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tv   Kulturzeit  Deutsche Welle  October 22, 2020 8:30pm-9:01pm CEST

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it's a surprise you don't need to keep every relevant people for over return home before swine flu. pandemic number. of friendly dragons which were heard as you called the whole 3 years. on. this is g.w. news africa on the program sitting mounting tensions in guinea opposition supporters have clashed with police says the country awaits the results of sunday's presidential floods. and beekeepers in kandy are losing their livelihoods because of the country's fight against al shabaab. is a problem for us what once was the kingdom living our own people they don't want us to go if the foreigners and that is how we lost or not because.
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hello i'm christine one day it's good to have your company tensions are high in guinea following sunday's general election official results all. but the opposition candidate has declared himself the wind up 4 days chill. supporters have been involved with clashes with security forces. in a creek this burning although the outcome of kenny's presidential election is still days away. the prospect of a 3rd presidential term for incumbent alpha condé is fuelling desperation and fury among supporters of the opposition. i am speaking to the election commission alpha condé has been in power since 2010 instead of. we all of guinea chose the union of
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democratic forces of guinea that's what guinea wants if the us d.g. is not elected guinea will not become. one. but guinea is already far from calm the current bout of violence started the day after the election when opposition candidate below declared himself the winner of the ballot before the release of official results. i am like tourists and this election in the 1st round was i but it was too soon to celebrate over the last few days the election commission has made official results available as they come in from constituencies and so far they are not confirming the victory that d.l. all claimed was his. the man in the lead is alpha condé the man whose lead guinea for the past 10 years. the opposition is crying foul and has been venting their
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anger on the streets with deadly consequences says gainey security minister. or cook or are going to be full bodies in conakry in full bodies of gunshot victims in the morgues of dunker and you can rest in hospitals one death from a stab wound to deaths from firearms in case you do but you should do. those weren't the only victims of guinea's post-election violence and there are fears they will be more. on wednesday night a little called on his supporters to continue their fight in a twitter video posted from home. you were already fighting heroically in conakry and across the country despite savage repression despite arrests and intimidation this find. and it will end ever to be victorious. the country now awaits the final results of the election but by the looks of the
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last few days it's unlikely they'll resolve the tension. let's go to. africa correspondent frank mahoney he isn't a cost hi fred it's good to see you is some kind of a power sharing compromise pools of all in guinea i say this because when we've had similar instances in other parts of the continent that's what it's come down to is opposable in guinea. chris you know the. main rival is in new guinea that is the incumbent president and. the opposition. this is this time there that are sure there are contests. in the last 2 times there have been nothing like these like talking about. so this time no one knows where the go up to but what we know is that the incumbent president has said that in case he wins the election he's willing to talk with the opposition ok the result
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is still in contention but what they any independent election observers for them and what have they saved. so far the african union because that's the regional book of west africa they have already declared that the voting process was transplanted something that has been disputed by the opposition in the. and you have to know that the opposition. himself has declared a winner even before the electoral commission announces the results so i dis moment though because of us said the election process was transpiring but the people in guinea contest narrative. ok fred just just coming back to these 2 men contending for this presidency and as you write so you told us it's the 3rd
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time they're having a go at it. they've both got big profiles in guinea. the incumbent president alpha condé is he mold then and now the old man team to power. well that seems to be their part and especially in the west africa. region where currents are you see what is happening because they have had to change the constitution so that the incumbent president can run for a time then the same thing happens in guinea where he has actually been in power for one or 2 times for 10 years he is has forced to change the constitution so that he can run for another term but people have to know that this guy cannot be in the same basket as other people who have been in power for 2
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decades even for decades has just been in power for all of 2 times 10 yes' but then the change of the constitution itself raises questions about his motives and he's also is very questionable he's 82 years almost. afraid what about his main challenge at delhi india though he's no new come into political power is he. yes he's very very you know new has acquired in this so your poised and president. that he's some couple of years ago he has been also the prime minister he's very very experienced politician and he has also muster support from from the community which is really one of the biggest. it's in the group in so he has massive support he has experience but of course he is facing
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a very strong. incumbent president afraid when can we expect the final official results from this election. yet the final fissure results expected in 8 days that means that after the provision or results have been announced then the candidates have at least 8 days to file a petition in supreme court just in case they have they have problems they question the results and then the constitution the call it would declare the final results but if and the conduit gets 50 then there will be a 2nd a 2nd run which is should do it on to 4th of november right that's in lagos for us thank you frank. now it's been 10 years
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since kenya dispatched its soldiers to somalia in an operation against the al qaeda linked terror group al shabaab in response to the increased violence the kenyan government launched operation in the morning in september 2015 to oust the slightest of that operation has expanded across the dense boni forest and on the border with somalia as state of unused interest smoked all reports it was supposed to last 2 months but now while the military operation continues it is ordinary people such as beekeepers whose lives have been caught in the crossfire. we are on the way to cannes with religion using this big board to get there because their odds are too dangerous as their plan to be the i in dubai the terrorist group al-shabaab for now the ocean remains the only more of transport.
