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tv   Focus on Europe  Deutsche Welle  October 23, 2020 8:30am-9:00am CEST

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and. language courses. were. welcome to focus on europe it's great to have your company today the 2nd coronavirus wave has arrived war and more european countries are reporting record numbers of infections and this has led to fresh car fuels lockdowns and national states of emergencies the small country of belgium has one of the highest infection rates in europe the government is worried that the pandemic my to get out of
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control the country also has the highest numbers of deaths per capita on the continent. but 19 has significantly impacted our day to day lives from contact bands to social distancing to face masks but the virus has also changed lives those who have loved ones who have gotten sick or even died know all too well what this means like the 10 year old lorenzo's he lives in a region in belgium that was among the 1st to be declared a corona hotspots back in march and his story tells more about the horrors of the pandemic than mere facts and figures can't. go for corona the didn't know it's now it's every day and sleep here. i think i missed something. here. and
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it's just not right with the 10 year old misses his grandfather luke they were inseparable grandpa was the best you know pretty happy yeah i was happy the renzo lived with his grandparents for years and they took him everywhere luke was always the one to pick lorenzo up at school but when his grandfather got coded 1000 in march and became the 1st known victim of the virus in their hometown of st truman lorenzo was left confused and angry. i if carrillo wasn't here i'm. nothing of this would have happened his grandmother janine is still pained to recall how difficult it was to explain to lorenzo luke wasn't coming home from the hospital and i have to say that. he was so. good at what janine had to deal with her
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own grief her daughters and her grandsons lorenzo was troubled he'd never gotten to say goodbye these were glasses. those are all the names of. people that want to see him again. but then a chance arose for lorenzo to say farewell when his city's mayor decided to create a memorial in a local park around the theme of the flower forget me not. and i said from the beginning i want. from a little child who lost his grandfather of grandmother the mayor asked lorenzo if he would like to speak at the dedication he declined because life they were going to laugh at me. well but. i don't know. why i just think something. that i said that.
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that when i set something about my grandpa i was going to cry it was a novel for it. maybe you can do it for grandpa. oh yes i will do it for him so. at the ceremony with his mother nellie beside him lorenzo poured out his heart and touched everyone else's even. your grandpa i miss you very much i am mad about corona mad about what happened you were dead best and always are going to be the best investment and. when you were standing up there and people were listening to hear what you think they were thinking. he's a brave boy. and no longer he realized and angry boy i
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was happy that i did it that i. rode el out. and was happy. everyone was. grandpa. and in the spring this corner of the park where lorenzo throughout his sadness will be filled with little blue flowers each blossom a promise to those who are gone we won't forget you. a brave boy indeed. boris johnson loves political poker when he was sworn in as the british prime minister last year and he promised he wouldn't deliver brags that well he has about 2 months to do that because a deadline is looming the ok and the e.u. have until the end of this year to work out
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a trade agreement and that means long nights of talks in brussels in london with both sides reluctance to budge on their standpoints i reporter at med to ship farmers who are following the negotiations closely they are uncertain about their future because they export almost all their animals to countries. at langrish and his father frank. in the generations they have to find and you can't in southern england the 2 men are very concerned about bricks it especially if britain and the e.u. fail to negotiate a trade deal nearly half of. that we produce is exports h. and most of what we export is exports it into the e.u. . so if any tariffs a person on tariffs again a sort of between 40 and 50 percent so if those tariffs are applied. to go into europe. destroy price. it's hard to imagine this
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landscape without its poppy thanks to them that the grass is so neat to puta from. today even languish in deciding which lambs are ready for slaughter after the avatar moves will be exported to from. the french like a lamb like this which has a good conformation. they want to. around about 18 to 20 kilos as a carcass. not too much fat just a little fat they are very discerning my like good quality lamb and we. produce good quality lamb which comes off of grass on a clear day it's possible to see right across to the french coast should be i tell you their. father and son they both against bricks it from the outset these sheep are still heading to france but both promise the worried that border controls will
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lead to problematic delays in future. for the average well and then they go into a refrigerated truck and normally that killed one day and they're in the paris market the next morning and he delays to that will cause big problems. but not all 40 sharma's were against him many of the noted for it because they thought that being in the e.u. entails too much bureaucracy but frank langrish thinks it will get even worse post by accident i know. there would be any less civil servants to like paper so we will still have lots of people i thought the farmers incorrectly blamed europe for the paper when it was like there are people that created lots of people . many of the pharmaceutical into the weekend cattle auction can't foresee
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a tough time ahead. still most here seem to feel that's new sense complaining when that's when to be done. because just to make the most the situation that it will that legislation is in place and whatever tires we have and get on with it we will be better off in the end but it will be very hard in the interim period albie on a softer start in our coaching on the looking forward 6 offering is going to be a long haul we have bricks. at langrish is married to that many families won't be able to survive without subsidies and he's furious about the government's handling of bread. it. just disbelief that they can tell so many lies you know it's. you know the hollow they won't be ques it gave everything away fine it will be the easiest free trade agreement history. where it is just proved it will be so much rubbish and both father and son hope that what ever happens to the country
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children will take the family farm into the next generation after all the countryside in kent need to change and. the much the horn is one of the most beautiful family it's all be all and one of the national symbols of switzerland the villages surrounding this peak attract thousands of tourists each year but now there is trouble in paradise the permafrost that helps hold together the alps is melting and rocks have began to move these effects of climate change are giving many locals sleepless nights. for nearly 3 decades curch spring has lived in the village of brilliants in the swiss canton of trouble. but for a couple of years now he and nearly 100 residents here have been very worried. about is 1st we had a certain respect for the situation then we felt a bit insecurity. and now we're just outright afraid.
