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tv   Auf den Punkt  Deutsche Welle  October 23, 2020 1:00am-1:46am CEST

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this is news for live from berlin the final face off donald trump and joe biden gear up for the last presidential t.v. debate with less than 2 weeks to go before the election the u.s. president is trailing his democratic challenger in the polls will find out just what's at stake in this showdown also coming up europe's covered 19 crisis deepens as countries across the continent set fresh records for new infections governments are imposing strict lockdowns to slow the spread of the virus.
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i'm told me a lot of book welcome to the program we begin in the united states where with less than 2 weeks to go until election day president donald trump and his democratic rival joe biden are set to face off in their 2nd and final presidential debate biden have both arrived in nashville tennessee where the stage is set for their spying much now one new rule of engagement for this evening microphones will be muted when a candidate is not supposed to speak that's after a chaotic 1st debate last month. now both men will face questions on 6 topics these are fighting covert 19 american families race in america climate change national security and leadership with election day now only 12 days away this debate could be crucial in swaying any remaining undecided voters.
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correspondent sumi so misconduct joins us from washington now for more suny the topics for the debate set microphones would be new to well can we expect well tommy i can tell you that anticipation here is very high i mean this is after all the last opportunity that we will have to see both of these candidates both of these men on the same stage at the same tight time and we're hoping that we get to see them also debate policy so what do you expect i can tell you that the debate commission and the moderator have put in several hours working hard to ensure that they can enable an actual debate to take place and not the interrupt fast that we experienced in the 1st class there was so much frustration over that we know that joe biden has spent the last few days off of the campaign trail his campaign team has said that they've been preparing him for interruptions for the eventuality that that happens because we have to keep in mind that just because microphones will be
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needed for certain portions of the debate they are on the same stage at the same time so if president trump starts to speak when joe biden is speaking it will still be picked up by joe biden's microphone so they've been preparing him for that that he doesn't get distracted and swayed off course off message but really the big question is going to be which president trump do we see show up tonight will it be the bulldozer effect we saw in that 1st debate or will it be what republican advisers and strategists have been coaxing the president to do which is to temper that aggression that tone and to really focus on issues namely the economy they believe that is one where the president can win. now you mentioned the chaos in that last debate some of the blame was put on the moderates or into those more. you know that's right i mean there was a there was some blame put on the mall or moderator rather of the 1st of a chris wallace for not doing enough to a reign of president trump and and indeed now president trump has been striking out at the moderator of this debate tonight christine welker of n.b.c.
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he's complained 1st of all a bit about the format of this debate he doesn't like the topics that are being covered and he also says that kristen welker is very biased i should say that she's a well respected journalist well known here in the u.s. he works for n.b.c. has a lot of experience but the president believes that he's not going to get a fair shake from her and that is something that he's been saying repeatedly this week he's also been striking out at other journalist lesley stahl from c.b.s. and he said tonight's moderator would be even worse and that doesn't bode well tommy for the debate if person goes into this believing that the deck is stacked against him. ok. in washington thank you. one of the key battlegrounds in this race is the swing state of florida. correspondent currently not your morning joins us from florida from all the mundo there. why is the state of florida so important as trump seeks another term in
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office. during the last presidential elections florida has always been a main battlefield between democrats and republicans and in the year 2016 for example donald trump won this seat by a margin of only 1.2 percent over hillary clinton and even barack obama won the se but a very small margin of only 0.9 percent points and so this shows how crucial it is this state is and really a must win state in order to win the white house is also the reason why don't we came here last week twice and it's even planning to come again this week. millions of bollocks have already been cast in early voting in florida although any indications which way the vote will swing there that is difficult to say democrats and republicans have been early voting and the
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early voters have turned out is by now over $4000000.00 so that is already the total it turned out of early voting from the year 2016 this already shows that this is really breaking records not only florida bad in the united states the early voting numbers the white house said today that even donald trump is going to early vote this week and this is why he is coming to florida and this is specially important here also for the latino vote the voters make a large share of the eligible voters overrun 20 percent so they are also republicans latino voters and democrats are latino voters and it's not clear yet who is going to win here at these the early voting. carli much more in florida thank you for a. full coverage of the debate here on news you can catch all the action live right here starting in
