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tv   Quarks  Deutsche Welle  October 22, 2020 1:00am-1:45am CEST

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this is news live from berlin in a market shift for the catholic church pope francis says he supports same sex civil unions observers are calling it the clearest language yet from the pontiff on gay rights and christianity also coming up. germany's health minister has tested positive for covert 19 years and is now self isolating at home but did he pulls a threat to the chancellor last defiance after a deadly crackdown on protesters take to the streets again in lagos nigeria.
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gunshots in the city as demonstrators came out onto the streets despite a curfew this comes after a peaceful protest was broken up by shooting legendary by nigeria's security forces . i'm told me all of the ball welcome to the program pope francis has said that he supports civil union laws to protect the rights of same sex couples this break from the vatican's traditional position on the issue the pope made the comments in a new documentary about him titled francesco which premiered on wednesday at the rome film festival the film also tackles other controversial issues such as racism climate change sexual abuse and relations between christians muslims and jews.
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i'm now joined by chicago based journalist michael a laughlin he is a journalist and author who covers religion and politics with a particular focus on the catholic church michael good to have you on the program how have the pope's comments on same sex civil unions been received in the u.s. . it's been a welcome statement to many of bt catholics who feel like they don't really have a home in the church they've been impressed by the pope's willingness to shift the church's attitude toward gays and lesbians and they see this as yet another example of him wanting to make the church more welcoming is even if he isn't changing church teaching the church is not playing to change his teaching on marriage or views on gay relationships is simply the pope saying would you be more welcoming and allow gay and lesbian people to have the same kind of civil rights as other people and how has this affected you personally michel. yeah i've
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been reporting on t.v. issues in the catholic church for a decade now recently produced a podcast about the church's response to hiv and aids the talk to a lot of gay catholics and i've heard overwhelmingly that to her in pain experienced by l g t catholics historically especially at the height of the aids crisis in the church was really cracking down on a push for gay liberation in the church that even having a change in tone is a welcome relief and i certainly understand that as someone who you know kind of struggles with some teachings from some church leaders having someone in and basically talk about the need to welcome as we keep people to remind them that god loves them as much as god loves any of christians or other people so it is sort of a welcome shift in our rather that we're hearing from the vatican and the one that pope francis has been pushing now for going on 7 years so if we look at this as
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progress so should the pontiff prepare for backlash. i think the vatican is scrambling a little bit there has been some push back in the united states from some bishops who are a little more conservative and their politics kind of saying that they want the pope to clarify what he means by this pointing out that the church's view on marriage is that it is a union between one man and one woman so there is some pushback and i think what we'll probably see in the cup in coming days is the vatican kind of weighing in saying you know the pope has talked about this before when he was archbishop he tried to fight same sex marriage law by suggesting that maybe civil unions were the way to go that the church is not changing its teachings even if the pope wants pastors to be more welcoming so they're already is sort of the struggle to put these words into context and to remind catholics that even if the pope changes how he talks about this issue it doesn't change what the church teaches about the issue
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. we'll have to leave it there michael o'loughlin many thanks for your time sir thank you. germany's health minister yes span has tested positive for the corona virus is currently in self isolation that is it is reportedly experiencing cold like symptoms the announcement came just hours after attended a cabinet meeting with chancellor angela merkel as health minister he's a prominent figure in efforts to control the virus. the health minister testing positive right after a cabinet meets meeting does that now mean the entire cabinet including chancellor angela merkel could be infected earlier we put that question to political correspondent emmanuel shah's but can they imagine that the old those who have been in close contact with the house minister might get tested quite soon however we also got a statement today from the chancellor is press office highlighting the fact that