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breakfast to the family most morning stocked like these sort of a watery but well that hasn't changed is livelihood ha's. would depend on the forest for bees since our forefathers who went into the forest came back living with honey and so you know what i thought if you know where you. however and i'm going military operation just 6 kilometers away from sir was religion now stops him from venturing into the forest or going to his behavior that means he risky move like he has kept a few years house despite the dangers it brings to his family. when you mean the 1st became unbearable and the village is also dangerous they can in military rule be reaching 6 kilometers into the forest when they see you they'd ask who did you meet in there whom you bring food. when you hear the helicopters you drive and where my suppose to leave you know in fear making leave you know i'm
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scared but i have to make a living with these children. 10 years ago kenya launched operations against al shabaab these war has now come to some of us doorstep. one of the world. is a problem for us but also is the killer in libya our own people they don't want us to go into the forest and that is how we lost all our behaviors and now a lot of changed for the worst. security experts believe the country's fight with al shabaab has hit those people most vulnerable to radicalization and retaliatory attacks in their quest to pacify bonny forest and to flush out the power. walk with their local communities perhaps that is where the government needs to invest a lot more resources in order to win the hearts and minds of these people so rove
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is trying to find other ways to feed his family farming on small plots of land. no i depend on the farm and fishing but my family's grew big enough that i would have as i would to sell the produce food of coming here and they ask you is it money forest and the all run away they don't want anything to do with us when i can be. an impossible choice faced by one family it's echoed by an entire community struggling to provide for their loved ones. and that is if. our other story is on the dot com forward slash africa we're also on facebook and today we'll leave you with to chose from egypt of a new environmentally friendly electric bus service being inaugurated for visitors to the posts at tonight's top of a. cut
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. and on demand. pass language courses. video and audio. any time anywhere. 20 joining us so much i'm going to go to break in minneapolis minnesota right here is the memorial site where george floyd was killed just months ago coming up on
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issues time want to control racial bias to police for joel to promote police reform go to talk to the police don't trust the city council and too like rush read a. story on g.w. news. a big new german series called barbarians is known all. all netflix will be talking about but also coming up today. a photographic exhibition that remembers the heroes of the chernobyl nuclear disaster 34 years ago. and it's being called a rock hall folks trying to cosmo sheldrake's music include sounds from the english countryside that surrounds him. welcome to
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culture streaming services are booming at the moment and historical series seem to be particularly popular now netflix is launching its 1st german historical series barbarians which takes place in na in a day when the romans occupied almost half of europe so the germanic tribes are trying to stop them occupied the other half lots of potential epic battles love and hate the trail and loyalty. so i mean how we got it in this agreement in pie at the height of its power half of it is under. roman general morris is governor of the northern provinces at his side. the leader of the division of jim monic troops serving the romans. and the. returning with room in forces meet his father a tribal chief again as a child i mean he is with taken as a host each to rome where he became
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a roman citizen would come in the tightness. in. my 4. crisis act and now seize power now as we do situation of refugees today. i'm feeling it already i think refugees have to struggle with the same things that armenia struggled with not knowing how to fit in like where do i belong do i belong. how much of my original culture can i retain. that and how much is it accepted in the new culture and so on and on the fish story is told entirely from the perspective of the gemini tribes they resent the high tribute payments demanded by the romans the conflict is given an extra edge due to the language barrier the romans speaking latin. no matter what i was there no longer produce any sort of. you want more one up
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come on inside it's a touch of culture as they don't understand each other so we use this to develop the plot a few characters he speak both languages suddenly have much more power and control over the situation. there are misunderstandings. it was a key moment when we decided to incorporate this into the narrative. and start. adding to our many is internal conflict he is also the foster child of roman general virus an entirely fictional element. at the t.p. all those people who forget the last. reference to cup of tea leaves. the. judgement of the.
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roman for barbarian past the occupying forces become increasingly on many a switches sides and leads the romans into an ambush although the outcome of the battle is a matter of historical record barbarians keeps the tension going until the gury end . barbarians coming out of that 6 i drink out of a my colleagues. i did horrific spectator production because other productions are being very good. and a 6 part series does have a lot going for it to. david and goliath story setting the based on historical fact it was spectacularly shot in the toy forest have to say but actually on location in hungary it should appeal to fans of shows like vikings
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. and there's no reason why it shouldn't do very well indeed based on. an interesting chapter of german history what do we know about the real life germany tribes well there's an interesting exhibition on in at the james gallery in berlin at the moment called marlin which deals with misconceptions about them the german it tribe swer actually ethnically quite diverse. they were not barbarians but fairly advanced agricultural communities what we knew about them before your logy initially came from stories written by the romans and then further remand sized by german writers and artists particularly around the time of the foundation of the 1st german correction armenia's then becomes hermann the german a massive monument is built to him in the toy to forest 1900 years after the battle so was this a search for a sort of national identity battle let's fight but hermann is not ideally cast as
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the proton germany was no gun marnia he wasn't a unifier of germany that's the myth the were in all more than 50 tribes and therefore they were the forefathers of many european nations so a lot submissive misunderstandings but how historically authentic is this series it's pretty good it even has the roman soldiers speaking latin but it plays loose with facts but i have to say that there are only few verifiable facts here and there's a long tradition of inventing things to fill in the gaps in the knowledge so i think if you don't take it too seriously it won't do you any harm and you might enjoy it sounds very good and perhaps it'll inspire people to learn more about that part of german history barbarians is on netflix and the game martin is at the jane seymour gallery until until march 2020 ok. thank you very much.