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a couple of hours. police violence and racism have become key campaign issues after a series of killings and the months of protests that ensued in minneapolis where police officers killed george floyd sparking protests are across the globe people there are still trying to come to terms with what happened and many are asking if trust between the police and citizens can ever be restored. minneapolis may 28th the 3rd precinct building of the minneapolis police department set ablaze during protests against the death of george floyd in police custody. the burning police station becomes a symbol for the protesters fury for their demands for an end of police racism and patella. 5 months later abandoned boarded up and secured with cement barriers precinct 3 still
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a symbol now signifying the city's struggle to make the changes the protesters demand for the local police department and how police accuse them many apple lists is still. dealing with the fall out and the controversy and the trauma so rounding george floyd being killed by the minneapolis police department there is definitely a breakdown in terms of trust between our elected officials and their constituents as well as between their constituents and our law enforcement community volunteers from the air and prepare to patrol the neighborhood and the 9th ward of minneapolis where george floyd done christian and local law and growing in numbers we just thank you. walk the streets the group recently recognized and supported by the city is filling the gap created by the collapse of trust between police and the black community with police patrols largely absent from this part of town they have
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taken on the task of proactively protecting the community from rising crime we want to have selective police in our community who knows who live in our community who look like me and then there'd be a better pace well like how we can read talk to him and how we communicate to each other minneapolis police recognize the need for urgent and fundamental change says deputy chief eric force he sees new recruiting strategies this critical. for any real progress one of the best things you can you can have as a department that's as reflective of your community as you can get it especially people from the community and that's really what we're pushing forth stresses that from his point of view there are at least 3 of the top priorities for reform there needs to be deep in gauge went with the community secondly would be trainings with how we deescalate situations and lastly with what that requires all of this
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is the personnel to do that but words are not enough so as they've been a local activist with a group called communities against police brutality there's been talk of reform there's been some radical talk from the city council but there has been virtually no action whatsoever and we're not seeing a lot of initiative for action from the city council the mayor the police chief the city council talk of abolishing the current system of policing but was hit by a sobering reality check. my advice to other cities. is to ensure that you are going to from your current policing system that you really do have. a much longer and practiced plan for instituting alternatives that have been tested and worked after hours of patrolling the neighborhood. to go home they'll be back tomorrow night and tonight after that the
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changes they were pushing for you know. this is this is. europe is struggling to contain a surge in coronavirus cases germany for example reported more than $11000.00 new cases in 24 hours that's an all time high it's a similar situation across the continent with many countries setting fresh records for new infections and faced with a spiralling crisis governments tightening restrictions and imposing new lockdowns . another record in france where more than 41000 corona virus infections were reported on thursday in some cities intensive care units are already reaching capacity a public health crisis looms large. the government has responded by extending
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curfews already in effect in the capital paris to a total of 38 regions france is set to become the 2nd european country to exceed 1000000 cases. after spain reached this grim milestone earlier in the week with an infection rate 3 times the national average the region of nevada has resorted to drastic measures. it has banned most travel into and out of the region and closed restaurants and bars. the capital madrid has been under a similar lockdown for the past 2 weeks to stem a spiraling caseload. italy was the 1st european country to be hit hard by the coronavirus. prime minister just. as appeal to tally ends to adhere to curfews imposed in italy's 3 biggest cities the country is desperate to avoid the massive casualties and overflowing hospitals witnessed earlier this year. the