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the federal cabinet meets in compliance with his hygiene and these to his rooms and that ensures that there's no need for participants to be quarantined if a person who later tests positive for an hour virus is present the meeting that we don't know yet he did chancellor has been tested about daddy ids here she immediately went to acquire and tina when her doctor had tested positive shortly after having given her vaccine shot now in terms of continue to within the house ministry for now. will probably have the it continue waking from isolation he also tweeted that he only suffered from my cold like symptoms as you mentioned that of course he won't be meeting ways anyone of course to has minister has been the leading figure behind i got america behind the chancellor for the government's response to the pandemic so this is of course a setback but there's also no reason to believe that this will disturb the country's governance and handling of the pandemic. political correspondent
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emmanuelle shah's now let's take a look at some of the other days of the day's other headlines. at a memorial service in paris french president emanuel macross paid tribute to the history teacher beheaded by an islam is last friday patti was killed after showing cartoons of the prophet muhammad to his students in a debate on freedom of expression called a teacher a quiet hero slain by howards. in the us the maker of the prescription painkiller oxycontin will plead guilty to federal charges as part of an $8000000000.00 settlement purdue pharma is accused of criminal conduct related to the distribution of the drug which has been linked to more than 470000 deaths in the u.s. . thailand's prime minister said that he will and a state of emergency imposed to suppress anti-government protests if there were no
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violent incidents on the 8th consecutive day of demonstrations tens of thousands of protesters marched to the prime minister's office demanding his resignation protesters also want a new constitution as well as reforms to the monocle. protest leader parrot holding up the symbol for defiance even when imprisoned in a police matter as he was driven to bangkok's criminal court student protesters gathered despite an emergency decree banning them from doing so we feel happy in fact i did not enter and i think i probably if i'm right for even make me laugh about it now and then i have to get out. my application to get a temporary law enforcement office. in recent weeks thailand has been witness to huge and intense anti-government rallies the student led protesters are demanding an amendment of the constitution reform of humanity and the resignation
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of prime minister. because for a democracy that has broken taboos on criticizing the monica. i with thousands on the street once more on wednesday prime minister offered a concession. i am currently preparing to lift the state of severe emergency in bangkok and will do so promptly if there are no violent incidents that that they couldn't the prime minister also urged protesters to let parliament deal with their calls for democratic reforms that it was not enough for the demonstrators marching near his office in a joint resignation letter they given a 3 day deadline to quit. the security situation in nigeria's largest city lagos appears to be deteriorating. with reports of buildings on fire roadblocks and protesters defying a curfew to demonstrate on the city's on the city streets the unrest follows
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a violent crackdown on protesters in lagos yesterday unless international says at least 12 people were killed by gunshots at 2 gatherings. more shots fired at protesters and this despite the global outrage following tuesday's shooting of peaceful demonstrators in the nigerian capital of lagos military forces had reacted to protesters defying a curfew by turning the street lights off and shooting into the crowd killing and wounding dozens. of the those guys. now we have you live for us i said if. it was me i refuse to fight you can never be a female shooting i think that protests have spiraled dramatically over the past 2
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weeks they were initially triggered by anger at police brutality especially at abuses carried out by a notorious anti robbery squad called sars but beyond the problem of police violence nigeria's youths are calling for sweeping changes in and to systematic corruption and widespread unemployment. here and we do it why not listen well only if you were trying to walk out of the last couple of days of violence have made waves beyond nigeria's borders demonstrations of support by the large nigerian diaspora were held in london and in south africa on wednesday numerous stars have also begun speaking out. for what you are. you know.
