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storms. make up your. joke you made for minds. guilty as charged goldman sachs is malaysian subsidiary admits charges of bribery it's part of a record settlement obama laundering at malaysia's state investment fund. also coming up the global workforce is automating faster than expected to displacing 85000000 jobs in the next 5 years as a result of a study by the world economic forum will talk to its energy director. and this is not the time to go on holiday as europe records more than 200000 new infections
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a day tourists in regions brace for a tough winter ahead. well welcome to the business i want to get johns have been good to have you with us. it's the 1st criminal settlement and goldman sachs is history as a public company now the bank's malaysian subsidiary has pleaded guilty to bribery for its role in a major money laundering scandal at malaysia's state investment fund the guilty plea is part of a $2900000000.00 settlement with u.s. regulators who say goldman plait a quote central role in the safety of money from the fund acknowledging institutional failures goldman's board of directors has decided to cut pay and bonuses for several executives including this man here current c.e.o. david solomon of those directly involved in the scandal will also have to pay back millions of dollars prosecutors in malaysia and the u.s. . a bond sales organized by goldman sachs unable to so she had to form
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a malaysian prime minister najib razak to steal billions of dollars from the one m. d. b. fund to that was supposed to support malaysia's economic growth of more story we bring in my colleague candy who joins us now from boston as it is good to see you i mean what does this scandal actually mean for goldman sachs and its reputation in the world but it's certainly a big blow to its reputation goldman has been actually trying to destroy its reputation after selling those dodgy deals in 2008 that led to the crisis rather as all the instruments that it was selling it was really really trying to rebuild its reputation and now the this scandal happens it's a big blow and also it has cost billions of dollars all. but it would be happy that it's finally a closure and it has actually managed to escape. far less of
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a punishment if i could say that because it has actually put it's a rather small and malaysian unit at the forefront of all wrongdoing by the doing this it has actually awarded any sort of a criminal conviction and that could have actually meant a loss of a lot of business because many of its clients cannot actually do business with banks or institutions that have some sort of criminal records where does this leave malaysia. i hope it's some solace to those people people in malaysia because they've been frustrated dismayed as to how a fund that was supposed to power their growth ended up being used to buy fancy your mansions financing movies so all the sort of hollywood drama there but yes they have recovered part of what they expected to recover from goldman sachs to that $3900000000.00 settlement reached in july they were expecting some more but i
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think in the end they would want some closure in this scandal and that would be that will only happen when the big malaysian perpetrators are put behind bars and that includes the former prime minister who was ousted out of power result he's been charged $42.00 counts on $42.00 counts in this scandal and. he's being actually on the run and nobody knows about his whereabouts or what had never have closure for them quite unnecessary the ashes found i thank you so much. of the coronavirus pandemic is accelerating the dramatic pace of change in global jobs and that's according to the future of jobs report by the world economic forum robots and increased automation will take out around $85000000.00 jobs over the next 5 years 80 percent of companies of 8 us speeding up plans to digitise work processes and that could render many accounting and administrative jobs obsolete
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however it's not all bad news for workers the report also says that 97000000 new jobs will be created well paying jobs for engineers and computer specialists who work on artificial intelligence that are also going to be more green jobs and plenty in the so-called care industry as the population and industrialized countries continues to age so it appears that there may not be a lack of work overall but switching skills on such a scale could certainly be a massive challenge and for more on that story let's bring in now the managing director of the world economic forum. in geneva good to have you with us so you study shows that while turnings of of millions of jobs are to be lost within only 5 years even more new jobs are said to be created how do you risk of so many people in such a short time. so this is going to be one of the most critical challenges along with
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climate emergency perhaps the 2 big challenges that the world has to face now the good thing is that the very same technologies that are displacing certain jobs are the ones that we can use to rescale are not skilled workers that is going to have to be fundamental a sort of a rescaling revolution a 2nd element is for about 50 years now i would say there has been concern about whether the education system is good enough for today's economy now we haven't even managed to bring the education system in the 21st century yet and what this crisis has shown is that when it was needed some education systems were able to adapt so we now need to ensure that we're using this crisis to actually make that transformation to otherwise we'll face exactly the same issues with the future workforce so we really have to accelerate on all corners there and there are studies out there that say that artificial intelligence is biased toward women and if that's the case and the data and i am going to play a huge role in the future how can women compete. so this is where you know we've