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caseload is exploding in the czech republic a record 15000 new infections on thursday prompted the government to impose a hard lockdown. prime minister i'm very bearish said the house system would otherwise collapse by early next month. a shop shuttered in the capital prague. the army moved in to set up a field hospital. a lockdown is also in effect in ireland over the next 6 weeks households are not allowed to mingle and people have to stay within 5 kilometers of their homes non-essential shops have been closed and restaurants are restricted to take away services. the european parliament has named belarus's democratic opposition and civil activists as the winners of its top human rights award there's a core of freedom for thought prize recipients include the exiled opposition leader
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svetlana taken off sky and mass protests attracting tens of thousands have rocked the country since the presidential election in august despite police threats to open fire the opposition accuses longtime leader alexander lukashenko of rigging the vote. water might not be the 1st thing you think of when you hear dubai but they found him there has just broken the guinness world record for being the biggest in the world taking the title from one just around the corner the palm fountain is equipped with jets capable of blasting water more than 100 meters into the air and 3000 multicolored l.e.d. lights will leave you with this. for go don't forget you can always get news on the go just download from google play all from the app store and that will give you access to all the latest news
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from around the world as well as push notifications for any breaking news and if you're part of a news story you can also use the d.w. after to send us photos and videos of what's happening. next it's christine window. the top african story is watching the news from the island i'm told me a lot of books thanks for joining us. every day. for us and for our planet. good morning jeanne moos is on it's going to bring you more conservation. how do we make cities scream or how can we protect animals and their 100 times what to do with the worst. we can make a difference by choosing reforestation over the forest recycling for disposable or
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smart new solutions to bursting sending our bodies to the earth is truly unique and we know that their uniqueness is what our wows us to live and survive good morning do us be a modern man to soon soon go to 3000 on w. and. this is africa on the program today mounting tensions in guinea oppositions of forces have clashed with police as the country awaits the results of sunday's presidential votes. and keep this in a can ya losing their livelihoods because of the country's fight against al shabaab . one of. them for us but also used to kill them living our own people they don't want us to be forest and that is how we goes for naught because.
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hello i'm christian one day it's good to have your company. tensions are high in guinea following sunday's general election official results are not out yet but the opposition candidate has declared himself the wind up 4 days chill delhi india those supporters have been involved with clashes with security forces the conakry is burning although the outcome of guinea's presidential election is still days away. the prospect of a 3rd presidential term for incumbent alpha condé is fueling desperation and fury among supporters of the opposition. i am speaking to the election commission alpha condé has been in power since 2010 instead of the. week all of guinea chose the
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union of democratic forces of guinea that's what guinea wants if the u.s. is not elected guinea will not become. but guinea is already far from calm the current bout of violence started the day after the election when opposition candidate below declared himself the winner of the ballot before the release of official results. i am victorious and this election in the 1st round was but it was too soon to celebrate. over the last few days the election commission has made official results available as they come in from constituencies and so far they're not confirming the victory that d.l. all claim to was his. the man in the lead is alpha condé the man whose lead guinea for the past 10 years. the opposition is crying foul and has been venting their
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anger on the streets with deadly consequences says gainey security minister. there. are going to be full bodies in conakry bodies of gunshot victims in the morgues of duncan and he commenced in hospitals one death from a stab wound do you jess from fire arms in. case you do. those weren't the only victims of guinea's post-election violence and there are fears they will be more. on wednesday night d.l. all called on his supporters to continue their fight in a twitter video posted from home. you were already fighting heroically in conakry and across the country despite savage repression and despite arrests and intimidation this fight is heroic and it will end ever to please be victorious. the country now awaits the final results of the election. but by the looks of the
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last few days it's unlikely they'll resolve the tension. let's go to. africa correspondent fred mahoney he is in a cost hi fred it's good to see you is some kind of a power sharing compromise pools of all in guinea i say this because when we've had similar instances in other parts of the continent that's what it's come down to is it possible in guinea. a christian a. main rivals in new guinea that is the incumbent president and. the opposition. to this is this time there that are sure there are contests. in the last 2 times there have been nothing like these talking about. so this time no one knows whether they will go up to about what we know is that the incumbent president has said that in case he wins that election he's willing to talk with the