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why telling me. i was meant. to do. it is in sending military to the streets. and some buildings including a television station in lagos lay in flames today nigeria remains a tinderbox deep economic and social grievances. police here in berlin are investigating what may be the biggest act of vandalism against works of art in post-war germany over 60 artworks house to museum and was sprayed with what's been described as a colorless oily substance the collection on the island includes items from antiquity such as the pergamon temple. some of the damage is clearly visible like on these egyptian side coffer guy on the 3rd of october
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a total of $63.00 artworks and artifacts in 4 museums were vandalized with an oily liquid investigations are still ongoing and the extent of the damage remains far from clear police only said the liquid was transparent and not corrosive authorities say they're at a loss as to how when by whom and why the crimes were committed the museums do have security cameras but. if somebody doesn't say fire a water pistol and you see it but instead they smear something in a concealed way then you might not see on the camera that there's liquid on the floor or in the object. of. this police informed the public more than 2 weeks after the incident and only after media reports broke on tuesday as part of their search for witnesses they've now written e-mails to more than $600.00 ticket holders but at least 3000 people visited museum island on that day. and there is no confession note speculation quickly focused on
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a group supporting germany's most notorious conspiracy theorist a man man has previously said calls for attacks on the museums because of what he calls satanist artifacts there the museums distance themselves this summer with corresponding flags still flying. we don't want to participate in such speculation where investigating in every regard directions. balance museum island is considered one of the most precious art collections in europe the directors say the security concept is currently being reviewed. your it is banksy is known for his graffiti paintings that spring up overnight on buildings all over the world but now it's his parody of a money masterpiece that's gone under the harm on the hammer the artwork show me the money trash is the familiar they lick water lily pond scene with consumer garbage is even a traffic cone floating in the water in the water $1.00 lucky buy
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a snapped up to work for 8400000 euros that's equivalent to almost $10000000000.00 . if. you watch b.w. news live from berlin kristin linda has an update on the afternoons and remember you can keep up to date on our web site b w dot com i'm talking all the logical sourcing. why are people forced to hide in trucks. there are many presents such as the there are many cancers plague. and there are many stories.
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above make up your. claim . made for minds. this is deja news africa on the program today gunshots and dance in lagos peaceful demonstration is fired on to the heart of nigeria's commercial capital and their outrage has been heard around the world. these tell people please help the people out in surrender shooting at them but then i think ok. i'm all for disease initially came to no one was killed in the protest but the cabin off lagos was some but. this is events. when you go some of the toughest
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cumings. systems thank you. thank you. i. wonder welcome to the program protesters in nigeria's most populous city lagos are back on the streets to demonstrate against police brutality that's in spite of a government curfew imposed after protests turned violent on tuesday security forces opened fire rights group amnesty international said several people were killed and many others injured the incident has sparked global outrage and ignited fresh anger among a growing movement chalfie young nigerians. that they came out in defiance of a curfew and after dusk the trouble started the many green uniforms was seen
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setting up barriers surrounding the area and eyewitnesses saw c.c.t.v. cameras and street lighting being disabled i was then suddenly gunshots i am sure that i feel since huge people outside the toll gate started taking cover down sit down thanks i wrote i. a d w news crew who were on the scene were forced to take shelter next to their vehicle i think. the army has denied responsibility claiming reports of soldiers being involved were fake news but footage of the shooting quickly made its way on to social media. please tell people please tell people people are going to run their shooting at them and the kids are ok. the day after the shooting and nigeria is in shock the government has promised
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an investigation into what happened. protesters don't have too much trust in authorities at the moment. and as we mentioned in that report news team was caught up in last night's events and had to take cover when the shooting began funny for a child was there and she told us about their experiences everything started as usual for the past 2 weeks of this particular site here in victoria island very close to our studio peaceful protesters chanting that they want an end to police brutality they were chanting that they're going to defy the curfew that was just in place for 24 hours but what happened next the dynamic started to change that's when people dressed in camouflage gone the man on clear by the military or what kind of nigerian security forces and sides in this started to shoot the shooting continue
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for quite some time my team and me found a way to hunker down and that's where we stood for that's where we were laying down for at least an hour and we could witness from that situation from that point of the size what was going on around us and it was chaos that was panic it was a huge mass. so how did it all began at the start of this month when a video went viral on social media allegedly showing an officer from the police unit saw us all special and robbery squad in h.d. killing a man in the southern delta state now the sause unit that has long faced accusations of brutality and the video treated as state that soon spread to the commercial capital lagos known up to 8 protest as in lagos camped outside the city's government house overnight 2 days later approaches to was shot dead by police and all you'll state on the same day police violently dispersed protest is in the
