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tv   Der Tag  Deutsche Welle  October 22, 2020 6:00am-6:31am CEST

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sure apartment trees and certain panels anymore. because it's dangerous to run an os right through realizing there's a radically different way of living it's rather. passion for china starts november 6th on to w. . this is news and these are our top stories u.s. intelligence officials believe that iran and russia have interfered in the upcoming presidential election they accuse iran of being behind intimidating e-mails sent to american voters also stated that teheran and moscow obtained voter registration details with the goal of altering the vote the announcement came just 13 days before election day. pope francis has said almost sectionals have
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a right to a family and should be protected by civil union laws it's a mock shift for the roman catholic church the pontiff made the comments in a new documentary about his approach to post poll care. at a memorial service in paris french president emmanuel mccraw has paid tribute to samuel patti the history teacher beheaded by an islamist last friday but he was killed after showing cartoons of the prophet muhammad to his students in a debate on freedom of expression across called the teacher a quiet hero slain by cowards. this is deja news from berlin follow us on twitter and instagram at news of visit our website e.w. dot com. today germany's health minister the government's guardians of public health
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announced that he has tested positive for the corona virus another reminder of just how contagious this virus is here in europe the number of new infections is skyrocketing again spain has more than a 1000000 cases ireland is imposing a 2nd lockdown parts of the u.k. and germany are shutting down to winter is coming the corona chill has already arrived in berlin this is the day. there is a huge boom in kobe cases all across europe. the average age is lower this time we're already swamped all our beds are occupied. the situation threatens to spiral out of control here in germany as well. the virus seems to be spreading more and more in family settings. we need
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a new lock down and we need it now. it doesn't make any sense to wait till december that fate here to get this right will me a cycle of down the cheek upset with all the hardship and suffering passing entails . also coming up should the catholic church support same sex civil unions pope francis says yes it is a seismic shift at the pontiff has been signaling for years to make gay if someone is gay and he searches for the lot and house goodwill who might to judge. to our viewers watching on p.b.s. in the united states and to all of you around the world welcome we begin the day with the lockdowns going up again here in europe countries have begun calling the panda. emergency break from spain to ireland to germany each day comes with more
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and more new cases of the coronavirus levels are as high as they were in march and april thankfully the number of deaths is not more testing tracing and more knowledge about how the virus works it all means fewer people are dying from coated 19 it does not however diminish the ability of the virus to spread and infect we saw that today here in berlin german health minister yen spahn revealed that he has tested positive for the corona virus and immediately went into self isolation he has reportedly developed flu like symptoms now the news came just hours after spawn attended a cabinet meeting with german chancellor angela merkel. we want to go straight now to our political correspondent she is following the story for us tonight in it's good to see you the health minister tested positive just after attending a cabinet meeting that included the german chancellor angela merkel is there
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concern now that the entire cabinet could be infected. well brenda i cannot imagine that all those who have been in close contact with the house minister might get tested quite soon however we also got a statement today from the chancellor is press office highlighting the fact that the federal cabinet meets in compliance with hygiene in these tense rooms and that ensures that there's no need for participants to be quarantined if a person who later tests positive for corn of virus is a present of the meeting that we don't know yet if the chancellor has been tested about it ideas here she immediately went into quarantine when her doctor had tested positive shortly after having given her vaccine shot now in terms of continued here within the house ministry for now. would probably it continue waking from isolation he also tweeted that he only suffered from a cold like symptoms as you mentioned but of course he won't be meeting with anyone
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of course the has minister has been a leading figure behind i got america behind the chancellor for the government's response to the pandemic so this is of course a setback but there's also no reason to believe that this was the start of the country's governance and handling of the pandemic w.'s emanuel johns on the story for us tonight here in berlin and i thank you. all staying here in germany but they were used to government has expanded restrictions in an area that has become a viral hotspot bars and restaurants are not allowed to hold more than 50 people and closing time is now 9 pm in western germany the situation is just as serious in the state of north wind was failure millions of residents are now required to wear face masks in public wearing a mask is mandatory in central gelsen cation and the room region of western germany the city was recently declared a high risk zone expanding the mask mandate was an important 1st step for the
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health department. the army or somebody should make sense as we have a situation where there is high population density in the commercial district when a lot of people are out shopping at certain times there are times of the week where these shops are relatively empty but the mask mandate is still in force for almost the entire ruler area with roughly $5100000.00 residents is now considered to be a coronavirus hotspot the mask mandate in effect in many parts of the densely populated region aims to avoid lock downs and to protect high risk patients there is much concern and care homes throughout germany. who thought for must make preparations concepts for visitors and taking the important step of making rapid tests available for visitors to the facilities so that everyone involved feel secure and that no one who is already infected with a virus is entering here about mid to late the measures aimed to prevent the isolation of nursing home residents but varia is also cracking down to limit the
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spread of coronavirus by imposing curfews such as in fact it's gotten. a day after the u.s. department of justice launched an antitrust lawsuit against google the search engine giant is saying that it is ready for legal battles that will take years google has denied the trump administration's claim that it is abusing its market dominance to snuff out competition the u.s. case could eventually lead to the breakup of google which makes the multibillion euro fines imposed against it by the european union seem pale in comparison and google's legal problems they are not only transatlantic all stroy as competition watchdog is also considering an antitrust lawsuit this is how australia's consumer commission chairman reacted to reports that google is paying apple billions of dollars to remain the default search engine on the web browser so far.
