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tv   Frag den Lesch  Deutsche Welle  October 22, 2020 2:45pm-3:01pm CEST

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the fact that there was an election that was held recently the following transpired in relation to that at the inauguration in the city of shop which happens to be happens to have been overwhelmingly populated by azerbaijanis prior to the 19021904 war and the key symbol of azerbaijan's claim to the territory it aroused apparently considerable anger in azerbaijan which was then added to the fact that your prime minister had a presence at the inauguration now the european union has acknowledged that this election was indeed not valid under legal international standards do you acknowledge that this was also provoked if again the european union didn't put it exactly that way the european union acknowledged the. ease and they said it in view of the so-called presidential and parliamentary election where in the garden. if they reiterated that it does not recognise the constitutional and legal
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framework exactly the constitutional and legal framework or would they do not. for the people of nagorno-karabakh to organize their lives in a democratic way to their representatives to their representatives by way of a democratic method and the planes coming from are preposterous to say the least in a society which has. known nothing but one from a roof. since 1960 s. and talking about democratic process and denying or people the democratic process and imposing imposing their methods on the people of nagorno-karabakh is not going to work. i'd also like to ask you because we've talked so much about peace here i'd like to ask you about where that process stands and your role in all of that because the international community has really been calling on you for leadership and compromise on this issue. you say that you are working with the o.s.c.
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men's group which has been charged with helping to resolve the conflict but you can't even manage to take action on some of the basic principles that the group put forward more than a decade ago including returning. territories 7 districts which are surrounding the guard to azerbaijan so i'd like to put it to you is territory more important to you than peace the what is most important to us is this again let me repeat the free life in dignity in safety and security were people in the going to karbala therefore what is most important for us is the statues of nagorno-karabakh and the security of nagorno-karabakh and this has been very consistent position over armenia and we continue to work on this basis and we do the necessary parameters to work that compromise in which our interests are met while at the same time measured in
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a measurable the interest of the other parties are also met so it is not. territories that is more important for us this devastation this pounding consistent pounding. boming and showing that these people are going through for 3 weeks people are living in shelters this is happening at a time when cold it is still around in the world the nice that goes there but your good care book is about these things they apparently don't care about bats other bridges across as mr foreign minister whelmed with this choice for war but back to that because now i'd like to ask you because because the former us ambassador to to armenia richard mills i mean you say that you are supporting peace in the region he assessed the situation as follows upon his departure from the country and 2018 he said that it was disturbing how few armenians were willing to make concessions to azerbaijan over an ago and he's quoted as saying the harsh reality is that any
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settlement is going to require the return of some portion of the occupied territories it doesn't seem to believe that you're serious about it. well i do not agree with those who do not agree with the announcement of richard mills would do i would again read through it and return in saying that i haven't seen any sign of compromise coming from a very belligerent would we have been consistently seeing is the maximalist and this war mongering hate infused rhetoric and no willingness to compromise on the part of the budget let me put that aside let me go back again to the question of the compromise. for over these past 2 years we have our government has been fully committed to move forward with the with the peace ranks as so then let me ask you because when your cover meant took power back in 2018 it was the so-called development revolution there was so much hope for
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a thaw in the conflict and this is how the international crisis group assesses the situation they said that progress seemed possible they said that a new government was ready to see compromise a compromise solution and that it appeared that the government and in azerbaijan also reciprocated but then they said they cited this rhetoric this tit for tat rhetoric that that we talked about a bit earlier in our conversation and so i'd like to put it to you the bloodshed the toxic rhetoric from both sides has it limited your capacity to to reach a deal and did you miss an opportunity to seize on that initial hope did you miss your window did you overplay your hand you know i think it's a very interesting point you're raising look part 2 for work over the past 2 years within this who are seeming to go ship was about creating an environment which is conducive to peace and we have been vastly the very good effort in that together by the way to go there where there's a bunch on and would not going to occur we have been working to woods sarge stamps