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capital. by now nigerians who are protesting all over the country under the randian cry. in saas the same hash tag trended on global twitter on october 11th president mohammed juba hari announced the disbanding off the police units size but that wasn't enough to quell the outrage and people continue to protest. let's go over she did have news west africa correspondent fred move on you he is in lagos hi fred and these protests began over police brutality but it's about more than that now isn't it. yeah you're right christine there are protests as you mentioned they started when protesters were demanding the state to disband this police unit and the government did just that and then they went ahead to demand the
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form of the. whole port in general and the government promised that they are going to look into these but then a christian out there is a problem of the mistrust because the protesters are saying that we have been asking these changes for so many and the government didn't do and i think i've talked and that's why the protest was going to need to be on the streets demanding more but also if you really want to look at nigeria. with this current is there is more problems than just these. days there is corruption in security agencies there is unemployment and. this this point of time young people saw and they want to see things changing right so what have you heard from the protesters are going to continue demonstrating you know somewhere outside day. christina this is like
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forget about what they used to do is that happened last night where security forces opened fire against protesters and several people injured and there are reports that others have been killed. they are not they're not willing to stand down there have been a couple of protests in the mainland of course where protesters there have been running battles between the security forces and protesters and this is happening at the time the government has imposed a curfew so they are not willing to stop protesting until the government meets their demand. ok very quickly fred have we heard any reaction from regional bodies ecowas to a you on the developments. that's a good question there have been nothing nothing completely we have heard from international we have heard from human rights watch we have heard from either you
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commenting on the on these issues in nigeria we have even had the reaction from the un secretary-general but we haven't had anything from a you from ecowas and some people have been. more king the president of ghana who is the current chair of course saying that during the protests. after the killing of george freud the game president was one of the people that went out there to condemn the killing of george freud and also to create a martyr but this moment there's nothing from african board these condemning what is happening in nigeria ok ok that's great moving in lagos thank you for it. and for even more on this story i'm joined by alan nathan john he is a nigerian although welcome to the devaney news africa and nathan what do you make
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of what we've been witnessing in your country over the last few weeks thank you over the last few weeks we've seen a trust deficit people going to an open confrontation with nigerian security forces and labeled by the prominence of lagos as the epicenter of this latest unleashing of violence by the nigerian military unfortunately this is straight out of the playbook of the and i just security forces we know that this is a pattern in 1909 they opened fire on dozens of people you know d. by else i did the savings i.q. bender in 2014 they killed 33 shiites in the city and killed 347 between december 12 and 14 in 2015 and bury them in mosque raids now. the they have they must be shocked to see this kind of reaction because they did not expect that it would go this viral international right that's why they were
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emboldened to do what they did because they've done this not once not twice and it's like this is a normal standard operation for the lodge and security forces nathan this was initially about police reform and as our correspondent made was saying there are more issues here beyond the police reform what kind of reform does your country need. trust the social contract if there ever was one is broken and this would be a great place to start for me let's elevate the none just to ship will parts of the nigerian constitution which specify the basic objectives of government and elevates the something beyond the mere suggestion which does not nigerians mustn't be also with the larger structural issues around trying to listen and its limits should states for example have a state police is community policing better be able to kind of help provide more accountability around policing and all of that can the gov the government be pushed
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to invest more in education and can and the states take a greater role in educating providing qualitative education right way to citizens and very importantly can we begin to stem this this rampant corruption that allows. stealing of resources that should go to for example making our police our colleagues have good salaries i'll nathan a message director because i only have time for one mall but there are a quickie that this mass mobilization of young people it's a 1st for nigeria in modern history how powerful do you reckon this movement is. i think it's very powerful because especially because this is happening in places like lagos and which usually is not the case we've had people mobilize for different reasons we had the occupy niger protests we had the protests that
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followed the cancellation of peaceful elections in like 92 but this is the 1st time in the commercial capital young people have. you know they're armed with resources phone and eyes ational skills and connections to the outside world and we can record all of these things as they are happening and we can have responses i think this is a beginning and i use have tasted what it means to be able to hold the government to account and if right if for nothing this concept atone for. holding government to account to account and pushing for greater and greater reform because it is possible it is possible to shine a light in this in this matter right that's all nathan john thank you for that. my pleasure. and that is it for now be sure to check out how other stories on dot com forward slash africa we're also on facebook and on twitter have today we'll leave you with images of the demonstrations in nigeria so brutally suppressed see you
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next time about. conflicts on to the palace. more than 2 years ago the government in armenia came to power in the so-called elvis revolution with the hope of fundamental democratic reform my guest this week from europe on his armenian foreign minister saurabh manasseh kanya how much responsibility does armenia for the conflicts escalation conflicts. 16.