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opposition ok the result is still in contention but what they any independent election observers for them and what have they said. so far the african union because that's the regional book of west africa they have already declared that the voting process was transplanted something that has been disputed by the opposition you dana. and you have to know that the opposition he. himself has declared a winner even before the electoral commission announces the results so i dis moment though because of us said the election process was transpired but the people in guinea they want this narrative. ok fred just just coming back to these 2 men contending for this presidency and as if you're right when you told us it's the
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3rd time they're having a go at it. they've both got big profiles in guinea. the incumbent president alpha condé is he more old then and now the old man team to power. well that seems to be the part and especially in the west africa. region where cut into you see what is happening in the course they have had to change the constitution so that the incumbent president can run for a time then the same thing happens in guinea where he has actually been in power for one or 2 times for 10 years he is has forced to change the constitution so that he can run for another time but people have to know that this guy cannot be in the same basket as other people who have been in power for 2
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decades even for decades has just been in power for all the 2 times 10 yes'. then the change of the constitution it's of raises questions about his motives and he's also is very questionable he is 82 years almost. afraid what about his main challenger. delhi india though he is no new committee political power is he. yes he's very very you know only has occupied so very many so your poise and president. that he's some couple of years ago he has been also the prime minister he's very very experienced politician and he has also must have support from from the community which is really one of the biggest. it's in the group in guinea so he has most of support he has experience but of course he is facing
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a very strong. incumbent president afraid when can we expect the final official results from this election. yet the final fissure results expected in 8 days that means that after the provision or results have been announced then the candidates have at least 8 days to file a petition in the supreme court just in case they have they have problems they question the results and then the constitution the call it would declare the final results but if any candidate gets below 50 then there will be a 2nd a 2nd run which is should do it on 24th of november or at that speed moving me in lagos for us thank you frank. you're welcome. now it's
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been 10 years since kenya dispatched its soul just to somalia in an operation against the al qaeda linked terror group al shabaab in response to the increased violence the kenyan government launched operation in september 2015 to oust the slightest of that operation has expanded across the dense boni forest in the lab on the border with somalia as state of used interest smoked reports it was supposed to last 2 months but now while the military operation on to news it is ordinary people such as beekeepers whose lives have been caught in the crossfire. we are on the way to cannes with religion using this big board to get there because the rocks are too dangerous as they are planted to the eye in days by the terrorist group al-shabaab for now the ocean remains the only more of transport.
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breakfast to the family most mornings stocked like these sort of watery but well that hasn't changed his livelihood has they would depend on the forest for bodies since our forefathers who went into the forest came back living with honey and sold . however and i'm going military operation just 6 kilometers away from some of his religion now stops him from venturing into the forest or going to his be have the meaning risking his life he has kept a few years house despite the dangers it brings to his family. when. i 1st became unbearable and the village is also dangerous they can in military rule be waiting 6 kilometers into the forest when they see they'd ask who did you meet in there whom would you bring food. when you hear the helicopters you were drunk where am i supposed to leave you know in fear or make me leave you know why i'm
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scared but i have to live with these children. 10 years ago can you launch operations against al shabaab these war has now come to some of us dos the. one up for work. is a problem for us but also is the kenyan living our own people they don't want us to go into the forest and that is how we lost all our behaviors and now a lot of change for the worst. security experts believe the country's fight with al shabaab has eat those people most vulnerable to radicalization and retaliatory attacks in their quest to pacify bonnie forest and to flush out the pan sergeants to walk with their local communities perhaps that is where the government needs to invest a lot more resources in order to win the hearts and minds of these people. are
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always trying to find other ways to feed his family farming on small plots of land . now i depend on the farm and fishing but my family's not big enough that i would have to sell the produce people are afraid of coming here and they ask you is it money forest and they all run away they don't want anything to do with the us when i could be. an impossible choice faced by one family it's echoed by an entire community struggling to provide for their loved ones. and that is a full. hour of the story dot com forward slash africa we're also on facebook and today we'll leave you with to chose from egypt of the new environmentally friendly electric inaugurated for visitors to the poem is tonight's top of a. house