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this is dealing landscape is facing 2 threats the ground in which the village stands is gradually sliding into the valley is now reached a rate of one metre 20 a year some houses have been literally torn apart this one was later demolished the village has been slipping for decades but it's never been as bad as this at the same time reince also faces the threat of a massive landslide that could bury it completely that's what worries court spring the most. at the edge of the village a taste of what could be to come fuge boulders like this one broke off the mountain last summer which bring with him his cellar when it happened and heard the crash. you know you just don't think how many will there be lots of rocks how many. off the mountain the whole mountain will it hit the house. had lots of houses the
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playground the old school building. those are your 1st thoughts the mountain is being monitored to run the clock with radar g.p.s. measurements and drew. if the alarm is raised the residents would only have a few hours to leave the village there would be no way of stopping a major landslide. it happened in 2017 in the village of bundu in dublin. and in 2015 in eveline a chance in a valley. that could landslides like these be predicted more accurate. and switzerland's most famous mountain a matter of horn researchers are looking into exactly that question computer scientists. from the university of inspire is working with colleagues from various swiss universities to listen to the inside of the mountain to see if
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a landslide is imminent there laborde tree is an altitude of 3500 metres. and the mountain is extremely steep. for the past 12 years the scientists have been monitoring the stability of the rock because of climate change the permafrost is thawing which is the cement the holds the mountain together the matter horn is starting to crumble. i 1000 clients and survivors in 200-322-3000 cubic metres of rock fell away here. and that's why the area up there is where it broke away. 3000 cubic meters of debris is the equivalent of 3 houses. the but. in order to predict events like that were accurately in the future they've installed numerous measuring instruments the sensors gauge every movement and vibration the researchers are
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trying to the crude the vibrations of the rocks and that's why they're listening to the mountain as strange as that may soon. a small black container but he. doesn't that size measure them them and this is our seismic sensors which can enable us to understand the sound and the language of the mountain. each section of the rock has a particular pattern of vibrations it's possible to make them. this is the sound of the matterhorn amplified many times. the sense can vary. so very bad just like a glass of water sounds difference when you top depending on how much water as it is the same here. a large volume makes a deep sound. if you only get high pitch sounds the volumes are dealing with
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a small. here the rock is the glass of water if the crack is small the new section of rip that is vibrating feeley a smaller increase a higher pitch to. because the crackers larger the sound is deeper than the year. but if we were to observe a marked difference suddenly in the seismic measurements for example a sound that's twice as deep. that could be a sign that another landslide is in the offing. with a landslide before testes in the valleys of the mountain. cannot do that yet but he and his team plan to continue their research. this message is they're also being tried out in prince. springs planning to live out his retirement here instead he's preparing for
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a possible that accusation. he wants to be ready when the mountain. is she a typical russian well her outfit certainly has some traditional elements to it but otherwise there's nothing typical about her because she is a russian drag queen of performers like her don't have it easy in their country homophobia is widespread among conservative russians and the members of the l g b t q community often face threats or even the verbal and physical attacks but all that is not stopping one drag queen from living out of life in high heels i could see make up and with a lot of sass. thanks . for. playing this evening everyone was at the c.d.c.
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is saying if i give to my other name is miami or miami drag queen motion in miami that i. can. cut. 27 year old sag a name yes miami the films that scream monkey agape out in moscow. it's how he makes his living even if his job clashes with a to do in russia. i have a 2nd phrase for face id it doesn't recognize me i did a good job on the makeup today. i don't think. she's that kind of woman i know but it's my 2nd personality i mean with that i don't think it's an illness would that mean she dated but it isn't yes you know this guy's is an x. axis one stage at the club the track winfield's competent and you see outside the club he's been delays provokes different reactions wasn't it i don't want to see
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that. yet just makes me want to vomit. send him into the army not just for one year he ought to serve 3. was. the one time you could have got your head torn off for that. sergei works hard on his act developing the choreography and himself step by step in 2015 he came to moscow from a little village in western russia he felt liberated but only within the safe confines of the club. just. with my wigs and high heels i don't fit the image of the russian male. i can't walk down the street as miami it's not because i don't want to with the mystery but because i'm afraid. afraid for my
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life and for my face sort of freeze but. there are good reasons to be afraid in russia it's very dangerous for a man to appear in public wearing makeup and women's clothes as seen here in moscow's metro homophobic groups may quickly turn violent and deep bass their victims say gays well aware of the danger and never leave the club in drag even so much as posting about his act on the internet without including an age limit could land him in court on charges of homosexual propaganda in such an environment sag a says it's dangerous to come out as gay even to one's own family. i haven't had any contact with my father for about 10 years ago once i got drunk and messaged him saying father i'm bisexual i'm not bisexual i'm gay but that's how i
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put it i thought it be easier for him that i have nothing against girls but i also like boys he's never called me since. my step mother called me from his telephone and said what if you don't you know we raised us. that sag doesn't intend to stay hidden away forever sewing his outfits in secret he has dreams of a grand career and he's invested his creativity. and about $11000.00 euros in fabrics make up and she lose yet which is that me i'd like to be in the media and appearing in movies and shows so people will be scared of us but ones that i'd like to be able to walk the streets by army and not have people you know things at me like who places in the cemetery theaters. such things frighten saguenay but he's not giving miami out he'll carry on as the dazzling drag queen but maybe not in russia taking his dreams of an life in another country.