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been calling this a double destruction for most workers because of the pandemic induced recession as well as what military is doing to jobs i would say when it comes to women there is a triple destruction that is currently happening and that is that the primary care responsibilities that most women are responsible for in most households that care responsibility has become that much bigger because of the current pandemic and lockdowns and school closures and workplace closures so women are really bearing the brunt of this particular recession and crisis now what that means moving forward though is that businesses if they want to remain competitive if they still want to have the vacation for all the reasons that diversity is good then they will need to ensure that they are using this moment to actually build the right kind of quiet line for those jobs of the future when it comes to some of the roles that you mentioned that will be growing those happen to be exactly the roles where there are fewer women currently going into that pipeline that's going to have to change the
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other thing that will have to change is if you think about the front line workers in the last few months it was often women who were schoolteachers it was often women working in grocery stores etc nurses doctors so there is this entire care and health care sector where more women are already present but we need to ensure they're being valued maybe talk to say that women are mostly bearing the brunt of that also goes for low skilled workers and unfortunately a lot of women are low skilled workers what hope is there for them not to be left behind. so when it comes to low skilled workers and youth we've actually found again this triple just steps in scenario and for low skilled workers there's those 2 avenues there's one in the where lower skilled undervalued fork needs to become much better value to again the front line workers the essential workers across most economies that actually kept the engine off or economies running they need to be valued better paid better the 2nd element is most of these roles as. you get placed
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quite ology it goes back to the scaling up scaling and for again for most of these goals we've found that it's only a few short months of recycling and upscaling that get somebody into a new growing profession we're not talking about 2 to 3 years out of the workforce and so as governments provide all of this funding all of the fiscal stimulus they're currently getting they need to ensure that some part of that is reserved for retraining so that workers are ready for the future all right so idea so he do managing director of the world economic forum thank you so much for your time. thank you want. now to some other global business stories making news the ink is drying on a formal trade deal between japan and britain the deal marks the u.k.'s 1st big post breaks its trade agreement and will make the majority of british exports to japan tariff free. the north american branch of bankrupt online payment why
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a card has been sold for an undisclosed sum the liquidator has accepted and bit by a u.s. based company is sent to pay why can't north america was among the most valuable assets of the defunct german payments company. coronavirus cases in europe more than doubled in 10 days crossing 200000 daily infections by now authorities are trying to flatten the curve by urging people to stay at home the tourist destinations like andalusia in spain this means some very quiet months ahead. here in under lucy people stick together day after day she'll via and me televise stand in front of a small grocery store collecting food donations to distribute to residents who have lost their livelihoods due to the coronavirus crisis. will have an alcoholic. we started in april with 6 or 7 families now we hope for 20 families and the number is rising unfortunately the coastal regions and the lose your thrive on
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tourism far fewer package holiday makers came this summer making the quiet winter months ahead even heart of the news will although this little town has only 40 coronavirus cases the numbers are high in the region only a few foreign residents have returned to their 2nd homes on the costa del sol due to warnings against travelling to spain what they lack in their we depend on german customers and we're sorry to see they can't come here in the more gentle they not when embedded at that. we have expenses and have to pay back loans but where is the income of obviously lying to us all. to iraq's is empty the mayor is doing everything in his power to stop this new situation and protect the village from the consequences of the pandemic. is the thousands of germans who come here all the time. you know other she'll be our guys delivers the groceries to spaniards and germans alike nancy sizing has been living and working into iraq for 25 years she
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never thought a day would come that she couldn't support her daughter and herself. like undivided i do cleaning work and at the moment with so little tourism there's no work and no money of course and then you can feed yourself anymore the situations pretty drastic. but it's because of her despite the economic crisis and the coronavirus these immigrants from germany are staying interrupts they hope vacationers will soon bring jobs back to the coast.