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in the drama competition marketing numbers atmosphere of power supply at a time in traditional. money. spans farms farms spans and friends. i'm not going think out of the wild just sometimes i am but mostly i'm nothing when . the german thinks deep interjection culture of looking at stereotypes but
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interesting to see the country that i not. needed to take for those grandmas they own me go it's all about. new i'm rachel join me for me for german from d.w. . post. charge goldman sachs's malaysia the factory of miss. charges of bribery as part of a record settlement over money laundering and malaysia's state investment fund. also coming up hoarding toilet paper fears of a stricter dr germ and stocking up on supplies but consumer confidence is down and . i'm shaking things up and start ups are embracing the trend toward known alcoholic beverages. says you don't need business i'm paid ferguson welcome
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it's the 1st criminal settlement in goldman sachs as history as a public company today the bank's malaysian subsidiary has pleaded guilty to bribery for its role in a major money laundering scandal at malaysia's state investment fund the guilty plea is part of a $2900000000.00 settlement with u.s. regulators who say goldman played a central role in the theft of money from the fund acknowledging institutional failure is goldman's board of directors has decided to cut pay and bonuses for several executives including this man the current c.e.o. david solomon those directly involved in the scandal will also have to pay back millions of dollars prosecutors in malaysia the u.s. a bond sales organized by goldman sachs and able to associates a former malaysian prime minister razak to steal billions of dollars from the one
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the n.d.p. fund that was supposed to support malaysia's economic growth so what are we to make of all of this financial correspondent and scott he's at goldman sachs of global headquarters in new york hi ends just how badly has this scandal affected goldman sachs its reputation. in general it's a huge and costly scandal already in july goldman agreed to pay $2.00 and a half $1000000000.00 to the government of malaysia so now we have another almost $3000000000.00 on top of that interestingly enough the stock actually did trade to the upside on thursday and there's a good reason for that because it was not goldman the parent company pleading guilty but it was the siddur really from malaysia and that means that goldman itself probably gets away was no criminal charges and that is important because
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that way goldman will be able to still to do business with some big institutional clients those clients might not have been allowed to do business with goldman if the parent company actually would have to plead guilty itself so in that regard it is a bit of a relief of at least for the parent company goldman sachs for sure and that might explain as well why we're not feeling too much mark or reaction to this story one of our investor i think 5 and by today though yes. well we've seen a huge wave of earnings coming all the all week long and that was especially old saw true for this thursday session coca-cola for example even if revenue dropped in comparison to last year's quarter but their earnings came in better than expected we had huge losses from some of the big airlines american airlines and southwest but wall street was prepared for that so we even saw gains in those stock prices on
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the economic front and we had the best weekly job report since mid march and not even 800000 people filed for unemployment claims it is still a large number but it's the lowest since mid march and talking about good news there's a little bit of better he was in after hours trading because we got the earnings reports from intel and specially the business. his data centers was a government source enterprises did not as well as expected so that stock in the after hours session is falling like a rock dropping by about 10 percent but other than that a lot of better than expected or better than feared results from a lot of the big u.s. corporations that drove the market indices to a session. with the good and the bad in the markets thanks so much. and you spike in corona virus infections if anything german shopper is in a gloomy mood consumers are especially unwilling to buy expensive goods indicating
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that the government's decision to lower a value added tax its own nickel to most if they iras to 4 case on higher end i said this november's consumer climate index is looking even gloomier than predicted . the hoarding has started again german consumers are worried about the 2nd wave of the coronavirus and toilet paper is selling out at some supermarkets 3 quarters of the population assumes the coronavirus pandemic is a threat to their existence that's according to consumer researchers to keep the economy afloat the german government has provided around 200000000000 euros in direct aid such a short term work benefits and an economic stimulus package economics affairs minister peta is now promising even larger aid programs than before you come to start off and. i think it's important that our city centers remain livable and prosperous. that we do something to stop stores from drying out. and.
