasy invites us to suspend our disbelief and dive into a world in which nature and waste deal with police by entering into a secret natural symbiosis but the film doesn't spare us the harsh reality. it ends with a look at the ever growing forest of synthetic refugees it's cracking. suffocating
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operations and everything that lives in them. has rightfully won accolades the international student propels pascoe show believes article appeal to save the seeds into the running for the best animated short in the main competition. now it's no secret that the germans like their rules which some of which to be honest could be quite useful at times sometimes not for instance there are times when you can't dog all the lore so would meet the germans today here's our very own rachel stewart to explain a few quirky dues and don'ts to keep you on the right side of the law. but i thought do you want to stay on the right side of the door in germany well
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there were a few things you probably didn't realize. every sunday is a quiet day the law states you can only do d.i.y. if it doesn't involve any drilling hammering or banging so i guess but leaves doing other bit not to place. the cyclists laugh and skateboarding noisily. don't even think about. these rules usually apply on public holidays too as well as certain times of the afternoon and evening depending on region. i'm for in germany it can really pay to hold your tongue insulting somebody can land you a hefty fine up to one year in jail here's an example from a real court case. you have. the more you were the more you pay a professional footballer recently received 825000 euro fine for insulting
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a pensioner in the cup. germans are extremely m.v.d. and when it comes to pedestrian crossing and i wonder walking across the street when the light is red because one you are on the spot fine of 5 to 10 your age new drivers can even have that probation period expanded by 2 years for walking and. you know sometimes i think rachel's a bit boring would need to be great to be called something cool like princess asparagus oh hold it right there in germany you can only change your name if you have a really really really good reason for it like no one can pronounce or caused you psychological distress when getting married only one partner can take a double barrel senate and when naming your children there are various legal precedents to like well the name of the easily recognizable as the 1st that's why there's not very many baby in one of those not as running around in no names will be harmful to the child anyway fair enough up until 2008 the name also have to make it clear whether the child was made a female but that's not the case anymore let me say 21st century but titles like
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lord of princess are still out. of step away from. i'm not even allowed to watch my own car in front of my own home. with the water containing debt grease and cleaning chemicals to make its way into the groundwater and eventually into rivers and lakes they dissolve a possible fine of thousands of yours and had her professional car wash up to comply with strict rules when disposing of the water the next time i remember it was out love life. most of all episodes of meet the germans on our website of d.w. dot com slash culture finally british musicians spencer davis passed around schuster aged 81 while being treated for pneumonia in hospital as president his group was one of the great bands of the sixty's a popularize rhythm and blues hit in europe here's a clip of him on a d.-w. show back in 9908 singing one of his greatest hits keep on running.
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enter the complex fronting the powerful. more than 2 years ago the government in armenia came to power in a so-called velvet revolution with the hope of fundamental democratic reform my guest this week from here obama is armenian foreign minister story of menaka cognac how much responsibility does armenia for the conflicts escalate conflicts. to minutes on w. . it was the 1st. international tribunal in. the new murder trials. 75 years ago high ranking officers of the nazi regime mourned dungey by the allied forces. they were the 1st more criminals to be held accountable for their crimes. our 2 part series has been the talk starts nov 12th on g.w. . i'm not all think that well i guess sometimes i
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am but i said nothing that. thinks deep into the german culture of looking at stereotypes the question to me is think the future of the country that i not. needed to take for this drama day out to me it's all about. the time my job to join me to meet the jetman sunday you. post. is for me. is for. children just for him. and beethoven is for. beethoven is for the fun played by the children 2022 fiftieth anniversary here on d. dodo. cool.