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and you know ahead this morning on the news google saying. well it doesn't matter either way it just pop it up it would be there anyway well if that's the case why are you paying on $1000000000.00 a year to apple and it's a serious money for some people and 1000000000 so. what we're going to do now to answer your question is we're going to look at it and say whether there's any value in what we might do about you know this is i this is the biggest at a trust case in the will of one of the biggest a trust crisis in the in the last 10 or 20 years. a lot of the day is taken on a move really closely. well my next guest tonight agrees that google is taking up all of these search engine oxygen leaving none for competitors such as his company weinberg is the founder of the search engine duck duck go now if you haven't heard of de that may have to do with the fact that google hosts more than
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a trillion searches each year doug. has about 3000000000 correct me if i'm wrong there are joins me tonight from pennsylvania it's good to have you on the show mr weinberg so let's talk about duck duck go 'd and google you've been described as a david versus goliath partner if you will is this antitrust lawsuit is it going to do what you need most and that is to make the market say there are. thanks for having me i mean so don't go as a privacy company we really offer a private alternative to google so if you would like to air you know. your search has been tracked or enough of that all we would like is consumers who would like a private option to be able to choose one easily and he she right now is they're not really able to easily choose especially on android and chrome because google
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really locks that down and makes a very complicated for users to choose an alternative. is is that mr weinberg is that the crux of the argument here i mean give me an example of how google's signs of dominance and how does it hurt your business on a daily basis is it with the enjoy as you were saying. yeah i mean that the through the crux of it android is one of many examples but for example on android we put out a post last week showing that it takes 15 plus taps to make the default on major search entry points on a device like the home screen which and the default browser and that doesn't even include all the search entry point some of them are actually impossible to change and so in that landscape it's very difficult for a consumer to be able to use an alternative to google and that's really the issue a case here is that google has to search for not really but they also have
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monopolies in browsers and operating systems and they're using the operating system and browser monopoly is to a naturally prop up the search. your business model as you were saying is very different from google's it means you do not profile your users. do you feel somewhat vindicated by news that the department of justice has started this antitrust lawsuit yet we're we're fairly pleased that this is a great step they've said in no uncertain terms that google is using continues years you know anti-competitive tactics to maintain their monopoly but the real issue at heart is privacy as you know that's the harm at the center is google's anti-competitive practices yes they hurt companies like us but the negative impact that the behavior all targeting and all the endless data collection has on society a democracy is much worse and so we're just advocating in general that consumers
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have an easy opportunity to opt out and get privacy you know for the consumers that want and there is a lot they want i mean i'm wondering do you sometimes wish in another life that maybe your company would be here in europe where consumers place a higher value on that data privacy and data protection. so we're old wyatt actually and more than half of our user base is not in the u.s. and europe is the 2nd largest just to give you some scale we're about to burst at the search market and major develop i suppose you reference about 2000000000 searches that's our monthly number so yearly it's more like 2530000000000 and so we do size of a volume in europe including germany. and we're really a private option the issue at hand though is that we think if consumers are really given an easy option a one click option no change there for us
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a device we beat and times as large and so we've done some studies showing that generally of consumers are given options you know all the european search engines that you've heard about besides google and us and being at yahoo but google's market share with drop by 20 percentage points overnight and that's the pent up demand for all current is that exists right now it's just they're making it very complicated to get with us which yeah that's fascinating the numbers there are you worried mr weinberg that this lawsuit might not be motivated by purely antitrust considerations i notice that all of the attorneys general who are plaintiffs in this case are republicans there's not a single democrat who is a plaintiff in this case does that worry you. no i think that's just a it's a blip in the long term trajectory of this so you know there was a house antitrust or you know of surety or. reported on already 455th trip
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or other an odd ways and that was to have by the democrats in the us there's also addressed the issues by democratic attorney generals going on and we expect them to file additional cases and or joint this last year a little later do you see this lawsuit being strengthened if we're talking about a joe joe biden administration come next year. you know i think that the higher level point is this is a bipartisan effort to see itself it is a bipartisan issue it's not on the right or left in the u.s. or any party in europe as you noted most people are looking at some poll numbers here 90 percent of people say privacy should be a human right and 93 percent of americans for per u.s. data file say they would choose a private opera they would consider choosing