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that we effectively help retailers whose existence is threatened by digitalisation and online shops. and. business associations are demanding more aid from the government the german events industry has been particularly badly hit by the pandemic the industry which includes trade fairs congresses and cultural and sporting events accounts for nearly one 6th of german economic output its business group estimates. half of germany's tourism revenue is linked to events. we've had an 80 to 100 percent slump in sales for the past 8 months and probably for at least another 6 to 8 months from i'm no company can cope with that alone. there's no more using my own capital no more loans we need much more. ahead of you so ca sion is calling for
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a program especially earmarked for the events industry to help many small and medium sized companies to survive this. time now to take a look at some of the other global business stories making news. some 787000 americans filed for unemployment last week the numbers are an improvement on the week before but are still well above the single worst week during the global financial crisis the makers are yet to agree on a plan to inject new stimulus into the economy. cuba has accused the united states of taking advantage of the pandemic to intensify its blockade against the country foreign minister bruno roughly guest says the u.s. trade embargo has caused more than $5000000000.00 in losses this year. now from curfews to alcohol bonds authorities around the world are taking action to prevent the spread of the corona virus bars in particular are seen as a major breeding ground for the infection because alcohol tends to make people
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forget to observe the social distancing rules but what about dr doris cities around the world are embracing the concept alexa meier reports from berlin. the sira leak bar is located in one of berlin's famous party districts what's special here all the drinks are nonalcoholic you can get beer and wine as well as novelty cocktails like 06 famous carrot cake these days you can find bars like this in london dublin and new york but in germany 0 lake is one of a kind. some visitors end up here by chance others come here on purpose. i think it improves the atmosphere when there's no alcohol in play and they enjoy that i can go out and have a nice evening during the week every once relaxed but there's still clear as a bell. you know. we have some very young guests who are involved in the startup
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scene or artists who are in the middle of composing some new work of people who need to maintain a clear head. hanging in the wind with a 0 leak bar comes from another berlin startup called cologne annoyed since 2018 they've been selling wine made by premium vintners in the german state of bought in britain back 1st philip and his partner experiment with various blends and then the alcohol is removed from the coup de. this local wineries produce the product on a large scale a bottle goes for between 10 and 16 euro. more and more people in europe are turning to alcohol free alternatives that's what our competitors have been saying and we've noticed it to. cologne annoy the projects it will be selling more than 300000 liters of wine this year as well as exporting
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wine to britain and belgium the start up piece of drinks also wants to profit from the trend the company launched its brand of non alcoholic spirits this summer. they just still various herbs and oakwood to produce so-called but china calls spirits which customers can drink pure or as an ingredient in cocktails. the corona pandemic has actually helped the company take off items i've noticed in the last 2 layers not such a high demand for new products in the restaurant trade but people are consuming at home these days they've been drinking mineral water all day in the evening they might want to drink something special and then they're open to something new. now people from around germany come to the 0 the bar for a drink but the bar hasn't made a profit yet the same can be said for cold on the north and east drinks still there following their hunch that more and more people will be drinking their alcohol free
1:41 am
beverages in the future. they think branding is everything when it comes to attracting investment which is why one canadian town has decided to change its name the town of as best stuff was named after the world's largest mine of the material once it was found to be highly carcinogenic the mind closed down and leaving the tyrant with a name that with keeping face away some 7 times the people took part in the vote the new name the charming founding fathers the sauce or valley of the spring. offensive election that's all for me thanks for watching.
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we know that this is very time for the coronavirus is changing the world changing aha so please take care of yourself keep your distance wash your hands if you can stay at how we do w. for here for you we are working tirelessly to keep you informed on over platforms we are all in this to get on together or making sure it. stays significant stays in
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stay safe stay safe please stay safe. with him how to be a gun get go suchness with the highest i know if i had known that the boat would be that small i never would have gone on the trip i would not have put myself and my parents you know that danger to the bottom of the theme of the to give us leave with. that money it would be to them i have serious problems on a personal level and i was unable to live there with my time going to. you want to know their story in full migrants terrified to enter a global information for margaret's. how does a virus spread. why do we panic and when will all this and trying to do through the tax from cover and weekly radio show is called spectrum if you would
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like and the information on the ground or any other science topic you should really check out our podcast you can get it wherever you get your podcast you can also find us at d.f.w. dot com slash science. a big new german series called barbarians is all netflix will be talking about but also coming up today. graphic exhibition that remembers the heroes of the chernobyl nuclear disaster 34 years ago. and it's being called paul. cosmo sheldrake's music includes sounds from the english countryside that surrounds him. welcome to culture streaming
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services are booming up above and historical series seem to be particularly popular now netflix is launching its 1st german historical series barbarians which takes place in knowing a day when the romans occupied almost half of europe so the judge manic tribes are trying to stop them occupied b. of a half lots of potential epic battles love and hate the trail and loyalty. so i don't know how they're going to discriminate in the height of its power. under. roman general virus is governor of the northern province is at his side. the leader of a division of gen monic troops serving the romans. returning with room and forces meet his fellow tribal chiefs again as a child i mean yes with taken as a whole.


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