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all 261986 there was a catastrophic. weeks that followed. paid volunteers to remove the debris that created by the explosion disaster had triggered the release of a vast amount of material and these so-called liquidators were placing themselves in great danger at photographer. devoted exhibitions of these. this staging is perfect the lighting equipment the folds of the clothes all. these heroes are faceless and not even standing up they've been laid out in bright light gray slabs in berlin since matthew's church photographer. calls them.
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the people who cleaned up the damage after the disaster at chernobyl. i asked myself what heroes are. other heroes in my life that should be talked about . wiki realized that they were the liquidators. unspecific an emotional process a bio robot a person who's treated like a machine. we call the heroes of soviet propaganda invincible in their protective suits they have no idea they're being sacrificed the enemy radiation is invisible.
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the title of the exhibition in the theme enter into an unbelievably good symbiosis here in this place questions of heroism resurrection elevation to st e status they really rub up against each other. the folds of the redeemer's coat are reflected in mirrors to piece. this is it. the idea of sacrificing one sound for the general period is not ideal still compatible with the reliving. before. there is still the concept of the hero right now we're once again talking about how wrote figures in respect to the challenges presented by the coronavirus another invisible danger we face. maybe that's got something to do with the church in the end people want to believe in something but if you look more closely at this world it does become difficult to
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believe in heroism. and idea as beautiful as it is questionable. paul mccartney is to release a new album made entirely in the english countryside joining lock down this is totally solo album in that he plays only instruments and mics to produce that self this time he's done this he surprised us all with this experimental edge and it has signaled a new side to his talents the album comes. from one british musician who's working in the countryside to another but. in the open i think some of his role material he's inspired by and uses the rustling of leaves. the wind much more and his music. british musician drunk feels
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a deep connection with 1000 the songs he composes are inspired by the world around him he works from a small solar powered studio deep in a forest in southern england. has no learn to play the piano at age fool today he plays over 30 different instruments his 2nd album wakeup calls features a range of good song samples you know chop the sounds out and arrange them on a sampler so i can check back different elements of what i've recorded in and then start to kind of color those sounds together and build it into a piece of music. when he can get there to roll he explores his lush surroundings hunting for sounds to sample. 'd 'd 'd nature to me i guess just means a celebration of life is just. one of the songs i write life has a passion for living and i think it's just. it's just true isn't it just being
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a natural place you just get that sense of just life busting for from becoming constantly being. you know you're. in man you know he's great change in many different corners of the world and he has a soft spot for performing in nature. i mean i love playing outside. i feel. one of my favorite things that see the play to places about the people i think it's just as important to perform to in places and to places that often i'll go to a place i record sounds from that place make a piece of music and then take it back to the place and perform it back in the place. by. where. i knew they can only do the beauty of our. natural environment which my kids' music
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never ceases to amaze. always more than culture stories on our website at the w. dot com plus culture also check out v.w. books i am d.w. classical music. not so for this edition thanks for watching and for myself and all the crew here in the lynn stay safe i'm bob barr from the.
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to the point of strong opinions clear positions international perspectives. while the rest of the world struggles with kobe the country where it all began is reporting low infection rates and strong growth in china and coronavirus super spreader to economic winners find out i'm to the point. to the point. 3000000003 books on d w. germany with. any time place. video never. have i got the benefit of. songs to sing along to download seems to come from super. to be.
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a very costly is put into active exercises i think about $97.00 don't come slashdot each land on facebook in the uk still. jam in 5th grade but. we know that this is a scary time for us the coronavirus is changing the world changing our lives so queen's take care of yourself good distance wash your hands if you can stay at how we deal with you for here for you we are working so hard to listen to keep you informed on all of our platforms we're all in this sphere and together make it. stay safe everybody stays steady say stay safe please stay safe.
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this is live from berlin tonight the final faceoff donald trump and gear up for their last t.v. presidential debate less than 2 weeks to go before the election the us president is trailing his democratic challenger in the polls joe biden getting a late boost from former u.s. president barack obama also coming up germany was once the poster child of pandemic policies now with struggling to prevent an uncontrolled spread of the corona virus as new with.


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