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combating the corona pandemic. where does research stand. what are scientists learning. background information and. our corona. coded 19 special next on d w. how does a virus spread. why do we panic and when we'll. just through the tax and weekly radio show is called spectrum if you would like any
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information on the crown of virus or any other science topic you should really check out our podcast you can get it wherever you get your podcast you can also find us at dot com and slash science. we're being told to keep things clean. 'd 'd 'd through direct contact or through the air traces of corona virus can be transferred to the objects we touch and in turn transfer to us. to keep that from happening we've come up with. innovative ways to avoid having to touch things. to keep surfaces we. living our lives means it's impossible to avoid all types of contact so we need to understand the real risks in our environments. how long does the virus remain
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viable on surfaces and is it ever there in dangerous amounts to surfaces pose the threat we once thought they did. and this is the covert 900 special hello and welcome to the show i'm stephen beardsley in berlin good to have you with us money shopping card store handles just about everything we touch is getting a 2nd look these days or even a cover work around like that elevator we just saw but are our anxieties over surface contacts backed up by the research of the virus and its 5 ability to take a look. weaving in and out among the commuters the london st pancras is this futuristic path. they've been brought in by one of the british capital's busiest railway stations to help with the fight against corona virus. one sweeps and mops the other uses powerful ultraviolet light to kill microorganisms including
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those the cools complete 19. keeping coronavirus off the station surfaces is a constant battle. the new technology were ours to have our start focusing on the heart such points so the automatic machines can then go and train them on time areas and that allows us to ensure that we're doing exactly what we need to do except. scientists have been trying to work out how long the virus remains active on surfaces for searches in australia recently tested its survival when left in ideal conditions. should measure. resembles. humans accretions. will then place a truckload of forests on to the surface level to dry and they'll need a bed or up to 20 or. 20 years. and then we sample
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the regular points to see if we can recover in ours the scientists concluded that corona virus can remain infectious on surfaces such as glass steel and polymer banknotes when kept at 20 degrees celsius for at least 4 weeks that's more or less room temperature however move up to 30 degrees and the virus survives for just 7 days at an even higher temperature 40 degree celsius it remains infectious for just 24 hours. the researchers are however keen to point out that outside of their strictly controlled lab conditions coronavirus may find it a lot harder to survive. in the real world. encounter. the real. results like. the amounts of virus used in this 30 year also are
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likely to be much greater than would be encountered in the real world nevertheless global health officials have taken note of the findings we use this information to look at our disinfectants the good news is that this virus can be disinfected with with disinfectants with chlorine with different types of very very quickly. and that's where the some pancreas robots come in through their work and that of their human colleagues the station stands a better chance of stopping the fire in its tracks. i'm joined now by a man your goldman is professor of microbiology of brokers university in the u.s. and i know it's good to have you with us this australian story that we just mentioned in that piece does it tell us anything relevant for normal people about how they should interact with their environments. no i do not believe so the
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conditions that they used for these experiments were just completely out of touch with reality. says if. the people the scientists set down and said what what can we devise a way to protect this virus as long as possible what can we do to extend this life time that's less what they were doing for example they did their study in the dark viruses kept in the dark viruses killed by light ultraviolet light you're already mentioned that in your broadcasts. all light has some some component of ultraviolet . they used. a material in the virus preparation. that they were aiming to imitate human secretions but they use something called both fine serum albumin bovine stands for cattle this is a protein from count cows and it's already been published bovine serum albumin protects
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the virus and the best from decaying. the virus is killed by being dried out they took their experiment in 50 percent humidity. now that's relatively normal humidity and indoors but humidity is a variable it doesn't always stay that a percent and it's turns out that 50 percent humidity is the maximum committee for the virus survival. stories dries out the dogs so it's going to study it looks like the got a lot of attention obviously because of this this figure of over $28.00 days survivability what do we know about the actual survivability of the virus under normal conditions. everybody else has looked at it. including including many papers that i have criticised find much much less survival of the