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most girls. i'm sure going to vote. in support. of all. the debris of. snuffing know their competition rivals profit as are their ties as shot on facebook with social media giants under increasing scrutiny we are told what to platforms need to do to keep businesses on board. also coming up drugmaker pera do reaches a massive settlement over its role in the u.s. opioid epidemic. the e.u. finally agreed on a new agricultural policy the focus is on environmental protection critics say it's
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not green and. this is the new business i'm take ferguson thanks for joining me one company's loss is another's gain shares in snapshots parent company are up 33 percent after the company attracted the highest ever number of advertisers to its platform in the 3rd quarter the surge came after more than a 1000 companies boycotted facebook for its stance on political speech and content moderation during the summer other platforms like pinterest twitter on guess even to facebook itself also rallied people spend more time on their devices during the pandemic. so was the advertising boycott all for show less news business correspondent quarter in new york. companies were very quick to distance themselves from facebook in july but
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a lot of them seem to have quietly returned to the company one way to make a buck. i mean that's clearly the message from snap and you already mentioned the huge stock increase was that actually the co-founders the 2 co-founders of purpose of snap got about $3000000000.00 richer just within one day but also other social media companies are hoping that ties in is returning at least on wall street if you look at the stock prices of facebook of twitter also pinterest i'm all of those had a mess of against them in the wednesday session so yes it looks like it's are back for those companies and social media companies in general have come under a lot of scrutiny in recent times what do they have to do to keep advertisers on board. well in general probably spend more to
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make sure that everything is sound and proof content on those sites but i personally wouldn't interpret too much in those numbers when it comes to the scrutiny of social media companies one big reason why ads got pulled in spring was actually that was the pen demick a lot of companies were struggling they had to cut costs and so they also cut spending so that was an extra reason and i've followed social media companies for so long and there's been so much scrutiny so much criticism but overall the subscriber numbers keep growing and also all overall companies besides what happened this spring have been pretty patient was those companies and even in spring when some companies pulled their ads because of criticism they already announced that this is probably only
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a temporary measure and that seems to be the case it was a temporary so overall the sites all what's going on with the criticism all the discussions about social media companies and their content on their sites. subscribers and also the companies so the business world seems to be rather patient they just keep getting bigger yes collective thanks a lot. american drug maker pera do pharma has agreed to plead guilty to criminal charges related to its role in the us opioid epidemic the company which makes the addictive prescription painkiller oxycontin has admitted to charges of defaulting the united states and violating the food drug and cosmetic act prosecutors have find pretty do over $8000000000.00 but most of it will go unpaid because the company is bankrupt.
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e.u. countries have reached an agreement on agricultural reforms under the proposed changes farmers must adopt environmental practices in exchange for direct payments from the e.u. the e.u. agricultural policy covers the next 7 years and is worth almost 400000000000 euros environmentalist say it doesn't go far enough. the 27 you member states worked late into the night to reach an agreement the main point of contention was linking the payment of agricultural subsidies to environmental practices. that's highest in the does lies don't it ultimately means that environmental and climate protection are also being taken into account even though those services for the common good don't automatically increase yield or company income test us that agriculture forms the largest part of the e.u. budget. it represents around $58000000000.00 euros annually so far those funds have
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been distributed into 2 separate programs more than $40000000000.00 euros are direct payments linked to the size of each farm the other $17000000000.00 euros are earmarked for rural development environmental protection and animal welfare and the new provision which includes more than $8000000000.00 euros in direct payments starting in 2023 will be linked to climate friendly measures. critics say the new measures don't go far enough. this decision doesn't help the agricultural sector at all that doesn't help the environment we have to start making payments based on the size of the land and start basing it on what's being done for the environment according to the e.u. agricultural minister's proposal more than half of all subsidies would continue to be distributed based on land ownership alone and not on climate protection measures . greater manchester one of the u.k.'s biggest urban areas is to enter a new lockdown on friday the order was opposed by the local mayor who successfully
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fought for a 16000000 relief package for businesses affected by the restrictions britain has been especially hard hit by the pandemic with 44000 people having lost their lives . manchester is going back into lockdown on the orders of prime minister boris johnson and against the will of the city's mayor burnham from friday there will be strict limits on going out and pubs restaurants and most shops will close in the goshi ations with the government we were prepared to reduce our requests to 75000000. even with the path to go even lower. $65000000.00 is the minimum it's a prevent. real hardship here is what we believe we need it to prevent poverty to prevent hardship to prevent homelessness.