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place. blame . this is it every news life from breaking with tradition pope francis has endorsed civil unions for same. couples for the 1st time observers are calling it the clearest language yet from francis on gay rights in his role as pontiff also coming up germany's health minister test positive for covert 19 spawn is currently self isolating at home with what's reported to be called like symptoms and friends space tributes to the history teacher of summer betsy who was killed outside his school last week we'll hear from
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our correspondent in paris about the latest developments in the investigation. and while iraq is great to have you along for france's has said that he supports civil union lost to protect the rights of same sex couples he made the comments in a new documentary about the pontiff titled francesco which premiered today at the rome film festival on the statement marks a decided shift for the roman catholic church the film also tackles other controversial issues such as racism climate change sexual abuse and relations between christians muslims and jews. let's get you more on this breaking news there with our religious affairs correspondent martin again martin what did the pope say exactly. and so essentially there were 2 parts a statement
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a circulating that's a smudge as we have seen so far as how this part as you mentioned off a documentary in which i imagine there will be a lot more to look through but essentially the 2 elements are that homosexuals have a right to a family so this is specifically has to do with the family sirico it's not really just an assertion about rights or a question about legality but then the 2nd element is the one that has to do with civil rights essentially having the protections that are afforded by the law or to most couples or to most family units things that have to do with you know inheritance shared tenancy of. property etc etc i mean all of these rights are rights that ought to be afforded to the 2 and sexual families it's what the pope said and d.c. are really just momentous statements and momentous statements before we have we flesh this out a little bit more tell us is this a departure for the pope i mean what have his views been on civil unions for gay
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couples before he became pontiff. i think it's you know most of us who have been observing sort of this unfolding during the. have seen a very consistent. message of tolerance over usually dealing with in the environment of the church and specially having very very reactionary forces operating from the right a lot of them associated with daniel americans' church's position has been one of negotiating very difficult waters bed there has been repeated statements that clearly point in the erection of a bolt that things that most security is a it is essentially just one scene among many and that as a matter of fact almost sexual sorry children of god and almost sexual stuff to be afforded not just legal rights but essentially they still have to have access to the church and who you know the ministry of the church so i mean i think that that has been very consistent he's political life which starts in argentina really it's
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also in a sense very similar because he also belong to sort of a space in which political space in which way skins of rights of minorities among them. sexual minorities was actually a very nice shoe in conclusion martin is he testing the waters here is this a thumbs up from the pope or i endorse civil unions or and will this now become doctor and. no i think we're way past testing the waters but certainly we're not at the stage of the tremendous stage of the 20 something that requires all the ecclesiastical machinery to be aligned in to be moving however the position of the pope is something and he said this here many times but we cannot measure it by you know the impressions of the gay community of some francis garber lean we have to look at these kind of statements in the context of gay rights in places like the philippines in you know. excluded 3 songs in poland
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which we call into the free. zones but those are the places in which the recessions of this message will simply be tremendous because it shows basically differently head of the church taking it much more slowly darrius this position to a community that in many places under siege well they're just affairs correspondent martin gak thank you you're welcome german the health minister a young spawn has tested positive for the coronavirus he immediately went into self isolation on the announcement came just hours after mr spawn had attended a cabinet meeting with chance on the america and other ministers as health minister he is a prominent figure in efforts to control the virus and only recently ashmont got his annual flu vaccine and urged people to follow his lead. so he more on these breaking developments political correspondent correspondence in
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iran shaz is standing by i am out what impact will mr spawn's testing positive for covert have is there concern for his health. well we got the confirmation just moments ago from the ministry has been to say yes found suffered from symptoms similar to that of all those simple cold so mild symptoms so far of course this is a very volatile situation this can change any time but for now he seems to only suffer from those marks in terms he spearheads the national response who will take over now what are the political ramifications and implications. well we can imagine that over the next couple of days he's has a terrier race then a state secretary with stepping out of the stage we don't know if that's going to be the case we must likely have a regular updates very soon of a next couple of hours of the day next couple of days for now yes found will probably isolate continue to isolate himself and he will probably continue to work
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that's way it was no meetings impasse and of course stands down has been the leading figure behind the chancellor angela merkel folder government's response to pandemic so this is a setback but there's also no reason to believe that this will disturb the country's governance and handing of the pandemic at this stage absolutely he spearheads the national response he is now corn teaming as you are reporting what does this tell us about other members of the german government and the chancellor could they have been exposed or possibly infected. well today there was a main person cabinet meeting between the government members and the chancellor angela merkel now we don't know if the chance that i had a set of has been tested yet but she immediately went into a choir unseen manhood doctor had tested positive shortly after having given her a vaccine shot now we can imagine that all those who have been in close contact with the has many somites get tested rapidly however we also got