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a private option and given the option you know that's the issue you have and here is they're just not options no one's really been asked whether they would like to use google even if the majority of people would still at google a large percentage of people would opt for other things and if google is so clear that they would pick google and they should make it easy and we can test that argument let me ask you before we run out of time this antitrust lawsuit it could result in google being broken up how would you been it's it from a breakup of google. we actually are allocated differently they want that is my house i'm already here which is just when you install a new device or browser you're really given the option to select your search pattern one click that's much easier to break out but it also gives us the benefit yeah i agree with you and since it seems like a much simpler solution to the situation i think is going to take
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a lot of litigation to get there weinberg founder of duck duck go mr weinberg it's good talking with you and please come back again i have a feeling this story will have some very long legs nice talking with. the news is explosive it is set to ignite fiery debates and it has all to do with how people love pope francis has said that he supports civil union laws to protect the rights of same sex couples. he made the comments in a new documentary about the pontiff entitled francesca which premiered today at the room film festival the statement marks a decided shift for the roman catholic church the film also tackles other controversial issues such as racism climate change sexual abuse and relations between christians muslims and jews.
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are for more i'm joined by our religious affairs correspondent martin tonight good evening to you martin we know that language is very important here so what exactly did the pope say about same sex unions. well the statement as it's been reported which comes out of the mentor as you pointed out has basically 3 legs the 1st when he said that gay couples have a right to a family. the 2nd element is that they cannot be completely left in a situation of well nervously or in a situation of pricker i agree and the 3rd one is studying fact the best way forward would be civil unions and sort of the big probably one of the most surprising statements is that in fact he says i stood for that so that means that you know this solves already something that has been. part of the heart of these
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folks and yet but he did not use the word the term same sex marriage and that's important as it. well i think it is important but i think that it's also very important to put this into perspective we have basically the pope indorsing openly civil unions for gay couples across the globe. i mean you know one needs only to look at its recent history of church politics in church positions see sort of the sea change that we are actually witnessing and. so i think that in a sense yes this will never satisfy all the mansour necessities of people that are actually fighting for gay rights or for sexual minority rights at the same time i mean the gesture is just such and such
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a scale that you know the political media and you're seeing it. there have there been clues martin to the pope's thinking on this subject back in 2015 the pope visited the united states for the 1st time as the pope and we're going to show you some video here he paid a visit to a dear friend of his and that friends same sex partner you see them right there that. was a student of pope francis in argentina years ago now this meeting that we're looking at right now here it generated headlines it was part of the pontiff unveiling if you will of his own evolution on the subject of homosexuality and same sex couples i mean this is it's not a complete departure for the pope what has what would have been his views on civil unions that we know of. i think that you know with various. there is
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pro there are only 2 very clear periods one is the difficult period in which you know the science had been sort of systematically there and it's not only been jesters but his being pretty much open statements believe it was in 2016 when he was on the way back to rome and he said that you know if there are gay people of pure hearts who is he to judge the of course the reaction was immediate the lift the journalist said this was not enough the right condemned him for essentially supporting or endorsing homosexuality the previous period which is argentina in their continuing buster a work was one that was very much sort of. you know involved in the what he later came to call the church of the people so that meant that he dealt with a lot of sort of human tragedy a lot of sort of for himself you know a social a social disconnect in social and the nation and people that were actually the screen against and that were big himself by alyson abuse for being on the sexual or
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being. part of minorities which meant that he's position in relation to the gay community has always been more or less the one that we see now i think that this would could not possibly come to a surprise to anybody within the church but i think it's very important to remember as i said before that this statement is of such magnitude that the political impact of these it's necessarily going to be actually very strong as well what before we run out of time what the balance of the the impact on this an intern servant of the congregations and i'm thinking of the catholic church in poland the catholic church in africa which is conservative and is growing compared that with what you see here in europe or in north america. i think i mean the reactions are clearly going to be very loud i just do not think that the polish church he's significant enough in terms of like the global church politics but the american catholic church which has