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virus and surfaces. the new england journal of medicine paper. found a couple of days. other papers have found a comparable in actual human ucas the virus finds a half life of 3 hours what we mean by half life is that extra set amount of time half the virus is dead and half remains and then same amount of time again half of what was left at that point the scar and half remains were quarters left so you do the math and you go through 456 half lives and you're down much much lower levels of virus. and the half life that most people have measured in one paper. order of an hour or 2 maybe 3 hours in new england journal of medicine paper and plastic and still the papers had about a 6 hour halflife i think people are overly concerned about surface transmission
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that they're more worried than they should be. yes yes i do believe that they are. definitely more more concerned than they should be the main concern should be in what you breathe. this virus is contracted by breathing it's not contracted by surfaces and in theoretical you can get it from a surface there is no case confirmed in the scientific literature with this wires has been transmitted by a surface there are 2 possible papers that suggest it but even there it could just as well have been transmitted by aerosols but the air that you breathe. for says this is a study in south korea. a case in south korea where there was a misuse building of offices and residences of that loving 100 people in the building one of the this is in that building. people got sick with the corona virus
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and everybody in that office got sick the rest of the building almost nobody got sick. and if there had been surface transmission we would have seen a lot more in that case briefly if i may ask you just on a piece there about cleaning solutions like these robots to go around the station fact do you think that's helpful or is that just for peace of mind as a gesture briefly if you can i think it's peace of mind it's just a gesture again. look the problem with focusing on surfaces so that takes your focus away from it really is important which is what you breathe all right and then you will have to leave it there professor emanuel goldman at rutgers university thank you so much thank you i know it's time for your questions it's the part of
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the show where our science correspondent derrick williams and the questions you posted to you tube channel over there. how long does an asymptomatic person or one who has overcome cope at 19 remain a possible source of infection. regardless of whether you have sent terms or if you're asymptomatic if you've been diagnosed with cope at 19 it's important not to leave isolation until your local health authority says you no longer pose a danger to others and it's recommended guidelines the w.h.o. says that on average positive patients who show symptoms could be infectious for up to 10 days after symptoms 1st appear it also says patients should wait at least that long plus 3 days after they're symptom free without any medication so a person with an average case of coke at 19 if there is such a thing should isolate
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a minimum of 13 days for asymptomatic people the dead weight show recommendation is to isolate for at least 10 days since your last positive test various national health authorities have interpreted those recommendations in different ways there is no 0 risk scenario but as a rule of thumb people who test positive whether they're their symptomatic or asymptomatic are now viewed as being no longer infectious after 2 weeks. or so and corresponded their claims there and before we let you go we're also learning how to incorporate social distancing into our routines well here's a school in italy that's found a novel way to bring children to class while staying safe with a so-called petty bus or foot bus that's basically a rope with distance handles the children wear face masks and pull their book bags alongside a system was originally designed to limit air pollution from cars but has been
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updated for the coronavirus era. and that's it for today's copa 19 special as always thanks for watching.
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to the point shawn opinions clear positions from international perspectives. while the rest of the world struggles with cold it is a country where it all began this reporting low infection rates and strong growth in china and co-wrote the violent super spreader to economic winner find out onto the court. to appoint the place to bring up the 3 minutes on d w. what keeps us in shape what makes us see tons
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of new staff. my name is dr carson he could i talk to medical experts. watch them at work. and then discuss what you can do to improve your health. stay tuned and let's all try to stay. on the minutes w. . literature invites us to see people in particular. like to see as the kids. grow. up to. work and. do the books on youtube. it was the 1st international tribunal in
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history. trials. 75 years ago high ranking officers of the nazi regime a morning judging by the allied forces. were the 1st criminals to be held accountable for their crimes. i measured by the government count them on. going through dollars pair. for a sure. our 2 part series the 3rd right dog starts nov 12th on g.w. no. place. to.
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play play play. play. this is your news life number lead blessed chaos but just as much conflict in the final u.s. presidential debate with time running out to convince crucial undecided voters both democratic candidates job i did as president donald trump mido way we ask who came out on top. also coming up europe on kovac high alert as cases surge across the continent germany is again hit by a record number of infections the government's tightening restrictions and impose new long.


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