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a statement here today from the chance that it was press office highlighting the fact that the federal cabinet meets in compliance with housing and distance rules and that that ensures that there's no need for petitions to be quarantined even sent who later tests positive for core another hour is always present in a meeting. reporting thank you and there is a look now at some of the other developments in the global pandemic spain has become the 1st western european country to record 1000000 coronavirus infections doubling its tally in just 6 weeks astra zeneca and oxford university say their vaccine trial will continue the spike the death of a volunteer in brazil regulators say there are no concerns about the safety of the brazilian trial and russia's president vladimir putin said he is not planning on imposing any blanket restrictions to contain the pandemic is comments come as russia reported a record new daily death toll. now
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a quick summary of some of the day's other headlines. as ortiz in nigeria's biggest city lagos say they'll investigate reports that security forces opened fire on protesters rights groups are citing what they call credible reports that some demonstrators were killed the army calls the reports fake news nigerians have been protesting for weeks against police brutality and corruption. thailand's prime minister says he will end a state of emergency that was imposed in the capital bangkok to suppress anti-government demonstrations it is the 7th consecutive day of protests protests or protesters rather want the government to resign and a new constitution as well as reforms to the monarchy. german prosecutors say fatal knife attack in the city of dresden earlier this month is being treated as islamist terrorism on 2 german tourists were stabbed one died from his injuries
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later in the hospital it 20 year old syrian was taken into custody on tuesday in connection with the attack. german police say one or more vandals the damage dozens of artworks and artifacts 3 of berlin's most renowned museums more than 60 objects were sprayed with an oily liquid which left visible stains investigators believe the vandalism occurred on october the 3rd which happens to be the day of german unity. now we turn our attention to france that country is holding a national tribute to some of the back to the teacher who was brutally killed outside his school last week people have been gathering across the country and french presidents my call is addressing immemorial ceremony together with parties family at the university in paris this very evening so robert c.
8:11 pm
was killed 5 days ago after showing cartoons of the prophet muhammad during classes on the freedom of expression the suspected perpetrator an 18 year old church and refugee was shot dead by police. want to take you now or to paris to our correspondent marina strauss merida the entire country is holding a national tribute in the morial ceremony right behind you where you are at the famous song that university in paris a tell us to give us a sense of the atmosphere. so many french presidents a man who just finished his very personal very emotional speech he wanted he said he wanted to concentrate on some party is the person he said he was one of those teachers you will never forget he was one of those teachers who told you what how
8:12 pm
to think for yourself and not to follow others and he's now the face of frons and like looking around there were a couple of hundreds of people here everyone else very emotional it was very sad you saw some tears here and yes some family was also present apparently it was them who choose the location so brownie of new jersey because it's a symbol for knowledge the symbol for enlightenment and apparently they wanted to have this this tribute here at the university and arena of course the country collectively is still reeling from this brutal murder that took place the government taking this very very seriously bring us up to speed with the investigation. you know what we know so far is that 7 people will have to present themselves this friday in front of terrorists jocz
8:13 pm
just after the attack last week several people were put into custody some of them had the ready the chance to leave and there were several raids executed by the french authorities. now a president and have a call and other leaders political leaders in france have promised a crackdown on islamised organizations what does that mean. what is interesting is that actually at the beginning of october the more than 2 weeks ago president mccraw held a very important speech on islam is the news that that he wants to 5 islam islam in france and some of the measures that he stressed now after this brutal murder. like he already told 2 weeks ago and she said that he wants stronger rules on hate crime for example and that she wants to fight is to miss them and now
8:14 pm
he. decided for example to close down a mosque that was in the bratz some hate crime that reportedly will eventually lead to disprove chill attack and this is just just a few examples but like talking to people here in the streets in paris you can feel that many are very sad and many are very angry about this attack but they also say it's not muslims we will we have to we have to focus on this is a missed terrorists that we have to focus on so muslims should not be like. a big shame of this attack. correspondents reporting from paris thank you. and before i let you go reminder of the top stories that we are tracking for you this hour pope francis has expressed his support for civil unions for same sex couples is the 1st time francis has done so
8:15 pm
since he became head of the catholic church and germany's health minister is a self isolation after testing positive for covert 1000 yes fine symptoms are reported to be light. to the business for me thank you so much for keeping me company on layla rock out to see you again tomorrow. happiness is for everyone schumann penises are very different from primates we have many totally ridiculous man sized view of nature see that this is climate change crisis sex how to dress in books you get smarter for free you know we've got. to go beyond the obvious. solution that.


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