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the lockdown will hit the working class city of manchester particularly hard as many monk unions live in poverty and unemployment was high even before the pandemic other cities in the north are also affected. earlier we have the restrictions the in those areas where there is only instance the better for the economy of those areas because we stop the infection spreading in a way which will do further damage to the economy. infections are rising dramatically in wales scotland and northern ireland as well lockdowns are also planned in these regions local authorities are angry but the government insists it's necessary to stop the virus affecting the whole country. now how do you keep schools and restaurants open during a pandemic without increasing the risk of getting infected airing at rooms regularly exposed to help keep aerosols in check but what to do when it gets really cold some companies are already working on amounts are high end filtration systems
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to combat the coronavirus are selling fast germany's talks company produces air filters in their factory near the dutch border these covert 1900 filtration systems help reduce the coronavirus and indoor spaces by filtering out the aerosols. demand for these machines is very high these days we're not just producing them here in our main headquarters last week we also finished training new colleagues in zaragoza spain in england switzerland and the city of by the slides and i was but he also talks his main business is ventilation air conditioning systems and it has 4000 employees worldwide like its competitors talk seize the opportunity to meet the fast growing new demand for air for. systems it now plans to ramp up production to $500.00 units per week we need 2 months to develop a system normally our development times are much longer but it's made of components
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we already have on hand from other products we make. the air purifiers are being used in schools and public buildings there's even one in the north kitchen palace in months and the user to purify the air in the palace restaurant. even during the summer season with all the beautiful days on the terrace and the beautiful weather we were thinking about what has to happen next no one really knew what was going to happen we still don't know so we started looking at all the technical possibilities . the restaurant owners counting on the heap of filters working as promised he has to because he can't open the windows and invests you're making investments so that our guests feel comfortable and they'll feel confident about our hygiene concept. still the air purifier is just the 1st step in getting the virus out of the air. as . it's a quick fix for using the risk of infection inside buildings in the long term we
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need an air exchange system which introduces fresh air into the room while removing some of the inside air and all. that would be even more sustainable like a good fight enough to get it done the long term solution is more complex and more expensive so people are scrambling for air filtration systems that can cost anywhere between 3020000 euros. and that's all from a thanks so much for watching.
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cut. every day counts for us and for our planet. bloodline is going to swing to bring you more conservation plays how do we make c. the supreme earth how can we protect habitats what to do with all our waste. we can make a difference by choosing smaller solutions overstrained said in our waste playing
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good morning to those little series of losers now sit on the bomb on. it's their upset ship for spectacular creatures plague it's their passion for nature. it's their complete devotion. that makes them the best wildlife photographers in the world. fascinating. and claim. confrontational and stirring the book 5 adventures. one goal. the preservation of our planet. it's not a sinister garden trees and setting pandas anymore i'm disgusted that's the danger
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of surat. truly realize that there's a radically different way of living that most would rather blame him for trying. starts nov 6th on the w. . welcome to news from the world of arts and culture over 60 priceless artworks and ancient artifacts have been damaged here in berlin in a number of museums more on that story in just a minute also coming up today. a german short film the beauty vishy is international student. animation. and in meet the germans today rachel tells us about some surprising things that are not
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allowed here in germany. but we begin with the extraordinary news that nearly 3 weeks ago on october the german unification day a public holiday a large number of artworks were deliberately damaged in museums here in berlin however this was kept secret until a national newspaper got wind of it on choose day we've been down to the city's museum island to investigate. some of the damage is clearly visible like on these idiots inside coffer guy on the 3rd of october a total of $63.00 artworks and artifacts in 4 museums were vandalized with an oily liquid investigations are still ongoing and the extent of the damage remain.


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