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one of its branches at least which is the one that's associated usually with figures like cardinal burke or you know extremely extremely conservative had been extremely critical of this pope and have full o. sort of a form of god only see some that away from the principles of mercy that they spot as he has tried to push forth the idea of solidarity helping down their care for other human beings they have taken position much closer to american and jelly police and which has really brought you said i virgins from from the current church those people are already out into our airwaves and are already out online sort of offering really lobby ari criticisms of the spot pacy i think it's very important to point out that the reaction by and large it's been quite busted if and the measure are place like menu and place like all in and probably not places like san francisco or new york all right our religious affairs correspondent martin jacques martin as always we appreciate your valuable insights into this thank you my
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pleasure. are there less than 2 weeks to go before americans elect the president will it be a 2nd term for donald trump or switch to challenger joe by people around the world are following the campaigns especially if they have personal ties to the u.s. the w.'s alexander phenomena visited poland which has seen many of its people migrate to the u.s. she wanted to find out who's the favorite there but. sophia corrodes grandfather was the 1st to go hoping to make his american dream come true since then her family's relationship with the your ass has been an enduring love story sophia corot spent 15 years there. the issue i'd like to play or i just got to like america a lot but i was going back and forth for a while. but i could settle back in poland to finish building her house but her 4 children and their children stayed in america for good it's nothing
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unusual in southern poland here and question in the foothills of the top from mountains roman krupa is the mayor he tells me almost every family here has relatives in the u.s. . 'd 'd we like america a lot because we are with. most of the houses you can see here with money our people what i want to make in the us that's. the ties go back to the 19th century when the 1st people from the top from mountains left their region to escape poverty and seek a better life in america many followed up until today poland has always been able to rely on the u.s. says district administrator appeared bunk he's a fan of presidents trump and is rooting for his reelection bank believes trump will keep poland safe. the fact that the american troops are in
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pole. as our allies to deter potential enemies is important for us and one of the reasons why his reelection would be good for us to do. an assessment that it's in line with paul unselfish and foreign policy and never try victor we would be good news for the conservative polish government the current 2 acid ministration see this war so as an essential ally in the deeply troubled critical europe and in return america supports poland in a number of important areas such as defense and energy security that might all change is joe biden gets elected. joe biden doesn't have many fans in the region says mayor krupa most people here are conservative and prefer trump's agenda and you know. they like his rational business oriented approach. and i support his efforts to secure the border to make it more difficult for
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margaret to get. sophia quran says her family in the u.s. will certainly vote for trump and although she doesn't follow american politics closely there are things she likes about him. he seems to be very religious he prays for this and that. i had a good time in the us sophia court says and although she reckons it's easier these days to find work in europe by germany or austria america will always be special to her. the conversation continues online you'll find us on twitter. you can. remember whatever happens between now and tomorrow is another day we'll see you there everybody.
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please pass to silence it. brags it is threatening friends and languages family business like many english sheep farmers business depends on european explorers without a free trade agreement with the e.u. that consume all be over just like the future of farmers and their sheep i only time will tell. on your outlook. next on some. slow internet connections are
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a growing problem. but back to soon change with the help of a swarm of hundreds of mini satellite based orbit the earth and sun their data all over the world. the 1st satellites have already been sent out. high speed internet from outer space. maybe 5 minutes on d w. slip . carefully and don't look to suit me. to be a good. match.
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documentary. welcome to focus on europe it's great to have your company today the 2nd coronavirus wave has arrived war and more european countries are reporting record numbers of infections and this has led to fresh car fuels lockdowns and national states of emergencies the small country of belgium has one of the highest infection rates in.


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