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which would somehow diffuse some you know. that that their mutual me. trust we have had a very interesting project implemented in the in the autumn of 2019 when we changed journalists are traveling to baku to europe on interest upon i cared this was a very modest but very important step it didn't fall apart and we had food confidence and we have very good in the standing going to armenian signs that you know we have to invest in creating an environment conducive to peace now what we see is that it was a futile effort and this is very very bad and so far as their opportunities are concerned look it isn't our job it is our responsibility never to give up to you to use every opportunity every window no matter what it is every corridor to walk because this is a responsibility because this is about the lives of our people and we care about
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the lives of our people we care about every single life and now we have so many so many casualties i hope that there is very much on this side also a sense of responsibility we would need to see that demonstrated and the demonstration would be in this session of those 3 it is ceasefire and the side and moving with the past a similar message to what you have have demonstrated and as east side we're waiting to see movements from both sides mr foreign minister i'd like to just put it into the bigger regional picture because turkey a nato ally is of course backing azerbaijan quite forcefully we have to mention and pushing for a military solution here you have a defense deal with russia as we know but so far they have been relatively neutral are you short on friends right now we are never short of friends but. the very important point you are raised is about the major spoiler turkey turkey has
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been the destabilizing force in this situation we have been warning about this. insistently we have been seeing these these 3 who i think are aggressive policies in every direction of the neighborhood of turkey mediterranean north africa mean least we were absolutely cognizant of the risks of doing this the stabilising policies in our region we have been seeing the signs of food when there was a transfer of military equipment to azerbaijan when there was a transfer or foreign terrorist pointers recruited in the parts of syria controlled by turkey but mr foreign minister my question to you about iran was about as a member of your own has done is absolutely crazy i should say you absolutely crazy the president is wrong today he's a terrorist. my question to you is about whether you use the the risk of being
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isolated in the region because the european council on foreign relations there was an assessment in the following way they say that russia's rather neutral reaction to recent clashes between armenia and azerbaijan reflects x. x. x. exacerbation excuse me with its allies in flexibility in negotiations there is a perception in moscow that in the last 2 decades the balance of power has shifted in favor of azerbaijan and that instead of hearing to a more or less acceptable deal our mania has been unreasonable and uncompromising russia does not want to pick up the geo political tap for that. are you afraid of being isolated well. i wouldn't agree with the look we have we have the group of which russia russia is a responsible member we have. allied relations with russia and we have many other
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partnerships in the world now the point here is that we have been consistent about the sashing are forced to litters and consistent about you know the word that has been dying down personally by president putin. personally by president on the 17th of october this has to happen so intransigent so far media is not something i can agree with the. defense of the armenian population in nagorno-karabakh by the kind of forces and the support of armenia is something that is i was saying is about basic difference of human lives in nagorno-karabakh right but again how many times stronger have to say there is no alternative to the peaceful resolution ok we have to leave it there thank you so much armenian foreign ministers or of not for joining us on conflict thank you very
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much. if. you.
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feel. comfortable. going. to the police to. come. to. a a. good early. hours of the morning. cannot sleep because you know for those
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who love. him those floors swallow her. only slowly birds will. there's no news no lolo for the workers. goes along with your work gives me her her her. old can't sleep. closely. during the flu. it was the 1st international tribunal in history. the nurnberg trials. 75 years ago high ranking officers of the nazi regime morning judging by the allied forces. were the 1st war criminals to be held accountable for their crimes for.
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them i'm. going. for a sure. our 2 part series the 3rd reich the talk starts november 12th on d w. 20 joining us election on the brink in minneapolis minnesota right here at the memorial site where george was killed just struggling to tell how everything i can assure into strong wanted to racial bias to police brutality about police reform law to talk to the police for lunch talk to city council and to let rush read the posts see the story on the w n n. the from. oh for.
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the food. place. blame. blame blame blame blame blame blame blame blame. blame. this is data every news live from berlin germany's top public health body walls the country is facing an uncontrolled spread of khurana virus infections new travel warnings will be imposed this weekend as germany reports a record number of daily cases expected side there's still time to bring the search under control if the government acts fast also coming up the european union's top
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human rights prize goes to valerie's for upper composition measurements will speak to one of the politicians fighting for democracy and an end to her.


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