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norway is there a peon country with the largest fishing industry which is no surprise given that more than half of the country's border is along the coast but some areas like the village of big heads not been profiting much from the wealth of seafood found in the ocean now there's a new species in the waters of norway meet the king crab at the price of delicacy that is also called once the crab because it's everything that crosses its path but the mother has become a lifesaver for some norwegian fisherman their courage figure loves the arctic ocean the german who's been living norway's high north for 12 years he takes tourists to see the sights along the coast near the russian border. he brings up one of those sites from the bottom of the sea for this tour group. the only side of the traps the day before the depth of 180 meters.
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but one day it was long enough for him to now haul up dozens of kids crabs a delicacy on around the world at the crabs are also a growing ecological problem. the crustaceans multiply like rabbits job in the water you get heat from the crops we have reps right ever your. really low to catch we need only from the front of the back 15 centimeters harvesting the king crabs has brought our own head of prosperity to norway's economically constrained high north. including for the remote fishing village of boogie or nace. in 1989 residents ran an eye for thais and offering their village for sale. young people were moving away because there was no work now the village has been revived
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complete with bed and breakfasts and even the strong. and it's all thanks to nominate her the king crab. fisherman life inlay was among the 1st to discover the non-native species of blue by nice. soviet researchers had released them in the barents sea in the 1950s. but anyway was unaware of that when he found the monster crab in his nets one day. a 1st crabs we caught we tend to. we were taken completely by surprise. but if the crabs hadn't turned up like it that we would not have it any fish processing in town. nor any fishing boats. or at most 2 or 3. but today we have 15 or 16. i bought the
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explosive spread of the king crab is a boon to the fishermen but the norwegian environmentalist's and scientists are alarmed. eaters are being spotted father and father south they're expected to reach the coast of scotland soon. so a lot of we found that the crabs are able to adapt to water temperatures of eating degree celcius that means they could survive in the mediterranean. wherever these crabs become established they had devastating effects on the other marine life on the seabed. some species mussels and starfish have disappeared completely. along with. their own the king crab is also known as the monster crab. it has no natural enemies and poses a threat to every other living thing on the seabed. so fisheries authorities have made the quotas generous and tourists aren't the only ones glad that. we have the
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right to catch 10 crabs per or free per person per year. one crab is worth 900 kroner or 19 right in our pocket. multiplied by 10 and you know for a 1000 euros you're eating a luxury delicacy for free but serves as guest after only a short time in the kitchen otherwise behind only in europe's and asia's finest restaurants. norway exports over 2000 tons of can crowd around the world and. while environmental concerns about invasive species continue the tourists savor it spicy meat under the region authorities hope the high fishing quotas will help keep the crowd population under control the people of northern norway meanwhile hope this lucrative source of income will last a while longer they've already built
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a monument to the king crab i wouldn't mind having one of those on live plate well that's all for today thanks for watching and goodbye. blue.
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blue. blue blue. blue. blue. to the point sean opinions clear position in the international perspectives. while the rest of the world struggles with cold it is a country where it all began this reporting low infection rates and strong growth in china and korea by a list of super spreader to economic winner find out onto the point. to the point at least a reading of these 30 minutes on t w. we
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know that this is a scary time for the coronavirus is changing the world changing. so please take care of yourself a good distance wash your hands. if you can stay at how we're d.w.b. for here for we are working tirelessly to keep you informed on all of our platforms we're all in this together on together to make it. stay safe everybody. stay safe stay safe the priesthood is facing. up to date don't miss our highlights building program online w dot com highlights. was the 1st international tribunal in
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history. number 2 trials. 75 years ago a high ranking officers of the nazi regime the judges by to allied forces. with the 1st more criminals to be held accountable for their crimes. now i am i'm. going rudolf hess. frazier. our 2 part series the 3rd reich talk starts november 12th on d w. play
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. the book. the book the be. this is. just. in the final u.s. presidential debate. also coming up nigeria's president calls on demonstrators to stop.


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